Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel

, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
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Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel

, Puerto Plata
5 star

Rooms: 80

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Reviews - Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel

Not the best!
Submitted by: Jess in 15/01/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I was not impressed with this hotel. We traveled there for our honeymoon. They promised they would do something special for us but they didn't. Well I take that back, they did give me a near heart attach when I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I was surprised by a lone coachroach that nearly crawled across my toes. We told the front desk and they just laughed and said "what do you expect we are in the jungle."

The front desk was a mass of confusion. Ask a question and be prepared to get a different answer from each staff person you ask. There were sales staff that were very pushy trying to get us to sign up for some promotion. We even had one of the men follow us around and tell his we weren't supposed to be there because we were not interested in his offer.

The food was good though and I have to say El Gaupo the Dominican place was the best!

If you leave the resort beware the drivers are absolutely horrible. I was scared for our lives on our way back to the airport. Overall, I would not visit this hotel again.
I would not go back.
Submitted by: Antoinette Mikosza in 07/04/05
  • Age Group:
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type:
Food was good, plenty of booze. Poor service. The people who run do not care about their clients. I had some clothes stolen from my room and the management totally ignored my complain. No refrigeration in the room even after many complains and so on. I would not go back.
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Not 5 Star at all
Submitted by: Laura in 07/04/05
  • Age Group:
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type:
NOT WORTHY OF A 5* RATING, don't waste your vacation at this hotel. The grounds were lovely but the rooms were dirty, the service was bad and the basics like a working toilet, working fridge and clean rooms were lacking even after many phone calls and requests in both Spanish and English. A group of us even met with the hotel manager who was uninterested in our concerns because "his hotel was always full". You would be best to avoid this hotel altogether.

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A lot Less Than Expected

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just returned from a week's vacation at Melia Caribe Tropical (7/12 - 7/19/02) and I must say I was less than pleased. I had read all of the web reviews and researched the hotel well. When I got there, I was less than pleased. When I booked my vacation I requested a 2nd floor (poolview) room. I received a 1st floor room that was dirty and dimly lit. I requested a room change which took about 2 hours to accomodate. I will say that the pool was absolutely beautiful and very well kept. The beach, however, was full of seaweed all the time. I was under the impression that I was in for a fun-filled vacation. While there were some activities it was less than expected. There were no motorized watersports. The nightlife is non-existent. There are two shows per night at each hotel but they only last for an hour (10-11) and then there is only the casino. MEN BEWARE: The dress code is ever changing. You must were shirts with sleeves (short) and pants at night even though it was practically 100 degrees. Additionally, the casion is small with approx. 10 tables and 15 slot machines then again, you're not in Vegas. Other than these few options there is nothing to do at night. The food, well that is another story. I don't think that I had one "good" meal the entire trip. I am a person who loves nutrition and health food but I was ready for McDonalds and Burger King buy the second night. Plain pizza had corn on it and the seafood was less than desirable. Everyone was getting sick and we couldn't pinpoint it on any one thing. Getting reservations for any of the reservation restaurants was a nightmare. We arrived on a Friday and the restaurants were already booked through the following saturday. We did manage to get a reservation (after a lot of pleading) at the italian restaurant. We were there for approximately 2 hours and there were dozens of empty tables. So much for "booked". The food wasn't great either. The meat was undercooked and the pasta very rubbery. I had n
emed to be the way they prepare it. Overall, I would say that the atmosphere was pleasing (if you can handle the heat) but the service and food left much to be desired. I have been to many places in the carribean and I would definately not go back. If I did, I would definately NOT STAY HERE again. Everyone on my plane and bus rides had similar experiences with the hotel and staff. The were less than helpful. Oh, I almost forgot, they don't bring you clean towels daily either, you have to ask for them - a lesson I learned the first night when I took a shower before bed and got some of my eye makeup on one of the towels. I put the towel on the floor to soak up some of the excess water and then left it neatly with the other pile of dirty towels for the maid. To my shock and dismay, the next day, the towel had been returned folded back on the rack. I knew it was the same towel due to the eye makeup. I was horrified.

Melia?... you pay and ...overbooked!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Me, my husband and my daughter flied to Punta Cana on the 23th July 2002. We had booked and paid a seven nights vacation at the Melia but guess what happened to us, and a lot more people that had done the same, at our arrival at Punta Cana?
The local travel agent and a member of the Public relations of Melia, Mr. Rodrigo Padilla, came to speak to us ( only 7 of us, us included, but not to the others, to them they only spoke long hours after)and told us that "unfortunately" the hotel had a problem of overbooking and we had to be placed somewhere else, The Catalonia Bavaro ( which was quite good ).Incredible,isn't it? but it's true!
The point here is that we paid for something that we didn't get, it's like when you paid for a certain car and when you pick it up they give you another one. Maybe the cost is the same, maybe the quality is the same, or even better, but we are not talking about money, we're talking about what you bought and what they gave you.
There was no point in going on arguing with Mr. Padilla, we wanted to enjoy our vacation and we would talk about this matter when we would be back in Portugal, so we left for the Catalonia.
But the story doesn't end up here ...
Two days later we asked our travel agent in catalonia - Domintour - to book us a visit to Santo Domingo and she said we didn't have to pay anything because Melia was going to pay for it. The next day we got there again to collect the tickets, and guess what? melia had written a letter for us to sign where they apologized for what had happened ( but at the same time it said that it were us who asked for the letter) and they intennded to pay us the visit if we agreed to free them for all the inconvenience of having to stay in another hotel and in no way we would blame them for what had happened! Of course that none of the Portuguese in the same situation signed any letter or even accepted their "free" excursion. Melia was disgusting !
As a conclusion, we didn't stay at the Melia and we will NEVER stay at any Mélia. They should be ashamed of their behaviour:
Alexandra Sampaio

Ps. - As far as we got to know it's their usual pratice to work overbokoed it is said they worked with a 110% booking ...


from A TripAdvisor Member
July 19th-26th
My boyfriend and I just got back from Melia Caribe Tropical and had a great time. Our room was on the Caribe side which was really great for us, since the Tropical side was more geared towards kids. At first, we were skeptical about this hotel because of all the reviews, but we picked up and went anyway and we are really glad we didnt listen to the reviews and saw it for ourselves. The staff was very nice and we hardly spoke much spanish but the little that we knew helped a lot. The best way to communicate is to be nice and patient and you will get the best service. We had a problem with our remote control and we simply asked for a new one and got one right away. The grounds and pool were amazing and our suite was a minute from the beach. Everything was very clean and immaculate. As far as food goes, you can't expect gourmet food in the Caribbean, but it was still good. We highly recommend the Mexican and Japanese restaurants and the buffets were all good. Make sure to make reservations first thing when you arrive or later that day and make sure to book your tours early so you get what you want. It is just like any other all-inclusive. We went parasailing and did the speed-boat/snorkeling tour which was very fun. We highly recommend this hotel and we are looking to even book the Melia in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta.


from A TripAdvisor Member
I have alway been taught to start with something positve. The grounds of the Melia are fabulous. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The food served at the buffets was delicious. Unfortunately, the food at the one a la carte restuarant that we could get a reservation was horrible. Stay away from the Chinese restuarant! Here is a hint , before you even go to your room decide which restuarant you want to eat at and make reservations, otherwise it will be booked by the time you want to eat there and your trip will be over. I highly reccommend the Mexican restuarant.

Moving right along and onto the room. The room without and iron that is! We waited for 24 hours before someone brought us an iron. In the meantime the guest next door was kind enough to let us borrow theres. I thought this was an isolated incident. No! I spoke to several other guest. Not one of them had an iron in there room upon arrival. Oh, that won't be the only thing that you will be missing. Oh yes there is more! Make sure you pick up your safe key and remote control from the front desk upon check in. It will not be in room waiting for you! However, it might be difficult to remember that given that tha actual check line will be ridiculous. Bring you patience with you. Clearly , I almost lost mine! I was lucky enough to be with a very mild mannered man who tried to keep me calm.

Next, it is vey hot and humid which could be why our room had a damp feel to it accompanied by that same damp smell. That same smell was deeply enbedded in the sheets. Bring yourown! Oh, lets not forget to mention the unique electrical wiring where the one switch might turn all or some of the lights on or off. They seem to have had good intentions with the light but poor work, especially when after you wait 24 hours for iron it takes you another hour to realize that it will only work if the bath room light is on. By the way I was ironing in the living area, those switches should not have anything to do with one another. I have to mention something about the little bugs that seem to like damp humid places. They didn't bother us but they did like to just kind of hang out on the wall. Last, and I hope this was an isolated incident, our ceiling fan was broken. My boyfriend turned it on and instantly yelled for me to move because it looked as it it could drop from the ceiling at anytime. The repair man came out but could not fix it. Surprise, Surprise. We asked for another room ,but of course they were booked solid.

I know it sounds like a horrible experience but all in all we had a great time because we were able to laugh about. However, everyone won't be able to enjoy the humor in the above situations.
Everything at the Melia was just a "little off to the left" Here are some suggestions for both the Melia management and trouble shooting for guest.
1. Each room should be checked for any problems before guest check in. ( what a great idea !)
2 The safe key, remote, and iron should stay in the room. If they are afraid of theft they can use those telephone like cords for the remote and iron. I can't imagine anyone wanting to steal a safe key. What exactly would they do with it???
3. Make your dinner resevations early or the Melia could at least let you know what is going to available during your stay. Personally, I feel it should all be available during your stay. Isn't that the "all" in "all inclusive"?
4. Hire more english speaking workers. The American dollar is greatly appreciated, lets speak more of the english language! Make the english speaking guest more comfortable while spending there american dollar!
5. Bring your walking shoes. There is a shuttle but it is very slow. You could be approximately 1/2 mile away from the restuarant of your liking or even the beach.
6. My last comment is that the Melia is a beatiful place, whichfor us made up for some of it's other downfalls! . They need to improve their service and "iron" out the wrinkles of the establishment. It has the potential to be an exceptions place, unfortuately ,it is only "just nice"! Without an extremely healthy sense of humor and a great traveling companion we might not be able to say that!

Vacationing at the Melia? Think again!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Melia Caribe, being a 5-star hotel, has very poor service and over-rated food. There's not much to do during the day and no night entertainment that is worth watching. Clubs are practically "dead" and the resort is extremely large which makes it a bit inconvenient.


from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I spent full wonderful 8 Days in Melia Tropical in May of 2001. We loved It ! Here are some idea's to make it fun....

1. Take lot's of sun screen and a little bottle of vingar for sun burns. The sun is very strong and will make you sick and give you sun poison. Stay out of the sun between 12- 2:00pm the strongest time. Go for tours or do activities during this time or a nice nap.

2. Reserve with your Travel Agency the Restaurants you want to eat at, before you get there. Your Name will be on the list and you can be seated at any time.

3. Learn a little spanish, The hotel staff will treat you much better because it shows your making an effort to learn their language. This is their country show them pride, don't treat them like slaves. Take a spanish dict with you and leave notes for house keeping about clean towels...etc and leave a dollar or two. You'll even get candy before you go to sleep on your pillow.

4. Have your Travel Agent the night before confirm your rooms and give you a slip with all the information of who, when, where, what you do when you get there and have the room# on it, this will help the staff know where your coming from and make sure you request a pool side room.

5. You need a room Package before you leave to your room it will include the remote, key pass to room , 2 towel cards, safety deposit box key. You will aslo get a map of the area. Ask the bag boy to wait for you, hand him $2.00. He will show you the restrooms the pool, the bar..etc before you get to your room. Ask him to check your room before he leaves so he can see that things aren't working ( We never had a problem, the showers were clean, the ref was stocked with drinks,the A.C worked , the room was beautiful.)

6. TIP, Please People ! One dollar or Two can make a big difference for your whole vacation. The workers will go out of their way to treat you like Kings and Queens. You waste that on a Starbuck them it's like getting a new pair of shoes. Ask the Front Desk Service what time does the desk for Towels open, find out where it's located and be there bright and early. Get to know the person behind the counter by first name ...leave him $2.00 he will reserve towels for you everyday so you won't have the problem of running out. American's on an average spend $20- $30.00 on crap. I understand it's All Inclusive , that $20.00- $30.00 for the week will take you a long way. Your being kind and genourous and that to them is a gesture that you care about the work their doing. They work hard, but a nice Thank you will make them work harder.

7. All the Bartenders and servers are wonderful ! Let them know how you like it , strong or light from the the end of the day don't forget the $2.00 for them. I promise you, you will be served at your beach chair. You have to realize, it's a poor country and they don't make alot of money busting thier butt's!!! So when they do get that one or two guest that give them a tip here and there there gonna work hard for you.

8. Bring your own stuff....Like medicine, aloe vera, film for the camera, underwater camera, for women, tampons and pads,..Yes, the shops are quite expensive. Use them for a real emergency ! Wait to go out to the shops out of the resort with others of course not alone!!!! The fairs have things much cheaper, don't be afraid to haggle. Carry American money with you and learn the currency so they give you back the correct change in thier money. Take a small pouch with you so your key card & money fit. That's all you should carry.

9. Use your safe in the closet. Lock your jewlery and money or items purchased. ( we had alot of stuff and nothing was ever touched or taken) In fact at the end of our vacation we gave the cleaning lady's the shampoo and condition the soaps we had, sandels I had gotten for $5.00, a top that was stained from the clorine of the pool, she was so excited it was like we handed her $100.00 dollars.

10. Ask your Travel agent about dress codes...we follow them here for fine Rest. why not there ? Take a pair of nice slaks or dress shorts for the men with a pair of casual shoes. Girls we can get away with anything, just add a pair of heels and make-up. By asking your agent these questions before you get there will avoid the stress and anger.

11. Drink bottled water. The avoids you getting sick.

We loved our vacation ! We are going back in August of this year for 8 days and cannot wait and were taking two other couples with us. The Resort is breathtaking, the rooms are great..( and anyway you don't spend the whole week in there so if one thing is wrong so what...How many things in our home are still waiting to be fix ??? ) Ok, yes A.C will be a problem but speak to them and they will get it resolved and if not get the manager to come to the room..track him down, there is always one person in charge to make a descion. The food was great ! If you don't want buffet then don't do the all inculsive ! There were 7 different Rest to choose from, we chosse 4 out of the we did the 4 ! WE LOVED IT! The shows at night are funny, you can be apart of the entertainment, the bar/dance floor/pool table is alot of fun and open till 3:30am. The bars won't close until you leave they will serve you untill your ready to go. The Casino's are ok,...Don't go looking for Atlantic City TaJ Mahal!! There small and your time passes having fun. ENJOY ! ENJOY! Your On Vacation don't make yourself worry about stupid little things! I'll write again with my next review after I get back and let you know if I felt the same. Goodluck! Hint: Attitude is Everything!

Beautiful Beach, Terrible Service

from A TripAdvisor Member
My boyfriend and I just returned from a trip to the Melia Caribe Tropical from 6/28-7/4. The first day was a nightmare. We were originally supposed to arrive at the hotel around noon, however, our original flight was canceled and half our luggage was lost, etc., so we didn't get to the resort until 8 p.m. Of course this was not the resort's fault, but you can imagine all we wanted to do was check-in, shower and eat dinner. Because we were supposed to be there at noon and it was now 8 p.m., we figured our room was definitely ready for us.

The check-in line only had two people in front of us, but it took forever. Finally, after checking in, we were given our keys, towel passes, a remote control? (why don't they just leave those in the room) and a safe key. The lady said to take our luggage to the porters and do not be alarmed if they don't deliver them immediately, they will eventually arrive. This made me a little skeptical, as the airline had already lost some of our luggage. She did not give us clear instructions on how to find the rooms, but at least she spoke English. We made our way to the porters and none of them spoke any English, which made things difficult. As we were trying to tell them what room we were in, the check-in lady comes running over and explains that the previous people had just checked out of our room and that it needed to be cleaned. She asked us to wait 10 minutes.

We sat in the lobby and waited for about 20 minutes. I finally went back to the counter and explained to another desk person that we wanted a room. He went into a back room and appeared about 5 minutes later with a new room number. We made our way back to the porters to give them the new room number. Then two porters started speaking to each other and although I don't speak Spanish, I gathered from the pointing that the other group of people standing next to us had just given them the same room number! So the porter goes and gets the check-in person. Once again, we were told to wait. The check-in person went back into the back room. I was not happy at that point.

Finally, 10 minutes later, they come back with a third room number. We gave the porters this new room number and aimlessly started looking for our room because they did not give us clear directions. We finally find our room, enter the key card, and it doesn't work and we can hear that people are in the room. I was furious. My boyfriend and I agreed that he should stay there in case they brought our luggage while I went back to the lobby to get a fourth room!

When I got back to the lobby and explained that this was the fourth time and this was ridiculous, the desk person made it seem like I was upset for no reason. He said I was on vacation and should enjoy myself! I wanted to scream that maybe I could be enjoying myself if we could get a room. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that the manager knew of the situation. The desk person asked where my "husband" was. I told him that I left him at the room in case our luggage was delivered. The manager finally comes out and briefly apologizes. He asked me to wait "three minutes". (Note: 1 Dominican Republic minute equals about 15 minutes). I asked if I should go get my "husband" because he was waiting for me at the other room. They said to leave him there while they got us another room. After way more than 3 minutes, they come back with a fourth room, said they ensured it was ready, and said a porter would take me to it. There was more confusion with where they sent my boyfriend and our luggage that I won't go into detail about, but you get the picture.

The cleaning person was still cleaning the room when we got there. There was no comforter or towels and he said he'd be back in 5 minutes and never returned. The air conditioning also was not working. We called about the A/C, towels and comforter four different times. After about an hour, we got the towels and nothing else. We showered and went to the Mexican buffet for dinner at almost 11 p.m. When we got there, we were ignored and not seated, even though there were plenty of waiters standing around doing nothing. Every time we asked to be seated, no one spoke English. The food was mediocre. When we returned to our room over an hour later, the A/C still had not been fixed.

When we went to make dinner reservations the next day, we were told everything was booked except two nights and one of the nights was at 9:45 p.m. The other available spot was for the Italian restaurant that was previously a buffet, which we had already eaten at, but we took it anyway. Oddly, even though everything was supposedly booked, both restaurants were not even half full the whole time we ate there. The food was good, not great. The service was horrible. We were not approached by a waiter until about 15 minutes after being seated. It took them forever to get our drink orders, napkins (none were on our table), etc. Most people barely spoke any English.

Luckily, the beach was beautiful. The water is crystal clear. One of the days, there was a school of fish swimming around us and we could see them perfectly. The sand is very white. The landscaping on the resort is impeccable. They were constantly mowing, trimming, etc. the whole time we were there.

Here's a tip: Bring your own towels. Every day we went to get towels, they were out. They would tell us to come back in half an hour, but they never had towels. We spent a whole day going back and forth and never got towels.

Another tip: Avoid buying anything in the gift shops at the resort. A disposable camera and a bag of chips was $26. Two small bottled waters and Immodium was $17. Batteries and a bottle of aloe vera was $12.

I was disappointed with the resort, but I will say the beautiful beach and great weather we had at least made up for some of it.

t Stay At Melia Caribe Tropical

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed at the Melia Caribe Tropical Resort in Punta Cana from June 22nd to the 28th 2002.

My room was on the Caribe side #3125. I had a terrible vacation and experience with this resort. I have a list of reasons as to why I had an awful time and would not recommend anyone to stay at this resort, I will also be telling the travel agent at Liberty Travel about my experience. When we arrived the bell boys were taking our luggage to another room and had to chase them down to stop them to retrieve our belongings because we could not speak to them due to the fact that the majority of help did not speak English AT ALL, which was a problem for us. We had requested a bungalow and was told at check in that it was never requested, we had it documented on our tickets but that was of no help to us because there were none available. Once in the resort, a man met us to give us our room key and said don't drink the tap water and don't use your credit card. Then we were off to
find our room ourselves with no help from anyone. It was like walking
through a maze. Once in our room, our luggage didn't arrive for about an
hour and a half later. We couldn't change into shorts or a bathing suit to
do anything. The next day we had to wait in line for over and hour to make dinner reservations because they only had one person doing reservations for the entire resort and you could not phone in your reservations. No one cleaned the room each day till in between 4pm-5pm. They would come with one towel, which we ended up having to share because we would call down for more and they were never delivered. We also called to say that the light in the shower was broke and no one in the 6 nights and 7 days came to fix. We went without power for over 7 hours on June 27th which of couse meant no air conditioning. For our room it also meant no flushing toilets. 8 rooms ending up being 2 inches under water due to septic overflow. Those rooms were directly below us. That water included feces and urine which stunk beyond belief. The horrible remains of human feces stench in 90 Degree weather and above was unbearable. You can imagine the
smell !! The food was horrid and I wouldn't serve it to my dog. We used a phone card and then when we checked out found out that we had to pay a 135.00 phone bill. I was completely disappointed with my entire trip and would never recommend anyone to stay at any of the resorts of the Sol Melia.

Dissatisfied Customer,
Kathleen Walsh


from A TripAdvisor Member
I had a great time staying at the Melia resort. My fiance and I were treated like Kings and Queens. The beach was always clean, the water was beautiful, the pool was spotless, the service was fine, the food was excellent. Don't listen to the bad reviews. You make your vacation for what you want it to be. Nothing is ever perfect. I will go back in a heart beat. This was the best vacation ever!!!!!!!!!1

It was the worst trip i ever took

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have worked in the hospitality business for 15 years with a major hotel chain. Usually when I go on vacation, i will only stay at the chain for which i work. Since we were going with friends and we only had 4 days, we decided on an all inclusive because it sounded like such a great deal. Well it wasn't.

We stayed at the Melia Caribe Tropical and from the minute we got off the plane until we left four days later, it was nothing short of a nightmare.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were told we had to wait until 3 pm to get our rooms. Well we arrived there at 10 am, and althought I do understand that the rooms werent' ready, there was no place for us to go. The restaurants were not opened until 1 pm. Besides we must have walked around for an hour before we could even find anyone to help us. No one there speaks English. When we finally found someone who did speake English she wasn't very accomodating, because she was trying to sell us as timeshare which were weren't interested in.

We were told to pick up our keys at 3 pm. When we returned to the place we were told to get our keys no one was there. We went to the front desk and they made our keys for us.

When we got to our room, there was no remote for the tv. The mini bar did not work. There were lights in the chandalier that were burnt out.

We went to the beach which was beautiful, except the ocean had a huge seaweed patch in the middle so when you came out of the ocean, you were covered with seaweed.

We decided to make reservations for the restaurants. When my husband went to make a reservation, he was told they were booked for the rest of the week. Unbelievable. We got stuck eating at the buffets everynight, which were disgusting.

The next day we went to an orientation for our trip ( which should have been done the day we arrived). That's where we found out about the lock safe and other valuable information which we could have used the day before.

We went to the front desk to get our lock for the safe, and guess what. They gave us a packet not only with the lock for the safe, but also the remote for the TV. Amazing.

The next day we were going to go on one of the hotel excursions. I woke up very sick, throwing up and diaherra. (sorry to be so graphic, but I had to spend one of my 4 days in my room) I was miserable.

The day we were leaving, my husband went to the front desk to ask if we could keep one of the rooms for the day ( we were willing to pay) since our flight was not going to leave until 10 pm that evening, and I still was not feeling good. The front desk said no. (which I think is the only english they do speak) We needed to check out at 12 pm and they said they would lock our luggage up in the luggage room and we could use their hospitality suite to take showers before we left) That was great, but when we went to the hospitality suite at 4 pm the line was not only around the lobby, but our luggage was missing.

We finally found a manager who happened to overhear my husband complaining about the quality of service we endured during our vacation, and she helped us find our luggage. For some reason, they took our luggage to another hotel. I still do not know why.

I would never return or recommend this hotel to anyone.

Here is some advice that I would like to give the general manager of this hotel, because if he does'nt take care of some of these issues, there will be not hotel to run. We were not the only ones complaining.

1. When you have people get off the bus, someone needs to be there to tell you where to go and what to do.

2. There should be a checklist for each of the rooms, so when the housekeeper goes into a room and sees that something is not working,(mini bar, lights missing, toilet running) they will be fixed before the guest checks in.

3. There should either be a no reservation rule for the restaurants. First come, first serve, or there should be a block of seats available for those guests who are on an all inclusive.

4. This is a vacation, men should not be required to where pants, especially when the weather is 90 degrees. Also, I went to the pool bar restaurant, and was told I couldn't get in with my bathing suit top (give me a break)

5. More people need to speak English. English is the universal language. You couldn't even enjoy the entertainment or play bingo, because you couldn't understand a word anyone was saying.

6. The money exchange is ridiculous. It is nice that they take your dollars, when they want to or when it is convenient to them.

7. Get rid of the seaweed in the middle of the ocean.

Just a few tips I could offer you. I think the problem with the all inclusive is that the employees just don't care. The quality of service is horrible.

The grounds were beautiful. But instead of spending so much money on the grounds, they need to get a budget for their employees and send them to some hospitality classes, and learn some more english other than the word no.

Sharyn Orosz - 201-307-3250

Top Local Tips for Puerto Plata

malaria in RD Veuillez consulter une clinique de voyage avant de vous rendre en RD car ce pays est sur la liste des pays où on peut contracter la Malaria

disposable cameras Bring lots of disposable can barter the ones you won't be using for a nice price at the flea markets! Probably double your money!

needs some work The country needs to get involved to make it an experience right now it is just a place


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  • melia caribe
  • Address: Play de Bavaro - Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic
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"Not the best!" - Jess

"I would not go back." - Antoinette Mikosza

"Not 5 Star at all" - Laura

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