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, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
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ClubHotel Riu Mambo

, Puerto Plata
Bahia de Maimon - Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic Hotel Website | 809-320-1212
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Should of gone to bahia principe
Submitted by: michael in 10/09/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
We should of gone to bahia principe but that was closed becasuse of a tummy bug but we had a great hoilday the hotel was excellent and the people who work there are so helpfull and very nice we would go again, we went on paradise island for our 1st aniversary it was wounderfull the day was made special due yo us been left behind at another part of the island and we had our owm speed boat out to the island it was very fast and very funny. over all a grat holiday we will never forget.

Historical Traveller Reviews of ClubHotel Riu Mambo

Mambo Mui Bien

from A TripAdvisor Member
Hello everyone! It's been a week since I have come back from Riu Mambo. I spent a week there from June 30 to July 7. It was my second time going back to that hotel and I am sure you can guess why! If not I will tell you it is an AMAZING hotel. The food once again was really really good! The bartenders were super friendly and it was nice chatting with them. Hi to Jose and Justo, my favourite from all. The beach was very nice. On some days the ocean would be calm on others there would be huge waves. Riu Mambo has the nicest beach from the three hotels. (Riu Mambo, Riu Bachata, and Riu Merengue) The only thing that would be bad is for those who want to do the water activities you would have to go all the way to the other end of the beach at Riu Bachata. One thing you have to watch out for (which was not a problem the first time I went) is the jellyfish. If by any chance a jellyfish bites you, don't worry all you have to do is out some ice on it and in a couple of minutes it will heal. Now I will move on to some of the activites. There are many by the way so it's impossible that you won't find something to do! I am going to mention my favourites. Around 11 in the morning they have bachata or salsa dance lessons. After they have aerobics in the pool which is very fun. In the afternoon there is merengue dance lessons at the pool and aerobics. Other activities include ping pong, vollyball, waterpolo, bocci ball, Bingo and horseshoe. The more you play the bigger your chance of winning, and when you win you get a certificate in the evening at the stage and adults also get small bottle of rum or a riu t-shirt. Dinner is at either 6:30 or 8:30. For those who have children it is better to pick the 6:30 reservation beacause at 8 there is a mini disco for the kids where they go on stage and do the hotel dance and sing along to the songs. During the day there is also kids program. So it is really an excellent place for the whole family and defenitly boredom does not come up! The night entertainment is amazing! The shows are alot of fun. Some of the shows include Cats, African Show, Fantasy Latina, Miss Mambo, Play Back Show and Karaoke. On thursdays there is a fiesta at the carribean street, alot of dancing and alot of shopping can be done. After every show everyone is welcome to get up on stage and do the riu dances along with the animation team! Now I leave best for last. The animation team is the ONE thing that makes your vication amazing. These people work very hard to make everyone happy. They are very friendly to everyone and it is hard not to fall in love with all of them! I would like to say hi to all the people from the Animation Team so please bare with me. Thanks to Heino, Jonathon, Pedro, Alex, Geo Geo, David, Janira, Betty, Angelita, Crazy Franklin, Ramon (Baby X), Adonis, Michael Jackson and Haris. You will fall in love with the way they talk to you, always looky looky, clappy clappy and ATTACK! The last thing I want to say is whatever you do the number 1 rule is DO NOT BE SHY. You can check out my other review "mambo excellente". Everyone go to Riu Mambo!!! BEST HOTEL IN THE WORLD! And as they as they always say RIU RIU MAMBO IS VERY VERY GOOD!

Mambo Excellente

from A TripAdvisor Member
I went to Riu Mambo in July 2002 and I must say it was the best week of my life. Everything in the riu hotel was five stars worth. The food was great and for all those who can't find something they like I suggest you get a private cook because there was every different kind of food you can imagine in the hotel. The water was purified so I don't understand those who say it is not. From out of the three hotels, Merengue and Bachata, Mambo was the most hyped out. It was always crazy and the people were very friendly. Night entertainment was amazing...yes it may have been ametuer performances...but please give these guys some credit...they work so hard to give us a good vication! Not only do you watch shows you get to be a part of them! Those are the funniest ones where the audience is included! As you say "Animation Excellente!" Everyone who worked at the hotel was great! I miss all of the people there, Franklin and Pedro you guys are great! Our rooms were also very clean and we had no problems! For the people who complained about the sand! What are you going there for, to play in the sand? Yes I may be 14 but take my advice and all the rest of the people's go to RIU MAMBO, you will not regret it. I guarentee you it will be one or the one greatest vication you have ever taken! RIU MAMBO ALL THE WAY! Also don't forget to tip those nice maids who work all day cleaning your rooms!

A Perfect Vacation

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have been to other Rius before, but the Riu Mambo was byfarthe best. I was there from May 17th - May 24th, 2003. The rooms werealwaysclean and had a great view. The beach and grounds were both wonderfulandthe food (especially for a picky eater) was great. I would have to saythatmy favourite part was the Animation (Entertainment) Team. CrazyFranklin,Ramon, Heino and Elvis were by far the nicest and sweetest people. Theytreat you like you are an old friend and just want to keep youentertained.The night shows (contrary to what some other people have said) areentertaining. The shows include a "Crazy Mix Show" oflipsyncingto a variety of American and Dominican songs, a "TropicalShow"with dancing and a fire breather, a "Miss Mambo" contest(which,by the way, my friend should have won, but there were too many peopletherefrom England and Germany, so it wasn't fair judging! :)), and a showthathad traditional Dominican dancing. If you get the chance, I suggestgoingto one of the a la carte dinners. You have the choice of Dominican,Mexican, or Medditerraen. I went to the Dominican and found it to bedelicious. The scenary around the resorts is breathtaking. The mountainsare covered in coconut, mango and banana trees. As well, having one paththat connects all three resorts is wonderful. It is nice feeling asthoughyou never left your own resort as you venture over to the Merengue andBachata. In all honesty, after spending time at all three resorts, Iwouldchoose to go back to the Mambo in a second. The Bachata may be new, butthesmall trees and bare spaces make it obvious. In my opinion, I would muchrather stay at the Mambo and just enjoy some of the amenities at theotherresorts (like the Bachata pool bar) when I am in the mood to go there. Ihave only been home for a week and I would go back next week if I gotthechance. Once you visit the Mambo, you too will agree that it is"VERY,VERY GOOD!" As Crazy Franklin is probably saying right now,"Yougotta looky, looky bebe!"

Very Pleased

from A TripAdvisor Member
My fiancee and I just returned from Riu Mambo. We were there from May 24 to May 31. Check-in was very speedy. We were assigned a room number on bus as we travelled to the resort. Upon arrival, we were given a envelope with the room key and went directly to our room. We were assigned to building 13 (which is quite a distance from the pool and the beach). I called the front desk and was immediately assigned to a new room which was right on the beach - VERY impressed. The entertainment staff are great and made great efforts to keep people of all ages entertained. Food was good, a seemingly never ending supply. The grounds surrounding the Riu complex are immaculate! My only complaint - since the resort is not full at this time of year, local dominicans were permitted to stay over the weekends. Although these people represented the more affluent dominican citizens, I do not consider it appropriate to allow locals to stay at an "exclusive" resort. I found the service at the resort deminished as these locals entered the resort - as they were able to better communicate with the resort staff in their native language. Overall - it was a great experience - we would definitely return.

Best hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
We went the end of Feb./03 I have to say that was a great experince. Everyone there is very out going, friendly. The animation team is the greatest Crazy Franklin, Elvin!!!! We never had a problem with rooms or food. Another good thing you get to go to the other 2 Riu hotels that are there. I can't wait to go back.

everything was awesome but.........

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was my first vacation ever. I must say the staff and entertainment group were the greatest bunch of people i have ever met. Our only problem was house cleaning. During our 7 day stay, we had our room cleaned 3 times. The first 2 times ourroom was entered for the wrong purposes. The 1st time someone went through our luggage and left it all over the place with the suitcases opened on the floor. The 2nd time someone came in and took the tip money we had left but they didn't take the nicknacks we had left for them. We brought this tothe attention of the front desk and they assured usthat the director would be in touch with us. I have been home 3 day's and I am still waiting to hear something. This made me very angry that nobody would even acknowledge what had happened. Aside from this, i had a wonderful trip. I think my next vacation in October will be elsewhere. Only because This situation went ignored and that say'sit is acceptable to you. linda locke81 Brooklyn RdCambridge- OntarioN1R thank you for your time.

Tha trip was awesome

from A TripAdvisor Member
when I went last year to the DR it was one of the freatest experiences of my life. If you are staying at the Riu Mambo the E staff is great, 'spagetti' was one of the funniest and natiel was a charmer, the evening shows were always great and the activities durring the day time were too. the only bad part about this trip was the relatively long walk to get to the water sports but that was it. so if you stay anywhere stay here! you wont be dissappointed!

The best ever

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just came back from RIU Mambo with my friend and we can both say that it was the best trip ever. The food was good and the rooms are clean and beautiful. We loved the animation it is very very good. I'm really looking forward to go back at the RIU in Puerto Plata. I recommend it to every one.EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT.

Dominican Paradise

from A TripAdvisor Member
We booked our vacation to the Dominican...and quite honestly were not really sure what to expect. We did alot of research...and checked every web site we could get our hands on.. to try to be prepared when we got there. What we experienced...was the absolute dream of a lifetime paradise. We could not believe the beauty of the people, the country, and the resort.The service was incredible. Beyond our expectations. The animation staff were the most enthusiastic and wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Every person we met on our vacation....were experiencing a very happy, and positive visit. We are definitely returning to this wonderful resort, and hope that the people that are planning any vacations in the future...take our advice...and go to the Mambo. Have the time of your life. The People...the Food...the Rooms...are 5 star all the way. Thank You to all the wonderful staff....for making our vacation a wonderful lifetime experience.

Riu Resort Puerta Plata

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have to say that my overall experience at the Riu Resorts in Puerta Plata was amazing. I have nothing put positive things to say about my week in Dominican and I would recommend to anyone who was debating about this resort to not think twice about booking the trip. My first impression after stepping off the bus was "this is the life." We were handed drinks, had our luggage set aside and received immediate service. Our rooms would be 45 minutes but we were told to relax and have some lunch and a drink and our room would be ready. We sat down to an enormous buffet (and this was just the snack lunch) and toasted with a Pina Colada to what was looking to be the start of a great trip.Rooms: We were situated at the Mambo Resort which I guess is the middle child of the group of three resorts. It is situated on the far left but it was born in between the Bacchata (newest) and the Merengue (oldest). Our room was fantastic. Clean with a Mahogany bed and closet, granite and marble in the bathrooms and a lovely breakfast table with a walkout to the patio. Overall, charming and comfortable. Satellite TV and hair dryer. The minibar was stocked full. Nothing was amiss.Nightlife/Pool/Enertainment - The entertainment team was great to watch at night but I have to say that during the day, the Mambo crew was a bit irritating. My partner and I decided to walk over to the pool at the Bacchata and see if it was quieter. We fell in love with their pool, swim up bar and everything about the ammenities at the Bacchata. The nice thing is that you can use the whole resort at your leisure and so we stayed at the Bacchata's pool for rest of our trip. The animation team was also a bit less intrusive and left you alone if you said you weren't interested in signing up. Although, I tried to make it to the water aerobics everyday and it was such a blast! The shows were great. We got pretty involved and had lots of fun, but you don't need to. We were worried that it would only be a quiet older crowd and even though we weren't looking for a crazy frat party, we hoped to have a bit of a night life. I think that if you went at off-season, it would be much quieter, so if you're looking for a quiet holiday, this place truly offers both. We had romance, partying and relaxation all rolled into one. We met some other great people our age and had a phenomenal time. The disco stays open until three, except Monday's, so be prepared if you leave Tuesday that your last night won't be a late one. Casino was also a fun distraction.Food: Delicious, varied, better at the Bacchata. Still plentiful and excellent all around.Drinks: They will make anything for you. Cappucino's or espresso's anytime of day. They serve Domestic drinks and Imports...indulge if you like. We were spoiled.Daytrips: The sailing day trip was fantastic although be prepared if you have motion sickness, some passengers were very ill. If you enjoy sailing, this was well worth it. Helpful hints: bring little presents for your maid, they will offer you way better service and its also a nice way to tip instead of money. Nail polish from the dollar store and bright barrettes or even t-shirts and tank tops. These gifts will go a long way in a developing country. Also, use your credit card or the bank machine to get out Peso's as the exchange at the hotel is terrible. Bring mugs with lids. Even water comes in short glasses and you find that on a hot day you go through a ton of water and big mugs stop you from getting up and down every five minutes. Plus, they are fantastic bartering items at the end of your trip. Remember to bring drugs like Immodium, Gravol, they come in handy. Bring Aftersun lotion and Solarcaine, these help you from peeling even if you aren't burnt. Spend your Peso's before you go, even before you get to the airport because you can get some great bargains bartering with the vendors on the beach. And don't forget to leave 20USD for the airport tax at the end of trip. I guess that's it. I think I filled in all the details. I hope you have a great time, we definitely did. OLA!

Top Local Tips for Puerto Plata

Water Dont drink the tap water, thats how you get sick, not even for brushing your teath, use the drinking water in you fridge you get two gallons anyway.

Driving in Puerto Plata After having been through Puerto Plata twice in 2 days, I wouldn't recommend driving there. While apparently there are rules and regulations, the dominicans do not adhere to them. It's crazy!! Many people drive motorcyles and scooters and just zip in and out of traffic. We even saw a child around 8 years old driving one of these. I'm totally surprised that we did not witness any accidents!!!

Airport Porters Make sure you have the odd US dollar in your pocket for the airport, as even though we carried our own bags, they take them off you to put on the bus & demand a tip. For the cost it's just easier to give them a dollar, but you'd be stuck if you had no money in small notes!


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  • Address: Bahia de Maimon - Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic
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