Celuisma Tropical Playa Dorada Hotel

, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
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Celuisma Tropical Playa Dorada Hotel

, Puerto Plata
Playa Dorada Beach - Puerto Plata - 11111 - Dominican Republic 809-320-6226
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Playa Naco Oh la la
Submitted by: Karen in 21/03/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
My friend and I spent a week at Playa Naco Resort. What an amazing time!!! All the staff were amazing. The entertainment group (Tarzan, Tammy, Tanya, Skinny, Mosquito, JOHNNY BE GOOD, Cocoloo loo, Alix and the band, and of course Claudio)always kept us on our feet. The food was good, wait staff very polite. We met alot of people....Rambo, Arnold, Steven Cigar!!!! We didn't want to leave. Rooms were nice....what do you really need in the room as you only sleep there!! We loved everything about our trip. OPPORTUNITY!!!!
We'll be heading back this June, so if you want to have fun this is the resort to go to.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Celuisma Tropical Playa Dorada Hotel

Very Disappointed

from mia2857
Janauary 2004 We (family of 4) just returned from Playa Naco and were VERY disappointed. This is our 10th time to the DR. Service Such as towels, an extra blanket, TV reception, getting a TV remote, general requests - occurred when the palm was greased and after asking 5 or 6 times if at all. Rooms Were OLD - mouldy, rotting wood in the bathroom, the tub had some type of spongey creepy insert, toilet ran all the time, our fridge was never stocked ....however I heard of some that were if you super tipped your maid, A/C had 2 settings - on or off, stark concrete walls. Food Buffet was so predictable it was comical. And usually never hot. The "Italian Restaurant" was a pasta bar with 3 types of noodles and 3 types of sauce with a 3 item salad bar. With either chicken or fish you could add. The Tex Mex although my family did not enjoy - others found it passable. The Seafood place had mixed reviews about the food and service. The grill at the beach - well how can you botch hamburgers, hotdogs and fries? In total the lamest food I have encountered on any island. Were any of the guests sick? yes including some of us but that is not always only the foods fault as you can never gauge what other activities the people are engaging in. Bars Never went to the disco but in talking to some teens it seemed they all headed to the Crazy Moon next door (great place!) or across the road to Hemmingways. The other bars never seemed to be too busy and the service was quite quick. LOTS of bees! Pool Beautifully clean - maybe because it was only about 65 degrees and only the bravest entered. LOTS of bees hanging around here too. Beach Playa Dorado beach isn't the nicest - but that I know and accept that. You want a nicer DR beach and you have to go to Punta Cana. The beach at Naco has eroded a fair bit in that immediate area as compared to even 4 years ago. It was very dirty the first few days and slighty improved in time. Activities I have never seen such unenthusiastic people in this department. The tennis guys only seemed interested if you were Paying for lessons. The water sport guys only got motivated when paying customers from other resorts wanted to do the banana boat rides. The shows were your typical things. Very few and inconsistant pool activities. Overall I would never recommend this place to anyone - it's supposed to be a 3 1/2 star but is barely a 2 1/2.

Student party spot

from A TripAdvisor Member
I went with my University graduating class and had a blast. It is a great place for students to go for Spring Break as it is cheap and fun.
The food is ok, drinks are great and there are excellent Discos.
However it is certainly not for families or anyone expecting a luxury vacation.

t expect to be wowed

from A TripAdvisor Member
I wish I had seen Antonio's remarks on this site before booking 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year's at Playa Naco. I would not have considered staying there and would have no doubt had a better vacation elsewhere.

To be fair, the hotel staff are faily responsive and were especially receptive to our children, 2 and 6 years old. They charmed my daugher and the tennis coach, from whom my son took approximately 8 lessons, was extremely well suited to his job and should be stolen away by a more upscale resort.

There are many problems so I will hit the most obvious ones. The buildings are in fairly good shape but are showing their age. Our toilet blocked several times, especially over the first 3 days and we had to complain to the front desk 3 or 4 times before it was finally fixed. Or, so we thought. Three days before the end of our stay it was blocked again. Looks like blocked toilets are a regular feature of this hotel. My new friends on the beach had similar toilet issues.

Our suite had ample room but the tile floor was less than 100% clean in the grout and some tiles moved as you walked over them. The paint job in the room, while bright and colourful, was very shabby and unprofessional looking.

But the worst of all was the fact that there were no screens on the windows allowing us to open the windows without letting in the bugs. We don't like air conditioning, especially at night, and so we either sweated in bed or got eaten by mosquitoes.

Security, or the lack of it, was the yet another problem at Playa Naco.
This became very evident during a waterpolo friendly when a fight broke out between the losing Dominican side and the tourist populated winning side. Animation is to blame ultimately for it's inability to referee the game and to keep tempers in check. I could have seen this melee coming but the extent of the violence and the potential for a really all-out debacle was very real. The hotel response was very weak. There were no uniformed officers in sight. Not even the police were called.
At one point my wife interpreted a loud bang as a gunshot and we left the pool-side for safety in our room.

This hotel has much potential to be really special but for now it's really cresting at an OK to Terrible rating. Stay away!

How to offer nothing for quite a price: Playa Naco.

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just came back after spending a week at Playa Naco, and it's difficult to express what a disapointment this place is. The facilities, after a first look, are good. Good swimming pool, good rooms (a bit dingy, but decent), good gardens, good beach. But that's all you are going to find. The staff working there is formal, but nothing else. Forget about helpful or friendly. And it's not a language problem (I am Spanish speaking). They just don't want to see you around. There's no animation team whatsoever, although they have no shame to announce a whole catalogue of activities you can do. On your own, because nobody is going to help you find anything to do in this resort. The "shows" at night happen in a big room, with rows and rows of chairs, like in a high school party, but the whole atmosphere, the darkness and the poor work of the "animators" make them anything but inviting. God forbid you from having any problem, because you will be left alone. The guys at the reception desk are totally passive, they look at you, they write down a message for the next shift and that will be all. They have problems even to change your money into small bills, although they are not smart enough to close the drawer where you can see they do have the change. Only one guy, Abel, will walk the extra mile to assit you (he had to take the phone from his own desk, walk with us to our room and replace for the faulty one we got, all by himself), but what's one guy for a whole resort. The food is plain bad. My partner is vegetarian, but he could have been from Mars as well, because they do not know the concept of vegetarian. He spent a week eating cauliflower and carrots, just boiled. And don't think the "theme" restaurants are going to be any better: the Italian one is a buffet of sticky pasta and grated cheese; the Mexican offers a menu that goes from the chicken you can eat at the regular buffet to the beef you can eat, also, at the regular buffet. But the decoration is supposed to be Mexican. If your hope is the pizza served at the Cafe Francais (?), good luck. There's pizza there every now and then, but if you want to have a drink with it, you will have to walk all around the resort with your pizza to get it! No common sense here either... Pizza and drink do not go together at Playa Naco. During the weekend, Dominicans are allowed to come into the resorts. I love the Dominican people, I have lots of friends there, but the kind that seems to come to Playa Naco is dirty, messy, noissy and arrogant with everybody. With a different management, a different staff, a different team, with persons who care about the clients, this resort could be great. Now is a dark, boring and poor place. On Christmas Eve they didn't even have the simple idea of playing some music by the pool after supper, so all you could hear was the murmur of people chatting out of boredom. Some people had fun, of course. But on their own. If you count on the staff of this resort to make your holidays a nice experience, forget about it. If you want good service, go somewhere else. If you want to have fun, Playa Naco is NOT the right place for you. You will have to spend most of the time in other places in Playa Dorada to have it.

The best vacation

from A TripAdvisor Member
I go to DR just about every year and Playa Naco is the best hotel we've ever stayed at. I love this hotel because they have so many activities, the beach is beautiful, and the people are great. If you want to visit a beautiful island and stay at a great resort go to playa naco.

Loved it!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Playa Naco was wonderful. i stayed there a week and am going back again this year.

Those Rowdy Islanders...

from A TripAdvisor Member
I don't even know where to begin...I've been home for a whole nasty month and I can't even to begin to explain how much I miss Playa Naco. I went with 17 other people from this grand province of P.E.I. and we had the best time ever. We had a great agenda of beach in the morning till about 2pm and then off to the pool for pool games. We rocked most of the competition out of the water ;) We always had a reservation which was really nice. Loved the Italian restaurant and the lunch buffet at the beach was great for somewhat home style food! At night, be sure to hit Hemingway's which a short walk from the resort. Kareoke at the resort was really fun too. Make sure you also go upto the V.I.P. lounge where you will find our favorite bartender, Nelson! WE LOVE NELSON! Anyways...it was amazing! Thanks for listening :)

Great Fun

from A TripAdvisor Member
Think, me and one of my girlfriends needed to get away from the snow. We were on a tight budget and needed to have a whole bunch of fun. The best part was that we ran into a group of people that had the same thing in mind. If you discount the fact that the room was not the best and we were more than happy to get home for some great food, it was money well spent. We had so much fun. We've kept in touch with some but want to keep in touch with all...if you were there from April 13 - April 20 then drop me a line...especially if you happened to know of a Dominican man, 6 foot 4 and full of muscle named Edwin Gomez.

Ay, Yi, Yi! This was the best trip of our lives!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Our trip to Playa Naco was a trip we will never forget! we went with our grandmother and then there was three of us girls(ages:16,17,17) We had such a blast that the three of us are planning a trip next year in March(2004). we were there from April 20-27. At first we weren't so crazy about the room we got but after complaining to the front desk they gave us an apartment suite that made up for all the trouble. The room was great! We had the ocean and the bar right outside our window. Honestly, the food did not appeal to us very much as we found it hard for us to stomach but the italian restaurant was our favourite and the afternoon pizza they served was quite tasty. The buffet could of had more variety though. The pool was also awesome as we swam in there everyday and enjoyed watching the pool games and participating in the pool aerobics(which by the way had the most hottest instructor) We also enjoyed chilling at the beach as the water was very refreshing. They also had beach games on certain days that we partook in and my sister won a bottle of rum! The tour we went on was the Jeep safari which was quite an experience. We got to see how the people lived and saw some of the most breathtaking views you'll ever see. We had quite an adventure visiting the water falls.(we recommend comfortable foot wear and being a good climber) Our tour guides were so helpful and such kind people that we can't thank them enough. The nightly entertainment was also amazing as Mickey, Junior, Candy and the rest of the gang put on great shows!!! Tops disco was fun for the most part but somedays it was pretty empty, probably because most people went to crazy moons or Hemmingway. the music they played had a great variety from hip hop, rap, r&b, merengue, salsa etc. Most of all the best part of our vacation was the staff! They made the trip all worth while!!! they are such warm and friendly people and we made so many friends in that one week. The Coffee Friends at the activities center were so hilarious and thee would like to give a big shout out to our good friends: JONATHAN, JUNIOR, MICKEY(Ay, Yi Yi!) JHONY, EDDIE, and ALBERTO. We will see you all next year. Overall our trip to playa naco was amazing and we recommend this resort to everyone of all ages!!! Once you go there, you wont want to leave! It was the hardest thing for us to do. Being there a week is not enough time. So for anyone looking for a resort with good prices choose Playa Naco! you won't regret it!

A Great Time!

from Bone7770
We had our real honeymoon (5 years late) and it was fantastic. The staff were great and the facilities were adequate. The food was better than we expected for a 3 1/2 star resort. The water sports were a blast, we really enjoyed the banana boat ride (strongly recommended) and Kayaking was fun. The drinks were great, strongly stress the Banana Mama. The A La Carte resturants were very good and the wine was simple but good enough. My wife loved the beach and I loved the golf course. Definitely go to Sousa Beach the snorkling was fantastic (there are tours available). We will back you can bet on it!!

Top Local Tips for Puerto Plata

Isaira Tours We used Isaira Tours for our ground transportation and tour arrangements. Martin and his staff are fabulous and very helpful. Our friends that we were traveling with left a piece of luggage at the resort and Martin was able to respond quickly to help them get their luggage and still make their flight home. They went well beyond in their service. They have a large number of tours available. We did the Whale Watching Tour (a long day but fun; next time, we will fly in to Samana directly and spend a day or two before going on to Puerto Plata) and Paradise Island Snorkeling. The snorkeling trip was absolutely fabulous. On the VIP tour you get 3 full hours to Snorkel and they provide drinks and a lunch that was actually some of the best food we had the entire week we were in the DR. It is an entire day so be prepared. You might want to bring a change of clothes and be sure to bring extra drinking water for the bus rides. Be sure you bring sunscreen & a hat. You need them!!!

Do you like the nightlife scene? If you're heading to Puerto Plata for the nightlife scene, a good idea would be to stay in the Playa Dorada complex as all the clubs are within walking distance of each resort.

Dollars Bring dollars as you will need to get in and out of the country. 20 US dollars 20 dollars exit. Bring sinle dollars for tips tips. Taxi is 28 dollars or 920 Dominican pesotas from Puerto Playa airport.


Other names for Celuisma Tropical Playa Dorada Hotel

  • tropical playa dorada
  • resort playa naco
  • playa naco hotel
  • playa naco
  • celuisma tropical playa dorada resort
  • celuisma tropical playa dorada hotel
  • celuisma tropical playa dorada
  • Address: Playa Dorada Beach - Puerto Plata - 11111 - Dominican Republic
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