Breezes Puerto Plata Beach Resort & Spa Hotel

, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
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Breezes Puerto Plata Beach Resort & Spa Hotel

3 star
Carretera Cabarete - Puerto Plata - FL 33020 - Dominican Republic Hotel Website | | (954) 925-0925
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Reviews - Breezes Puerto Plata Beach Resort & Spa Hotel

Worst place ever
Submitted by: Rick & Sandy in 28/04/07
  • Age Group:
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
The rooms were old run down, musty and dirty, so were the hallways. Air conditioning loud and blowing directly on the bed. 2 single beds. Blood stains on the chair cushion and stained sheets. The taps in the bathroom were broken. The patio doors we left unlocked every day and once the front door was wide open. I did not feel safe here. One day there were no towels in the room and you can get charged for missing towels. We left our beach towel cards on the dresser and they were gone. They tried to charge us for them. The food was not fit to eat. We left and rented an apartment. I do not recommend this place to anyone. The only good thing was the staff.
Looks better in the travel agents
Submitted by: Hayley in 29/03/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
We paid £1700 to stay here for 2 weeks, the resort is pleasant enough, but there isn't much to do and the food is awful! This is not the place to go if you are particular about food in the slightest! The entertainment in the resort is awful, and the locals stay at the weekends, who basically take over the resort and there were reports of abuse, theft and general disrespect!
Leaving the resort is not suggested, unless you want to get hassled to buy tourist tack as soon as you step off the bus! The excursions were great, in particular the dolphin park but very expensive.
The on site shop was a complete rip off - $5 for a postcard! WE satisfied our cravings for crisps but at $15 for a tube of pringles we did without for the rest of the hol!
Might suit poeple who like to lay by the pool all day and aren't particular about what food they eat - and book your excursions for the weekend so you don't put up with the locals!
Breezes P Plata
Submitted by: A Travel Library User in 11/03/06
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Do not go here..... I was sick with acute Gastroenteritis and breathing difficulties along with 60% of the people who stayed at the resort.

Awful..... You've been warned!!!! 08/03/2006

Historical Traveller Reviews of Breezes Puerto Plata Beach Resort & Spa Hotel best a 3 star resort

from pechung
Just got back from the Breezes Puerto Plata. Stayed July 3-July 8th. Luck for us, we only planned a short visit. Getting to the resort from the airport will cost you $18 for a taxi. A taxi should fit 5-7 people (they use mini vans). There is also a $10 per person entrance "fee/tax" to enter the country. You can pay at the airport upon arrival. Rooms: We did the standard room at the resort. We had building #11 which is as far as you can get from the main resort area and the pool. Picture a motel 6 type room and place it in the Caribbean and you're getting the right picture. The bed is hard as it can get, but I happen to like that. If you're picky about your shampoo/conditioner then bring your own. They only give the cheap stuff. POOL: The pool is actually kind of nice. It's a lazy river type of pool in the shape of a horshoe. There is a children's pool but it was full of bigger kids than my 3 year old. The bigger kid ( age 6-13ish) play ther because the main pool is deep. The lazy rive is nice for floating but not for swimming. Too deep and too narrow. RESTAURANT: I go on vacation so that I don't have to live my normal life of rules and policies. I want to have what I want, especially if I'm paying a lot of money for it. Their are 6 restaurants at the resort. 3 require that you dress up in casual clothes (no shorts, sandals, tank tops) and that you make reservations. The reservation slots fill up 3 days in advance unless you want to eat at 9pm which is almost always available. The 4 ala carte restaurants (Mexican, Italian, French and Japanese) were a joke. The food was 2 star quality and it takes forever for it to come. There is a buffet by the beach which is 24 hours. I think that's how long the food is left there also. It consists of cold fries, hamburger and hot dogs and fruit. Everyday the same stuff. The main buffet is where we ate most our food. Jimmy's Buffet is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific hours of the day. It's not an all day kind of thing. A lot of the same stuff is served throughout the day, with a few new stuff coming out for lunch and dinner. Let's just say that a person could conceivably lose weight on this trip. Also, there were so many bugs on the fruit on a daily basis. Not very sanitary at all. The soda drinks are very, very flat except the ones they give directly out of the bottle. ENTERTAINMENT: Very poor quality. I've seen high school productions that were 1000x better quality than what they tried to pass off as entertainment. It never starts on time, either. STAFF: They are there because they are paid to be there. That is readily apparent. They won't go out of your way to assist you or makeyou feel like your on vacation. What's there is there, please don't bother me to do something different for the attitude they have. For example, I needed a food carton so that I could take some fruit for my 3 year old. They were not happy to get them for me. I also wanted a Pizza from their Italian restaurant to-go. They do not like to break their routine. All in all it was a 2.5-3 star kind of place. We paid $912 for the 5night/6day trip. We could have paid the same amount to go to the Moon Palace in Cancun. We've been to Mexico twice and like it so much better than Puerto Plata. I would not recommend this place to anyone I know. Good luck. Peter

Not what we expected

from A TripAdvisor Member
I was very disappointed in this resort having stayed at another Breezes resort previously in the Bahamas. There was no comparison. While the staff was friendly, they hardly spoke any English. We did manage to communicate, and as I said they were extremely friendly for the most part. The booze selection was poor at best. There was only one type of beer - the local brand - two types of wine - red or white - and a very limited selection on hard alcohol -- no Crown Royal, no high-end vodkas or rum, etc. If you are used to high-end alcohol, then you better bring your own. The food was marginal at best...we ended up losing weight rather than gaining weight as one usually does on these types of vacations. There was no air conditioning anywhere except in your room, so you better like the heat. The tours were poor with very little selection. Okay enough whining...if you are just going to relax and lay in the sun then this is the place for you. If you have been to other high-end all-inclusive resorts, then you will be extremely disappointed. I would not recommend this resort to my friends or family. Try Breezes in the was a thousand times better. By the way, there is no spa, so don't go looking for one.

Breezes POP April 19-26th.. Loved it

from A TripAdvisor Member
Hey I stayed at Breezes POP April 19-26th it was great.. email me if you have any questions or if you were at the resort at the same time.. Maybe we met while I was down there later LEWISM

totally in love with the resort

from A TripAdvisor Member
i have stayed here twice in the last 8 weeks-the first time was so good i went back for another week and now i have booked again to go back in may so it will be my 3rd trip in 8 weeks!! the animation team through the day are just the best as are the shows in the evening. the boys work so hard to make sure it all goes well. i have had a standard room and a superior room and both were equally excellent. the whole resort is clean-the staff are friendly and helpful and it is very attractive. i love it and can't wait to get back there!!!

Best holiday I ever had

from Sabrina007
Breezes Puerto Plata is probably one of the best hotels in the world. The animation team is really nice and the dancers of the evening shows are hot.The food is so good and you can eat 24 hours if you want, and thats the reason why I put on 6 pounds in two weeks. The rooms are okay, but you won't be often there. And the pool is so cool! I would unfortunately go there again if I'd have the money for it!!

Not the Best

from A TripAdvisor Member
Well, I'd read all of the reviews here before I went and was a little nervous about all the terrible comments. The resort itself is beautiful -the lobby and pool area in particular. The renovations seem to be concentrated on the visible facade -focused on an initial impression of the place when you arrive. The rooms were a little run down with ancient equipment (Air Conditioner), cheap coffee makers and leaky bathroom facilities. The beds were indeed matresses on a plank base but I actually found it quite comfortable. The daily housekeeping consisted of bed-making. Little else was done. Occasionally the staff forgot to leave us clean towels (they removed the used ones) or replenish our water supply. We found the store room where the water bottles were kept so this was not a problem, we just fetched our own. The staff at the front desk was quite pleasant and helpful in responding to problems. Of course, they ran on "Dominican Time" which is at a much slower pace than most people want their problems handled. The entertainment crew was wonderful and they had all kinds of things going on all day and into the night.The food was so-so. I found that everything seemed taste the same! There was a nice variety of salads and breads and desserts and the a la carte restaurants were good. The service staff was friendly and efficient.I was not happy with the beach. There are big rock reefs in the water and the water is rough. The beach isn't long enough to get in a good walk and the area in front of the resort was not clean nor groomed. Also, there were sea urchins, which can be very painful to step on and expensive to have the spines removed from your feet. Fortunately, none of our group came into contact with them although I found two washed up on the beach. It made me a bit nervous of the water. It has a ways to go before it can call itself a four star resort.

Loved this resort!

from Kris_78
I just returned from Breezes Puerta Plata yesterday (April 15th) and it was AMAZING!!! We all absolutely loved it. I have been to the Dominican before, and this was definitely the best yet. They are still doing some renovations, but they are very discreet. It was amazing how much was done even in the week we were there....another month and this place will be perfect! The pool was the best one I've seen...huge with separate areas for kids, sports, nicely divided.....also has water slides and jacuzzi's. The rooms were nice, no complaints...never had a problem with water or lack of, towels were always provided. Restaurants were great.....especially enjoyed the 24hour beach bar (it was very relaxing) and the buffet. Ocean was a little rough, but that's just the area. Still a lot of fun once you get used to it. The nightly entertainment was GREAT!!! We absolutely loved it....fabulous dancers. So much to see....trapeze artists, shows, rock climbing, skating....and great teachers. The animation crew was amazing, couldn't have been friendlier!! Thanks for the memories George and Johnny especially. I would most definitely return to this resort.

Oh My God, I Loved My Vacation

from A TripAdvisor Member
I've just returned from my vacation at SuperClub Breezes, Puerto Plata. We were a party of 5 (sometimes loud) girls. We cannot rave enough about our trip. About the rooms - our beds were fine, clean and comfortable. We spent the bare minimum of time in our rooms (6hours/night) but we would have been comfortable sleeping on a lounge chair on the beach! After all, I have a room at home, that's not what my vacation was all about. About the food - a fantastic selection. If you went hungry, then that's your own fault. If nothing else, you could survive on the delicious selection of breads. About the Restaurants - great food at all restaurants, and top-notch service. Ask for a bottle of wine, and your glass will never run dry! About the Staff - The animation crew, the trapeze guys, and the dancers, are the finest group of people you'll ever meet. They went out of their way to entertain us, when we asked for coconut, they brought coconut, when we asked to see the local nightlife, they brought us to High Carribean. When we said we couldn't dance, they taught us. We couldn't speak Spanish, so they taught us the basics. We even had a juggling lesson. My advice is that YOU make the most of your vacation, regardless if it rains, or your bed is hard, or it's a red flag day!! Bon Voyage!

Our definitive guide

from A TripAdvisor Member
Theres only so much that can be written (and remembered) for a blurb. If you have any questions about this resort or the area around us, just drop me an email ( Overall: A great value if (like us) you grab this AI for under 1000CAD and are willing to put up with substandard rooms, occassional lack of hot water, and relatively unobstrusive construction work. Does not live up to the Breezes std, and will not for the foreseeable future (when bedroom renovations and infrastructure upgrading takes place). Its greatest assets: pool, food. My wife would not return, I might go back just for the pool and trampoline.Infrastructure - 2 *Staff - 3 1/2*Grounds - 4*Pool - 4 1/2*Facilities - 3*Food - 4*Geography: a) Region: The Puerto Plata region in general is a windy spot. This makes the ocean a bit treacherous to swim in. However the wind can be more of a relief to sunbathers than a hindrance. b) Resort: The resort specifically is laid out on a nice expanse of land. The beach does not go on forever, but you can get a good walk out of it. The ocean however is often treacherous both in the waves and in the many rocks that lie not too far out from the shore. c)Personal Experience: We had a red flag for some period almost every day, and people do go by and kick you out of the water. Nonetheless we managed a few trips into the ocean and had a blast battling with the wavesINFASTRUCTURE The infrastructure (power, water, rooms) was abominable at this resort. We lost count at 10 power outtages (luckily each lasting only a few minutes) [for which the entire resort blacks out completely - no emergency lights at all]. They weren't horribly obtrusive.Water is even worse than the power. Resort wide hot-water, or pressure losses were frequent during our stay. And once we could get ONLY hot water. While not really 'infrastructure' the rooms are worth a negative comment. We stayed in a std villa. They are dark (very dark) and poorly equipped. A table, chair, The beds are old and uncomfortable. My only positive comment about the rooms no bugs.After some fiddling the AC's do work just fine. GROUNDS: We LOVED the actual resort. There was still some landscaping and construction being done (despite being told before our trip that it was all done) but what's there is really beautiful. The lobby has been re-done and is lit with gorgeously unique lamps and the walls hand-decorated with pebbles. Greenery is everywhere, and there are some resort ducks and peacocks that strut around unobtrusively. There is no challenge finding lawn-chairs, but shade is a bit of a challenge. There was construction under way on one building near the beach that was obtrusive, seemed to move quickly however, and wed love to know what its going to be. Id say the grounds are almost at 4*. A little more work to define and beautify the walkways and gardens would go a long way. FACILITIES: Gym - We rarely use the gym, but the hole in a ground they called a gym was among the worst we've seenTennis, Climbing Wall, Trapeze, Trampoline, Floor Hockey Rink: All a lot of fun, all well - some great shops in the resort, stocked with what youd expectsports / games shop - A tad on the bad side for the superclubs chain. Very few water sports amenities. There was a dearth of games, and no indoor facility to enjoy them in during inclement, extremely windy, or humid weather. Dive Shop - As divers, it was good to know there was an on-site dive shop. Personally however, we were much more pleased with Northern-Coast-Diving which is in Sosua. No matter which you go with however, you have to head into Sosua by shuttle/taxi to actually get to the dive site.Casino - This casino is not done, it is not close to being done. Do not believe what they tell you when you book. Wait until someone actually writes a review here saying it opened *G*There is also golfing and a nearby paintball field.POOL: The best pool weve seen on the carribean. Jacuzzis, waterfalls, twists and turns makeil the fun here. One note I will make is that the colour of the rocks is far nicer than some of the pictures on the web make it out to be. STAFF: Bit of a mixed bag (which seems to be why the reviews are so varied on this point). The animation team were fantastic both during the day activities and the nightly entertainment. Lots of enthusiasm, but little pressure for those who prefer to be left alone. The nightly entertainment was top-notch "as far as resort entertainment goes". Don't expect VEGAS perfection and you'll have a blast. Bar-tenders and reception staff were a bit of a mixed bag. Mostly friendly, but a few bad apples. Always nicer in person than on the phone. Cleaning staff we were very unimpressed with, which may be because we chose not to tip daily. Perhaps we have high expectations (clean floors, no sand in the bed before we get in, ...)FOOD: We also loved the food. The buffet is decadent and good, but like any buffet if you visit it every day for a week it may become a little boring (not for me though). Thankfully there are *4* a-la-carte restaurants. Two we thought were of mediocre quality, and two we really enjoyed. Well let you try to figure out which are which. If presentation is important to you, each meal came alongside some of the best food-carvings weve seen. The consensus of good food seemed to be resort wide, although we do know quite a few people who did get mildly sick from it over the course of the trip. (Myself included, from thoughtlessly eating a rare hamburger *G*) We really thought the food and food-staff were top-notch. The servers, while not necessarily friendly were prompt and professional. There were finger-foods served around the resort just before/after dinner, and some munchies served later in the night every night.

Good and Bad

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from a week at Breezes and experienced both good and bad with the resort. First the good stuff: 1) For the money, this is a heck of a deal. The rooms were fairly large, clean and always filled with fresh Pepsi and water.2) If you tip daily, you will receive special drinks...towels...and nice smile from the cleaning personnel.3) The pools were incredible...the best we have seen! Always clean...plenty of chairs and refreashing.4) The entertainment at night is great! For the most part, it was very professional and we had a blast! The dancers are very well trained and the costumes are first rate.5) The beach was okay...but rough. This is not a calm part of the ocean so beware. The sand was fairly clean, but it was not raked and manicured as it should be like other resorts (Boscobel, Riu...etc)Now for the not so good stuff:1) The beds are terrible. They are a stiff, old mattress on either a plank of wood or box springs. Our backs got so bad that we thought we might have to go home early. When I begged for another room...I was told I complained too much and finally given a key to the most terrible room at the resort. Dark...dank...smelly and the same mattresses. Needless to say, we kept our rooms. The housekeepers finally softened them up a bit with blankets tucked between the sheets. The worst beds I have ever slept in. For this reason alone, I will NEVER return to this resort.2) The food was just okay and please DON'T eat any washed (dripping with water) salads. All three in our family got severe diarrhea and we are pretty sure they do not wash their vegetables with purified water. We were sick for 3 days. BRING Immodium. All they sell at their store is Pepto and it is $9.50 for a small bottle.3) The front desk staff is rude and does very little to help or empathize when you have a concern or problem. They lack the training and people skills and I cannot believe that Breezes doesn't spend more time training in this staff. Very few speak English and they act like you are such a bother.4) Much of the resort is still not completed. We were told that the casino would be opened...but it wasn't anywhere near done. There was construction going on and it just isn't quite up to par. Well that is it! We love the Dominican, but next time we will stay at the RIU. Perhaps someday Super Clubs will get this resort up to the level of their others. (We loved Boscobel beach when our child was young!)Good luck...and remember...don't eat the lettuce and bring lots of Immodium!

Top Local Tips for Puerto Plata

costs we were asked if we knew the price of a taxi to the airport even though there was a list of flat rates by the main entrance. we said 25 rather than the written price of 35 dollars. we paid 25. don't get scammed.

The Worst Place STAY AWAY

Wear sun block Dominican is a very windy location and you dont feel the sun as much but at the end of the day, you are burnt. Wear sun block all the time.

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