Dreams Palm Beach Hotel

, Higuey, Dominican Republic
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Dreams Palm Beach Hotel

, Higuey
4 star

Rooms: 540

Cabeza de Toro - Higuey - Dominican Republic Hotel Website | | 1 809 687 5747
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t wait to return!

from BramptonSuperwoman
We returned last Thursday from an absolutely wonderful vacation. We arrived at the hotel on Christmas morning and was greeted with many smiling faces, champagne and some baked treats. When we were waiting to check-in we found a rep. and mentioned to them that we were booked in a preferred club room and were immediately taken to the preferred club lounge and checked-in within 5 minutes.
We stayed in a ground floor room with two double beds. Another traveler had warned us that the ground floor rooms had flooded when it had previously rained, and although it rained while we were there, thankfully nothing flooded.
The rooms were beautiful! Even though the room was not made up until the evening for the first three days, the last 4 days the room was made up and cleaned in the morning and touched up again in the evening.
There were next to no mosquitoes which was great.
Christmas day was wonderfully planned for the kids. They had everyone come to the beach where Santa circled in a helicopter waving to the kids. Later he came onto the resort via horseback and all of the kids were able to sit on him, take pictures and received a nice little present!
We enjoyed the beach and all of the pools very much. They worked hard to clean up any sea grass that may have washed up due to the rain.
The evening entertainment was very nice, especially the circus evening that was very much like a mini cirque de solei show!
My family is vegetarian and was able to find things to eat at every meal and were shocked to find veggie burgers in the preferred club restaurant! The Italian restaurant was great!
New Years eve was amazing, and all guests received very nicely wrapped hats and party favors...champagne was abundant! At midnight there was an amazing fireworks show!
We loved every moment of our trip and plan to return in the near future.

OMG what a Fabulous Resort

from f_teti79
I just finished reading some of the reviews and I am shocked. My husband and I went Dec28th- Jan 4th. We had an amazing time. The threw the most amazing New Years Party. The staff were great and always willing to help. We first got greated with champagne and cookies. We were given a brief tour by a staff as to where everything was. The rooms were gorgeous and clean. You can tell a lot of money was put into the rooms and the up keep of the resort. The 5 al acart resturants were gorgeous, and the food was phenomenal. The buffet was huge and so much variety. We would so go back again. We also did the Sonama canameran and it was fun. The drinks were all brand name, no cheap names for the alchol. Oh and the bartender by the pool bars was fun, ask for Juan he will take care of constantly refilling your drinks. As for the Rum Punch so good. Hope who ever goes has fun we did.

Needs a lot more time to be good

from YorkRegionPotlicker
We arrived December 25/08 and departed January 1/09. We where fortunate to have got a room that didn't leak, flood or be overwhelmed with mosquitoes but we did come close as the rooms across the hall flooded which we later found out had flooded more than once.

We paid the extra for the "Preferred Club" to help make sure we got the better service, room, drinks, food, internet and some privacy. Well..... what a complete waist of money and rip-off. There was only one item on the brochure description that was unique to the "Preferred Club" which was the breakfast and lunch at one restaurant otherwise NOTHING and those that booked standard rooms got everything the same. Other people that had problems with their rooms and proceeded to [--] and complain where upgraded to the "Preferred Club" at no extra cost but all that they really got was a better room since everything else was the same.

During the renovation a lot of money was spent on the wrong things and the hotel will pay in the end.
- Plate glass partitions in shower stall and raised vanity sinks in washroom but the toilet seats are the cheapest plastic and already cracking.
- There are obvious major problems with sewer lines and plumbing. The staff are constantly fixing clogged pipes and the smell of sewage is prevalent nearly everyday.
- There is a major shortage of lounges and a conservative estimate would be at least 150 more are required.
- Staff are overwhelmed and they have a policy not to take reservations at the restaurants so at 6:30 every night the restaurants get inundated with a crowd of people all at once instead of controlling the crowd by utilizing reservations and filling in the slack with walk ins if space allowed.

The usual excursion rip offs are alive and well and surprisingly the Sunwing rep seems to be a part of it as we heard he was reluctant to make change and the Saona Island trip we took was not worth the money although he highly recommended it.

We won't be back and will not recommend anyone to go.

Absolutely Wow!!!

from LoveToTravel62
December 13 - 24, 2008

Absolutely fantastic hotel! It's only about 15-20 minutes from the airport. We were greeted with a cold drink and a small snack. We were one of the first guests in this beautiful new resort. On the 13th there were 23 guests, by the 16th there were 1500. The 25 million dollar upgrade is very evident and the new owners have made this into a truly fabulous resort. The grounds are gorgeous and well maintained. The pool is gorgeous. The rooms were gorgeous. Everything was new. The beds, sheets, towels etc.... The beds are extremely comfortable pillow top beds. There's a flat screen t.v. and an alarm clock with a i-pod docking station. Everything worked and we were quite pleased. This was our fourth time in Punta Cana. We stayed at Occidental Grand Flamenco twice, which is also an excellent hotel, we just wanted to try something different this time. And have absolutely no regrets. We stayed in building 4 which was a preferred club section with an ocean view room. We had free internet and movie rentals. We didn't really stay in that section but the service was fantastic.
They had very entertaining shows in the evenings, something for everyone. They have fantastic child care, with young women specially dressed so that they are easily identified as a child care provider. The kids on the resort seemed to have a super fun time.
The buffet was awesome, one of the best ones we have experienced in Punta Cana. The Japanese restaurant was beyond words. The presentation of the food was unlike anything I have ever seen, except in a magazine or a very very expensive restaurant. They cooked the food right in front of us and the Manager Oviedo was extremely hospitable and took excellent care of us. The Mexican was fantastic, the Italian was ok, and the French was good. They even have a small cafe with all kinds of espresso and specialty coffees and fabulous small cakes/muffins.
The bars are fantastic and the bar tenders are happy and eager to serve you. They do appreciate a small tip, ( $1 U.S.) and I did so often. Not just the bar tenders but the waiters/waitresses and even the cooks. You have to remember these people work 12-16 hours/ day. And they very much appreciate a small tip.
I just can't say enough about this resort. People are extra friendly and they say "it's my pleasure" to everything. The beach was beautiful and very well kept. The young workers were hauling the seaweed away from early morning till late in the evening. The waitresses even serve you drinks on the beach! Which was great.
The entertainers were awesome. They are hilarious, specially one guy named Gasolina!! They kept the guests busy with lots of fun on and off the beach. Games, ping-pong, volley ball, spanish lessons, meringue lessons, "how to make drinks" lessons etc.....

There were a few times we were short on hot water but that did not last long. And that was the only downside to the whole hotel. We went outside of the premises and we found it very safe. We did only go out during the day, and caution is still advised. You have to remember where you are. These people don't have much.
Just a tid bit. The average hotel worker earns between $200-$250 per month. A police officer earns less, and therefor susceptible to bribes. There are basically no rules or laws on the roads and there is chaos, but they are used to driving in this manner and it is quite safe.
It's not safe to drink the tap water, but the hotel does have a central water cleaning plant and they do use that for cleaning the food and for ice cubes. Just use the bottled water to brush your teeth. We were not sick at all. Just a note though, if you go outside on an excursion "do not" trust the food or water. Bring your own from the buffet and bring your own bottled water.
We had a fantastic time and would love to go back again next year.
Trust in my review, we have heard a lot of negativity about certain resorts, but this on is 100% satisfactory!! Just remember, you are in a third world country!!
Hats off to the management!! Keep up the great work!!
And a big THANK YOU!!!
If anyone has further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Lacks Integrity

from VivaChile
I was in DPB from Dec 21-28 with my husband celebrating our anniversary. We arrived with an open mind, knowing they had just opened 8 days earlier. Our thought was, “Of course there are going to be glitches and things to work out…things happen even in established resorts.”
We arrived early evening to find we had to wait for our room. We thought check-in was at 3 pm, and by now it was almost 9 pm and still no room. No problem, we thought…let’s just go for a drink!
We finally get a room but no key…we were told a guard would let us in. (we didn’t get a key for over 24 hrs and had trouble at times finding our guard) ANYWAY….we were thrilled to throw our stuff down and get a start on our vacation! We didn’t want to waste a minute! As soon as we walked in our room we had a HUGE WELCOME TO PUNTA CANA ! No, not rose petals on the floor leading to the bed…nope, not a bottle of champagne…….nope…not a running jacuzzi…………..nope…not a fruit basket and chocolates! It was a swarm of mosquitos!! Yicks we said…they must have put us in the wrong room….we didn’t request the “jungle safari special”!!! My husband is great at swatting bugs so he grabbed the only towel in the room and surely woke up the people next door! As soon as he killed some…more appeared!!! I let him have fun while I refreshened up! Y IPPY! I get to throw on some new clothes and start partying! I go into the bathroom and oops…the toilet does not work. It is old…looks original from at least 2 resorts ago…has huge rust stains in the toilet and on the seat, and there is water on the floor. I won’t mention what else was floating around! I thought to myself, “hmmm, I thought this place was newly remodeled. “ I see a new sink and bed and some new paint on the wall, a new flat screen TV, but that’s it. Oh well! As we start to inspect the room we see a mini fridge that is full…YEAH! But as we grab a beer it is warm! Oh no! The fridge doesn’t work!!! I settle in for some TV watchin’ as my husband keeps swatting and DARN! No remote! The nice big flat screen is so inviting…but when I turned it on it was SNOWY! It reminded me of what I came to Punta Cana for…to get away from the SNOW !!!!
No worries I think….I’ll let my husband keep practicing his karate moves and I’ll order room service! Yummy…I love room service….and look and look…and see no menu. No big deal I think…I guess that means I can order whatever I want! I keep looking and realize there is NO PHONE! I finally convince my husband it is time to stop the killing spree and we go to reception. As we leave we realize the door does not shut! The door is too big for the jam. We leave it open and hope our things are safe.
I speak Spanish so I skip to reception knowing in my heart they will take care of us…..it’s our anniversary of course! I smile and tell the man behind the counter my issues. Mainly the toilet. He says. “sorry mame, we have no room to give you. We are all booked up. Don’t worry we will fix your toilet in a couple days!! “ A COUPLE DAYS I THINK? OH NO!! I try for the next few hours to speak to anyone who would listen, but to no avail. We walk back to our room with our heads hung low. As we get to our room we notice the door is now SHUT. Hmm…maybe we are just at the wrong room we think…..nope…...we are at the right room. We look for the guard…and the hall is dark. There is no one in sight. We walk back to reception and tell them our predicament. They PROMISE they will send the guard to open our room. This ritual of walking back and forth goes on for at least 45 mins! Finally, the guard appears and tells us, “oh, its easy, you have to move the door this way, then this way, then do this and then this…and SEE, NOW IT WILL OPEN and CLOSE! (good thing I took notes during that!!!)
Anyway…………my husband finally made progress with the guys at reception and we were moved to a much nicer room. Our first day was pretty much a waste. Hey! Look on the bright side….. we got lots of exercise walking back and forth from building 6 to reception!! We were given a nice suite in building 5. It had a couple problems too. (toilet ran non stop) We named this room the “rainforest room” ! Who would have thought we would have our own waterfall in our room! (leaky ceiling!)
After we got settled in our room my husband realized he left something in the “jungle safari” room. He went back and knocked on the door. A young couple had just arrived and were very upset with the mosquitoes and non functioning toilet. They said, “hurry...come on in…shut the door…we don’t want to let any more mosquitoes in here!”
I know I have been light hearted so far as I write this review , so here are some comments in a more serious tone:
Let’s review our first room disaster: Why would this resort put another couple in our same room, less than 12 hrs later when the room wasn’t ready?? We spoke to the other couple a day later and they had to move…why? The mosquitoes, no phone, fridge broken, TV not working, and toilet did not work. This type of attitude from Dreams that “Oh well, maybe we can just find a sucker to take that room who won’t say anything,” is NOT acceptable and cannot be overlooked.
I was getting change at reception when a woman who had checked in 8 hours prior and was thrilled to get her room, came back very upset. She put the key on the counter and said, “Sir, this room has people in it…they were in bed!” She received no reaction from the man behind the counter. Not even a simple apology. I saw her the next day and she got a new room 4 hours later but had no hot water. I told her that she and her family were welcome to use our bathroom/shower.
We had a great trip despite the unexpected weather, the bad food in the buffet and the initial room disaster. The food in the restaurants varied, but overall was very good and MUCH
better than the buffet. We loved the sushi in the Asian restaurant as well as the seaside grill and Italian place. The French restaurant was not good for us. The service improved every day that we were there. Although this resort has been renovated it appears to be sporadic. Some new items, some original. Some of the toilets are not new, some of the showers are not either. Some guests think of ALL NEW when they hear a resort has been renovated. The quality of “new items” is average so I do not see this place holding up well. The lamps are wobbly, doors don’t close properly, chairs are flimsy in certain areas, the cloth on pool chairs is already coming off the foam. I say within a year this place will not look like it has been renovated and will quickly show wear and tear.
I can’t stress enough….when we arrived at DPB I could care less that we had no flowers in the vases, no binder notebook on the resort offerings, no toilet paper holder, no hooks, no do not disturb sign, no evening turn down service, bad a/c. We were even ok with no working TV, mini fridge that didn’t worked, original shower and toilet even though this place was renovated, no darking curtains, flooding hallways and ceilings, lack of booze at times esp. vodka, having to wait hours for a room, lack of beach towels at times as early as noon, beach with seaweed and cigarette butts….all of that was tolerable and understandable since they just opened…..what I could not accept was being in a room infested with mosquitoes and one without a working toilet and told “oh, miss, it will be fixed in a couple days….we have no place to put you.” That, plus knowing they put another young couple in that room without fixing it…that lack of integrity showed me I do not want to patron DREAMS resorts in the future.
We heard and observed all sorts of things during our stay. I feel the people we met were kind hearted, caring people and were respectful with the staff. The travelers I met had the same thought we did when we arrived….and did not expect perfection…(A TOILET MAYBE, BUT NOT PERFECTION) They just wanted a nice, simple vacation with a comfortable room for their family. Period.
We had a great trip despite all the drama…we liked and disliked some things, were disappointed and surprised with other things , and concerned for others while we were here.
On a positive note….we did meet a few people that had no horror stories. They said “we feel lucky compared to others. “ So, of course…some families were perfectly content. They all had minor issues whether it be an issue in the room or with the food, but like all trips, you take those things in stride.
I feel very lucky that we were eventually moved to a nicer room and I let the management know on numerous occasions how pleased we were. Our last day there we had to wait over 6 hrs in the lobby (we had fun!) and what I observed and heard as people were coming and going really surprised me. (I’ll leave it at that) I am thinking there will be a flood of new posts on TA within the next month or two.
Important note to those going to DBP soon: There is ONE thing you just can’t forget to bring……..and that is a GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR. You will definitely need it!
After being home and reflecting, we laugh about how much fun we had in Punta Cana. I love the country, the people and their spirit. I loved speaking Spanish while I was there and meeting people from all over the world.
Bottom line:
What kind of resort would …..
-put a guest in a room that is not ready to be occupied and then tell try to convince you to stay in that room?
-tell you over and over a “guard” is in the building at all times and will let you in, when in reality no one was there!
-put another couple in a room that they KNOW is not acceptable?
-boast to guests at check in and in their manual that they have “late check out” and they encourage you to ask about it at reception. When you do, they chuckle and say “We don’t’ offer that service. Who told you that?”
-tell you they have a hospitality room in building 2 for people who check out at noon but do not leave until evening? Then, when you ask to use this room to shower, they say, “We don’t have such a room, go use the bathroom in the spa.”
Let’s look at it this way: let’s say you go to a new car dealership in your town. Everyone is excited about the new car place…they are offering great deals and all sorts of things to attract you to their dealership! You get there…and find out the car they have advertised is not available. You are so upset…this is the CAR of your DREAMS! You ask them when it will arrive and they say, oh, not sure, but we will get back to you. You say, ”but your ad said it would be here today and ready to test drive!” You are told, sorry, not much we can do. So, you move on to another vehicle you like and ask to take it for a test drive. It sure looks like the one in the ad from this morning’s paper…..you hop in excited to finally be able to take it for a spin! You quickly find out it has no a/c or heat, no radio, no power steering, no seat belts…not even windshield wipers. Gee you think…ALL cars have windshield wipers, don’t they? It doesn’t matter….you still like the car and want to see what else it has to offer. As you look down, and try to put the car in reverse you are perplexed….no reverse? You ask the salesperson, hey, what’s going on here; He says, ”oh, that’s not a problem. Who needs reverse anyway. “ You say, hey, this is not the car you have advertised! This isn’t the one I saw in your PICTURE? It doesn’t have anything you said it did in your ad! And he says, “well, you know …….we just opened so we don’t have those yet and I know…we still have some kinks to work out….and besides…its nice on the outside, isn’t it? “ You ask if maybe the price will be cheaper since it is missing all these basic amenities and the salesperson laughs out loud and says “I’m sorry sir, we just can’t do that. We have such a demand for these cars, and we have no room to negotiate. “You walk away in dismay….and as you get in your car you see family after family going through exactly what you just did…feeling duped!
Ok, I think you get my point. This dealership would be out of business within a week!!
Ok, now back to DPB: in conclusion……….
The lack of integrity is what bothers me most about Dreams Palm Beach. It would have been so refreshing to hear a staff member say :
“mame, you should not have been given that room. It was not ready, we are sorry and we will fix this situation for you.” OR,
“mame, we do state that we have late check-out in our guest resort book but we do not offer that service yet.” OR,
“I know we offered the hospitality room to you, but it is not available now. “
A simple, honest answer when things go wrong is what people want, not the run around.
The bottom line for me…… DPB lacks what would be needed for my return visit…….…INTEGRITY.

Beautiful pools - needed a lot more than 25 million dollars renovation

from MontrealLola
Also just came back and was also disppointed.I chose the prefered room. They put us in building 3. The roof was leaking, the door knob stayed in my hand when I tried to close it, the bathroom toilet did not flush, the balcony door was stuck and the television, which did not have a remote, was not working properly. We complained the next day and two hours later we had a new room in building 4. This room was beautiful, with a jacuzzi. However, the toilet also had a problem. It made loud noises for 5 minutes after EACH flush. We always had to ask for extra towels, or for toilet paper. The 'fully stocked' bar only had water, two cokes and two beers.

When we arrived, the hotel was almost empty and the service was great. Two days later, the hotel was full and the waiters at the restaurants, at the pool, the bars...were overwhelmed and service was incredibly slow.

The teen club was a joke. A small cabin with one Wii, one chess game and one table tennis. The monitor there was playing by himself with the Wii and my son kept asking if he could have a turn. Furthermore, the daily schedule was advertising teen volleyball, soccer ...but those activities were usually cancelled. The monitor could not even tell us when the next teen activity would take place.

Food was very good, especially the french and italian restaurants.

WARNING: there are absolutely no ATM machines in the entire resort, and nobody, from the concierge, to the reception area or the stores could make change. This was a problem when we ran out of singles or five dollar bills for tipping. Tipping is expected anywhere you go if you want to get service the next time. However, at the end of my vacation, I did not feel like tipping 10 or 20 dollars each time someone brought me a drink.

I sound very fussy, but trust mew when I tell you that I never before gave a negative review of a hotel.

All in all, I would definitely not recommand this resort to any of my friends.

El Paiso Lluvioso=Paradaise of Rain

from queenof8
We took our kids on this trip (15 m.o and 3 y.o) departing on Dec 22-26. This was a 4 hr direct flight from our city, so we got there around noon, yet our check-in and room availability was only by 3:30 (Apple Vacations should do better with arranging flights closer to check-in time). With little kids who want to nap, rest and settle in after the trip, waiting for 3,5 hours in the lounge to get a room is unbearable for kids and parents :(
We had one day of sun--the day we arrived, the rest of our trip rained almost every 30 min. The beach was very windy, sand-stormy, big waves and strong current.
Hotel: every time it rained, the first floor flooded with water seeping into the rooms. Management had workers put towels next to everyones door, and they were cleaning it up.
I did not like the fact that there was a shower stall instead of a tub. It's much easier to bathe kids in a tub without taking a shower yourself. Also I did not care for the design of the bathroom-- that the toilet+shower is in a seperate room, or partition from the sink.
The beds were very comfortable- the only (+) about the room.
Service: Overall needs improvement in responsibility about fulfilling customers requests. It seems when asked-whether at the restaurant or room concerns- workers always get someone else to look into it. Especially this phenomenon is evident in restaurants. We order drinks and the server would tell another server or worker to get the drinks for our table. I'm not sure if they have assigned tables or work around the room, but a lot of requests go unfufilled and many drinks we did not get.
The evening entertainment at the lounge sounded like the worst karioke (I heard distant dogs howling).
Few good restaurants that fall under the all-inclusive: A Japanese one and another one called "The Patio" open for evening dining. Men have a dress code-no open-toe shoes or shorts (depends who is the host that evening), women on the other hand can get in wearing next to nothing- daisy dukes and flip-flops--I did not like this double standard.
Would not recommend this resort

Simply put - a great holiday

from naviivan
We have arrived to the Dreams Palm Beach hotel on 13th of December in its opening day after reconstruction. We spent here a great week of our family vacation. As of the beginning of our stay here everything act to us with very positive impression. The hotel staff was very helpful and friendly.
We were accommodated in the first block just in front of the beach. Room was very nice and reasonably equipped. Perhaps the beds were too soft. We should only comment on the room service. Cleaning the rooms was usually after 3PM. Our minibar was not completed once during our stay.
Catering was absolutely excellent. Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet in the restaurant were great and varied. We spent nice time in the lobby bar, where the bartenders prepared excellent long drinks.
Inside the hotel are two swimming pools. Around them are plenty of sunbeds with beach towels. The beach in front of the hotel is very nice covered with white sand. On the beach are grown palm trees that provide shadow. Under palms are plenty of sunbeds for all clients. The beach is cleaned every day by hotel staff. This wonderful beach is reserved only for the hotel guests and there are no local vendors bothering by offering their souvenirs. The water in the sea is very nice and clear. After about 500 meters north of the hotel beach begins wild beach, which extends about 6 km to the main hotel area in Playa Bavaro.
Dreams Palm Beach Hotel is located in a quiet location along with other 3 hotels and is an ideal place for those who want to spend a peaceful holiday.

Good idea, poor performance

from lil27lil
We just came back from the hotel. In general the experience was positive, the amenities are very nice. However, there were way too many "small" problems like: no straws at the resort on our first day (Dec17), no ice (dec 23) so kids could not order any cold drinks, no hot water in the room (twice during 7 days stay), no water in the public washrooms( several times). Our bed was broken, and took 3 days to chase the maintenance to fix it...
To sum up:
Kids club - very good 5/5 open till 22:00!!! With rich program

Food – buffet 5/5 al a carte 2/5 (compared to our experience with Bahia Principe Punta Cana)

Beach / Pool – 4/5

Service – 2/5 (depends on which day, last Monday mini bar was not refilled at all and room cleaning came at 15:00, the advertised “turn down” service happened only once in proper way)
Value – 5/5

Dreams Palm Beach - An Excellent Resort

from Cottager1
Arrived at Dreams Palm Beach on Dec. 20 from Toronto, just a week after the resport re-opened after a 6 month renovation and upgrading of the entire property including grounds, rooms and amenities. Check-in was prompt and we were warmly welcomed by the staff. Shown to a beaufiful room overlooking the pool.

Lots of chairs and huts on the beach so no reason to get up early in the morning and "reserve" chairs. We have eaten at several of the restaurants since arriving and the food and service are the very best we have ever had at any resort. It is almost as if AMResorts has taken the very best of their Dreams properties and combined it all into this one.

The entertainment staff keep things jumping all day and the bar located in the main lobby is a jumping spot in the evening with the best and most entertaining bartenders I have ever seen.

Problems? A few minor things that I have heard from guests such as a telephone not working or the AC needing repair in a room. (we had this problem and it was repaired promptly). Need room service? 20 minutes from ordering to your room. I have spoken with many guests since arriving and have not heard one major complaint; any minor ones were promptly tended to.

Actually, I have been thoroughly impressed that with having only been open a week before we arrived that the resort was up and functioning at 100%.

Cannot say enough about the staff who are thoroughly trained in the restaurants, activities area (including the Explorer's Club for younger children), grounds maintenance, bars, etc. Service is always friendly and prompt.

We will be heading home on Dec. 27 and will most certainly be returning again next year to Dreams Punta Cana. Dreams Palm Beach is excellent value for the money when compared to other 5 star resorts in the Dominican Republic.

Top Local Tips for Higuey

Go Travel Direct Wildcard We booked for a week to Punta Cana for 4 star. We were a little nervous but you find out when you land which hotel you go to. No problems whatsoever; we were very happy.

Surge Protectors We saw a note suggesting using a surge protector anywhere in the Dominican Republic. If you plan on plugging in a laptop, digital camera, etc., bring a good surge protector. The cheap one-shot units won't save you!

Vacation to sun and beach review your resort ahead of time


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  • sunscape punta cana
  • punta cana occidental
  • punta cana dreams palm beach
  • punta cana allegro
  • occidental punta cana
  • occidental allegro punta cana
  • occidental allegro
  • allegro punta cana
  • Address: Cabeza de Toro - Higuey - Dominican Republic
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