Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort Hotel

, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort Hotel

4 star

Rooms: 295

389 West Bay Road - Grand Cayman - Cayman Islands Hotel Website | 800-223-6388
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort Hotel

5 great days at the Marriott

from twcorpvideo
We were there on February 26 - March 2 and had very lovely and relaxing time. Don't let other reviews deter you from this hotel. The "loss" of the beach is apparent all along 7 mile beach. There is erosion but there is more than enough beach for your enjoyment. We were there when the hotel was sold out and had no trouble garnering a couple of chairs to lay in the sun any time of day. We walked 7 Mile Beach every morning and evening. It is the most beautiful stretch of sand and azure water on earth. Grand Cayman is expensive and your dollar is worth only $.80. This hotel had excellent dining but venture out. Don't miss The Calypso Cafe on the West End. It sits on a bay that resembles a lake more than an ocean. The waters are calm and serene and the food is excellent. Kind of a French Cafe meets Sports Bar feel. Sit on the open deck and watch the beautiful fish swim around. Be sure to reserve a place at Edwardo's Italian Restaurant and don't miss Cafe Med. Both have wonderful pastas and steaks.If it is in your budget, reserve an oceanfront room at the hotel. The extra luxury is worth the money and nothing beats sitting on the balcony watching the sun set over the ocean. The rooms are very clean and well maintained. Housekeeping is prompt. If you tip the gal she will do extra little touches that make your vacation a little more special.If you are into horses spend an afternoon riding on the beach. There a several ranches that have guided beach rides and if you are lucky to be there during a full moon you can arrange to have a sunset ride. Rent a Jeep and tool on up to Rum Point for a hamberger and fries. It's serene during the day and folks just hang out and watch the day go by.What ever you do kick back and relax. That's what your there for. Enjoy !!!!

Amazing vacation at Marriott Grand Cayman

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just got back from an AMAZING week in Grand Cayman. We went to belatedly celebrate our 10th anniversary (which was in November). I got so much info from this board that I wanted to be able to give back by posting my trip report--hope it is helpful to some of you! I won't post all the boring details but will let you know what touristy things we did and where we ate. I will post prices of meals in US$. My husband does not drink, so for most dinners the total includes just one (or occasionally two) alcoholic beverages.We loved the island--it was beautiful, clean, safe, and the people were great. It was a truly heavenly vacation for us (we have two small children who we left at home with their grandparents--it was great to be away alone as adults!).Weds Jan 14- Arrived late in the afternoon. We had reserved a 2-door compact thru Andy's but they had none, so we ended up with a convertible Suzuki Grand Vitara for the same price as the compact--we were very happy with that! I compared rates before we left and Andy's prices were the best. We had decided to rent so that we wouldn't have to worry about catching a bus or taxi and we could be on our own schedule. The entire cost for the week was only about $250 and was well worth it to know we could come and go as we pleased.Checked into the Marriott and walked around a bit. Grabbed a snack at Coconut Joe's ($35). That night we had sushi at Bamboo at the Hyatt. A very pretty and swanky atmosphere. Try the Jolly Rancher martini--yummy! ($70). Went to Kirk's supermarket to pick up some snacks and bottled water. The water on the island is pretty awful but if you don't want to pay for bottled water at dinner (we did about half of the nights), stick lots of lemon in the water and it is palatable!Thu Jan 15- Slept in and then went to the Marriott beach. It is narrow, but it was manageable, though crowded. Hubby snorkeled. Mid-day, we decided to go to the Turtle Farm--I was indifferent but my husband wanted to see it. It was OK, got cute pix of us holding turtles, but this is not a "must see!" Drove around exploring for a while and then had a late snack of appetizers at the Lone Star ($30) and grabbed coffee at Cafe del Sol (I think that is the name--near the movie theatres--I don't drink coffee but my husband ended up going here every day for his fix). That nite we had dinner at Decker's. My husband had the all-you-can-eat Caribbean lobser. It was yummy. My tuna was good too. Total bill was $109.Fri Jan 16- Breakfast at Eats' Cafe ($24). Drove to Rum Point which was awesome. This was the only day that was not particularly sunny, so it would've been much better without the clouds. Nonetheless, we relaxed in hammocks and beach chairs for most of the day, my husband snorkeled, and we had light lunch + a daquiri at the Wreck Bar ($38). The homes in that area are huge and gorgeous. It was a nice long ride around the island to get to and from Rum Point. Later that night we decided to do the Pirate's Buffet at the Marriott--I had 2 drinks and the total cost was about $95 for us both--it was a LOT of food (probably the best value we had at dinner) and it was very good. The live musician was great and then the "Amazing Ricardo" did this fire eating/dancing thing and that was entertaining too.Sat Jan 17- We took a half-day snorkel trip (3 stops, one of which was Stingray City) with Soto's cruises for $24/pp. We had booked Captain Marvin's ($39/pp) from home, but we spoke with someone who said Soto's was exactly the same and why not save the $$? It was a great day to do this as there were no cruise ships in town and it was not crowded at all at Stingray City sandbar. Hanging out with the stingrays was very very cool. Definitely a must-do activity. My husband wanted to do it again another day but we never got around to it which was fine with me (I am not a huge snorkel fan).That afternoon we went into Georgetown and walked around a bit. Had a late lunch at Breezes by the Bay ($40). Someone on the snorkel trip had recommended a banana mudslide at this place--it was awesome--tasted like a milkshake. Yummy.Dinner that nite was at the Reef Grill ($100). Service was a bit slow and I was annoyed that after having our concierge make a reservation and asked for a nice table (told them we were celebrating our 10th anniv) and we ended up at a pretty bad location. However, the food made up for it. I had the bread salad which was really good and then the dolphin and it was the best fish I had ever tasted. They had my favorite wine by the glass (it is usually never available by the glass) so that was a treat too. It was really a wonderful meal and the ambience was really nice too. After dinner we went to the Royal Palms beach bar right behind the restaurant and danced beneath the stars. The band was awesome and it was packed with people that night.Sun Jan 18- Asked the hotel desk for a secluded beach recommendation. We found it (near Savannah and Spotts beach) and we were alone on a nice beach for a while. We got hungry and ended up back at Eats' for late lunch ($30) and then went to Cemetery Beach which was nice too. A few people were there, but not many. Then went back to the Marriott beach which was not crowded by that point. We got our room upgraded to an ocean front and it was so nice to have a balcony overlooking the beach.Dinner that night was at the Bed Restaurant which was funky and cool. The food was really good--we just had tons of appetizers instead of ordering entrees. Total bill was $80.Mon Jan 19- Woke up early and drove to Hell. It was cute and kitschy but we were not there long at all. Ivan, the "devil" was a riot. We found an huge empty beach across from the Courtyard by Marriott. It was gorgeous and spacious. There were beach chairs there too which was nice. More on that beach later. Had lunch at the Coffee Grinder ($15) and went back to "our" quiet spacious beach--it was wonderful.That night we ate dinner at Papagallo. The restaurant is beautiful and the food and service were great. No recollection of what we spent (forgot to write it down!) though I think it was about $100.Tues Jan 20- Our last full day in paradise. Decided to check out the Butterfly Farm. It cost about $25 for 2, but you can go back repeatedly for free during your visit (so don't go on your last day like we did!). It was really cool--the butterflies are just spectacular, the flowers are so pretty, and you learn some cool things about caterpillars and butterflies (you take a brief tour). If you go early you can watch butterflies emerging and taking their first flights. I got some really nice pix of the butterflies.Then we went back to the wonderful beach we had found the day before--but on this day, there were way more people there--turns out they were from a cruise ship and today, beach chairs were not free for the taking. We paid $10 to have our two chairs. We weren't there too long and went back to the Marriott for lunch at the hotel restuarant and then out to the Marriott beach.That night we went to the Wharf. We had the concierge make our reservation and told them it was our anniversary and again we ended up at an oddly-located table--the surf was really rough that night and the end of the dining area near the tarpon was getting splashed like crazy--that is where we were seated. The water was so rough you couldn't really watch the tarpon feeding without getting wet. Our dinner and service were really great though. They have a harpist who asked us if we had any requests--I requested "How Sweet it Is" by James Taylor--he said he would have the keyboardist play that later and he serenaded us with "Unchained Melody." Later, the keyboard player wished us a happy anniv and sang that song which was cute. Then even later, they brought us a candle-lit dessert and the singer started up with the song again. Total bill with 2 apps, 2 entrees, dessert, coffee, and 2 glasses of wine was $145.Wed Jan 21- Our last day. Went out to the beach early and then checked out of the hotel at noon. Had a quick lunch at Hook's/Athena's. Not particularly great and cost about $40. Ran to Kirk's supermarket for some last minute rum cakes and snacks for the plane and headed to the airport.All in all, though it was very expensive (which we expected), the trip was perfect. The hotel was great and the staff there were extremely gracious and friendly. Actually almost all of the people we encountered on the island were really NICE people. It was amazing and I would go back in a second.If you read this far, hope it was not too boring and was helpful!Lisa

Beautiful Island....No Beach Here!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Cayman Islands are beautiful and very relaxing. The trip is very pricey. If you are looking for a relaxing afternoon at the beach, do not choose this hotel. It has NO beach. The staff was wonderful, the room was OK. If you want to enjoy Seven Mile Beach stay at the Hyatt, it has a wonderful beach with lots of activities and actually has sand!!! If you just want to snorkel, this is the place. The barriers they have placed in the water have an abundance of species. Everything on the Caymans is expensive and the US dollar is only worth .80 to their dollar. Take lots of cash and enjoy the beauty!!!! It's breathtaking!

Marriott Grand Cayman - Crowded!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We visited Grand Cayman on our honeymoon and stayed 7 nights at the Marriott. I've travelled extensively for business and this Marriott was average compared to some of the other Marriott's I've visited. The rooms are big and comfortable but the furniture looks quite cheap as did the bedding. Of course we spent most of our time out exploring and playing on the island so the room wasn't terribly important. Just not what I'd expect from a Marriott Resort. The pool was very small and as you know from other reviews the beach was also very limited. My husband had a great time snorkelling in front of the hotel! My only real complaint was just the sheer number of people compared to the size of the pool and beach area. We were there the first week of January and it was unbelievably crowded at the pool and on the beach! If you love crowds of people all around you, this is your place. If not, don't stay here! We want to visit alot of other islands before we return to Grand Cayman but if we do, we'll definitely try to find a smallish condo unit or private villa. Everyone on the island was extremely friendly and all in all we had a wonderful week! Our favorite night on the town was dinner at The Wharf!

Great Location, Friendly Staff, and Right on the Beach!

from dfantuzzi
Stayed at the Marriott for 5 nights and had a wonderful time. If possible, plan on an oceanfront room (request the 3rd, 4th or 5th floors for the best views). The Hyatt and Westin are a bit more "plush" and larger, but not as close to the ocean and as "cozy" as the Marriott. The beach in front on the Hyatt was very crowded. The Marriott does have a small beach, but no different than most of the 7-mile resorts and it is good for snorkeling. The pool is also beach side unlike the other hotels. The staff was very friendly and we didn't go wrong with any of their recommendations for activities or food. Want to belly-up to the bar in your barefeet and bathing suite, try the Palm Island bar (a very short walk along the beach). If you go to stingray city, go in the afternoon (after the cruise ships have departed) and try Captain Marvin's boat (80+ year old Captain Marvin really drove the boat). They will pick you up at the Marriott. The jet ski safari that was in front of the Marriott was also fun. For a real nice, but expensive, dinner try the Old Cayman House. For breakfast coffee and muffins walk across the street to "Cafe del Sol" and logon (they are an internet cafe 10 cents per minute). Have them pack you a sandwich and explore the beaches. Have Fun at the Marriott!

Nothing to complain about

from McMaurer
We just returned from Grand Cayman on Jan 24th and had a great time. We have nothing to complain about when it comes to the Marriott.The room was nice and included a small fridge which is always nice for drinks and snacks. We never had a problem finding a seat at the pool or beach but we did plan early on those days. The pool could be bigger but the fact that it is steps away from the ocean makes up for it. We had dinner at the Pirates Buffet at the Marriott which wasn't cheap (like all things in Grand Cayman) but the food was outstanding. One of the best meals we had while vacationing. The mudslides are also out of this world. We would most likely stay at the Marriott again if we were to go back (esp. for the great deal we got) Can't beat it.

Very Good!

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was a nice hotel. The beach could be bigger as the waves crash right up to your beach chair, but hopefully they will restore it soon.
as emntioned before it was damaged in a hurricane. Marriot itself is built further to the water than other structures on the beach so their beach is smaller as a result. The Caymans are expensive too - but the concierge will help you find something to your liking. The hotel is better than the average on 7 mile beach. The Hyatt has no beach at all.
A short walk down the beach is the Palm island beach bar which is a nice night spot on the beach.

Great time in the Caymans

from A TripAdvisor Member
My family an I went on vacation to Grand Cayman Island from Christmas to New Years and stay at the Marriott. The hotel was decent and the people were very friendly. Overall we had a very pleasant experience.
There is not too much beach in front of the Marriott, but there this beach on either side of the hotel. There are a limited number of chairs around the pool and people put towels on the chairs around the pool early in the morning to reserve them and then don't show up for hours.
Luckly we didn't stay around the pool very much. The Marriott is in a good location. Close to a number of resturants and stores. The snorkling at the Marriott is pretty good, but the sea floor is rough.
We did Stingray City which was great, but can get crowded. Make sure you check how many cruise ships are in port. We went horseback riding on the beach which was also great. The other place I would suggest going is Rum Point for a relaxing day on the beach. Overall Seven Mile Beach is nice. I've been to better beaches in Hawaii and the Virgin Islands. But is was nice walking the beach at night. The shopping in Georgetown was fun, but not cheap. If fact everything is expensive on Grand Cayman Island. We check out a few of the other hotels. The Weston looked like the best hotel directly on the beach. Overall we had a great experience, but it didn't come cheap.

Not One of the Best Marriott Resorts, But

from A TripAdvisor Member
We've stayed at numerous Marriott Resorts and this is not one of the better ones, but the island still has lots to do, great restaurants (several walking distance from the hotel...a big plus!), wonderful snorkeling trip by Red Sail to Stingray City, terrific weather (not a drop of rain last week) and inexpensive "busses" (look like cabs) to get you everywhere. The hotel is lacking much of a beach and the pool area was very crowded during the holiday week, but the staff was very friendly and the rooms were fine...nothing special. I'd recommend Snugglers Cove, La Bodega, Deckers and Great White House to eat...Enjoy!!!

The place to stay....

from A TripAdvisor Member
I would highly recommend the Marriott Grand Cayman. For the price, and compared to other hotels on the Island, it is no dought the best hotel for the money. As, I already knew before I left from other reviews of the hotel, the beach front hotel doesn't have much of a beach left, after a number of bad storms during hurricane season. Supposedly that will change come February when they restore the beach. If the weather is good (not wind or over cast) this hotle has great snokelling right in front of it.The hotel has a number of water sports that you can coordinate in the hotel lobby through Red Sail Sports. I would highly recommend booking the resort scuba trip for all those who have never been before. Snorkeling pails in comparison to scuba diving. I would also recommend renting a scooter for a day or two, to go to Rum Point of the turtle farm. It's cheap ($35 US) and a fun way to get around on the isaland that probably doesn't have more the 15 traffic lights on the whole island.Grand Cayma can be a bit pricey, but you won't be haggled by peddlers, and the weather is great, even when it's over cast. Definitly the hotel to stay at and the place to go!!!!

Top Local Tips for Grand Cayman

Best Restaurant on the Island-BLUE Blue at the Ritz Carlton was the best restaurant on the island and one of the best restaurants that I have ever been to in my life. The service, food and location cannot be beat!

snorkeling the best snorkeling is at cheeseburger reef

Diving with a great operator! Indigo Divers - Chris and Kate very professional, fast boat, great service, excellent knowledge, etc. SAFE! Won't book more than 6 on the boat. I dove with no more than two others. Felt almost like a private charter. By the end of the week, we felt like family. Definately dive with Indigo!


Other names for Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort Hotel

  • seven mile beach marriott
  • marriott seven mile beach
  • marriott grand cayman
  • grand cayman marriott beach resort
  • grand cayman marriott
  • Address: 389 West Bay Road - Grand Cayman - Cayman Islands
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