Almond Club and Spa Hotel

, Holetown, Barbados
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Almond Club and Spa Hotel

, Holetown
3 star

Rooms: 161

4495 Southwest 35th Street - Holetown - 32811 - Barbados 4078722220
971 Traveller

Reviews - Almond Club and Spa Hotel

Beautiful Resort!
Submitted by: jonathan in 13/04/11
  • Age Group: 1825
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Last week I got back from the best holiday I had ever been on. My girlfriend and I took a pre summer holiday to the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados; we stayed at the notorious Almond beach club resort, as we had heard many good reviews about it.
On our arrival to the small spa resort we we’re greeted in the foyer by a assembly of friendly butlers who instantly relieved us of our luggage and bought us two large coco nuts bursting full of fruity rum punch, it was just what we needed after a long flight and uncomfortable transfer.

We we’re lead to our room and left to unpack before the phone rang; it was the concierge. We we’re invited to attend the monthly Gala; The Galas are usually for Almonds prised clients but as it was our first stay with the hotel chain we’re kindly invited. The evening was filled with traditional Caribbean music, authentic steel bands and lots of dancing, it was an awesome evening and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.
Our days consisted of lounging under the beautiful warm Caribbean sun either by the quite pool or beside the picturesque beach. Evening walks in the sugary white sand we’re a daily must, so was drinking plentiful amounts of rum at the several bars.
The dinning and cuisine was out of this world, there were only two restaurants at the small resort but they we’re superb, extensive menus of locally sourced food served all day, you can’t beat fresh fruit either which was probably picked only a few miles away.
The overall experience at the Almond beach club was fantastic; I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a luxury holiday to Barbados on a budget.
I’d like to thank all of the staff at Almond club resort for their great hospitality also I’d like to thank

[...] for organising the whole holiday for bargain price.
Submitted by: A Travel Library User in 10/10/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: Bolivia
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
Everything was great. Nice food and nice beach and pool.
We found paradise!
Submitted by: Barry Maxted in 12/07/06
  • Age Group:
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type:
My wife and I spent 10 nights at the Almond Beach Club in December 2003 for our 30th Wedding Anniversary. We found paradise.
Whilst the property is being slowly renovated it did not detract from the most wonderful holiday we have ever experienced.
Everything was perfect. Staff, Food and Service. Nothing could be faulted but you must remember that in Barbados you need to ""chill out"" on arrival as nothing happens in an instant. There is no point expecting anything to happen the second you ask for it it may take a minute or two but is worth the wait. Everything at ABC is idyllic and perfect.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Almond Club and Spa Hotel


from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed at the Almond Beach Club & Spa because we have no children and it's geared towards adults and couples. After taking the shuttle to their sister property, Almond Beach Village, we realized we should have stayed there...the Village is more of a resort...5-7 pools, big beach area, nice bar and nicer restaurants than the Club. At the Club for breakfast...the birds enjoyed the food more than the people! At the Village, they had a net protecting the restaurant area. Plus, the Village was only built in 1995 and it seemed much cleaner. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the trip, but would never go back to the Club, I WOULD go back to the Village. Barbados was beautiful at the beginning of July. Sun everyday. The excursions were good too.

Totally Relaxed

from A TripAdvisor Member
While looking for a 20th Anniversery Trip to the Islands my wife and I stumbled upon Almond Beach Spa in Barbados. All the literature indicated it would be a good place to relax (and with three kids we wanted a place that would be childless!)We booked through AAA and got a great deal for all-inclusive 6 days, 5 nights.The place delivered! By the end of our stay we didn't want to leave. If you go with the expectation you'll be on the go and entertained 24/7, you'll be quite disappointed. But if you go with the expectation that you'll SLOW DOWN, relax, not be rushed, be pampered and fed well, then this is the place to go! Staff were friendly, other guests were interesting and engaging.ONLY SNAFU's; we were booked into the wrong room (but changed right away), we were booked for an anniversery package but never got it (probably our agents fault).I must say after reading the other reviews the night before our departure, my pucker factor was high given the negative reviews on this site. I don't know where those folks stayed or what their standards are but we did'nt have those experiences at all.We're looking forward to a return trip!

A great holiday

from A TripAdvisor Member
During my first trip to Barbados, I stayed at Sandy Lane. Lovely place, maybe a bit too luxurious and pricey. When I walked down the beach, I liked the look of the smaller hotel to the north and thought it would be nice to stay there one day.Booking a special holiday with British Airways for my partner's first trip to Barbados, I didn't know the Almond Beach Club was that hotel until we arrived and walked down the beach to see Sandy Lane next door.ABC is cosy, warm, and welcoming. We really liked the staff and got to know many of them by name. The room was fine with excellent air conditioning which came in handy. Just outside our patio was the grass area near the pools.The all-inclusive style of the hotel was a new concept for us, but after the first day, we really learned to enjoy it. Not having to walk around with money all day is a joy.We used the water sports equipment quite a bit. We sailed, snorkled and kayaked. If we had to pay extra, we would not have done as much.The food at ABC was good. We often chose to go to the buffet instead of choosing from the menu. It was fun and there was a good selection.One of the excursions we did pay for was a 1/2 day of fishing. We came home to our hotel with fillets of wahoo which we caught. The buffet grill chef was happy to cook these for us for dinner.The only other excursion we did was the trip to Harrison's Cave and the Flower Forest. Both were worth the $ we paid and were interesting.We used the shuttle service to visit the sister hotel, the Almond Beach Village, to have dinner at one of the 4 restaurants there. Again, all-inclusive. Then we watched the Caribbean Show there.A couple nights later, we watched the same Caribbean Show at the Club, but this version was a bit more adult, with the limbo dancer teaching some of the folks how to bump and grind.All in all, we were very happy with the Almond Beach Club. The location is excellent. If you want expanses of sand, you have Sandy Lane next door to the south. If you want good snorkling, you have the wth.We will be back to Barbados one day. And chances are very good that we will return to the Almond Beach Club as we were quite happy with it and the people there.

Terrible - Health Hazad

from A TripAdvisor Member
Totally spoint our holiday, paid over 3K for an All Inclusive luxury holiday and arrived at hell. Paid for an upgrade of room - found it primative and grubby. We chose to be moved the next day to the Savanah Hotel which was £780 cheaper but not All Inclusive, therefore all our spending money went on taxi's and eating out. We ended up watching every penny and not going anywhere or on any of the tours we had planned. I'm now in battle with Virgin Holidays for a refund and compensation. I highly recommend the Savanah Hotel.

Delightful Surprise!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I won our trip to ABC at a local travel show. We were delighted until we started reading some of the reviews. We weren't sure if we should take advantage of the promotion, since we had to provide our own airfare, or tear it up. We decided to go and added on an extra night. We were there from May 8th to May 14th. Right from the beginning we kept looking for all the negative things that had been brought up in some of the reviews. We didn't find any of them during our 7-day stay. We were greeted warmly with a rum punch and immediately taken to our upgraded room overlooking the pool area. Our room was clean and decorated as you would expect an island room to be. All of the staff was friendly and seemed to enjoy their work and interacting with the guests. We chose the Club over the Village because it was all adult. We shuttled to the Village two nights for dinner and confirmed that we had chosen the right in staying at the Club. The Club is small and intimate which was just to our liking. As far as getting a lounger at the beach (or the pool), you learn the first day how to play the game. My husband would go down around 7:30a.m. or so and get two loungers and put our towels on them so that after breakfast we had our spot ready for us. We enjoyed the watersports and took advantage of the swimming with the turtles offered by ABC. The food was great. Breakfast and lunch offered almost every food item you can imagine. La Smaritta (the Italian restaurant) and Enid's (at the Club) were our favorites. Our one disappointment during our stay was dinner at The Reef (Village). It was buffet night and we had looked forward to ordering off the menu since we had read so many good reviews of this restaurant. We have been to the caribbean before and learned that you are on "island time" while there. Everything is very relaxed and probably slower than back in the states, but afterall you're on vacation! The comments about the dress code after 6:30 p.m. really surprised me. Didn't your travel agsitor there and as such should respect their rules. If you don't like their rules, go somewhere else. I noticed that many of the negative reviews were from people in the states. Well, this couple from the states is here to tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed the resort, the staff, and the guests that we met (mostly from the UK). Maybe being layed back Californians helped. ABC is exactly the type of resort I would expect on an island. The Village is probably a little more "upscale" but definitely not as intimate or charming. We renewed our wedding vows while we were there (40 years) and Anne and Reverend Knight could not have been nicer. I understand that December is there busiest month and things may not run as smoothly during that time, but our May visit was perfect!

t listen to the bad reviews!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
When I discovered that my 52 year-old mother was going to have to endure another course of aggressive chemotherapy, I decided to book us into a four-star resort in Barbados. I found a great deal at the ABC with Virgin, and booked in a hurry.Rather belatedly I did a bit of research on the internet, and was gutted to find so many negative reviews. It was of paramount importance to me that the holiday was not only as idyllic as possible for my mum, but also that it would be safe and hygienic as her immune system would be low. When the hygiene standards of the swimming pools and the quality of the food were called into question I very nearly cancelled the holiday.Luckily the Customer Service people at Virgin persuaded me that it would be OK, and I stuck with the booking. I arrived at the resort with great apprehension, expecting the worst at every turn. First appearances of the hotel began to allay my concerns. The gardens were beautiful,the swimming pools looked spotless, and most importantly the guests looked utterly carefree. We were greeted with a rum punch and shown to our (upgraded) suite. The room was absolutely lovely. Perfectly clean, very spacious and tastefully decorated. The beach was 15 steps (I counted) from our veranda.At every key point during the first 24 hours (first drink in the bar...first dinner...first breakfast...etc) I breathed a sigh of relief. In every respect the hotel exceeded my expectations of a four-star resort. The staff were friendly and polite and the food was delicious. The Bajans are perhaps more reserved than your average US punter, and that suits a Brit like me just fine, as I loathe brown-nosing cheesy 'have a nice day' service.I can't imagine why people complained about the cleanliness of the rooms and the swimming-pools. We didn't notice anything 'unsavoury' at all. I can only assume that the complaints came from people who live in an unnaturally sterile bleach-soaked hermetically-sealed environment. My more cynical side suspects that some of the reviews may habut not so that we felt cramped. The trees on the beach offered dappled shade, plus they homed plenty of little birds 'singin' sweet songs of melodies pure and true...'. For those hankering for a bit of celeb-spotting, the legendary Sandy Lane was a 5 minute walk up the beach. I found Sandy Lane pretty uninspiring, but have to admit that their sea-front was better for swimming in as the sea-bed of golden sand sloped gently out into a large area roped off to protect swimmers from 'enthusiastic' jetski vendors. The sea-bed at ABC was more rocky / corally, and a bit too shallow for serious swimming when the tide was out.We passed our holiday in the most lazy way imaginable. We did nothing, nada and zilch other than mooch from bed to beach to food to bar to beach and so on for the whole seven days. By the end of the holiday we had reached a hitherto undiscovered level of chilledness. I feel so lucky to have had a perfect week with my dear mum, and have no reservation on recommending the ABC to anyone.

Spa --- Sucks!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The worst vacation of my life! It was so bad I don't even know where to begin..... My wife and I and our best friends just got back (4/12/03) and we all hated the resort....1) The Staff was very rude---- No matter how nice you asked for anything it was if you were bothering the staff. I paid almost 5K for our trip and was treated like I was a red-headed step-child staying at at $19.95 motel 6....... Everyone acted as if we were bothering them when we asked (very politely) for anything. In addition, the rudeness appeared to be selective as well..... Americans are definitely treated worse then the Brit's or other europeans, but trust me, there were plenty of Brit's complaining about the service as well....2) Dress code --- (you'll love this) -- It's perfectly okay to eat with dirty & torn blue jeans, flip-flops and a t-shirt that says "Big Beckers Bar and Grill", but you CAN'T wear dockers dress shorts and/or any tank-top or muscle shirt. Now this doesn't apply just to dinner..... If you don't have a shirt with sleeves you can't eat if you're a guy. (Breakfast, lunch or dinner). Also, if you are at the pool or on the beach (if you want to call what they have a "beach"), be prepared to change clothes if you want to eat lunch.....3) The Beach -- I have a sand-box in my backyard that is bigger then this resorts beach! Plus the small patch of sand they call a beach has trees shading most of it....oh, and did I mention many of those trees are poisonous? That's right....sit under one of those puppies and have any rain or dew drip on you (or touch it's "fruit") and you'll have blisters and most likely be going to the the doctors. Now they do have a pool....problem with it is you have over 300 people staying at the resort and if you want a seat by the pool then you'll have to put your towel out at about 6:30 am if you want to get a spot.... But don't worry, you can always lay out in the grass's just like the backyard I have. (Ummmmm...Maybe I should haood -- TERRIBLE! You pretty much get the same thing for breakfast and lunch each day. Dinners vary, but the portions are so small you'll leave dinner hungry. What we ended up doing was having dinner and then ordering room service....problem with that was it would routinely take room service 1-2 hours to bring you your food. Oh, did I mention that if you want anything prepared (i.e an egg, pancake, hamburger, etc) you'll have to stand in line with the other 300+ guests until its your turn for the 1 cook...yes ONE cook to get to you. Tip---Take a snack for your wait in line---you'll be there a while!5) Drinks--- Topshelf? Forget it..... The drinks come in VERY small cups...kinda like dixie-cups. So if you want to have a beer or mixed drink, do yourself a favor and order 3....At Almond Beach Club and SPA, 3 of their "beers" would just about fill a 12 ounce can in the states. Also, make sure you watch the times the bars are open as well....there is a bar near the pool, but it doesn't open until 11am. So if you're sweating in the 85 degree weather don't expect a drink at 10:58am...they'll stand around and then tell you to go to the beach bar. 6) "ADULTS ONLY" --- What it should say is "ADULTS ONLY "IF" the sister resort "Almond Village" isn't over-booked. We were lucky enough to pay 5k dollars and get to share the "ADULTS ONLY" pool with 8 youngsters! There simply isn't anything better then be splashed all day long by screaming kids who have just finished urinating in the "ADULTS ONLY" pool! When we asked the management about the kids we were given a sob story about the other resort being over-booked and the resort not wanting to put them out on the street. Here's an idea=== How about give me all my money back (and anyone else who wants it) if you want to allow kids at the ADULTS ONLY resort! 7) Resort rip-offs -- If you go on any of the "extra" excurssions heres a couple tips. First, don't book through the resort -- all you're door is good, but if you book it through Almond 50% of the money goes to the resort and you eat a crappy "picnic lunch" they back for you. If you book it viat the 4x4 company itself the price is the same, but you eat at a very nice Bajan resteraunt. Secondly, the "RUM TOUR" is a waste! You pay $40 per person for a bus ride to a wood workers shop so he can try and pedal his goods and then to a rum manufacturer where you get to watch a 30 minute video of the history of rum in Barbados! YEAH! After which a nice lady repeats what you just watched and then takes you to a gift shop to try and push t-shirts and rum on you. You'd be better off taking a taxi to either place if you really want to go..... Thirdly, we let the resort "make arrangements" for SCUBA diving for us. Well, that might be stretching it.....the lady at the tour desk picked up the phone, called a SCUBA center which is about 2 minutes away when they answered handed my buddy the phone and we did the rest. For making this call, the resort tried to charge my buddy an I $28~! WHAT? It would have been cheaper to call CHINA and have a nice Chineese person make the arrangments for us. 8) The rooms --- We were "up-graded" the the deluxe beach front suite. Problem is, there is no beach and you get to hear the surf bounding against the rocks about 8 feet from your balcony. Oh, joy---Nothing like getting woken up at 6am by the high-tide pounding against the rocks! (I look for that in a resort when I go away----NOT!)9) The other "sister resort" -- Almond Village -- Much bigger, but you might as well stay at Disney Land. There are kids EVERYWHERE! If you're not a "kid person" make sure either get seriously drunk while you're there so you try and drown out the kids.....Bottom line, this place is awful! First time in my entire life I was happy to leave a vacation. I've traveled to may resorts and this was hands down the worst for many reasons. Barbados is safe, the people off the resort are frnk about staying at Almond Beach Club and SPA do yourself a a hammer and stay home and whack yourself in the head. You'll have a lot more fun and you wont be out 5K!


from A TripAdvisor Member
Neal and I got married there in 2000 and it was the most perfect, idyllic place I have ever beenThe service was excellent, food fabulous, staff were warm and friendly, room excellent, view out of this world. Ann the wedding co-ordinator very helpful.We could not fault anything at all. Even the tropical storm the day after we arrived cleared up for us to get married on the beachAbsolutely top marks

Great for a relaxing break

from RobD99
We have just returned from a 9 day stay at Almond Beach Club and Spa - and very much enjoyed it. Service was fine and the hotel, which was at between 85-90% occupancy whilst we we there, was not streched in providing service. Food was excellent, and we had Ocean view room which we would recommend for the position. However the room is a little disappointing in terms of facilities and is a stretch to call it de-luxe. But it was clean and acceptable. It was only the room that holds us back of rating this holiday as Excellent but I would suggest you don't go to Barbados to chill out in the room, we at least are more interested in the food, the bar, the entertainment, the beach, the spa, the pool, the sea, the trips and the island itself - all of which were well above average. No one approached us to sell us any drugs, (perhaps we don't look likely customers) and the beach vendors, of which there are a few, always went away after the first polite "no thanks". If you want an all inclusive in Barbados (away from kids) then you are unlikley to do better than Almond Beach Club. We did visit the village and eat there twice (good) but we found it a bit large, and probably much better suited to families than couples.

we are going back again and again

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I just returned from the Almond Beach club. This was our 7th trip to Barbados and we always stay at the Almond Club . I have recommended this club to many people and my family . Everyone says it was wonderful . The food is great - Enids has great bajan food. The entire staff at the Almond are wonderful. I personnaly feel you get what you give. My husband and I are always polite and respectful of the staff and how hard they work . Our smiles are always greeted with warmth and pleasant conversation. The beach in front of the club is rocky , but perfect for a bit of fish watching with a snorkel and mask . 100 yards north or south are the sandy beaches for swimmming and perfect for walks . I look forward to seeing the birds hopping over to your table for a treat , the house cats looking for a nibble - It is the way things are in the islands. I feel I can relax and enjoy the warm breeze, sea and sun in this environment . We are going back to the Almond soon . I hope by Nov 2003. I would say it is a perfect relaxing get away ....

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The Tides Restaurant, Holetown If you are looking for somewhere special for dinner go to the Tides as it is set right on the seafront and the food is delicious and reasonably priced. The restaurant itself is lovely and the staff were very efficient.

The Tides Restaurant, Holetown If you are looking for somewhere special for dinner go to the Tides as it is set right on the seafront and the food is delicious and reasonably priced. The restaurant itself is lovely and the staff were very efficient.

Buses in barbados If you feel extremely adventurous, take a yellow bus to Bridgetown. The crazy driving and blasting music is something you should take in at least once. After that stick to cabs. Cabbies are the best tour guides at a fraction of a tour bus.


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  • almond beach resort all inclusive
  • almond beach hotel
  • Address: 4495 Southwest 35th Street - Holetown - 32811 - Barbados
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