Beach Tower at Atlantis Hotel

, Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Beach Tower at Atlantis Hotel

, Paradise Island
Paradise Island, - Paradise Island - 4777 - Bahamas Hotel Website | 4-7164-1511
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from MOP328
I went on a cruise that stopped in the Bahamas and of course I hightailed it over to Paradise Island to the Atlantis, the place where dreams are made.... make that more like nightmares! The resort is huge yes and very posh, but a bit run down I found and not at all what I expected. It was extremely crowded, I was there in Nov. I'm just glad I didn't waste my money and come for a full vacation. I've seen much nicer resorts in my travels for a lot less money. I expected much more from this luxury resort than I experienced. I would NOT go back.

New Years in Paradise

from rickhowe
I'll have a lot to say about the Atlantis, but first I want to pass along some quick tips to anyone coming here. By the way, I'm writing this review on New Year's Eve at the Atlantis Royal Towers, while waiting for my family to get ready for dinner. First, DO NOT let the phrase "Terrace View" turn you off to a less-expensive room. Our "Terrace View" looks out over one of the smaller beaches on the right, and directly over to Nassau and Nassau Harbor. Quite a site, especially when the Cruise Ships come in! Second, turn off the damn air-conditioning and open your patio door. The hotel management keeps the place at about 68 degrees in the middle on winter, and it's only about 80 degrees outside. Third, yes, it's not 90 degrees in the shade with 80 degree ocean water. It was chilly this week, until today, when the outside temp finally reached 81, and we ventured out into the snorkling lagoon. Fourth, the place is absolutely, utterly astounding! The unbelievable assortment of fish and water wildlife species is not to be believed! Fifth (and finally for tonight), don't be afraid to blow-off the two meal plans. Neither cover lunch, and if you're out and about first thing in the morning and miss breakfast (which stops at 11), you miss half the value of your meal plan. Also, the buffets offer great value ($20pp breakfast, $30pp lunch, $40 pp dinner) and amazing variety. The restaurants in Nassau are uneven (which tends to lead folks to stay "on campus"). Don't bother with "Dickie Mo's" in spite of the reviews. But get to "Crocodiles" as fast as you can, and get the "grouper fingers." Until you taste them, you've never believe such a tender succulent flavor would come from the massive behemoths you saw in the lagoons at the Atlantis! More Later.

Great for the right person

from A TripAdvisor Member
I went in May with family and had an amazing time. You really do have to be the right person to go though. You can't expect personal one-on-one attention unless you are famous. The place is huge!! Absolutely beatiful with the arcitecture and details. So much to do and see. You can spend time on a different beach area everyday.
It is expensive for just about everything, but you are paying for the experience. I found the staff to be pretty good considering what they had to put up with, there were alot of very rude people in their faces alot. I am a pretty relaxed person, so I had a great time.
If you take young kids, you need to watch them very carefully as the place is very big and lots of people. The pool areas are beautiful and watched really well by the lifeguards.
If you go in expecting personal service and cheap drinks you will be greatly disappointed, but if you relax and enjoy the experience the money will be well worth it!


from A TripAdvisor Member
I was amazed the second we were pulling into view of the Atlantis. I was HUGE!!! The people were so fun and friendly. The prices were a little high but that's the price you pay for paradise. GO, GO, GO! You have to go!

Beware of False Reviews

from A TripAdvisor Member
It's VERY obvious that some of these reviews are "plants", probably by the Hotel staff/Mgt. Any review that stated the food was delicious at ANY Atlantis restaurant was definitely bogus!!!! Aside from being extremely expensive for the quality, the food is horrible. The Bahamian Club served meat that was below the grade of supermarket quality and that's a stretch. Tough, tasteless lamb, overcooked beef, nice atmosphere though. If atmosphere is what you want, not food, hang out at the bar.

Go out of the hotel, try Cafe Matisse for Italian (great food), too bad we discovered it our last night! The Atlantis should be embarrassed to serve the food they do, expensive or cheap, it wasn't worth any price, if you enjoy good food.

Hotel is nice, lots of children, lots of WASP types trying to fit in.

All Families all the Time

from A TripAdvisor Member
Atlantis has a beautiful physical plant and some great restaurants but is geared entirely toward families. When I went in July 70% of the guests were families, 20% couples, the remaining 10% single people. I would recommend the hotel for couples who want to spend 36-48 hours here, anymore time would be wasted. For single people I would srongly recommend steering clear, there aren't any here. For familiy vacations this place is great, a tremendous amount for kids to do day and night.

rip-off city

from nantaska
This was our second trip to the atlantis. The first time we were blown away. The people were friendly and warm and our room was not available so they upgraded us to a suite in the coral towers. It was awesome! The second time we went we decided to stay at the Royal Towers which is the most expensive place to stay and the room was a mile walk from the elevator. The room itself was no big deal. Sometimes the maids would turn down the beds at night and leave a mint and sometimes they wouldn't. Room service was a joke. We had to wait 2 and one half hours for breakfast one morning! Murray's deli looked nice but the corned beef sandwich was not like it was the first time. It was shaved and very mediocre at best. Also at the desk the people were always trying to sell you a time-sharing plan. They roped us into coming for a luncheon presentation and when we didn't show up, they called us to find out where we were. The food was very expensive and also besides the casino, there was not much to do. Yes there was a free movie that we went to and a comedy night but that was it. It was not like our first trip there and it was very disappointing and I know that we will not be returning back to the atlantis.

Falsely Advertised

from A TripAdvisor Member
At the airport we picked up our luggage and headed for the exit looking for someone to greet us as we had limo service arranged by Atlantis. After few minutes we gave up and headed for the service desk.
They asked us for our tickets then snapped at me for not having the atlantis tags on our luggage. finally by the limo, the limo driver asked me rudely again to take out my airline tickets and the atlantis package.
Finally arrived in front of the Royal Towers after 15 minute drive through the ugly city. I was disappointed with the average hotel rooms considering we stayed in the Imperial Club of Royal Towers.
The hotel is more like 1 grand hotel and 2 ugly bought out hotels joined as one. Atlantis advertises only Royal Towers in the photos by the way. The main Royal Towers halls are beautiful and very open. The over priced min bars auto charge your account if you touch anything. House keeping leaves your room open while cleaning another one. Unconfortable cold hallways made me run to our room ;p .
Nice modern casino sucked $200 out of my pocket. Once I won $50 but had to wait 45 minutes for them to pay me out and

only then they would id me.
The pool area with the mini beaches is a beautiful sight. The first thing I did was line-up for the water slide but before they let me go down I had to remove my watch and my gold chain. near the bottom, I flew out of the pipes hitting the bottom of the mini pool and no I'm not fat. I was bleeding pretty bad but the staff joked around telling me they can't find a bandage.
Oh did I mention you have to wear these id tags on your hand at all times when outside on the pool grounds? There is nothing to do later on in the day since they close everything except few overpriced Atlantis mall shops and few restaurants.

The second you leave the pool area and head for the beach, be prepared to be harassed. One of the locals convinced us to try jet skiing. He lowerd the promised time after we paid him.
For the duration of our stay the beaches were closed most of the time even though they had lifeguards on duty.
Get this: want to go anyway?, you have to walk off Atlantis beach and go where there is no lifeguards. GO FIGURE
Don't forget to return the towels early if you want to stay longer.
Dining real joke. All 21 restaurants are overpriced.
Did I say restaurants? What I mean is 16 fast food huts and 3-4 restaurants open at at time. Your best bet is the buffet. And I dare you if you're thinking of eating out in the city. The service is horrible and guess why? 15% is added to everything you buy/eat. Now thats brilliant ;o

Not the place to go if you want to be treated like a human being.

Avoid this! Rude staff and high prices will ruin your mood

from A TripAdvisor Member
I'll try to avoid editorial since you're probably looking for quick info, but my fiance and I were both agreed this was one of the -worst- vacations we've taken. So much for trying to please the kids.

1. Staff, from bellman up to general manager, are rude, uncaring, and unhelpful. Complain enough and you'll have to endure a bored manager working through an "upset guest checklist" with a witness in attendance.

2. The prices are insane. Try $14 for pancakes (a la carte). How about $7 for a plain bagel with cream cheese. Never mind the restaurants (if you insist on eating in the hotel's restaurants get the meal plan). You'll be walking on eggshells to avoid causing wait staff any offense, because you'll fear how bad the service will be if you do.

3. Rooms are mediocre to bad. Definately avoid the low end of the three towers (Ocean tower I think). It's -awful-.

4. $15 for the taxi to drive you across the bridge into town (about 1 mile). Sure you can take the ferry but it's a 10-15 minute walk, and then you have to wait for the ferry to come (could be up to an hour depending on when you get there). We walked across the bridge several times -with kids- because we were so upset at the prices. No picnic. Oh! The "optional activities" would be great except you can't believe the prices! Like $360 per person for a half-day catamaran trip. Ugh.

5. It's crowded. Try finding a chair on the pool deck or beach if you don't get there when the pool opens. Never mind four chairs together.

6. They are constantly trying to sell you something. When we were there, every time we spoke to the desk staff we had to answer six questions about whether we wanted to attend a timeshare presentation in exchange for a $50 casino credit. Eventually I started haggling with them: I'd do it for an hour massage for two in the hotel spa. They wouldn't take the deal.

7. Plenty of bands, all playing Muzak (if I heard "Girl from Ipanema" one more time!!!). No steel drum or carribbean music -anywhere-. It was astounding.

1. The hotel itself is pretty incredible. The gigantic indoor/outdoor aquariums rival or exceed city aquarium attractions (e.g. Tampa Seaquarium).

2. There is basically one water slide with three flumes (fast, medium, slow). The kids loved it, and it was worth a ride or two for an adult.

3. Nice pools (if crowded).

For the same money, you could find a much more entertaining and relaxing holiday somewhere else.

Feel free to email me with questions about our stay at Atlantis.

cheesy! all the worst of disney and vegas in one place!

from A TripAdvisor Member
First of all, this place is expensive. The reviewer who complained about the $8 hot dog was not joking, and neglected to mention that that was the cheapest thing on the menu. Want a (mediocre) danish and coffee in the morning? That will set you back 10 bucks, thank you very much. And say like you want to make a call home? Forget about using one of your phone cards to make international calls too. If you're trying to avoid the additional charges from making a call from your room, I might mention that using a public phone is pointless (even if you can get a dial tone, it's not going to do you any good). And should you dare even think that you could send an email, you can forget that too, since they only have 4 computers to service the entire resort. Well, at least that is free...if you want to stand in line at 10am when the "library" opens to wait your turn to use it! (oh yeah, the speed feels like a dial-up too)

Secondly, the staff is for the most part lazy and rude. The built-in 15% gratuity probably doesn't help that much. Try getting some service at meal time and good luck with flailing your arms about to catch anyone's attention. Room service?--you might think that this would be a solution. HA! I dialed room service for an hour non-stop one evening and no one even bothered to answer the phone.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, this place smacks of the fakery and commercialism of places like Disneyland and Las Vegas. Who needs the real thing when you can put up a facade? Let me tell you, Atlantis is one big facade. If you were to give any of the walls a good kick, the whole house would fall down. Sure, the beach is decent...but you'll be barraged by people selling coconuts and hair wraps. That is, if you can find the beach for all the facade.

I am truly baffled as to why anyone would dream of vacationing here, let alone honeymooning. Why not just save your money and catch a cheap flight to Vegas?

Top Local Tips for Paradise Island

Be prepared to spend some money-otherwise stay home when visiting the Atlantis. Having traveled throughout the world this destination is over rated and a tourist trap. We would never return. The Atlantis is all about your money!!

Lock your luggage with an NTSA lock, or carry all valuable on wih you See above. I don't know if my IPod was stolen by a hotel employee whiile they stored \the bags for us for a few hours after check-out, or if it was stolen at the airport. I suspect the latter Most islanders go out of their way to be friendly, but every Nassau airport employee we met was downright surly..

Visit Atlantis on a day pass ... the resort is way, way overpriced Stay at a resort on Cable Beach, take public transportation to Paradise Island (only $1), and buy a day pass to visit Atlantis.


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  • Address: Paradise Island, - Paradise Island - 4777 - Bahamas
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