Superclubs Breezes Bahamas Hotel

, Nassau, Bahamas
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Superclubs Breezes Bahamas Hotel

, Nassau
4 star

Rooms: 400

Cable Beach - Nassau - 13049 - Bahamas Hotel Website | 242 327 5356
3406 Traveller

Reviews - Superclubs Breezes Bahamas Hotel

save your money
Submitted by: tim in 25/05/10
  • Age Group: 3140
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
We wasted $2000.00 on this resort. Not that We are world travelers but have stayed at nicer Motel 6 than at Breezes nBahamas
Submitted by: Michelle in 28/05/09
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
I just returned last night from 4 days at the Breezes in the Bahamas. I try to be positive when I can, so in this review, I will say that the security staff is very nice and helpful, as are the front bellman. After you walk past the front door though, just turn back around!!!
We booked this trip 3 months in advance and then had to haggle with the front desk person to get 4 of us in 2 rooms on the same floor. We had requested connecting rooms, but that request was denied - although both rooms had doors connecting to someone else's room. The 4 day "all inclusive" trip was $900 each with flight, etc included - so not a bad deal by any means if just looking at the price tag.
FOOD - You will have a better eating experience in your local high school cafeteria then you will in this dining room. All of it tastes the same - horrible - and there are very few fresh food choices at all. If you love carbs and endless dinner rolls, this is the resort for you, but there is NO selection and even less service in their main dining room. They do boast 2 additional "specialty" restaurants, but to make a reservation you have to be in the lobby at 10 am and stand in line from 30 minutes to an hour, at which point, if there are more than 2 of you, you'll be told that you can't all sit together - or that they've reached their capacity - or that the restaurants are closed.
There is one place to check where your daily activities may be going on. They don't give you a map of the hotel, they don't try to get you involved in any way, and if you'd like to know what is going on you must sit through an hour long hotel orientation - but good luck finding it, as they don't tell you where or when it's being held.
The pool is dirty, the drinks are completely watered down, and if you miss lunch you can choose nachos, hot dogs or hamburgers from the outside grill (EVERY DAY).
SERVICE: As I said it stops with the front bellman - the check in desk is rude, they don't seem to have enough towels as the maids start knocking on doors (or just coming in unannounced to your rooms) at 9:00 am to take your towels every morning. Wait Staff/Food Servers - couldn't be any more rude and while they don't bother trying to seat you, get angry and ignore you if you ask to be seated. The only thing updated in this hotel since the 1970's is the bathroom - which is pleasant, but completely impractical for the rest of the resort.
BEDS - if you're looking for rest and relaxation once you go to sleep at night, forget it and head to the Marriott. You would be more comfortable on Safari in Africa sleeping on cots, than you will be on these beds. The bedding is cheap, scratchy and usually dirty. It doesn't fit the bed, and the mattresses must be about 30 years old at this point. If you like rolling off the bed in your sleep, this is the place for you, as the beds are all on angles from prolonged usage. The halls themselves are all tile, so you'll hear everything going on next to you and coming down the halls all night long. Leaks, mildew and endless dampness is common and there is no dehumidifying system to keep your things dry.

End result - absolutely uncomfortable, unhospitable and not even worthy of a 1 Star rating. If I could get my money back, trust me I would, but you will NEVER find me in this hotel again! Ridiculous and disheartening to know I wasted money and time on a vacation where I was charged to be abused when all I really wanted was some rest and relaxation.

If you do go to Nassau though, please do take the time and do the Flying Cloud snorkel/lunch tour. No nicer group of people can be found or a better time had. As long as you leave this resort, you'll be much happier!
Also the straw market and Senor Frogs make for a good time with more to do and see.
1 out of 1 reader found this review helpful
Time of my life again...
Submitted by: cindy in 09/09/08
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
The first time I came was years back as a spring breaker with just my years down the line, came with my husband, and i can tell you with friends or your spouse, you find fun. My husband and I loved the staff...matter of fact, still trying to contact the entertainer guys, think akize and ike...the one dancer, the tall talent. Him and I were creating and innovating on dance steps, as I am a dancer/choreographer here in NY...we had a blast, from the nonstop stuff to do, the personable staff that dropped everything for you, the beautiful grounds, and drinks drinks and more drinks. While it was an off time of year, and the club was not packed, we managed to still have so much fun. We will be back within the year and we can't wait. We miss ya already.... 4 star fun for a 2 star price. Bravo.
Great staff
Submitted by: Toshiba in 01/08/08
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Special Interest/Event
My stay at Superclub Breezes Bahamas was an AMAZING experience since the moment I got there. The staff greeted you with drinks and smiles. The hotel staff was great. It was a friendly enviroment and I will definitely go back. The amenities are good as well.
I've never been treated more poorly by a staff in my whole life
Submitted by: Adam Thomas in 14/01/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
Upon finally booking the vacation getaway of our dreams, we were off to the Breezes Bahamas SuperClubs in Nassau (excited as you could ever imagine). The first night we got there, we were robbed of all of our cash and possessions, through a broken back door to our hotel room. The worst part of this is, the security manager found that the door was never installed correctly, and that it was never locked in the first place- We were put in a room where anything could have happened to us. The worst of this story is yet to come.
We were sent to the main lobby to be given a newer, safer room as the security staff inspected our old room. You would think that since it was the hotel's fault for giving us a room with a broken door that they might take care of us a little, right? We stood in the lobby for over 3 hours waiting for them to give us a new room -
After ensuring us that they would handle the paperwork with their insurance company appropriately, we returned home to find that they had denied our claim for any restitution for our loses, and stated that WE were at fault for not having locked up our possessions in a hotel safe - unbelievable........
Stay at Breezes Bahamas? No thanks, we'll pass.
1 out of 1 reader found this review helpful
The trapeze guys rule!
Submitted by: Amanda in 08/08/06
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
The whole place was amazng, but the guys at the trapeze, Akizi, Pops and Nervado made the holiday the best I'v ever had!

Historical Traveller Reviews of Superclubs Breezes Bahamas Hotel

Served its purpose

from wedding21
Husband and I went on the 9/23 for 7 days. I read all the reviews and was very apprehensive. We arrived and every single employee was extremely helpful. The first night our room air conditioner was not up to par but my husband simply called the front desk and we got a better room overlooking the pool with properly working ac. The rooms are nothing to write home about but they are cleaned extremely well everyday and the have cable tv and are very tropical. We totally took advantage of the watersports included. This is where you really get your money's worth and also on the drinks. We ate 24/7. The buffet was pretty good but as with all get tired of eating buffet style. Pastafari was a great change of venue and also the nightclub Hurricane Disco was decent. The music was current and the people were just too nice and courteous. Of course, I think you have to have a tattoo to be able to stay at the resort. That was the only downside..people with hundreds of tattoos. Stuart's cover offers the best snorkeling trip so check it out. We will go back next year as well.

Misery in the Bahamas

from A TripAdvisor Member
I had booked a 5d/4nt stay at Breezes. Only stayed 3 days. It was repulsive. Arrived by the bus, dropped off in the lobby, was provided NO check in service short of being given a room key. My husband and I had no idea where to go. Got to the room, which resembled a Motel 8 with a touch of mold. Night #2, went to shower, there was no hot water. Contacted the desk, was told we'd have it in a few hours. This debacle continued until we left. The next morning, there was NO WATER (ie: no flushing toilets, tooth brushing, NOTHING). We went on planned snorkeling excursion, figured we'd be washed by the sea... Prior to leaving had been told water would be back by 1pm. Got back at 1:30, still not water. Were told then it would be back on by 4PM. Stupidly ate lunch (we asked the desk staff how they were able to use sanitary conditions in the kitchen and were told it was a separate water supply - doubt it) and spent the afternoon in Nassau. Returned around 5 - still no water, but were told it would be back by 7pm. This continued on, lobby toilets now backing up, funny odor in the lobby...
We joined about 12 other very angry guests in the manager's office and at 4am were finally given refunds for our trip. On top of it all, we were charged EXTRA to fly home early. Still waiting on that to be reimbursed. I'd have been better off in the Myrtle Beach Motel least I could have taken a shower.
Do NOT waste your money.
On a good note, however, if you are going to Nassau, Stuart's Cove offers the BEST snorkeling excursion for the money. They take you to gorgeous reefs with colorful coral and MANY fish, and they end the day taking you to snorkel over and feed reef sharks. Very vivacious and friendly staff.

It is what you make of it!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just got back from Breezes on September 5th and had a wonderful time. I had been reading reviews on here for the last six months and my advice to you is don't listen to anything you hear on here. Just go and see for yourself.

I was very afraid to see what we had gotten ourselves into because of all of the reviews we had read. Mostly bad.

Here is my opinion of the place.

FOOD: The food was good. Alot of fish if that is what you are into. The buffet can get a little sickening after a while. But there is a large variety. At the pool bar there is nachos and cheese to snack on which was very enjoyable. The pastafari was nice, but the garden of eden was my favorite. It was so romantic however the food is not the best. But the atmosphere is well worth it.

ROOMS: Our room was so nice. The best room that I have ever had. It was always clean and towels were never a problem.

SERVICE: I found the service to be good. Sometimes it was better then others but we always got a good morning and a smile.

If you are looking for a nice relaxing vacation this is the place to stay. I feel refreshed and I am planning on going back very soon. The Bahamas are very beautiful. The only problem that we had was it rained off and on. So maybe September is not the month to journey there.

The only other complaint that we had is there is NO American beer there. The Kalick is horrible. We has heard that Sandles and the Marriot have American Beer there so that is something we are going to look into. Other then that the place was very nice and I would recommend it to anyone. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I would love to help.

Bahama Mama

from kapre
Okay, the Breezes is not exactly the Atlantis resort--pricewise, sizewise and don't expect the luxury and grandeur of a 5 star hotel. Expect to get what you pay for. Breezes is a modest resort to stay in-- the rooms and amenities are pretty basic, but decent enough to relax and get a good day's or nights' rest.

So here's a short run-down of what I thought of Breezes:
FOOD: The buffet was alright, but of course after the second or third'll get sick of it. The ambiance of the buffet place was cafeteria-like, but you can always take your food and eat outside. There's a wide-variety of food to choose from---pasta, steak, grilled fish, salad bar, omelette in the morning, etc... Pastafari was good, but the menu is limited. I recommend lobster ravioli. Service was extremely slow though, but they have an hors d'oeuvres table, so you can snack while waiting. Food in the Garden of Eden was comparable to Pastafari, service was a bit slow, but they had a guy seranade our table while we waited for our food.

BARS: They offer top-shelf drinks, so if you're drinker, you found the right place. Try Bahama mama and mud-slide. Kalik, their local beer is not that good in my opinion. But try it. Remember, it bottomless drinks, so bring your hang-over pills.

ACTIVITIES: Water aerobics was fun and they have a daily pool and beach volleyball competition. They have pingpong and pool tables, so you can play anytime of the day. At night, we'd walk 10 minutes to the Marriot casino. They have the Hurricane disco in the hotel, mixed crowd of old and young, but not my style of a club sound and crowd wise.

GUESTS: People check in and out of the hotel on a daily basis, so you'll see and meet different kinds of people everyday. The people we met were very nice people in general, mostly from the east coast of U.S.A. Some were from Europe and Canada. As far as trashy, this is very subjective and I think very judgemental. What's considered trashy? We saw people with tatoos but they were polite people.

EMPLOYEES: Most of them were hospitable and warm, but others were cold and stoic. Some of the bartenders were a little too serious, they won't even smile if you crack a joke.

So my advise in general is to keep an open mind, and remember that you're not going to a five star hotel. If you want the ritz and glamour, stay in the Atlantis, but if you want simplicity and just a fun time, Breezes is for you

t wait to go home!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just got back from Breezes Bahamas and was extremely displeased, as were the 5 other people in my party. I agree with the other people who said it is a white trash resort, if you want to call it a resort. The employees were rude and unpleasant. One of the Pastafari employees actually got into an arguement with us because they did not have reservations for us that we made the day before. So we gave up trying to eat in the restaurants and ate in the "college cafeteria" every night. That was my first and last experience with Superclubs and all-inclusive packages. I would rather pay a little more, or stay a night less to have better food, drinks and service. You know people who are glad to see you and smile, and say good morning or hello when you speak to them. Plus your luggage is kept in public areas were anyone can go in and take things. Maybe they should lower their price, and introduce tipping. If the workers relied on tips I bet their nasty attitudes would change. I will never stay at any Superclubs owned resort ever again.

It was great

from A TripAdvisor Member
The food was great. But do not go to the Eden Rest. It was not that good. We can not wait to go again. I took my 15 year old. this is a hotel for 14 and up my sister had her 14 year old and we all had a good time.

Best Time I Ever Had!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
i'm so happy that i've experienced this resort. i just got back two days ago, and can honestly say this was the best time i've ever had. i'll definitly be back, SOON! everything was great,the food was excellent, the two resturants were delicious, and even the buffet was good too. i like the fact you can get food almost at any hour of the day..even at 3 in the morning. the staff i can say is what made my vacation awesome, they are the nicest most outgoing people. they really get you into the activities, which were great. so many different things to do. go to the disco at night (this is awesome) and during the day they have so many activities going on, including trapezing and trampoline, they even let guests go into the trapeze show! it's in a great location, the beach is beautiful, and clean. the pool is lovely, and always active. the shows at night are phenominal, especially culture night, where u get a taste of the true bahamas, with dancing, food and even LIMBO!
the rooms were decent, not amazing, but on a trip like this, u don;t want to spend anytime in your room excpet for sleeping. i definitly give this resort two thumbs up, i reccommend it for people who want to getaway from the rutine lifestyles they live, and just have some fun!


from A TripAdvisor Member
I just got back from Breezes and I can honestly say the hotel was ok but nothing to brag about. The rooms were not what I expected. Our toilet was broken since the first day we got there and there were a few ants in our room. There was no room service although there was food at night in case you got hungry. The staff I found to be very friendly. I did not like the fact that there were only two restaurants and the buffet. Garden of Eden was horrible, and Pastafari was ok. Most importantly- I did not like the beach. I was told that I would be on one of the nicest beaches of Nassau. The beach was crystal green and clean but you couldn't walk too far without stepping on seaweed grass. It was not what I expected and I was very disappointed. Furthermore, the crowd and Breezes was not very appealing. I had a good time on this trip, but I would not come back to this hotel. I feel that I could've stayed at a much more luxurious hotel with the money spe!

amazing hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have just recently come back from Superclubs Breezes Bahamas on July14 and I had the best time of my life...This was my second time to the resort and have already reserved for next year...It such a great atomosphere and relaxing destination.The food was fantastic, rooms were great, entertainment was amazing and staff accomodating...I would definitly recommend it to anyone looking to have fun and relax..You can relax by the piano bar listening to sing alongs or go wild at Hurricane Disco... I have friends who have been to that resort 35times. That should tell you something...You meet so many great people and they all make you feel at home..Not too many canadians..lots of americans..But who cares..Its what you make of your holiday. The restaurant were great..Pastafari...and Eden had fabulous food, you do need reservation..which we had no problem..So if you need an amazing holiday getway..Superclubs Breezes Bahamas is the place to be...

not worth the money.

from A TripAdvisor Member
Breezes Bahamas was one of the worst places I ever stayed at in my entire life. Me and my girlfriend were very unhappy with this place. We went in with an open-mind after reading all the mixed opinions. Upon our arrival you could not check in until 300pm. We arrived there at 11:00 in the morning and they made us sit in the hot lobby until 3:30. I know the check-in deals are at 300 but they were not accomodating in the least bit. I felt like we were gettting the run-around. The rooms were filthy-dirty and smelled like mildew, maybe because the air-conditioner vents had mildew all over them. We had alot of problems with our first room and we had to beg like dogs to get a normal room that we paid for. The pool was nice but dirty at times with cups and stuff of that nature. By the pool grill there was a swarm of flies. It was the most disgusting thing I ever saw. There were flies all over everything. Some of the staff was nice but alot of them were rude and not very accomodating. The buffet food was the grossest food. I dont know how anyone in their right mind could say the food is good. The pastafari was decent and the garden of eden was horrible. The food was herendous. The buffet had bugs flying in them. They ran out of food all the time and did not refill it. when i asked about refilling the woman looked at me like i was crazy. There was an hour left in breakfast and they wouldnt refill anything. The club was the worst. The entertainment at night in the lobby was good. That was the only positive thing about our stay along with the on-time wake up calls. The staff was very rude. It was a horrible experience and If ever go back to the Bahamas thats the last place I would ever consider going to. I love the Bahamas but this place has got to go. Not worth half the money we paid.

Top Local Tips for Nassau

going to atlantis i wouldnt stay there because its way too big and to crowded if anything go on a nice day and see the museum and casino.

Must-see places Be sure to visit Atlantis on Paridise Island. It's incredible. An out island excursion is a great idea. Eleuthera or the Exumas are half day or full day trips. The yachts and mansions on Nassau harbour are unbelievable.

Weather We arrived Jan. 13, the weather was a little windy and cooler than expected. However, the next several days warmed up to the low 80's. I guess the average temp. is around 76/78 for this time of year. Not bad but with all the planning I did skim the average temp. but I only brought one pair of pants for the nighttime. We lucked out because the temp. was above average. If we ever go again, and I hope we do, I would prepare alittle more for that because with the breeze at night it did get cool.


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  • Address: Cable Beach - Nassau - 13049 - Bahamas
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