Sandals Royal Bahamian & Spa Hotel

, Nassau, Bahamas
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Sandals Royal Bahamian & Spa Hotel

, Nassau
4 star

Rooms: 405

West Bay Street - Nassau - 20317 - Bahamas Hotel Website | 242 327 6400
3490 Traveller

Reviews - Sandals Royal Bahamian & Spa Hotel

Don't Even Bother going for Butler Service it's a rip off...
Submitted by: Dominic in 10/06/11
  • Age Group: 2630
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
My GF and I Booked the vacation at the Royal Bahamian using the Suite and the Private Butler Service, On the paper it look wonderful ! Private Transportation from the Airport to the hotel, Private Butler to bring your drink on the beach and reserve your chair... Suite with we can order food from anywhere... Sound Great!!

Let me tell you what happened... First we got to the Sandals Desk at the airport, they seem to have No Knowledge that we had to get private transportation, we had to wait for an hour to get the private transportation... Once we got to the Hotel , Again they seem to have no knowledge we had a reservation! So it took a nice 2 hours before we could get our room... Then To make it short "Their Private Butler Service" Consist of giving you a cell phone and you have to ring your butler ... Funny part about it, they are never available so you have to leave a message and they call you back usually 45-1hr later... So Better Think Ahead if you where thinking about getting a drink on the beach!

So basically we haven't seen the butler for the entire trip... So we ended up paying a 1000$ extra a person to basically get restaurant reservation!

And I Recommand to write them a review on their website! You might gonna end up with a free 2 days trip! Spend an other 5k$ to see that their supposedly improve themself and get a free 2 Days!!! (That's with talking with a manager ! If you speak with a customer service rep you probably end up with a continental breakfast for free next time you travel there....)

Very disppointed of the whole Sandals... On the other side All personnel where quite nice!
Sandals Royal Bahamiam THE BEST
Submitted by: Angelo in 02/05/11
  • Age Group: 5160
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
Just got back from SRB and it was wonderful. We have a great time. Not sure the butler suite was really worth an extra $1,000 but even if we did not have a butler, it would have been great. The food is sure to book Baccarat for dinner as soon as you arrive (or you won't get in). Gordon's on the Pier fun dining over the water and has great service. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Casanova absolutely wonderful dinner and living just north of NYC we have plenty of spectacular restaurants to compare. The private island is drop-dead gorgeous and the lunches at Goombay fantastic. We're not into the blender drinks but anything made at the swimup bars was good. We are now lifelong Sandals visitors and recommend this resort for any age group. While there were about 8 weddings while we were there, there were also couples in their 40's, 50's, and 60's. No children anywhere....yeah !!!!
What a waste of money!
Submitted by: Kelly in 11/08/09
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
WARNING – Do not book this hotel if you're expecting five star service!! Unless you pay the extra for butler service this Sandals resort just doesn't care about its guests. We booked for 6 nights for our honeymoon and were disappointed on a daily basis. They offer a daily resort guide advising where you can eat and drink but throughout the day will change their minds – leaving you wondering why you bothered picking up the guide. We ordered breakfast in our room on 3 consecutive days before it actually turned up and when it did turn up it was wrong. We found ourselves with a romantic breakfast eating cereal out of a glass.

When you complain the concierge staff are pleasant but don't offer any solutions – they apologise for the mistakes and problems but never rectify them. During a torrential storm it took them 2 hours to find an umbrella for us (everyone else already had them!) our whole evening was ruined, as we were too late for our dinner reservation.

The private offshore island wasn't available for half of the time we were there – although there was no advance warning. A photoshoot closed it on a special day for us (my birthday) but even on the actual day when we phoned for times of the boat across to the island no one informed us it was closed – even the resort guide said it was open. After standing and waiting for the boat for more than half an hour someone came over and told us the island was closed all day. We later found out from some other guests that it opened in the afternoon – the communication between staff and guests was atrocious!!

We spent half of the first day without towels for the pool or beach. We were told there was a problem with the laundry machine but no one offered a solution for us – we couldn't go swimming for quite a few hours on our very first day and were told to simply wait until the machine was working again.

I've highlighted just a few of the daily problems we faced and would definitely have booked somewhere else if I'd known Sandals shows so little regards for its guests and their reputation.

I did send the manager a complaint letter once I'd returned from my disappointing honeymoon and was offered 3 nights free accommodation. This is useless to anyone based as far away as the UK as flights would cost a fortune so you would have to increase you stay to at least 6 nights to make it worth while -thus spending a lot more money to experience the service we should have received in the first place. The Manager didn't care and simply stated he felt this was a fair offer.
Great Service & Staff, Lovely Food, Wonderful Room
Submitted by: melanie in 22/12/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
I thought Royal Bahamian Sandals was excellent for the Room, comfort, room service, food at Goombay restaurant, and Gordons. I also enjoyed the SPA , and the beach on the Private Island, would definitely go back soon.
Poor quality rooms
Submitted by: jem in 24/06/08
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
The staff were great, the food was great. The accomomdation in the manor block was very dated and in need of many repairs. It was clean, but falling apart. The water stank at times and also didn't work at times. The sockets were loose and felt very unsafe. There were also holes in the walls and wet carpets in our room, we expected more for what it cost us.
Bahamas is not what it used to be...
Submitted by: Kevin Moore in 22/08/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
Stayed there for 9 days. Hotel is a bit run down, food is over-priced. The pool bar closes at 7 pm (why?). Received an 'upgrade', it was only a view of the ocean as opposed to what we had before (city view = dirty roof tops). Checking-in took too long. There is no reason for the hotel clerk to totally ignore your presence until she feels it's time to check you in (especially at 11 pm).

I was very annoyed by the 'sales staff' constantly asking you to sign up for a free gift just to take a tour. You say 'no thank you', but they question why wouldn't you take the tour (duh... vacation?...).

Nothing is open after 7 pm except the casino (of course). House cleaning was non-existant. We were charged for the use of the safe and refrigerator which was broken. Phone was also broke.

The 'sports bar' sucked! It's football season (pre-season at least) and how can you NOT have the ability to show all the games especially when you take bets on who would win...

Arriving in Nassau was not a problem, just leaving. With the current state of airport security, screening is essential. But, too much is annoying! Trying to leave the island will test your patience especially for stupid people who should know better NOT to try to take a bottle of water onto the plane. PEOPLE, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WHERE YOU ARE BEFORE YOU TRY TO GET ON THE PLANE WITH BOTTLED WATER, SUN TAN LOTION, VASELINE, SODA, MILK, APPLE JUICE, PERFUME... IDIOTS...

Next year, a major plan is suppose to take place there. It's a $1.2 billion project which calls for razing the Wyndam, Radisson and another resort, making one huge resort and what is suppose to be the largest casino ever. Also, they plan on 'cutting' the island in half to make a marina. Wow! My suggestion, wait until they finish building that to visit Nassau.
Truly Fabulous
Submitted by: Alison in 27/07/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
The hotel and it's facilities are absolutely outstanding. The staff were spot on , excellent service without being pompous. It is essential to book the restaurants well in advance. The piano bar is a great place for a stylish sing-song.The private island is also divine.
The only negatives are that the beach is narrow and the resort does not offer currency exchange... their rational being that you don't need money at Sandals. Nassus itself offers great duty free shopping and is a 20 minute bus ride away. Really though there is no need to leave the resort if all you are looking for is relaxation in a perfect setting.
Submitted by: Megan in 27/05/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
Overall, this hotel does not seem to have been updated in years and did not have any of the extras we were hoping to get. The bars on the water closed at 5pm, there was no real night life and their one advertised show was closed. The restaurants were too expensive or closed as well and there is nothing else in walking distance. The gym doesn't open until after 8, and although it connects to a couple of other hotels, you can not charge things to your room at the Radisson. There were ants in our room, the lights didn't work well, the floors were dirty and the door lock was broken. We basically did everything to entertain ourselves one night. It's worth the extra money to just stay out on Paradise Island.
Wyndham Hotel - Great Stay
Submitted by: Nina Izzo in 11/07/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We just returned from a great stay at the Wyndham Hotel. Thankfully they had rooms available for us. Last minute change of hotels, we were extremely disappointed at the Holiday Inn Sunspree, and were accomodated graciously at the Wyndham. Great pool, great beach, nice a/c rooms, restaurants a bit expensive, but lots of good places within walking distance. Would definitely stay here next time!!
A Dying Flame
Submitted by: Bruce Hollis in 27/06/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Bermuda
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
The Wyndam Nassau was obviously a fabulous hotel in it's day - however - sloppy bandaid repairs to the guest rooms and main areas of the hotel show that attention to this hotel has long since fallen by the wayside. This is a true shame since the hotel location is beautiful. The food at Angus was too pricey for the quality.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Sandals Royal Bahamian & Spa Hotel

Excellent value

from Craig_Harrison
Just returned from 1 week at Sandals. Despite the poor weather preventing any water sports or access to the private island, we have no complaints. The staff were sensational and the food and drink excellent. The suite accomodation was super and well worth the extra (especially with the current discounts available). The pools were too cold to swim in and the sea too rough but then absolute perfection is beyond even the most attentive hotelier especially when it involves the weather. Definitely go, but pick a warmer spell of weather!

Awesome Food and accomadations!

from A TripAdvisor Member
January 2003
We just got back from a delicious Sandals vacation. The restaurants and food were great! The Bahama people were friendly and fun as were the other guests at the resort. The out island provided your beach fix as the beach was tiny at the resort. The pool water was freezing as they are not heated. In fact the ocean was warmer than the pool! The jacuzzis were plentiful and used often.

Downside: the east was having a cold front which hit us in the Bahamas. The temperatures were cold and weather was to cold to enjoy the many water sports and outdoor dinning. In fact we needed sweatshirts and jeans, not sun dresses and swimsuits. Wait until spring to enjoy this lovely resort as Jan. is truely winter in the islands!

Amazing Resort! A Blast! I Loved It!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Sandals Royal Bahamian was the 2nd most amazing vacation I've ever had (the first being Sandals St. Lucia). I have recommended Sandals to many of my friends and family and all have MORE than enjoyed their stays. I have been to 3 different Sandals now and can't wait to keep going back, and will be going back for my honeymoon this Fall. The very best thing about Sandals is their amazing customer service. The people that work there truely love their jobs and it shows! They are the most friendly people you could hope to meet. Sandals ALWAYS makes sure you are happy and are having fun. The last two times we visited a Sandals resort, we received complementary upgrades thanks to our Sandals Signature Membership (like a frequent guest program). We even received complementary couples swedish massages! Oh my loordy! How heavenly! A MUST do! The rooms are spectacular (even the Deluxe- most inexpensive ones), the resorts and beaches are impeccably clean. The food is wonderful, delicious and varied. They have many different restaurants to chose from!It's so wonderful not to have to worry about carrying money around for anything. Tipping is forbidden and included in your vacation price. You don't have to spend another dime once at the Resort unless you want to buy souveniers!Another WONDERFUL thing about Sandals is that all their activities are INCLUDED such as Scuba Diving. You won't find that anywhere else. Their divemasters are friendly and knowledgable and are always interested in making sure you get want you want out of your dives. They also have an onsite tour desk in case you want to plan any off-resort excusions, such as shopping trips or shark dives or dolphin swims. The prices are fair and the shark dive was AMAZING!!!!!There are so many other fun (free) activities that are planned throughout the day on the resort- EVERY DAY. Sand volleyball, water volleyball, games, pool, ping pong, shuffleboard, dancing lessons, water balloon toss, entertainment, DJ dancing, bands, fire breathers, karioke nights, and SO MUCH MORE. Never a dull moment unless you WANT there to be.And in that case, you can relax out on the beach or by the amazing pool and sip on your favorite premium liquor drink or have complete solitude in the privacy of your room.I honestly can't think of ONE thing to complain about when it comes to Sandals. And my fiance agrees!If you don't believe me that I Love Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and Spa, then check out my photo album on my personal website. the scenery not STUNNING? Are the people not WONDERFUL?!Trust me, take my word on this and you will have an amazing vacation!HAVE FUN!

It Was Just Okay

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I stayed for a week to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and Christmas. Our room and the oceanview it boast was impressive but they could've used appropriate bedsheets. The restaurants are not all open at the same time throughout the week. Although midweek through weekend most of them are open from breakfast to dinner. Bacarrat and Crystal Room is a good choice for your elegant dinner. STAY AWAY FROM KIMONOS...OH NO! And for the rest of the restaurants and bars, average. Their beaches are not well maintained but the water is crystal clear. One particular day, on their main beach, a whole lot (more like a barge load) of seaweeds washed up shore. Only one poor sap was given the task to clear it all up. BTW, he didn't finish it and they just left it sitting on shore. The boat ride to Sandals Cay can be a bit of a hassle but it was worth the trip for that almost private feel and the beach was a little was a getaway from a getaway. There are a lot of activities during the day but at night you only get disco dancing and an entertainment show. The staff are divided, some are nice some are not and only a few was commendable. The facilities overall is okay but could benefit from upgrading/fixing. We made the most of what the resort offered and we enjoyed our stay there considering it was our first trip to Bahamas and our first experience in an all-inclusive resort. From what their website and brochures described, they came short of what I was expecting and I would agree with some reviews that they are a bit overrated.

ok, but not luxurious

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I went to this Sandals for a week in December 2002. It was nice, but certainly far from luxurious...a little cheesy. The food was very average, if not a little on the bad side--with the exception of the Bacarrat Restaurant on the property. It was better. We stayed in a honeymoon suite, and it desperately needed a new paint job, tiles repaired, etc. And, if you're thinking of getting married here, keep in mind that it looked like a fast food restaurant--couple after couple with the same music, etc. One couple even said the resort had them scheduled a day later than they had planned!

Good but Overrated

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed here for a week. Resort is overrated. Property is not as nice as in the brochures. Resort is not that luxurious.

The rooms are nice. It seems mostly everyone gets room upgrades. Food is ok, as good as can be expected.

Pools are nice. Beach is awful. Staff is nice.

Did I have a good time? Yes
Would I go there again? No
Next time in the Bahamas - go to Atlantis

Great time

I took my b-friend to the Royal Bahamian for his b-day this pass September. I was disappointed about the arrangements regarding transfers between the airport and the hotel. They were very scattered regarding this. After waiting about 1 hour in the hot sun, we were taken by van to the resort. Once we got there around 10:30 am we registered (each of us received a glass of champagne upon arrival). Our room wasn't ready until around 1:30 pm. We were able to leave our bags at the front and roam the resort. The staff were all wonderful, I don't think I have ever been at a resort (and I have travelled a lot) where the staff have been so helpful. We spent a lot of time on the private island that was owned by the Sandals property. There is a pool, bar, place to eat lunch, beach. The water had a lot of coral in it off this island. I would recommend if going to this island take a pair of water shoes with you. We had dinner on the island, it was great. However, be aware of the tree frogs that jump on you or your table during dinner. It was a "scream". The Crystal room is absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend this resort to everyone. I would go back in a minute.


Absolutely horrible!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Let me just say that this place was absolutely horrible!!! My husband and I went on our honeymoon there in November 2002. I would have to say that the food was the worst. I can't believe they have 8 restaurants and pretty much all of them were terrible. They never raked the beach so there was sea weed and other stuff all over it. The beach was so extremely small. The pools were ICE COLD. We didn't even get to go in them. The spa was very nice, but you have to pay for that. The only good thing I can say is that the staff was very friendly. But I would NEVER go there again. It was definetely not worth the money I spent to go there. And our room was pathetic. You would think that all the money you pay to go there that you would get a decent room. NO WAY!!! And you should see the hair dryers, there a joke. That's pretty much all I have to say about this trip, but I wouldn't advise anyone to go there.

Misleading reviews.....

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and i just returned from the sandals royal bahamiam. i was a little worried about going to sandals after reading some of the bad reviews. however, i had done enough research on sandals and the bahamas and felt it would be a great trip. i?ll try to keep my review as simple as possible.
we had a great time. during our honeymoon, we actually discussed some of the bad reviews we had read. as the saying goes, ?you can?t believe everything you read?. overall, sandals was great, not perfect, but close to it. here it is.........

We did get upgraded, we booked a level one room ?basic room?, but they upgraded us to a level four room. so we went from level 1 to level 4, level 12 being the highest. not bad if you ask me..the room was very nice and very well kept.

The entire staff was polite and friendly. if you need something, just politely ask for it, and you?ll get it. for instance, my wife wanted a certain type of white wine that the piano bar had, and she politely asked the bartender if she could have a bottle delivered to our room. the bartender turned around grabbed one of the wine bottles and handed to us.

The drinks are awesome. if you don?t like a drink or feel that it?s not strong enough, just ask for another one or ask the bartender to add more liquor to it. just politely ask for it, and you?ll get it. the guy inside the theater makes the best pina colada?s, i believe his nickname was cool aide.

The food was also good, not the best i?ve had, but good. the breakfasts and lunch buffets were our favorite meals. dinner was also very good. you can order whatever and as much as you want. just keep in mind that they are all not open at the same time. take the first day to review the restaurants hours and you?ll be fine.

The entertainment was ok. the dance floor is to small, but the dj is very good.. overall, the entertainment was also average.

The pools are big and nice, but the water was cold, even with the temperate at 84. the beach water is warm and clear and the water sports are great.. pay attention to the instructions or you?ll have a tough time with the sailing and kayaks.

The spa is a must, it was worth it.

So overall the sandals resort was above average. we had a great time and met many nice couples. we don?t regret a thing. just sit back, relax and enjoy your honeymoon.

Excellent honeymoon!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I went to Sandals Royal Bahamian in August 2002 for our honeymoon for 9 nights. We booked the cheapest room you could, which has a view of nothing (deluxe room I think). Much to our surprise, when we walked in the room we had a beautiful view of the ocean. We had a fourth floor room in the Manor house. After reading all the negative reviews from people about sandals royal bahamian, we were query. Overall, I would say that it was well worth the money. They give you a daily itinerary with all the events and a list of the restaurants that will be open. The beach is a bit small in size, if you take the boat to Sandals Cay there is more than enough beach over there. The enormous pools with swim up bars to lounge around were great. Room bars were stocked once daily, the restaurants were good, and all of the staff was friendly. Casanova and the Bacarat were our favorite resataurants to dine.

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  • Address: West Bay Street - Nassau - 20317 - Bahamas
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