Paradise Island Harbour Resort Hotel

, Nassau, Bahamas
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Paradise Island Harbour Resort Hotel

, Nassau
3 star

Rooms: 246

One Harbor Drive - Nassau - 6249 - Bahamas Hotel Website | | 242 3632561
939 Traveller

Reviews - Paradise Island Harbour Resort Hotel

Don't go.
Submitted by: Paul Grant in 02/07/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
Check-in took almost 20 mins, even though there were only two people ahead of me inline.

Limited choice of food at buffet. Cafeteria type food quality. Frequenty out of ice. Lack luster service.

Formal dining room...Stale bread, withered lettuce. Overcooked entrees.

I was there for a week but can count on one hand the amount of good meals I had.

Matresses very old, with no support.

This trip was for my Birthday, and was one of the worst vacations I have ever had.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Paradise Island Harbour Resort Hotel

Absolutely Awful-Beware!!!

from GrahamEssex
We have just arrived back from Bahamas and the Sunspree is terrible, so bad in fact that we switched to the Radisson after a few days. The resort faces a ship terminal so there is no view,the small man made beach is a waste of time ,and the food was pitiful with little choice and poor quality. Even a rest by the pool was destroyed by the noise of seaplanes taking off behind you and for the same reason you could not swim except in a small fenced off section of the ocean , which was oily from boat waste and at the time we were there had a discarded microwave at the waters edge.To be fair the staff did their best but what a pit!.
Never again and Thompsons can look forward to a claim

Terrible - Never Again

from Lidia
My husband and I stayed here after staying at the Comort Inn Suites (great deal since you are treated as an Atlantis guest). We were shocked at what we experienced. The beach is not a beach, it's a dirty puddle of water that you can't really swim in. The poolside grill takes such a long long time to complete your order, and when it finally did arrive my chicken wings still had the chicken "hairs" on them. It was gross. Their fine dining restaurant is closed 2 days out of the week so we couldn't eat there since we arrived Saturday and were leaving Tuesday. They close on Sunday and Monday and refused to seat us Saturday. The buffet is terrible, no big deal at all and their drink selection are really on the low end. Basically, if you are used to the finer things (food, drinks, accomadations, and service) this place is not for you. We are a young couple and were truly disappointed.


from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I went to the HISS for our 9th wedding anniversary (we have not taken a trip together in 6 years). I would tell anyone who is wanting a romatic getaway - DO NOT USE THIS HOTEL. It is dirty and not on the beach. The real beach is about a 10 minute walk. They have a "man made" beach which is actually the harbor where boats come through. The pool is so nasty I would not even let my dog swim in it. The food could not be worse. I guess since it is all-inclusive, the just throw what ever slop together hoping the guests will eat it. We had two double beds that were awful. Anytime one person barely moves, the other one is woken up. It is sad to say that on our anniversary trip, we slept in separate beds! We did not have hot water one morning and we were in an adjoinging room. Those rooms have very thin doors and we could hear every word the next door people said. We did not let this ruin our trip and were able to have a good time inspite of it - basically by staying away from the hotel. Will never go back and would not recommend it to anyone. Stay at the Atlantis, although it is more, it will be worth it!!


from A TripAdvisor Member
Beware- this is not what you are expecting. The hotel is dirty, the service is terrible, it is NOT on the beach or ocean side- it's on the causeway where the boats travel! We were not able to even get a chair at the pool becuase it was so crowded. The "beach" is this roped off area that spills into the causeway. After placing a lunch order and waiting an hour, we finally left to go somewhere else. There were people who put orders in before us that still hadn't received their food. It is not "a short walk" to the Atlantis Casino or to the ocean, especially if you have to carry stuff.We ended up canceling our reservation & going somewhere else. You are better off just paying for a hotel room & paying for food as you go. We would not recommend this hotel to anyone. We had a great vacation once we were rebooked in another hotel.

You get what yo u pay for

from A TripAdvisor Member
I visited this hotel Aug 4-7. It was a very inexpensive stay but you get exactly what you pay for. The room I stayed in had a view of some sort of sewer or waste facility, the first room we were in did not have a working toilet. The front desk puts you on hold every time you call.
The water in place smells like it's been treated with lots of chlorine so even after you shower, you don't feel quite right. The buffet food was edible, the poolside restaurant was much better but you had to wait awhile for the food. The best food is in the Harborside but you must make reservations early in the day and on a day to day basis. Just because the hotel is "all-inclusive" does not mean that the workers there don't expect a tip. Almost everyone seems to be expecting one everywhere on the island. As for the "beach" it's a little cornered off area of the harbor where all the boats come in. They are lucky the water is wonderful and blue so that they can pass it off as a beach.
The actual beach is about a 10 minute walk. The hotel is in a pretty walkable distance from the beach, the Atlantis (which is where I would stay if I went back), and the water taxi to Nassau. If you are looking for a budget vacation and don't mind dealing with an ok place then go here but it is by no means what you would expect from a Holiday Inn.

great deal for the money for a family

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband, myself and our three sons (ages 17, 15 and 10) stayed here for 5 days/4 nights and had a wonderful time. The place was very clean (which is very important to us). The meals were as follows: Breakfast was superb!! There was a chef who made your omelettes/eggs to order.
There were waffles, french toast, bacon, sausages, cereal, fresh fruit, etc. Everything you could want. Lunch in the main dining room was okay - spaghetti, pizza, etc. Your best bet was to sit outside at the Wahoo grill where a feast was to be had ... chicken blt's, conch fritters, grilled cheese, chicken ceasar salad, cheese steaks, etc. The only problem here was that each order was made one at a time so some days it was time consuming (they could use some extra help here). Dinner in the main dining room was very good but your best bet is to make reservations for the HarbourView Restaurant (make sure that you reserve by 9:30 AM for that night because it fills up quickly). The food here was great. Try the conch chowder. Say hi to Willard the best waiter.
The drinks at the hotel are good but some are weak. Just tell the waiter/waitress to go heavy on the rum. There's always an extra bottle of rum on top of the bar (by the machines) if you want to add more.
Service tends to be on the slow side but this is also the way of life in the islands. The pool and hot tub were totally enjoyable. The beach is on the small side but it is very nice. If you have small children, you will like this because you can see where they are. All in all, you got a lot for a little.

Way overrated and misleading. Never Again!

from pamc
My husband and I booked a 5 day All Inclusive vacation through Expedia to the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort around 2 July 03. Because the conditions were so bad we spoke with the guest manager, Mr. Clinton Davis the next morning requesting we be refunded our remaining portion of our planned vacation. Mr. Davis was most concerned and helpful after we explained to him what we had experience since our checking into the hotel/resort. Listed below were our complaints.- Upon our arrival on 27 July 03 we were greeted at the desk and the clerk told us he had no reservations for us showing in the computer which he quickly blamed on Expedia for not sending or faxing the reservation. After he checked a stack of papers he found our reservation on the bottom of the stack. Due to the "misunderstanding" he upgraded our room to "superior" with two full beds, not one bed (with a king or queen) as we had requested when we made our reservation.- After we got to our room we ventured down to the outdoor bar in the area of the pool. The first thing we noticed at the bar was a large sign that said there was a two drink minimum. (The advertisement never mentioned a minimum on drinks). While at the bar we ordered some conch fritters. During the 45 minutes it took for us to receive our order we witness the staff at the bar grabbing each other, spraying champagne on customers and what we believe was to pour themselves alcoholic drinks which were taken out of sigh. At one point, one of the staff male member's grabbed one of the female staff member's breast who thought this was funny. During this event children were present. We received excuse after excuse on while our order of conch fitters had not been ready; we believe they were forgotten about. While the "All Inclusive" package advertises all alcoholic beverages included it's a very limited selection with very poor quality alcohol served in small cheap plastic cups.- The pool is terribly dirty. Seagulls bath at the top of the waterfall which goes into the pool. Mr. Davis stated there was nothing to do to keep the birds out of the pool and the bar area, that they were protected under the government. This being the case I would think some type of netting or string could be hung to prevent the birds from invading areas where people are eating and to keep them out of the water. (It seemed like it could have been a very easy fix.)- The dinner buffet was from 6:00 -1000pm. We entered at approximately 8:45 and there were no napkins available. When I asked the waitress for some napkins she told me they were out of the cloth napkins and that maybe another waitress would have some paper ones, and then pointed across the room to the other waitress. While we were eating our meal we saw a very large cockroach scurry across the floor less than 5 feet from us. The meal was poor quality and very unappealing in appearance.- After dinner we went out to the pool area which had trash, drink cups and beer cans that had not been picked up from earlier in the day. There were a few people in the pool and a stray dog drinking from the pool. No attempts to pick up or straighten up the pool area had been made by the staff. We did notice that the next morning at approximately 0800 when the Lifeguard came in to work he started his morning by cleaning up the pool area. At no time did we see the pool vacuumed out. There was a lot of junk and sand in the bottom of the pool. There was no way I was going to swim in this pool.- There was a burn mark on the bedspread, larger than a silver dollar.- The bathroom area in the room was terrible. Water stain marks on the ceiling. The shower spicket was dirty and mold growing in it. The water controls for the tub/shower was mislabeled. The hot water was actually cold and the cold was actually hot. The whole faucet in the tub/shower would move away from the wall when one tried to get the water to go up to the shower head. The pipes between the toilet and the wall were old and very, very dirty. The bath towels were of very poor quality. We could not get dry with them.- The air conditioning vent in the room leaked.- The employees that solicit for timeshares/other vacation sites in the lobby as you come off the elevator are relentless. Very harassing.- And to add further insult, we were required to wear a blue wrist band. We were told that we could not remove them during our stay and that if we were to loose them there would be a $75 replacement charge. We felt totally embarrassed wearing this band outside the hotel area.- I am an active duty military member who has stayed at Holiday Inn's in the United States and Europe. I have always associated cleanliness and quality with the Holiday Inn name. I can tell you this was not the case at Paradise Island. What is offered on the web sites concerning this All Inclusive Resort is totally misleading. The advertised beach is located on a busy harbor. I sincerely doubt the water is healthy. I can also tell you that the pictures in the hotel books are misleading as well. In the picture it looks very clean and you see couples, no children, just couples. We found that the children run wild with little to no house rules, guidance or supervision.Mr. Davis was very concern. He wrote down our complaints and told us he was going to address them with the staff. While Mr. Davis told us that he could not refund us our monies directly since we booked thru, he did get Expedia on the phone for us and spoke with an associate to have the remainder of our vacation stay transferred to the British Colonial Hilton.

Well, we did get a consulation gift!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My mom & I stayed here in September 2002 for a weekend get away. It was a good thing that we had an all-inclusive package because the prices were quite high for just about everything. It was also very annoying to have someone jump on you every time you walked through the lobby trying to get you to go to a time-share presentation at another resort. Isn't there any law against that! But anyway, the staff was very friendly.
The food was uninteresting, especially since the one real restaurant was closed the weekend we went away. The beach was, um not much of a beach, but the weather was perfect to lay out and get a tan. The one great thing that I can say is that we were given a non-smoking room and my mother smokes, so we went down to change it. We did get upgraded to the best room in the place, the 12th floor (top floor) double suite with 2 balconies overlooking the ocean, a real bar & all. So the upgrade made it all worth it!

Great Deal - OK everything else

from A TripAdvisor Member
We visited the HI Sunspree in Feb. 01. It had just undergone renovation and the rooms were nice, the facilities were nice but the food and activity (there were only about 25 people in the whole place the week we were there) are somewhat lacking. If you can at all find out if the restaurants are open it would be benefical. We could only eat at the buffet and the bar so you do get tired of the food after 5 days I guess when there are only 25 people you don't want to have everything open.
The "Beach" is a joke but it's not far to the real beach that was VERY nice. All in all it is in a good location to hit all the excitement on Paridse Island without the cost.

Great bargain!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We went to the Sunspree knowing that it wasn't the most glamorous hotel on the island, but knowing that we wanted to be able to stay longer on vacation and the price (149 per night TOTAL for 2 adults, 1 child including meals, taxes and gratuity) allowed us to do that. The pool was perfect for kids - ours loved it and the harbor beach was perfect for kids. There was always something to do. The guidebooks were right, the made-to-order food service was slow, but all of the food was WONDERFUL. We felt like we were a part of a neighborhood because we could walk to the Atlantis, walk to Cabbage beach, and walk to the Paradise Island shops. You can pay a daily fee to access all of the water activities at the Atlantis. The rooms are clean, but average size. The bathrooms are small, but clean. If you are on a budget, this is a GREAT option.

Top Local Tips for Nassau

Cab Fares We had to pay the cab driver $30 to get to our hotel, so I would recommend staying somewhere that offers a free hotel shuttle.

Paradise Island Paradise Island is expensive, and over rated. You are much better off going to Cable Beach, and making Paradise Island a visit during your vacation.

Take a walk You don't have to stay at the resort all day. There is plenty for you to do. Take a walk to Atlantis or go over to Cabbage Beach which is just a short 7 minute walk. The water is beautiful and worth the trip.


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  • paradise island resort
  • paradise island harbour resort reviews
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  • paradise island harbour resort
  • paradise island harbour hotel
  • paradise island harbor resort
  • paradise island harbor
  • Address: One Harbor Drive - Nassau - 6249 - Bahamas
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"Don't go." - Paul Grant

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