Nassau Beach Hotel Bahamas

, Nassau, Bahamas
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Nassau Beach Hotel Bahamas

3 star

Rooms: 400

Cable Beach - Nassau - Bahamas Hotel Website | | 242 327 7711
327 Traveller

Reviews - Nassau Beach Hotel Bahamas

Fanatstic views, clean & friendly
Submitted by: Luke & Darren in 03/10/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Our holiday was fanatstic. The hotel itself seemed quite quiet, all the staff were friendly, room was clean, everything worked, air conditioning was good, pool was clean and a stones throw from beach ! Our phone bill was exspensive but did not research connection fees to England (own fault).
We had no problems with this hotel at all.
Poor Customer Service!
Submitted by: Julian in 29/11/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
The Nassau Beach Hotel front desk staff has poor customer service. Because of our company's convention, I had to interact with the front desk on a regular basis during my stay. I was highly disappointed how impolite, inefficient and unprofessional they were. Not to compound the fact that the facilities were nasty and unkept. Oh by the way, this is all the good stuff. When I made calls to the front desk for additional towels and request for maid service, I was told that the maid staff will get to it as soon as possible. A day had passed, so I followed up again--it was three days later that we were able to receive service.
Apparently, a meeting group of 55 people with sleeping rooms is not a big deal for this Hotel.
A horrible dump!
Submitted by: Bill in 26/07/06
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
I stayed at the Nassau Beach Hotel for one night in May 2006. The place is a horrible run-down dump. Almost everything was broken: windows, balcony door, tv remote, etc. and if it wasn't broken, it was dirty. There were live wires protruding from the bathroom wall over the sink where a hair dryer used to be! My fishing buddy and I decided to lug all our gear up the stairs rather than to endure the stench of the elevator. And here's the fascinating part: two months after our stay, I see a $1 charge on my credit card ???? (I paid using cash and they were NEVER authorized to use my credit card.) The hotel refuses to communicate with me about it because they apparently blocked my e-mail after my first inquiry. What really amazes me is how easily my credit card company was willing to roll over and play dead and issue me an instant credit. So, if this is a scam by the hotel, they get their $1 whether you complain or not! (Now multiply this $1 by 100,000 attempts per year.) Did you ever notice that any good review of this place always ends with “....... and don't forget to eat at Johnny Canoes”.....”. Well who do you think is writing those reviews? I would not stay in that hotel ever again even if it were free. Stay away from this place. Why ruin an otherwise good vacation trying to save a few bucks?
Disappointed from new york
Submitted by: Aline in 25/08/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I stayed at nassau beach hotel on 8/16-8/20/05 and was not happy with services.Our room smelled like wood smoke, lack of running cold water in sink and shower, very poor patio view with missing light fixture and furniture. Unfriendly and inattantive staffs. Will not return to this hotel, thank God for the Wyndam next door.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Nassau Beach Hotel Bahamas

Pretty good time

from 6timesbahamas
My family and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Junkanoo for three days in January. Our experience was not bad at all.....remember this is not the US, this is the Bahamas! We travel quite a bit, and know to usually not to expect American standards. Our room was basically clean, and everything that we needed worked just fine. True, you don't have a great beach, but no matter where you stay on the island, you should take a taxi to Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island...a true worldclass beach that rivals the best of Jamaica, Dominican Republic, etc. The people who helped us were all friendly, albeit somewhat slow, like all of the island folks. So, my advice is RELAX, and enjoy their pace. If you expect something in 2 hours and it takes 1 hours, that is good.
Just don't expect it in the US tradition of right doesn't happen like that in Nassau or any island where we have been. Our room was pretty clean, and the bed was good. There is some traffic noise, but it is recompensed by the convenience of being very close to downtown near the shops, etc. Food at the hotel is uh. so-so. There are two restaurants, and the one farther from the lobby is the better one.
Actually, there are some amazingly good restaurants within walking distance...Green Shutters is very good; Conch Fritters is pretty good too. Chez Willie's is awesome (but expensive.) For a true Bahamian eating experience, take a taxi to Arawak Cay and eat at Goldie's. It looks questionable, but IT IS GOOOOD. I will fondly remember our meal there for a long time. If they are too busy, ask them to show you to Remelda's Kitchen (across the alley.) Get their fresh snapper or conch MMMM. True, at the Holiday Inn Junkanoo, there are things that are not up to US standards, but if you want that , spend $350-$400 per night on Paradise Island....but it won't be a real Bahamian experience; you will instead have a US experience that you could have gotten at home. In short , we thought Holiday Inn was okay.

My timing must have been good

from A TripAdvisor Member
All I can say is: I had clean towels everyday; the water was hot; nonone tried to rob me; the pool was clean and my room was cleaned each day. There were very few students around so perhaps the staff had rested up. I would stay there again. I was there the very end of March 2004.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Staying at this Holiday Inn during March 2004, my stay was ruined by the "Spring Break" students from the USA who were the other guests. Their behavious was yobbish and unpleasant throughout. The language used by both sexes was appalling, and by staying up until 0300hrs each morning they presented other guests from obtaining a restful night's sleep.If you travel to this hotel outside the "Spring Break" period I am sure that the hotel will be perfectly satisfactory

pleasantly surprised

from A TripAdvisor Member
After all the bad comments, I was apprehensive about staying here....all for naught. We arrived early, asked for a room with two beds and mentioned our email requesting the same that we sent earlier.
We were with Signature Vacations on a 5 day 4 night holiday. We were told we had 2 beds but had to return at 3pm for the key. We did, but were told we had a king bed. I said that was unacceptable and I would expect a change in the morning. They were very accomodating and had our room which we moved to the next morning. Two lamps were burnt out, and we had to request more towels twice...but were responded to quickly.
Room service was fine and extra $$$, but the same price as in the restaurant. EVERY dining place on the island has 15% automatically added.I found this to be clean, safe, friendly, and certainly NOT what some reviewers have made it out to be. My conclusions....some people get what they project . Many guests were loud, rude, obnoxious and would complain about anything. My only advice is to NEVER go during Spring Break as these kids were an embarassment to the human race both in their behavior and speech.They are perhaps the reason why there are stains on carpets,problems with broken doors etc.

Horrible hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
This hotel was disgusting!!! Our rooms were filthy, especially the carpet! We never received towels even after calling a million times. Sometimes our we would not even receive a wakeup call or the front desk would just not answer. Remote didn't work in one of the rooms. No toliet paper a couple days so we had to go steal it from the bathroom by the pool!! Would not cash travelers check that was over 20 dollars anywhere in the hotel and sometimes would not even cash a twenty. Service was slowwwwwwwwwwwww and rude and food was overpriced. I will never stay there again and reccommend no one ever stay there either. I have never been so angry about staying at a hotel as this one. OH yeah the beach is terrible and so rocky it hurts to walk barefoot and there are so many locals haggeling you to buy stuff and get your hairbraided it is hard to relax at all.

t the WORST...but would NOT stay again

from A TripAdvisor Member
I was the chaperone for a week long college spring break trip and therefore got to travel for free. I mention this fact not only to make everyone jealous :), but to give you sense of why I am not overwhelmingly negative about this hotel. As a free hotel it was not the worst thing ever. However, I was extremely scared to come once I read the negative reviews. And the reviewers are right. The rugs are FILTHY. I wore shoes the entire time. What some folks thought was white rug deodorizer, I am convinced was mold! The check in time was 3pm and like most hotels, if rooms are avialable, they will let you in early.
Four of our eight rooms were able to check in prior to 3pm. The rest of us had to put out bags in storage and go walk around. The storage closet was scary. It was filled to the rim with bags and students piled bags on top and literally got into the closet to jump up and down on the bags to make more room....and the door didn't close! I came back closer to 4pm and my room STILL was not ready. I didn't get a room until 5pm! The sheets were never changed and were a little too small for the bed...but were clean. The entire time I was there I "glazed' my eyes over a bit so that I would not focus too much on anything in the room ( I highly reccommend it). I automatically pulled back the bed spread and blanket and only used the sheet. I was pleasantly suprised that I had a private balcony...which was nice. I was on the 5th floor which was good because the spring breakers were...well, spring breakers. Not a bad bunch of kids...but loud. And the hotel is right on the street and the locals honk horns ALL NIGHT LONG. TV was good... I chuckled when I found my local New York news as one of the options.
Towels were loofahs and I found myslef hoarding them because one never knew from one day to the next if one would get towels. We had ants. The bathroom was clean. There was a stain on the wall that I never looked too closely at. One outlet didn't work.
Services was SLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWW (it took me 90 minutes to check my group out of the hotel)...but I also found the staff to be friendly. I had already read about wat to expect so I was never annoyed or frustrated. However, if I go back on my own I would NEVER, EVER stay here because this place was simply a place to lay one's head at night.
I purposely left the room early and did not return until dark so that all I had the strength to do was take a shower and go to bed! Part of a nice vacation is lounging in the room...and I never would at this place. Oh, and while the pool does look inviting, I would forego it because the lovely spring breakers do things like poor beer and throw pizza into the pool.

better than expected

from A TripAdvisor Member
After reading all the terrible reviews about Holiday Inn Nassaau, I was looking for the worst. I even tried to change my plans at last minute.
Glad I didn't. The rooms were pretty good, clean, all items worked in room. Shower was good, water was hot, service was good from staff there. If you are looking for a five star hotel with a two star price, it's not going to happen. I had no problems at hotel, had a great time in the bar, service was good, Norman at the bar helped me out one night with beers after he had closed out, I paid him a couple of days later.
(Great Person). I am 40 something and I was there right in the middle of Spring Break. Actually it was probally the best behaved crowd of college students you can get. Sure there was late night partying, hollering and so forth, but all in all not to bad. Maid service in the hotel was good, sometimes too good. We stayed out late a couple of times and didn't want the service and they wanted to perform the service,but we skipped out on it a couple of days, (hungover). This hotel is a good cheap room, midway between Cable Beach and Paradise Island. Buses or Taxi's were easy to come by, and the beach across the street wasn't so bad either. As for walking at night, I wouldn't recommend it here or anywhere else without a group, Downtown is closed at night anyway. Take a taxi at night, plenty going on at different spots in town or nearby. use the buses during the day, (cheap transportation, $1 ). Plenty of good food nearby, ( Johny Canoes for one, Pirate of Nassau, KFC, McDonalds for breakfast, Outback, all these places close by.

Robbed in more ways than one

from A TripAdvisor Member
After booking with a local travel agency for what was supposed to be a relaxing spring break with 7 of my closest friends, I returned home 2 days early extremely disappointed. Not only did the Holiday Inn lose our reservations and stick four girls in a room with one bed for the night, but our electric and hot water were pretty much nonexistant.
Once our rooms were changed we were able to begin enjoying our vacation until mid week rolled around. To keep things short, we were robbed in the middle of the night while we were sleeping and security and the front desk remained unaffected by the situation. That night when I first noticed our balcony door was open in our 3rd floor room I called security immediatley only to be ignored. When we were finally taken seriously 2 hours later they yelled at us for supposedly leaving the door open. If the locks on the door actually worked at this dump then we wouldn't have left it unlocked. After 5 days of being sexually harassed by locals, dealing with a disgusting room, and being robbed, I hopped the first plane out of Nassau. To future spring breakers, spend the extra money to stay at the will be well worth it.

worst hotel ive EVER stayed in

from A TripAdvisor Member
The staff was extrewmly rude and unhelpful. I booked 3 months in advance and when i arrived they didnt have a room for my party and i at first so they kicked out people in a room and gave us that room. When we finally got to our room after waiting to check in for 2 hours the tub was dirty and there was someone elses food and shoes in our room!
it was absoulutly disgusting. My room was all the way on the 4th floor and my keys never worked so i had to go down to the lobby at least twice a day to reprogram my was the WORST hotel expierience EVER!!!!

thought the worst....and got it!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just spent a weekend at the Junkanoo Holiday Inn, and we were far from impressed. At check in we were charged the energy surcharge, and the maid fees, both totalling roughly 30$. The elevators were filthy and resembled something from a college dorm. At first glance the room was adequate, but we soon realized that was far from the truth. The blanket had quite a few pubic hairs stuck in it, the sheets weren't changed once during our stay, and the bathroom towels were dirty. So the place was gross but it didn't end there. There was no water at all from 12 pm until 6 pm one day during our stay. The front desk didn't like to answer the phone and we never received our requested wake up call. The service at the bar was worse, and the drinks and food are wayyy overpriced, also a 15% gratuity is added into each one tells you this. The hotel is almost in downtown Nassau which is extremely scary, we were told by a cab driver NOT to go out at night unless you're with a large group. The Junkanoo beach...1500 feet of white sand...and trash. Bottom line stay at end up there anyway.

Top Local Tips for Nassau

Walk, take a bus, or ferry Don't waste your money on taxis all the time, they add up pretty quickly... On the flip side a cool cabbie can give you the Hook up on what you need while you're there..Walk, ride the bus or take a ferry as those are much cheaper than taxi rides all the time..

#10 Bus For a buck, you can't beat taking the number 10 bus from downtown to cable beach or Orange Hill. Make sure you don't take the 10A. That's the "scenic tour".

Tour & Swim with the Dolphins I highly recommend the tour with dolphins. It is very enjoyable, memorable and the people of the tour are very skilled on their job in terms of guest service and relations. During the boat ride, you'll see the beauty of Bahamas. Cheers to the Tour company.


Other names for Nassau Beach Hotel Bahamas

  • nassau palm resort
  • nassau palm hotel
  • Address: Cable Beach - Nassau - Bahamas
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