Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Hotel

, Freeport, Bahamas
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Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Hotel

, Freeport
Churchill Dr & Doubloon Rd - Freeport - Bahamas Hotel Website | 242-373-4000
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Reviews - Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Hotel

Great time for a Great Price!
Submitted by: Steven in 19/05/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
My girlfriend and I just got back from our 4 day, 3 night vacation and had a great time. The accomidations exceded my expectations.
My girlfriend made the purchase through "Paradise Vacations." It was a vacation package available on ebay. I was slightly skeptic and concerned about the package. It was only $600 for both of us. (It was $900 after $150 taxes, port fees etc per person.) Still, a great deal. I didn't know diddly about the Bahamas so I did some research about where we were staying. Most of the articles I had read on the hotel review sites had a high percentage of negetive or average reviews. I was concerned.

We traveled on the the Discovery Sun cruise out of Ft' Lauderdale FL and came to the resort. It was 2pm and check in wasn't until 3pm. No problem, the room was ready and we were in. The room was average but had everything we needed for the basics. If you're just hanging out in your room all day, why come to the Bahama's? The room was clean and was turned over everyday with fresh towels. I signed up for Viva's "by request" membership online before the trip and was happy I did. It was recommended on one of the reviews I read and it was worth it. Sign up on their website before you go and they offer you free upgrades and ammendaties that you wouldn't normally recieve. We had cheese and wine waiting or us when we arrived to the room. It was neat.

Besides the rooms, the resort was chock full of fun. It includes all sorts of activities to keep you busy and everything is easily accessable. I also liked the food! I'm a restaurant manager and chef and from what I read in most of the reviews, it sounded like they were serving prison food over there. Meals and snacks were constantly availble everywhere. The buffets were clean and the food was good. My only gripe was that the sauage links were always cold in breakfast line. Besides that, I loved it. Drink when I want to, eat when I want to, it was all right there. It wasn't the Ritz but I liked it just fine. The resort offers 2 restaurants on premise that are also inclusive. One is italian themed and the other asian. Don't even bother with the italian place. The food stunk. I met a couple of people that liked it but not many. The asian place was intersting and worth checking out once. The food was decent but the ambiance was attractive. Everything in the dining room is white and it had a nice atmosphere. When we went to the italian resaurant, they tried seating me near the kitchen entrance where I was entertained by a mixture of Sinatra muzac and Hip hop playing from the back kitchen. I moved outside and had the meal out there.

The staff was always nice (especially the entertainment staff.) Different folks from all over the world made up the entertainment group. During the day they worked in different areas of the resort and at night they did a theater show. These folks were always cool to meet and I enjoyed talking to alot of them. Most of them had great outgoing personalities and mixed with a steady diet of beer, I had lots of interesting conversations with people that I normally wouldn't get a chance to talk to. For example; I met a guy named Alex that was from Italy. He didn't speak alot of english but it was enough to have a discussion on classic movies like Scarface and Goodfellas, Rocky, etc. Actually now I think of it.... just about everyone I met there was super nice. I met alot of people there from all over vacationing. The jacuzi seemed to be where I'd meet alot of people to discuss what and what not to do during your stay. I thought it was entertaining. We even met friends there that we now stay in contact with.

We didn't have enough time to do everything that we wanted to. There is plenty to do at the resort and lots of fun excursions to partake in if you want. Our vacation went without a hitch. Absolutly everything was great except for 1 thing! TIME SHARE sales! I personally didn't mind it. I listened to them for about 2 hours and in return I got a discount on one of a list of activities. It saved me $40 on a trip to swim with the dolphins plus they gave us a discount on a return visit to the resort for the future. I figured a couple of hours out of my vacation to save some money wasn't a bad idea. Some of the people I met felt that they had been suckered in and were mad that they had to waste their time getting sold something on their vacay. Like I said, I didn't have a problem with it.

Look, if you have loads of money and you're expecting golden archways and the Taj Mahol, go somewhere else. For me, it was a great vacation for the money. Paradise Vacations on Ebay was awesome and extremely helpful planning our last minute trip. I recomemend it.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Hotel

better than expected

from boolou
arrived jan 31 for one week. The staff was very friendly and all the bartenders wonderful. The rooms wer ok worn but clean. We requesed a room change due to a very uncomfortable mattress and were moved that day. The buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner was good, breakfast got boring after a few days but the lunch and dinner buffets wre great they really season food well. The restrauant on-site left much to be desired,we only went once. the beach was great they need to remove some of the broken chairs from the beach but the water and sand were lovely. did 3 dives with their dive operation and had great dives espically the shark dive @shark alley. woul;dn't go back but had a great week,,,p.s. had to let the shower run for about 5 min to get hot water.

loved it

from A TripAdvisor Member
We'll go back! 4 of us went in Jan 2003, and all agree it was a great trip. There was an excellent choice of seafoods, and other dishes. The Italian restaurant was super. We found the staff to be very friendly, and they seemed to know when we didn't with to be bothered. Having heard and seen the attitudes of some other guests, I would have to say " treat other people they way you want to be treated "! The beach was wonderful, and the water clear and clean. The option to go para-sailing was a surprising bonus. We all tried it, and we're still raving about it.As for the platic cups...bring along a travel mug! I certainly don't want to be stepping in broken glass!!!

Not so great

from A TripAdvisor Member
It was awful, as soon as we arrived the staff was hounding us to do time share. The room that we stayed in was dirty. Than when we went for our meals there were cockaroaches crawling on the food . Real gross! The swiming pool didn't seem to be cleaned very often either. Also it seemed like the drinks were watered down. I wouldn't suggest anyone to stay here!

A Great Resort!

from A TripAdvisor Member
After reading the negative comments I was worried about the vacation I had planned with my family @ Club Viva Fortuna. All I can say is it was a wonderful experience for myself and my family!! The staff was wonderful, they had great activities all day long., and the food was great! For those of you who do not like buffet's then this probably is not for you, but for my boys ages 10 and 8, it was perfect! No waiting for a waitress or any comments like "when will my dinner be here?" We all had a great time, met many wonderful people as well. We will definately go back to this resort.

Good price, decent time

from A TripAdvisor Member
We arrived on 16 Jan 2003 for a 4-night stay at Viva Fortuna. The staff was friendly upon our arrival, and luckily we were able to get a room right away (we arrived around 12 pm). The group we shared a taxi with wasn?t as lucky and had to wait until 3 pm to get their room (usual check in time). Luckily the time-share lady never approached us because she was busy with another group (but I think we were the rare exception).

The room was pleasant. Based on previous reviews of the resort (and all things considered), it was what I was expecting. The room wasn't sparkling clean, but it wasn't dirty either. Our TV remote did not work, but we didn't make a fuss about it and figured a few steps to the TV every now and then would be good exercise. The windows in the bathroom and over the A/C unit did not contain glass, which surprised me. Instead, they were wood slats and you could open and close. It doesn't do much for controlling their energy costs I'm sure, but we didn't have much problem regulating the room temperature since the A/C unit was functioning perfectly. We had the A/C on cold the first two days, but had to resort to using the heat on the last three days (temps dropped into the 50s in the evening). The cinder block construction (I'm assuming) seemed to soundproof our room since we didn't hear any of our neighbors (either above or next to us).

The food was ok. There were a variety of items to choose from. Breakfast included: scrambled eggs, omelet bar, bacon, sausage, something that appeared to be grits, possibly oatmeal, pancakes/French toast, hash browns, breads and bagels, fruit, cereals, danishes, etc. I was disappointed that the soda machine wasn't turned on in the morning, but there were juices and water available along with coffee and tea (Also, at the bar in the main area, there is lemonade and fruit punch available if you're not into orange or grapefruit juice). Lunch included pastas/rice, occasional fish dishes, meat dishes (I felt courageous and tried the curried mutton--pretty good!), hamburgers/cheeseburgers, French fries, pizzas, hotdogs, salad, fruit. Dinner was similar to lunch (minus burgers/dogs and pizza), but usually included a carving station. The Mahi-Mahi was delicious, the carved beef was a little tough but juicy, and the various other main dishes were ok. There didn't appear to be any problem getting a dessert, although I could see how late eaters might not get a good selection since the desserts didn't get as much staff attention as the main dishes. The cheesecake with lemon topping was surprisingly delicious, but the chocolate cake was a little bland.

A note about the pizza: some people complained, and I think I understand why. The crust was very soft--almost like the consistency of cake. But it had the right flavor. If you can get past the softness of the crust, it isn't too bad.

The Italian restaurant was pretty good as well. The meal started with bruschetta and included a salad and bread bar (with desserts). I had the cannelloni (very good!) and my partner had the linguine with scallop/shrimp scampi I think (also pretty good). The wait staff was attentive and kept our glasses filled. Even though tips are supposed to be included in the price of our stay, I felt inclined to tip our waitress since she was friendly and quick.

The bar staff was also very friendly, both on the beach and inside the main area. They were always quick with the drinks and pleasant to talk to. I tipped the bartender after every other drink and the drinks seemed to get stronger each day. A few times they had our drinks ready even before we got to the bar because they saw us coming. I stuck with the Mango Punch (excellent) but also tried the Love Byte, Margarita, and Bahama Mama (all were pretty good as well). My partner got hooked on the Bloody Mary (fairly spicy).

The afternoon snack was never on time. We were told it's usually served between 2:30 and 4. However, the food never came out until around 4 (a little bit of a problem if you ate lunch early and worked it off from bicycling or swimming). The snack included pizzas, hotdogs, deli sandwiches, a dessert (cake or cookies--alternated), and freshly sliced melon. Note: Make sure you're at the snack bar when the food comes out because it seems to go rather quickly! It was actually somewhat humorous to stand back and watch everyone flock to the snack area.

The pool area stayed clean and the staff was always playing decent music. The young staff seemed to play more modern music (top 40 and dance/club), which didn't seem to cause a single complaint from anyone I saw in the area.

The beaches were relatively clean. There appeared to be an occasional broken bottle on shore--most likely washed up from the tide. The sand was a lot more powdery than I expected and felt nice to walk on. The water was beautiful, with a mix of blue hues. It was only really warm enough the first two days of our trip to go swimming. We snorkeled on the second day, and I'm glad we did. The reef (not far from shore) was breath taking with all the different tropical fish swimming around. Some of the fish seemed curious and would even get close to you if you stayed still. We even saw a large orange starfish (like what's on their penny). There was some confusion because a person we initially shared the taxi from the airport with said he called the resort and was told they no longer offered snorkeling. We were happy to find, however, that they did have the quite a few fins, masks, and tubes for people to use. They ask that you only spend an hour with the equipment so others can have a turn (fair enough!). They had quite a few kayaks you could take out--the water is calm enough that you don't need to worry about getting knocked over. Also, they had a couple of small sailboats that could be taken out.

We were a little annoyed with the people selling the necklaces/shirts/hats/etc. We bought a necklace from "Jackie", who was very persistent. She didn't bother us after that, so it's a good thing we bought it on the second day (she even reminded us what we told her the previous day--that we'd bring money for her that day). The others with her weren't as persistent, and they seemed to respect people who gave a definitive "No." If you hesitate or make up an excuse, don't expect them to leave you alone. About the prices--"Jackie" said the necklaces are typically $12 but she would sell me one for $10. I told her to come back the next day. I ended up offering her $8 (without much resistance from her). I went to Port Lucaya the next day and saw similar necklaces for around $6. You might be able to bargain more with them, but I figured $8 was a fair price since that's how they make a living.

We didn't attend any shows in the theater, but we heard some of the performances were actually pretty good. We played bingo in the afternoon that turned into a drinking game--if you called out bingo and didn't actually have bingo, you had to take a shot of tequila. For kids, they had to drink a Shirley temple. On warmer days, they say you have to jump in the pool for calling it out too soon (it was too cold to do that when we were there).

On one evening, we ventured to the casino near the International Bazaar. It was $17 per person, and I think $3 or $5 for each additional passenger thereafter. It might be too far for some people to ride a bicycle (free to rent at the resort). We did ride a bicycle to Port Lucaya, which was more populated/commercialized than the area around Viva Fortuna. Also, they have an ATM that dispenses US$ at the Our Lucaya hotel/resort (in case you're in need). Surprisingly, it didn't seem to charge a usage fee--so the only fee you are left with is from your bank.

All in all, it was a nice trip. I would agree with the 3-star rating of the resort. The rooms are ok but not extravagant--they serve their main purpose of providing a comfortable place to sleep/wash while you are there. The food is ok--you won't get culinary masterpieces but there is enough variety to accommodate most people. The people are friendly--you sometimes just need to be blunt (but friendly) that you are not interested in buying something. The beaches are nice and there are things/activities available to help pass your time. I was surprised that there is an on-site liquor store and convenience/drug store. The convenience store sells, among other things, magazines, snacks, souvenirs, cigars (even Cuban cigars), and various other necessities/niceties you may have forgotten to pack.

Things to consider bringing: an alarm clock since we didn't have one in the room; beach towels (if you don't want to use the ones they provide); soap/shampoo since they provide an all-in-one body/hair soap gel; a roll of $1 bills for tipping because the front desk runs out of change quite frequently; comfortable shoes if you plan on riding bikes; a friendly attitude because the staff seems to react in the same manner you do; an open mind because it actually is a decent resort if you can look past the minor imperfections.

Would I go back? Probably not, but not because I had a bad experience. It was a nice place to visit and if I had to do it over again I would. But there are other places I would like to try and I'm glad I had the opportunity to try Viva Fortuna.

The worst!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Please don't waste your money like we did. I read these reviews before going and should have believed them more. Our room had cockroaches and ants everywhere, the soaps they provide were rotten, the sheets were dirty and you had to put down $100 just to activate the phone and each additional minute cost you a fortune. We didn't even spend one night there it disgusted us so much. Thank God it wasn't my honeymoon or I would have been even more mad. We ended up staying at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort which was even cheaper and was absolutely gorgeous. Go there, trust me or you'll regret wasting your time and money at the "Fabulous Club Viva Fortuna" also (YEAH RIGHT)!

Terrible holiday to Club Fortuna

from A TripAdvisor Member
We went to club Fortuna in 2001. We were thorougly dissappointed. The room was the first nightmare, it was dirty and needed redecorating. The staff were horrendous and completely rude and unhelpful, they basically chucked the drinks at you! Drinks were served in plastic cups!

The bar staff were absolutely vile, they hated us it appeared!

The beach would have been nice if the seaweed had been cleared, which it was on the last day of our holiday!!

The buffet restaurant was dirty and had cockroaches crawling over the cups. The italian restaurant was awful, and the staff completely rude. If you were there after 8.30 you would not get a dessert!!

Good luck!!

5-Star All The Way

from A TripAdvisor Member
Club Viva Fortuna is a TRUE world class 5-Star resort in my opinion. They treat you like a king. Beach is one of the best i've seen. Great restaurants. Awesome nightclub. Very nice rooms. Great views. All kinds of planned activities and watersports...did i mention tons of chics...yeah :)

Beautiful and a good deal.

from A TripAdvisor Member
-beautiful beach
-nice atmosphere
-nice rooms

food at the resort was awful - barely edible

It was really beautful and relaxing to laze about the beach. I had a good time with that. Generally, though, I don't think I'd ever go back. It was pleasant and I had a good time, but once was enough.

Excellent wekend stay

from A TripAdvisor Member
Club Viva Fortuna, is an great place to go for a weekend getaway. The service iwas excellent and the staff treats you like royalty.

I would recommend staying at this resort anyone traveling to the Bahamas.

Top Local Tips for Freeport

TrikPony We went horseback riding on the beach with Leo of TrikPony and it was the best part of our trip. My husband had never been on a horse before and our daughter shows horses, so it truly is for everyone! Taking the horses into the ocean and getting wet was a blast and something we would love to again!! Worth every cent we paid, and the best pictures and scenary!!

TrikPony We went horseback riding on the beach with Leo of TrikPony and it was the best part of our trip. My husband had never been on a horse before and our daughter shows horses, so it truly is for everyone! Taking the horses into the ocean and getting wet was a blast and something we would love to again!! Worth every cent we paid, and the best pictures and scenary!!

Travel Try to limit yourself to 2 flights. We had many problems on the way down and I dont know just make sure you dont have too short of a layover and try to have as few flights as possible.


Other names for Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Hotel

  • wyndham hotel freeport
  • wyndham freeport
  • viva wyndham fortuna beach resort
  • viva wyndham fortuna beach
  • viva wyndham fortuna
  • viva fortuna
  • freeport wyndham
  • club viva fortuna
  • Address: Churchill Dr & Doubloon Rd - Freeport - Bahamas
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