Tamarijn Aruba Beach Resort Hotel

, Oranjestad, Aruba
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Tamarijn Aruba Beach Resort Hotel

, Oranjestad
J E Irausquin Blvd 41 - Oranjestad - 41 - Aruba 582/4150
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from pinegrove2
We went on our honeymoon to Aruba and stayed at the Tam. The rooms were very nice and clean, larger than we thought they would be. We were in room 2220 and had the second floor. I would reccomend the second floor for the view and also privacy. The food was great, so much better than the other islands that we have visited over the years. The service was great and Rony at the bar was great and helpful and drinks were not watered down at all. Check in went fast and check out was the same.
Went on the sunset cruise and the party bus, was great. So very organized in Aruba. The Tam sits alone and we went down the beach to see the other hotels. They were right on top of each other and very, very crowed! We like the relaxed time and had a great honeymoon. Being a travel agent, I would reccommed this hotel.

Why was everyone so happy?

from A TripAdvisor Member
Let me tell you why everyone was so happy. First off, I must say that our travel agent, Liberty Travel, strongly advised us against this property. How wrong they were! My fiance and I stayed at the Tamarijin from August 18th until August 24th of 2003. It was truly unbelievable. We are advid travels and can not rate this resort high enough.The food was out of this world. Not your standard all inclusive fare. You can opt for the buffett or make reservations at different restaurants. The first night we were there, the buffett actually had filet mignon cooked to your preference. As well as different types of fish and wonderful salads. We were extremely pleased at all of the reservation restaurants with the exception of the Papporizzi - we are from New York and we know good italian food - they're from Aruba and don't. You will Never go hungry. You can always get food at the snack shack that has very good bar food (Pizza, chicken fingers, etc.).The drinks were excellent as well. We are heavy drinkers and were tickled pink when we saw the Myer's Rum and Stoli Vodka. Bartenders were always on the ball, never leaving you waiting for a drink.The service was freindly and helpful. The staff really just want you to have a great time. Everyone we met had the same wonderful things to say about them.The beach is very nice. It is not as nice as many of the other islands for it is a bit rocky. This was not a big deal and we were in the water constantly - snorkeling, Kyacking, and swimming.Compared to all of the other places we have been, I would recommend this place before any of the others because of the food, drinks, and service.Oh yah, and I read all the reveiws commenting that the rooms are so-so. No, they are not the Ritz, but they are clean, all right on the water and the A/C did the job it is supposed to do.Tipping is not expected but the service was so good that we tipped everyone. Hell, we wanted to get to the kitchen staff just so we could give them a few bucks as well.This resort is an excellent value and the best all inclusive we have ever been to.My only advice is this: Do Not get your hair braided and do not go to De Palm Island!

The TAM is wonderful.

from Choclatelab
My husband, our 14 year old son and I just returned from a wonderful week at the Tam in Aruba -Aug 18 thru the 25th. We had a good experience from start to finish.Let me say one thing about the Tam vs.
the Divi contraversy. It depends on what you like. Although the surroundings at the Divi may be more upscale, to us it seemed quiet and therefore not as much fun. We like a lot of activity going on around us and the Tam had more people, better conversation, better entertainment and was far more lively. Depends on what you are looking for. Our room was more than adequate for three, clean and with two queen size beds.
The food was better than most resorts we have stayed at from the buffet to the Paparazzi, Red Parrot and the Palm Court. And we are well travelled-Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cancun etc. This is the low season in Aruba so there were lines to book trips, see someone at the front desk or order from the pool side grill. That's the worst thing I can say about the Tam. If you have teenagers this is the place for them. Our son made many friends from all around the world and we hardly ever saw him after the second day. He had fun and we got to spend some time alone. All win situation. As it regards the excursions, the best one was a half day at DePalm Island. If you like to snorkel this is the place. I saw the most beautiful fish I have ever seen and can't wait to do it again. Horseback riding was a mixed bag. My son loved it and had a good horse. My horse was tired and testy and bucked so much that he scared me and I had to be led back to the barn by the guide. Others we talked to seem to have similiar experiences, some good some bad. ARUBA IS WONDERFUL. It is by far the safest place in the Caribbean we have been to with very friendly people and no grinding, depressing poverty that I often find (DR, Jamaica) and that upsets me to see. We just loved the place and it was our best vacation yet. I can't recommend it highly enough. If you are looking for luxurious accomodations and an upscaled quite place, the Tam is not for you. But if you are fun loving, like to chat and be entertained go here. It's the best.

Beautiful setting horrible service

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I went to the Tamarijn from Aug. 9-17. We are very easy going people and do not get upset easily. We absolutely loved the room and the fact that you walk out the door and your on the beach. As a lot of other people have said, the service at the Tam. is horrible. There were a couple of good bartenders and waiters but the rest were very rude and lazy. The tips are supposed to be included but they still put tip jars out. I would have tipped if the service was some what good, but you sit there waiting to order a drink and they ignore you, this is when there is no one else at the bar. The food at the resturants was good so was the service. The buffet was horrible, it was the same thing every day and the service here was terrible. I may be spoiled though because i have been on cruises, and on cruises they treat you like king and queens and the food is outstanding. I would definitely reccomend the tamarijn, just be prepared for bad service and have a great time.
If you do any excursions there definitely do the Kukoo Kunoko party bus, youll never have an experience like it. Do not do the Tattoo party boat, not worth it. Have a great time!

Tamarijn Aug 9 - Aug 16 2003

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from a beautiful week in Aruba. My husband, son, sister, nephew and I stayed at the Tamarijn. First time. The weather was great and we had a good time. I enjoyed the location of the Tamarijn. Being on the ocean with walk out rooms is fantastic. I wouldn't stay at the Tamarijn again though. I would stay at the Divi.
The rooms were nicer and the staff was much friendlier. We found the housekeeping staff to be very friendly and very accomodating. The rest of the staff was very rude. It was very hard to get any help from the concierge or front desk. The resteraunt staff was extremely rude or just not around when you needed them. Their counterparts at the Divi were just the opposite. We actually checked into switching locations but were unable to do so because there were no rooms available at the Divi. If there had been we would have changed in a heartbeat. On the first night there our room had no air conditioning. After 5 contacts and 7 hours to the management my husband finally helped install an air conditioner around Midnight. It looked like it was the only way we were going to get one. Like I said if we were to return it would be to the Divi. I wouldn't want to stay in one of the high rise hotels. It's so nice to be right on the beach.

Loved the Tamarijn in Aruba

from A TripAdvisor Member
My friend, Anita, and I are anxiously awaiting for Sept. 6. We will be returning to the Tamarijn in Aruba for the 4 th time. Two weeks this year. We love the Tamarijn and Aruba. The people are so kind and considerate and the Tamarijn staff is superb. The island is so safe, we walk at night and have no fear of being bothered. Shopping is very reasonable. Everything about the island is relaxing. The town is very clean and beautiful. We can't imagine going anywhere else. Try it, you will definitely love it.See you in Aruba, Kerry and Anita

Tamarijn is a Good Value for the Price

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just got back from the Tam on July 26th. It was not a elegent highrise hotel but what I wanted, which was clean and right on the beach with a great ocean view. The food was moderate - sometimes very good - sometimes just adequate. No complaints at all about the drinks.
There were a few glitches, like not being able to get beach towels and mats when we needed them, but be insistent and they will come through.
Also, there was a problem with the room key late one night, and they said they had no way to rekey it then, so it was like sorry, you can't get back in your room until tomorrow. Again, be insistent on anything that goes wrong and they will come through. The people were friendly and helpful for the most part. An annoyance was being approached frequently to visit a time share - not what I wanted to do on my vacation. The positives are it is about 10 minutes from the airport, close to downtown, the weather was great - only 1 hour of rain in 7 days, a nice breeze blowing all the time so you don't get so hot and miserable, it is out of the hurricane track, right on the beach, and I felt very safe leaving the resort and exploring the island. I would definitely go back but like the lush, tropical flavor of other islands better than the aridness of Aruba.


from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I stayed at the Tamarijn from July 5, 2003 – July 12, 2003. We are 28 and 26. Overall, our experience at the Tamarijn and in Aruba was FANTASTIC. The Tamarijn is not a fancy resort, but it is an excellent value for the price. The rooms are simple, but very clean. We loved being able to step off our patio and walk directly onto the beach. We were in the 1300 block. The water in front of this block is rocky, but on the flip side, we were steps away from the pool and the snack bar. We were actually very close to everything (lobby, bar, restaurants, gift shops, etc.). The buffet was average (no major complaints), however, we thoroughly enjoyed the dinner restaurants that required reservations. The pool area is not fancy, but it is more than adequate. We also had access to the Divi. The Divi is more upscale than the Tamarijn. In our opinion, the Tamarijn is best suited for couples, families, or singles who enjoy a laid back atmosphere.Aruba was paradise. The constant wind made the weather very pleasant. The crime rate in Aruba is low so we felt very safe venturing out at night. Our main source of transportation was the public bus. It costs $2 round trip per person. Cabs are available, but they are much more expensive. There was plenty to do (shopping, casinos, jet skiing, bar hopping, cruises, jeep safaris, snorkeling, relax, horseback riding…EVERYTHING). The highlight of our trip was 'Sea Trek.' We ventured down 25 feet into the Caribbean Sea and were able to walk on the sea floor, view a sunken airplane, see tons of fish, and visit an underwater cafĂ©. You do not need to know how to swim for this underwater adventure. The 'Sea Trek' staff was EXCELLENT. They made us feel comfortable and constantly checked to see if we were o.k. while we were under water. All of our excursions were booked through DePalm Tours. Other tours that we would highly recommend are the jeep safari and the party bus (bar hopping tour).The only negative aspect of our trip was rain. Normally, rain is extremely rare in Aruba, however, there was a hurricane in Cancun that affected the weather in Aruba. We had rain at some point for 4 or 5 consecutive days. Generally, there was a downpour for about 10 minutes and it would pass over, but a couple of nights it rained for hours. In the grand scheme of things this was an inconvenience, but not a big deal. We were there for 7 nights and at the end of our trip we wanted to stay longer. We would return to Aruba in a heartbeat. Aruba 'one friendly island' is heaven on earth!!!

aruba on a budget

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Tamarijn is a really nice resort. The rooms are clean and comfortable and all of them are oceanfront. The beach is narrow and rocky but snorkeling is fair and I saw a lot of people windsurfing. The food is average, eat at the paparazzi for best food and service.
Location is excellent, you can take bus to town and or the other resorts along the beach. The people of Aruba are just as beautiful and accommadating as the island itself is. This resort offers a real deal children under 18yrs. are free. My husband, myself and my 13yr old son paid 219.00 a night(all inclusive!!!) Aruba is an exotic desert island, go on all the tours you can afford. I fell in love with Aruba, I hope to go back someday....

Loved the Tam/Divi

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I recently spent a week at the Tamarijn and had a great time. We were extremely glad that we paid the small extra amount to be able to enjoy the amenities of the Divi resort next door. We spent the majority of our time at the Divi. The food was good at both places, the drinks were good, the people were nice, and the nightly entertainment was good. Kayaking was fun, snorkeling was just ok as there weren't reefs or a lot of fish near the hotels. We felt relaxed, entertained, and we thoroughly enjoyed the week. The Tam/Divi are not ritzy and glamorous, and don't need to be. They are an excellent value, and are clean and safe. The fresh pizza in the stone oven at the Divi makes for an excellent lunch. The breakfast buffets, the Red Parrott, Paparazzi all had good food. Our room in the 1900's near the Tam bunker bar had an ocean view and a nice beach. The weather in Aruba is terrific because it rarely rains and the consistant wind keeps you from getting too hot. We rented a jeep one day, but didn't enjoy the driving tour as much as we have on other islands. The interior of Aruba is dry and ugly, and the roads are horribly marked. It's very easy to miss turns.
The natural bridge is ok. Baby beach provides decent snorkeling. If we return to Aruba, we'll give the Tam/Divi another visit as we enjoyed our stay.

Top Local Tips for Oranjestad

Arubus The public bus is safe, easy and inexpensive to use. The driver will make change and let you know when you have arrived and where to find the return stop.

Skip the bus Take a taxi to your hotel, you'll save time and cab fare is reasonable.

Making Dinner Reservations Take a few minutes when you arrive for the week to look at the restaurant selections for the Tam and Divi. You will need to make reservations at each restaurant in order to be seated. So first come first serve. Make all your reservations early on so you don't have to worry about it. Either try to do this when you first arrive or very early the following morning when there are no people at the concierge desk where this is taken care of. You can also book all of your planned side trips/tours at the same desk.


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  • Address: J E Irausquin Blvd 41 - Oranjestad - 41 - Aruba
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