Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

, Oranjestad, Aruba
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Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort & Casino Hotel

, Oranjestad
L G Smith Blvd 82 - Oranjestad - Aruba Hotel Website | 583/6000
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Excellent at the Renaissance

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Renaissance was a wonderful experience for my wife and myself.
Because of the location, in O'stad, we did not require a car. (I cabbed it to the golf course for my 1 round). While the Beach Tower was completing construction, we stayed in the Marina tower. Our room was clean, updated, and fresh smelling. Service began at the moment we arrived, and contiued until the departure time. The most exceptional part of the Renaissance is the private island. It has all the amenities, and serves great lunches. Two beaches and lagoons are there, one is "american, and the other can be considered "european or adult" (topless). If drinking is your thing happy hours were staggered so you could hit all of them at the resort. 3:00 to 4:00 on the island, 4:00 to 5:00 at the Marina tower, and 5:00 to 7:00 at the Beach tower. Since this was our first trip to Aruba, (and third vacation of the year), we vowed to relax, and relax we did. Spent the first three days on the island soaking up sun and drinks, veturred about for a couple days, and wrapped up the stay with a couple days on the island. I would recommmend this for anyone who is a first timer, as you will get a good feel of the aruba city life. Return visits may take you to "hotel row", which is removed some miles from the marina and O'stad city. If we were to return we would stay at the Renaissance. As I am primarily brand loyal by nature, I stay at Marrioot. This trip was booked through American Airlines vacations. Our trip included a 150.00 room credit, and several usable values, 2 for 1 breakfast, 2 for 1 spa and massage, 2 for 1 las vegas style show (two casinos at the resort.) this is not quite up to the Renaissance in Chicago, but it is a quality hotel that is being completely refurbished. The staff is attentive in the Marriott fashion. Bartenders are a bit slow as compared to the city, but hey, you are in Aruba man, be patient. Great place, and would recommend take a look for the price. Local food hangouts are excellent. Go off beaten poath in O'stad and try the cuban restaraunt.

Private Island worth the trip

from A TripAdvisor Member
My boyfriend and I left for Aruba on Christmas Day. When we arrived at the Renaissance we were slightly caught off guard with the service and treatment we received. The resort is very nice, however most of the staff does not reflect the star status of the resort. We stayed in the Marina tower and were hoping to be upgraded to the Beach tower......don't expect this on one of the busiest weeks of the year.
Plus, we weren't aware most of the Beach tower rooms are time shares.
The Marina Tower rooms have literally just been redone. Our room looked completely brand new.....with the exception of the bathtub and toilet.
What makes the resort spectacular is the private island. It was pretty neat taking the boat over (2-3 minute ride) to Renaissance's own private island. There's a gym, a spa, restaurant (we received the best service of our entire trip here), and two beautiful white sand beaches with plenty of lounge chairs and hammocks. The drinks at the private island are also much better than those at the actual resort. We visited the "hotel strip" at Palm beach a few times and even though you can walk out of the hotel onto the beach, we preferred the private island hands down. Palm beach is crowded and we heard from many guests staying in one of the hotels there that you had to fight for a lounge chair and if you got up to go get a drink or whatever, someone would steal your chair even if you left your towel and "stuff" laying on it. We never came close to having this problem at the Renaissance. This resort hopefully will improve on the service. I know the Renaissance just recently purchased this resort and are still in the "improvement" process. We would definitely go back to this resort. However it won't be during Christmas week. The rates during this week were around $300/night which is almost double the cost at other times in the year.
Now after saying that, we had one of the best New Year's that either of us have ever experienced. We had a great dinner, believe it or not, at Texas de of our hometown favorites. DO NOT go here unless you are a big meat eater. After a wonderful dinner with exceptional service, we walked across the street to the Hyatt where we waited until midnight in two chairs on the beach. In Aruba on New Year's, fireworks are constantly going off ALL day and night with big finallies so to speak at a quarter 'til midnight and keep goint until about 12:10 a.m.
It was absolutley beautiful. I can't even begin to explain it. We also learned while we were there, you need to make reservations ahead of time if you want to go to some of the popular restaurants....ex. El Gaucho. We weren't on this trip to make reservations and be tied to a schedule, so we were okay just going when we wanted to go. To wrap it up, this was a great resort. It's right downtown and when you go downstairs you're in one of the best walk around single story malls around. Gucci, Cariter, Guess, many high end jewelry stores (remember everything is duty free), among other high end stores right out your front door. The service is where they are lacking. Plus, we weren't aware of the 15% service charge EVERYWHERE. Then on top of that they ask you to give a tip to the waiter. Both of us have waited in the past and feel too guilty not leaving anything, so most of the time we were leaving 30% when we finished our meal. This is a little over the top, but we were unaware how to handle these situations and were too lazy to ask.....we will probably go back to Aruba and when we do we will probably either stay at the Renaissance, the Wyndham or the Ritz-Carrolton(still two years from completion).

Watch out for construction

from reena102
Beware- the beach tower at the Renaissance is under construction until the end of the year. We arrived to check in on 10/15/22 and had to wait about an hour at the front desk because there was some problem they wouldn't tell us about. Finally the manager came out, offered us free drinks, and explained that due to the contruction there was a lack of quiet rooms to offer. They were sending all beach tower guests to the marina tower or to their sister hotels (Marriott). Luckily, since we are Marriott Reward members, they upgraded us to a suite at the Marriott Vacation Club. This was fantastic! So, despite the initial problems checking in, the manager made up for the inconvenience and we had a great trip. I'm sure once the contruction is done, it will be a great hotel. Our friends stayed at the marina tower and had a nice time.

The Renassiance was fantastic

from A TripAdvisor Member
We were in Aruba for 8 nights and loved every one of them. This was our first trip to this great island, we plan to go back. I had read reviews on the Renaissance and had contemplated cancelling our trip based on what I read. Am I ever glad I didn't. Our stay was very enjoyable. The Renaissance is the only hotel property downtown. We stayed at the Marina Tower and visited the Beach Tower during our stay. The room was comfortable but a little small. The construction at the Beach Tower was very noisy. While there was some construction at the Marina Tower most of it had been completed. However, being close to shopping, and the nightlife made up for these minor inconveniences. It was wonder to wake up almost every moring to the site of a new cruise ship docked for the day. One evening we watched as one sailed off for their next destination. The highlight of the trip was by far the private island owned by the Renaissance and only open to guest of the hotel. The boat ride to the island was great, as were the many amenities once you arrived.This hotel will be almost perfect once all the renovations are completed! I cant wait to go back!

Loved It, Despite the Construction!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Bon Bini! We were at the Rennaissance Beach Tower from September 26 - October 3, then we moved to the Marina Tower from October 3 - October 6. We absolutedly loved both experiences. Yes they are renovating the beach tower, but they really did a great job using the Salsa music to sound out the construction noise while at the pool. They have completed the renovation at the Marina Tower and what a great job done - I can't wait to see the end result at the Beach Tower. The private island is absolutely fabulous and they really go out of their way to make your experience fabulous. If you're a meat eat, Le Brasserrie (right next to the concierge desks at the Marina Tower) serves a fabulour Prime Rib, I really mean fabulous. They roast the meat first then they grill it, it's so tender and tasty. They serve you a complete meal including a salad, soup, and desert bar, a full bottle of decent Chilean Wine (per couple), and all the prime rib that you can eat for $24.00 usd per person. You're right downtown, where all the action and shopping is. We met several people that commented that they felt deserted while at their resorts in the low and high rise areas, because they didn't have the action that there is downtown. We had a great time and would go back again right now and not choose to stay anywhere else construction or no construction. Enjoy!

Sonesta- more like SoNASTY

from wolftactical
First let me start off saying that I had read seveal reviews claiming the Sonesta beach resort was great...UGH...nothing close! We went for our honeymoon and were lured with the "beautiful fountain designed by the famous Bellagio designer"...this appeared to be a luxurious temptation! WRONG! From the moment we arrived, a carnival was going on and the taxi could not allow is in the main entrance, so we walked 2 blocks in the heat with all our bags for a week! Upon arrival, it was no better than a Ramada inn...smelly and old. We decided to get to the room, we had a suite, and we both almost fell to tears! I immediately opened the phone book begging any hotel to take us away from this dump. We found a gracious Radisson available. Granted for 3 times the price, but oh so worth it! Went to "check out" and were charged $20 for the local phone calls. Poor service truly ended our brief SONASTY experience...RADISSON WAS AMAZING and had the BEST FOOD I HAVE HAD IN YEARS! Go to the Radisson if your looking for relaxation and incredicle food, along with a little gaming at night!

Under Contruction

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back from Aruba 09/24/03-09/28/03 staying at the Renaissance Beach Resort and would not recommend staying there until after the construction is over. Every day the construction crews were using Jack Hammers to remove the tile floors in the lobby and first floor rooms. I could not enjoy laying by the pool because of the noise levels.

The service was good.

Okeanos Spa

from Dipsylee
Just returned from a great visit to Aruba. Tried the spa at the Renaissance for the first time! And it won't be the last--it was wonderful!!! I had never visited a spa before, but it was everything I had heard it should be! Next time I would like to have the treatment out on the private island--how decadent! We love the Renaissance. Nelson, Natalia and Fatima at the pool bar always make the trip fun. And once renovation is completed on the Beach tower rooms, they will be so elegant. We stayed our last 2 nts in Aruba at the Occidental, and while the food was great and Fanny was a gem of a waitress, it will be back to the Renaissance for us, for sure! For a quiet and relaxing catamaran sunset sail, call Jethro for reservations on the Octopus--he sails from Pelican Pier.

A great combination of the town and beach

from pab99
Following on from a disappointing week at the Tamarijn Resort, my wife and I had a great time at the Rennaisance Beach Tower in Oranjstad. We selected the hotel because we to stay in town, which has a few attractive buildings and has some good bars and restaurants (particulary Chez Matilde). The really pleasant surprise was that although there is a good pool and a small beach on the hotel site, you can also use the Rennaisance Island which accessed by a shuttle boat. The island has some great beaches and a really nice atmosphere.The only thing to warn you about is that the hotel is undergoing some significant re-decoration, which will not be completed till December 20th. Never the less the staff were efficient and the suites were clean and very comfortable.

August 7-11 2003

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back from a four-night and five day stay at the Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort. My girlfriend and I stayed at the beach tower. The beach tower has 3 pools and gives you a beach or garden view. There is really no beach area to swim in except a small man-made cove. The best part of staying at the Renaissance is the private Renaissance Island, only allowed for Renaissance guests. The island is very small has a bar, hammocks, beach chairs and takes a 10-15 minute boat ride to get there. Yes, it is next to the airport but you don't really notice the noise. Come one, it is a vacation and seems like you are trapped on Gilligan's island. The rooms at the Renaissance were not all that great, I would really give it a 2 - 2 1/2 star rating. Somewhat dingy and old. If you are going to stay in the room a lot and are use to the very nice rooms, another option should be available. Hotel is situated right in Downtown Aruba. The Seaport Mall and Village is right in walking distance. All other hotels are driving distance away from restaurants and shops. So, if you don't stay at Renaissance rent a car. If you do stay at Renaissance rent a car for 2 days to checkout the island.Since the Renaissance is very close to the airport, if you are staying here. It is best to take a taxi. I arranged De Palm Tours to drop us off, but was more expensive.Places that we ate at: The Waterfront Crabhouse- very good, service excellent and friendly, pricey. Chaz Matilhide - everything was very good except the entrees. Very expensive and very elegant. Romantic with a piano player. Iguana Joe's - bar-like restaurant, surprsingly not bad at all. Like the buffalo wings. The pink iguana was the best drink on the menu. Scandals - food okay, not great. service okay. La Dolce Vita - Food was really not good here. Could not finish the entree and only thing good was dessert. La Trattoria El Faro Blanco - food is just awful here. Great view and atmosphere but that is it. Next to the lighthouse and must go for lunch to take it all in. Don't really need to dress up at any restaurant except maybe Chaz Mathlide.Used the Dine-around program coupons, I don't particularly think it was worth it.******************Activities: Used Sunshine Watersport to go waverunning, very professional and Eagle beach is just awesome. Clear blue water and huge stretch of water to do your wave running on. De Palm Sunset sail - romantic and very nice new catamaran. Jolly Pirates - Sail, Snorkel and Swim, boat was run down, crew fun, snorkeling fun, but if you don't want to sail around in a barnacle heap, go somewhere else. Mechado Motorsport - Rented an ATV here, very professional, used it to ride around the California Lighthouse area.Aruba is very hot and sun is very strong bring your sunblock, sunglasses and beach clothes. All stores and most restaurants closed Sundays. All stores in generally close at 6:00pm - 7:00pm everyday. Do your shopping early. Casinos very small and not very enticing to play at if you been to vegas.All in all a good vacation, but likely would not go back to Aruba.

Top Local Tips for Oranjestad

It DOES rain in Aruba Don't believe the Aruban marketing materials! It DOES rain here sometimes.

Relax! The island is small and it has things for all tastes. Just rent a car, drive everywhere and get a taste of everything. It is worth spending some money on a couple of good restaurants. And don't miss the party on Tuesday! By the way, ARRIVE AT THE AIRPORT AT LEAST 3 HOURS AHEAD! The security process is ridicoulous!

Use the Taxi's Don't bother with the DePalm Tour that takes you to and from the airport. All of the hotels are within 15 minutes of the airport. There are always taxi's at the airport. You will be out basking in the sun much faster by taking the taxi than sitting in the tour bus that stops at 5 or 6 hotels.


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  • renaissance oranjestad
  • renaissance hotel aruba
  • renaissance aruba resort casino
  • renaissance aruba resort & casino
  • renaissance aruba resort
  • renaissance aruba hotel
  • renaissance aruba
  • oranjestad renaissance
  • Address: L G Smith Blvd 82 - Oranjestad - Aruba
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