Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa Hotel

, Eagle Beach, Aruba
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Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa Hotel

, Eagle Beach
J E Irausquin Blvd 55 - Eagle Beach - Aruba Hotel Website | 582-3444
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa Hotel

Great Hotel - Terrible Hotel Restaurant

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at Manchebo from 9/3/04 thru 9/12/04. The hotel was a fantanstic deal. It was rated a 3 star hotel but it seemed very close to a 4 star. Check in was easy. We stayed in room#9. It was very clean. The ocean view was a little questionable.

The white sand beach was spectacular. Before the hurricane, the beach was listed as a 10 acre beach. After the hurricame, I'm sure it's only about 5 acres now but the beach itself was still excellent. The beach held up pretty good compared to the other hotels. Most others were washed away. Also, we were suprised to find out that this was a topless beach. I rather enjoyed the scenary. People did bring a few younger children but it wasn't a very big deal.

Most of our tours were cancelled. The only one we were able to complete was a snorkling trip on a sail boat called the Octopus. It was only $25. I would highly recommend this. It was a great time with excellent snorkeling.

My only complaint is with the food service. I thought that Manchebo's service was horrible (even before the hurricane). I ordered the same breakfast 4 days in a row and each day it was different and not very good. If it was only $4-$5 I wouldn't complain. The menu price was $10.95. We ate dinner there a few times and were not impressed. The 15% added service charge to every meal takes away the waiters motivation to pay attention to you. We stopped in one night just for dessert. The waiter appeared to be ticked off and made it seem like we were wasting his time. It took them over 30 minutes to serve us!!! The 2 best places to eat are Texas de Brazil and Tony Romas. The food and service were spectacular at each location.

In summary, visit here for the hotel and the beach. They are a great value.

Avoid the hotel restaurant at all costs!

Manchebo Beach great despite a hurricane

from A TripAdvisor Member
I had read all of the reviews posted here about Manchebo Beach resort and so my wife and I decided to book there for our first Aruba vacation Sept 3 through the tenth 2004.
I had read that I should ask for room 5 because it had the best view but it was not available, so we checked into room 6 right next door. This room was clean and had a very comfortable queen sized bed. The staff tried very hard to please us and we had a very good time here during our stay. Our maid worked very hard and kept our room always in good condition. The staff at the hotel was very agreeable and made our stay very pleasant.
The breakfast served at Manchebo was top rate and my wife and I agree that this is an excellent hotel where we will stay again.
We ate at the French Steak house and had their ambassador special. This was very good and I recommend it highly. At $29 dollars a person it was one of the better food prices that we found on the island. For breakfast we found a delightful restaurant about a mile away called the “French Deli” we discovered it by accident when we went grocery shopping next store. This restaurant has breakfast croissants, which literally melted in our mouths. They also had a fruit cup (with yogurt) which in it self made a delicious meal.
One night found us at “Tangos” for supper. Their ribs combined with a very entertaining singer made a really enjoyable evening. We only wish we could have caught the tango dancers while we were there.
The high light of our trip was the wonderful supper we enjoyed at the “Flying Fishbone” They have their own web site. We watched the sunset here while eating barefoot on the water’s edge. A saxophone player went from table to table serenading the patrons with love songs while the waiters were also bare foot. If you plan to go you should realize that due to the latitude difference between Aruba and the eastern united states the time for sunset will be somewhat different than you would experience on the east coast. We found a web site for sunrise and sunsets for the dates of our trip before booking at the restaurant.
Every restaurant in Aruba charges a 15% service charge added to the meal. I had several waiters claim that it was not a tip. Some of the places had the audacity to actually put this information on the menu. If they want more money why not just raise the price of the food instead of trying to make it seem like we are tipping the staff? From what I could observe the 15% was divided among all of the help at the restaurant. The waiters felt this was not enough and that we should give more to the waiter because of this. Personally this practice irritated me and when ever a waiter told me this I decided not to go back to his establishment.
We made the mistake of renting a Suziki type of jeep. That darn thing didn’t come with air conditioning or back windows. We got hot, dusty and wet (in the aftermath of the hurricane).
Get a real car or a jeep with air and roll up windows. These clowns even told me I had to put the “club” on the steering wheel when ever I parked the vehicle.
For side trips we went horse back riding to the natural pool and snorkeling with Depalm tours. Both were great and worth the bucks.
We also made a side trip to the Our Lady of Lourdes grotto to see what one persons faith could accomplish. I was impressed.
Now the down side of our trip.
During our stay at Manchebo Ivan (a hurricane) threatened the island. The first one in 137 years, so say the islanders.
This island is ill equipped to manage or even understand how to deal with such a monster storm. I hope that the local government soon gets its act together. The local television stations only broadcast in Spanish and there was no local information available to the tourists in timely fashion. Information was posted every so often on a bulletin board in the hotel lobby but I felt we were not being given enough information. Luckily we had a car and could go to the store and buy supplies in the event the hurricane struck, other guests were not so lucky. We ended up taking another couple to the store so they too could stock up on food and water.
The government told every one to go back to their hotel rooms and wait it out. No other guidance was given. Our only defense against this category 5 storm was some masking tape placed on our patio windows. (all of the hotels did this, when we asked about plywood we were told the tape would protect us.)
We found another couple who had gone through a hurricane in the Philippines and they recommended that if the storm gets really bad to open the patio door as well as the room door on the other side to relieve the internal pressure to the room and to get under the mattress as protection. Luckily the hurricane turned as it approached so that we were actually fifty miles from the eye and the damage was minimal to our hotel. Mostly flooding and lack of toilets operating. (It turns out all of the low rise hotels are served by a rather small sewer line which can be easily overpowered if flooding occurs.
Our airline, Delta wouldn’t answer the phone when we called. (Which were numerous times).
We had to drive to the airport where we were told there was only one plane leaving and it was booked solid and there were no other planes available to get of f the island. Then after we left the airport and got back to the hotel we found out Delta had lied to us, loaded another plane and flew it off the island. At least when we took a cruise ship Carnival worried about its guests and looked after them, Delta just didn’t care. Unless this changes we will not visit this island during hurricane season again. I don’t care what the government tourist bureau claims about hurricane safety there. On Aruba you will have to take care of yourself.
On the plus side of the hurricane, The staff at Manchebo was short handed but they made every effort to make us as comfortable and fed as possible. (Hats off to the staff at the French Steak House) Sure there was some waiting but they worked like dogs to minimize the discomfort. Excellent job guys!
Depalm tours sent busses around to all the hotels to get the tourists to the airport. (The flooding after the storm kept any cabs or even jeeps from getting through.) They did this even for those who hadn’t bought travel vouchers. Great community spirit.
Jerry Ouellette

The PERFECT beach vacation!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed at the Manchebo Beach Resort Aug 22-29 and had the most amazing time! Loved the hotel, the beach, and Aruba. It was so relaxing- the beautiful turquoise water, soft white sand, the ever present breeze - I wish I was still there.

We had a beautiful ocean view from our 2nd story balcony. The room was clean, spacious and very comfortable. Our bathroom looked like it had recently been redone and we felt we had plenty of room (unlike what others seem to have thought). Don't bring too many clothes- you don't need them!

French steakhouse was great! so great we went twice. The ambassador dinner was wonderful and so reasonable for what you get- thank goodness for the fridge in the room to keep the leftovers!

The spa opened the 2nd day we were there. It was beautiful- looked like it was straight out of Bali. Didn't get a massage but will next time- the huts are right on the beach must be so relaxing!

We enjoyed Manchebo so much we could barely tear ourselves away but did manage to explore the whole island. Spent a few afternoons and nights in Oranjestead for meals and some beers. Cute town with lots of amazing restaurants. We had a great time on Saturday night at Cuba's cooking and later dancing merengue and salsa to a street band.

We rented a jeep one day and explored the whole island- baby beach, malmok, arashi, the lighthouse, the natural bridge, natural pool (bring your snorkel!!).

We visited the high rise area one day and couldn't wait to get back to Manchebo. High rise just seemed very touristy, crowded and loud. Others love it but it just wasn't our scene.

Well we can't wait to go back to Aruba someday - and we'll stay at the Manchebo.

Spoiled by a poor layout

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back from a 6 night stay at the Manchebo Beach Resort. Yes, the people are friendly and the rooms and resort property clean and well kept. The Reasons I will not go back are as follows: 1. You can not view the ocean or the beach from any of the bars or restaurants. 2. The main Bar closes at 8pm. 3. It is a VERY long walk from the beach to the water. You do not get the feeling that you are on a beach, but rather an expanse of sand. Watching a sunset or simply looking at the water while eating or having a drink is a major enjoyment when staying in a place like Aruba. I walked up and down the hotel strip seeing how other hotels handeled these issues and found some with far better layouts. ( Both of the Divi Mega properties were excellent along with the Radison). Other hotels were average, including the resorts on both sides of the Manchebo. None, however placed the Bar and restaurant in as bad a place, or closed as early. Truely a shame as the property was nicely maintaind and the staff friendly. Maybe they will remodel and adjust their hours of operation.

Great hotel, best beach and steak on the island!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We spent our honeymoon in Aruba between August 6-14, and we loved staying at the Manchebo! The ocean view room was very clean, and the patio was great. We spent time at a number of beaches, and this beach is by far the best one. The hotel was sold out (only 71 rooms) and we could barely tell that others were out on the beach. The water was perfect temperature, but the currents are sometimes a little strong. There are better swimming beaches at Malmok, Arashi and Baby Beach (but we thought Baby Beach is overrated, crowded and dirty).

The French Steakhouse is not to be missed! Absolutely the best steak we had there, and we visited a lot of restaurants. California Lighthouse restaurant is very romantic, Sunset Grille at the Hyatt was also very good. Pirate's Nest next door, not so good. Oranjestad is cute for a half day or so, but we thought the shopping wasn't so good.

We enjoyed renting the jeep, be sure to get a top and a/c for it. Car is convenient if you want to check out the other beaches. We thought Malmok was the best snorkeling beach. Water is beautiful, shallow, and lots of fish, including squid!!!

Only two complaints about the Manchebo; the first is the drawers were mildew-smelly, and the second is we didn't like the bathroom towels. As such, we didn't have much shelf space. However, can't say that this caused us much grief, we really enjoyed the hotel. We also were saddened that we missed the opening of the spa by a week - it looks like it will be fabulous!!! The guests were quiet, and they had a nice international flavor.

If you want a nice, relaxing vacation without the hustle and bustle of a resort, this is the place for you. If you want to go to a mega-resort, you may as well go to Hawaii - you don't get the flavor of Aruba at those properties.

All in all, we were very happy with it and would definitely come back.

A great place for a family vacation!

from emilyintheburg
We just finished a week at the Manchebo Beach and had a great family vacation.Our kids are 14, 13 and 13 and had a great time. I thought the other reviews on Trip Advisor were very helpful. The beach is as beautiful as advertised and most importantly, it was uncrowded. We had no problem getting a beach cabana each morning, but a $3 tip does help. I was a little disappointed in the rather steep drop off in the water and the current was a bit strong. The food at the Manchebo was good and, when compared to the rest of the island, it was actually reasonable. The steaks at the French Steakhouse were incredible!. We would highly recommend renting a car for at least three days. We went next door to the Toyota Rental at the Aruba Beach Club and rented a nice size car for the five of us for three days for $84.00. Our favorite destination was the Boca Catalina Beach. Wow!! It was incredible. You could walk out for half a mile and still see the bottom beautifully. The locals also know this is the best place to go. We did travel to Baby Beach. It is a long haul and it was fun to see the variety of fish, but I was much less impressed with this beach. Our favorite restaurants at night included; Iguana Joe's (reasonable, great drinks and fabulous T-shirts), the Promenade ( a drive, but on Friday and Saturday nights, they have all the appetizers you can eat for $25.00 and they were out of this world) and the Buccaneer (extremely reasonable seafood and very popular with the locals so get there early). The iguanas at the Manchebo were alot of fun. The pool was clean and very warm. I think the people at the resort went out of their way to make your stay a happy one. We would highly recommend this resort. It is a great bargain for the beach and lack of crowds.

Perfect for small groups

from AniVee
Just spent a lovely five days at this hotel in July - it's only 71 rooms and the front desk and housekeeping staff are very attentive [the food & bev. people a little less so, but no big problem].

The other guests were a very international mixture and there were some families from the Netherlands with lovely, well behaved children. Rooms have refrig. and coffee makers and we enjoyed having our own Continental breakfast on the terrace/lawn outside our room each a.m. - the island is full of mini-supermarkets and Dunkin' Donut shops for buying the fixings and snacks - the coffee was given by the hotel and our very sweet chambermaid kept us well supplied.

The beach is beautiful, wide, and azure blue water is like a dream - the pool is okay but the water gets a bit warm under the non-stop sun. Only complaint was that one has to run about searching for the one beach boy to have him unlock and put out chairs each morning [a generous tip does wonders, however, surprise, surprise]

Truthfully, staying here and getting a rental car [we got a Daihatsu Cuore for $97 for 3 days] is much better and more independent than staying at one of the high-rise hotels down the way UNLESS you are part of a group so big that you couldn't possibly all go anywhere together anyway. We dined at a different restaurant and hit a different casino each night - plus tooling about the island exploring, swimming and stopping for cold beers and lunch whenever we wanted.
We saw one family group of 7 adults and 6 children at another hotel - for that sort of a group, a Hyatt mega-resort is probably perfect - but for one or two couples or a small family, the Manchebo Beach was great - rooms were a little small [could have used more closet space - could have brought fewer clothes, too! ] Aruba's atmosphere is so sweet, polite and safe -- We'll be back!

Best Beach

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at the Manchebo (6/15 - 6/21). We loved the beach, by far the best. Hotel was just a little to laid back. The Beach bar closed at 8:00PM and the other bar was in the garden terrace resturant and it was very quite. Room was clean and bed was very comfortable. Bathroom really cold use some TLC. Walls needed painting, although tub was clean and looked fairly new. The Beach is the main reason to stay at this hotel. If your looking for a quite beachfront hotel, this is the place to stay.

Wonderful Stay

from sbulldog
Had a great stay at Manchebo May 11-18. Had an oceanview room, which was clean and quiet. The housekeeping staff were very attentive--our room was spotless. The best thing about the resort is the quiet, and the beach. The clientele is an older crowd, many Europeans, topless. The only thing we found a little strange was that during dinner the PegaPega bar closed, and for anyone wanting a drink at 7pm overlooking the beach, followed by dinner, you couldn't do it. You had to go to a bar indoors. The resort is within walking distance to a Casino, and other resorts/restaurants/bars, so even though we rented a car, we probably didn't need it. The small fridge in the room came in handy for keeping snacks and drinks cold. We did tip the maids and the beach chair guy--I know people have complained about tipping him, but it is a lot cheaper than the $10-$15 per day that people pay at the high rises for palapas. Overall, a clean, friendly and affordable place that we are planning to go back to next year.

Bits of hair everywhere!

from DesertDweller32
We felt Manchebo was a good value for the money, particularly with its fabulous beach and water, but there's one thing that bothers - other people's hair. There were bits of other people's hair on the tile floor, on the sheets and pillow cases, on the outside plastic wrap of the cups, in the bathroom. Yuck. Also, be very careful of the tile floor in the room after housekeeping has done their thing - super slick for adults and a skating rink for your child. Damp mopping is left to air dry - and those of you who have been to Aruba know, things don't dry quickly.
We've stayed both at Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. Although the beaches are better at Eagle, the Palm Beach hotels and beaches are not impersonal and crowded. In fact, we received more friendly service at a Palm Beach "high rise"!

Top Local Tips for Eagle Beach

ABC Jeep Tours Ask for a trip with Claudio if you want a wonderful day learning about the island and its people and culture with a couple wonderful snorkeling stops. (Natural Pool and Baby Beach) Do it early in week so if you see or do something you want to return to.

I loved this place i fell in love with this hotel ,clean , quiet, the rooms have just been remodeled. they are nice size for 2 people . the beach was large and beautiful . stayed in the high rise last year and the beach was small and crowed . had to get up at 5:30 to get a hut some people like that. to me is not a relaxing vacation . the staff at manchebo beach was very helpful and nice . will be back next year

Horseback riding, shopping Go horseback riding with Rancho Del Campo to the natural pool. If you want to shop downtown Orenjestad you need to go before 5:30. All the malls, shops close at 5:30


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  • Address: J E Irausquin Blvd 55 - Eagle Beach - Aruba
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