CuisinArt Resort & Spa Hotel

, Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla
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CuisinArt Resort & Spa Hotel

, Rendezvous Bay
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Historical Traveller Reviews of CuisinArt Resort & Spa Hotel

A gret place to relax!

from chris0000
We just returned from the Cusinart after a 7 Night stay. we were extremely happy at the resort. Be warned...Anguilla is a place to relax.....there isnt much to do here. If you want excitement go to St Martin. The resort grounds were very nice, well manicured grounds, and very clean. There a definite mediterranean feel. Greek/Italian inspired. The beach was fantastic, incredible sand and everyone gets there own umbrella and table. The water was not ruff and was the perfect temperature! The resort offers two places to eat. one is an outdoor patio where breakfast is served daily. the other is large and was very good. We especially enjoyed the lobster buffet. It was worth the 75$ per person. All the food we had at the resort, from room service to dinner, was very good. The high point of the visit was the kind people of the island. we always felt safe, people are very kind here. The employees are exceptionally friendly. We would highly recommend a stay here for people who want to relax in a great setting. Our trip was pretty expensive...expect dinners to run inside and out of the resort a minimum of 100$ Everywhere we ate was good but all the places were expensive. Even lunches were a minimum of 50$. Also try to get a room in the 5 or 6 building. they are central and just a short walk out to the main lobby. We ran into some people who were in the out rooms and wished they were more central. Enjoy your stay!...Its easy at the cusinart! P.S. Make sure you go to the lobby bar and listen to Sproka play reggae, he was great. Also Banky banks which is located to the west of the hotel on the beach was also interesting for drinks and music. Have FUN!

fabulous vacation

from A TripAdvisor Member
We visited the CuisinArt in March 2004 and I can't say enough about the great time my husband and I had at the CuisinArt. From the clean white sand beach to the beautiful blue water, the beach boasting the calmest waters of all the beaches we visited during our stay. The room (Jr.
Suite) was very spacious and clean. Getting a good night sleep was easy in the very comfortable bed! Pillows were perfect too! One of our best meals on the Island was the CuisinArts Santorini. The chef tasting with wine paring should not be missed. For all the delectable tastes and unbelievable wines we savored we found the meal at Santorini by far the best value on the Island. Christopher Heath (chef de cuisine) took time to talk with us making us feel welcomed. We received some great recipes and cooking tips at Christopher Heaths complimentary cooking demonstration. Try some of the complimentary daily exercise classes taught by Peter. Also, the concierge went above and beyound helping to locate a specific souvenir for our kids. When getting around the island ask for Leslie, he drives a very comfortable luxury van. For dinner try Pimms and Flavors too. We can't wait to go back!!!!

A little piece of heaven!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Large, airy, clean rooms with a fabulous bathroom and a huge bathtub for two. Warm and friendly service throughout our seven day stay earlier this month and the beach was a little piece of heaven with a panoramic view of St. Martin right in front of you. You will especially enjoy the 3:00 o'clock complimentary fresh fruit sorbets served to you on the beach just when you need a pick me up. If you're looking for a relaxing vacation, as my husband and I were, Cuisinart is the place to be. The spa services were also wonderful and just added to the feeling of serenity you get from the time you enter the resort. The best part of the vacation though was the lovely people of Anguilla whose smiles and attentiveness made this my best vacation ever!! It is expensive (but check out the upcoming packages) but it was well worth it!! I hope to visit Cuisinart again soon!!

top 10 in the Caribbean

from A TripAdvisor Member
My family and I just returned from a week stay in Anguilla's luxurious hotel CuisinArt Resort and Spa. The staff was friendly and attentive to every needs and the rooms were spacious, especially the bathroom. The resort is situated on a wonderful beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The CuisinArts grounds are wonderful with many types of flowers and plants, however, it would have been nice to see more palm trees planted on the beach. The food is great, expensive, but so is the rest of Anguilla. I strongly recommend Tuesday night Lobster dinner, which is a buffett style dinner under the stars with tiki torches all around the resort and a great band playing Caribe music. Continental breakfast is included and lunch is served by the pool and includes healthy choices including vegetables that they grow on the property. I recommend visiting Banki Banks on the beach next to the Cuisinart, he is a local Reggae singer well known all over the islands. He has built a "tree house" bar and restaurant on the beach and sometimes on weekends plays live with his band. Try to dine on Anguilla as well; I recommend Mangos, Pimms and Olivers. Our stay at CuisinArt was special, especially for our kids, it is very kid friendly. If you want to get away without any kids, I strongly recommend staying at Cap Juluca. We will be back same time next year to CuisinArt and Anguilla for its beautiful beaches and friendly people.

Paradise Found

from A TripAdvisor Member
Anguilla = Paradise. The water is 6 shades of blue and the sand is soft and white. The people are so nice and to truly ensure that you have a perfect experience, stay at Cuisinart Resort. There is a rerified air without a trace of a touristy feel. My husband and I stayed for a few days on our honeymoon and were welcomed with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. We stayed in a junior suite and the room and view were AMAZING! We were so close to the beach with an unobstructed view of the water. The room was immaculate, modern and clean with a simple Carribean design. The bathroom was luxurious with marble and a huge tub. It was absolutely worth the $$$.

Best Vacation Ever

from A TripAdvisor Member
If you like big rooms and excellent beaches this is the place for you.
The resort grounds are breathtaking. The rooms are huge with ocean views and the most luxurious bathroom I've ever seen. The pool is stunning, especially at night, but the beach was my favorite. I had never felt sand like this! The snorkling isn't bad there either (but it was much better on the east end of the island: a short drive away.) What really makes this resort great is Anguilla itself. All this island has is this: excellent beaches, very friendly people, and unbelievable restraunts. But that's it. If you're looking for non stop action and night life go elsewhere. If you want to relax by the water during the day and eat better than you ever have make your plans to visit Anguilla now. The only knock against the Cuisinart is the food. It's advertised as 5 star dining and it is far from it. It's not bad, but at around $100 a plate it's a ripoff. Especially since the other restraunts on the island are outstanding. Ask the concierge to help you with retraunt recommendations. They are very helpful. The service at the Cuisinart could be improved, too, but they are very good where it counts.

relaxing paradise for two

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I started our honeymoon at cuisinart. WE took the ferry there from St. Martin,, quick ride, (take dramamine before) as a rocking effect. The resort was beautiful, plush foliage, beatiful smell of gardenia and jasmine, when you walk,, beautiful beach, great rooms with balcony-very spacious, huge unbeleivable bathroom, king bed with den sitting area. My husband and I loved it,, it is good for a 2 night stay,, any more than that you may get bored. Restaurants on site good,, pricey,, but good. the north east of island best place to go for snorkeling,,,..... Great restaurants on the island,,, A MUST,,,,,, EAt at Cap Jalucas restaruant,, request a seat overlooking and archway of water,,,, the light shines on the water as you eat and you throw bread in and all the fishes come up,, great atmosphere.... other excellent restaurants "Mangoes, Olivers, and Flavors.. Not much night life,,,,,, if that is a need. Great workout gym,great for bike rides also. the staff is very nice but it is a very one on one relaxing couply place..
Very private,,,,.... You will love it,,,,, I will definately go back but like I said 2-3 days tops,,,, (we were on our honeymoon) so it was perfect,, but even then you want to do some other activities.....
Cabbing gets pricy if you stay more than 2-3 days,,/.... A must though,, you won't be dissapointed.

Terrible service at meals

from TravelerMelville
We went to Cuisinart and brought 3 other couples with us the first week in December, 2003. The resort is beautiful, the beach is magnificent, the spa was wonderful and the food was great. The MAJOR problem? The people at the desk have no idea what they are doing. We were charged for the meal plan, told them we had no meal plan. They said they would take care of it only to find out they had not only not taken the charge away, but had added it on a second time (total of add'l charge of almost $700). For two days, our room had not been cleaned until 4 pm and only then because we went to the desk to complain. The BIGGEST PROBLEM was meals. We could not have lunch for under 2 1/2 hrs. every day. Dinner could not be completed in under 3 1/2 hours. We ended up missing the best part of the day waiting for our lunch to be served.
Complaining did not help at all. Would we go back? NO WAY. It is really a shame because the resort is absolutely magnificent. They need a major shake-up of their help. We got the impression that no one knew what they were doing; very confused, etc.The marketing dept. offered me one night free if we book 3 nights because of the problems. Now I ask you....why would I book three nights to go through this again?

prefer the Anguilla great house!

from dixe
Well,I must write to say that having just returned from The Anguilla Great House,I would choose it any day over the Cuisinart. We had dinner at the Cuisineart's restaurant,Santorini,and it was quite over-priced. Very disappointing.

The chicken was undercooked,and there were screaming children everywhere. The waiter was very nice and tried to help us out by moving us....and my husband liked his vegetarian tasting menu. But there is a children's program where the parents disappear and the kids run around alone (or I guess they are somewhat supervised by babysitters-but there is no peace here!). Way too expensive of a restaurant for the experience....

I much prefered the Anguilla Great House which was on the exact same beach,except we had a lot more room at The Great House. Cuisineart had about one foot of beach per person....we had at least 8 feet of beach all to ourselves (I mean just for me and my husband!). There is also great food at the Great house-at about one fifth the price! (still not cheap-).

Yachts came from St. Bart's,just because our stretch of beach was wonderful. Also, the Great House has the food and architecture and atmosphere of the true Caribbean,not a tacky,foreign-owned big resort atmosphere~which we felt was bland,boring and annoying,actually,at the Cuisinart. We walked down there in five minutes and we could eat at the restaurants,shop in the very expensive shops there,and then go back to our own little cottage with a galvanized roof at the Great House.

When it rained some nights it was wonderful to hear the rain on the roof! We used the fitness room and the internet....we sailed and swam and ate and drank very well each day. It was the best and most stress-free vacation I have ever had, and I have traveled everywhere and am from New York-I am critical by nature but the people at the Great House were sincerely nice and really cared that we enjoyed ourselves. I would highly recommend it to any couple ~

True,the bartenders (Hello Garvey)were very nice at Cuisineart,and the drinks were good,but everything at Cuisineart was soooo much more expensive than at the Great House. No one could really match Elvis at the great house as bartender! He was the best. He made us feel like we were all part of a big family.

I really do not think anything they had at Cuisinart was worth the prices (and the grounds were not all that much nicer either.) Why not stay at the Great House, have peace and quiet,and a lot of beach to yourselves,where there ARE children- but the parents are taking care of them, so they don't run all over shrieking!

Don't get me wrong....I had kids (now grown),but I think parents should watch their own children when the kids are very young. I also think that a vacation on the beach needs to have PEACEFUL, non-stressful,long days on the beach. And that's what you get at the Great House.

The staff is the best-anything you need they will happily get for you. They gave us a free bottle of champagne (it was our 15th wedding anniversary),which we drank on the beach~ the room was great,the maid service was excellent,all the people in the office and restaurant were genuinely sweet and the service was wonderful ,and the beach was clean: because if there was even a bit of seaweed,Calvert would clean it up! Also, Vaughn was a great sailing instructor.

So, why spend more for Cuisineart? I will be going back to the Great House ASAP! It will be like going home.

By the way,we went to St. Martin (which was okay~),and to St. Bart's. The ferry to St Bart's,the Voyager,was the worst boat trip I've ever been on...(sounds like a song...)~and I love sailing! Avoid that ferry!!!!

There were people getting ill the whole way,and the waves were 12 feet at times-the ferry seemed too small to be on that water! It is in the Atlantic part of the way,and it was rough in the Caribbean too.

One woman flew across the top deck,which is where we were,and hit her head and almost fell off! I couldn't believe we all made it. I was very frightened.... and it was not worth going to St. Bart's-we didn't even think the beach at St Jean was pretty compared to the beach at the Great House (Rendezvous Bay). Skip St. Bart's and go to Anguilla. the people are nicer,prices more fair,beaches more beautiful....

I taught French for years and I love France and especially the south of France-but St. Bart's was dirty and too crowded. Not as nice as Anguilla at all. Not worth almost dying to get there on the crazy ferry! DON"T bother.

Perfect Honeymoon at CuisinArt

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I spent a week at CuisinArt Resort for our honeymoon. We arrived on Tuesday, November 4th after a night in St. Martin.

The resort, service, food and beach were wonderful. We were looking for a place to relax and unwind after the wedding and Anguilla was the perfect destination.

We stayed in a junior suite with an ocean view. The room was spacious, clean and comfortable. The bathrooms are amazing and the little touches like robes and slippers make it feel like home.

The service and food at the hotel was amazing. The food is a little over priced so we would recommend a package deal where some of your meals are included.

The spa was amazing -- we had a number of treatments and both the treatment rooms and therapists were top notch.

We felt there was plenty to do at the resort from lounging by the pool (very comfortable pool chairs) or beach to the non motorized water sports.

It was a great experience and we look forward to going back!

Top Local Tips for Rendezvous Bay

Needs work to be five star stay at Serenity Cottage instead. Its much more intimate, no theft or sketchy staff members, not overpriced, no chemical sprays on the grounds, best lobster on the island is at Gwens which is a walk away, right next to an on the beach massage hut.

Restaurants Mangos - Bob is still cranky, place has slipped. Blanchards - Bob and Melinda spending less time here, more at their new place. Zurra - Blanchard's new place. Don't miss it. Veya - New place, good, but not great. CoveCastle - go and it's like you've reserved the whole place. Empty and sad. Chef is hostile, don't waste your time.

great new anguillan restaurant Zurra is the newest restaurant over at the St Regis Golf course. It is fabulous and kid friendly too. It is not typically Anguillan, but nice for a change of pace from the little local places (Straw Hat, Olivers, Mango's, Picante,) which are also great!


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  • cuisinart resort anguilla
  • cuisinart resort
  • cuisinart hotel anguilla
  • cuisinart anguilla
  • Address: Rendezvous Bay, - Rendezvous Bay - Anguilla
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