Malliouhana Hotel & Spa

, Meads Bay, Anguilla
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Malliouhana Hotel & Spa

, Meads Bay
Mead's Bay, - Meads Bay - AI 2640 - Anguilla Hotel Website | 264-497-6111
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Perfection! And those sunsets ....

from A TripAdvisor Member
There is a reason that Malliouhana earned it's status as one of the top 5 resorts in the Caribbean.

I got a good laugh from that one reviewer here that gave Malli 1 star.
I was so grateful that the reviewer mentioned what a boring place it was because there were no steel bands, no beach bar-b-ques, no TV or radio in the rooms -- you get the picture! Anything that person would rate as lousy would automatically have graduated to heaven-status in my book.
And heaven it was!

If however you detest complete privacy on your very own small beach called Turtle Cove where the beauty of the 20 ft. waves crash over the rocks, with a view from your own balcony of dusk sunsets that are exquisite beyond belief, and gorgeous, private and clean as a whistle junior suite accommodations with sumptuous marble baths, be aware this place is not for you.

The only place where Malli suffers a negative reputation is in their questionable practice of charging guests for water in the mini-fridge (after the first free bottle) and the lack of an inclusive continental breakfast. These are clearly stupid business decisions on the part of the owners which should be addressed, and if need be they should consider reflecting these prices in their rates just so people at least believe they are getting a certain value for their money.
This little glitch is the only embarrassment in an otherwise beautifully run and gorgeously maintained classic resort, well worth it's top ratings all over the world.

Bloom is off the rose

from acmes
This was our second visit to Malliouhana (we loved it in 2003) and we left disappointed. The management needs to do some resort wide upgrades and the service, especially in the restaurants, was seriously lacking. During our visit 2 weeks ago, a large section of the restaurant roof was missing and plastic sheeting hung down, the chairs on the beach and at the pool needed new cushions and there seemed to be fewer chairs in general than last year. Our bathroom suffered from a constant invasion of ants. Perhaps worst was the sullen attitude of the staff in the restaurants. The maitre'd leaned against a nearby column to take our order at breakfast. Coffee took 20 minutes to arrive, with milk coming 10 minutes later. At all three meals the staff acted annoyed that you'd even shown up. The food, while generally quite good, was not always stellar. WHile none of the above is unheard of in resort experiences, usually you don't pay Malliouhana prices for it. It was particularly evident when contrasted with our meals at other resorts and island restaurants. I've heard that the Malliouhana only takes 10% of your bill for the tip, while other places charge 15%. Still, 10% of Malliouhana prices should make it a somewhat desirable place to work. THat being said, it still is one of the best places on the island to vacation with small kids, the seperate playground and pool mean that older guests can have their peace and quiet (though the wonderful pirate ship could use some repairs as well). Children can now eat in the restaurant and they have something of a kid's menu, but the long waits will mean that everyone's patience will be tested. The rooms were clean though the decor is beginning to look a bit spartan. The housekeepers take their job seriously. The views are still wonderful from most of the rooms. I will want to hear that the management is on top of things before I consider going back.

Malliouhana Not All It Says It Is

from BahamaBaby
Just got back from a two week vacation in beautiful Anguilla - stayed at Malliouhana for ten days but my boyfriend (who has stayed at Cap Juluca for many years but couldn't get a booking this Christmas) got fed up with the supposed "two service people for every guest" promise that was maybe lived up to half the time at best. They just dropped the ball one too many times. I loved Malliouhanna's grounds, main house/bar and spa. The prettiest on the island but if you are younger than seventy years of age and like a more upscale relaxed yet hipper hotel, go to Cap Juluca.

We arrived at Cap Juluca on New Year's day, got a pool villa which was fabulous and it was so nice to actually get to see the ocean from the room, which, if you stay in a pricey Jacuzzi suite at Malliouhana, you will not see much of at all unless you stand in the garden! This is incredible really considering the room is $1,200/night in high season. Because my boyfriend snores and prefers to have his own bathroom, he stayed in a few different rooms as well, one in the main hotel and a junior suite, both of which we liked better than the Jacuzzi suite because the furniture was newer/nicer and one could actually see the ocean. All the bathrooms are of course gorgeous, floor to ceiling marble, plush towels, etc. but considering both Cap Juluca and Malliouhana are similarly rated, something simple like morning coffee through room service illustrated the differences in how each hotel operates. Malliouhana could take up to half an hour to get coffee and you couldn't order it until after 7:00 am. Cap Juluca had early morning coffee available in several locations from 6:00 a.m. onward and when you ordered coffee it came with a complimentary spread of delicious pastries and jams as well. Just a small difference, but if you get up early and like coffee, means a lot. Cap Juluca staff were much friendlier as well, although to be fair, we found Malliouhana had some great waiters, bartenders, concierge people. Cap Juluca just a few notches better. Some people don't like Cap because it has the reputation of being snooty. I liked the crowd there better simply because I didn't illicut disapproving looks around the pool when I appeared in a string bikini by the pool as I did from the elderly British guests at Malliouhana. At Cap Juluca, Uma Thurman was in the Villa beside us and Liam Neeson and his wife Natasha were there also, just hanging out and nobody bothers them. More of the Hollywood types instead of M's elderly British guests. Malliouhana may have the nicer spa and more landscaped grounds but Cap Juluca has the nicer beach (less huge crashing waves and more lagoon-type turquoise which makes swimming more pleasant). The claim that M's dining room is the best on the island is questionable as we had many dinners there as well as at Pimm's at Cap Juluca and I loved Pimm's best overall - they had a great Buena Vista Social Club-type Cuban band for one and M's didn't have any dining entertainment. The best dinners we had were at Blanchard's and Mangoes anyway, two excellent restaurants in the same vicinity on the island as Cap and M's. The difference between an excellent hotel and a really great one is how good you feel morning to night. It wasn't until I was at Cap Juluca that I really relaxed.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Visited the Malliouhana for 8 days this past June/July. Service was fantastic, grounds beautiful, spa wonderful and the beach...well, you get the idea. My wife and I brought our three young daughters, who loved the Pirate Ship/Children's Pool. Two rooms for the price of one was a tremendous deal! Food is expensive all over the island, so be prepared. The resort and the island are opportunity for a family to simply enjoy themselves without the many distractions back home. This place is wonderful!

Have been there 17 times

from SCOTTHNewYork
My family and I have traveled to many worldwide destinations--have also stayed at the 3 major hotels in Anguilla.BUT I have chosen Malliouhana as our favorite place in the sun.....Malliouhana is far from run down---that's positively ridiculous for someone to make a claim like that......The breakfast/ Lunch and dinner are superior to any other place on the Island---and we have been going since 1990----at lunch-the main restaurant is beautiful and I do not think you'll ever get a view that is better....Dinner is elegant and the staff is totally professional and handles every matter with perfection. I don't mean to pick on other restaurants, but they simply do not compare--i.e.-straw hat---in my opinion it was ok-but certainly NOT on par with Malliouhana.DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THE STAFF HAS LET THE PLACE GET RUNDOWN-BECAUSE THE ROOMS AT MALLIOUHANA ARE BY FAR THE BEST .The best way I can describe the place to someone who is contemplating a vacation to Malliouhana is that the staff through the years were simply wonderful to my children and every time that we return they make us feel welcome.

malliouhana paradise

from ljv
Just returned from one week's stay at the Malliouhana with my husband and two daughters, ages 6 and 15. Absolutely LOVED the hotel, grounds, rooms,staff and location. We found the hotel staff to be very accomodating, especially Remy and Dupie at the beach.
While in Anguilla we rented a jeep for the duration and toured the island extensively.Specifically went to other hotels for dinner so we could see how they compared to the Malliouhana. While we thought Cap Juluca and the Cuisinart were beautiful resorts, we all thought the Mali had the nicest beach and the more refined atmosphere.
The Malliouhana is an especially attractive resort if you are travelling with children. Their special suumer Friends & Family package gives you two enormous rooms for the price of one. They also provide unlimited complimentary water sports, including a snorkel trip on thier private boat. While there we exhausted ourselves snorkelling, water skiing, tubing, kayaking, sailing and swimming.
The children's water park/playground feature was a special hit with my 6 year old Alex! Even my 15 year old, Samantha, had a great time on the water slide!(as did my husband and I, I must admit).
The only negative really worth mentioning involves the cost of food and drink. While it is well known that dining in the caribbean anywhere is generally expensive, charges like $22 for two pina coladas,$6.50 for a glass of juice or $16 for a burger a bit over the top!
That said, I still strongly endorse this resort and we are planning a return visit in the not too distant future.
A special hello to Matt and Erin! Ciao Felice, Susy and Grace!

Malliouhana Hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
My family and I have traveled extensively in the Caribbean so we do have some basis to compare resorts and levels of service. I believe each traveler looks for something different in a hotel. Your experience depends greatly on your individual likes and dislikes, so I prefer to share my own experiences rather than cast dispersions at others. Hotel reviews are worth exactly what you pay for them!

Having made the obligatory disclaimer, I must confess I agree with the negative reviews on Malli. It is certain Malli is situated on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and enjoys a fantastic location on a great beach, but the positives end there! Malli seems to be resting on its reputation. We stayed for two weeks and found the food and service sub-par, not bad , but certainly not at the upper end of the Caribbean. Talk to the people at Mangos, Olivers, Blanchards, Straw Hat , etc. they will tell you many of their customers are from Malli and that many of them complain about the food. Brekfast and lunch were terrible!

Another short coming is the condition of the resort. Malli needs to reinvest in the resort to return it to top condition. I found the landscaping particularly appalling (weeds in the common areas).

We have been to Peter Island, Little Dix, Caneel Bay, Grace Bay, Cap Juluca, etc. I found all of these hotels to be consistent with their lofty reputations. Malli is the first hotel I have stayed at where my experience is not consistent with popular opinion. I give it 3 stars at best. I recommend that anybody going to Anguilla should stay at Cap and go down to Malli for lunch or dinner. You will be happy with your hotel choice.

Whan an amazing experience

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I just returned from two weeks in Anguilla, half at Cap Juluca, half at Malliouhana. Both are great, but quite different. We loved Malliouhana. First of all, the spa is par none. It's just out of this world. Second, the staff is super friendly. By the second day, the ladies at the reception knew our names and did everything possible to accomodate us. Third, we were impressed that Leon, the owner himself, came to greet us and all the other guests who arrived during our stay. He's very hands on. Michel's, the restaurant was AMAZING. The food was out of this world. I think the "haters" who are commenting are perhaps competition, because this food was so eclectic and so wonderfully prepared, that it just melted in your mouth and you wanted to melt right with it. The beaches are beautiful too. But what makes Malliouhana the best is the scenery around the resort and the three gorgeous pools and the jacuzzi, all set amidst paradise. We couldn't get enough of the sights and sounds. Be prepared to bring a lot of money, because the food is outrageously overpriced. My only gripe with this resort is that in the evenings, you have no options for dinner other than the very expensive Michel's, unless you are willing to take a cab elsewhere.

Most Excellent

from jacquelene
Ok, maybe it's not fair for a TRAVEL MANAGER to post her reviews. But those people who did not like this resort either have bad travel agents who didn't qualify them OR chose very unwisely.

This resort is small and beautiful. I was honored to stay in a two bedroom and it was wonderful. I am am pool girl and while I found the pools small, they were adequate.

This is not a resort for everyone, hence the need to qualify what type of vacation you want and what you want out of your resort. Malli is a place to relax, unwind and connect with those you are traveling with. There are no tv's and no radios in the rooms. If you cannot live without these things, then this is not the resort for you.

I enjoyed the restaurant. It was one of my favorites on the island. Again the pace is laid back, not slow. The restaurant has French roots so be prepared to kick back and enjoy your courses.

The spa is INCREDIBLE and I even liked the kid's area.

All in all, I would stay at Malli again. I saw many properties during my stay and I still loved Malli.

Perfect Honeymoon Spot

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from our 6-night honeymoon at the Malliouhana, where we loved every moment of our stay. What a shame to come home! Our room was huge, the bed the most comfortable we've ever known, and the bathroom spectacular (bring your favorite bubble bath or oil). Our veranda overlooking the ocean was the perfect spot for warm croissants in the morning, and the beach--incredible, powder-fine, white sand meeting pristine, clear, warm, turquoise water--was only steps away from our door.

The hotel staff accommodated our every need. When we called the front desk to pick up our rental car, they told us the rental company could meet us at the front desk instead. When I needed an antihistamine after the hotel shop was closed, the front desk staff quickly called someone to open the store for us. Our luggage porter seemed truly pleased to meet us, and when we seemed lost while looking for a path down to the hotel's private beach, a gardener stopped and turned around his truck to show us the way.

Our maid service was superlative. Twice a day every speck of sand was removed, and fresh towels greeted us every time we returned to the room. We even joked that there must be hidden cameras to allow the maid staff to anticipate our dinner reservations. No matter how short a time we were gone, the room was perfect when we returned. On the rare occasions that we actually saw the maids sweeping a stairway or cleaning another villa, our thanks were met with sincere smiles and greetings to enjoy our stay.

The beach staff and restaurant staff were just a bit more variable. A few of the beach staff seemed a bit reluctant to leave their own chairs (particularly when we asked to water ski), but who can blame them on those beautiful, serene afternoons that just beg for a nap? If you want a hotel that asks every minute if you want something to drink or want to join the next water aerobics class, choose another hotel and leave this one for us! Every morning towels, chairs and two umbrellas greeted our arrival, and we never wanted for anything. On the advice of one of the beach staff (Remi, you're the best), we enjoyed fabulous restaurants, a fun night dancing to a local band in a Sandy Ground beach bar (Johnno's--check it out), and an enthusiastic greeting every time we hit "our" beach.

The restaurant boasts a spectacular view over Meads Bay, and we enjoyed a nice dinner there on the last night of our stay. Our meals at Malliouhana were not the best that we had on the island, however, so do as we did and explore a different restaurant for each meal. Our favorites--Tasty's, E's Oven, and Mango's. (You'll need a rental car, which costs about $30/day but beats the taxi rates.) For the budget conscious, stick to coffee and dessert at Malliouhana and skip dinner there altogether. Cheap lunch spots are easy to find if you just ask--Uncle Ernie's at Shoal Bay East is not to be missed and Palm Grove at Junk's Hole is worth the trip--even if just for a drink and a conversation with the owner in the ambience of an isolated beach shack--but start from Shoal Bay East. (Try the Johnny Cakes.)

The Malliouhana Spa is simply fabulous. We chose the Summer Spa Escape, which allowed each of us to enjoy a daily spa treatment for just a bit more than our room rack rate. Every treatment was bliss, particularly the Hot Stone Massage. Take your swimsuit to enjoy the outdoor jacuzzi before or after a massage.

We peeked into the other hotels, including Cuisinart and Rendezvous Bay, and the Malliouhana is definitely the place for us! We loved the serene beauty of the site, the warmth of the people, and the laid-back attitude that accompanied the superb service. The hotel and many of the island restaurants are very expensive, but it's certainly a dream to be there. Looking for a daily schedule of activities, glitzy shopping, and lots going on? This may not be the spot for you.

One last bit of advice: while we loved our beachfront villa, we seemed to share it primarily with families. We didn't really mind the occasional noise, but the Main House and upper villas seemed to be even quieter if you're seeking even more peace and solitude.

Top Local Tips for Meads Bay

Michel Rostang The best reatuarant on the island. See Jacque the restuarant manager.

Funtime Fly into st. Marrten and then get to book a Funtime charter boat to take you to Anguillas boat terminal (blowing point) just a short 10 minute ride from the hotel, they pick ou up from the terminal, give you customs forms, and load your bags, then onboard you can enjoy the ocean views. Once you step off the plane in St maartin you are already there!

Things to do Rent a car, drive around, exlore and eat everywhere. Expect to spend a lot of money but know it will be worth it. Eat at Bananas, Olivers, Malliouhana, Arawak, Overlook, Local BBQ, Straw Hat and Gwens Reggae Bar. Visit Shoals Bay and Little Dix Bay. Expect to be on island time, nothings quick. Oh and eat lots of Johnny Cakes and drink lots of Ting!


Other names for Malliouhana Hotel & Spa

  • malliouhana resort anguilla
  • malliouhana hotel anguilla
  • malliouhana
  • Address: Mead's Bay, - Meads Bay - AI 2640 - Anguilla
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