Anito Quirino Hotel

, Manila, Philippines
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Anito Quirino Hotel

, Manila
Carolina St, Malate - Manila - 1004 - Philippines 2-572136

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Top Local Tips for Manila

Take the Yellow Cab in the International Airport! I've been flying in and out of Manila and I HATE how the local bureaucracy there managed to insist on just ONE taxi line to service all who need it. Finally, someone sniffed out the gross corruption and allowed YELLOW CABS into the picture. Unlike the old, unmetered cabs with horribly exagerrated prices that you cannot QUESTION--these new yellow cabs have a marked flag down rate AND a meter. So yes, it makes for fairer fares and more pleasant rides. The old unmetered Airport Taxis used to cost me 8 USD where it should have cost 3. With the yellow ones, it came out to about 4usd. Maybe not much of a difference, but when you feel like you're being gypped, you know you don't want to give them your business again. Once you get out of the airport, ask where the Yellow Airport Taxis are--it's a better intro to the crazy, lovely city of Manila.

Careful about the Taifun Season.. DO NOT go there within June - August, it's the Taifun season. The best time to go there is October - May. Nice sun, not windy-humid-sticky weather like in August.