Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort Hotel

, Male, Maldives
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Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort Hotel

, Male
H Maley-Thila, Meheli Goalhi - Male - 20-05 - Maldives Hotel Website | 442788
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All Inclusive - be careful
Submitted by: Andrew in 30/11/09
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Excellent resort, though be careful of the noise/smell/water discolouration on the side of the island nearest the new developments and building work. If you are on the All Inclusive package, just be very careful about any "invitations" you accept. We were invited to what appeared to be a complementary dinner to celebrate our 20th anniversary (no mention of a charge) after which we were presented with a bill for $100! On the last day I disputed this and refused to pay only to be told that the boat to take us to the airport would not be leaving until we did and we were effectively trapped on the island in danger of missing our flight unless we coughed up, despite the fault lying squarely with the hotel - you really couldn't make it up! After being looked after very well for 10 days they suddenly turned pretty ruthless and no opportunity to bleed extra cash out of guests, all inclusive or not, is passed up - a captive audience after all. Still a fantastic place for a holiday but beware this sort of sharp practice, not the first example I have come across.

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The Most Stunning, Fantastic place we have ever stayed at!!

from mikeyntracy
We chose this island, as it offered everything we could possibly want in a Honeymoon, a place to relax, unwind and not care about anything. (After we booked we read a few of the Trip Advisor Comments, and read more after we returned, and cannot understand where some of these comments come from, or infact whether they related to the same place we went to). I can honestly say that this was the best place we have ever been to.

There are first off, some fundamental things wrong with the "whole holiday". Do not fly with Monarch, they bunch you on the smallest planes they can fly, we flew from Gatwick, via Manchester then on to Male'. We ended up sitting on Manchester runway on the way for an hour, then on the way back (the plane which had been delayed already by 21 hours), we spent another hour or so on the runaway in Manchester before getting back to Gatwick. (But the 21 hour delay was handled superbly by the resort team, we simply had our room and all meals and drinks for a further day).
Secondly, do not expect to see any rep from a UK based tour operator at all, we landed and a very kind young Maldivian rep advised us where we needed to go for our boat transfer, then the resort team stepped in and from thereon, we were "with them all the way". In resort, again no UK based tour operator, but all the excursions, were arranged by the resort team and were fantasticly run. Leaving the island, again no UK based tour operator to be found, so we arrived at the airport, checked in and left and did not see anyone from our UK based tour operator.

So the holiday itself, an amazing welcome, drums, cold towels, iced tea. Shown to our room (when we booked we only had the choice of a beach villa- this was the basic of the island accomodation, but still honeymoon flowers and fruit in our room, aircon (which is a must) sat TV (with a few english speaking channels), a balcony and mini bar, although just like UK hotels the contents are a bit pricey.

The food-we went all inclusive, essentially breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea (which we never had on account of we were so full up) and dinner. The widest buffet style choice you could imagine, meats, chicken, fish, curries, salads, pasta's, stir fries, casseroles, breads, soups and the deserts, cakes, buns, hot puddings it was all there and each day they themed the style from local, to asian, to italian. Each day you have the same waiter, we had Shafeeq he was helpful, kind and very polite, a quick nod and he came over and got us more drinks.
(Whilst free you sign for everything you have, you do pay for drinks after midnight, but to be honest it was so exhausting relaxing and swimming all day, we were never up that late).
Some people have complained on Trip Advisor that you have to tip them, but the service they give they deserve to be tipped, every 4 or so days we tipped him a little and by the end of the fortnight we had given him about £15. (Well worth every penny). We had a complimentary meal in the ala carte restaurant and although we are not fish eaters, the food was very good (and of course FREE).
You also have a room boy, who cleans your room and changes your wash towels every morning and then in the evening he changes your beach towels. The poor lad even apologised that he had not cleaned our room one day, when infact it was because we were in and out of the room putting the do not disturb sign up, and not allowing him in. When we left we actually asked "how do we give him a tip, and £10 is nothing.

We went on 3 organised excursions, including a dolphin safari, with the most strangely excited japanese guide, who did everything in her power to summon up the dolphins which she simply did by banging an empty water bottle, clapping and whistling. (We could not understand what she said, but it was amazing how she tried he best to get us to have a good time (which we did). Even the driver, was joing in, so we could see as many dolphins as possible. We also went to Male', which is busy, noisy, hot and the markets stuck of fish and vegetables, the traffic is horrendous, but it is well worth going to see how the real Maldevians live, when compared to another excursion to a local island when you see how the poorest of the inhabitants live, in coral houses and breeze block building, but still amazingly happy.

We paid $320 (about £160) for a session in a steam room, then sauna, a jacuzzi and plunge pool, a foot bath, a full dosha body massage, a facial scrub and body scrub, a shower and then a floral bath, all in the islands own Sun Spa. (This worked out to a mere £80 each, fantastic value for money.

The staff are fantastic, everyone says hello etc etc, whether they are a room boy, a gardner, a waiter or even the top manager gave us a lift in his Buggy one evening, even though we only had to walk about 20 feet!!. The reception staff come from various countries around the world and do the very best to speak in English, we found one member of staff Ali (who was a striking resemblance to Errol Brown from Hot Chocolate), who had the most amazing upperclass english accent, which he claims to have learned from books, a top man.

Excellent for lovers of any age, whether honeymooners or celebrating an anniversary. I would not take young children a) because of the weather and b)because other than swim/eat or drink there is little for them to do.
Good for scuba and snorkelling, and do go on a few excursions.

Not good if you want typical "sun med" type holidays, or traditional english food, or simply want to get drunk and be rowdy.

Totally Relaxing

from I_Hate_Mushrooms
We have just spent the most relaxing 2 weeks in a long long time at Olhuveli. We booked through First Choice in the Uk and to be honest was dreading ten and a half hours on the plane. First Choice have made real efforts to improve their flights by removing quite a few seats on the long haul planes giving you a decent amount of leg room. All in all not too bad at all and I would do it again. Anyway on to Olhuveli.
After clearing customs which seemed to take an age, we arrived at the little desk to meet our rep who was really nice and told us to go to another desk where we would be taken to the speed boat. after only about a 15 minute wait which I thought was very good we were shown to a small speedboat. There was only me my partner and one other couple on board and away we sped. After about a 55 min fun journey, (oh and free much needed bottle of water) we arrived at Olhuveli to be greeted by one of the Guest team 'Noor' a very nice bloke who spoke great english, and two drummers to hail our arrival to the island, bit embarrasing really but after the journey I was past caring. We were then drummed to the bar, and presented with a cool drink and a moist cool towel to freshed up, a nice touch I thought.

We had had a small delay out of Manchester of an hour and half so this meant we had arrived about 4pm so our rooms were all ready for us as we were shown around proudly by the cleaning manager and all the aspect of the room expained in detail.

We had booked to stay in the delux rooms and planned to try and upgrade half way through the two weeks but unfortunately we were unable due to the amount of Japanese that seemed to spend about 3 nights here then leave, however they all stay in the water bungalows, however this didnt spoil anything. Oh and the Japanese are really polite by the way.

The room we had was good but not yet refurbished as soom people have mentioned, we didnt have the slate bathoom it was just basic white tiles, and to be honest the drains had a tendency to smell a little, so much so I had to ring reception one day who sent house keeping to freshen the room, but they were very efficient and polite and dealt with the problem, We stayed in room 278, the lower 200's seem to have been refurbished. Again if you can get an upstairs room you will have a better view of the gorgeous ocean instad of a giant bush as we had. however the bush does make it private. All in all the rooms was ok with its satalite tv and 4 poster bed. clean and tidied twice a day by really friendly room boy/man.

Next the food. You must must must go ALL INC here, everything is so expensive a beer is $5 a vodka is $6 water is $5. You have to sign for everything you have and then at the end of your holiday clear your bill of any extra's you have had. If you are ALL INC then the food and drinks are re credited to your account. To give you some idea at the end of the 2 weeks my partner and I had got through $2200 worth of drinks and believe me not drunk once. Also be careful what you sign for, The draft beer is free howerver a can of beer is chargeable, because to get so used to just signing for everything you dont always read what it says properly, I managed to sign for canned beer one day without thinking and it cost me $11 at the end, my signature was there so I had to pay, my fault I suppose but be warned.
Food was all served in the Sunset Restaurant on a buffet basis, to be honest it was very good, they had a different theme every night from Maldavian to chinese to asian to international. I have had much worse at other All INC resorts. The food here is good. and if you like fish you will be happy as there is loads of the stuff, along with beef in all varieties and chicken too. you will not starve thats for sure.

You must try the Japanese Restaurant even though you have to pay for it, including your drinks,
Personally I do not like fish but my partner loves it. So we called in to have a look at the menu, Fish is on every course, except the dessert. However Chef said it was not a problem and created the most wonderful chicken teriyaki and beef something for me. It was brilliant. Food was really really nice and cost us about $120 for the both of us. You have to try it at least once while you are there.

The SunSpa is also worth a visit so make sure you take so extra dollars as its not cheap.
We had 3 visits all together in the 2 week visit. A basic massage for an hour costs around $60 each, it is very professional and well run. on our second visit a hot stone massage for 90 minutes cost us $90 each again a very good nice experience, and finally we went for the 2and a half hour 5 elements package at $165 each however this was well worth it. Steam room followed by sauna then into a hot bath and then a plunge into a cold bath. next into the massage rooms for an aromatherapy massage then a seaweed full body wrap fished off by a flower petal bath.Wonderful !!!
As I said its not cheap but well worth it. Loved every minute.

Other facilities include 2 infinaty pools which are great and look out over the ocean, the staff are there at your service all day and always make sure you have a cool drink close to hand.
Also a fully equipped PADI dive school.
The snorkelling is great we saw everything from sharks (small ones) to porcupine fish to Jack fish there is even the resident Manta Ray at the dive school jetty an night. If you want to snorkle take your own gear as the rental can be a little expensive,

Dont expect a full cabaret for th evening entertainment , it starts a 10pm every night and is subtle. It ranges from a quite disco, to a local band and even crab racing. its funny!!!!

Think that just about covers it

The Holiday was really great and I would reccomend it to anyone, Yes there are a couple of down sides, like the smelly bathroom, having to pay for drinks at the sakura japanese restuarant, however these are far out wayed by the rest of the experience.
Staff are friendly, food is good, rooms are clean, location is fantasic, ocean is an amazing color, need I go on.

If you are going to Olhuveli in the near future, I am so jelous, Its wonderful

A Tip.

from Picasso_Trigger
Had the misfortune to spend 24 hours on this place due to a flight cancelation last month. Wow - thought I'd died and gone to Benidorm. We were herded into a "Deluxe" beach villa which was nothing short of a health hazard see photos. There were cracks in the stained concrete walls, rusty bathroom fittings, mould on the wooden roof panels, bare telephone wires hanging out the phone socket.

Service in the main dining area was given with a grunt. And they manged to make the soup taste exactly like the sweet - bland.

The natural scenery was of course typical Maldives but as for the 3 basics - Service, Food and accomodation - forget it ! I honestly would'nt take a week in this place for free.

Olhuveli honeymoon heaven!

from CatAst
Me and my husband went to Olhuveli Beach and Spa resort for our honeymoon and all I can say is that it was paradise! We took extra money with us just in case our room wasn't great (we stayed in the 'bog standard' delux rooms) and we couldn't believe how brilliant the basic rooms were! We had a four poster bed with really modern decoration/ furniture in the rooms. The bathroom was all (excuse the non- builder definition) tiled/slate dead posh stone, with a walk in shower, and the balcony was big enough for about 6 people over looking the back of the island( where sunset is). We had a room boy who was also fantastic and decorated our room with flowers every other day. he also came twice a day to clean the room and change the bedding/ towels etc.
When we arrived at the hotel we were knackered after a really long journey (note do not fly with monarch if poss because it was an absolute nightmare- rude air hostesses, no champagne what we paid for pre- hand, and no room whatsoever, so if you can upgrade or get a plane that diverts at Dubai like some other people did) but it was beautiful. We walked up the jetty, the sun pouring down on us and the sea was amazingly clear and turquoise, you can see the reef sharks all the time. We had a welcome drink then shown to our room by our room boy, and some other people brought our lugage.
We went all inclusive which was the best deal as its quite expensive otherwise. All inclusive finishes at midnight but it starts from 8am so you have plenty of time to get the bevvies in. A standard vodka coke would have cost us around $9 which was about £5 at the time, all inclusive drinks fine the beer was- heineken, tiger, san migel, vodka was beefeater but they also had smirnoff and absolut but these weren't part of the all inclusive. Food wise was fine as well. the main restuarant has a different theme every night, and all of the waiting staff are really friendly and extremelly clever as most of them speak fluently in English, Japanese, German and Italien.
There are different trips also you can go on including BBQ fishing and beach BBQ which is really good fun and romantic for a dinner for 2 on the beach at night. Trawler fishing is also popular but it starts at 6am so your up for the sun set. Snorkling around the resort is very popular because its like a jungle under there with all the different fish! It is really wow! take your own snorkling gear though and save your pennys this way.
Most nights there is also a disco, or crab racing which is a good laugh. All the staff are up for a laugh too.
Overall, if you are in doubt, like we were, don't panic, you have nothing to worry about, if anyone has any questions about anything just get in touch as it is pretty scary spending a lot of money on something your not sure you will like!

Heaven on Earth

from maayababe
Just got back from our second visit to Olhuveli. We visited in 2004 before the tsunami and we thought we had a good holiday then. But this time was a million % better. The owners have spent $45 million dollars on improving the island and it was truly breath-taking. The island has a new buffet style restaurant which caters for every taste. Shafeek our waitor was wonderful and very keen to learn English, even though he was probably the best speaker on the island. We spent time with him teaching him new words and he did the same for us. Did learn how to say please and thank you etc... but it's gone now. There is always plenty to chose from, including loads of fish, pasta, salads, meat dishes, choice of potatoes etc.... Sometimes the food isn't as warm as you would like, but chefs are always frying fresh food or cooking pasta. For a change, we visited the lagoon restaurant, which you have to pay for but it's worth the extra charge. We went for our anniversary and they spoilt us rotten: table on the beach, complimentary wine, flowers, cake, singing waitors, flower candles and a decorated bed when we got back to our room. We felt like royalty and the lobster and steak were divine. In the evenings we would usually go to the lagoon bar. The bar staff are fantastic, especially Polis our waiter. Unlike our last visit, they would bring you another drink when your last one was half empty. Before they would not give you another drink until they had taken your empty glass. There are a couple of other bars but they are extremely quiet and a bit lacking in atmosphere. The entertainment was mainly in the lagoon bar and some nights, like the soloist and band, were pretty good.
The rooms were very nice too. We started off in a deluxe beach villa which had a four poster bed, sitting area, TV, Tea and coffee facilities $10 per stay, and a lovely bath room. The downstairs rooms were quite dark because of the trees so an upstairs room would probably be better. We treated ourselves while we were there, upgrading to a jacuzzi water villa. There were lots empty so we haggled. Instead of $170 per night we got it at $120, a free night and free massage for two. Not a bad deal and the view out of the bedroom was spectacular, facing the sand banks and being able to step from your room straight into the ocean.
Olhuveli now has two infinity pool, one actually in the sea. This was the one we tended to stay by during the day, as the breeze tended to be on that side of the island. The other side is very hot and sticky and usually where the Italians sunbathed. The staff at the pool bar were fantastic, bringing extra ice if your drink was slightly warm and even serving you drinks on the beach. Dun Dun was a real gentleman, very professional so he got a good tip. There are a couple of Indian girls who hang about a bit and know when you are going home, loitering for a tip. This bar serves snacks through the day, such as baguettes or burgers. Really good if you fancy a change and don't want to leave the pool.
The snorkelling is also really good. From the dive centre you go down steps into shallow water but the deep stuff is only inches away. We saw a wonderful selection of fish, sharks, octopus, rays and our first turtle. The dolphins usually showed off with their diving display at about 6pm some evenings, but we unfortunately missed the display. It's worth taking your own snorkel with you as it costs $6 per day, so adds up after two weeks.
There is some work being done in the staff quarters but it made no impact on our holiday. Also at that end of the island there is a large expanse of sand that has been added to enlarge the island. It's not sunbathing sand but there is plenty of beautiful beach and no need to go to that end of the island.
Last time we visited we were eaten alive by mosquioes. This time my husband did not get bitten and I only had a few, so it's worth taking some repellant just in case.
The weather was exceptional. We had two storms during the night and only two minutes of rain during our two weeks stay. It is not recommended that you visit during May or June as this can be extremely wet and some holiday makers before us never saw the sun, nightmare! Also don't forget the essentials- my husband forgot deodorant and it cost him $17 for a Lynx spray. The shop is extremely expensive and they sell everything half the price at the airport. There is also a library on the island. I left the books I had brought there and borrowed extras. It saves on excess baggage and they do charge a fortune if you are way over.
All in all, I cannot recommend this island enough. It is the best holiday we have ever had. I have priced up for next year and am saving up to go back.

Excellent Accomodation

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at the Olhuveli for two weeks at the end of May and loved it. The hotel has been totally rebuilt after the Tsunami and the accomodation is superb, with no signs of any construction. We had a Beach Villa (one of only eight) and it was sheer opulence. Large sleeping / living area with front patio, dressing room and fantastic outdoor bathroom with two showers and victorian pedestal bath. From speaking to other guests the standard rooms where fantastic as well. Although the water villas are private they are quite a walk from the resturant. There is entertainment every night which is quite low key so if you want to retire to your room you will not be disturbed, but do stay to see the Maldavian night as the staff take part. The pool areas are superb and well looked after and as expected the beaches are white and when the tide is out you can walk forever over the sandbanks -paradise. The restuarant is well staffed but the food can become a bit boring into the second week so maybe try the pool grill bar for dinner.

We had the AI package which included good quality beers and brand named spirits and would reccomed this as even water is $5. AI does not include watersports or divingand both are expensive, if you do go on any dives pick the ones in the morning as the visibility tends to be better. Diving and snorkelling are amazing we saw sharks, mantarays, turtles and loads of colours on the house reef.

Now for the downside, which has nothing to do with the hotel....

DO NOT fly Charter. We took this option as the flight was direct but it was a big mistake even with the upgrade we waited two hours after take off for a drink and on our return it was even worse service at the airport when they messed up our seating arrangements and would not do anything to help so we decided to book a scheduled flight home at the airport!!!!. This was a great move and even with the transfer in Dubai we arrived back in London just over an hour later than the charter flight. The difference in class of service was phenomenal and worth every penny.
The Maldives is a luxury destination so pay the extra for a scheduled flight for the 10hr journey, you will not be dissapointed.

Olhuveli we loved it!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Good Points

Me & my wife went to Olhuveli, because it had been hit by the Tsunami at the end of 2004. We felt that this was the best way to give back to Maldivian community since we had spent our Honeymoon in the Maldives in August 2004 (Sun Island). The island was fantastic as I can not swim I could venture out into the shallow waters. Also we spent our holiday staying in a deluxe villa but we upgraded to the deluxe Jacuzzi water villa. All the accommodation has been refurbished since the tsunami and is very modern. We saw lots of Sharks and Sting Rays!!!

The hotel staffs were very helpful.

Bad Points

The food was just about ok. They seemed to have themed food. For example one day they would have Chinese and then the next Italian. If you didn’t like the food then you would be stuck!
My other concern was the fly’s and mosquitoes, there was no fumigation and the food was not covered. In Sun Island they seemed to fumigate every time it rained.

Very good value

from Manchestermember
I have to respond to the swiss review we were there for two weeks end of april beginning of may and we had an excellent time. We saw no construction or heard any. Yes the bottom of the island is fenced off by not a very nice fence but this is the staff quarters - its a desert island the staff live down the bottom of the island - they don't live in jacuzzi villas!

You have no need to go down to the bottom - there is nothing there unless you want to take photos of a fence.

The resort is very laid back and extremely friendly. I am sure there are more luxurious resorts in the maldives but for value for money, friendliness and amenities this resort was excellent and we would recommend it.


The two freshwater pools are great and the decking for sunbeds around them are perfect.

The food is very good in the buffet lots of choice

Good cosmopolitan mix of people not just lots of brits.

Unlike some islands this has its own reef which you access via the pier it is brilliant for snorkelling and diving.

The snorkelling safari is good and you see turtles.

Seeing the black tip reef sharks under the restaurant during the day and giant manta rays in the night at the end of the pier.

The beaches are good (but accept the east side one is not as nice as the west side - it is quite firm in places as some of the sand was lost in tsunami). There are plenty of places oon the beach for this not to bother you in the least.

The spa is really a good addition to the island.

The entertainment was pretty good in particular the band who play on the friday.

The choice of draft beers - Tiger, San Miguel, Fosters or Heineken!

the rooms - we were in the most basic room we had excellent air con, 4 poster bed, a wet room - huge ceilings, large balcony all with sea view.

The fishing and beach barbeque on another island if only to see the hilarious spectacle of the "italian cabaret' !

the watersports school who actually teach you to do things not just let you potter around yourself which is what has happened at other places we have been to.


On the All inclusive package you should get a discount for the al a carte restaurants this would encourage more peole to go and add variety.

take you snorkelling gear otherwise they charge you.

need a few more beds round the pool. stick your towels on before breakfast for best spots.

Overall we would recommmend this place and all people who we spoke to and met when we were there had a great time.

Loved our Stay - absolute bliss

from kiwinz75
We have just returned from 7 nights at the gorgeous Olhuveli Island Resort and cannot rate it highly enough.
Unlike the previous review we saw no signs of construction at all so it must be well and truely finished. They did need to reconstruct after the Tsunami which devastated the island but you certainly do not see any sign of that now.
We stayed in a delux water bungalow which was gorgeous. Beautiful views over the reef, a lovely big balcony and very modern decor, 4 poster bed etc.
The beaches were lovely and even though the resort was reasonably full we found it completely private if needed or more sociable if also wanted.
One side of the island gets a bit of wind and the otherside is completely still. There are plenty of sand bars at one end of the island and you can walk out to them and lie about in complete privacy.
There are two separate pool areas to enjoy, otherwise lots of beaches.
We found the staff to be very pleasant and friendly while at the same time giving you privacy to enjoy the holiday. We certainly didnt feel obliged to give them a tip and as the bill includes a mandatory 10% service charge at the end I couldnt see them expecting anymore.
I agree with the previous poster that breakfast ends a bit too soon (930am) as we liked to lie in and enjoy the holiday.
We were on Half Board - the food was fine especially as everything is imported. They have different themes for dinner every night so it doesnt get too much the same.
Prices are not too bad. Beers are US$5. You can get lunch at several places, its simple and nothing fancy but does the trick. Beef Burger and chips US$12, Cajun chicken Sandwich US$10.
I recommend if you go there to take your own snorkels with you as they are quite expensive to rent. also dont leave any toiletries behind as they are very pricey in the little shop (a small tube of toothpaste is US$5 and suncream is something ridiculous like US$30!)

We would go back again in a flash - its simply gorgeous!

On constructions! Be careful!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Be careful !!! You are warned:

We were in Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort during mid February 2006. We had the choice of few other resorts and we were told this one is great value. No one warned us about constructions being made on the resort. We arrived to the resort and were horrified to discover that more than half of the island was surrounded by a construction fence with horrible constructions buildings and noise. We were sure it was a stop to pick up the employees but were very disappointed to see it was the island we were supposed to stay on for the week. They firstly tried to put us in a standard old room which was just near the constructions. We wanted to leave the island and were told everything else was fully booked and they changed us the room for one night which was more inconvenient than nice since we had to leave early and missed the breakfast that finishes at : 9:30 or maximum 10:00 am. (Beware!).
In general, we want to warn people that the resort is not ready for tourists: Maybe in few months time it will be. In the meantime be warned for the following:

•Huge horrible construction fence around more than half of the island (from both sides) that completely destroys the view of the small paradise you pay for (from every corner of the island – even from restaurant). More employees and construction workers than tourists. We were first told that this island is better as it was completely new but not that there are still constructions on it. One of the European employees explained us that they lied to all the tourists since the constructions were supposed to be over by end of December but it wasn’t the case and they were afraid to loose reservations. Thus they preferred to say it to anyone (see pictures below)
•Construction noise in the deluxe rooms (they work from very early morning to late evenings)
•Most of the beaches are destroyed (the main beach near the constructions was completely redone and there is almost no sand) - you can really enjoy peace and calm on the very end of the island, about 100m2- where obviously all the tourists go – no privacy for couples
•Be warned especially for small children!!! Don’t walk bare foot! We found a seringue with blood in it in the middle of the beach next to the beach bar. One or more of the employees takes heroine. We showed it to the responsible who asked us not to say anything about it and tried to hide it (we took picture of it as well- see below)
•There is no vegetation and it was all being planted while we were there. It will take few months to have acceptable vegetation.
•Breakfast finishes very early – inconvenient for people who want to rest more
•Some electricity problems - the rooms were not completely finished and some works were done during the early morning hours
•As a general comment: Employees try to be “over” friendly waiting for the tip in the end of the visit. They don’t let you talk privately and sometime stay next to your table till you speak to them.

Other than this it was all fine but we are in the process of taking our travel agency to the tribunal for recommending this resort with the constructions (visible from everywhere even if supposed to be only on the employees side) after we made them very clear that we wanted a small island with peace and calm.

Top Local Tips for Male

Olhuveli Dive tips Bring any items of your own dive kit if you have it- (except wieghts). Work out overall apx. cost and book PADI courses (if req'd) fairly shortly after getting there. Get each dive signed up after each time.-(gets easy to forget if you do quite a few) If you are a licensed diver and have not got a delayed SMB, I strongly reccomend getting one before going due to the large number of drift dives and currents. (I didn't use mine but it was a comfort to know it was there.)

Leaving Male There is a passport and securirty check before you board your plane so go downstairs in plenty of time.

All inclusive For a few hundred quid extra, go all inclusive and get your moneys worth. And upgrade to a water villa with jacuzzi. . .


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  • olhuveli beach resort
  • olhuveli beach hotel
  • olhuveli beach & spa resort
  • olhuveli
  • Address: H Maley-Thila, Meheli Goalhi - Male - 20-05 - Maldives
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