Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort Hotel

, Langkawi, Malaysia
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Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort Hotel

4 star

Rooms: 238

Teluk Nibong - Langkawi - 07000 - Malaysia Hotel Website | | 4-955-1901
746 Traveller

Reviews - Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort Hotel

Relaxing time
Submitted by: Cressida in 02/05/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
Stayed here for 10 days in April; rooms are fab and kept really clean and tidy; bar stocked etc! Lobby area is great, recently modernised. The common areas i.e. pool and pool area is tired and could do with updating to keep in line with the lobby and rooms; restaurants are lovely, fairly reasonable.
Best holiday!!
Submitted by: Alida Greeff in 31/07/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: South Africa
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
My family and I visited the interesting island of Langkawi during our annual family holiday. We stayed at the Sheraton Langkawi. First impression of the hotel- clean, sophisticated, relaxed and friendly. Our rooms were ready when we arrived at about 12:00 local time. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The food at the restaurants at the hotel was a bit expensive. The pool with its stunning pool bar is a life saver during the hot humid days in Langkawi. The location of the hotel is maybe a bit out of the way, although it's easy to get around in a taxi. The staff were friendly and the breakfast in the mornings were very interesting. I would definitely go back to Langkawi and to the Sheraton!

Historical Traveller Reviews of Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort Hotel

Loved the Place - Would definitely stay again!

from Jazz66
We just got back from staying at the Sheraton Langkawi and had an absolutely wonderful time. The rooms were large and comfortable. The beds were very very comfortable which is important when you are sleeping in a foreign bed and the rooms were very rustic. There was a big emphasis on dark timber and neutral colours throughout the unit. The deep bath was heaven for soaking in after a long day and the rooms were kept very tidy by the housemaids.

I have no complaints whatsoever of our rooms. We did not see any insects or creatures in the unit nor did we ever have a problem with mosquitoes. The food at the resort was delicious and the buffet for breakfast was great too. Lots of variety - everything you could wish for.

The staff at the resort were very very friendly and helpful. The waiters at the restaurants were there at your beck and call and nothing was too much problem for them.

The resort is built on the side of a hill but there is a courtesy bus that picks you up at your room or you can hail it down as it is always going past. The walk from the rooms to the lobby or restaurants is all downhill on the way there, but going home it is up hill. But like I said you can catch the bus at any time. We opted to walk to get some exercise after over eating! LOL.

Catching a taxi from the resort is as easy as telling the bell hop at the entrance. Within a minute a taxi is there and there is a fixed price on going into town by taxi of $20.00 RM.

There are no restaurants that are close by like Cenang has, but we were content to eat at the Sheraton the whole time. We knew the food was great and the kids also enjoyed it too (which is a bonus). The next closest resort is the Berjaya and you could catch a taxi there if you opted for a change of restaurants.

The Sheraton has more than one restaurant to choose from and the Captain's Grill (even though a little pricey) has the wonderful view over the Andaman Sea.

The pool was not large but big enough although we never had the time to go in. We were always doing something as there is so much to see and do on the island. People say 5 days is enough time on the island but I found we needed more time to see everything.

There are 3 different beaches that you can swim in at the Sheraton, but all are relatively small. Good enough to cool down after a hot day but nothing to rave about. In fact all the beaches on the island are nothing to rave about if you happen to live in Australia. I don't think you would say you were going to Langkawi for the beaches and swimming, it would have to be the nature.

The monkeys are the resort are plentiful and funny. They can however become aggressive if they know you have food. We did find all the bananas the breakfast buffet got snatched up pretty quick! LOL.

All in all we had a wonderful time at the Sheraton and I can recommend it to anyone who is not overly fussy. If you have a tendancy to get upset over a scratch on the coffee table or a chipped tile in the bathroom, then you had better look elsewhere. We found it very rustic, natural and well presented.

I would definitely stay at this resort again and I met a lady who stayed one night at the Holiday Villa and cancelled and came to the Sheraton and was then very happy.

I'd say the only downside to the resort was the size of the pool compared to other resorts. But if you are planning on doing a lot of sunbaking, then there are plenty of deck chairs for everyone.

One final note!

Definitely try the Balinese massage with facial - heaven!

A disappointment.

from hotel.detective
I wish I could say that I loved the place, but unfortunately I was taught not to lie. If you're expecting a posh beach resort, as this Sheraton's name would imply, you're apt to be disappointed. The property is set on 38 acres of lush forest nestled between hills and a tranquil bay on the Andaman Sea. That part is good. The interiors of all the refurbished rooms I saw and inhabited were very similar and were in relatively good condition. Once you've settled in, you begin to notice the small things that housekeeping has overlooked. Broken light fixtures, missing or cracked glass on tables, marred wall surfaces, mouldy grouting in the shower...nothing too drastic, but when you take into consideration what your paying for the room, and compare it to competing properties of equal calibre, it becomes that much more annoying. The much touted room "refurbishments" were basically a replacement of the bed to a Sheraton "Sweet Sleeper", the installation of wired high speed internet and the replacement of the wooden wall panels with plaster painted white. Bathrooms were untouched, as was the warn varnish on much of the interior woodwork. The hotel is actually owned by a timber baron, explaining the extensive use of wood throughout the resort, even in places where it really isn't either practical or desireable, such as poolside decking. This would never fly in the litigious USA, as the potential for personal injury resulting from a dangerous mix of slippery painted wood and wet bare feet would be far too great. Footsteps also resonate much louder on wooden flooring, so when you're quietly ensconced in your room, it's very easy to keep tabs on all your adjoining neighbours' movements, especially in the dead of night.

Throughout the resort there seems to be evidence of a tight reign on pursestrings. Wires dangling from crooked A/C units, broken or cracked light standards, replacement wooden slats painted a different colour than their original adjoining mates. These are things I've never seen in a resort that markets itself as 5*.
I would summise that the ownership doesn't believe in re-investing as much in maintentance and renovation as is the industry norm. True, the lobby is being renovated and rebuilt to a much better standard complete with wi-fi hotspots, but that has been long in coming, given the resort's age and quality of construction.

The small outdoor pool is actually above ground with built up decking on one side and an "infinite type" overspill facing the sea. It's overcrowded with 30 people, but with 270 odd rooms, it's woefully inadequate. A second one is in the "pipeline", but not in the foreseeable future. Pity, because the current one is starting to crumble and show its age. There are beaches of course, but they are really just a collection of three very small coves and and a larger bay with a smelly run-off and the remains of an old dock charmingly rotting away. The largest stretch of sand has no beach at all as there is a wide rock barrier in place to prevent erosion.

And yet, it's not all bad. The rooms are a good size, both in the 4 unit chalet style and in the multi unit two level buildings. The white plaster walls have created an airy feeling, and the shuttered bath is a romantic touch for a couple, though less so when friends or children are tagging along. The shower is quite large and can easily accomodate two. We never lacked hot water. The high raised ceiling in the main area adds a sense of space that further enhances its actual dimensions. The large outdoor covered balcony complete with table, chairs and banquette is a blessing during the frequent rains that prevail. Those with ceiling fans are especially desireable to cool the muggy afternoons and help repel any marauding mosquitos. My wife and I spent many moments there with cocktails, nibbles and the amusing company of more than a few wandering macaques.

That brings me to the subject of the resort's setting amongst a number of Malaysia's natural inhabitants. Were I to return to this resort in its present state, it would be solely due to my love of animals. The dusky leaf monkeys alone are worth the cost of admission. Unlike their cheeky cousins, the macaques, these are shy creatures that traverse the hotel property twice a day as they forage for food in the trees high above. Their acrobatic maneuvers are entertaining enough, but it's their unique appearance that steals the show. Others sharing our stay included hornbills, sea eagles, brahminy kites, flying lemurs, tree shrews, giant squirrels and monitor lizards. Another positive that I've not noticed previously mentioned is the weekly Management Cocktail hour on the Beachfront Boardwalk. I'm not quite sure if it's open to all guests or perhaps solely SPG members, but whatever the case, it is a welcome opportunity to mingle with management, staff and other guests while quaffing a few brews, sipping a cocktail or two and enjoying some hors d'oeuvres.

In conclusion, I'd have to say that the Sheraton is average at best, over-priced and over-hyped but blessed with an abundance of wildlife that may appeal to some and dissuade others. Food and beverage outlets are overpriced, especially when compared to off property venues. However, there is little alternative lest you have a car or hire a taxi because there's precious little in the vicinity. Basically you are held hostage unless you're somewhat resourceful. Luckily, I'm the latter.

Relaxing But Not The Best

Visited for 7 nights at a very quiet time for Langkawi. Sheraton Beach Resort atmosphere was extremely relaxing because of it's location away from the airport and main strip.

Stayed in one of the recently refurbished sea-view chalets. Had a nice porch area for sitting out and viewing the sea albeit partially hidden by some hedge row. Large and comfortable beds with good air conditioning plus ceiling fan and an excellent bathroom. Extremely clean and room services very attentive.

Don't expect much from the beach and the pool area is quite disappointing for a hotel of this pedigree.

Activities and day trips booked through the hotel lobby was convenient but somewhat over-priced compared to agents in town. Because of the unpredicatble weather at this time of year, it was more practicle to book through the hotel. Otherwise booking thru agents in Kuah town would be better.

Lots of wildlife to be seen in the resort including lizards and squirrels but the macaques monkeys can be extremely aggresive if you leave room service left-overs outside your door.

Breakfast buffet is of good variety but seldom dined in the hotel since more food options were found in Pantai Cenang and beyond. Places like the Lighthouse, Bon Ton, Barn Thai, Orchid Ria Seafood and Champor-Champor were great dining experiences of different cuisines.

Hope to return to Langkawi soon for another trip but will not stay at the Sheraton Beach Resort. I would suggest Pelangi Beach Resort since it is right on the lovely Cenang Beach and the pool area is way better. If you prefer that special rustic feel, the Bon Ton is the place for you. Quaint, quiet and has a superb in-house restaurant.

Everything I Hoped For!

from Msmikey
We just returned from the Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort this week, and felt I should let everyone know who is considering staying here how great this resort is!
After reading some of the reviews, I was a bit skeptical about this resort as it seems there might be numerous, hot water, refurbishments, cockroaches, and expensive food in the hotel. However, I can say that I found none of these to be a problem and in fact didn't encounter any of them. We had a group of 4 people, 2 couples in 2 different room types, 1 couple in a beachfront chalet (this was me and my partner) and the other was a direct sea-view room. Both rooms were absolutely lovely, and had gorgeous views and the standards in the room, both furnishing and cleaning, were very high. We even had some beach sandals included in our room!
The resort is set on a hill with a jungle type setting, which is absolutely stunning...they have "safari taxi" around the resort so getting around without using all the stairs as one reviewer noted is absolutely no problem. Our rooms were located on different sides of the resort, and we never waited more than 3-5 minutes for a safari taxi to show up. The beaches are small but very charming, it has the feel of swimming on secluded beaches because of all the trees and rocks that are there. As for the razor sharp rocks that a couple reviews mentioned...I am not sure why this would be a problem for anyone...They are situated on the water's edge, and not on the sand near where one would sunbathe. There are also signs that warn that the rocks may be sharp, so it shouldn't be a surprise if they are then! However, the rocks played absolutely no part in our time on the beach, and I found them a rugged and beautiful addition to the beach, as it is very relaxing to hear the waves break on them.
The restaurants at the hotel are great....we had dinner at the Spice Trader and it was excellent! The bill was about £50 for 4 people which included 2 beers for each person, starters for everyone, 4 main courses, and 3 desserts! So it wasn't that expensive...and definitely not London prices...I know the local Indian take away near my house is about £10 per person for just curry and rice...not including starters, drinks and desserts!
We experienced no problems with the hot water either, in fact, many times the shower was too hot for my taste, and had to turn it down! We were there for 6 nights and I took many showers, and it was always consistent at different times of the day. I remember reading something in the hotels literature about that it is solar powered heating for the water, but it also employs a back up heating system for cloudy days or when the water wasn't hot enough or something. But in any event, none of us experienced any problems with it. The bathrooms were also very nice, the shower and toilet were in a seperate area from the basin and tub which was great so that 2 people could utilise the bathroom at the same time.
The wildlife on the resort grounds was great! We saw monkeys, hornbills, tree shrews, monitor lizards, and flying lemurs! Definitely added a great and interesting element to the holiday...we were monkey spotting every day!
The staff was extremely friendly and very eager to help in any way that they could...the management was always present and seemed very attentive to any needs that may arise. All in all, our stay at this resort was great! I would recommend this resort to anyone going to Langkawi...I feel it provides great value for money and was everything that I had hoped it would be!

It tries but just misses the mark

from superhols
We stayed here October 2005 as part of a three centre holiday in Malaysia.

They are currently refurbishing the lobby area, which is due to be finished Dec 05. It's not too noisy during the day, nothing to worry about really, just a bit of a pain because it makes getting from one side of the hotel to the other a bit difficult.

The hotel itself is built on a hillside, hidden into the rainforest - beautiful setting. There is a courtesy bus to transport guests around if you have difficulty walking but even so, there's lots of steps!! There are a couple of private little beaches, but, as a previous reviewer also pointed out, I also fell foul of the razor-sharp rocks on the beach - it's really easy to slip when walking over them. It's only about 10 minutes from the airport, but is a 25 minute taxi ride to Kuah, the main town on the island.

We stayed in a 'refurbished' sea view room, which we upgraded to from a standard (I presume unrefurbished and a bit tatty) room on check-in, precisely because we didn't WANT an unrefurbished, tatty room! It was nice - a Sweet Sleeper bed, one of those bathrooms where you can fold back some shutters into the main bedroom so you can chat whilst you're in the bath. It wasn't very, erm, soundproofed - something I always find appealing in a bathroom ;-) but was otherwise all you'd expect. Other reviews have mentioned problems with the hot water. The hotel tries to be eco-friendly so they solar heat their water. There's one tank per 4 rooms (at least, if you're in one of the chalet rooms I think) and if it's gone, it takes 2-3 hours to reheat. They do try to explain this in the room guide. I know it's probably not much consolation if you've just arrived after 20 hours travelling and just want a hot shower - but at least you know you're supporting them to care for the environment which I think is a good attitude for a big hotel to have.

We were in one of the 'blocks' and never had any problems with water, although it took an exceedingly long time for the hot water to come through - sometimes up to a minute, but it wasn't a problem.

There's a lovely pool, one of those 'infinity' pools that looks like it runs straight into the sea.

The food here is extremely expensive, overpriced in fact. Expect UK prices. We had a meal in the Spice Trader restaurant, which cost us the same as a curry out would in the UK, but the quality of the meat was really poor. We could have had the same quality of meal at a little place down the road for 1/10th of the price. At times, the staff crossed the line between being attentive, and intrusive, (one morning at breakfast we were interrupted 10 times) although they were all very pleasant.

If you are on a room-only basis and want to include breakfast, tell them when you check in and they offer you a special (cheaper) price which makes it around £5 a head - if you don't ask and just go to breakfast, they charge you around £7 a head.

We can recommend a taxi ride to Harbour Park (about 10 mins away) rather than eating your main meals in the hotel, where they have some really excellent restaurants along the harbour, beautiful views, and fair prices. All the taxi fares are fixed across the island - there's no haggling over prices, which is great if you're a tourist - and it was RM15 which works out to approximately £3 each way.

Only other minor niggle was the cockroaches - one in our room, and then I saw them squishing one in the pool bar - but the guy on reception insists that it's 'normal' for cockroaches to want to come inside during rainy season.....sure it is!!!!!

In all, it was a really nice place to stay and we're glad we went...but it lacked that certain something that turns an ordinary hotel into something special. I have therefore classed it as 'average' - not because it's by any means an average hotel, but because it's 'average' if you compare it to similar hotels of a similar price and standard in the area.

Honeymoon in Langkawi

from SBeard9830
We stayed at this hotel for our honeymoon and really had a wonderful time. The rooms are very spacious and kept very tidy. We did have a few run ins with the local animals though, There was a gecko under my pillow, the monkeys came almost every night at around 4, A lizard came into our room and ate our fruit bowl. We really didn't mind all this. We loved that the grounds are kept natural and beautiful so the animals stay in the area. We even had a chance to see a flying squirrel in the evenings.
We were a little put off by the prices mainly for the food and the rental of a car at the hotel. We were told for the first few days to sit by the pool and enjoy the hotels ammenities but quickly found out that is because everything is over priced. If you arn't worried about money than that is fine but we would head to Chenang beach for dinners for about half the price as well as we rented a car at the airport for less than half.
I hope this helps anyone who is going there. We had such an awesome time in Langkawi. There was so much to do and see. The mangrove tour is great, the waterfalls are gorgeous, the cable car although a little scary for me was so much fun. Make sure to check out Tanjung Rhu beach. It is really clean and long. This is also where at low tide you are able to walk across the sand bar to the little islands on the coast.
We had a really good time and hope that you do too!
Stephen and Amy

The best Honeymoon we could have dreamed of!

from A TripAdvisor Member
After reading reviews before you go somewhere you realise how important it is to write about your experiences when you return home to assist others in making their choice.

We stayed at the Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort for just over two weeks to celebrate our honeymoon and have never encountered such service and such a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The staff in all departments were always ready to assist. The rooms were very clean and spacious with a well stocked mini bar, clean towels, flannels etc everyday, as well as extras such as vanity kits, shampoo, moisturisers...the list goes on!

The pool, beach and surrounding areas were kept exceptionally tidy with grounds staff working all the time. The shop was well stocked and the resturants were wonderful.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff, especially Ikram whose weather advice was next to none and Eugene at the pool bar!

Expected more from the Sheraton chain

from A TripAdvisor Member
Was here with my girlfriend during Golden Week. Made a very good value break from Japan considering the usual cost of trips during this time.
Stayed in a sea-view room with jacuzzi bath. The room itself had been refurbished recently but the staff were loath to replace toiletries and towels. After our first night, we were left with only 1 bath towel! I presume as we were a couple they expected us to share. The water is solar heated and shared between 4 rooms so be prepared for it to run out if the resort is busy. We had a family of 4 next door...a cold jacuzzi is no fun at all.
Beaches are very small and stay away from the rocks (they`ll cut you like a razor) but were deserted when we were there.
Food in the restaurants was average and the staff constantly badger you. We were asked by 4 different people in 5 minutes if we were enjoying our meal! Might be over picky but was a bit taken aback to be called "Mate!" by one staffmember.
The mangrove tour is worth doing but the night market is most definately not. One small street selling tat and dubious looking "fresh" seafood.
Lastly, do NOT eat at the Langkawi Airport cafeteria. I did and took a month to recover from it.

Beautiful and Friendly

from Kanerva
Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort was a beautiful, excellent, relaxing experience. Located on the beach and in the rainforest, the hotel has incredibly beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

We stayed in a renewed seaview chalet with jacuzzi. The chalet was spacious, clean and nicely decorated.

Service everywhere at the hotel was excellent. We've stayed at very nice hotels before, but here the service was exceptionally warm and welcoming. And this really means every single person working on the grounds.

There were numerous nice and exotic animals living on the grounds and they were all itroduced in a hotel leaflet (in the room).

The food was great! (breakfast, restaurants, bars) Numerous activities and excursions were easily available.

This was truly on of the best holiday experiences I've had!

Lovely holiday at the Sheraton Langkawi

from A TripAdvisor Member
My partner and I stayed at the Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort for the first time last March for a week. It was a lovely place, the staff were really kind and considerate and looked after us very well. The pool was very accessable with no shortage of towels and always planty of sun loungers. We ate in the hotel restaurant and found the food really good. Trips out were not a problem as the hotel bus service would take us there and bring us back.
We are definitely going back next year and would recommend it to any one looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday in lovely surroundings.

Top Local Tips for Langkawi

What to do in Langkawi? Go to Birds Paradise, Oriental Village is good for shopping, do not have too much expectations from Underworld Museum, go to Pantai Tengah Beach and Lighthouse restaurant next to the beach, Crocodile Farm is highly recommended, Cable Car is a must...

Airline to use As it is only a 45 min trip, Air Asia is a great airline to use. In spite of what many people say, it is always, always, much cheaper than MAS, and booking online is the best way to get good deals.

Duty Free Shopping Excellent for duty free shopping, there are no taxes on the Island, so buy on Island as other parts Malysia are taxed.


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  • sheraton langkawi beach hotel
  • sheraton langkawi
  • langkawi sheraton
  • Address: Teluk Nibong - Langkawi - 07000 - Malaysia
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