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Novotel Coralia Lombok Hotel

Pantai Putri Nyale, Mandalika Resort - Lombok - 83111 - Indonesia Hotel Website | 370-653333
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Rest and Relaxation

from EmaAustralia
We have stayed at this Resort on 3 other occasions, Our most recent stay was in a villa.
This resort is out of the way, not much to do except sunbake and rest, great spot to base yourself for surf trips in the region.
We used there transport service from the airport to the hotel it is well worth the money quick and easy on other occasions we have barted with drivers who's cars ended up with no airconditioning ect.

I was really dissapointed with our arrival, our villa was not ready so we went to the restaurant for lunch an hour later our room was still not ready, to cut this short i was not happy....

When we arrived at our villa i had forgotten about the checkin process, the villas are really lovely and worth the extra money.
Each afternoon biscuits and coffee were delivered a nice gesture.
Food in the restaurant was fine, we ate here on alternate nights and days we ate at a warung called Cafe riviera...a place we frequent each visit and get the staff to organise bikes and things.

I was dissapointed with two things on this visit, firstly the baggsing of towels on lounges at the beach everyday by people that use them for 1 hour or so drives me insane, and the hotel not policing the villa pool, the same thing happened there and it was with people who were not even staying in the villas..

In total we love the location but the staff are friendly especially in the restaurant and clenaing staff, however the level of service could be alittle higher.
I am actually unsure if we will return again after this visit,,,

Nice private villas !

from Katergo
We booked direct with the hotel at the rate of 90 USD. Standard rooms are OK but nothing to write home about.
I asked how much would be an upgrade to a private villa. After some bargaining, we got a private villa with swimming pool for just 40 USD more ... and it was wonderful !

The hotel is nicely located in a beautiful bay (but it is not possible to swimm at low tide !) We thought the evening buffet to be good value with excellent seafood (ie small lobsters, tuna ...)

I would not stay at the Novotel Lombok more than 2 or 3 days though, as the hotel is really isolated and Kuta Lombok quite a desolated place.

Beware of Credit card Theft by employees!

from jackcVancouver
We recently returned home from a 3 week holiday in Indonesia, that was an awesome experience. We spent 7 days at the Novotel in Lombok with many mixed feelings. We stayed in a Villa with a pool for a very reasonable rate. We enjoyed the happy hours and the beauty of the area. Like others have stated it is to bad the vendors on the beach make it so difficult to try and use the beach or the ocean. We tired quickly of having a group of 10 hawkers sitting 20 feet from you and every time you look up trying to sell you something. We tried to swim in the ocean the first day we were there, and never again because they make you feel so uncomfortable. We were also disapointed in the dinner buffets nightly.

Even with these complaints we did think it was a beautiful spot and enjoyed our visit. There were many very friendly guests and meeting others was easy and enjoyable. Most of the staff seemed friendly.

Now for the Bad News! When we returned we were shocked to find a charge on our credit card for an unautorized amonut of over $1000.00 US dollars.
This was a totally different charge from our bill. It was put through on the day we arrived; we paid the final bill on departure. Nothing was said about a previous charge. We have contacted the hotel directly daily for the last week and also managment of Accor Hotels. Even more distressing is the fact that no one will even respond to us. We are pursuing the problem through Visa and considering legal action.

There is something fishy going on and it is not just dinner.

Theft from room safe box

from divespyder
Our room safe was broken into with the master key and reclosed. We found some money missing when i tried to open the safe with my password and was unable to. When front desk manager assisted me to open the safe with the master key, we found some money missing and made a police report. The police told us we are the 6th guest to be robbed this way at this hotel. Police was unable to lift fingerprints as all room safes are covered with dried banana trunk material for a resort feel. Luckily our passports were intact. They were smart to steal some money but not all to try to avoid detection.

We were given a room upgrade for one night and complimentary dinner. Luckily we managed to get travel insurance compensation for our loss.

The police said we were targetted because we looked like Japanese and all previous victims were in fact Japanese. The reason Japanese were targetted is because they have difficulty articulating the problem to hotel and police. Hotel staff even said they thought that the Japanese guests were trying to pull a fast one for room upgrade when they reported money stolen from their safes.

There are no security cameras in the hotel and hotel GM told me they will install CCTV surveillance system and change all room safes. I hope this has been done since.

We liked the hotel but this episode ruined our holiday and we lost almost an entire day with the investigations and police report and even had to go to the police station. The hotel front desk was pretty unhelpful with facilitating the investigations. Thankfully the GM tried his best with service recovery but i don't think we will return to the hotel again.

One of the best hotels we ever stayed in

from bZita
We traveled to Lombok in april with our 2 daughters of 7 and 10. We organised the whole trip by ourselves and selected hotels based on the reviews we read.
We started of in Lombok where we picked the Novotel Coralia Lombok. The hotel is about 2 hours by car from the airport. On the way you'll see Lombok as it is: primitive, hardly touched by tourism, lots of motorcycles and impressive nature (and unfortunately also a lot of rubbish). The hotel itself is impressive. As we are frequent travellers, we've visited quite some nice hotels in the world, but this hotel exceeded our expectations. We stayed inone of the bungalow houses. The decoration is made to perfection considering every little detail: toilet seat, telephone etc... all these are covered with bamboo leafs giving it an authentic feel but offering 5star luxury. The pool, the architecture, the food, the service... it's all absolutely top. The management of the hotel is french and to us that really showed through the quality of the food which was really excellent. We had some of our best meals in the hotel. Also the surroundings, far away from the touristy areas of Sengigi, with magnificent white beaches and stunning green - in april, aparently in dry season this area is very hot and dry - hills and blue seas are amazing. If there would be one hotel we would recommend, this would be the one. Don't hesitate. This is top.

t recommend it. . .

from TravelBeard
This hotel is truly in the middle of nowhere--over an hour and a half from the airport--in the NE portion of Lombok. Unlike Lombok's west coast, which is lush and green, the Kuta area around the hotel is quite dry. . .a bit like the Baja region of Mexico. There are lovely beaches here, and steep peaks, and few towns of any size.

Novotel looks to be the beginning part of larger integrated resort that hasn't yet been developed. What is here is a hotel of about 100 rooms in a pleasant but quirky layout--a verdict perhaps the result of an American visiting a French run hotel on an Indonesian island. Most of the rooms are in a three story building at the north edge of the hotel, with various other hotel functions in one story buildings nearby. In between the room block and the beach are 23 bungalows about three times the price of the standard rooms--decidedly more pleasant than the basic rooms, but unlikely three times as nice. (Superior rooms differ from deluxe rooms in that they are on the second and third rooms and have no patios--essentially that is it).

Much in the tradition of oddly endearing quirks that characterized Renaults and Peugeots in the US--this hotel does things differently from others. Freshly cleaned toilets sport a frangipani blossom floating in the bowl--target practice, anyone? Once your bottled water is depleted, guests are directed to refill these bottles from the water coolers stationed in the halls. The main pool is shaped like a volcano--guests climb a ladder to enter the pool, which has very little traditional chaise lounge area surrounding it.

Grounds enjoy nice plantings--explosions of bougainvillea and hibiscus grace bungalow sides, and stone paths wind past patios on the way to the beach. There is a "fitness center", but it is nearly worthless if you seek any cardio activity--there are no treadmills or other exercise machines, and the bikes are dysfunctional; only weight training is really possible here. The management really shouldn't even bother, either that or replace the equipment with real exercise gear.

Rooms are compact but pleasant, with hardwood floors, low beds (actually kind of tough to get out of in the morning), a built in couch, and a shower only bathroom. Showers have nice pressure, and the air conditioning works well, but day time cleaners turn it off after they service the room, so if you like it cool, ensure that you restart it midday.

While the hotel materials boast of two restaurants, the "gourmet" restaurant was closed, likely due to lack of business--this during "high season". The main restaurant is open to the elements, and serves both menu and buffet offerings each evening. Food is capable, very good at times, and the prices are reasonable by world standards, a bit higher by Lombok measures. Alcohol is expensive, and the hotel's happy hour is only for overpriced drinks, not beer. . .

The hotel hosts a number of really nice activities to showcase the local area--and most of these are free. There is a monkey visit, where a staffer takes you to a hillside where macaques reside. There is a cidomo (the horse drawn carts ubiquitous in Lombok) tour to Kuta village and surrounds. The hotel hosts a hike to Tanjung Aan beach and the hills surrounding it.

Overall, this is a nice first class resort at low prices--I paid $55 per night including tax, service and breakfast for two.

So, why can't I recommend it? Given the layout, the beach is the thing here, and it is a lovely beach. While the sand is a bit more like really small pellets--or bird seed--the arc is stunning, the water turquoise, and all is bracketed by two conical peaks. Unlike some resorts with their emphasis on a lavish pool area, the beach is the focal point of this resort.

So that said, the beach can be a very unpleasant experience. Why? The vendors.

The Novotel management, simply put, does an insufficient job of shielding the guests from an ongoing onslaught of local vendors. There is a single, non-imposing security guard that repeatedly shoes the vendors--many of them youngsters--from the beach, and frequently to no effect. Often, there were more vendors on the beach than there were hotel guests.

These vendors sell everything from fruit to t shirts, but a simple walk down the beach has you needing to fend off three or four of them. Get off your chaise to take a swim, and you are surrounded by kids trying to sell pineapples, beads, or sarongs. While the lack of tourists makes the economic situation sad for the locals, the unpleasant persistence of these vendors renders much of Lombok--and certainly the beach at this resort--unsuitable for guests trying to enjoy a peaceful beachside vacation.

This is so unfortunate, as this quirky resort has much to offer. The hotel management is to blame, as they do nothing to stop this nuisance. I cannot recommend this hotel after this experience.

I should also note that while this coastline is notable for great beaches (Tanjung Aan near the hotel is stunning, with soft white sand in mile long arcs, fronting blue, clear water), there have been numerous reports of attacks on tourists and thefts at nearby beaches. A few of the beaches even have security guards, but visitors still need to be very careful with any valuables.


from Boardsports
Having arrived from Bali, where we stayed in on of the most gorgeous hotels I have ever been in, we didnĀ“t expect anything special when we went to Lombok but were gladly surprised.
The Novotel is a cosy gorgeously beautiful clean and extremely well kept place to stay, the Sasaks are one of the most friendly people I have ever met in many a travel all over the world and all in all we had one of the best ever Surf holidays there ever.
The buffet food was freshly prepared with a touch of Indo kitchen, the breakfast was a large and qiute diverse buffet - from freshly prepared pancakes and various kinds of egg, Nasi Goreng, Soto Ayam soup (wicked!) and everythin you could wish for.
One of the best evenings we had was the beach BBQ with live music - unforgettable!
One more thing: the spa in the hotel was not too cheap, however extremely friendly and lavishly relaxing!
We most definitlely will be back!

Not for everyone....

from vanmarie72
I will start with the positives....the beach side bungalows are stunning. Beautifully decorated and in an amazing location, right on the sand. The main pool is also gorgeous but that is where the positives end. To be fair, I have never been a fan of big resorts but this just confirmed it for me. The Novotel (like the whole of Kuta, Lombok) unfortunately is clearly suffering from a lack of tourists, however they are still charging five star prices, therefore they need to provide a 5 star experience.

The food was quite possibly the worst aspect of our stay. The only option for dinner was a seafood BBQ/buffet extravaganza on the beach. Rather than being a romantic, 'under the stars' affair, this section of the beach was lit with bright lights and was swarming with untrained wait staff waiting to pounce at every moment - not what one would expect from a resort of this calibre. The food was dreadful - so bad that we couldn't eat most of it (and we aren't particularly fussy eaters!). Breakfast wasn't any better. It was also a buffet as that was the only option. Fortunately we did find a lovely cafe in Kuta called Ashtari where we ate for the remainder of our short stay.

Other disappointments were that the spectacular bath tub in our room couldn't be used as there was nowhere near enough warm water to fill it even part way (and the nights were quite cool). Possibly the final straw for us was when we were trying to relax pool-side and an aqua aerobics class started which involved blaring music and a fitness instructor screaming directions to his only student. Horrific. Suffice to say, we packed up and left that day, fairly disillusioned with our 5 star, US$250 per night experience!

Far and away

from Schonefeld
The only thing that inspired me to write this message is a QUALIFIED review of the previous author. I assure everyone I am not Novotel Lombok addict and 18 times lover of this particular hotel but my review is going to be a sober calculation of facts free of numerous TALKS WITH LOCALS.
1/ Being an Indonesia resident I can assure you that all hotel/local friendliness (which is usually annoying) is only their best insurance agains lack of tourists, and it doesn`t mean sasaks are a friendly nation especially to you.
2/ Location of the hotel is unique, on a lonely bech with spectacular sea panorama. Swimming is possible only at high tide time (after lunch). Beach is almost clean but as far as locals have free access a lot of coconut shells, plastic cups can be seen.
3/ Rooms are OK, but superior rooms have no balcony (at seaside resort it is a requirement, methinks), deluxe ones have a terrace but they all situated on the ground floor and almost on the path to the restaurant.
4/ Of two restaurants mentioned in hotel overview only one is avaliable where you can have breakfast and all the other meals during the day.
5/ Breakfast is simply poor, no even trace of cheese or something. Tipical indonesian approach to breakfast is Nasi goreng (fried rice) which is avaliable every day, but the majority of guests are Europeans.... I`ve seen a lot of disappointed faces through their first morning in Novotel Lombok.
6/ Hotel ground are tidy and clean with lots of exotic plants (this is Indonesia, remember?)
7/ Very far from the airport, about hour and a half to get their. Nothing in the surrounding area, no villages, no restaurants - sometimes this is hotel bonus, especially if you want to escape busy city life and overcrowding.
8/ The summary of my review - I (my husband and my kid) really enjoyed our stay there and my only recommendation is but this - Do not expect much and you will not be diappointed!!

Heaven on earth!!

from LLady
Perhaps I am a tad biased to report on Novotel Lombok, having been there now around 18 times, however at least I'm qualified!
As Frommers has stated, I too believe you either love or hate this place. It is far from any city or town, 5mins by motor bike to the small village but it is the most relaxing, heavenly place I have ever stayed.
The hotel itself is stunning, we always stay in one of the generous sasak bungalows, which have all the comforts of home. The standard and deluxe rooms are also very nice, with everything one would expect of an international hotel.
The main thing about Novotel and Lombok in general is the people. The Sasaks are a quite reserved people but when you take time and speak with them they are such wonderful, genuinely warm people. To me most of the joy from my holiday comes from sitting talking with the staff or the villagers in one of the warungs in Kuta.
There are the most amazing beaches in the area, Tanjung Aan and Mawun being my faves, but the beach at the hotel is also lovely, with lots of non motorized water sports on offer. Thank God no jetskis!
To fininsh all I can say is that if you want an experience of an amazing culture but from a very comfy room, try Novotel Lombok.

Top Local Tips for Lombok

surf's up its a surfing destination...treat yourself to the novotel...and get kimen surf shop to assist you on any tours and surfing arrangements you will boats to the waves....many japanese already are on to this spot..

surf's up its a surfing destination...treat yourself to the novotel...and get kimen surf shop to assist you on any tours and surfing arrangements you will boats to the waves....many japanese already are on to this spot..

Ashtari Natural Foods Hire a motercycle so you can get up the hill, to visit Ashtari Natural Foods, a beautiful vegetarian restaurant with delicous food, peaceful ambience, and STUNNING views of out across Lombok.


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  • novotel lombok
  • lombok novotel
  • Address: Pantai Putri Nyale, Mandalika Resort - Lombok - 83111 - Indonesia
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