Kabini River Lodge Hotel

, Mysore, India
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Kabini River Lodge Hotel

, Mysore
5 star

Rooms: 27

Karapur, Nissana Belthur Post, H.D. Kote Taluk (Karnataka) - Mysore - 571 114 - India Hotel Website | | 0821 - 2244401 / 03 / 04
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Service in the Spirit of Joy
Submitted by: Dr. Prasad S. Shetye in 05/11/09
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: India
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
“Service that is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before the service that is rendered in a spirit of joy.”
… M. K. Gandhi.

Awesome words … but an experience of the same is once in a life time. We experienced the illustration of this i.e. “service rendered in a spirit of joy” at our stay at Kabini River Lodge and going by our experience we can be sure any nature lover visiting this place will also experience the same. It the first time that we saw nature cared for … animals served for !!

It was with a lot of skepticism that we had chosen KRL as our destination for a good holiday bathed in nature. We had searched the net, toyed with various other options, read personal reviews and ultimately selected KRL, yes, the fear was lingering at the back of our minds as to “are these people so good as the rated reviews expressed??” We decided to trust the heart felt expressions of fellow visitors and booked our dates. We are amateur nature lovers and don't believe in hopping around. We choose a place and stay put for at least 4 days to soak in the spirit of the place, its environment and its people.

Let us express without any hesitation or prejudice that this was our BEST holiday ever. We have traveled far and wide in India and abroad but this was THE BEST!

This place is serene and beautiful not only in the physical sense but is bathed in the beauty of the dedicated people who look after it as if it is their own. Every one is beaming with the joy to serve … well not the people (which they do) … but nature and with nature its habitat … the flora and fauna. The compassion that over flows from the care takers (as indeed we feel they are) is over whelming.

We were a group of 4 including our mother who also loves nature aged 75 years. At first we felt how mummy will take to this place ?? … This place has no television, no air-conditioning in the rooms, no telephone in the rooms and no newspaper is delivered at your doorstep!!! … Not that she requires all this but we felt “its allright with us but how will mummy be able to relax in such a place?? “ We could very well manage to go on a jeep safari and a boat safari but will she be able to take the strain?? How will she spend time when we are away on the jeep safari ?? … Well she enjoyed all the jeep as well as the boat safari's!!! and she enjoyed bird watching as well as watching animals in the wild. The naturalist and the drivers are so dedicated and affectionate in sharing with you, they literally make you comfortable in soaking in the experience. We did not have any kind of trouble all through. We would go for morning and evening safaris daily and on all days of our stay … yes it is tiresome especially the jeep safaris as the naturalist take you deep into the jungle on jungle tracks but there is ample time to rest your body and be ready for the next. We mixed up the boat and the jungle safaris to best accommodate our bodies need and every time mummy did accompany us which was thrilling but this was mainly because the vehicles at KRL are in very good condition … even the rough seems to be smooth.

What we liked most is that every body at KRL are so organized … this in spite of having nearly 80 to 100 guest to be catered for and each has a boat and a jeep safari to enjoy in their itinerary, never did we experience a chaos in their handling of all the guest !!

When on jeep safari we were accompanied by very experience naturalist who had good knowledge of birds, animals as well as the trees !! and in spite of doing this daily there was no limit to the extent that they would go to see that your experience is memorable and beautiful. They went out of their way to show us the different birds and had admirable patience to help us spot the birds and animals. They would wait on us till we had satisfied ourselves with the view and then we moved on. Yes !! to view birds and wild life in nature you require patience and there can be a day when there will be no animal sightings but then you have to remember that we humans want to view them i.e. the animals and birds in their natural habitat … it is not a fashion parade and you should not feel disappointed that you had no sightings and certainly not feel let down by the naturalist for not taken the jungle track on which a tiger was spotted … for if you MUST see ALL THE ANIMALS in ONE SINGLE JUNGLE SAFARI then the MYSORE ZOO is the BEST place for you !

We saw many birds viz. Black Drongo, Racket tailed Drongo, the White Bellied Drongo, Ashy Drongo, Scaralet Minivet ( this was an awesome sight … the bird was sitting on the tip of a branch basking in the morning sun … it was as though glowing with radiance.) Pied fly catcher, Shrike, Babblers, Common tailor birds, Warblers, Oriental Magpi Robins, Pied Bushchat, Wagtails (forest and yellow varieties), Purple Rumpled Sunbirds, Small Sunbirds, Black headed Munia, Common Swallows, Common Golden Backed Wood Pecker, Little Scaly Bellied Woodpecker, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Great Pied Hornbill, White Breasted Kingfisher, Indian Hanging Parrots, Plum headed Parakeets, Blue winged Parakeets, Spotted Dove, Red Jungle Fowl, Indian Peafowl (Pecock and Pehen), Grey Headed Fish Eagle, Serpent Eagle, Brahminy Kite, Osprey, Spot Billed Duck, Common Teal, Oriental White Ibis, Painted Storke, Large Egret, Purple Hereon, Grey Herons, Little and Great Cormorants, Darters (Snake birds) to name a few. We wish we had more time to take in more. The boat safari is the place to observe the water and back water birds. You can ask the naturalist to stop when you want to observe closely … obviously you MUST have good powerful binoculars … or else you will be one whose review reads “ the boat safari can be best avoided you don't see any thing !!!” It is frivolous to go bird watching without a powerful binocular. (A Bushnell Trophy 12 x 50 FOV 241 Ft will be appropriate; this can also be used to watch animal.) We have given up photographing the animals and birds … we have left it to the professionals because in the technicality of taking a good photo shot you loose on the experience. We are happy with our binoculars!!

We saw herds of spotted deer's in one herd we counted a total of 93 !!! with many stags and fawns, we saw a herd of elephants with young tusked males and cute small baby elephants too!! We even spotted a huge solitary tusker and a Mum and her calf in a pond … we waited long enough to observe them play and the saw the mum teach her young one how to use make use of the clumsy trunk with 3 to 4 good nudging wacks on the baby's behind, when the baby didn't get it right!! We also saw a group of Sambar deers, wild pigs and the best of all on the last day of our stay we saw a Leopard kill. The leopard about 2 to 3 years old had make a kill, a young Sambar deer and dragged it high in a tree. It had eaten its first fill and when we arrived it was down somewhere in the bush. It was a site which we can say is once in a life time experience. We saw the near theatrical documentation of a kill played out right in front of your eyes … the pin drop silence … the monkeys climbing higher on the branches and looking right down at the floor of the jungle (our guide Shiva said, “he (Leopard) is there and is coming back” … and so we patiently waited. We saw the crow circling the caracas, we herd the warning call of the sambar deer first, then multiple warning calls of the spotted deer and then the hissing and hawking of the monkeys as the leopard came once again and climbed the tree. As he climbed the near vicinity erupted in a frenzy of shouting by the monkeys. The tree was near one of the jungle tracks and therefore we had a full view. We observed the whole sequence and time nearly stopped for us. He (Leopard) could have put any gymnast to shame the way he majestically climbed and maintained an absolute balance. Through the binoculars we saw him look straight at us and with the morning sun hitting him bang on … his majesty was even more glorified. The most heartening was that not even once did our accompanying naturalist Shiva hurried us to leave and go back. He was equally happy and participating in whispers so as to help us understand that which was evolving right in front of our eyes. One more thing about the KRL jeep safaris is that every jeep is connected to the other via a walkie talkie. So if one naturalist spots a animal he radios the other jeeps as to the location of the sighting and take it form us the drivers know the jungle tracks as you know the lines on the palm of your hands and they try their best so that you don't miss out. We had one such experience … a group sighted a tiger and immediately radioed the sighting … at the end of the sighting crackle our driver was into rally mode driving (we can say if he becomes a rally driver he will surely win) we raced at high speed and within a minute reached the spot but narrowly missed the tiger. The disappointment and sadness was all written on the drivers face … not for himself … but for us not been able to site the tiger. We wish to salute their dedication and warmth. We did not see a tiger but with the experience that we had at KRL we will be back again … even if we don't see the tiger its Ok with us !! for it's beautiful to be with people who work tirelessly day and night to conserve nature and the nature's habitat as well as help you with all their heart and soul so that you can have a good experience of it all.

Personally we will like to thank Mr. Prasanna, Mr. Poovappa, for all their help, we can say, even going out of their way to help us and making our stay a memorable one. We also thank all the drivers and all the other naturalist guides and the entire staff of KRL including the canteen staff for the good food they served with warmth.

We appreciate the way you conducted the safaris, your punctuality and dedication. We also appreciate KRL for the cleanliness. There is absolutely no littering in the campus or in the lake or in the jungle. We request you to maintain this standard and hope one day you will be the BEST jungle Lodge in this world.

Out of our appreciation we would like to say this Irish Blessing prayer unto all of you …
May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
May the rains fall softly upon your fields,
and always …
May God hold you gently in the palms of HIS hands.

… Irish Blessing Prayer

God bless you all. We pray that you never let the jungle down. It is only if the animals survive will this earth be a beautiful place to live in. Our cities are concrete jungles and we (humans) are the worst predators. A leopard kills only when it is hungry and nothing of the kill goes waste. Each organism lives out of that kill and the last of the kill nurtures mother earth. We humans need to learn a lot form nature and its lovely flora and fauna and we are extremely happy that with conservationist like you, we can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel for all our animals and birds.

We appreciate your work and feel one with your commitment.

Once again we thank you for sharing with us and making our stay a memorable one with our warmest regards to Col John Wakefield, Mr. N. D. Tiwari, Mr. Prasanna, Mr. Poovappa and all the staff at KRL.

In love and in life


Dr. Prasad, Dr. Falguni, Manisha and Mummy.

Top Local Tips for Mysore

Stay for mor than 1 night Peiople that only stay for 1 night find the whole thing to rushed. 2 nights was great we did everything, actually did 3 jeep safaris and was able to relax

Brindavan Gardens We were told that Brindavan Gardens were a must-see during any Mysore trip. Our experience with the lighting and music fountain was luke warm. The place was too dark to give a safe feeling and was also very crowded. The music fountain lasted all of 20 minutes and seemed a waste of time and energy to come from Mysore to see.

bring bug spray mosquitos can be an issue so bring some spray

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"Service in the Spirit of Joy" - Dr. Prasad S. Shetye

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