Hotel Sahara Star

, Mumbai, India
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Hotel Sahara Star

, Mumbai
5 star

Rooms: 288

Batra Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai Airport - Mumbai - 400 099 - India Hotel Website | | 022 - 26156660
366 Traveller

Reviews - Hotel Sahara Star

Historical Traveller Reviews of Hotel Sahara Star

Great Location, but Hotel is lacking in some aspects

from manansinghi
I went there purely for business reasons and to spend a night there. I was put up in an 'Earth Room'. I checked out the website for the rates and was pleasantly surprised to see the rates at this hotel, at this location (very very close to the Mumbai Domestic Airport) to be INR 8250 all inclusive.

The staff was quite cold in their behaviour and I didn't feel the warmth that I would normally feel whenever I would visit other 5 star properties.

You have to make do with the odd noise of aeroplanes flying over the hotel. Not very disturbing, but noise nonetheless.

Was offered a room with 2 single beds. I wanted a Kingsize bed, but they couldn't offer it to me. The beds creak and are of poor quality. Mattresses are ok, but beds - bad.

Foyer was ok. Constant repair-work going on in the hotel would wake me up with a start in the middle of the night, but if you are too tired, and are a sound sleeper, you probably wouldn't mind it too much.

The biggest advantage of this hotel was the fact that it is very conveniently located near the airport. Therefore, if you have meetings scheduled in Andheri, etc., and are flying in and flying out - this is the hotel to stay in.

Restaurants are ok. Slow staff, but food is acceptable.

Too Noisy

from muzz17
The hotel is still undergoing renovations and by they looks of the progress will be for a few years to come, however this is not the problem. The hotel puts on"entertainment" in the atrium. All rooms in the hotel have balconies overlooking the atrium, there is no way to get a room away from the noise.

The first night I went to bed early as I had been flying for 2 days and was woken at 9:30pm by the laser show from the nightclub. Next night it was the entertainment.

When I rang "Guest Services" they asked "What noise?" Apart from the fact they could hardly hear me on the phone it would be impossible not to hear it in any part of the hotel. I think they have been directed to just deny there is a problem.

So instead of staying there for 2 weeks I am moving after 2 nights.

If they could just understand some people do book into a hotel to sleep it might be OK. So if you are happy spending your nights in the night club or bar until the racket subsides, then the rest of the hotel is OK.

Great overall impression

from Peeyush
The renovated Saha Star, Mumbai provides a great overall experience on a business or a leisure trip. The best part of the hotel is view available from all rooms. The balconies of the rooms provides a fantastic internal view of the hotel. Also, a fine dining experience

2 tries its enough.

from pokodoy
Oct 2008 is my 2nd stay in the hotel and I have decided that enough is enough. Both my trip experience was spoilt at the reception. Not once but twice.
Here what happen, I was suspose to have a 3 day stay in the hotel and as I know that my flight back home is at 12am, I have requested for a late check out at 7pm and I am prepare to pay a hald day charges for that. Guess what, the half day charges is equal to a full day charge is I am staying for another night. Reason given was half day is basic on standard listed rates, I have try to sort out with them on this issue since DAY 1 when I check in and till the day I CHECK OUT, NO ONE has reply to me.
I have requested to see the manager but he was just hiding somewhere and did not even have the guts to talk to me direct,
End up, I check out in the afternoon and waited till 8 pm before heading to airport. THIS IS SIMPLY DAY LIGHT ROBBERY.

As for my first case, I have check out the hotel and was given a extremely complex invoice. I have request them to provide a simple one just like what the other hotel does and to my amaze, the recption blame it on the computer system and she cannot do anything.I was standing at the reception for 1 hour and finally I was told that, please come back in the evening to collect the invoice.

hai........ wish them all the best

Great Hotel!

from Gesyka
I stayed at the Sahara Star Hotel for 8 nights and like a lot of the area, it is currently undergoing a renovation. Unlike some other reviews, the pool is now completed and most of the construction seemed to be going on outside the hotel, not inside which made it hardly noticeable. Perhaps for American standards, the hotel is not a five-star, but I can see how this is easily as five-star in Mumbai. Please note: The website states that the hotel is right across from the airport. While this is true, it is across from the domestic airport and is about a half hour away from the international airport.
All of the rooms faced the inside. There are no windows or rooms which faced outside, which I suppose is understandable as outside is filled with busy streets and the constant hum of honking cars. If you are claustrophobic and need to see outside, this might be a bother for you and I must admit, it took a few days to get used to. All of the rooms do however, face a VERY large courtyard inside, which is nice, with the exception that it seems all of the palm trees are dying and the plastic sheeting over part of the glass roof.
There is an adequate fitness room, although the pool seems like it is more for decoration as I never saw a single person in it the entire time I was there. Every evening at 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 all of the lights dim in the courtyard and a pseudo laser show/fire display take place, with a loud voice I could never quite make out over the PA system. There are several restaurants within the hotel that are all nice, but I actually found room service to be somewhat cheaper. The gift shop is actually a good place to pick up a few gifts, especially if you are not in the mood to fight the traffic and deal with outrageous prices or haggling outside.
The breakfast buffet was more than adequate with both American food complete with an omelet station as well as traditional Indian options including dorsas. We had this included in our stay which was nice and well worth it.
Our room was nice, although the lights, AC, alarm clock and DND/service room options are controlled by a central panel. For some reason we could never quite get the lights figured out and it seemed that they were either mostly all on or all off even though there were 6 "mood" settings. The daily newspaper was hanging on our door each morning as well fresh fruit and a plate with really dry cookies (most in India seem to be that way) and chocolates were delivered to our room each evening. Two bottles of water per person are provided by housekeeping when your room is serviced and turn down service is offered each night.
If you have any newspapers you might like to keep, you will need to instruct your cleaning person not to throw them away. We had several newspapers from the hotel as well as two German newspapers we had bought on the layover on the desk and they threw them away thinking they were trash (please note: they were in a neat stack and were nowhere near the trash can or on the floor)
One thing that took a little getting used to was that the man who cleaned our room for our stay took it upon himself to arrange all our toiletries in the bathroom that we had put on the counter and also folded any clothes he found on the floor or on the bed and placed them neatly at the foot of the bed (this includes any underwear you might have forgotten to pick up, so make sure to pick up after yourself) Everyone who works at the hotel was incredibly polite and attentive to our needs although DND seems to be frequently ignored and had the door knocked on many times to service our room as well as provide turn down service while the light was on. The music that constantly plays from 7am - 4am can get repetitious and if you are familiar with "Music Box Dancer" you will come to hate it if you are staying for more than a day. Aside from little inconveniences, this hotel was a positive reprieve from the incessant hubbub of Mumbai and I would definitely return.

A warning for those that go to a hotel to sleep....

from Tris_8
I should perhaps first point out that I am not the complaining type at all, and pretty much try and avoid making a scene wherever possible. But my particular stay at this hotel irked me to such an extent that I felt compelled to write my first Tripadvisor review, if only to help others avoid finding themselves in a similar situation.

I stayed at the Sahara Star for one night on a business trip because it's literally within walking distance from the airport and an easy base for several meetings I had the next day.
From the outside the hotel looks like a derelict football stadium (not a problem for me), but when you go inside it's been nicely renovated into a smart hotel, shaped like a big amphitheatre with 5 floors of rooms circled around an atrium that looks like it was designed for shows...

The rooms themselves, though in need of a decent overhaul (plug sockets and tap fittings were loose) are average size and fairly well equipped. I'm not fussy - as long as it's quiet (which you'd expect of a 5* hotel), it's got CNN/BBC, broadband and pillows that aren't made of syrofoam that's fine with me.

1st problem: There's a balcony to each room that overlooks the atrium. The balcony is separated from the bedroom by a glass partition/door with the sort of transparent plastic seal you get on your average shower door. In other words, no sound isolation whatsoever.

2nd problem: Each balcony has 2 bright neon lights that spill light through the glass partition into the bedroom. These lights cannot be turned off from the bedroom. The curtain across the partition was too small so no matter who hard you tried, this light shone through into the bedroom from one side. I called reception to ask whether they could disconnect ithe lights and was told it wasn't possible - all of them stay on constantly.

9.30pm: A tannoy blares out that a laser show is about to start. This it turns out is an hourly repeat from 7.30pm every night. The lights are lowered over the atrium to loud music, smoke billows from below and a couple of green lasers run a 3 minute show. Not overly impressive, but quite fun, as long as you weren't looking for an early night.

10pm: I'm zizzing off and am awoken by near concert-volume music coming from the atrium. A woman sings karaoke versions of Abba and Celine Dion. I look out from the balcony and see there are all of about 10 people watching. I call duty manager who says it's a daily show! He promises to turn it down. 10 minutes later no change. I call back to complain again - despite words to the contrary nothing happens.

11pm: Still no sleep and 2 more angry calls to the duty manager he asks whether I'd like to change rooms! It's a total pain but I say yes. Porters help me pack up my belongings and take me to the 5th floor. We try 2 rooms where the sound is just as bad before finding a 3rd on the opposite side of the atrium that is marginally better. I'm told the music will stop shortly. It eventually stops, I kid you not, at 12.10am! and I finally get a few hours sleep.

Next day, tired and far from happy I speak angrily to the duty manager who apologises profusely but offers no form of compensation. He says these shows are put on by the hotel owner as favours to the performers (!) but makes no mention of things changing any time soon. I for one won't be going back to find out.

No attention to detail

from Traveller1171
At this instant, while I write this, it is 1130 in the night and I am trying to sleep at the Sahara Star. But the hotel plays LOUD piped music in the atrium till late at night. I have now been trying to go to sleep for one hour without success. Have repeatedly called up the duty manager, star services (whatever that is) and the operator but nothing has had an effect. Nothing changes in this extremely unprofessional hotel.

Other issues:
1. The last guest’s wet towel is still lying in my balcony.
2. An absolutely beautiful lamp standing in the room has no bulb and it does not work.
3. The coffee maker has DIRTY water in it with black particles floating around.
4. The bathtub water stopper is out. The toilet is not exactly squeaky clean.

This is a sad apology for a 5 star hotel. I don't know how they managed to get rated 5 star.

Nice ambiente but..behind the scene

from Tellur
I stayed two nights in the hotel.
My first impression from WebPages had been really great. But if you are there and see it than you ask yourself why I wanted to stay here.
In the lobby every thing was nice. Good service even when I was not used to make a deposit in a hotel class like this before.
It took a while till my suitcase was delivered but with 30 minutes still ok.
The room was quit humid but the aircon was helping out.
Mirror in the room was a bit broken.
The view from the room where great, but the smell awful. There was a lot of construction going on. The air was dusty and full of smoke.
Also in the night was construction going on. The roof of the hotel was leaking and a lot of water came down on the walls and in the Centre. Some areas has been closed because of that. Water was in the floors and some parts of the sealing came down in some rooms, so that people had to move. Swimming pool was still under construction and not available. Also in the night they where going on with the work. So I woke several times up. The food is very good but the toilet near the buffet was awfully untidy.

In this circumstances you might think the hotel is generous but no. Our plane where leaving at 1 in the night. So there was no possibility to get breakfast. I asked to get instead of the breakfast we had to pay, something else. Like a coffee or soft drink. But no....
So if you go to the Sahara you might be surprised of the conditions there at this time.


Excellent Hotel, Exceptional Service, Amazing Food!!!

from sanya3000
excellent choice. i stayed here for two weeks, and i loved it. the inside of the hotel was modern, well lit and very nicely decorated. the rooms were also very modern and impressive. by modern, i mean the room had an electronic dashboard that controlled the air conditioning, temperature, lighting and curtains of both the room and the bathroom. i've never seen this before. this electronic dashboard is placed next to your bed so it is super convenient.

room service was exceptional and very prompt with time. reception desk was also very friendly and helpful.

the hotel has a good selection of restaruants with different cuisines. my favourite was their indian cuisine restaurant called 'namak' (translation 'salt'). it is the best indian food i've had till date. more than the food, i fell in love with the way the food is served in metallic plates and bowls. its a real experience. if you can find the time, make sure you try it. you'll also catch a glimpse of a few bollywood stars.

the hotel is next to the airport, but not like your typical airport hotels. the good thing about mumbai is that the airport is in the city so you're not far from the other shopping/nightlife areas. yes, but it is far from the town area of mumbai and the traffic in the city is a killer. far from town area, very close to juhu, bandra and andheri west.

i would definitely stay at this hotel again!

Good airport hotel

from Daveyh70
From the outside this hotel looks like a football stadium and not a very pretty one although there is some work going on so in a few months it may look better.

On the inside this hotel looks to be recently renovated. The rooms form a ring around a central area that is covered. This contains a number restaurants and pools with walk ways. Every evening there is a short light show with some loud explosions which is entertaining!

The room was very good, plenty of space with a balcony overlooking the central area. The room looked like it had been recently renovated and was quite stylish.

The food here was very good with quite a few options.

Overall a pleasant stay in a hotel which is well placed for both international and domestic departures

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  • sahara star hotel in mumbai
  • sahara hotel mumbai
  • sahara hotel
  • Address: Batra Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai Airport - Mumbai - 400 099 - India
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