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Cable Beach Club Resort Broome Hotel

Cable Beach Road - Broome - Western Australia - 6725 - Australia Hotel Website | | 61 8 91920400
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Terrible service, rotten food

from Abbotsford
Broome is a beutiful spot. We stayed at the Cable Beach Resort in the off season. The occupancy was very low (18%)and the staff to guest ratio was high. Nevertheless the service was absolutely terrible. A cross between Fawlty Towers and little Britain's "the computer says no!". Every little thing was just too much trouble. If you must eat there, use the Thai restaurant as the others are truely substandard. There is an excellent restaurant across the road at the Zoo, which in our experience is where most of the Resort's customers end up, once they have tried what the Resort has to offer.

great choice for a honeymoon

from Alantroy
My wife and I stayed here on our honeymoon for 6 nights. Given that we had got married the previous day and were not taking our little girl with us, somewhere 2 1/2 hours away from Perth was ideal. The transfers to and from the airport were efficient and the glass of champagne on arrival was very welcome. We stayed in the garden view rooms and I liked the dark Asiatic theme. Plus the air con worked very well. The only criticism was lack of storage space for clothes, particularly no chest of drawers.

All the staff were without exception courteous and friendly.

The pools were large and in late November there were no problems getting seating. We found the family pool more refreshing then the adult pool. Refreshments were delivered promptly although my wife was disapointed that the sushi wasnt available more often and that the tapas menu at the Club restaraunt was only available from 3pm.

The Thai Pearl, open Tuesday - Saturday when we were there was excellent, really nice ambience sitting by the pool. There is a great Thai cooking class once a week which is a must. The Club was perfectly good without being outstanding. Sunset Grill was just what you would expect from a casual cafe type joint. I recommend the Old Zoo Cafe within walking distance. The fruit at breakfast will disapoint those used to the outstanding fruit that one normally finds in the tropics.

I thoroughly recommend the Day Spa. We had a 1 1/2 hr facial/massage package for $160.

make sure you get down to Cable Beach at sunset although I advise against swimming at this time of the year.

My wife and I are gym junkies and were disappointed by the size and antiquated nature of the gym. The resort is however beautiful with many more pluses then negatives and reasonable value.

The Last Frontier

from Brent10
My wife & I recently returned from an 8 night stay at the Cable Beach Club. We had always wanted to go to Broome, so we took the opportunity of some decent air fares at the time.

OK, firstly, the location. Unlike most other places in Australia, Broome is still well & truly remote enough not to have been spoilt by ungainly development, busy highways, and sheer weight of people. 10 minutes out of town, and you're slap bang in the Kimberley, complete with high 30s temperatures , open country and red dust everywhere. Authentic and fantastic. Cable beach is absolutely lovely, and the fact that the Cable Beach Club itself is perched right on the beach makes it all the more alluring.

November is a good time to go. Its hot but not yet wet; its classified as the "off peak" season and accommodation rates are significantly cheaper; there's less people around the resort; and in our experience at least, the ocean stingers are not yet around. Be aware that in the low season the various tour operators progressively limit or shut down their services, so if you have big plans for doing lots of flights, tours etc, be aware of their operating times.

Next, the hotel itself. We stayed in a Garden View room on the ground level. Nothing great about the views, but we were happy to sit outside on our private balcony to have a drink, and the room itself was clean, well presented and functional. Unfortunately the air conditioning failed for the first 2 nights, and we later found out that over 60 rooms were similarly affected....apparently a storm a night or two earlier knocked out the electrical circuitry. However, the hotel handled this situation well. They offered us the option of changing rooms, or alternately, staying in our room but with a floor standing electric fan for some comfort, plus a $100 food & beverage voucher for each night the air con wasn't working. We don't mind the heat, so we opted to stay and put the $200 to good use. The air con was fixed on the 3rd day.

Be wary of some of the higher priced bungalows, beach shack accommodation etc. Lots of these were set towards the back of the resort, and significantly further from the beach than our Garden View room! Others looked to be closer. Check this out before you book. Also, some of the freestanding bungalows could do with a lick of fresh paint if you want to be critical.

We ate at three main eating places in the resort. The Sunset Bar is basic, bistro/cafe style food. A little expensive for what it is, but the ocean views, particularly at sunset, are lovely. Thai Pearl was very nice. Good value, and very good quality curries. The red curry is great if you like 'em hot! We also ate at the Club Restaurant which is a definite step up in quality, but also price. Not a big issue, but our only visit to the Club Restaurant included me having to ask for bread for the table (other tables already had it), then receiving the wrong bottle of wine, followed at last by me basically having to beg a staff member to settle the bill. A little polish is required here.

Other compliants/issues? Not many really. Breakfast is OK, however, more fresh fruit would have been welcome. There's something a bit disconcerting about watching the staff refill the fruit bowls with canned peaches, pineapple etc. Also, the selection of pastries was pedestrian at best. Whatever happened to the nice apricot and berry pastries you see at any good bakery? Also, guard your meals with your life or else the seagulls will destroy it within seconds. Generally, all eating establishments had a fairly limited wine list as well. Prices were a little up there, but hey, its a resort in the middle of nowhere, so its to be expected in my opinion, and not at all outrageous.

Must do's are a sunset camel ride along Cable Beach, along with some sort of plane/helicopter flight up north over Cape Leveque and the mass of coastal islands known as the Buccaneer Archipelago. Spectacular scenery. If you're thinking of hiring a car, be aware that distancnes are LONG and the roads are mostly unsealed, corrugated, and slow. I'm familiar with four-wheel-driving etc so it didn't worry me, but don't expect to take your rented Dihatsu Matiz out on the road and zip up to Cape Leveque in an hour. It won't happen folks.

Oh yes, bring lots of sunscreen, but surprisingly, if you go in November, you really don't need insect repellant (around Cable beach anyway). Didn't get a single insect bite whilst we were there, and normally I get attacked within minutes by mozzies.

A nice hotel, with really only minor faults that can happen anywhere. The location though is fantastic, and you really feel like you're a million miles away from the cities (which you sort of are anyway!).

PS. There's a Tavern and drive through bottle shop within 500 metres of the resort back down the road. It has surprisingly good quality bistro meals, and you can pop down there to grab a few cold beers/wines that you can take back to your room if you're so inclined. Worth the walk when its 38 degrees!

Cable Beach Club

from woolamai
We just got back from 10 days at the Cable Beach Club resort in Broome and absolutely loved it.

The resort itself is lovely and quite big. It is set right on Cable beach and comprises 26 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens with horse sculptures that point the way to the main reception (which can be helpful in not getting lost!). There's also 2 pools (an adults and kids pool), 3 restaurants, tennis courts, lawn bowls, a Buddha Sanctuary and Day Spa.

We stayed in a Garden View studio room which was quite nice and the airconditioner in our room got a good work out due to the heat! It was hot everyday (around 37 degrees with 70 - 80% humidity). There was also a very comfy lounge on the balcony that was lovely to kick back on in the evening.

We ate at all 3 restaurants, with the Fine Dining being our favourite. The food and wine collection was fantastic and the service spot on. It is also a great spot to sit out on the deck and have a drink or two. We were in hysterics at all the green tree frogs that come out of the pots on the deck at night to jump around. They were just gorgeous. :-)

The Thai Pearl restaurant by the pool was also a nice spot to eat.

The Sunset Bar/Cafe is where breakfast is served and they put on a pretty good spread with lots to choose from. Just watch out for the seagulls who will try to steal your brekkie if you are not guarding it! ;-) It's also a great spot to sit back with a cocktail or two to watch the sunset over Cable beach and the camels coming off the beach after the camel rides.

All in all, we loved the resort. But, to be honest, we found the food to be pretty average (except for the Fine Dining restaurant which was great).

We also found the service to be a bit hit and miss. Quite a few times we never got offered the free drinking water around the adult and kids pool (which they are supposed to bring around). Also, housekeeping failed to clean our room 2 times when we had organised them to do it. These things weren't a big drama in the scheme of things (we were on holidays ;-) ). But, they did take a shine off the service standard for us. We also found one particular staff member to be quite unfriendly and we were not the only guests to notice him. Which is a bit disappointing. But, overall we loved the resort and would definately go back.

In fact we are planning another trip to the resort in May next year. It's a truly lovely resort and Broome such a magical place.


from rosky
We booked our room on flight centre and got a great deal.

After reading many of the reviews...we weren't sure what to expect. was because we had just camped in the outback for 10 days?..but we thought this place was paradise.

The resort itself was felt like it was in it's original environment with gorgeous flowers and palms.

We had an Ocean View Suite ...and were very impressed by the rooms. The room was huge...and the deck was a dream. There was a table and 2 a sun lounge for 2... where you had a perfect view of the sunset.

I think these particular rooms have just been renovated?..but either way...we were impressed.

One of the things that this hotel sets itself apart from the customer service. In all was the best customer service we've had in 2 1/2 years during our stay here in Australia.

Upon arrival, our bags were taken straightaway...and we were checked in with a couple glasses of champagne.

Because we were exhausted after 10 days in the Outback...we absolutely soaked up the beach, the sun and chilled at the resort.

2 complaints:

#1. The food in every restaurant (and we tried them all)...were way below par. We have good taste...but will say we are not picky. We just couldn't believe how bad it was...especially for a classy resort. 2 of the dishes I didn't even finish 1/2way. The best thing we had was the tapas at the restaurant right next to the front entrance/check in.

#2. Their booklets are out of date. Much of the information in the hotel room was incorrect. For example, it lists the chairs and umbrellas are free down at the beach for guests...but actually they cost $25 a day for 2 lounge chairs and umbrella. Not a big deal...but was irritating.

The thing that makes this resort is Cable Beach. To watch the camels every night, and the sunset...and colours of the beach and really is one of the prettiest beaches in the world.

I think it's the only hotel on the beach itself, but it's so convenient to the highlight of Broome.

If you make a trip to Australia...or have been thinking about a holiday out's definitely worth the journey...and the money.

Fab Room, Blah Food

from LawDaze
I stayed at the Cable Beach Resort for 4 days with my 60 year old Mom. After reading the reviews, we decided to stay at the Cable Beach Club Resort. We had wanted to stay in a Bungalow, but the only rooms the Resort had available were Garden View Studios, which we booked.

We were met at the airport by the hotel representative and given cold towels to refresh ourselves with. For some reason, the resort shuttle wasn't available to take us and 2 other couples to the hotel, so the representative hired taxis to transport us. We checked in, had our champagne and then a bellboy with a golf cart took us to our room. The grounds of the hotel were lush and gorgeous and our room was incredible. It was moden, asian-themed, very clean and peaceful. I had expected the room to be marginal since it was the least expensive type the Resort had, so I was quite pleasantly surprised. I loved our private veranda with the lounging couch. This was the perfect place for a siesta!

Our first night, we were quite tired, so we ordered room services. It came quickly and I signed the check without even looking at it (I know - HUGE mistake, but I was quite tired....). When we uncovered the food, we found that we had actually gotten someone else's order. I called room service to let them know what had happened. They were very nice and within 30 minutes they had come to deliver the correct order and take away the unordered food. However, at checkout, I noticed that I had been charged for both meals. I brought it to the clerks attention, told him what had happened, and he removed the bogus charge, but it is not something that should happen in a well-run resort.

The next day we had dinner at the Sunset Grill and found the food to be marginal. The service was very friendly, but the servers didn't really seem to know what to do. For example, I had to ask for plates for the appetizer we had ordered to share and then I had to ask for a steak knife when my main course came and a spoon for my Mom's pasta. Simple things that a server should know to do.

The next evening we wanted to try the Thai Pearl Restaurant, but after having a very hard time finding it, it was closed! Apparently it was only open on the weekends. At that time we were too hungry to think about trying to go into town, so we went to the Club Restaurant. While the service was certainly better, the food was uninspired. Maybe it was just an off night, but I felt I was at an upscale Red Lobster.

Finally, when we left the resort, it was rather chaotic. I sent my Mom to get a seat on the shuttle while I watched to make sure our luggage got on. I'm glad I did, as there was luggage all ove the entry way and the bellboy was not going to put our suitcases on the shuttle. After I saw our luggage on the shuttle, I got on and we all set off for the airport. At the airport, the driver and his helper set all the luggage on the curb and drove off right away. I noticed that there was an unclaimed suitcase left on the curb after everyone had taken their luggage. I tried to find the resort representative to let him know that one of their guests' bags had been taken too early and could be found at the Departures curb, but I couldn't find anyone. Clearly, the baggage system the Resort has needs to be tightened up.

To sum up, the food was not first rate and there were issues with the waitstaff and with the luggage but our room was stupendous, the grounds of the resort were lovely and the complimentary loungers, umbrellas, sun-screen, water and other amenities at the beach were perfect. I'd go to the Cable Beach Resort again. I just wouldn't eat there and I'd keep a constant eye on my luggage.

Nice Bungalows, Ordinary Food

from IFeet
We stayed at Cable Beach Resort in May this year, choosing two bungalows - one housed two adults and two children, with one bathroom - very neat and tidy, well equipped and clean. The other housed two adults and three children, and had two bathrooms, and that bunglaow was also fine, you couldn't fault the bungalows for fittings, comfy beds and pillows, airconditioners when it was too warm in the day, ceiling fans for those of us who don't like aircond, and nice complimentary toiletries. There was plenty of room for the kids to spread out their junk, and the adult bedroom was lovely and able to be closed off for privacy.

The grounds are fantastic, the tennis courts were fun, and along with the barbecue placed conveniently near the courts we could cook our own barbie and watch the kids.

We had a kids stay free/eat free package which was OK for breakfast but a waste of time for other meals because the kids menu was rubbish. Apart from the fish and chips - how many times can you have that in five days - the rest was unappetising, unappealing and soemtimes unpalatable. Breakfast at the SUnset Cafe was good, but you had to continually ask for cutlery, clean cutlery at that, plates, bowls, and the table clearing service was haphazard at best. Then you had to practically stand up and shout for somebody to bring tea or coffee. Compared to Asian resorts where there is tea/coffee service every time you stand up or blink, we found it poor. The choices on the buffet for breakfast were good but limited, and you really don't need the cook slapping pre-sliced fruit bread straight out of the packet onto the displays. Not a good look. Plus they ran out of milk (how??), yoghurt (how again?) and cornflakes! A resort running out of essentials??hmmmm

The Cafe across the road from the Resort (name escapes me) is very nice, but like everything in WA pricey. While we stayed at the Resort, they were re-doing the kids play equipment the whole time, so that was a bit of a waste...

Things to see in Broome - Town Beach, dinosaur footprints, take a walk under the jetty at the port, and relax and enjoy the fantastic red with blue coastal contrasts. Swim at Cable Beach but look out for stingy and bitey things in the water and on the sand (warm water in a thermos is a good precaution and best for stings). Nice shells along the beach, a beautiful place to walk and play at sunset...

Stay here definitely for the location - the beach is one of the best, along with Esperance - the beautiful bungalows and grounds. Don't expect much at the Sunset Cafe - you're better off grabbing the bus (goes from right across the road) and heading down to the Boulevarde Shopping Centre (bus stops directly there) and hitting Woolies for some snacks, bread, cheese, fruit etc for the kids. Get them to fill up on breakfast and then eat out. We didn't eat at the Thai so can't comment on the quality there.

Fabulous location, ordinary food!

The Perfect Holiday

from A TripAdvisor Member
I would def reccomend the Cable Beach Club to anyone

We arrived to Champagne (and a free bottle because it was my birthday). The garden view room was modern and well appointed. The Hotel was great including all the restaurants (esp the Thai). All the staff couldn't have been more helpful.

Broome itself if nice, the beaches are like nothing else and i have travelled the US, Europe and most of OZ. The town is small with a few good eateries, the pearls had my gf reaching for the creditcard.

Those who have a criticism of this place must be really picky or only go on holiday to find problems. Just avoid the summer if you like to swim in the sea.

could not fault it

from tim/marg
We stayed for six nights in late April 2006. From start to finish the experience was fantastic. We loved the spacious beach shack accommodation, the terrific facilities (particularly the adults' pool) and the lovely gardens. It has the best location in Broom without a doubt and the included excellent breakfast was 5+ star quality. In particular we appreciated the very friendly and professional young staff who could not have been more helpful.

Frangipani Wafting, Some Like It Hot

from Janbru_8
The effect of the magnificently landscaped settings and traditional Broome architecural layout of the club, sets it apart from any other resort (that I have seen) in Australia.The Frangipani is everywhere.
We had a deluxe bungalow 2bdrm ,2bthrm polished cherry wood floors,all quite different. The accomodation prices,as they are in all outback resorts quite expensive.
The food at the Sunset bar, breakfast,lunch or dinner is very ordinary,but a great beach setting, the food quality is much better at the Club restaurant (more expensive no beach view).
There are 2 pools one is the family pool, includes at night buffett dinners and inpool movies for the kids and the other is "adults only"pool no kids, no mobiles and has a Thai restaurant. Refurbushment is taking place and gradually bringing all accoms up to a very good standard. Cable beach club really is the only place to stay in Broome, although we stayed 4 nights at the Bali Hai Resort and would also recommend (and go back) staying there but there are no facilities except a good sized pool and DaySpa .
Overall Broome has a lot to offer and we will definitely go back.

Top Local Tips for Broome

The Pearl Divers Tour For those who are interested in the history of the place, I would thoroughly recommend the pearl divers tour. The guy who takes it is an expert and quite entertaining. The story he tells is fascinating You also get an opportunity to sample pearl meat

Club Restaurant (Cable Beach Club Resort) Don't do it. The food is a sad attempt at fusion food which went very wrong. It's only saviour is the freshness and quality of produce used. Very disappointing.

Masos Brewery , Cafe Carlotta and The Wharf Retaurant. These 3 restaurants had wonderful food and service and were reasonably priced. For cheaper meals ( not that anywhere is really cheap in Broome ) I would recommend the Divers Pub and the Roebuck Hotel which had the best steaks I have eaten in a long time.


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