Pensione Hotel

, Sydney, Australia
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Pensione Hotel

, Sydney

Rooms: 68

631-635 George Street - Sydney - New South Wales - 2000 - Australia Hotel Website | | 0292658888
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Good hotel but ruined by staff attitude

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed in the Pensione with 3 friends, for our first 3 nights in Australia. We specifically wanted a hotel in the George Street area, as it is central for everything we wanted. We all really liked the hotel - particularly the decor. My room was directly onto George Street, but the traffic didn't pose any problems (the jet-lag probably adequately ensured we slept well!). Any minor niggles (such as the kettle not working) were quickly fixed. We found the bathroom a good size, with a powerful shower and a hairdrier. The rooms were a little small, but we were only using them for sleeping so it wasn't a problem. The communal lounge was great - internet access and drinks/snack machines as well as a microwave and toaster. Also a good number of lockers to leave our cases as we arrived very early and couldn't check in.

We left the Pensione with fond memories. However, this was soured a bit as one of my friends realised he had left his camera films in the room. He phoned immediately and was assured that they would be kept for when we arrived back in Sydney 2 weeks later. Sadly, this was not the case and the receptionist was quite rude when he inquired at the hotel. This is a shame as it soured our otherwise very positive opionion of the Pensione.

Pathetic Pension

from sallyhess
Booked here for my 1st two nights as I was getting in late and it is on George ST. After lugging suitcase upstairs I checked in. Room had not been made up went back down and got another room. It was made up and quieter than one off George St. Do they all have bunk beds in them? I did
not like going right from street to elevator as anyone could have jumped into the elevator along with me as it is right on George St with no security,
not a great part of the city. I saw no lounge and they were doing work on place when I was there. They need to move reception downstairs so guests can have a safe place to enter 24 hours a day. Also the showers have no shower door or curtain and takes up much to much space in the bathroom they should just add tubs. They need to add a night stand with light, luckily I brought my own clip on light as all they have is an overhead.
I don't think cleanliness is a priority here either and the prices are much above what a pensione should cost. I suggest you go to the YWCA on Hyde Park if this is the type atmosphere you are looking for.

The traffic noise was unbearable!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I specifically asked for a room not facing the road when I booked. However, when I got there I was given a room directly facing George St. The noise was so bad I had to use earplugs to block out the traffic noise to get some sleep.

In terms of the room. It was quite small. The bathroom was clean. In the bathroom they had soap and a hairdryer but was not provided with a shower cap or shampoo/conditioner. In the room itself there was tea/coffee, kettle, small closet (with clothes hangers), clock, bedside table, small fridge and tv (with cable). It would have been nice to have a lamp beside the bed as the only source of light was the bathroom light and the light in the middle of the room.

The airconditioner was hard to control. Sometimes it would switch on and off and remain off. So in the middle of the night it would get cold because the heater was off. Perhaps better instructions on use of the airconditioner would have been good.

The location was quite convenient though. It was about 10 minutes walk to central station. Probably about 15 minutes walk to Pitt Street Mall. A bus stop was just outside the hotel. Behind the hotel was the Chinatown district so finding something to eat was always handy.

I personally would not stay here again because of the traffic even though the location was good.


from A TripAdvisor Member
A tip for those staying at the Pensione in winter: ask for extra blankets when you check in. Beds are made up with only a single, thin blanket, and that won't help you if your bed happens to be placed against the window, with cold air rushing onto your face from under the curtain. We had to get up in the middle of the night to push the bed into the middle of the room, and to put on our street clothes, just to get warm enough to sleep. Yes, the rooms have heaters, but they don't go over a fixed temperature, and the themostat seems to be high up the ceiling, because it was still freezing at bed-height.

When we recounted our shivering night to the receptionist, and suggested a gesture on their part might be in order, we were told "that's the product we offer". Sure, we could have roused the night manager at 3am to demand more blankets, and the Pensione was under no obligation to give us a refund, but their failure to even offer an apology seemed churlish and, well, cold.

Also, a note on parking. We were informed by the Pensione that we could get discounted parking at the nearby Carlton Crest for $15 for 24 hours, with every subsequent hour $5. We picked up our car seven minutes after the 24 hour mark, and were charged $24.

A great place to stay!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We recently returned from Sydney, Australia. We had no plans made for accodomations as we decided to see the hotels for our self and make our decision upon arriving. The city was busier than we had expected. We had a few difficulties initally but just happen to come along the Pension Hotel.
We were very pleased with our acomodations there.
The rates were in our range. The hotel was very clean. We can be fussy people so cleanliness is a must. The service was excellent. If you are wanting to venture the city of Sydney and would like an affordable, nice comfortable hotel to stay in, then the Pensione Hotel is the place for you. It even has a common kitchen, laundry, balcony area were you can meet some of the other guests and converse with them. It was also very clean. The hotel has a European feel and has been recently completely renovated.
If you do visit the Pensione, say hi to Rodney. He was very pleasant, patient and helpful.

What a mix of opinions!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I've just arrived back from Sydney after a 3 night stay in this hotel. Having read the mixed reviews before departing I was somewhat aprehensive about my stay (but also forewarned).
I needn't have worried. The hotel is slap bang in the centre of Sydney, everything is within walking distance. Insist on a room at the back of the hotel & away from George St. This was one of my fears as George St is Syndeys main street. I was in luck as my room was perfectly quiet. Small rooms, no joking. My room had a queen sized bed, fridge & nothing else. No wardrope is a bit bizarre but as I was only there for a few nights I was fine. As the room was small, it may appear very cramped if more than 1 person. My only problem was the lighting. The room was poorly lit but the bathroom fine! The lounge looked ok but I never used it. The staff were also fine but again I'd had little to do with them.

All in all I was happy. It cost $115 a night & having read the negative reviews I had been expecting the worst. It's much more comfortable than a hostel but it's not 5* luxury.


from bioempress
i stayed at the pensione not long after it opened. i was taking my 13 year old neice to a concert and thought it would be better to stay in town rather than take the 45 minute trip home in the dead of night. i picked the pensione because at the time it was the cheapest hotel close to the entertainment center. i dont have a credit card prefering to pay for everything in cash. when booking i asked about this and they said it was fine and that i could use my partners to make the booking and make my final payments in cash when checking out. after going to the airport to pick up my neice, i dragged her suitcase up along george street where i was greeted by the out of order lift forcing me to carry the suitcase up a couple flights of stairs to reception. i was then informed that i needed a credit card to check in to cover any "incidentals". by then i was not too happy so had a hissy fit and told her about what i was told when i booked. after about 20 mins of disscussing the matter (most of which she spent happily checking in other guests), she finally took down my licence details and put me in the "flight risk room" right next to the check in desk, where i had a bed, a colour tv with 2channels, and not much else. the room was cramped, smelt musty and was niosy due to the george st traffic and people checking in. over all it was crappy and although i suited my needs ithink i would rather have saved my money and risked getting a needle in my --- at one of the hotels near central.

THe worst hotel I have ever stayed in - no service, unauthorised charges

from A TripAdvisor Member
I would like to complain about the lack of service, the cramped and noisy room, the overcharging, and the extremely unhelpful and inhospitable attitude of the staff of the Pensione Hotel Sydney that is managed by the Pacific Hotels, and Tourism Hotel and Leisure Ltd. I have stayed in many hotels ranging from backpackers’ place to five star hotels, and the Pensione hotel has been THE worst experience I have ever had with any accommodation provider.

This is one hotel that I WILL NOT recommend to anyone.

We checked in on 5/3 and booked for five nights and intended to stay for five nights. On the second night we stayed there, we came back at 10:30pm and were locked out. All the keycards given to us (3 of them) did not work. We went down to reception and there was no one there. We rang the number given and explained the situation and asked the guy on the phone if he could come and let us in. He refused to and insisted that we had to go to where he was, the Pacific Apartments, or some similar names, and see him first.

Exhausted and unhappy and had no idea where to find the place, we wandered around the street and finally found it. The place we were supposed to go to was nearby. But when it’s late at night and you have been working the whole day, things just seem to be a lot harder.

When we finally got there and saw the guy, he asked for my name, pulled out a guest list, checked our name in it and tell us he’d send someone up to unlock the door. We were furious! He could have very easily checked the guest list when we were on the phone and sent someone down instead of making us going all the way to where he was. That would have saved us a lot of hassles, especially at that time of night after a long day. Especially that it was the hotel’s faults that we could not get into our rooms in the first place! This is not hospitality. We found it unacceptable that the hotel did not have someone on duty on premise. We found it an outrage that the person who is off-premise made our life difficult and made us go to him when he could have easily saved us from that!

To add to the negative experience, my room mate went out of the room that night. She asked me to keep the door open as we were not re-issued the keys. However, she ended up getting stuck in a corridor between two doors which were locked – because her keycards did not work she could not open either door. She was panicked and did not have her phone with her. I do not know what would have happened if not for a guest who saw her and let her in. This is a serious health and safety issue. What if my roomate had a heart attack or asthma attack there in the locked corridors, without being able to get out or anyone knowing about it?

On top of all that, the first night we stayed there the bed was not made and the floor was not vacumed. We informed the staff about the floor and the bed. Yet, the second night when we came back, one of the beds was again not made. And all the time, the room was extremely noisy. It was also small and cramped.

The next morning, we called the Pensione hotel and talked to a woman named Amanda who said she was the owner of the hotel. We were dismayed at her unprofessional handling of the situation. She was totally unsympathetic and had a “I do not care” attitude. There was no trace of any interest to find out why we were so upset and what they could have done better, like any other hotel manager would have.

So we checked out at 9am that morning (March 7 2005). When we were checking out, we were informed that the hotel will charge us another night due to their “24 hours cancellation policy”. We did not agree for two reasons. First, there was no written record, nor were we informed of this ‘cancellation policy’ when we checked in, or when we stayed there, or on any promotional materials, or on any other materials given to us. Second, ‘cancellation policy’ protects the hotels against ‘no show’. We were not ‘no show. We were forced to leave at a very inconvennient time (around the Mardi Gras period when hotel rooms were very hard to come by in Sydney) because of the unacceptable service and room.

After arguing back and forth with Amanda without getting anywhere, we had to leave as we were very late for an appointment with our client at an important trade fair that we went to Sydney as exhibitors.

Upon coming back to Perth, we found out that the Pensione tried to claim $920 on my credit card while the room for the 2 nights we stayed should have been $340!

It just got worse when we thought we already experienced the worst in customer service and everything else! I strongly advise you to stay away from the Pensione Hotel and possibly ALL other hotel managed by the Pacific Hotels, and Tourism Hotel and Leisure Ltd.

I have complained to them and shall inform you of the results.

Clean, comfortable and friendly...

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at The Pensione Hotel in March for 13 nights, everytime we came back from our daily adventures we found that the staff were more than eager to listen. My partner and I stayed in a standard double room which we found to be small but extremely cosy, the guest lounge was great for us to relax in at night and to chat to other guests staying in the hotel. As an older couple we found the Pensione to be great value for our money and we would definetly be staying there again on our next trip to Sydney...

Friendly service great location

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed for 2 weeks the first time and 10 days the second time. The first time was not long after the hotel opened - October last year and the 2nd was only a week ago. We're off to Perth now. The 1st time we stayed we had what I think was called a standard room. The room was on the small side but very clean and comfortable. None of the other facilites were opened but it didn't matter because you have everything you needed within walking distance.

The 2nd time we stayed we were upgraded to what was called a deluxe room - larger then the room we had before and it also had some other features like tea/coffee, a wardrobe and side tables. The lounge area was opened and looked great - We were able to get on the internet, cook a meal and also wash some very dirty clothes. The cafe had opened downstairs so we were able to grab something light and easy for breaky.

Probably the most enjoyable aspect of both our stays was the staff. Always ready to help or offer advice. One of the housekeeping staff gave us some great tips on what to see in the Blue Mountians and the Hunter Valley - local knowledge really helps. Reception were able to book tours or transport and help with advice on what restaurants to try and what ones to avoid.

Overall we think you get great value for money. Reading some of the recent reports makes me wonder what people expect for around $100 bucks a night?? Rest assured we will be back there after we sample Perth and WA. Look out for our reports from there. If we find some great cheap places we will share it with you.

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The Grace Hotel, York Street. Elegant, very comfortable and central location.


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  • Address: 631-635 George Street - Sydney - New South Wales - 2000 - Australia
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