Sahara Beach Hotel

, Monastir, Tunisia
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Sahara Beach Hotel

, Monastir
Route Touristique - Monastir - 5029 - Tunisia Hotel Website | 73/461088
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Reviews - Sahara Beach Hotel

Very good all round
Submitted by: Betty in 03/10/10
  • Age Group: 60plus
  • From: Tunisia
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
just come back from sahara beach hotel tunisia,the hotel was very clean things were changed daily towels ect.entertainment was the best we have seen for a long time the team made sure that everyone had something to do,food good the staff were very freindly,weather good,the only down side was it could do with a little updating,and if you dont liked to be hassled by the locals this is not the place for you.I would go to this hotel again if it was some where else I personly did not like tunisia but everybody to there own choice,had a very nice time and would recomend.mrs m. west yorkshire,
Best holiday ever
Submitted by: bernadette in 05/09/08
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Ireland
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Have been 2 this hotel twice already and every thing about it was brillant. I've booked 2 go back next year for 2 weeks. The food is lovely and the entertainment was brilliant.
1 out of 1 reader found this review helpful
My holiday to Tunisia
Submitted by: abbie in 28/04/08
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: Tunisia
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I recently came back from two weeks in Tuisia, Monistir. We stayed at Saharah Beach Hotel. The holiday was the best holiday I've ever had..everybody is so nice and friendly. The hotel reps made the holiday for us....I can't wait 2 go back next year.
1 out of 1 reader found this review helpful
Great Holiday!
Submitted by: Nichola in 24/04/08
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
had a fantastic holiday at Sahara Beach two years of 6-2adults & 4 children aged 15, 13, 11 & 7 Great facilities, food, entertainment, straight on the beach, cheap water sprots. Make sure you get your photos done by the hotel photographer!
Excellent value for money
Submitted by: Geraldine in 09/07/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Just returned from a week at Sahara beach. We found the staff extremely helpful and friendly. For the sake of 2 or 3 dinners (about£1.20) we always managed to find someone to get us a bed by the pool. A bit of a scam maybe but remember that these staff are probably very poorly paid
The room was clean and simple (and air conditioned and clean towels were left every day we requested them.
Food was typical buffet style, chips with everything and for the slightly more adventurous there was a Tunisian speciality on offer every day
There was also a children's menu, pizza, crepes and omelette making service at every meal and delicious fruit, cakes and ice cream available.
The entertainment team worked hard to encourage participation in the activities but there was plenty opportunities to avoid them and just relax by one of the other pools.
The pool with the waterfalls were especially relaxing
Standing under the waterfalls was like being pummelled by a delicious masseur!!
Highlight of the trip was an early morning ride along the beach (worth the v.early start) as the beach was deserted and we galloped for miles with our guide Haim. (Not part of the all inclusive but at less than £20 each for 2 1/2 hours very well worth it
There was a games room for the younger at heart its amazing how long 10 dinners (about £4) can last
two small criticisms- we missed British news although we saw a football match on the big screen every day in one of the bars and we only had two nights of entertainment in the piano bar. A pay as you surf internet cafe would also have been nice
We certainly got our moneys worth in food and drink and it was lovely not to have to put your hand in your pocket every time you wanted a cool beer from the bar
Pure bliss!!!
Great service and friendly staff
Submitted by: Michelle in 21/04/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We all had a fantastic time, so much we want to go back next week but would like to know what weathers like at this time of year.
The best holiday ever
Submitted by: Lisa in 22/01/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
Me and my best m8 went on this holiday it was the 1st holiday we have bin on 2gether and it was by far the bestest holiday ever. Whether all not that was because we are both girls and single with fair hair. But over all it was so gud we made good friends with the animation team and had a right laf. I would recommend this holiday to families and young people. They are the most friendliest people ever. We loved it.
Excellent value, awesome swimming pools, great for kids
Submitted by: Jose in 10/09/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Portugal
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Being a 3*, so cheap and so big (more than 500 rooms, I think), we weren't expecting much, but we had a really nice surprise!

The pools are something like I only had seen in the Caribean. Don't expect any luxury (the room where I stayed had no TV, for instance) and the animation at night can be considered poor. I don't pay much attention to that, anyway.

Great for the kids, as the kids' animation staff does a great job, with free activities and guard all day long and show where every child can participate in the evening.

The beach is awsome, with clean and warm water and sand. We had many days with jellyfish, which was a major annoyance, but I guess that it was bad luck and the hotel can't be hold responsible for that.

Food ok, perhaps a little bit monotonous after 5 or 6 days in an all inclusive deal, nothing to remember for good or for bad.

After 08:30 it was difficult to get/reserve (with a towel) a chair and umbrella at the pools. The same for the beach a little bit later.

The staff was kind, if not allways very eficient.

There is a small mini-zoo in the gardens.

Easy access to transport to nearby Monastir and Sousse - you can take metered taxis outside the gate or you can also walk the nearby village/suburb and take the train.
Not going back to Tunisia
Submitted by: Sue in 24/02/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
Hotel and staff lovely, rooms' clean, pool area very nice, location not so good. Out and about not very nice as lots of people expect tips even when you have bought an item in a shop the sales person expects it. We visited Tunis and were not very impressed, a tip for other holiday makers do not go into Tunis in shorts and vest top as the women are very rude as they stare and laugh behind their hands, not a very good experience.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Sahara Beach Hotel

Great chill out holiday/ Riding holiday

from A TripAdvisor Member
We picked Sahara Beach as it was all inclusive and we didn't want the fuss of finding food places in a country that in my mind was quite backward in comparison to other tourist destinations in the Med and also I would have been worried about what the food was like. Also the price was within our range of what we wanted to spend. Anyway, being a working couple we weren't aware that it was Easter week, so when we realised, we were a bit concerned that it would be packed with 'blooming kids'. But actually it wasn't too bad. Most families we met were very friendly, the adults mainly happy to find other adult company to talk to and the kids were very well behaved (expect for a northern single mum, her two very spoilt toddlers and the grandparents who reversed every bit of discipline she tried to give them - but we didn't see them very much thank God!). I was in my element as I discovered the stables and as I have horses at home - who I hadn't been able to ride due to various horsey ailments, I had a bit of a busmans holiday and rode 2x 1 hr rides, and got friendly with ABIB (not sure of spelling) who persuaded me out on a 3 hour ride on my last day. The rep advised that the riding was 'not recommended' by the holiday co (probably as THEY don't make any money from it) so I was almost put off at first - but I'm insured to ride due to my horses so that didn't put me off as I think I would have been bored otherwise. The 'Zoo' outside was pretty good to while away an hour or so, but even though some animals run free - others are in tiny pens which wasn't nice to see. But none of them were skinny which was pleasing. The hotel and pool was lovely and clean, and as I went expecting really awful food - I did like most of it - my partner eating 2 desserts per visit. But Skanes is a developing resort and in a few years will be fantastic. If you want a chill out holiday with not doing particulary very much this is for you as the beach is fab. This is also for you if you like horse riding, but be aware that Tunisia hasn't got tack shops in every town, so what they do have is a bit worn - but they do look after you and put you on a horse according to your standard. I really liked it, my partner liked the beer and pizza, we just would have liked a bit more to do on the evening - the evening entertainment reminded me of being at Butlins as a kid! I've read some of the previous comments and to be honest most of the time it's a case of seeing for yourself, and everyone at some stage has a bad holiday's not a bad little place, but if you're expecting Magaluf, then for goodness sake go there instead!

ve ever had

from jb27
This is my first post on this web, but I use this site regularly, and feel I should let you all know about our appalling holiday at this resort. We travelled last June (2004) thankfully only for one week.

The staff were most unfriendly ... and this was echoed by all britains that we incountered. Because we went all inclusive we felt that they treated us very poorly becasue we were less likely to leave a tip.

The food was horrid - the only time we ever felt like eating was at lunch, as more variety was available (probably because most people went half board and didn't use this facility. I work in the food industry in england, auditing food safety, and I can assure you, these guys needed some serious assistance. I watched someone drop a serving ladel onto the floor and the waiter picked it up and put it back into the dish! The flies were everywhere, and all fly killers (outside) were turned off. My boyfriend commented that we never got to eat together - one of us always had to swat away the flies whilst the other attempted to eat their food. Chips were served at lunch and dinner, with little variance. I have to admit, we lived on chip butties for a week because the other food was terrible.

Waiting for a drink was usually 30 mins and beer was served in a small plastic cup so by the time my boyfriend had drunk it we felt we spent most nights standing at the bar ... waiting ... The staff were very very unfriendly and snatched AI cards off you and then dumped them at the front of the queue instead of having the decency to hand them back. On once occasion the six people in front of me (Brits) passed the cards down the line to get them back to me. Their comments were that this wouldn't happen back home.

I was ready to go home after 2 days, but had to endure the rest of the week. The only positive statement was that the pool was nice and cool and clean.

I hope this is of some assistance. I don't expect standards to be the same as home, but when you HAVE to eat at the resort (as there is NOWHERE else locally) then you expect it to be edible.


loved the indoor swimming pool guy ahmed

from i_love_dean
Most of the staff were friendly the first day i got there and a guy that worked there was 17 and came over to me he asked me my name and age and we went on from there and it was great. But one of the staff that worked in the casino was really horrible he asked me for sex he was about 40 and i am just a 15 year old girl so i dont recommend that you leave your dauhgters side because he would ask any teenage girl some may not do what i did which was to say no and turn away. other wise the holiday was not bad because you had tennis courts and swimming pools 1 indoor and out door the beach was a few yards away where you can play volleyball.

Needs attention, and a bad location

from A TripAdvisor Member
Having visited Tunisia twice now, I can honestly say that this hotel has put me off for good. Whilst our waiter in the restaurant was good natured and helpfull, he was not typical of any of the other members of staff.

I found the food adequate, but I have a voracious appetite and can eat most thing, whilst my other half has vegitarian leanings, and often struggles to find something that was not an oily salad. Breakfast was quite a disappointemnt, as it was geared a feeding the other guests, rather than those of us from the UK.

This is exacerbated by the fact that there is no-where else near the hotel where you can eat, handily positioned, as it is, half way between two towns.

All in all, if you must go to this hotel, go all inclusive, as you will probably end up having to eat threre anyway, unless you feel like getting a taxi everywhere


from jadeyl
i absolutely love this hotel, i have been coming here since i was a little baby, every year without fail for 18 years, and am due to go back in july.nothing bad to say about the place, the staff are really friendly and the facilities are amazing, with the pools, horse riding, games room, all those bars, the excellent white beach and blue seas, be carefull for the jellyfish though!!with lots more to offer its by far the best hotel i have stayed in in tunisia or anywhere else

Fantastic hotel

from dar142
What a great hotel it was very clean all staff were very nice and bend over backwards to help you .The hotel was very clean and rooms are cleaned daily .The food and choices were excellant we went in Feb 2005 for 1 week half board and at that time the hotel was about half full
There are 3 out door pools but they were to cold to swim in at that time of the year but we did have a daily swim in the indoor pool witch is very warm
The entertainment was great morning afternoon and evening the entertainment team work there socks of .There's a small zoo witch is great fun to look round and horse riding just up the road a still on the hotel grounds well worth the money 15D per person for 1 hour works out about £6.
There are a few shops with in the hotel there is a supermarket but it's more like a soviner shop .There's a photo developing shop, jewlers, leather shop ,and i sports shoe shop and another leather shoe shop,There are a few stall on the way up the coridor to the main restaraunts if your not intrested just say no the trick is avoid eye contact and they don't normaly bother you
There is also a go karte course out side the hotel great fun for all the family but be warned when you exit the hotel ground you will be pestered by horse draw carages that will steal your money and take you places you won't want to go unless your good at saying NO you could find yourself buying things you don't want
There are trips to go on the holiday we booked 4 1 the getting to know the area trip it was worth it 2,The camel ride 3 the arabian feast , 4 the zoo
The first 2 were well worth it but the last 2 don't waste your money We here the tour reps night out was very good and we plan to try that and the safari in april 2005 when we return to the Hotel for 2 weeks all inclusive
All in all fantastic holiday friendly staff clean hotel lots of entertainment for the kids and great value for money

Hotel from Hell

from A TripAdvisor Member
Our holiday to the Hotel Sahara Beach was supposed to be a great relaxing christmas for the our family and friends. Our flight was changed by 11 hours which we wern't happy about (in hindsight what a result). We had booked all inclusive and the Lunn Poly assistant recommended the hotel. It was the worst holiday we have had. The hotel was crowded with thousands of kids whose parents thought it wasn't their resposibility to look after them as they were on holiday. The hotel staff were rude and unfriendly. The fist night we arrived at 11pm there was a fight in the hotel. The following night (Christmas Eve)my 16 son was assaulted and badly hurt by 12 New Zealand rugby players who had been intimadating and swearing at previous guests. We informed the hotel security and manager who didn't want to know about the trouble. My son was seriously hurt so we phoned the Thompson helpline to speak to a rep but the hotel manager kept intercepting the calls. Eventually we saw a rep who wanted to know what had happened and called the police. The hotel wanted every thing hushed up and hoped we would just leave it. As this was being dealt with 3 other fights broke out. The weather was bad, raining and very cold so every one just drank every day making the athmosphere very hostile. The food was bearable although no choice or variety. There were no Christmas celebrations for guest who had small children. The only good thing about the hotel are the good surroundings and beach location. This is probably better in the summer as you do not have to be in the hotel with the miserable rude staff. Outside the hotel there is nothing to do. The people are very intimidating and pervy if you are on your own. I would not recommend Tunisia to my worst enemy. Never again.

we are going back!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We went to this hotel in Jan 2004 for our honeymoon. There was a bit of confusion when we first arrived due to the process of having photos taken for our AI cards, but the process in itself was very very quick. You are met by friendly staff, and that friendliness continued throughout the entire holiday. The rooms are basic but very clean, and very safe. The food is traditional, but very nice, and why go away to another country and expect English food! The complex is spotless, and cleaned all day. There wasnt a lot to do, but if you go out of season what would you expect. We went there for a break and we got more than what we expected. It was peaceful and relaxed and that was achieved by the hotel and its staff. The AI option gives you drinks all day, these are always clearly described as local, and they are, but again they were all named mixers etc and no complaints there either. One thing we will say, is Brits...stop moaning...wake up...if you go out of season you cannot expect peak season facilities..this was a cheaply priced holiday offering excellent facilities out of season. We are going back for our 1st anniversary and just cant wait.

great off peak

from A TripAdvisor Member
washed up the christmas pots and packed our cases for a week of sunshine and AI beach chillout.Midnight check in (AI just finished,didnt count on that!).However pizza available for a few Dinar,just ask staff.Pay bar in reception all night after AI.Check in ok,will do ID cards in morning.Porters etc do like their Dinar but prefer £ OR € tips.Best to have a few in pocket before leaving UK etc.Hotel clean and spacious but bare in mind only a third full this time of year,any other time may tell a different story.Lots of food with plenty of choice but did prefere pizza and outside prepared food to main restaurant as bit recycled and a few rude people if you know what i mean!Drinks good although constantly up down as small warned the red wine is not what it seems.You must check out the piano bar for ease and comfort,it can make a good social evening.Staff very friendly.Stalls on walk to restaurant a bit much so smile and walk on however if something takes your eye as it did me have fun bartering but remember the Dinar is not worth that much.The rooms are clean and spacious and lifts help fight those high floors.Beach clean,views lovely,pool clean and lots for the children.Check out the on site zoo.Its a small fee for which you will be given a small bag of bread in return,feed the birds but save some for the monkeys who take from your hand.Take road train from hotel for a bit of culture or the horse drawn carriges (haggle) for sight seeing and possibly a bit of unexpected shopping.An overall must is to check arrival airport otherwise you may have a longer than expected tranfer and keep a few £s or €s for airport on return.We are due to return June 2005.Good time had and good value.Our party consisted of 2 adult and 1 child .Ages 11 to 37.

This hotel is great

from A TripAdvisor Member
A couple of weeks before i was due to fly out to the Sahara Beach me and my family were not to sure we made the right choice for our holiday from reading other peoples reviews but our mind was totally changed when we returned.
This hotel is great, the staff are so friendly and with a great atmosphere im sure you will enjoy your stay to.
The food is nice but not english - you have to try some of the dish's, they are lovely.
I would say this is a great holiday for family's and couple's, not for young people.
You will never get bored at this hotel, with its 3 gaint swimming pools, a zoo and all sports to do through out the day.
The reps are lovely and the star friends too - they are brillant with the kids.
You do not have to leave the hotel, everything is right on site.
Only a couple of steps and you are on the beach.
I enjoyed my stay so much i am returning in April.

Top Local Tips for Monastir

my tips Dont book expensive transferes taxi's cost aprox 10 dinars from the airport to the hotel

where to go if you want to dance monastir is not a lively place and it is mostly hotel based. i would recommend if you want to have a good nightlife to go to the skanes el hana hotel nightclub, the rosa beach locomotive night club, the amir place if you want a few oldie songs played as well as new ones or the houda beach hotel safari bar. all these places are a short taxi away and if you tell your taxi driver how long you are going to be he will be back later to pick you up or he will give you his number to call when you are ready

disembarkation cards we were given these at check in, but some of our travel companions weren't which caused up to an hour delay in getting through passport control. they were told they would be given these on board but in flight staff told them they would get them at arrivals.rememberto keep 2nd part for return journey


Other names for Sahara Beach Hotel

  • sahara beach hotel tunisia
  • sahara beach hotel
  • iberostar sahara beach
  • iberostar hotel sahara beach
  • iberostar hotel monastir
  • Address: Route Touristique - Monastir - 5029 - Tunisia
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