Riu Park El Kebir Hotel

, Hammamet, Tunisia
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Riu Park El Kebir Hotel

, Hammamet
Route Touistique - Hammamet - 8050 - Tunisia Hotel Website | 72/280177
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Riu Park El Kebir Hotel

EL Kebir was alright

from 1968birchwood
Went to the park el kebir last year ,the hotel ,staff and facilities were all good. First time we had been to the african continent and found ,out with the hotel not so pleasing.nothing i could put my finger on but not as good as europe or caribbean,saying that though, the hotel was really comfortable.

what more could you want

from karinda
Having just arrived back from a weeks stay at this hotel I can not praise it enough
We arrived at the hotel at 1 in the morning due to flight delay to find that the staff where waiting for us with drinks as you walk in to having food waiting in the resturant. The hotel is spotless the staff are so friendly and genuine ( they dont ask for tips) nothing is to much trouble for them.
The food is availible from 7.30 am up till 12 midnight and the drinks are self service on tap for all of the day and night to.
In the resturant you are allocated a seat by the head waiter on your first day in the hotel and that is your seat for dinner till the end of the stay which means not rushing to dinner to get a seat
the hotel offered lots of things to do if you wanted things like volley ball,archery, shuffle board even learning arabic if you wanted if you didnt want to join in there was shows and mini disco for thekids or a retrodisc and shows of a night for the adults
I can not praise this hotel enough no moans at all (and trust me being a woman thats hard to say)
I reccommend to go to this hotel and enjoy the peace, the food we did

platinum my ****

from bikebabe9
Well what can i say, if this is what Thomson call platinum i don't think i will try their gold.

In Dec my hubby and i went to Tunisia for our honeymoon and stayed a Sousse, we had such a great time we decided to come back.

Arrived very late at night, the staff were very nice, meal was waiting for us, salads and bread, which i think had been sitting for a while.

We arrived in our room which was very nice but being dark i couldn't see the sea view which i paid for, when i woke up i had the view of lovely sea behind a run down building. Went to the reps meeting with Kenny who tried very hard to sell his trips saying that they were for platinum guests only what a load of rubbish i went on most of them last xmas with my hubby.

In the thomson guide it said wind surfing was avalible, when we asked Kenny where, he didn't know and didn't even bother to try and help. Just after us a family asked the same question and got much the same answer.

The food was good always something diffrent to eat, one thing i was very shocked at was all the jucies were powder and if you wanted a cappuccino it was made with instant coffee, me and hubby both got upset tummy and so did many other people in the hotel.

I will not be paying the extra for platinum again as the one we stayed in at xmas was fair better for a lot less money.

**Best Holiday So Far**

from connieb86
We have just returned from a weeks holiday in this fantastic hotel. Arrived at the hotel around 4pm and was given warm welcomes by the hotel staff. Luggage was taken promptly up to our hotel room, as we had this view before we were kindly moved to another part of the hotel where our room was bigger and had a sea/pool view.

The hotel is immaculate and the staff are so friendly and do their best to make you feel welcome. During the day there are various activities for you to choose from whether it be lazing around by the pool or joining in with the animation team at bowls, water polo, archery, water gym etc.

Food was good and there is a variety for all. All inclusive is definately well worth it, personlly me and my friends got our moneys worth in alcohol. Met some nice people out there, although there are sooooo many germans.

Night life in the hotel is fantastic, the animation team are all so dedicated and do their all to make you feel apart of the fun. The shows are brilliant, especially dinner for one which had us all laughing. (the one with the catouse and james). The disco in the evening is great, probably for the younger generation.

I can't express enough how brilliant the animation team were, they work such long hours and put all their heart and soul into their work, rarely having a day off....

If you are looking for nightlife after the entertainment at the hotel has finished then a trip into hamammet is well worth it. BRITISH BAR is a club that is a must, all types of music being played.


Friendliest Hotel Staff

from Devoran1
Our two weeks in this hotel (the last two weeks in September)had their ups and downs!

This predominantly German Hotel has an enviable staff of cheerful helpful, polite and above all professional personel who go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
Food was varied and nicely presented, and although the main dining hall was, to the naked eye, spotless, they did have great problems with flies whilst we were there. They were on the food and around the tables - possibly contributing to the bad stomach upset I had most of the two weeks. I could go on with several other negative points, but to be fair, these are petty, and I feel overall, the dining arrangements were "average". The waiters were extremely professional, and did their job efficiently and cheerfully. The flies were also a nuisance on the beach and around the pool area

The animation team worked extremely hard, although in a somewhat amateurish manner. They were wonderful with the children there, especially during the 1/2 hour or so after dinner when they did the same routine on the dance floor with them night after night - the kids loved it! However - personally, they were noisy, "in our face" and "down our throat" a lot of the time - not really our cup of tea, but nevertheless enjoyed by many of the guests I'm sure.

As mentioned before, this is a German owned Hotel, and I would say that 50% of the guests were German, followed by perhaps an equal number of Dutch, French, Russian and Italian guests, with (while we were there) perhaps 5% Brits. Without wishing to appear racist in any way, the Germans got right up our noses - they were loud, pushy, and queue jumped all the time - my wife got literally pushed out of the way several times when getting bread or other food in the dining room for instance, and to see them champing at the bit outside the dining room doors before they opened for the meal-times - it was really quite funny - and it really was only the Germans who were doing it. The waiter who opened the door literally had to dive out of the way or be trampled under the stampede!

On the beach - far too small for the hotel and the numbers there - towels were laid out on the sun-beds well before 7am - again - by - you guessed! - despite there being notices all around saying the towels and other personal effects would be removed if reserving beds - they never were! The pool was also very crowded and noisy, with music constantly blaring away, - that is, when the animation team weren't using loud hailers and prancing about!

For the first 2 days and nights, we had very noisy neigbours on the 3rd floor of the main hotel building. I asked reception if it was possible to move us, and was delighted with their response. There and then the duty manager took us to the villas next to the hotel (also owned by Riu, and part of the complex) and alowed us to choose one of the empty units. This was superb, with kitchen/dining area, bedroom, bathroom, patio and garden. We were delighted, and it made our holiday! It also meant that we could use the villas own pool - hardly ever more than 4 or 5 people around it every day - and the designated part of the beach, which again, was very lightly populated during the day - with no animation team shouting, no thump, thump, thump, of the music......

We used the Thalassopi centre a lot - booked a series of sessions over 4 different days, and it really was superb - rather expensive - worked out about £200 each, but well worth it.

As for value, I believe the hotel WAS good value, all things considered - the all-inclusive option was OK - but if you wanted a decent glass of Cognac or whisky, rather than their Tunis distillery fire-water, it came rather expensive - £5 a small measure

All in all, an enjoyable holiday in an hotel which had a fantastic staff, which could have been perfect but for some niggly little things mentioned before. I wouldn't go back though.

Fantastic Holiday

from switch30
We have just arrived home from Hotel Riu El Kebir and cannot believe what a brilliant holiday we experienced. From the moment we stepped foot in the hotel until the unfortunate end of our holiday we had a marvelous week. The only downside to this holiday which has no reflection on the hotel is the transfer time and the queues at Monastair Airport.
I was a bit dubious at first about the resort and the Tunisian people, after reading stories about them always pestering you to buy their wares, but if you adamantly but not being offensive say no, they will leave you alone. It was great fun haggling with them and to be honest they expect this and enjoy it too. I got some great bargains.
More about the hotel and the staff - We arrived after midnight but was made to feel very welcome by smiling and very cheerful reception staff, we was given a welcome drink and then taken into the restaraunt for a cold buffett and more to drink. The welcome meeting the next day was mainly introduced by the hotel manager Mr Ali, he was very friendly and talked about his hotel and staff, even introducing his head staff to us, and he made you aware of all the facilities and amenities for your stay.
Our stay itself was very pleasurable, their hospitality and freindly attitude made the holiday so relaxing and very enjoyable, the food was very good and a good variety each and every day.
The cleanliness of the hotel was exceptional, the cleaners were endlessley on the go from the minute you get up they are busy cleaning, until the end of the night around 9 or 10 o'clock they are still busy cleaning the hotel, always with a smile for you and they try to talk to you in broken english. The waiters were always milling around collecting dirty glasses and ash trays, there was never a dirty table for more than a few minutes. The reception staff couldn't do enough for you. There was an animation team in charge of all the entertainment, not only all day around the pool but at night they put on different shows for your enjoyment.
We went on an organised trip called Cruise on the Wild Side, which was fantastic, in the morning you went to an animal park near the salt lakes, then after that you was taken to the port of Yasmine Hammamet and boarded a pirate ship and taken to the Gulf of Hammamet, where you could then jump overboard and swim in the med, have a barbeque, and there was great entertainment on board all the trip (about 4 hours). Tthis experience was well worth the money, if you get the chance to go on it, please go - you will not be dissapointed.
The only dissapointment for us was having to leave, but we are already planning to book for next year, but next year we will be booking for 10 days as 7 was not long enough, there is a 2 day trip to the Sahara desert riding on camels which we are planning to go on. Can't wait till we get back there next year.
There are 2 words to round up this fantastic hotel - Absolutely Brilliant !!


from Rancid
just got back today abit tired. yawn! i cant say enough about this hotel it was a truely amazing place. very very clean, cleaners going round all the time day and night. the staff there are the nicest people you could ever meet. the ani mation team were brilliant very entertaining!! ill recomend this hotel to everyone. well worth it!!! book 2day!

Fantastic hotel, great holiday!

from pootlepaws
I've just returned from a week-long stay at the Riu Park El Kebir and I can't praise the hotel and its staff enough. The rooms were clean and well-air conditioned; the beach was immaculate with plenty of sunbathing space and a friendly man on hand to find you a sunbed; and the hotel itself offered everything you needed for an all-inclusive stay.
Contrary to some of the reviews I'd read on this site, we never had the same main courses at dinner throughout our stay. There was some repetition on the side dishes and salads, but there was so much choice that it would be entirely your decision if you ate the same thing twice in one week. There was also plenty to choose from in terms of drinks, with bottled water and soft drinks readily available as well as beer, wine (the red was the best), spirits and cocktails (all included). This was a contrast to what we heard about one of the other all-inclusive hotels in Hammamet, where spirits were charged as extra. I was also pleased to see that the pool was very clean, as I was a little concerned after reading one review.
As for the staff, what can I say? I have never come across such friendly people. Without exception, they went out of their way to make sure our stay was as enjoyable as they could make it.
The only slight let-down was the hotel entertainment, which was a bit hit and miss, but they put so much effort into it that it's still worth a look.
If you've booked to stay at this hotel, you've got a great holiday to look forward to. If not, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.

Relaxing but great fun too!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have just come back from a week long holiday staying at the Riu Park El Kebir hotel in Hammermet and absolutely loved it. There were 2 of us aged 23 and we were never bored. The staff were magnificent and made a huge effort especially the animation team who were fun and welcoming to everyone. There was entertainment throughout the whole day ranging from football, volleyball, waterpolo (my favourite!!) to water aerobics, belly dancing and yoga.

There is a spa centre on site and we both had the seaweed wrap (approx £12) and a full body massage (£15 lasts 30 mins) which were amazing and very relaxing-great value for money.

The food at the restaurant was good-there was a huge selectionaand for those that are really fussy, there were chips there everynight and spaghetti bolognaise. I was travelling with a vegetarian and she was pleasantly suprised by the selection of food that she could eat. There were themed nights for the food including tunisian and spanish and that meant that there was always something different everynight. I didn't get a dodgy tummy so i thought the food was pretty successful. Pancakes and ice-cream between 3 and 5 everyday was a welcome snack.

There is still and sparkling water on the tap available by the pool and in the restaurant-this is safe to drink. There are also soft drinks and alcohol available at the pool bar as well as the other bars around the hotel.

The pool and beach are kept well and it is nice to be on the actual beach because of the breeze which is refreshing when its getting too hot. I was up and by the pool by 8.30 most days this is because there are so many tourists and the German tourists seem to get up very early and lay their towels down. However, the staff will always find you a sun lounger as it is hotel policy that if a bed is left alone for more than an hour and there are people looking for a sun lounger then they will remove your belongings and put them at reception. This actually works out well because you will find that many people are getting up early and putting down their towels and then going back to bed for hours or going on a trip-very selfish behaviour!

We went on a market trip (i can't remember what it was called) and that the a nice trip out. We stopped off at a pottery place (great for cheap pressies) before going to the market. The market itself was an experience but i didn't find much that i wanted. Its worth noting that it they think your English that they will up the price-apparantly all the English are rich! But with bataring you should only pay about a third of the original price. If they are not willing to drop their price, then move on, you will always find another stall (it is a huge market). On the way back we went wine tasting which was fun and you get to purchase some of the wine. This was a nice day trip and we were back at the hotel by 12.30 so we had the rest of the day to ourselves.

The only part of the trip i didn't enjoy was the sail away trip. We were picked up from our hotel at 7.45am and had to pick up other guests from other hotels, we got to the boat by 8.45 and didn't start sailing til gone 9.45-this just made us tired and cranky from waiting around for so long. I thought it would be relaxing but there were men dressed as pirates jumping about in your face and blaring out music-i don't get sea sick but that trip made me feel queasy especially when they blasted out the Celine Dion song, 'My heart will go on' -TWICE OVER!!! The boat kept rocking which meant that i couldn't face the bbq and too make matters worse, it didn't matter where you sat on the boat but you were always overwhelmed by the smell of fish and the fumes from the boat (which was horrible). If you get the option go on the boat trip that takes you to a zoo first, everyone we spoke to at the hotel had a great time on that trip. Luckily we were back at the hotel by 1.30 in the afternoon for lunch and relaxing by the pool.

There are some people walking about the hotel trying to sell camel rides and quad bike rides but if your not interested then say no and carry on walking. Personally, next time i go back i am determined to go on both trips. I also noticed a theme park and casino in yasmine hammermet that i never got to go to.

Night life at the hotel tends to end around midnight (thats when they stop serving drinks). I found that after lying in the sun all day and after a heavy dinner and the entertainment for the night, that this was fine for me. But should you want more there is entertainment at other hotels and in town. We played bingo one night and won a free back massage. Other guests won camel rides etc so it is well worth taking part on some of the evening entertainment.

Some people we have spoken to (including trip advisor reviews) have said that this was the worse Riu hotel that they had been too-and thats not necessarily a bad thing. I loved this hotel and would go back, so if this is one of the worst Riu hotels then i can't wait to see what the others have to offer.

Great hotel

from Hils_g
We have just returned from a week's stay at the El Kebir. The manager was waiting on our arrival with a drink and a cold meal was laid on even though it was 10.00 pm. The hotel is spotless, food is good and varied and although some reports say it is repetitive, we didn't find it repetitive as their was a different hot dish every night. Yes, the salad bar was similar each night but that is the same in most hotels. The bedroom was spacious with plenty of storage space and the bathroom was modern and clean with no chips, marks etc on the tiles. Yes, it's about 40 mins walk into Hammamet but taxis wait outside the hotel and cost about 2 dinar, but haggle over the price before getting in. The downside with us was the weather, it was cold and wet apart from one and a half days but we still got out and about. It pays to go all inclusive but book this in the UK as it costs more to upgrade at the hotel. The other downside was the animation team, apparently they are a new team and were very amateurish but they were very friendly and did their best. I would definitely go back to this hotel again, but later in the year when the weather is warmer.

Top Local Tips for Hammamet

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Jellyfish Sometimes they do float in, we discovered the hard way,however, the locals showed us a great tip, carry fresh tomatoes to the beach in a container, if you get stung cut the tom' in half and rub it into the sting, it works believe me it works. Not for massive stings but for your average beach sting.

it pays to barter if you use a taxi it will pay you to barter on long trips as the driver will stop with you for the retun trip ,


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  • riu park el kebir hotel
  • riu park el kebir hammamet
  • Address: Route Touistique - Hammamet - 8050 - Tunisia
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