Atlas Medina & Spa Hotel

, Marrakech, Morocco
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Atlas Medina & Spa Hotel

, Marrakech
5 star

Rooms: 224

Ave Hassan 1er - Marrakech - 40000 - Morocco | 212 24 33 99 99
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Reviews - Atlas Medina & Spa Hotel

Historical Traveller Reviews of Atlas Medina & Spa Hotel

A very good hotel

from BertiesDad
We stayed here in early June 2006 and we would certainly stay here again. In summary the rooms are lovely, the bathrooms even more so. The hotel is very new and clean and well decorated throughout. The restaurant is good with a wide range of buffet options (we were half board), although my partner and I experienced upset stomachs whilst we were there. I understand from friends though that this is commonplace in North African countries for people who are not used to the local food/bacteria. The pool at the hotel was very good although the pool attendant was quite rude so watch out! I can't comment on some of the more negative reviews on this website, alll I can say is that at this current time the hotel is operating to a high standard (certainly four star plus) and the staff are pleasant and helpful (other than that rather vicious pool attendant)!!! I would certainly recommend this hotel to other couples wanting a relaxing break in Marrakech. Personally I would also sooner stay at this hotel (in the Hivernage area slightly out of town) than in a riad in the medina as it was very relaxing and if you just wanted to laze by the pool all day for a couple of days you could.

In terms of Marrakech we both enoyed our time there. Clearly it is a place to soak up the sights, atmosphere, sounds, smells etc rather than to visit many attractions. I would recommend a visit to the Jardin Majorelle though whcih is an oasis of cool calm on a hot summers day. The square of course is a must, as are the souks. I would recommend going to a hammam as well which was a very relaxing experience.

A few tips for future travellers. Brush up on basic french before you go -very useful. You can't get hold of dirhams out of Morocco itself so either take sterling and change it there or get money out with your card. In terms of taxis to/from the airport readers BEWARE. The taxi drivers are out to take you for all they can as other posters have suggested. At the airport you are at their mercy and basically have to pay 150 dirham for a 3 mile journey(about £9). I was told that if you hail one off the street out of the airport car park it will cost you about 20 dirhams. Late at night though we didn't want to mess around so we coughed up the money! However, when we checked out from the hotel we were a little wiser. The concierge offered to arrange a taxi for us for 100 dirham to the airport, a blatant con. We laughed and refused this said we would get our own as this was way over the odds. The petit taxi driver himself then came up to us and offered to take us to the airport for 100 dirham - we laughed again and said no we would get one on the street. A minute later the same taxi driver approached. We knocked him down to 50 dirhams by being really tough with him and he gave in with a smile. Also, as a guide you should pay no more than 15 dirhams to get dropped off by the medina from the hotel and to pretty much anywhere else in the city. The taxi drivers like to drive crazy style so hold onto your stomachs, if you haven't been poisoned by the food that is!!! For the souks take a compass/map to find you way out as it is very easy to get horrendously lost... we found out the hard way. With a compass you can easily find your way back to the main square. In the souks bargain hard as people are out to get as much money as they can out of you, we knocked most sellers down to a third of their original asking price and they still seemed happy. If you are not happy or want to get the price down further simply walk away saying sorry it is too much. After 10 seconds or so they will call you back into their shop and the bargaining can start all over again. I have to say the bargaining does start to drag after a while, but this is the way of life in Morrocco and we should respect this and play by their rules. One thing not to do though is to give a price that you would not be prepared to pay or will lower during the negotiation. This will cause great offence (unsuprisingly) but I still saw tourists doing this in the souks. Another thing that I am slightly sad to post is that several traders in the souks were extremely rude/offhand with my girlfriend when she was shopping alone. Yet as soon as I joined her these traders immediately changed their approach. Most were polite and courteous though so I guess its a small minority.

Gorgeous Hotel, would definitely stay here again!

from WorldTraveler526
I stayed at the Atlas Medina & Spa for three nights in early June. During the viciously hot summer months, the Atlas Medina & Spa is a beautiful and relaxing hotel to come to at the end of a long and hot day. The rooms and bathrooms are quite large (we had one room for three adults), the balcony is also large, and the pool feels great after a long day exploring the city. The hotel is a 7 minute taxi cab ride from the airport (shouldn't cost over 100dh for a petit taxi) and a 20 minute walk from the main square (or a 15dh cab ride). The room service is also great, and not too expensive (try the club sandwich for 50dh).

The only problem I did have with this hotel is that the air condition was on a time control so, some nights were very hot when the air condition was turned off and caused us to have headaches.

Overall, however, the Medina & Spa is an absolutely beautiful, and relaxing hotel and I would definitely stay here again if I end up in Morocco sometime in the future.

Excellent Hotel with very helpful reception staff

from Monkeyhanger
I stayed at the Medina & Spa from the 11th April until 16th and was very impressed. I had read the reviews and was a little sceptical but there was no need, nothing was a problem for any of the staff and the hotel itself was kept to a excellent standard.
I had 2 rooms because there was myself my wife and 3 children (19, 14, and 10) and both rooms were very big with lovely balconies. I have to laugh because an earlier review commented on the head waiter not letting you sit outside for breakfeast, well he got me as well, he said it was too coldddddddddddd he should try living in sunny Hartlepool.
Now for Marrakech ! I thought everything was very hectic, the main square was beyond belief with its dentists and snake charmers, but just take it in your stride and you will love it, i promise. The sellers in the souk's are always very pleasent and never rude so it makes the shopping fun, even if you know you are paying over the odds.
I cannot comment on the food from the stalls because we were half board in the hotel but i still think you need a strong stomach to attempt the unknown !!!!!!!!!!

Finally i would recommend this hotel to anyone, it is clean, friendly and the Pool is lovely.
PS a large taxi for 5 from the airport to our hotel (5KMS) was 100dhs (£8) make of the price what you will but everyone has to make a living

Good choice - spacious modern hotel

from jaunts1
We travelled from 28 April - 1st May 2006. We chose this hotel as available riads were very expensive and we wanted a decent size pool so that we could cool down & relax during the day. Lastminute offered a good deal for the Medina & Spa - £257 inc breakfast for 3 nights. We flew with Atlas Blue & arrived late afternoon. The starting price for a taxi from the airport was 150 dirham. We ended up in a petit taxi and agreed on 80 dirham. We were impressed that as soon as we left the airport, we were driven down a tree lined avenue, filled with colourful rose bushes. Many of the busy roads have pretty gardens running between the carriageways, for pedestrians to use.

The hotel lobby area is impressive with modern metal sculptures, wonderful marble floors & good pictures throughout the hotel. We were greeted in the hotel by a guide, who (on behalf of Lastminute) gave us an envelope containing some information. Even though we said we were not interested in trips, he was not put off & told us approximate prices of taxis etc.

Our room was clean, spacious with a king size bed & the balcony overlooked a quiet road. The sun shone on the balcony in the afternoons, but as there was no furniture on the balcony, we moved the table & chairs out from our room. The bathroom was clean & modern with a good shower, toiletries and a bathrobe. It even had a speaker fitted so you can listen to the TV!

In the evenings we wandered around the medina & ate at one of the many food stalls – chicken kebabs, fish etc. all cooked fresh. Only hotels & some restaurants serve alcohol. One of the few places you can buy alcohol near the main square is at the Grand Hotel Tazi which serves good wine available by the half bottle. It is an oasis of calm after the heaving bustling square.

The hotel breakfast was excellent – a buffet of breads, pastries, good cheeses, pancakes cooked while you wait, variety of fruit, cereals, juices. (The scrambled egg, bacon & beans were kept barely warm and were not so good).

We had excellent weather - sunshine & 30 degrees. We thought it was too hot for visiting the sights, museums and gardens. That'll have to wait until our next visit. So we decided to chill by the pool during the day. The pool temperature was perfect, but you needed a little courage at first. The hotel serves good snacks at the pool bar. There is an Italian restaurant a short walk from the hotel, which serves good pizzas.

The hotel arranged for our early morning taxi for 100 dirham. We would certainly choose this hotel again.

Good Hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed at this hotel for 10 nights from the 2nd to the 12th April on a B&B basis.

I travelled with my partner and 18 month old daughter. I found the staff to be freindly and helpful. I didn't use the spa largely because Marrakech isn't known on the whole for offering good services in this area.

The hotel was clean and spacious was interesting decor in the communal areas. My only criticism would be that the outdoor pool was not heated.

This isn't the best 5 start hotel by western european standards but overall I have no signicant complaints.

This is still a very pleasant hotel.

Recommendation for the hotel, reservations about the spa.

from lad33
Arrived at the hotel which is in the newer part of town. Being a solo traveller I wasn't sure what to expect (especially after reading previous reviews), but I was pleasantly surprised. Rooms are clean and well kept, the grounds to the hotel are lovely, keeping the gardens in good order seems to be the job of the day. The pool was a little cool, but it was in use the whole time I was there.

Not sure that the hotel really caters for singletons though. Little things like going for meals in the restaurant for either breakfast or dinner might seem a little intimidating - once you get over that there's no problem. The hotel seems very popular with English, as well as French, Italian, Spanish and Germans alike.

The Spa is not all it's cracked up to be. Being a professional therapist myself, I decided to check out the relaxing massage. Not really relaxing, as I didn't feel any different afterwards. I'd be interested to see what their training is like. In saying that, the actual layout of the spa area is good, and it's setout in a lovely style - you even get a cup of tea ofter your treatment.

Hotel Good, Spa Bad

from Little p in Paris
The hotel was mostly very good, with clean rooms and public areas. The rooms have ample space – vastly superior to European norms and about average from a US perspective – and large bathrooms. The shower water pressure achieves “bowl-me-over” proportions, easily enough to spray around the small barrier and get the floor wet, although water temperature unfortunately varied a bit.

The hotel is located in a clean and safe part of town. This area has very little of Morocco to it at all, with only French or Italian restaurants, but the city is either a 20 minute walk or a Dh20 cab ride away (if you negotiate, but Dh 50 if you don’t negotiate at all and Dh 10 if you let a guide negotiate for you).

The only great failure is the spa, which is disappointing. If not as costly as in most West European countries or in the US, treatments are very expensive when measured by local standards. The quality, however, is disappointing. Specific complaints are as follows. First, poor coordination among staff: two staff at the counter at the time we made reservations told us firmly and clearly that the attire would be “rien” (nothing), but when we arrived to keep our appointment with their colleagues this proved incorrect. (My criticism is of inaccurate instructions, not whether or not one needs clothes.) Second, although there is only one table that allows staff to really work on a person in the room for water treatments, they will try to handle additional people on the surrounding benches even though the position is not optimal for staff. Third, massages were poorly handled as staff (1) forgot to put any towels on one person who was left to catch a chill, (2) used too much oil so one leaves greasy, and (3) would forget a body part, like an arm. More general complaints are that (A) staff are chosen for youth and attractiveness rather than competence, and (B) one has the impression that the time requirement one has purchased is barely met – if the repose time is added to the treatment time.

Excellent 5* hotel not sure about Marrakech

from A TripAdvisor Member
We went for five days in late March to the Atlas Medina and Spa hotel. The weather was perfect 25 to 30 degrees. Having read some reviews on Trip Advisor we reduced our holiday from 7 or 10 days to 5 which was correct. The hotel was excellent, modern, clean, with super facilities. Food was good rather than outstanding, at our first breakfast we attempted to go outside and enjoy the sun but were hussled in by the head waiter with the explanation that if we ate outside everyone would want too!

Yes the pool was cold and yes reception was French speaking so things took time but I gather this is typical of Marrakech, don't let this put you off the hotel. The lack of English suprised us, even at the town centre Office of Tourism they had not a single leaflet map or guide in English, he did offer us one for Rabat and apologised. The position of the hotel is fine some 5 minutes by 'Petit Taxi'to the centre, this costs about £2. Which brings me to Marrakech this was somewhat dissapointing the constant hassle and pressure to buy was wearing, everyone was trying to rip you off. I got used to it but my wife did not, always agree a price first before doing anything. I made the mistake in the famous Square Jemaa el Fna to let my wife take a picture of me with snakes. The snake owners were so friendly and pleasant but this instantly changed when I refused to pay 10 Euros they demanded, I gave them 2 and walked off to much abuse.

Eating out took some care, we had some lovely meals and one poor one followed by food poisning (the Dar Essalam) in the Medina (old town). This part of Marrakech is dirty poverty stricken and not nice. However the Al Fassia, the Jacaranda and the amazing La Trattoria were very good. Expect to pay 700 Dirams (£45) for two.

I suggest you avoid the open top bus tours, which we usually like, as they can't go into Medina the streets are too small, it was frankly boring. Also do not visit the Atlas mountains on a Sunday, the crowds and traffic jams were awful as it was the locals day off.

In summery the hotel was excellent we would go again for winter sun. Marrakesh -- been there seen it done it but not again I expect.

Not half bad.

from ace30
despite the poor reviews that some people have written we decided to riak this hotel. We were more than pleasantly surprised. The room was spotless. the hotel was clean. the location was excellent.The breakfast was lovely, great selection of breads, cheese, fruit, fry-up!
The down side was the freezing pool it didnt affect us to much, but if you plan to swim go elsewhere.
The hotel is more four star than five.
We really enjoyed our stay there.

Great hotel let down by reception.

from fsv786
We stayed at the Atlas medina fo 4 nights in march. fantastic hotel with excellent facilities and great ambiance. We were a bit wary of the negative feedback of some of the reports,and can confirm that the staff at reception ar not helpfull, we wanted them to confirm our return tickets, they replied that they were not able o do that, allthough they are polite but are not able to do anything for you. The rest of the staff, including the waiters and the the cleaning staff were excellent. The hotel was spotless and very well maintained. Had the staff at reception been more helpfull I would have rated it above average. I think they can learn something from the hotels in the far east.

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  • medina spa marrakech
  • atlas medina spa
  • atlas medina marrakech
  • atlas medina hotel
  • Address: Ave Hassan 1er - Marrakech - 40000 - Morocco
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