Indian Resort Hotel

, Le Morne, Mauritius
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Indian Resort Hotel

, Le Morne
4 star

Rooms: 349

Au sud-ouest de l_Ile Maurice - Le Morne - Mauritius | 230 401 42 00
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Hell in Paradise - A Must Read

from Durban21
All I can say is do not waste your money going to this resort! My husband, 4 year son and 9 month old baby stayed at this resort from the 25 Dec 2006 for 6 nights. It was the worst choice we have ever made.

Upon a late arrival at the hotel and 2 hungry children at hand, the check in staff took forever to let us have our rooms. We left our bags in the room and went for Christmas dinner which was so bland and borning. We decided to order room service instead only to find that there was no menu in our rooms or any numbers for contacting reception, room service etc. We were given a standard family room although we paid for a Seaview Marine Room. So first of all we did not get what we paid for!

I than got housekeeping to get room service to send us a menu. The order took 45 minutes to come and than the waiter requested for the menu back.

In our room sliding door did not lock and there was no safe in our room. The linen was torn and dirty and the room has a smell of a garbage refusal. We called houskeeping after trying all numbers and complained. After half an hour, no one responded so we called again. Eventually after another half an hour houskeeping comes in has a look at our complaints and leaves. They come back 15 minutes later with a piece of timber to keep our sliding door locked, so now we cannot open it at all. They said that they did not have a safe that worked only after we can only get one the next day. They did nothing about the rest of the complaints.

When you arrive for breakfast the staff do not show you to your tables, you must find a table yourself and inevitably you end up sitting at a table that has already been taken and than you need to move again! The breakfasts are boring and the same everyday. We asked the manager at the restaurant if they could something different and after a huge arguement he said that he will make us lamb sausages everyday. Well we only got it one day! After asking again, everyone played "dumb" and clueless to our request.

If you are travelling with young children do not go here! We asked if they could warm up my 9 month old baby's food and it was such an effort, eventually the manager got it warmed and it took 15 minutes. I asked for a teosppon and got a dirty one. When I showed the waiter, he just pulled the spoon away and was never to be seen again. I had to go to the kitchen and get a spoon myself. Not very child friendly! They have a wonderful kids club at the hotel, except no staff comes to breakfast and advises you of the activities that the club is doibng on that particular day, like other 4/5 star hotels. Furthermore all there activities are in French so if you do not read or speak Frendh you are basically clueless as the staff find it difficult to explain to you in English.

The mosquitoes throughout this hotel are unbelievable. They were having a far better feast on us than we were having on our annual holiday! We requested for mosquitoe plug ins for the rooms and only got it a day later.

After complaining to the duty manager we got moved to the same standard family room, not a marine seaview room, except this room had no balcony and had a slightly better view of the ocean.
Not impressed at all! The linen was the same as well as the smell. He said he will speak to the F&B manager and sort out the room service and restaurant saga.

Eventually my husband decided that we should make the most of our holiday as we has spent alot of money for this hotel. We hired a car and went out everyday as the hotel service was so poor. The beach staff will not help you to move any sunbeds. They say that you should do this yourself! Than there were never any clean beach towels available. We always had to wait at least half and hour for this. Not enough sunbeds at all and the beach staff will not help you find any.

The service at the restaurants just got worse and worse. We ordered some drinks and waited 45 minutes for this by the time we were almost over with dinner. We than requested the bill and got someone else's bill! We had some local business associates come to visit us the one day and we ordered coffee in the bar lounge. We waited for 20 minutes and got nothing. We went back to the bar counter and asked them again, they said that they are making the coffee, which we could understand so we just waited at the bar for it. While we were waiting a lady came and sat on the bar stool and ordered coffee, she was immediately given hers. Than we asked again and the waiter said it is ready, still waiting at the bar. The lady finished her first cup and ordered a second cup and she got hers first again! How is that possible? We eventually got our coffee without spoons, sugar or enough milk. That only arrived 10 minutes later!

I called to speak to the Duty manager and he was very rude. I asked to be moved to a Marine Seaview room, which is what we paid for and he refused. Well enough was enough! The next day we requested to speak to the GM. He was supposed to contact us when he got in. We came back from our day out only to find that there were no messages in our room for us. We went down to reception and they said that they sent all messages to our room. We went back to check and still nothing.

My husband wenttback to Guest relations and asked them why the GM did not call us and they said that the GM will contact us that day. The entire evening went by and he did not. Only the next day after supper the GM spoke with my husband (after he went back to the Guest relations and was extremely frustrated). My husband tried to explain the situation and the GM, Michel Frescher was not interested in hearing any complaints (which could only help him improve the standards of service at the hotel for other guests). He merely stood at the meeting and very abrubtly told my husband that he will move us to their sister hotel Ambre Hotel and will arrange a refund for 4 nights at his hotel and that was it.

We thought that we rather move as this hotel was just bringing us down. So, the next morning we go to reception to get details of who to see at Ambre hotel and reception says that they do not know anything about the move and we would need to wait for the GM. My husband insisted that they contacted the GM on his cell (as this was going to be our last night in Mauritus and New Year's Eve and we wanted to make the most of the day) and we were eventually given the details.

We made our own way to the hotel, Indian Resort did not even bother to offer us a transfer as we were unhappy with so many things there.

With regards to the refund, upon my return to South Africa and after the holidays, I contacted the GM on the 03 January 2007 to request the refund. He said that he will call me back. Well he never called back. I than called again on the 05 Jan and he was out and spoke to Christine his secretary. She said that they will come back to me. No one ever contacted us. I called twice more and she said the same thing. I than called again and spoke to the GM who said that he will contact me in an hour. That was on the 08 January 2007. I also sent an e-mail on the 09 January to Michel and still no response.Today is the 10 January 2007 and no one has had the decency to contact me regarding the refund.

Whether you are young, elderly or are travelling as family this hotel is definitely not suitable. This hotel does not even have a proper shore on the beach where children can play, no one cleans up the beach in the mornings, there are glasses left from the day before, not enough huts or sunbeds and definitely too windy. The North is much better even Flic en Flac is far better.

The hotel is old, has a terrible smell at best of times, staff are unfriendly, do not speak English properly, service in restaurants are shocking to say the least, guest relations, reception, room service and beach staff are extremely appalling! I am advising you not to go there and spend your well deserved holiday at a better resort. This comes from someone who is in the travel service industry.

The Indian Resort was my worst travel experience and we have been to Mauritius many times and stayed at even 3 star properties but have never had such a disappointing stay as this one.

An average place with no great value for money

from Mururoa
The Indian Resort is a really nice looking place with below average service. We spend part of our honeymoon here for 10 days. The pools are great and so is the location on the beach. The quality of the food is quite good on the daily buffet. We were there with Christmas and the buffet that night was really amazing. We had the privilege room and it was quite nice and large, the design can be improved though and so can the shower. The rest of the bathroom is good with a nice bath and separate toilet. The rooms are cleaned every day.

What we didn't like about this resort is the bar. The service is not great at all, it was slow and the quality of the drinks was really bad. I had the worst Pina Colada ever with some fake coconut milk and juice from a can. Unfortunately most of the drinks were not great and quite expensive at the same time. A lot of people stay on all-inclusive basis and that's probably why the offer of drinks and food in the bar was not great. We were also dissappointed that our half-board package did not include all the food in the separate restaurants. We had to pay a considerable amount of money (they call it supplement) when eating in the restaurants other than the one with the buffet.

s quiet

from TheScubaDuo
We stayed here back in '05 and I know I am late writing this. We found the hotel absolutely brilliant. BUT it was only about half full so I can't comment on what i's like when it's full. We found all of the staff exceptional, the food excellent, the weather cold (well May is their Autumn). Our room was large and clean, and always kept that way, we had a choice of seats each time we ate. The fight's for the sunbeds were interesting, and what it's liek when it full, gawd only knows. With it being the winter, the wind was blowing quite a lot, and so sitting on the beach wasn't really an option unless you were in to some sort of new skin abrasion technique to take 20 years of you. Dive centre was OK but the diving in general was poor, with the best sives being off limits due to the inclement weather and huge seas. If you get the chance, climb Le Morne, straight up but the views are amazing. Conclusion: Great when it's half full, I would imagine a nightmare when it's full

please read this

from David13
My wife and i had booked at the Indian Resort for week commencing 9th sept 2006. We read the review that someone had written on the 15th august with dismay and where extreemly concerned about what our stay may be like.
We nead not have taken any notice of this extreemly bad review.
When we arrived we where greated by Kevin the head of Public relations at the resort. We where immediately put at ease and treated like special people. We where given a choice of room and told that if we had any problems we must phone kevin straight away. We found our room to be very large with a seperate bathroom/dressing room with a seperate room for the wc. Our only complaint was the shower which was not working properly. We reported this and within 10minutes three people came to look at the problem and within the half hour a new shower head had been fitted. The only fault in the apartment was the shower cubical which neaded re grouting or tiling.
We stayed for 16days and i must say that the service we experienced was 5* . The staff could not do enough to please us.
We where there on an all inclusive package. We where told what this meant when we arrived by Kevin. All inclusive drinks that are allowed at the bars are marked with a * on the drinks list displayed at the bars. We had a good choice in that there was one well known brand of each spirit to choose from such as Napoleon brandy and Gilbys gin. All soft drinks are inclusive and the local beer Phoenix is like Stella and quite strong. There were certain liquers to choose and a full range of alcholic and non alcoholic cocktails. There was a choice of three wines on the house : white, red and rosa. The wines we where told where from South Africa and bottled in mauritius. They where of very high standard for house wines.
The food we would rate three star for the all inclusive but when we tried the Al A carte we would rate that as 5*. All inclusive food
got a bit boring and i was surprised at the lack of shell fish dishes. However there was grilled fish every evening to choose from.
We had floral displays put on our table every night since we always prebooked our table in the restaurants.
The Spar is excellent one of the best ive been to for therapies.
My masseur Sandeep was ecellent and made me completely relax. The only fault with the spa management is that they have a rule that says you can use the spa facilities including luxury loungers around the pool if you book a treatment that day. However they dont allow your partner to have this free access if they dont book a treatment as well. I think this was a bit petty considering the cost of treatments.
Entertainment in the evening was good however it repeated itself weekly and i think the entertainment manager could improve by arranging a two week programme.
Overall we had a wonderful holiday and we would like to thank all the staff there who made it possible.
The sports facilities are superb. There are international events for Kite surfing at this resort and therefore there is usually a strong breeze. Many trees are planted between the sea and the resort to act as a wind break and this works well.

We booked through Mercury Direct in the UK and i must say they organised things very well for us. There was always a personal escort at the airport both ways which was very useful. The flights where with Emirates Birmigham to Dubai and Dubai to Mauritius.
this is a great airline to fly with. Excellent food, free drinks except for champagne and lots of leg room.

If you have booked this hotel and read about bad experiences then my advice is to ignore them and make your own judgement when you arrive.

Thanks Mercury for a wonderful holiday.

Mr D Wilde , Nottingham UK

Good in Average

from Jpatel

Me and my wife went last year Sep 2005 to Indian Resort in standard room on all inclusive package.

good point:

Lovely and friendly staff in restaurant and bar, they will do as much as they can do. Food is very good, plenty of choice of restaurant about four restaurant. But if you stay two weeks then you get bored eating same menu. Restaurant's interior is very good and relaxing. This is resort for people who loves and can do water sports,perticularly Wind surfing.

Negative point:

Me and my wife were very disppointed with beach.
Its very windy beach around whole resort, sand is very though not good enough to walk bare foot. Room standard is not brilliant. Water in swimming pool was absolutely cold, I found hardly anybody was swimming. Beach is too rough to relax on the beach. This is definitely not for people who wants to relax on the beach and wants to enjoy on the beach.

Very nice hotel

from 747Mike
we stayed at the Indian resort end of Sept/early Oct. It is a very nice and well run hotel covering a large area set in well tendered tropical gardens along side a very soft sandy beach. The service as excellent, our bags came within 10min of us reaching our room. The room was large and spacious although lacking in drawer space. the wardrobe was located in the bathroom area. The resturant and barstaff were always very attentive. The food was excellent in the main buffet resturant with a differant theam each night like French, Itialian or Mauritian etc.

We were on an all inclusive basis so all beer wine and spirits were available, however if you wanted a branded spirit or special cocktail of course there was a charge .Each evening there was entertainment like dancers etc . For an easy walk away from the hotel turn left at the end of the hotel proerty beachside and a 20 /30 min walk along a beachside track takes you to the foot of the imposing Morne Mountain. That was the good part of the report !! Now the down side! The holiday was spoilt by the South/West trade winds that blow non stop and made sitting on the beach impossible ,there was little escape from it pool side or in the hotel gardens. Of course the area is very popular with Kite Surfers as conditions are ,I guess, excellent for this sport..So before booking unless you are a Kite Surfer check the season for these S/W trade winds

Nice place, but service could improve

from mmg0305
I was there last week and I thought it was really nice. I had no problems with my room or the food, although the buffet concept does get a bit dull after a while. They do try to vary it a bit by having themes, like Asian one evening, French another, etc. I had dinner in the main restaurant every evening but one, when I went to the Indian. Breakfast was very good though.

There was an army of staff both in the hotel and in the gardens, and I thought they seemed particularly pleasant and friendly. I didn't try the spa, so I don't have an opinion.

I'd agree with some of the other reviewers about the service. They mean well, but the system just doesn't seem to work. You have to sign for all meals and drinks, even when included in your package (bill will show 0 in that case). And they keep asking your room number, but it doesn't appear on the docket - you have to write it yourself. Service can be slow given the huge numbers of staff milling around, but I think it's all the paperwork. They are very friendly though, and I was on holiday so I wasn't going to get too stressed about it.

Brilliant spot for windsurfing, so I imagine that could make the beach a bit too windy for some. But once you move back into the grounds, there's plenty of shelter.

Nice hotel, poor service

from SoniaSanchez
I am just back from a week in the Indian resort in Mauritius. Although the spot and hotel are beautiful, we found many negatives points that can ruin your holidays

These are my impressions about this hotel.

- We had a standard room, which was very large and nice. I just found a problem with the shower door, which was broken. The room was very clean, although we had to ask for clean towels a couple of times because none were left in our bathroom. The wardrobe is in the bathroom and is not big. There is a safe in the room you can use for free. The sea view was blocked with palm trees.
- The hotel is very nice and large, but it is easy to walk around. Grounds are lovely. Cleanness is very good everywhere. There are lot of facilities and things to do.
- There are 3 swimming pools, in different areas, but the one in the spa is not free (It costs about 9 euros). Swimming pools are nice and the view from the main one has a great view of La Morne Mountain..
- There are no many chairs around the swimming pool, so if you don’t go very early, you won’t have one. Swimming pool is crowded since it is less windy there.
- Beach is nice and long, but very windy, which is not great if you want to be in the beach. Also, there is a lot of coral in the beach and the sand is hard, so it is painful to walk in the beach. The sand is better in the area opposite the main swimming pool and on the left side, where is less windy too.
- Restaurants are nice, food average. The have quite a lot of fish, although sometimes (specially at lunch time) it wasn’t nice, too hard and not fresh. There isn’t much variety, especially in the beach restaurant at lunchtime.
-Staff: we found the staff in the main restaurant was very bad and rude. I had the impression I was bothering them when we asked for something.
Service is horrible and slow. I took 10-15 minutes to get a drink and sometimes we got them when we were about to finish our meal.
If you don’t arrive early to eat, you have to ask most of the times to get a table set, which took a while too. Sometimes we had to get cups or cutlery ourselves.
- All inclusive package: There are lot of drinks and food that are not included in the all inclusive. We ate once at the French restaurant and only a couple of dishes per course were included in the package.
- You have to sign for everything you consume, even if you have the all-inclusive and the bill is zero.
-Spa: It is very good. If you have a treatment, you can use the sauna and swimming pool for free that day. The swimming pool is nice, but it needs some changes to improve some problems.

Weather is better in the North of the island, so if you go in the winter, go there and avoid the east, which is very windy during the winter.

Regarding Mauritius, the island is beautiful. We rented a car for a couple of days to go around and I would recommend it.

Shopping is great. Cuperire is the best place to go, the cheapest (Floral and around). I was told Grand Baie is expensive and Port Louise is ok for shopping too.

Summing up, the hotel is very nice, but I wouldn’t recommend it since the attitude of some members of the staff can ruin your holidays and if you really like and want to enjoy the beach.

do not go

from V.Simon
Please do not go to this hotel. I am currently still in Mauritius having moved after three days from the Indian Resort. I feel so strongly about stopping people from having such a terrible holiday that I for the first time am writing on trip advisor. My husband and I left as soon as we found availability at another hotel after a number incidents. We arrived at the hotel after a 12 hour flight, we waited for 40 minutes before our luggage came to our room, however this did not matter as I was in shock at the so called 'privilage room'. the bed linin was old and dirty, there was no tea and coffee, the television had no connection wires, there was no safe, chairs missing from outside, a shower that was old with cracked tiles, a bath with 1 tap handle the other was broken and the sea view was of lots of trees. Three days later after speaking to various managers the majority of things were still the same

The staff were rude and very unhelpful. During the dinner which was ok, we would wait at least 20 minutes for drinks by which time we had already eaten. The food was very average, and there are certain things you cannot have on the all inclusive package. There was also not enough beds around the pool, which meant we would have to put our towels on the ground.

You also pay to use the spa swimming pool and beds which considering that there was not enough room anywhere else, I thought this was a cheak.

I will say that the watersports facility was good however it is more for the pro's than for people who just want to have fun.

After speaking to the management he did say that the hotel has just changed management therefore this could be the reason that we had such a bad experience but to save you spending a lot of money on a hotel that was more like a 2/3 star hotel I would advise that you look else where. We are now at the Movenpick (previously known as the voille d'or hotel) which is wonderful.

When I get home I will add pictures that I have taken to send to the travel agency who booked this hotel for us.

fantastic hotel

from tracie098
We have just returned from a 12 night honeymoon at this hotel and loved every minute of it. The staff were so friendly and couldnt do enough for you, it was very clean and the food was out of this world. The hotel was very clean and the rooms were excellent. We had a free t shirt and sarong laid out on the bed on arrival followed by fresh flowers fruit and the most delicious bottle of home made rum! The only down side were the gheckos running around on the wall at night but that was a personal thing i think !!! The grounds were very clean but as the hotel was on the tip of the island it is very windy but just a 2 minute walk along the beach around the corner and it was bliss no wind at all. i would througly recommend this hotel and will be returning in the future.

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