Tiran Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Tiran Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh

Rooms: 335

Montazah - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt | 0020 69 3670310
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from rob10477
This was our 4th time visting sharm, and we decided to book into Tiran Island Hotel as it claimed it was newly opened. The hotel itself looks fairly impressive on the outside looking in from the coach, however, when you enter the hotel it was a differnet scenario altogether.
The ceilings in the hotel are all damaged causing you to avoid buckets on the floor and falling debris. The lighting is very poor (I think to cover up the substandard decor).
The bars are a joke, on a serious note here be very careful where they dispense your drinks from, we watched them pour unfinished drinks back into the containers.
The Buffet restaurant is like a school canteen, it has a variey of food on offer but it all tastes the same....of nothing!! You do not dine here for the pleasure of eating you dine here because your body needs food to function.
Housekeeping is another joke, we stayed for 7 nights and only had the room cleaned 3 times, we had to find the towel storage cupboard and help ourselves to clean towels!!
If you are 18-30 and Russian this seems to be your kind of hotel, the hotle does not cater for English they prefer Russian.
Dont spend money in the hotel shops either they are vastly over priced, go into Naama bay or walk to the super market next to the Concorde Hotel (20 mins along the road -walking).
Do not use the hotel taxi service, complete rip off, walk to the main street outside the hotel and get a blue and white - dont listen to the threats from the rep either.
If you are gong to stay in sharm, stay at the Concorde/Savoy/Hilton much better class of hotel.

Much better than expected.

from Brenla
Summary for all inclusive
Rooms - Great
Food - Good (loads of cake)
Drinks - Beer good, wine good, spirits all taste of tequila
Staff - Brilliant
Pool - Nice but cold
Beach - Great snorkelling, the rest isn't so good
Guests - Some great fun, some purpetually drunk.

We found a last minute deal to go to the Tiran Hotel and we couldn't figure out which hotel we were actually heading to as there seem to be several hotels with similar names; Tiran Island Hotel, Tiran Hotel and Corinthian Tiran all appear to be the same place.

After reading various reveiws we set our expectations very low, we don't usually go on package holidays as we prefer backpacking and Snowboarding. We were fairly gutted as the bus arrived in the resort area as there were several abandoned building sites, but when we pulled up at the Tiran Hotel (with a sign saying Tiran Island) we were really pleased. The entrance and the lobby looked great and we were served a refreshing pineapple juice as we filled out the paperwork. A chap called Amir took our bags to our room and refused a tip which was a bit of a shock, he also showed us how to use the safe. Our room was ace, it was really clean and spacious and the bathroom was great.

Soon after we were washed and changed and headed into the lobby bar to test out our all inclusive wristbands. We sat drinking the local lager (called Stella) for free for a while and then headed up to the restaurant, the food was probably the best buffet holiday fare I have ever eaten and there were a few new dished each night. We then retired to the piatza bar for the evening where much beer was consumed until 11pm. The only downside was that I wanted to buy some cigarettes from the onsite shop and the guy in there was really difficult to do a deal with. I could see that the fags should only cost 5.25 Egyptian Pounds but he wanted £3 english which is 21 Egyptian. It turned out he was seriously ripping English people off all week but most of them didn't seem to have any idea what the exchange rate was so I guess that's life...

Next morning we headed to the pool which was a really nice place to sit and relax. The water is honestly freezing, it sounds crazy as the weather was about 25 to 30 every day but I guess it gets cold a night so the water can't hold its temperature. Seriously though, the first time I dived in I nearly had a heart attack! You get a towel card when you book in which you hand in at a hut by the pool and they give you a towel. We then quickly met all the people who work around the hotel: the newpaper boy, the salon guy, the gym guy and excursion guy, they all walk around the pool trying to sell their various services to you each day. They aren't too annoying. My wife had a pedicure which cost her £10 English and they did a great job. Don't get your hair dyed though, another guest had a pretty bad experience...

The hotel also has its own Animation Team; Amir, Mamadoo, Nina and another chap, they are really freindly and offer the following 'join in' fun:
Morning Stretches
Belly dancing
Aqua Arobics (which the team hates as the water is so cold)
Poolside Darts
Latino Dancing
After the emormous breakfast and lunch you might as well join in... These guys also did the evening entertainment each night which was mostly them dancing like crazy. They never seemed to rest.

In the afternoon we tried the beach, which you can walk to in about 10 minutes or you can get the doorless bus that drives back and forth. The Tiran hotel beach is pretty small in comparrison to the hotel but as the hotel was mostly empty it didn't matter, there are sun loungers and big wooden parasols which make it really comfy. The downside is you can't walk into the sea as there is a protected coral reef right up to the waters edge. There is a floating jetty that goes out past the Coral, which would be a bit scary if you were a very unconfident swimmer as you can't touch the bottom. On the other hand the sea is so salty you really float easily. We got a snorkel and mask from the shop on site and I would recommend it to anyone, the shoals of fish and blue lips clams were amazing. We paid 80 Egyptian for the Snorkel but that took some really hard bargaining.

The only thing left to bore you with was the other geusts we encountered, we were all 'All Enclusive' and could drink in the pool bar (10am till 6pm), the Piatza bar (11am till 11pm) and everyone except the Russians could also drink in the Lobby bar (11am till 11pm). I felt a bit sorry for the Russians as there were really nice but were treated a little bit second class. We met some Russians and Ukrainians and once you got over the language barrier they were really freindly. One word of warning though, we went back to a Ukrainiane couples room for a drink, they fed us neat Vokda and crisps and took great offence when we wanted to leave. It is a custom to finish the bottle with them but as we'd been drinking for several hours before we went back with them it was a bit too much... (I'll be booking a holiday to Russia ASAP ;o).

Other than the Russians the Itallians were freindly but not interested in us. Many English and Russians spend all day every day drinking (although never together, the bar man said we were the only English people he had ever seen talking to Russians). So there is quite a bit of drunkeness going on every day. We heard several late night arguments as there is little sound proofing in the rooms.

So all in all great times, I would recommend this place.

Nice Hotel, shame about the the Sharm

from welsh1981
Hotel grounds and facilities 3.5 / 5
Hotel food 3.5/ 5
Hotel activities and entertainment 1.5 / 5
Hotel location 2 / 5
Hotel rooms 5/5

The Tiran or Tiran island hotel (part of the Corinthia group). Nice stay, close to the airport, very comfortable rooms, good tasting food but a little repetitive, not a family hotel ideal for couples wanting a quieter holiday, shocking entertainment. Very nice pool and bars, beach not so good.

The hotel has 3 bars including the pool bar, a snack bar, ampthetre and the main restaurant. You can swim up to the pool bar and drinks are served in solid plastic cups. The beach is a short stroll away or you can take the free shuttle bus. The beach is small and can get crowded. Good for snorkelling and diving in the red sea. There is a diving centre located on the beach. The restaurant is self help buffet although the waiters serve you drink which is a nice touch. The main bar serves good local beer in glasses, poor local spirits but good cocktails all free on all inclusive. There is also an Indian restaurant which isn't part of the all inclusive. There is a gym, a spa for massages etc and a small supermarket for souvenirs, water, crips etc. Tennis court / football pitch, table tennis fuse ball. Mobile cash machine parked in car park. Internet chargeable 3.50 for half hour.

The food here tastes great, there's a wide choice of salad 3 or 4 main courses to choose from, a pasta bar and a wide selection of deserts. However the main courses are only slightly different in taste from the night before and it all became very repetitive. Evening meal would consist of a chef carving you beef, turkey or fish and then you choose your trimmings sauté vegetables, potatoes or rice. It all was hot enough and great tasting but it was every night and I got bored of it after only 3 days. There's an Indian restaurant downstairs that you have to pay for, I'd heard good reviews of their food but we never tried it.

Shocking! I played darts once never again the darts were plastic and broken and I had to spin around hop and close my eyes whilst throwing... apparently Egyptian its darts. Evening entertainment was non existent just poor choice of boring music in the main bar.

Minutes from Soho Square which is worth a visit has a few bars and restaurants a bowling alley and an ice rink (a bit random I know) best thing here is no Hassle from people trying to sell you stuff. Airport only 5 pounds away in a taxi don’t bother with tour operators transfers. Naama Bay what a [--] One night here and that’s enough the hassle the stench, people selling drugs, Magaluf crossed with Cairo. The hotel provides a bus to Soho square and Naama bay for a few euros which you can add to your bill. Bus leaves at 9 picks up at 12 or 1.

Spacious, well furnished, tastefully decorated, very comfortable bed, TV, no complaints

Tips: don’t go to Cairo on the one day visit, fly or stay over night
Don’t book excursions with the Hotel sellers (they are a lot cheaper), use your tour operator more expensive but you get better trips (better bus, boat, tour guides etc)
Book a massage early on in the week pay a small deposit, if you don’t want it, don’t turn up. It stops you getting hassled all week from the hotel sellers.
Take an MP3 not to listen to the [--] hotel music around the pool.
If your a family thinking of this hotel, then don’t there are better hotels with aqua parks.

The Sharm suits people who don’t want to leave the hotel and just enjoy the weather and of course divers. This said spend as much as you can on a good hotel so you don’t have to experience Naama Bay and Egyptian Harassment.

Avoid avoid avoid

from chodge
Go to this hotel at your peril.Non existent hygene,rotten cold food,over half the hotel guests ill some seriously.Cheapest of the cheap non branded drinks (stuff you wouldn't dream of buying at home.Rude staff that never ever have change,You will be ripped off time and time again
Management Response from Tiran_Island_Hotel
Dear Guest,
First we would like to express our regret that you did not enjoy your holiday in our hotel as we are running Tiran Island Hotel as a 4*, accommodating hundred of satisfied guests each month and receiving generally positive feedback upon their departure.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are running continuously a HACCP food safety system according to Cristal Food Safety standards in our hotel and we placed 2 microwaves in the main restaurant in order to provide our guests the possibility to enjoy their food very hot.

During the month of November we host the Hays Travel Conference/Thomas Cook, UK with more than 250 delegates. We did not receive any complaint about illness or that guests reported to their Rep or on our Reception that they are suffering from diarrhea related problems.

It would be very helpful if you could send in details to my email address (bbohrn@tiranislandhotel.com) what exactly you didn't like in our hotel and what we could do better. Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards

Age old storey you get what you pay for

from james27
This hotel is very new and I was there to attend a conference. The hotel is mainley Russian and Ukranian and this can sometimes cause trouble with communication but we never had any issues with rudeness.

We arrived at the hotel after dark and were checked in quickly to our rooms. The rooms are spacious, clean and well furnished with one of the most comfortable beds I have ever stayed in. The air con was excellent and the balcony was a great size. The shower was very powerful but I must admit the temperature didnt stay the same.

The main lobby bar is very nice as is the pool bar and a great Egyptian style bar in near to the convention centre. The hotel is still being developed and there 5 star hotel is going to open next year.

The food in the hotel is not the best I have ever had but it is edible at breakfast they have a counter that cooks omlettes to order or fried eggs. Then there was a good selection of pastries, cereals, fruites toast and some more unusual items. At luch there is a paster station were its cooked to order along with a wide variety of other dishes and the same at dinner.

The spirits at the hotel are not the best but the beer was good. We heard lots of people moaning about the food because there was no chips and one guy complaining that there was no pie and peas to eat ' If you want British food go to Blackpool!!!!!'

The staff were all very friendly and always smiled and said hello as you passed them.

The only real concern I had with the hotel was the lack of lights in the outdoor area's as there is alot of steps around we had quite a few ladies in our group who fell when in heels.

The hotel can seem quite isolated but really it is not. You need to barter with the taxi drivers and we never paid more than 50 Egptian pounds to Narma Bay (£5) Its also well woth getting a taxi to SOHO SQUARE its around 30 Egyptian Pounds its very upmarket with lots of bars and restruants its a lovely night out.

In summary I would say if you pay the little Thomas Cook charge for this hotel then you get more than you paid for.

PS if you want a truely great hotel I would recommend the Savoy hotel or the Hyatt Regency

Will not return

from A TripAdvisor Member
Nice Hotel Buildings and Rooms.The Main Pool was large but very cold.When sun bathing the flies can be annoying.Ice cream was served at 3pm each day from the pool bar.It was like feeding time at the zoo,everyone queuing up for their daily dose .Why on earth can they not serve it all day I don't know.Hot popcorn was served at the pool bar each day but there was a LE.5 charge for it.Some of the staff where nice and helpful. The place is overrun by Russian guests who are I have to say the most rude illmannered and selfish people I have ever come across.They just help themselves to everything as if its their's .On one occasion while the resident singer was on his break one Russian woman altered the music on the singers laptop to suit her taste in music.At first we thought she was the singers wife or a staff member but in fact she was a guest.The singer came back and realised his laptop had been altered.He shut it down and ended the show early.This happened again a day or so later.The food in the restaurant was awful and cold.I lived on soup and bread while i was at this hotel.A lot of the people we spoke to had tummy problems .I personally had diahrhea for 4 days .I couldnt blame the food though as I hadnt eaten for four days.
Our cleaner kept leaving our patio doors open .We where on the ground floor so we weren't happy as anyone could have walked in.We complained to the reception staff and housekeeping but they still kept leaving the doors open.The same cleaner would on some days forget to leave any facecloths or he would only leave us only one glass to drink out of.Any complaints we had fell on deaf ears .TV remote didn't work properly, there wasn't a bath plug, there where light bulbs out .All of these requests where not attended to. This hotel is supposed to be all inclusive but you have to pay for water although it is free if you have it in a glass.The Hotel is surrounded by building sites and rubble .If you look at the pictures that some T.A.members have submitted you will see the surrounding unfinished buildings in the backround.The place will probably be ok in about five years when they finally develop it.The hotel is miles from anywhere so you need to get a shuttle bus or taxi to Naama Bay which is probably 8-10 miles away at a cost 100 Egyptian Pounds (LE) return (£12).The private beach is about 500 metres away and can be reached by a free shuttle bus that runs between daylight hours.The public beach is full of litter which is a shame as it has one of the most beautiful coral reef and dive sites just offshore.The private beach for this hotel is a joke .If your not there by 7 am you will not get a sunbed .There is a free bar at the beach for drinks but food has to be paid for.Checkout time is 12 noon.When we checked out we paid EL.40 to have our room for an extra hour .We left our room our room at 12-55pm by the time we arrived at reception just after 1pm they had charged us another LE.40 as we hadn't handed the electronic keycard in by 1pm.By now they insisted that they remove our all inclusive wristband as we where no longer all inclusive guests and all alcoholic drinks had to be paid for even though we had paid for an extra 2 hours for our room .
In closing this hotel can only get better .They should start with a strong catering manager who can run a well run restaurant and not have everyone running round like headless chickens bumping into each other,making sure enough crockery is there .making sure there was the right serving cutlery for the food instead of just knives.Most of all making sure there is a good international menu served at the right temperature and not just for one group of guests..They should employ a good entertainments manager.to arrange entertainment for all guests regardless of nationality such as cabaret singers and dancers ,games such as bingo even a weekly karaoke .These are just ideas that will make the guests stay a better holiday experience.This hotel could be a good one it just needs a good kick up the backside and its starts at the top.Get it sorted CHI .

tiran hotel not for us

from dazdebleeds
this was 90% russian 10%english, the russian`s are not down for queing and very rude,the hotel is not yet finished and there`s not enough staff,alot of the food is cold.

bad food and cleanliness and too many russians

from leisuremanGlasgow
this hotel has got a lot of work to do to get it up to a reasonable standard,thevisitors are mainly russian or eastern europeans and the food is catered to their taste, when we were there the thomas cook brochure tells you to make sure that the food is piping hot before eating it well most of the time the food was cold and not very nice the staff were pleasant and did their best but even basic cleanliness around the poolbar was woefull the tumblers were only rinsed with cold water before they used them to serve to someone else,i'm sorry to say but that is one hotel i won't be going back to ever again.

s not been open long

from Dangerscouse
I booked a week at the Tiran last minute through an Agent acting for Thomas Cook. I knew that the hotel hadn't been open long (5 weeks to be exact) so we took a gamble on it as at least it would be clean!!

We arrived by Taxi from the airport. If you are making your own way to the hotel, it is adjacent to the Melia Sinai. None of the taxi drivers were sure where it was, and there are another 3 hotels in Sharm with Tiran in the name. Even some guests who were arriving via pre-booked transfer got taken to the wrong hotel. It should cost around 100 LE for a blue & white taxi (they will say they can't take less than 200LE, but the limos are only 150LE, so be prepared to barter!)

On arrival, our bags were whisked to the room, and check in was fast and efficient. The room was large with twin beds (larger than singles), a large balcony and a bathroom that could have been a bit bigger. We had a "mountain view", which also includes the airport. There wasn't much airplane noise as the hotel is not below the main flight path (Naama bay was noisier in my opinion).

The hotel guests were mainly a mixture of British, Irish, Italian, German, Russian and Polish.

The pool area is large and well laid out with plenty of sunbeds and parasols. As there were so few guests staying, we had about 5 beds each, so I don't know what it would be like whilst the hotel is running at full occupancy. We didn't go down to the beach, but there is a shuttle that runs about every 10 mins from the pool gate. There is a pool bar serving drinks, and ice cream and popcorn in the afternoons.

The reception area also acts as the main lounge, with a bar and variety of seating and tables around. Of an evening after dinner, there was a local crooner singing away. At the start of the week, drinks were served in normal sized glasses. These were quickly replaced by small plastic tumblers (the type you would get at a kids party). This was quite irritating if you were drinking beer, as it was equivalent to about 1/4 pint. Bar staff complained that we were taking too many drinks per person, but we only did so so that we didn't have to go to the bar every 5 minutes (especially if we were in the ampitheatre). There also seemed to be some staffing issues. There always seemed to be 1 staff member serving and around 3 managers watching, even when the bar was busy. There were also certain staff members who would clean the entire bar area before serving you, even when they had seen you waiting. Considering that this was the only place to get a drink after 6pm in the whole hotel, and we had already paid for it, they didn't make it too easily available.

All meals are served in the main buffet reastaurant, which after only a week, we found really repetitive. The food was usual all-inc buffet standard, and we did notice changes as the week progressed as they tried to cater for more of the incoming UK guests. Drinks were provided via a waiter service, but some lunch times I was onto dessert before anyone came to take our order. There was supposed to be an Indian al a carte opening on 1st October, but this had been put back to the 15th (although not updated on the hotel website). The hotel put on a BBQ on our last night to make up for this, although they were charging 20 Euro for the privilege (we thought this really should have been free). The Oasis poolside cafe was supposed to serve snacks throughout the day, but this didn't really happen until about half-way thorugh our stay, and all that was available was the remaining breakfasts pastries and cheese or salami sandwiches with crisps. The only available drinks seemed to be tea and coffee, despite a full bar set-up.

The evening entertainment was limited. There was an ampitheatre set-up at the back of the property, but none of the shows lasted more than half an hour. There was also no bar facility, so all drinks had to be carried from the lounge bar. The Karaoke show held in the Oasis cafe would have been better if it lasted more than an hour. People were being turned away after only 6-8 songs had been performed. Again, there was nowhere to get drinks, so they had to be carried from the lounge bar.

The Animation team, including the ever enthusiastic Mario, also arranged events throughout the day and did the best with the limited resources they had. When we asked could we play water polo, they told us it wasn't allowed as hotel management said it was too dangerous. When we pointed out the massive gaps in the drainage panels around the pool that you could easily get a foot through, they just shrugged. I suppose they can only do what they are allowed to.

One of the more irritating points was the availability of water for showers etc. When the water went went off, you had no shower, sink or flushing toliets. I know that water supplies are dodgy in Egypt, but on my last visit (Hilton Shark's Bay - would definitely recommend) I don't remember it being so bad. Three occasions I was in the shower with shampoo in my hair when the water cut out and an engineer had to be called round. Another night there had been a failure in the water main, and instead of telling us this, we were reassured that the water would be on in 5 minutes for around an hour and a half. If I had been told that there was a serious problem, then I would have made do with my dry shampoo and baby wipes instead of waiting around to use the shower.

The shop on the complex was a total rip off - one group paid £85 for two lilos and a beach ball, and they weren't the only ones. They did get most of this back when they complained to hotel management. The shopkeepers took advantage of anyone who didn't understand the exchange rates. There was also a guy selling newspapers (again a rip off), a henna tattooist and a rep from a trip company who kept coming around the pool. Our friends had henna tattoos from the pool guy, assuming he was endorsed by the hotel (he had a stand in the shopping area). When they got henna on the towels, they were chanrged by the hotel for this. We managed to get this written off, and were promised the poolside sellers would be barred by the customer liasion manager. Next morning, they were back around the pool. Hmm.

The hotel provided a taxi service, but be sure to barter hard - they will charge as much as they can. We got a minibus for 11 to Naama Bay and back for 140LE (they will try and charge upwards of 300LE). Our Thomas Cook rep Kari was very good about our complaints, especially with regard to very poor driving (even by Egyptian standards). If you're getting a blue & white cab, it's around 40LE into Naama bay, and 60LE for a hotel cab.

There are some discrepancies between the hotel website and what is actually available. For example, it is advertised as having an internet cafe and wifi in all the rooms. I know people who brought laptops so that they could take advantage of this, but there was no wifi available. The internet cafe is actually in the next hotel, around a 10 minute walk downhill (only an issue when you need to walk back in the heat!). As one of the main reasons I booked this hotel was for internet availability, I was quite annoyed.

Some of this review may seem like a bit of a whinge, but we hope that our comments are taken on board to improve the hotel for future guests. We did have a really good holiday, especially for the price we paid, but if the hotel wants to be a 4* (as it is rated on it's own website), they do need to make improvements to the food, service and entertainment. I have stayed in many 4 / 5* all inclusive hotels, including Egypt and Turkey, and at the moment, this rates about a 3*.

Fabulous hotel - Heaven

from Essex008
Just returned from a wonderful week in the Tiran hotel. Greeted by a concierge who gave us a huge welcome with a welcome drink. Bags were taken up to a brilliant room with a great view. Pool has swim up bar that is fantastic. Shuttle bus to beach ran every few minutes. Beach was small but had a jetty that takes you out to the deep water to snorkel in, this was amazing. Boats come from miles around as its the best snorkelling and diving around. Entertainment provided by animation team - they tried really hard and it was quite good. Most of the staff were really friendly and couldn't do enough for you, just came across one rude barman. Ten minute taxi ride to Naama Bay provided by the hotel at 5 Euros each return was a bargain. Naama Bay was an eye opener and enjoyable but made us realise how lucky we were to be in the Tiran away from the madness! Lots of hassle from Egyptians outside of the complex trying to get you into their shops. Food was lovely, restaurant was clean and we had the choice to sit inside or outside in the sunshine. We would go back like a shot. Bearing in mind it was a last minute deal booked for £350 each all inclusive it was a complete bargain - would have been happy to pay double that for the standard of hotel
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