Sol Sharm Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Sol Sharm Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
4 star

Rooms: 214

Montazah - Sharm El Sheikh - 01000 - Egypt Hotel Website | | (002) 069-367-0501
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great staff
Submitted by: kerry in 08/08/10
  • Age Group: 3140
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
hi i stayedat this hotel with my daugther, my mother n brother we had great time. all staff was very pleasent in every way. The hotel was clean n food brill we loved it all n miss baziem from the bar hope to c u all very soon xxx

Historical Traveller Reviews of Sol Sharm Hotel

Worst Hotel Ever !!!!

from KerryandSteve
From the moment we arrived at the hotel to the moment we left our two week holiday was a complete nightmare.

We checked in at reception at about 11.30pm and was told to put stickers on our suitcases showing our room number and leave them there for a porter to deliver to our room. We asked how long would this be he said 10 minutes. He gave us the keys to the room and said its that way you will find it. We also asked is there water in the room in the fridge he said yes it should be there. So after about half and hour we managed to find the room. We went inside and said to ourselves oh no we asked for high floor got bottom floor, asked for a balcony - well this was a complete laugh you opened the door and there was no privacy and anyone can walk past as there was a pathway right next to it.
We then went to the fridge for some water as it was reaching about 38 degrees and we had had a very long journey. Went to the fridge no water, and the fridge was warm. Great start to the holiday.

It get's worse, the suitcases finally arrived hour later. Managed to scramble through the cases for something to get changed into and went down to the 24 hour bar. Went to the bar and waited to be served the waiter just looked at us and carried on cleaning glasses we both started to get very impatient so my boyfriend shouted over are we going to get served then. The waiter finally came over. Anyway this was the same for all 14 days of the holiday we had to get our own drinks and get up and order our food. No waiter service at all. Talk about having a holiday all we seemed to be doing was getting more and more stressed out as the time was going further into our holiday.

We were half board, and as for the breakfast it was the same everyday it was boiled eggs, omelettes, bread, spanish toast, salad, cereal, strange sausages and pastry cakes. All the breakfast like the sausages and tomotoes were swimming in fat, the salad I am prettty sure it was from the night before as the tomatoes were soft and the ends had been trimmed off. Anyway bared this for four days and then we both just had dry toast. At this time we both suffered with very bad stomach cramps, being sick and very bad diarreah. We was poorly throughout the holiday ended up walking to the pharmacy which was 2 miles up the road in 45 degrees of heat - didn't help us at all one bit.

Dinner Time : There was an outside terrace by pool where you could choose something for dinner. The menu was appauling, chicken, pizza, fruit basket and salads. I ate salads for the first four days and my boyfriend had a pizza. What an eye opener that was - when the pizza was being made by the chef - he was rolling the dough on a board where flour had been put and when he turned his back sparrows came along pecking at the dough and eating the flour and eating the pizza toppings, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Tea Time : This again was salad, varieties of pasta, soups, steaks, chicken, beef all dripping in fat. No thanks. Childrens menu every night was chips and pasta. We had to eat something so we just stayed with plain pasta and soups for the rest of the holiday. So all in all the food was horrible and alot of people who were there we feeling very ill the same as us.

The waiter service was rubbish, the staff were rude, arrogant, lazy. One breakfast a lady dropped a cup and saucer on the floor and it shattered everywhere she asked for assistance the waiters ignored this and after half an hour passing by a waiter came along and pushed the remainder under the table with his foot.

Evening Entertainment : What entertainment ! Every evening there was a disco and this was repetitive every day. The music was appauling, birdy song, ymca, aga doo say no more. The show was even worse this was done by 3 guys man made shows which were really rubbish.

Daytime Music : This was the same day in day out every day.

Drink Service All Inclusive : Appauling they had to walk up a winding lot of stairs collect their 3 or 4 drinks no tray given, struggle downstairs and then walk through the 24 hour bar to go outside to listen to the so called disco they couldn't open the doors and managed spilling most of their drinks all over them.
Drinks were also very expensive £ 12.50 for wine and £ 2.50 for a bottle of heineken so we struggled to have a good night as it was bery expensive.

Sol Sharm hotel was in the middle of nowhere. No entertainment, no shops, no restuarants if you fancied a change of food. You had to go into Naama Bay to get a variety of foods and drinks but this cost us £10 each way. When you have paid for half board I was reluctant to pay anymore to find entertainment, so we had to make do. We were both in bed by 11pm and playing scrabble most nights - great holiday for people who want to go out try different foods and go to different bars.

Anyway to cut the story short, this was the worst holiday nightmare we have ever experienced and we will never return back to egypt.

Everyone : Please read all reviews before making a choice but I know that this hotel was not for us.

Good accomodation

from JLees
Excellent accommodation with good people on reception who had adequate English compared to many people in the resort. Rooms were well thought out with good storage and stayed cool after using air conditioning. We had an adjoining room which was very convenient with a good outlook over the pool.
Food was good but got a bit repetative. We went from half board to all inclusive which was well worth the money as drinks are expensive and you need lots as it is very hot ! This also entitles you to lunch.
There were not many teenagers about when ours were there so there was an element of boredom as many of the advertised daytime activities either did not take place at all or took place at random times. Some of the activities team did not do their jobs and were there to relax themselves which was a pity as we chose this hotel partly for the activities. Sporting equipment was very basic.
Hotel is quite isolated and there is local non-intrusive building work. Taxis are cheap but often smell strongly of petrol.
There are some good excursions but you need to shop around for the best prices which are in Naama Bay. Our rep was selling trips to Cairo for £135 each. We got the trip for £100 for 4 adults and it was exactly the same itinerary, just a different company!
Airport noise is minimal- no problem.
Snorkelling facilities are good and fish can be seen by just sitting on the jetty on the beach which is a short walk or shuttle bus away. There is a pool, showers, toilets and bar down there as well.
The resort is going to get really big. Hopefully the public facilities will as well.
Don't forget Old Sharm.
Overall, the accomodation couldn't really be faulted and there are plenty of sunbeds.

We had a fantastic time

from mps1234
at Sol Sharm and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good holiday. The service of the staff was excellent and nothing was too much trouble - you only had to ask and they did their best for you. The food was very good with plenty of choice and always fresh vegetable etc. We booked All Inclusive and I must say that for an hotel that has only been catering for AI for approx. 6 months they are getting there, albeit a few teething problems, but then again you must expect that in any hotel. The beach is a short stroll or you can take the shuttle bus and when you get there it's really lovely with a swimming pool, showers, toilets and of course the AI bar!!! Treat the barman right and he will actually bring your drinks over - you don't even have to get up off your sunbed!

All in all a fabulous hotel, staff and of course other holiday makers.

Loved Sol Sharm

from carolyne203
Myself and my sister stayed at the Sol Sharm from 30th July to 6th August. The hotel is very clean and comfortable, the food is excellent and the staff very friendly. We wanted a quiet holiday just relaxing and this is what we got, however, families were also at the hotel and more lively guests than we were and there was plenty of hotel entertainment for them to enjoy which didn't disturb us at all. The beach is a short stroll away with a free bus (taf taf) service which is ideal when coming back, after all sunbathing on the beach does take it out of you! I cannot recommend this hotel enough. There is a small shopping arcade attached which you should barter in, don't take the prices they say as definite the same as elsewhere in Egypt. A thoroughly enjoyable holiday, relaxed with no pressures and the choice if you want a lively time. Excellent.

Never again

from kejove
just got back from sol sharm never again, all inclusive should mean just that, no such thing at this hotel kids could only have ice cream between 4 and 5 wot use is that, if you mised breakfast you could have late breakfast which was a tray of pastrys otherwise you would have to wait till lunch, no snacks are available after ten thirty when the resturant is closed, all in all you are extremly restricted, the hotel is clean and the rooms are nice its just the food and the bars that let it down, the beach is nice and always seemed to be quite, there is another bar there and a pool so we spent most of our days down there, egypt is a fantastic place but there are better hotels for your money. the only good thing about this hotel is the dive school where the staff are brilliant, we wont be going back to this hotel.

Over rated. Please dont visit!!!!

from Suzy16
Traveled with Airtours.

From the moment we arrived at the airport things didn’t look so good. As we arrived at the front of the check-in desk the check-in staff told us we wouldn’t be sitting next to each other on the plane. We were at the start of our honeymoon and we wouldn’t be sitting next to each other on the plane? I have heard of families or big groups being split up on flights, but to ask a honeymoon couple to sit apart as there weren’t enough seats was preposterous.

Following a very embarrassing 15minutes in front of a queue of people the guy finally (out of thin air) found us seats together. After feeling quite relieved we went to board the plane. The plane we were boarding looked visually very old and weathered and when told there would be no in-flight entertainment on a 5-hour flight we thought things could not get any worse.

After our 15-minute transfer from the airport it was clear to see our hotel was in an isolated and desolate area, surrounded by building works and more building works. It was far from a lively area and our dream holiday was slowly slipping away.

When we got to our room our disappointment slowly started turning to anger. We were given a ground floor box room, with 2 small single beds pushed together, a rusty bathroom with a broken shower and toilet roll holder and a mini-bar, which was a broken empty fridge. No honeymoon treatment, which the Agent had said we’d receive.

We then attempted to get changed our room. However we were told that due to a Health and Safety contract between the hotel and Airtours we could not change.

After this very stressful journey and arrival, we thought we go to the bar for a drink and to say the hotel was cheap would be the biggest over statement yet! £5.50 for two small bottles of beer, this was not cheap at all! By the second day we could no longer afford to go half board as snacks and drinks (including water) were so expensive, and we had to pay £190 to up grade to all-inclusive or we would have ran out of money.

The entertainment at the hotel was like nothing I had seen before; to say it was embarrassing to watch would not reflect how bad it was. Three young guys who worked a grueling 17-hour shift, which starts first thing in the morning and ends when the nightclubs shut, performed the main bulk of the entertainment. This included tiresome shows, which had no thought, or meaning to them what so ever. The three guys openly talk to hotel guests about taking drugs and this was really shocking and worrying to us.

If it weren’t bad shows we had to watch it would be their form of cabaret and live music instead, which was continuous showings of Michael Jackson videos followed by a large projector screen showing re-runs of You’ve Been Framed. Unfortunately for us we had to put up with this, as we had no other alternative, as the nearest main town was 20min taxi journey away.

After becoming all-inclusive in the hotel you then become 2nd class citizens. There is just one bar for all-inclusive residents at the top of a set of really dangerous stairs, where you are met bar a large queue and a bar man who could only just about manage a smile if he was greeted by a generous tip.

The beach by our hotel was nothing like it was described to us by the Agent and we yet again felt let down by her clear lack of knowledge of the destination.

By far the worst part of our holiday was the fact we suffered diarrhea and bad stomachs for most of the time we were there. This was due to the terrible hygiene and washing of glasses in the hotel. This was something that was experienced by at least 75% of all guests’ and was not something we wanted to be experiencing on our honeymoon, hardly romantic.

This hotel was by no way a 4* and miles away from being the 5* treatment we were promised.

The hotel had only been all-inclusive for 4months and it quite evidentially showed, it was badly run and everything was positioned in awkward places. People on half board had extensive waiter service and could get drinks twice as fast as people in all-inclusive.

More over it was probably easier to get a drink than to find our rep that seemed to avoid this hotel like the plague (I wonder why?).

One thing we also weren’t told by the Agent was that this hotel is predominantly Italian. And we had to put up with Italian singing and Italian music every day and night that we were there. The music they played around the pool was turned up to a volume that not even the hardest of clubbers could relax to.

The one time we tried to leave the hotel we decided we’d enquire about visiting the pyramids to which we was informed would cost us 175 English pounds each. This was by no means affordable for anyone on holiday and we yet again feel mislead.

Finally it was time to leave our nightmare honeymoon and surely nothing else could go wrong? Until we eventually bumped in to the Travel Rep who decides to break the news to us that on the flight home we’d have to sit apart unless we could pay a booking fee.

This seemed to be one of the most ridiculous requests id ever heard. We already paid for our holiday and seats on a flight, so why on earth should you pay to sit next each other, with all the larger groups/families on board how hard could it be to sit a couple together.

This was the perfect icing on the cake for us and I was in tears most of the plane journey home as I was forced to sit on my own on my honeymoon.

I know that these views were indeed shared by many of the hotels guests and I only hope they to express themselves in the way in which I have in order to prevent other people going through such disappointment.

Please do not visit this hotel enless you get a really cheap deal, its just not worth it. Enless you like rude staff and bad taste....


from steveandkirsten
Just arrived back 22/07/06. First time in egypt i was quite surprised nice and hot, the diving is amazing! and the beaches are great.
The hotel is not bad clean, tidy, and most of the staff are great.
I'm glad we didn't go all inclusive though as the food is ok but very samey at lunch and dinner, all inclusive drinks are only served from certain bars, and only in small glasses we saw some people up and down every 5 mins to get a glass of water from the bar as they won't give you bottles.
Talked to alot of people around the pool area(which is great) and they all said this was the worst all inclusive hotel they've stayed at in sharm.
The music around the pool area is played too loud and they seem to like 50 cent,and other gansta rap which they play at full blast, many families complained about the music but the animation team seem to have there own agenda.
If you get a room close to the bar area get it changed or like us you wont get to sleep before 2am or later as this is where they do the nightly entertainment.
Only two buses laid on by the hotel into naama bay 10am and 11pm (yes stupid times!) £10 return fare in a taxi.
All in all a great holiday spoilt by a few things, but two things a must to do go snorkelling and go to the HARD ROCK CAFE very cheap and entertaining but go early after 8pm youll wait up to 2hours to eat.

loved the hotel and Egypt

from bolshan
we are just back from a week in the hotel Sol Sharm We found the reception staff on arrival were very helpfull The rooms were spacious and very clean The dining room was excellent with plenty of waitors and food excellent There was plenty to choose from and the salad bar and sweets were very well displayed There wasnt much to do at nights round the hotel but a taxi ride into Nama Bay was only about 400 hundred Egyptian pounds--£4 The Egyptian people were so nice and their favourite saying was Welcome
The best trip we di d was taking a flight to Cairo to see the Pyrimids --they were unbelievable There is a trip there by bus but takes something like 6-7 hours but it is well worth the extra money taking a flight Its a well organised trip and the guide we got was fantastic They also take you to the Egyptian musieum and the Bazarrs in Cairo --a trip not to be missed
Another must on a holiday in Sharm is to Snorkle---The corals and fish in the sea are just wonderfull well woth investing in goggles and flippers
We loved Egypt -Loved the hotel and people A week was not long enough!!

££ - Not an ideal All Inclusive

from Equifever
The hotel itself is lovely, clean and the pools are very large.

The rooms were clean and well maintained.

The beach is lovely but for £4 you can visit the conrads beach (hotel next door) for the day which has wonderful snorkling and the sea is more accessible over a sandy beach.

Sol Sharm has nothing at night - the entertainment staff are very sweet but the stage area is out of action and they are really struggling to put on entertainment in the main bar area - shame really... This entertainment is usually just music, a pop quiz or kariokee...

The kids club never seemed to be open and when we first arrived the kids had a mini disco type arrangement in the main bar - this stopped very soon after we arrived and was not replaced with any other evening activity.

The all inclusive v's B&B is a terrible idea - We being All Inclusive were actually moved during one dinner because an italian family who were paying for the food wanted to sit down.

In addition the AI bar is a joke and is sometimes not staffed - it is also the most unattractive room I have ever seen and was only ever used when the football was on. Everyone preferred to sit in the main entertainment area which adjouned the non AI bar - My question to the hotel - why would it be so hard to allow AI guests to use the main bar? A little more training of the staff to ensure that only local spirts and draft beer was served to those with a band - not so hard...

All in alll we paid £250 per person... you get what you pay for - if you want a fantastically good AI go to the LTI Grand Azure!!

Ideal for a good bargain holiday

from BarneyBoo
Visited The Sol Sharm 22 June 2006 for a week. Cost £260 all inclusive. Situated in quiet area, nothing really outside of hotel. Hotel was probably more 3star than 4. Rooms very nice and always cleaned spotlessly - satellite TV with 3 english channels. Two pools - very nice and plenty of sunbeds. Towels provided, v.good. Beach a shuttle ride away so didnt bother but heard it was ok. You will survive on the food but I didnt rate it 4star, repetitive but always a chicken, beef, fish, pasta and salad dish to choose(buffet style). Waiters treated you second class once they saw all-inclusive arm bands (expected no tips!!) The hotel is a mix of all inclusive and B&B-badly run. There are three bars. Pool bar good, upstairs all inclusive bar not good at all (nothing there) but it was the only place you could get AI drinks at night so spent all night going upstairs to get drinks then sitting in nice bar downstairs!!! These are the bare facts but for £260 it was a bargain - I really wouldnt pay more than that. Visited the Conrad Hotel just down the road - much nicer and much more deserving of its star status - 5*****.

Other names for Sol Sharm Hotel

  • sol sharm sharm el sheikh
  • sol sharm hotel
  • sol sharm el sheikh
  • sol sharm
  • hotel sol sharm
  • Address: Montazah - Sharm El Sheikh - 01000 - Egypt
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