Royal Plaza Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Royal Plaza Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
4 star

Rooms: 255

Na'ama Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt 20-69-3601240
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Best holiday ever!!

from krissy999
If you're going to Sharm el SHeikh or Egypt for the first time, there are some things you need to know first: people will try to rip you off, so you need to have your wits about you, and in some cases, be rude!! It really is the only way to deal with the sellers who just want to take your money!! Firstly, on arrival at Sharm airport, you won't need a trolley for your cases as the taxis are about 10 footsteps away - we paid the equivalent of £5! You will need 1 Egyptian Pound if you want tissue in the loo - a young lady sits in there all day (poor love - the smell!) and you don't get loo roll unless you pay her! If you are going to Royal Plaza the taxi should cost you no more than £8 (80 Egyptian pounds), we were warned beforehand but they still tried to charge us £30 (300 egyptian!!). ONLY USE BLUE AND WHITE TAXIS - the rest are complete rip off merchants!
The hotel is lovely - it is rated as 5 star, but bear in mind, their standards are not as high as ours, I would guess it to be a good 3 star, although the reception is easily worth the 5 star rating! The rooms are all air conditioned, self-controlled so you can have it to suit you, but when you take the card key to leave the room the electric goes off, so you have to give it a minute to cool back down when you return. We didn't find this a problem though, as the system works well, and has the room cooled down very quickly.
The beds we had were extremely comfortable, and I would have liked to bring them home with me!
The restaurant is always clean and bright, and they regularly change the furniture around, so it looks different. The food is okay - breakfasts were good, you can choose omelettes to your own liking and have them cooked in front of you, or you can choose from cereals, toast, cold meat, croissants etc. The staff are keen to please, and when I asked if they could warm the croissants for me, they did so straight away, and then offered to warm them every morning from then on... suited me!!
I wasn't as keen on the evening meals, but you could tell the chefs were trying to please Europeans, so there would be their version of shepherds pie, for instance, just not quite right, but some of the meals were better than our versions, you just have to try it and see!! They did some lovely desserts though!! I would recommend their rice pudding - it was fantastic! Also, they do a bread pudding with almonds and peanuts which is so gorgeous I wish I'd asked for the recipe!!
There are 2 pools, the one downstairs becomes overshadowed by the hotel itself by about 3pm, so you need to start early, or be happy to have shade for the later part of the afternoon. The rooftop pool has music playing all day, which suited me, and they will allow you to browse through the cd's and choose what you want to hear - and came round a couple of times to ask people what they wanted, which I thought was fair. Mohammad at the bar is very friendly and speaks just about every language, he is always happy to help with anything, and if you aks for Egyptian music he will love you forever!! Actually the Egyptian music was very enjoyable! There is a volleyball net, and the staff will start a game and join in too, which made for a lot of fun, and helped us make friends around the pool.
When you venture to naama bay, you will be accosted by people trying to sell to you everywhere - don't get taken in by their tricks!! They entice you in by saying they want to give you a gift or their card, then when you're in their shop they will bring you mint tea or ribena(!), and tell you that Egyptian hospitality means that you have to give them something back, ie buy something - but it's at an over-inflated price! If you do go inside but don't want to buy, just say no thank you and walk out!!!
Do try On Deck restaurant, by the blue LIDO neon sign - it is a deck out to sea, and beautiful, and the food is good too!! Also Hard Rock Cafe - the same everywhere but the staff in naama bay cafe are really ggod fun and will get you up dancing!!
On the whole, a fantastic holiday. I would recommed Royal Plaza Hotel and Naama Bay for a great time!!

Great Hotel

from Joyce3330_0
We stayed at this hotel for 1 week to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Our three childrem aged 15,11 and 9 were with us and we all had a fabulous time. The hotel is very central, although you do have to take the bus to the beach, but this is supplied free of charge by the hotel and runs frequently throughout the day. The two hotel pools are first class, and the staff are very friendly and helpfull. We booked a one bedroomed suite and it was huge with a lovely balcony overlooking the main road in front. There was always pleanty choice of food, and the omelette & pasta bar were there as additional back up.

Naama Bay itself is a fantastic place, loads to week just isn't enough! There is a great Aqua park there for the kids and adults too, and dont miss out on a trip to the 1001 Nights cabaret evening.

Great holiday...cant wait to go back

loved the break

from jaynenichols
We stayed here 27/7/06-10/8/06 a family of 7 and we had a fantastic time. The hotel is lovely and u get treated like royalty.
All staff are very friendly the whole country is as a matter of fact. 2 members of staff we will and do miss are Tamar who is a waiter at the hotel and Samir who is the roof top pool guard he is fantastic. My family are going back again for christmas and again next year.
This hotel does have 2 pools one on the roof and another at the bottom of the hotel.
The food is nice if you like rice and meat although breakfast time could have a better chioce so u better like eggs ha ha.
I advise anyone that does day trips to go quad biking and on the snorking trip, for this as u go for ur meals u will see an office with to guys called mohammed and eddy. book with these guys u get great deals and transport to the destination if u book with the holiday rep u have to make ur own way as my family found out last year. To know more read the review "love you"
There is not much entertainment at night apart from sunday and tuesday where u get to go to the pool party, but at the back of our hotel there is a pool and bowling alley that is dirt cheap, cheaper then what u pay back home.


from Lyndsey24
I have to write a review on this hotel, The Staff were the friendliest i have ever known, I have not felt as welcome before as i did in Royal Plaza. As for the loud music.... I did not hear any of it and i got back this morning (4th Oct) so where that came from i have no idea!!!!
Ok the food wernt all that, needed to be improved but the hotel and staff were brilliant i would definatel would go back.

Godd value for money!

Terrible do not go there

We did get this for v. cheap so I can’t complain on the price. But I think it is more like a 2-3 star not 4-5 star. The rooms were very nice and spacious. The bathroom was in need of an overhall. The 2 pools were average and loud music is boomed out all day. The beach is not at Nama bay where the hotel is but a 10 min mini bus journey away.

The food was terrible and I got pretty bad food poisoning. You get NO drinks at all even water with your evening meal. - What a joke.

The reception staff were incredibly rude to us and one even attacked my boyfriend when we brought in other drinks. The manager did give us a whole fridge of free drinks and fruit and he did apologise, but what kind of behaviour is that!

Never again!!!!! Not even at the price we paid!

Ab Fab!

from Yollie
I am a Travel Agent myself and therefore booked my holiday. I had also been to Egypt before and so had a rough idea of what to expect. My expectations were however superceded though!

The Royal Plaza is in a fantastic location - literally a block from Neama (Naama) Bay, which is where everyone wants to be!. It is a 5* hotel yet I found the prices of the accommodation and extra's (drinks, meals etc ) to be really reasonably priced - I went on a half board basis.

The service was excellent - as was the very friendly and helpful staff: Sabir (the pool attendent who laid out my towel each morning before I even arrived), Tamar (who was always at hand to take my drinks order, teach me a bit of Arabic and generally have a laugh with). Then there was Emad, Hussein and, Mustapha in the Dining Room who made meal times a real pleasure. Also to Mohammed who made sure my room was spic-span each day - thanks for the sunflower seeds!

Not forgetting "the boys" in the lobby who organise the excursions and Ibrahiem (who runs the perfumery - and has the best deals in the area by far, dont even bother to scout round).

I even got to chat to the General Manager on a daily basis !

The facilities were good and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time!

The Royal Plaza is a relatively new hotel - 2 1/2 yrs old and I wish it all the success in the world!

Thanks again to all the abovementioned - you will all be in my thoughts when I remember this truly fab holiday!

detail review

from Sanchadev
Hi to all holiday makers.

It was my trip to Sharm El sheikh. I must say that you need to stay in Naama Bay to truely enjoy sharm el sheikh. as that is where it all happens.

It was lovely weather out there. We had a room right outside the ground floor outdoor pool with aprivate terrace, that is the ideal room to have so always try and get that one if you are going to stay in this hotel.

The hotel staff are very helpful and always smiling and asking how you are you? right the way through from morning till night.

Note this hotel is a good location as it is alll walking distance to everything you would desire. Only thing the food can be not so fantastice. But me and my brother in law had a meal and drinks at the pizza hut for £4.30 now that is a deal you cannot even get here in UK for a medium size pizza supreme.

They got KFC macdonalds, all those lovely fresh juices that you can find out there it taste good.

If you are clubbing person, Hard rock cafe is worth going to. And you rep should be able to give u a pass that allows u to go in free.

Spirits are much expensive to buy in the bars or hotels. But beers are much much cheaper. I was on half board and I used room serivce for the whole week and it the bill came to £40 pounds including food and drinks. So you can see it won't break your bank balanace. 15-20 mins drive by taxt cost u average between 2-5 pounds max.

About the hotel. If you wanna go on some tours and diving and the one thing you have to do is quad bikes go and see Mohammed down stairs he is the most friendly person u can find he owns the business for the touring and book it through the hotel as your rep will advise u for insurance and safety reasons. expect to pay on a average of £15-17 for quad biking but it its worth every penny.

Where ever u go in shopping wise make u bargin, do not pay the price u been asked for products u wish to purchase.

For example u want to buy a cap which I did they say 40 egyptian pounds start with 15-20 egyptian pounds £1.50- £2.00 u will end up closing the deal @ £2.50 which is 25 egpytian pounds. and stick to your guns. dont over cut the price otherwise u gonna get a abused ,

My sister bought 5 D&G Handbags from 680 egyptian pounds we got the price to 500 egptian pounds which is £50.00. But remember Men have far more power in bargining there than the females do , its the mentality of the people there. SO ladies if u like something point it out secretly to your man and let the man do the deal it may work out better. It is what we experienced,.

If u love indian food goto the camel bar and next to that is a lovely indian restuartant great food and very well priced as well.

YOu have to try the shisha out worth it.

If you want to do shopping go to Naama bay or Old Market. Good thing is just tell the guy in the front to call u a taxi and that way u dont have to go the taxi area in the heat.

but make sure u agree a price with the driveer before hand.

if u want to buy cigerattes u can get them near the hotel for 20's Marlboro £1 that is 10 egyptian pounds but if u go further down the line they sell in boxes. for 200 u can get bensons at £7.

Do not change ur money here at all
change your money in sharm el sheikh at the HSBC bank in namma bay u will get a very rate there

I must say that hotel staff are excellent even by tipping them minimum £1 is not going to destroy ur finanace, tip the room cleaners they do lovely job they do.

if u want to know more i have full details of places and who to get in touch with there in the hotel and outside le tme know

thank you.

Great Hotel

from moniquefromlondon
I have to say I was a little apprehensive as we alway are when we book a holiday.

I am so glad we booked this hotel, and this holiday. I think sharm is great, lovely people, always so polite and helpful. Yes they may want a tip, but hey they work very long hours for very very little money, so why should't we tip them?

Most of the time they are onky looking for 2-5 egyptian pounds which is like 20 - 50p hardly breaking the bank!

The hotel has lovely rooms, very clean not like other places I have stayed. The staff are one of the best things about the hotel and the manager is great.

There is also some English people working it the hotel so their isn't a language problem.

There is a great swimming pool on the roof ! we sat round it in a night time and had a drink and also went up there for the show with one of this egytian dancers in the bright coloured clothes that spin around a lot - have no idea what you call them!

It was very hot at this time of year so remember your sun screen. If you forget anything they do have a shop to get bits and pieces from.

There is a lovely perfume and glass shop in the hotel and 3 really lovely guys work there - Ibrahaim , Ashraf and Akmed - Hi to you all, miss you very much.

The diving is great in Sharm and really quite cheap.

There is an excursion company in the hotel - hi Muhammed !
he has great priced trip like cairo by air at around £135 which is really cheap considering the flight and admission costs are not cheap.

One other great thing is I got to meet the hotel manager - Khaled - he is great and nothing is too much trouble.

This hotel is fabulous, the best!

from lovethesuntourist
We thought this hotel was fabulous, we have been there before and have found that it has improved thorugh the new management.

The staff are great and very hepful. There is some really lovely people who work very hard and long hours to make you stay great.

This is one of the nicest hotels i have ever stayed in and will definately go back!

we love staying here.

from loveyou
We love this hotel, stayed here last year and again this year with a family of seven. Everyone loved it and we are booking again for next year (can't wait ) we love everything about it, the service, the staff, from cleaners to waiters to everyone, make you feel like kings and queens not to mention our friends tamer,ahmed rehab,mohamed and eddy and of course our egyptian son samir who runs the roof top pool (hello samir) we miss them all. They all work soooooo hard and very long hours, yet they still have a ready smile for you. to everyone we met who was staying between 27/7/06 to 10/8/06 a big hello from karen,big lee,jayne,little lee,melissa,gemma,and derrick. Hope to see you all again next year. especialy mini and her family who we were talking to on our last day about the flights back. From karen and lee and family.

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  • royal plaza sharm el sheikh
  • royal plaza hotel sharm el sheikh
  • royal plaza hotel sharm
  • royal plaza egypt
  • hotel royal plaza
  • Address: Na'ama Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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