Resta Club Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Resta Club Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
4 star

Rooms: 97

| 002 069 3665513/16
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T GO - Ever

from EmmaHove
Firstly we booked our hotel through A1 Travel who totally sold us a load of rubbish, this is NOT a 4 star hotel it is more like 1 Star. it is NOT on the beach, there is a shuttle bus to the beach every day but you just get harassed and ripped off by locals. Resta Sharm is basically in the middle of nowhere. it is run down and has very little to offer. I stayed there with my 23 month old daughter. There was no cot provided, no high chairs and no children's facilities at all, when i asked staff to provide milk for her they would not help at all. some of the staff were friendly others were very rude. the rooms are basic but clean, the only good things i can say about the hotel are: the taxi service (run by a company - not thehotel) was great and the housekeepers were excellent. all other aspects were appaling, the pool was so dirty that you couldn't see the bottom, they pumped so many chemicals into it following complaints that it was painful on the eyes, the filter of the pool was exposed in places - it was full of cigarette butts and slime. The food was disgusting and we ended up eating out most nights - thus it was expensive if you are expecting an all inclusive! my whole family were very ill on the holiday including my young daughter and she is still suffering and we have been home 2 days. the drinks are hot - and served in dirty glasses. Eggs that were for breakfast were left out in the baking sun all day outside the kitchen. Dirty plates were left by the pool from the night before, no sun beds unless you were prepared to get up at 3am! the pool towels were unwashed and smelly. rats were seen my by father on numerous occasions by the bar area. No night entertainment at all. snooker, ice creams etc all had to be piad for.
After several discussions with the general manager, he admitted it is a 2 star hotel which is full board not all inclusive as we had been sold in the UK
oh one more thing there was an open sewage tank behind our room which stank and my daughter could easily have fallen in. I have photos to prove it!

RESTA [- -] is how we described it!

from tinaweena
WELL we arrived back at 4am this morning and i must say we are extremley glad to be home, My husband has had bad stomach for 5 days and has been to our doctor this morning who says he has bad gastro enteritus. so he is back in bed where he spent most of the past 5 days. but to be honest we went to a third world country and you do expect to be ill but it was everything else that we endured at this hotel that has made me make others aware, as it is the only holiday i couldnt wait for our 2weeks to end, like most of the English that were there. it was more like a 2* like others have said no cold drinks, no ice, (unless you paid for it) no entertainment for children AT ALL except the pool which was discusting when we arrived, my husband does Pool maintenence for a living and said "there's no way were using that pool" so the next day he told the manager of his concerns and explained that he usually brings his pool testing kit away with him unfortunatly this year he forgot it, which the manager seemed extremely pleased he had. they did really clean the pool that night and had staff in the pool scrubbing etc, but within a few days it was back to square one as you couldnt see the bottom again, they seem to think if they show willing once then thats it finished. hasen to add we used different beaches each day and if we did go in the pool at any time to cool off would not put our heads under the water. yes you had to pay for ice creams & cold Drinks !!!, we also complained that at 11 in the morning when my husband went to get a cold drink they said ice finished, we went to the beach returned at 5 and asked for a drink with ice and was again told ICE finished, this was too much to be sitting in 40 deg heat with warm drinks is ridiculus, so he went to the supermarket to buy his own COLD drinks, when he returned he was angry at us having paid for all inclusive and still having to buy our own drinks. he spoke with who i think is the bar manager who said "you can have cold drinks but dont tell anyone else" at this he was astounded as us english stick together, but after that most people did get ice most of the time although not very much by the time you had walked away from the bar it had melted.
the food, well what can i say it was extremley boring and repetitive, they only had chips 3 times i was told during the 2 weeks we was there only after the english complained and that was only at lunch time. we ate out many times as the food was so bad.
this hotel has not had english here until recently and i never heard one person say they had enjoyed it, and everybody said they would not return to this hotel.
Our room was ok as we was lucky to have a pool view with a balcony it was cleaned well and we had lots of nice towel displays on our beds.
on our last night we went into the pay bar with some friends (like we had on a number of occassions) sammir in the bar is lovely and friendly, we ordered 1 vodka sprite and 1 vodka coke (which you did get ice with) we tasted these and i said to my friend there doesnt taste like any vodka is in this which she agreed, her husband who was at the bar said he'd seen them put it in so he ordered us a straight vodka, i poured mine in with the sprite but my friend only put half her's in she then tasted the neat vodka which to our amazment was WATER we went to the bar and they looked gob smacked my friend asked to taste the bottle but mustaf refused, but she insisted and guess what it was just water not VODKA, she complained to the manager the next day who said it was a display bottle that had got mixed up!!!!!
how many times do you think this has happened over the 2weeks as we seemed to drink and never get drunk!!!! funny that as the bottle was only half full.
all in all nearly all the english people were not happy and had all made a complaint at some stage, so if you have booked this hotel My advice would be to change it quick!
if you would like any more advice e-mail me
Regards and good luck, you will need it.

Totally Inadequate!!!!!

from egyptianjay72
We arrived at the Resta Sharm on the 31st July at around 11pm and on first impressions we were very impressed, but this didn't last long.

The staff - Very friendly, most were fantastic, like Gahman, Mustafer and Samir at the pool bar. Others, like our room cleaner took the word friendly a few steps too far, and hounded our daughter who is 13 ,the same age as his girlfriend ???? They can border on creepy at times but we learned to ignore it!!!!

The rooms - We were lucky and had a pool view room with 3 single beds, though the rooms aren't huge they are immaculate, but basic. They are cleaned on a daily basis, they even make towel animals and flowers on your bed which were a very nice touch. The garden view rooms we were told by other people, are even smaller and have terrible views of walls, bins and the building sites next door, but definatley not gardens.

The Food - Well what can i say....... shocking for an All Inclusive resort. For 2 weeks we lived off the same food which we were told was Russian. Breakfast was ok, we had toast, fruit ,omelette and their variation of a cooked breakfast. Lunch and Supper was always the same being rice, potatoes, veg, and choice of 2 or 3 meats ( some which looked inedible), also pasta ,though it's got to be said after a few days you get sick of looking at a bowl of pasta. The so called snacks are as everyone has described, hard rolls with cheese and ham, though the contents are up for debate, and also cake!!!

The All Inclusive part - Drinks are available from 10 - 11 pm at the pool bar, after 11pm you pay!!! During the day the drinks are more often than not, warm!!!!!! They always ran out of ice, water and even the soft drinks, this was beginning to get on alot of peoples nerves so complaints were made. Even the cold water dispenser was in the mid day sun and you guessed it, the water was warm.

Hygiene - The rooms are spotless, I can't fault at all and are cleaned on a daily basis. Unfortunatley everything else we witnessed was terrible for hygiene. At the pool bar, not one glass is washed before giving to another guest, we witnessed this every day and considering everyone was ill with stomach bugs, we can now see why!!!! They are rinsed in warm water( no soap) , so germs including sickness and cold sore are passed to everyone. Everyone we spoke to had suffered in one way or another with stomach cramps and sickness and diarhorrea, and even a week after returning home i'm only just feeling better.

Entertainment - Belly dancer and spinning man twice a week, wow!!!!! When you've seen it once there is no need to see it again, believe me!!!!!

Swimming Pool - We spent nearly every day round the pool as it was so relaxing, my only problem was it was always filthy at the bottom.

Overall, we did have a good relaxing holiday, going on excursions to Ras Mohammad snorkelling, Bedouin night and The Cleo Water Park. We ventured to Naama Bay a couple of times, to the beach and to The Hard Rock Cafe which was fantastic.
About a 20 walk from the hotel is El Mercato, which is a lovely shopping area with an Apitheatre in the middle where you can sit and watch the large screen tv eating your McDonalds, Pizza Hut or KFC . Further along the road is a tourist area which we visited once as it's awful being hassled constantly to buy from them. Avoid at all costs!!!!!

We would not recommend this hotel at all to anyone, though i would return to Egypt in the future.

Worst hotel ever

from maria4277
when we arrived, late at night, we were quickly ushered to our room by a porter , who then demanded a tip. Me and my husband tried not to be put off by this and went to ther bar for a sandwich and a drink, we were then shocked to find that our "all inclusive" hotel was charging us for this food and drink - which we didnt eat because it was cold cut. the next day we went down to the pool,, as we sat in the 40degree heat the only refreshment that could be provided was warm soft drinks and warm alcohol. they had no ice for four days and the only way you could get a cold drink was by going to the other bar which , suprise suprise, charged for drinks. if you wanted an ice cream to cool you down, you also had to pay which was padlocked and safe guarded. Everybody who stayed at this hotel got either diarrhea or vomiting from the terrible hygine and cleanliness of the food. My husband had it very severely and we were charged £40 each for tablets, and other medicines. The pool was dirty and unhygenic, sun loungers had towels put on them before 6.30 in the morning and it was very difficult to get a sun lounger. When i seen the food at this hotel it could only be described as something out of "i'm a celebrity get me out of here!" the only people who seemed to enjoy the food were the russians as most of it were their delicacies. i opted for the salad until i seen the lettuce crawling with flies and other nasties , when i pointed this out to the chef he smiled and took it away - but i didnt chance having it again. There was no entertainment bar a poor belly dancer who performed for ten minutes twice a week - joy. Afamily arrived while we were there who asked for a cot and high chari to find that the hotel had none whether you were willing to pay or not. We also had to pay to play on a dodgy table tennis and pool table. The only snacks provided was cold cuts. We were promised a view from our room of a pool/beach but what we were given was a view of a building/dump site - not attractive. This was supposed to be an all inclusive hotel four star hotel but it was more like a 1 star , we had to pay to go out everyday to eat or starve. the only upside to this holiday is that i have come home with a lovely tan and i have lost a few punds - and i can safely say im glad to be home. This holiday has made me adament to NEVER return to egypt - thanks resta sharma.

Pool OK! Food SHOCKING!!!

from Charley16
Me and Kris have just returned from this hotel on Thursday and I can honestly say I am glad to be home!

Firstly we arrived late at night with noone to greet us at the hotel finally someone came and we were shown to our room which was on the ground floor at the front of the hotel and the window would not shut so slept that night with 1 eye open! We asked to change rooms the next day and was told to wait until 2pm and they would see what could be arranged they did move us to an upstairs room which was so much better (still very basic!).

We then went to the pool NO SUNBEDS!!!! all had been reserved we asked for a sunbed to be told by the manager he had enough sunbeds for all his guests (clearly not the case!!) we sat on the grass for couple of hours and someone kindly offered us there sunbeds as they were leaving. This happened everyday! I got up one morning at 6.30 only 4 beds did not have a towel on them.

The restaurant seemed to be clean and the staff were amazing however my boyfriend (who has a stomach made of iron) was given food poisoning on our 3rd day of the holiday I visited the Pharmacy 2min away and was charged £50.00 for anti sickness tablets the pharmacy said no change and he would need an injection 3 hours later I took Kris back to have the injection costing another £20 still no better! Guests started to ask were my boyf was and I was very surprised to find out that most of the guests had been in bed for a least a day with sickness/diarrhoea!!

For an All Inclusive resort is does not feel very all in.. we have stayed in All Inclusive hotels before and had bottled water in the rooms and sometimes even soft drinks snacks available most of the day and a good choice! Here if you want bottled water you pay for it! Snacks are sat on the end of the bar in pool and are a choice of hard rolls!!!! One plate full.
Beer, Soft drinks & alcohol are available at the pool bar but are warm (warm beer is awful!) no ice! and sometimes you have to wait 30mins for a glass/plastic cup to be washed!!

After reading earlier reviews the hotel had recently changed contracts this was very obvious and looks like they now cannot cope with the level of guests that they have.

To be totally honest we did get what we wanted which was a week in the sun (which is amazing) and to just chill out. But Kris got alot more!!!
Management Response from RestaGM
I would like to applogize for any unconvience that we might have caused to her and we are doing our own investigations to correct any deviations.

My only cooments was that we didn't recieve any complaints for the last month from Diarrhea or sickness and we have our house doctor to check for any cases but there was none and l checked the Duty Manager log book.

Regarding sunbeds some guests who wakes up early put there towels on sunbeds then go for breakfast , so in such situations first come first serve.

Regarding Bottled water, we serve bottled mineral water but in watre dispenser to keep them cold for guest use.

At the end let me express my thanks for your guests valuable comments which helps us to improve our services rendered to the guests.

Thanks and best regards
Mohamed Fouad


from annianAlloa
very disappointed was told it was 4 star but more like 2 star. cleanliness was not great.


from m0nkeyUK
Just returned from staying 5 days with my partner at the Resta Sharm and givng our experience a very average 2 out of 5.
Arrived at 11pm and taken to our room. Soon discovered that the 4* balcony room we were expecting turned out to be a cramped 2* room at the back of hotel facing what could only be described as bit of land used for dumping things, wheelbarrows etc.. shower was weak with no hot water, safe didnt work, and there was a loud clicking noise that didnt stop once through the night. The man who showed us to our room also pretty much demanded a tip, I am all for tipping staff, but we had just arrived, late and tired..and come on, you just showed us to out room..and not even a nice one, not a great start.
Some staff are good (daytime reception guy Allat), but the ones which arent are pretty bad, no respect for women from some, especially from the restaurant staff.. Inappropriate comments to females and general sleezyness was on the cards. This was not just my partners point of view but from other couples we spoke to, who felt uncomfortable about the male staff and the attention they gave to the female guests. We complained about one and he was dealt with, but I think it still goes on.
The day trips were the saving grace for this hotel, a tour company called YouTravel operate through this hotel as well as many others, they send a rep to talk to the guests etc (tour guides are great, all seem to be gifted with great humour and great professionalism)..We went on the camel riding evening trip with sunset views and star gazing into the night. We also went on the Ras Mohammed boat trip..both were very professional and well organised, safe, and really worth doing and led to us have a good holiday.. probably because when we were on the trips we were away from the hotel hehe
On a serious note, this hotel could be much better if they just got better staff who respected their guests (too much to ask?) you would never get this in a higher class hotel. The outer garden area and outer rooms would also need serious refurbishment to improve a guests experience. It will never be near a 4* and I would even have to think hard about a 3*. The manager seems capable enough of making change but I do not think that even he is aware of the problems.
I feel bad for putting what seems like one of the first negative reviews for this hotel, but i think that people considering should know these things as it could really ruin a holiday! Hopefully from a negative review it will improve, but one thing is for sure we wont be going back to find out.

Super Resta Sharm Resort

from oddfello
Having recently returned from Resta we have to strongly recommend this hotel. The staff were always friendly & helpful.Rooms were cleaned daily to a very high standard.A special touch were the wonderful artistic items created by the cleaning staff out of the towels.e.g.An elephant made from pillows & towels!! Every day there was a new design.Unfortunately,one of us had an accident & sustained a fracture of the ankle! The limitation of a plaster cast was somewhat restricting.The hotel staff were marvellous & every effort was made to ensure as pleasant stay as possible! This included a change of room to ground floor etc.
The pool area was very well maintained.The food was excellent & beautifully presented.
Limited entertainment in the evenings but atleast that meant it was quiet.
This hotel is a litle way out of town however the hotel taxi is good value.
Also,strongly recommend the jewellery shop almost opposite the hotel along with the mini gift /supermarket run by Sayed.Neither pushy salespeople but very helpful!
We used Club-Sharm Taxi for transfer from & to airport.£15 return.Very efficient service,also strongly recommend.

Very relaxed holiday

from Valjenn
We recently returned from Resta and had a very relaxing holiday. All the staff were very friendly and extremely helpful. Rooms were good and were cleaned every day (Mohammed our room boy was lovely). There is one pool which is nice with a safe shallow area for kids, it is always being cleaned so is lovely to cool off in. There are plenty of sunbeds (and more in storage) so no need to save sunbeds. We thought the food was good on the whole and always pasta available (with tomato or white sauce) which is 'spiced up' individually for personal preference. Some of the kids there didn't like the food but they were really fussy. The last few days (by request) they added cereal at breakfast, they have eggs, omelettes, sausages, yoghurt (with honey is good) toast, croissants, cakes. The chef Ossahma is lovely so you can always ask him anything. All the staff love kids.

All inclusive drinks available at the pool bar between 10am and 11pm, and by waiter service at lunch and dinner. Snacks at the pool bar were poor (rolls and cakes) anything else had to be oaid for. The indoor bar area is not all inclusive, so drinks have to be paid for (hence no one in there).

There is a sandy beach the shuttle bus goes there twice a day, it is a bit scruffy but very shallow and good for kids (you have to buy your own drinks). Otherwise most of the 'beaches' are actually coral and you step straight in off the jetty and see all the coral and fish which was brilliant. Nearest 'beach' is reef beach (buy a ticket for 3 dollars each at reception) beach tickets entitle you to a sunbed and parasol, there is jetty into the sea to see coral and thousands of fish. Another nearby 'beach' is Fenara it is £5 to get in but you get a sunbed, parasol, towel and bottle of water, it is easier for snorkelling than Reef Beach We also went to Sharks bay but it is further away and not as good as Fenara. No beach vendors on the 'paid for' beaches.

The boat trip to Ras Mohammed was excellent, well organised with 3 snorkelling stops (with guide pointing out different things underwater) and includes a very nice lunch.

The Bedoin village, camel rides and star gazing trip was good. Apart from my grumpy camel! The astronomer pointed out all the different stars and planets with a laser torch and we looked at stars and planets through a telescope.

The Cairo trip by plane was expensive and a bit disappointing the Egyptian Museum was interesting, and the Citadel, The Pyramids and Sphinx was worth seeing but vendors, camel owners spoilt it a bit always touting for business (even the tourist police want money for taking photos!). Very long hot day.

Book return taxi fares from the hotel as they are fixed prices, all other taxi drivers try to rip you off (agree a fare first).

We booked transfers to and from airport with YouTravel but it would be easier and cheaper by taxi (£10 or 100 Egyptian pounds) as it takes ages dropping off at all the hotels. Some people were charge £25 taxi fare

We had a lovely holiday, relaxing, good food, drinks and good trips,

Resta Sharm Hotel

from CharlotteOxford_UK
I booked this hotel through and I was very impressed with this hotel. The staff were very friendly and helpful; although some of the staff struggled with English but this wasn't a problem. The hotel was clean and tidy and rooms are cleaned every day.

The hotel pool is very clean and lovely to cool off in!

Food is very good, although it does get a little repetitive expecially if you are vegetarian as there is little variety. Kitchen staff and dining area very well presented and immaculate.

There is little in the way of entertainment at this hotel. A belly dancer comes in on a Thursday and Sunday evening but that is all. The hotel was very quiet when I stayed but this is due to new contracts.

This hotel has just changed contracts from Russian and Polish to English so I think it will become busier in the near future. At the moment it is a very relaxing and quiet hotel to stay in.

Highly recommended!

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  • resta sharm el sheikh
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