Regency Plaza Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Regency Plaza Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh

Rooms: 380

Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt Hotel Website | | 2 69-37 102 90
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Not 5 Star But Very Pleasant

from nightlife
we arrived at the hotel late afternoon & had a very speedy check in.they had already allocated a room to us but we asked if it was a pool view, garden view or sea view.. We were asked what we would like so we went for sea view.Reception staff very helpful. (SAMEIR VERY)
we were then taken to our room by Alley the head Bell Boy who explained to us the hotel layout.Once again very helpful throughout the holiday.Hotel room 1124 was delightful..No Problems at all , very large & kept spotless throughout the holiday.The staff cannot do enough for you as long as you are polite and give them the respect that they give you.Yes a small tip goes a long way and they wont forget you, however you dont have to . we tipped small mohammed in the main lobby bar & our drinks were never empty he also made flowers out of tissues for my wife.
Down to the nitty gritty now.
Plastic cups for drinks around the pool yes .. what do you expect ??? If one cup is not enough ask for another its not a problem !! Towel guys in the mornings so helpful !!
Beach bar staff always getting to you as soon as poss. ( wow 3 min wait ). you can also walk into the sea here for almost 1/4 mile before it gets up to the waistline.Beach is lovely with lots of beds & sun brollies. Volleyball horse & camel riding,electric scooters or cars for the kids & adults all on the beach.Or you can walk to the left or right and pop inside one of the other hotels for a look around.
Food is not 5 star but you will not starve honest.(Floret Restaurant) If you want english food stay home.
Also we were not aware of anybody with egyptian bellies and yes we did talk & drink with new uk & russian & italian friends.
they are also finishing 2 buildings, however they are painted the same colour of the finished ones but the windows are boarded up but painted as well.there is working going on in them but we did not here the workmen the whole week we were there.
The hotel is in its early days this was my 5th time in Sharm & yes i would go back to this hotel again for a relaxing holiday.
If you have booked to go to this hotel please dont expect 5 Star European standards but go open minded after all Egypt is a totally different country..We have stayed in other better hotels in Sharm & one no where near as good as this one. It also depends on how much you paid ??? Few more things to add is they have put the green stuff on the Mini golf !! If you have booked to go to this hotel relax & enjoy it the pools are fab, Egyptian message superb, small gym , dont forget the grotto disco,be like the russians and be loud. the wife just reminded me they also have a pharmacy & some shops on site.The wife had a problem with the underside of her foot which the pharmacist sold her a tube of cream only three english pounds & solved the problem. Go & enjoy.

a family trip

from tyeje
it was not a five star the food was not nice,i went with my family the beach was very nice i would say that was a 5 star the rooms were ok but it would not be my fist choose to go back there.

Stay well clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from rich-soton
This was my second trip to sharm and having stayed in a 2 star hotel last time i thought i would book a nicer hotel and plumped for this one.HOW WRONG COULD I BE.In no way is this hotel a 5 star. the service is appalling,mainly from the reception staff who generally fob you off when asking for simple things.The only way to get anything like adequate service in this place is to tip the staff before you ask for anything.
We stayed in this place for a week and my wife spent day 2-6 in bed due to food poisoning which totally ruined both our holidays.The food is generally cold even if you go into the buffet restaurant as soon as it opens{i couldnt work this out}.The hotel itself is only 6 months old and is in a lovely position with an immaculate beach and very clean water.
In the restaurant some staff find it amusing to totally clear your table when you are halfway through your meal i.e when you go up to get your main course.this happened to us twice so it was rather infuriating. Another thing to note if you do decide to go here is the nightclub has been built open air so it is impossible to get to sleep till 3am ish if your room is in the first two blocks nearest reception.surely when you build a new hotel you soundproof the nightclub!!!!!!!!.Our room did nothing but vibrate to the sounds of YMCA!!!!!!!!!! I accept many people want to enjoy this but as my other half is pregnant and wanted a relaxing holiday this wasn't our cup of tea.Maybe they will build a 4th wall for the club someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .I could go on and on but maybe you would tire of reading my complaints all i will say if it wasnt for the staff in this forsaken place it would be a excellent hotel.We are intending to return to sharm next year and will definately be going elsewhere.

sharm shame

from bluand
just returned from what should be a lovely holiday but sadly was,nt. Hotel looked good, our room was large with alovely sea view. Grounds and pool area were lovely. Food and staff hygene pretty bad. The food was warm not hot, not a lot of meat on offer. We had undercooked chicken and tough beef, lots of mashed potato for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nice omelettes but you had to queue for ages but they were hot. I ate lots of pasta and chips because they were the only foods that were hot, again you had to wait ages for chips they only had two deep fryers to cater for hundreds of guests. Not an icecream in site for the children, and 4 pounds an hour for them to play pool. Bacardi and coke served in a wine glass no ice or lemon, gin and tonic in a very small glass minus ice and lemon, unless you paid, then you got a tall glass and all the trimmings. We thought we would drink our own spirits in our room and asked for a bottle of coca cola, it cost £4.50. Trying to get a cup of coffee was quite often difficult, they either had no cups or no hot water. watched a waiter picking his nose then proceeded to serve drinks without washing his hands urgh. How this hotel got a 5star rating i can,t imagine.

Stay Well Clear

from GazzaDob
Please remember this is only our opinion and as we know everybody has one, but please stay well clear of, what is in our opinion, a holiday camp trading as a five star luxury hotel. We booked the all inclusive package? Orange juice freshly squeezed, from a carton, was available at breakfast, but cost £E12. When I requested a bottle of water for my dehydration caused by the diarrohea contracted on the second day of our holiday, my partner managed to last until the third day, I was charged. Cocktails amounted to a choice of one, beer is poured from bottles, no draught , if you want two beers you share a bottle which at best had been stood against the fridge. The fish market restuarant is a snack shack next to the beach. Drinks at the beach bar, if you could get them, were served in white plastic vending cups. The food in the "restuarant" is not anyway near that of a five star hotel. The majority of the guests when we stayed were the nouveau rich eastern europeans.
Don't be put of the area though the beach and sea are really beautiful and the waiters and majority of the hotel staff were very good, if going choose your hotel very carefully and nearer to Naam bay , this hotel is 30 minutes away with nothing else around Be careful in December/January as we found it very windy.
We spoke to several other guests from liverpool, bournemouth, gloucester london everybody agreed the hotel was not five star. Two couples asked for transfers
Gary & Mags, Leeds

Regency (Rubbish) Plaza

from snowtime
We have just returned from a week at the Regency Plaza Sharm el Sheikh Nabq. After being there for 2 days I was in bed with diarrhoea for the remainder of our weeks holiday, a day later my wife had it as well. The food was best discribed as rubbish and they certainly have problems with the food and also the staffs hygine. On our first day at the pool bar I noted that the plastic glasses were being washed in the same water with no detergent being added then put sraight into a cold chest not dried or anything. The bar staff regularly opened a bottle of Sprite and drank from the bottle then would use the same bottle to top up peoples drinks not very hygineic.
The hotel and gardens are beautiful the staff cannot do enough for you the pool area is great 1 pool is heated in December you need it heated.
We complained to our rep (hotels 4 you) he stated they had a some people ill but the management thought that it was ok now whilst there my wife spoke to about 15 people who had upset tummies and diarrhoea after 10 days I am still not well.

5* minus 3*

from suzicruise
Well what can I say about a fabulous Hotel ,but really spoilt by simple things that could so easily be rectified!!!! Check in was very smooth and luggage delivered to your room (we were on the 2nd floor) our view was partly sea and mainly biulding site, but to be fare we were told we could move rooms the following day if not satisfied, but once you have unpacked you really don't want to move again, and we didn,t spend much time in our rooms. Lovely large rooms with fridge but no coffee/tea facilities, our rooms had been finished for 2 weeks but needed a very good clean, bathroom had a hairy floor hairdryer hanging of the wall, tiles coming of already and chunks of grouting, they seem to have rushed the finish and really spoilt the end result. Had to ask for clean sheets after 4 days, my daughter and son in law didn't get any change of bedding! Now to the food or shall I say lack of it!!! I am not picky and I am very easy to please were food is concerned but this area really needs improving, I asked for toast the first morning to be told the Russions had broken the toaster a few weeks ago, so I explained that toast can be done on a plancher (hotplate) and sure enough we had toast every morning (only toasted one side and cold) but Samir the restaraunt manager was really trying he watched for us everyday and reserved a table and came running out with the toast. Didn't expect bacon or full english but they had one guy cooking omlettes or fried aggs, but he only served one person at a time so you could be in a queue for 20 mins, but he couldn't grasp that you don't shake the pan with fried eggs in so they finished up scrambled! tomatoes would have been a real treat! Dinner was not much better the salad was not chilled and had the odd fly as things wern't covered, hot food was usualy warm and my son in law chose chicken one night to find it raw and luke warm, not good!!! deserts looked a little better with plenty of choice but again there was the odd fly paddling in the gateax or drowning in the 'cream' what a way to go mmmmm........ wine is only served by the glass in the restaraunt but it's not very palatable. We had the same singer for 6 nights singing the same songs in the same order, there was a dancer one night which was very good. The lager is warm and flat urhhhh. I asked for a tia maria or baileys to be told there are no liquers at all (I would gladly have paid for one) the tonic water has to be paid for but the gin is like parafin, the coffee is bitter so I had water!!! never done that before on holiday but it was nice not to have a hangover!!!! ha ha the russians and polish clients seem to enjoy neat vodka. But it is such a shame to spoil a fabulous hotel by little things that could so easily be put right hopefully they may get a british tour operator in to improve the simple things, p.s. we all had stomach upsets, I wonder why?????

This hotel was Okish

from Chel100
This is a nice hotel - Shame about the staff and the food. My partner and I had a great first 3 days here – until we got food poisoning (it is AI so we didn’t eat anywhere else). There are bad points, but also good points!

Bad points:-

•General overall finish of the hotel is shoddy i.e. tile grouting is all over the place.
•Reception staff speak little English so we couldn't really understand what was going on i.e. whilst checking in, they took our bags. When we asked where they were taking them they just grinned and carried on.
•This hotel caters mainly for the Polish. The food is edible but not to English tastes. If you like mashed potato & cabbage for breakfast this is the place for you! Don’t expect a full English!
•The food is also cold/warm even if you are first in the restaurant. Food is just left out to get cold. This is the reason my partner and I had to stay indoors for half of our holiday due to severe stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea.
•Not very hospitable – on our last day were checked out at 12pm. Our flight was at 21:10 and were not offered any food or drink during the 6 hours we were waiting in the hotel.
•The dining tables are not refreshed properly. They leave the table cloth and cutlery from the last table occupants and just put down what cutlery is missing. I picked up a soup spoon and just before I nearly put it in my soup, I discovered it was dirty.
•Waiters start setting up your dining table for the next person (badly) whilst you are still sitting there!
•Sometimes the pool bar runs out of drinks glasses and asks you to ‘come back later’.
•Entertainment is dire and there is no variety.
•The staff constantly staring/gawping at females. They don’t care if you notice!
•There are no Egyptian women to be seen anywhere.
•The staff want a tip for everything! My partner and I wheeled our suitcases from our room to the front of the hotel lobby door. They wanted money just to lift our case into the taxi! Bloody cheek!
•We had our water turned off without any explanation. A few power cuts too.

Good points:-

•Hotel lobby and hotel room was clean and spacious.
•The gardens are beautiful.
•Satellite TV! (good for when you are stuck in your room with food poisoning) it has BBC World & a good movie channel.
•They do a great omelette (cooked in front of you) in the morning. And nice bread rolls!
•Nice beach. Spotted a few fish and a crab (go to the next jetty to see more). Very peaceful apart from a little hassle from people selling bits n pieces (But you get that everywhere don’t you?).
•Free beach towels every day.
•They’re not stingy with the drinks measures. We often had to tell them to go easy on the rum!
•The maid sometimes makes pretty animals out of towels. Lovely!


•If it’s not included in your holiday, book your transfer via the hotel. It’s cheaper (90 Egyptian £s) and it saves you all the hassle of haggling with dodgy taxi drivers at the airport (We were charged (140 Egyptian £s). Plus the hotel taxis are 100 times nicer than the old rusty blue taxis at the airport.
•Take a walk along the beach (facing the sea, turn right) for a mile or so. There are a couple of jetties and the fish around them are amazing.

better than expected

from holidaymaker5
Have just returned from a 1 week stay at the regency plaza and I am a lot happier now than before I went!! Having read all the reviews I was a little anxious about the hotel but things are a lot better than expected. The rooms are huge and comfy and you will not be bothered by the noise of the ongoing building works as this is mostly inside now. No, it is not 5 star, probably 4. The pools are beautiful, but too cold to swim in!! The staff are wonderful and very helpful. Beware of tummy bugs, there is a good pharmacy just across the road from the hotel. Also bites. At night watching the entertainment you are eaten alive so take some good repellant. We had a good week here and it is amazing how walking around with a lovely suntan in November can make you feel!!

Relaxed and Chilled

from serenepark
Me and my boyfriend have just returned from The Regency Plaza and I have to disagree with all the negative reports its had. I returned feeling relaxed and very satisfied with the hotel. No its prob not a five star by English standards but if thats what you want stay in England! The pool was lovely and the facilities were good with a gym and jacuzzi attached to the hotel and your basic shops inside for snacks, suntan lotion etc, plus three bars and two restaurants. The entertainment was quite repeativive but at least they do provide games and aerobics in the day and live music in the evening, if you want to be involved. I would say its a hotel more for couples or families not if you are going on a holiday with friends as it is quite far out of Naama bay (although they have a shuttle bus there). There is a rep there daily who offers you all the excursions and arranges it for you. We only had one problem when we were there and that was as we were leaving they tried to charge us for a laundry bag we apprarently took. This happened to a few people and we had never had one but when we explained this they didnt charge us. I would definately return there it was a hassle free week and in the middle of November I returned to England with a tan having spent a week in a bikini- can you really complain!?!

Other names for Regency Plaza Resort Hotel

  • regency plaza sharm el sheikh
  • regency plaza sharm
  • regency plaza egypt
  • regency hotel nabq
  • plaza sharm el sheikh regency
  • Address: Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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