Pyramisa Resort Sharm El Sheikh Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Pyramisa Resort Sharm El Sheikh Hotel

5 star

Rooms: 470

PO Box 101 Shark Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt Hotel Website | | 2069 601091
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great hotel
Submitted by: shirley in 03/11/09
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
icannot fault this hotel.i have been twice and i intend to go again in the near future.the rooms are cleaned to a very high standard.the location is superb.the food is excellent with a good variety to choose from.the staff work extremely hard and still remain friendly and it.
General All very good
Submitted by: Trish in 02/11/09
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We booked this hotel and then read the pretty bad reviews,but were very pleasantly surprised when we got there. Everywhere was very clean and the rooms were cleaned every day including the shower curtain.
The food was always covered away from any flies even at the beach reastaurant.
We would not hesitate at booking this hotel again and yes rebooked our tours with max who was a genuine guy.
Well done Craig
Submitted by: Paul in 26/10/09
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Thanks to inaccurate accounts of this hotel people probably listen to this drivel thus bookings are low so many of us can enjoy this delightful hotel at a great value price. I'm not going to waffle on about this hotel but to sum in up:
The swimming pool/pools are massive clean and lovely. The private beaches are beautiful and sun beds are plentiful. The sea in Sharks Bay is amazing (it's like swimming in a tropical aquarium). Food is a bit repetitive however I and partner always found plenty to sample and enjoy. Local excursions were quiet cheap we paid 20 English new pounds for two adults to go on an afternoon boat trip including soft drinks and snorkelling guide (use Max, you will soon know him and he is a 100% genuinely nice guy). Evening entertainment low key but as the British are out numbered approx 8 to 1 they stuck together and we met many a good person/s to share an evening with enjoying the free alcohol. We plan to go back and as did many of the people we met at the resort frequently do.
lovely staff
Submitted by: karyn in 07/08/09
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
just got back from the pyramisa hotel in sharm.I have to say that all the staff were very helpful and friendly,the pool was great and it is also very clean.The hotel grounds are very well looked after.We had a fantastic room over looking Sharks bay and also had the extra benefit of seeing the sun set every evening.The food was ok for the first few days but after that its all the same everyday so we went out to eat in Narma Bay which is really cheep and its gret food,had lobster which was the same size as me nearly[WELL NOT QUITE]and it only cost about 30 english pounds.i would also say dont exchange your money in england do it at the hotel as its a better rate.the beach are great and you can see all the fish you want,we went on bout trip and saw exactly the same fish if not more so i wouldnt bother spending the extra money.Had a lovely trip on the camel and went star gazing where we saw the moon and jupiter really clear,took some great pics.Did have a bad tummy for a few days and a few people i spoke to also did but im sure it wasnt the food more to do will the alcohol i drank in the 50 degree heat lol.the only bad side i would say is its really hard to get a place near the pool as everyone up at 3am to claim their beds and im sure the pool boy was getting back handers from a few people,felt sorry for the people with kids who needed the shade.overall i had the best time ever and i cant say enough about the staff,so helpful and welcoming.made alot of friends and im planning to go back to the hotel next year.Perfect Holiday
First holiday to sharm el sheikh.
Submitted by: Abbey in 06/03/09
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From:
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Just got back from my 2 week holiday staying at the pyramisa, and before we left myself and my boyfriend had read lots of reviews that were a bit over the top, and unfair, so wanted to try and correct this.
The hotel is absolutely beautiful, really clean environment, work and touching up constantly being done, acres of well kept gardens surrounding and inside the hotel, 3 really lovely beaches, 2 swimming pools with poolside bar ( the water was a little too cold but thats only because we had gone in their winter season). It looked perfect. The staff are all extremely friendly, and helpful, we actually had made lots of friends whom work at the hotel that we are staying in contact with too.
The food and alcohol did let the hotel down a little though, which is a shame as you do expect more from a 5 star hotel, but I think wherever you go to in egypt its going to be a little dodgy. They do con you a bit about all of the hotels many restaurants though, as in each one it is exactly the same food, every day, probably just re-heated too. Myself and my boyfriend actually both came home with parasite infections, but apparently thats due to the sea water and not the food, we should hope. although I do have doubts about how much tap water they use in things, i.e their pizza dough etc, as you know you can only drink mineral water over there, so theres a possibility it could have been that.
The spirits were disgusting though, you may aswell had be drinking paint stripper. Good local beer though.
as for entertainment, the animation team was not very good, unless you're happy with a really poor pontins style entertainment. after dinner at 7pm, there was an hour of entertainment in the theatre which is the same thing generally every night, they never hired any dancers etc to come in, it was just very lame competitions which even the children didn't enjoy.
All in all the holiday was amazing though, I reccomend it for any couples, as naama bay is close by and theres lots to do there in the evenings, but I wouldnt really reccomend sharm el sheikh for any familys, not at the Pyramisa anyway as theres not much going on for kids atall. make sure you try scuba diving aswell whilst you're there, we went through MR.DIVER who I really reccomend, its an experience you won't want to miss
Loved it!
Submitted by: Deanne in 03/11/08
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
There for 2 weeks & it was great. Would definitely consider returning. Wouldn't class as 5* but definitely worth the money. Staff excellent, duplex great, food not bad, services fab. Massage out this world, needs more nightime entertainment tho Naama Bay not far away. Tropical fish swim at your feet on the shore ~ excellent experience.
Very Nice
Submitted by: Travel Library User in 30/10/08
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Honeymooners
It was great. Not PERFECT, but it was really nice and worth going. The food was same everywhere in pyramisa so u can't really say anything about that. I also liked the staff, and I need to say that it was how it looks in the pictures, even better. The reason why I am actullay giving it a 8 is because of the weather and the food. But don't listen to the bad reviews because people just love to make a big deal.
Submitted by: Robyn in 16/08/08
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We just got back from 2 weeks at the Pyramisa hotel in sharm el sheikh and loved it. There is so much to do there as it has 3 beaches and two pools and daily activities to do and even trips you can book through the hotel, which are very cheap. The only problem was the food which could have been alot better and would be better if it catered for the European guests. However the staff were all very friendly and all the staff who worked in the shopping centre part of the hotel. It was a fabulous holiday and I would definitely go back there and I do recommend it to anyone who wants to stay in Egypt.
Not a 5*
Submitted by: danielle in 11/08/08
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Not a 5* hotel,terrible food, not very friendly staff, apart from the animation team. No entertainment at night for adults. Pools very dirty, also lost my camera in the disco(xl) and nobody botherd to hand it in!!!
Great Staff, Good Location, Lousy Food
Submitted by: Joyce in 10/05/08
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Retired
The hotel has the facility to be really good if only someone can sort out the restaurants! The food is all buffet style (not good in the heat) and is left open to the flies that plague the area. We resorted to living on the chips and pizzas which were fresh cooked.

The flies and other bugs have a great diet with so many tourists to choose from so take a good repellent with you.

We found all the staff to be good tempered, hard working and very helpful.

The fabric of the hotel is probably due for a refurbishment but the rooms were cleaned to a high standard and the bedlinen clean and changed often.

This cosmopolitan hotel should be better than it is.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Pyramisa Resort Sharm El Sheikh Hotel

What are you complaining about?!!

from Hayhay_7
I CANNOT believe the terrible comments I have read about the Pyramisa. I read all the negative comments before traveling and was expecting a run down hotel, with the worry that I was going to die from severe food posioning just from smelling the food. With the bombs that went off a few weeks before I travelled I was seriously considering running to the travel agents to cancel the holiday.

The holiday did start badly with a 24hour delay (travelled with Excel airways) and I did really think the holiday was doomed.

We finally arrived to the resort and were greated by friendly bell-boys whom looked after our bags whilst we checked in very efficently. The reception area was very nice, with big running waterfull features and spacious seating areas.

After check in, the bell-boy took us off to our rooms. As a family of 5, (3 generations) we were expecting rooms all over the complex and were very happy when we were taken to a villa style room (this was not requested when we booked the holiday), which basically was a 'house' split over two floors with a spacious living room, dining area, kitchen and toilet. We all had our own rooms within the villa (with own room number a key) with on-suite bathrooms. The villa was very spacious and could sleep at least 8 people.

The villa was always clean and well kept and we had no problems with insects. The only negative was the double bed I had was hard and uncomfy, but all the other beds in the villa were lovely and soft. Because we had a spare room with two single beds, we had the choice to sleep on them. The other thing was the water run a brown/red colour, but if you let it run a little, this will clear up. The water was also warm and there was never a shortage. The hairdryer did break twice, but was fixed so quickly I had no time to report it.

The main pool was lovely, and we had no problems what-so-ever getting a sun bed in the morning. We all had a lovely massage by the pool and there were several activities around the pool if you want to join in.

Beach number 1 was nice, and you don't need to snorkel to see all the fish around you, as there were plently of fish in the clear water.

The food was FINE. No-one in the family got a hint of an upset stomach. The whole time we were there the food was hot and there was a nice variety of food. The service in the restaurants was excellent too.

The staff were lovely, and considering they work 16 hours for 30 days for only £120 I can understand why they may have been rude to people that were probley ten times ruder and bloody 'up-themselves' to them! We found all the staff very helpful, friendly and we were well looked after by them all. We were never ignored and left waiting too long for service. The staff were very efficent and brought drinks to our table without us asking (we hadn't even finished our drinks and more were brought over).

The other thing that made me laugh after reading the negative reviews was the complaints about being served drinks in plastic half measured cups. This was only for drinks served around the pool and at the swim up bar. So what do you expect! If they had served drinks in glass around the pool and it just happened to break, and just happened to be trodden on by one of the complainers all hell would have broken lose!!

We did tip the staff and they were grateful for whatever amount.

Naama bay was great, and yes the entertainment was not brillient at the Pyramisa in the evening, but Naama bay was cheap and exciting and safe with lots of places to eat, drink, shop and generally have a good time.

There were plenty of stairs around the resort, but hey, my 81yr old grandad managed them, and NO we did not count how many there were as we had better things to do!!

This was the second visit to Egypt and the Pyrimisa was 1000 times better than out first visit which was to Dreams Beach Resort.

I would agree the Pyrimisa was not a 5* hotel (but this is Egyptian rating), but I would 100% go back there again. If you are the type of people that make the most out of your holiday you can make the Pyrimisa as good or bad as you want.

whoa whoa whoa... Lets be honest!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Both myself and my girlfriend spent 2 weeks at this resort, and lets be honest for £700 each for 2 weeks, your not going to get the Ritz! All though alot of people seemed to expect that hearing that it is a 5* resort. What you get is what you pay for.

The Rooms were 3* at best simple at what more do you need?? They were cleaned on a daily basis there was a fridge, bath, shower, sink and a bed personally thats all I wanted!

The Food was adequate enough in the none a la carte restuarants, the food a la carte restuarants was lovely, inparticular the Chinese. Word of advice the hotel food gets a little samey after so treat yourself to a trip to naama bay, go to Hard Rock cafe you wont be disappointed.

The main pool was huge full of kids so if you want it quieter go to one of the smaller pools.

The Entertainment is mainly targeted at the kids, as a lot of familys from all nationalitys tend to go there.

The Staff were very friendly and helpful. Word of advise tip them from the start they remember you! 60p or a £1 is nothing to us but its alot to these people they really appreciate it!

Dont come to this resort expecting a 5* imaculate resort your not going to get that, what you will get is an enjoyable time in a 3* hotel.

Hope you find this helpful.

Be realistic

from GeordieGirl2
Dear All,

Returned from the Pyramisa last week - and as this review is entitled. BE REALISTIC. I only discovered this site after booking my package - and was very worried after reading some of the reviews. However I do think it is all down to expectations - and if you want 5 star luxury then you have to pay 5 star prices and not what we paid for the Pyramisa.

This hotel was probably a 5 star when it was built (20 yrs ago?) - but as an Egyptian 5 star it must now equate to a 3 star. It is ok -just a little bit tired round the edges. We found the hotel to be clean and the staff very friendly with the exception of the Reception staff (no tips?). As many of the other reviews point out, there are problems with the food.

Whilst you can generally find something to eat, it is not fantastic. We did have a couple of tummy upsets, but honestly this may have been down to the heat. The people who were complaining the loudest were the ones who sat in the sun all day, drank too much and piled their plates high with whatever was going. It would be good to have a little culinary pampering on holiday - but if that is what you want I'd save it for another holiday! Be fair - how can you expect your body to cope with the extreme heat and change of diet? Eat "light", go easy on the alchohol, and keep hydrated and you should be ok.

The entertainment was rather limited, and the place generally lacked atmosphere, which is a shame - as with a little effort it could be improved. I don't think I've ever seen as many families playing cards!! There were at least 10 different nationalities in the hotel - so it wouldn't be easy to please everyone, and if you want karaoke and bingo you'd be better sticking to Spain!

We were lucky and only one flight of steps away from the pool/dining areas, but I can see it might be a problem for some as it is a very large complex.

The pool, the snorkelling and the weather were all fantastic and we will return to Sharm again although next time I'd check this site before I book, increase my budget, and go at another time of year (nothing prepared me for the ferocity of the heat!!) as 50 degrees is a bit uncomfortable. If you're all inclusive and the hotel becomes your world for a couple of weeks - then you deserve to get the best you can.

Hope my comments are of use and you have a good time.

Best wishes.


from A TripAdvisor Member
I took a group of 12 to the Pyramisa from the 11th August – 18th August all-inclusive!

Our flight to Sharm was delayed by 3 hours so not a very good start! When we arrived at the airport we collected our luggage quite quickly and went to the taxi rank (we didn’t book the transfers as they are a waste of time and money) We managed to get 2 taxis for £30.00 for all of us which was great considering that the tour operator was offering us transfers for £15pp. on the way back to the airport we booked out transfer via guest relations at the hotel and it cost us £15.00 for us all.

Upon arrival at the hotel we were dropped off by the main entrance as no cars were allowed to go into the hotel. This reassured us somewhat as a few of us were a bit apprehensive to travel to Sharm after the bombings. We checked in which was a bit of a drama but we got there in the end. We were allocated a 4-bedroom chalet and a 2-bedroom chalet. The porters took our luggage to our room and we tipped them and they left!

The chalet was very nice and adequate for our needs. Although on the first night there we saw a HUGE cockroach in the shower. We laughed it off as these kind of insects are expected in countries like this! The only other thing to mention about the chalet was the shower. The water came out YELLOW the whole time we were there. I called housekeeping about 3 times and no one came which was nice!!! After fiddling with the taps we realised that there was a trick to getting the water clear, you had to set the shower to luke warm and not hot. Even so, you would not expect this from a so-called 5 star hotel but hey, we were on holiday to enjoy ourselves and not complain.

The pool was huge and I thought that it should have been kept a lot cleaner than it was. I was told by one of the other guests at the hotel that the pool is only cleaned once a week, which, if it’s true, is terrible. The wave pool was good fun but it could have been cleaner!

Anyway, The food at the hotel was ok. I don’t think we could have lasted 2 weeks on the same stuff. We ended up eating Pizza and Pasta a lot of the time. We all got a tummy upset at some point during the week and one member of the group got severe food poisoning and had to have an injection and a load of tablets. But after the injection he was fine!

We did the day trip to Cairo and the Almeira Yacht Trip. Both were fantastic. The trip to Cairo was a bit of a killer and it was very very hot. When we got around to seeing the Pyramids it was about 46 degrees!! It was like walking in fire. The whole trip was truly amazing even for me as I had been to Cairo before last June! The one thing I will say about the trip was the flight to Cairo. It was the worst flight I have EVER been on in my life. The AC in the plane was either broken or non-existant and it was literally like a Sauna! As for our Tour Guide Bob, he was difficult to understand at times but he was brilliant. We had a good laugh with him…. (Actually my friendssss!)

The Almeira trip was fascinating. We had a brilliant time on this yacht and I highly recommend it to anyone! We set off at 7.30am and sailed into the middle of the Red Sea, the views were breathtaking and the Sea was sooo blue it was unbelievable. The first stop was a snorkelling stop. I had never done snorkelling before but wanted to try it. Once I was in the sea I put on my mask and looked in and nearly had a panic attack. It was sooo vast and clear underneath, you could see absolutely everything. Once I got used to breathing through the snorkel I was fine. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. After about an hour in the sea we went on board again and had a bit of a dance. We were then taken to the most beautiful deserted beach ever. It was sandy and the water was crystal clear. We stayed here for about an hour and got back on board for lunch. After lunch we stopped off at another snorkelling hotspot and we actually saw a reef shark, which was a bit scary, bit amazing as well! All in this entire trip was brilliant and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Back to the hotel, the majority of the staff were quite rude and were always tutting when we ordered drinks at the bar. We just overlooked this, as we were not there to argue or complain, we just wanted a good time. Some of the staff there were very nice. As for the guests, the British were fine the Russians and Germans, very rude and arrogant. As for sun beds…you really do have to wake up at 5.00am to get a bed. Throughout the whole week I think I woke up early once, which was at around 7.30am. So I thought I’d be clever and go and reserve some beds. I got there and EVERY single one was taken!!!!! Charming. So most of the week we made do with a Table and a few chairs to dump our stuff on and we just stayed at the pool bar all day! The beach was ok. Quite pebbly, but after going to the beautiful beach on the Almeira Yacht, we didn’t really go back to the hotel beach.

All in all we had a brilliant time. Holidays are what you make of them and if you are going to Nit pick the whole time then you can expect to have a horrible holiday. We were content in our own company and we had such a laugh. If I was rating this holiday I would give it a 3 Star and not a 5. It’s not somewhere that I would go to as a couple but it’s ideal for a big group.

If anyone has any questions, just email me on


Hated The Pyramisa

from yorkshirelass2312
We arrived at the Pyramisa late on Sunday night and first impression was what a beautiful complex-it was it was just badly run.The all inclusive system is ajoke drinks served in the tiniest plastic cups,we had our thermal mugs but they refused to put beer inthem.6.30am is amust if you want a bed by the pool, on day 3 they decided to abide by the rules and everyones towels were removed-but the next day it was back to 6.30 again!The crockery and glasses were either dirty or cracked and the Head Waiter upon seeing a dirty cup on our table proceeded to swap it with one on the next table.The Buffet was full of flies -cant comment on the a la cartes as due to one or the other of us having a bad stomach we were unable to try them.The milk jugs on the tables at breakfast smelled rancid not sure whether the milk was sour or was it due to the jugs never being washed?Everyone has a litre of water per day allowance and even this was past its use by date.The pool was only cleaned once all the time we were there and my friend became ill with gastroenteritis the same day he inadvertently drank some pool water.Dont be fooled that tipping keeps them sweet we tipped and more than once were waiting for drinks for the best part of anhour.Entertainment is none existant and Naama Bay is well recommended we only managed to get there the night before we left due to either one or the other of us needing to be no further than 2 feet from the toilet.On the upside the rooms were spotless and if anyone deserved a tip it was the man who looked after our room he worked really hard and nothing was too much trouble.Beach One was lovely the Snorkelling magnificent but this is not enough to make me want to return.Never Again! A final word of warning I dont want to go into details but be very wary of the Safety Deposit Boxes behind the Cashiers Desk.

Had a great time.

from muggy
When we first stepped off the plane the heat hit us, but it felt great.
We did however get fleeced at the airport, as you come through customs you are bombarded with locals offering to carry your luggage, I mean they are snatching it out of your hands. We ended up paying £10.00 for an airport trolly, it was that expensive i wanted to bring it home instead of discarding it by the coach.
When we got to the Hotel Pyramisa, it was really late around 11.00pm, there were beds made up for my husband and myself but not for the children, we waited until 1am for those, the mini bar just had water and two bottles of beer, we were starving too.
So not such a good start...........but in the morning when I woke up, I walked over to the window opened the curtains, WOW, the view was awesome, overlooking the Red Sea with the pinky coloured mountains as a back drop.
We went for our breakfast, o.k no english toast, but the food was fine, there was choice and we found that everyday we would try something different, although I must say a nice cup of tea would have gone down a treat ( don't forget to take your teabags ) as their tea is like Kwik Saves own make on a bad day.
Yes we did find the sun beds were gone quite early in the morning, so I used to get an early morning call around 8.00am and go to the pool with my towels, no problem.
Where we were situated at the hotel, there was a smaller outdoor pool, so this was great, you could see it from our patio it was just across the lawn.
Cockroaches, yes did see them, but it's a hot country so you will get them, however didn't see any in our room.
The staff at the hotel were wonderful, they were so good with the children, they were so friendly and spoke good english.
We went on a camel ride to the desert which was fantastic and I urge anyone going on holiday there to do the camel ride, it was a real taste of Egypt.
We smoked a water pipe, had tea, watched the sun set over the Desert and had a barbeque, then listerned to some traditional Bedouin music played live by the locals, and had a little dance to boot.
We did go into Na-ama Bay which was lovely, we got a taxi ride, abit hairy in the taxi as no-one drives with lights on, they are only used to flash taxi's infront to move over as they want to overtake. No seat belts either, so you do arrive with sweaty palms.
The shops in Na-ama Bay are fantastic, it's so different, there's loads of restaurants in the streets where you can just chill out. We went to the Camel Bar a roof top terrace wher you can view the whole of Na-ama Bay. Next door is the Indian Restaurant, where food is cooked whilst you wait, it's open air.
The next day we swam with the fish in the Red Sea, I love to say that, it was unreal, the sea is so clean, it's really lovely.
We only stayed for the week, we tried to get a second week as we enjoyed it so much, plus we were more settled and into a routine but there were no flights avalible, so we came home.
All in all we had a fantastic time. I forgot to mention the B.B.Q on a friday evening, with entertainment, lovely.
Dodgy tummies, yes we had them, but at the hotel there is a 24hr doctor with antibiotics and such, he's just outside the main entrance to the left, not in the hotel market place as we thought. Anyway you do expect the trotts when you go abroad.
Anyway a great time, it's what you make of it. We would go back, infact I'm missing Egypt already, what a truly beautiful country.

Be Warned

from A TripAdvisor Member
Whatever the blurb may say, be warned, this is NOT a 5 star hotel. It may just about scrap 3 stars on a clear night. Ok so it's a big hotel but as they say, it's not always size that matters.
Let's cut to the chase. You'd expect a hotel like this to have a couple of restaurants, bars and and a pool so I'm not going to make a big splash about these. The restaurants, if you could get in them (I was turned away from two on arrival because I was told they were closed when actually they weren't-yes I was confused too) served plentiful but basic meals so no complaints here. However, give the Chinese a wide berth or it could well be you making the big splash the following morning according to my researchers.
After a long hot day at the beach what better than a cold drink at the bar. With such a busy hotel you'd expect bar staff a plenty. Wrong. The queues were long and the end result disappointing. Half a glass of frothy beer in a plastic glass didn't cut it with this hardened travellor. It was cold though. Just that it had warmed up a bit by the time it reached your mouth. Now don't quote me on this but I think some of the decorative 'mummies' were actually customers.
On day two I asked for an iron for my room (well clothes do get creased in transit!). I was in room 1025. If it's arrived can you let me know please? And so it goes on. To be fair the staff were friendly and always smiling.
The rooms were clean and tidy with good air conditioning and were serviced daily.
So there you have it. I had a great time in Sharm but to be honest probably wouldn't go back to the Pyramisa. Being British I guess it's all to do with standards or am I being old fashioned?
Go and enjoy yourself, I certainly did but don't expect too much. Oh, and if you like to make yourself tea and coffe in your room, take your own, it's not provided.
Now, where to next.......................?

holiday in sharm

from ehabibi99
I'm italian and i was in Pyramisa last june. Even if i read that the hotel was not good i went... Really i was surprise: staff really kind , in the restaurants a variety of foods, the room clean and nice.
Really i don't understand why a lot of peaple complain about the hotel.
Sure if i like spend my holiday in Sharm i'll stay in Pyramisa again.

Once been never forgotten

from AREEBA_7
The 4/5 star Pyramisa is as one of the other reviewers stated, lovely on arrival and the reception area is the only part of the hotel that is 4/5 star. We were taken on a very long journey down to our room which had a fabulous view of the sea. We had single beds which had patterned covers on, one of which had a nice oil slick on them which was black. After the first day though they are put away and you are presented with beds that look more akin to the army than a hotel room. The blue blankets were bobbly and folded so tightly on the bed you couldn't get into them! We did however have air conditioning for which I was extremely grateful. There are no deposit boxes in the rooms and you have to leave any valuables with the cashier in the reception area. As our room was quite away from there we used our lockable luggage. The well stocked fridge upon arrival consisted of two bottles of beer and two bottles of water, which wouldn't be replaced after use (unless you tipped).

The room was kept clean though and although we had problems with the toilet flushing (most embarassing when you have a jippy tummy), they were quick to repair it.

The food was very repetitive and we had two weeks there! Most of the dishes were made of chicken which included the bones, and whether it was beef or whatever it all tasted about the same. Omlettes were good though. The bar staff were friendly and we didn't tip until the end of the week so we couldn't say that they only worked for tips. It was hard to get a seat though as the main bar didn't have enough and it took ages to get served. The pool bar only had about 5 seats which sat at the bar and about 4 tables with 4 chairs around the outside, most people were sitting on the sun beds in the evenings as there was no entertainment (or what you could call entertainment). I have never seen so many people playing cards because there was nothing else to do.

Trips - Unless you like snorkelling there is not many trips that you could go on. The one that was most popular was the Bedwin Nights, this consisted of a 45 minute camel ride (of which I do not like) and a meal, the history of the Bedwins is then explained to you. The Ras Mohammed National Park included snorkelling. They do not ask if you are a good swimmer and some people found it difficult swimming back as it was against the current. The Lazy Boat day consisted of snorkelling as well as sunning yourself on the boat. My husband walk the Sinai Mountain and seen a lot of people walking with flip flops on etc. It takes approximately 3 hours to get there by bus and then you climb for quite awhile and there are over 700 steps to the top but he did say this was well worth it. Not for the faint hearted though. We did a glass bottom boat trip which was quite good and reasonably priced.
Trips to Cairo and Luxor were £135 and £175 respective. This included a flight to Cairo or Luxor.

A trip to Nama bay mustn't be missed just for the experience. There is a McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and Hard Rock Cafe there, meals are cheap. The only thing that puts you off going to Nama is the people who run the shops. They pester the living daylights out of you and ask you to come in for their business card, to sign their guest book and to give you a present. Don't whatever you do go with them, they end up offering you tea, coffee etc. and then you can't get out of there!

Snorkelling was brill, I seen a different type of fish everyday I went out and the colours were amazing. Be warned though there are dramatic drops just off from the beach.

Weather was brill it reached 44 degrees one day. Pool was good they have a slide and a wave machine there.

Would I go back, definitely not. There wasn't enough to do there and you couldn't just go for a walk as there was absolutely nowhere to go. My husband was bored stupid after the first week and even I who love to sunbath and relax got bored by the second week and was ready to come home.


from leecoyle
Having recently returned from a 2 weeks stay at the above hotel, Its not difficult to see that the reviews are astoundingly mixed. it IS about perceptions to a larger degree but when it comes to plain old manners and good customer service the hotel really lets itself down. It was hit or miss if you got the right drink after seating yourself in the bar, and often we had to ask several times before our orders arrived - memory lapses were common.

The food issue I beleive was more about the temperature, I didnt eat anything either hot or cold the entire stay, it was all luke warm or room temperature, perhaps that explains the rife tummy bugs. I was ill from the 7nth day onwards and my partner escaped until the final day.
Yes the 'friendly' staff would trail their fingers across your table as your sat at it, then do a see-saw with your food or drink when taking it away or even before you've finished on occassion! - childs play, the hilarity... I burnt my finger on coffee doing this! (Id insult the waiters at this point if I was allowed to on here!!) We suggest you do yourselves a favour and eat in Naama bay.

The room was fine and it was cleaned regulary, though that again was inconsistant. Towel swans and hearts appeared every so often on the bed, a clean mop and a bit air freshner wouldnt have gone amiss.
They are not especially greatful for tips either, its simply expected, no matter how much you give, the staff were generally non-plused.
If you decide to complain, well, I cant say its going to help your cause, a sudden lack of understanding of any English creeps in and we have even encountered shrugs and 'come back tomorrow' statements. Charming.
Should you ask for a different matteress on your bed as it may feel like sleeping on granite, then simply expect another one exactly the same and so on. I dont agree with those reviews that maintain you shouldnt expect to much and that 'you get what you pay for,' my Partner paid £1200 for the two of us for this Holiday, thats good money to me; and we expected at the very least decent food and customer service, unfortunatly we got neither.

Top Local Tips for Sharm El Sheikh

Fixed price transfer Contacted Sinai Taxis before going and booked transfers at a fixed price, so no haggling. They have a web site for contact details.

A MUST! > Boat trip to Tiran Island > Quad bikes in desert > Scuba Diving in the Red sea.

best holiday don't let the Russians barge in


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  • Address: PO Box 101 Shark Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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