Panorama Sharm El-Sheikh Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Panorama Sharm El-Sheikh Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh

Rooms: 230

Naama Bay Heights - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt Hotel Website | | 20 69 3603883
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Panorama Sharm El-Sheikh Hotel

Its alright.....just nothing special

from LornaJWestSussex
Ok, so here i was thinking when i booked this holiday, omg what is this hotel like as there is very little information on the hotel anywhere. Ill start of with my reason for booking the holiday. Ide been looking for quite a few months, but wasnt deciding on the hotel as i partly couldnt decide and partly wanted to wait till the prices came down. I had been watching this hotel for a while on teletext, but had been looking at alot of others also. It got to a point where ide left it rather last minute and was running out of options. So my reason for choosing this hotel was mainly because it seemed good value and there was almost a sense of hope that this hotel could actually be a nice suprise, But all im going to say is dont expect too much. I am one of these people that believes that holidays are down the experience you have, so sometimes the hotel and its amenaties arnt always too important, if you have a fairly open mind and dont expect too much from your hotel (concidering the price remember) then you should have a good time. One of the barmen on the last day asked me if i would be back...i replyed with no, but dont worry it wasnt all that bad! the hotel isnt all that big, but then again i stayed on a resort in sharm last year, so in comparison, this hotel seemed rather small, the pool is alright, looks pretty but there was rather lot of chemicals in it. some staff are just damn right annoying, rude and dont really care. But sometimes if you dont look too deeply into them and expect too much from them theyre not all that bad. I never felt they particualy went out theyre way for me but some of them either pretended to be polite or genraly were friendly. The chef who did a barbeque everynight, was very nice, but i feel this was because i never really asked anything off him! Sometimes there was a few too many people round the pool so we didnt get any loungers, this was rather irritating and we ended up on our boiling hot melted lilos for a while! The drinks there on all inclusive werent great either, but to be fair what do you expect? they could hardly afford to give you too much remember! the amount of money you pay at the end of the day! you get local spirits...large measures but hardly enjoyable, the only thing i could really happily drink was beer. I think it would have been nice if staff had brought you drinks or atleast tryed a little harder to accomodate you. My other concern was the guy who dealt with the taxis, he was a nightmare. He was never impliote but just didnt seem to feel any need to actually keep his customers happy. They say you have to wait till 7pm to book the 8pm shuttle bus....but thats a load of rubbish and the bloody guy would never be there at 7 and when we questioned it with reception...theyre reply was...'he be here at 7'....even though it was 15mins past they didnt seem to care...then the bleeding taxi guy would tell you the bus was full, or argue that you werent on the list till you actually pointed it'd ask for a taxi. They didnt turn up. They charged you quite a lot more that any other taxi aswell, btw make sure you dont pay anymore than 15egyption pounds for the taxi, but hani the taxi organiser wont budge on his price of 10per person. So when we booked our taxi for 8, it gets to 9 oclock, we ask where it is, he says 10 mins, we ask again where it is 10mins later, he says 10 more mins,we ask 5 mins later where is it, he turns round and has a go at you because its only been 5 mins.....forgetting the fact that its over an hour since it was originaly booked for....he hadent even booked it! i would just suggest if you cant get the shuttle, just walk, i duno what other reviewers are on about, you can easily walk it! just make sure you take the short cut (theres a tiny card on hani's desk that explains it) you go through the apartment block at the back and down the hill, it only takes 10 mins and if you are too hot, theres always a taxi wanting to pick u up on the way for half the price! I do think that we were just unlucky with our room aswell, it didnt have a safety depost box, it had THE smallest balcony on the complex and was almost as if they had dumped the room in a corner to fill space. Other reviews say how clean the room was...ours wasnt so clean, they never mopped the floor, the drain stunk in the bathroom and the walk in shower wasnt cleaned untill the last day, wasnt very pleasent. They insisted on putting the clean towel on the toilet! The cleaners would insist on doing the room at 5/6 or in the morning, genraly just any point when we may be in, and then would have the cheek to ask for 'a present'. It got to the point where i'd run away from them if they were there and then they would shout at me to come back....NO! :) The food.....wasnt too bad, not as bad as a hotel i stayed in last year, i mean it is egypt remember. But you did sometimes struggle to make a meal out of things, but dont worry just eat out sometimes, its not that expensive! My main thing to people would be just to say. If you want a low budget holiday, its last minute and you dont have a huge budget, then concider this hotel, its not all that bad, and just be open minded and not expect too much, but dont worry it wont be a holiday from hell and still enjoyable. But if you would like a better service then spend that extra £50-£400 more and book somewhere else. Its certainly not the worst, but definatly not the best!


from Mahmoood87
If you want the shits, go here, if you want egyptian bug, go here, if you want rude staff, go here, if you want ridges in the slide, go her., if you have booked this hotel... unlucky! ha... honestly though... this hotel is not worth anything over the £390 we payed for especially when you see the other hotels in sharm! for example, the best by far being the tropitel or marriott! these put namma heights to the shitter! on the other hand, the weather is brilliant and some of the staff their are really nice and funny! ali is a dik!... abdal and maged AKA baged is quality! if you are going soon, mention pummelling a fire extinguisher off the balcony,,, they will laugh!... if you go ahead with this,, dont worry too much, you wont get chucked out and its just a 300 egyptian pound fine,,, around £30"! not bad for ten mins fun! ha,...Overall, this hotel is not good for young lads and more for the older generation who want a relaxing hol who dont give 2 monkeys about the food!... my first day meals included of...:
Breakfast: 3 pieces of bread and a sprite
Dinner: 3 pieces of bread and a breadstick
Tea: had enough of bread and ordered a pizza which yes.. i had to pay for in an all inclus hol!

Nightlife is good although we only got in clubs twice out of 7 nights!! too drunk, etc being the cause for the other missd nights! watersports, waterpark and quad biking in the dessert is a must!! and just like the title says,, mahmoooooooooooooooood! is a legend!!

Honest review!

from sammyboyDerby
Me and my mates came on 20th June and honestly wasnt majorly impressed! The hotel is really nice, great pool, weather, staff etc but the food is terrible!! We looked around other hotels and saw that the choice was alot bigger, with many others offering steak bars, fish bars and the rest! all that was on here was a buffet that looked like it had been imported from northern sudan! The hotel is good. Dont no what this story about flies is about, none when we were there. Not a lads holiday hotel we worked that out but still the area is party mad! Just had to the daltra vita nightclub 10m,ins away open only friday its a castle with a foam party..... and dont spray fire extinsghers off the balcony they are full of dessert like material that really makes a mess and will bring a £300 fine your way. also behave on the slides as you will get a days ban.... dont sing after 11 because u will get sercurity on your door step..... dont put sun beds on your balcony either because they will wake you up at 4am asking for it back... dont count stars at 4am on the balcony they like to watch you...dont jump in the swimming pool at night it is full of chemicals....and sleep on sunbeds the mozzys will get you....dont tell the staff your from holland either they dont seem to gel well with the dutch and dont get on the wrong side of the taxi man he does have a temper! apart from that brill hoilday! so enjoy!!!


from becki021
Could not of had a better holiday. The hotel was lovely always clean and tidy, the staff were very friendly and could not do enough to help you. They all spoke very good english, and there was always a manager about, if you had any problems, which we didn't. I really cant understand the bad reveiw, as for the fiies. It really was not as bad as he is making out!!! And how can you expect to go on holiday abroad with no flies??????
The hotel itself was perfect for the price, there was alot to do and there is still more being added to it. They have a aqua park, beauty facilities, gym, computer area. They had different shows on nearly every other night, ranging from belly dancing to african shows.The pool area is beautiful and always kept clean, tidy and very well presented.
Naama bay is only a 10-15 min walk from the hotel. But if you dont fancie walking reception are more than happy to order you a taxi, or book you onto the free shuttle bus which runs regularly. I really have not got a bad word to say about this hotel or the staff members. We had an amazing holiday and couldn't of asked for more. i would definatly reccomend it to others and i will most certianly come again.

Excellent value and lovely staff

from ClickLondon
The hotel is situated about ten minutes walk from Naama Bay which was perfect for us as we wanted a bit of peace and quiet. The room was clean and had a balcony overlooking the pool, a/c worked fine and the staff were very helpful and friendly. The pool was great and the poolside bar stayed open until 11pm which was fine as we were up early every day to go on trips. The food was fine (some days better than others) but for the price it was absolutely excellent value for money (we paid £360 each for ten days all inclusive with flights and transfers from Gatwick). I would highly recommend this hotel and will definitely use it again if we go back

Excellant all round great service

from parrfold
I have also come back from Egypt and what a time we had, , the thing you must remember if you want 5 star service and surroundings book the Hilton or the Marriot and pay 4 times as much as you will pay for the Naama Heights!!

.I have just returned from Naama Heights, what an excellant chioce of hotel, the hotel in well located and has shuttle buses provided to take you to the beach and old Sharm, Naama bay.A short walk from the hotel will bring you to supermarkets, star bucks and even Mc Donalds !!
Please don't be put off the photo's already posted, these are from an adjoining villa rental property and NOT the hotel, the Villa properties have been fenced off and is NOT part of the Naama heights.
The rooms are very well maintained, and any problem you may have just ask and the staff are more than happy to help.
all in all the service was excellant, the staff were Brill, towels laid out for each morning, drinks served to you all day at the pool side and the resturant staff were brill,the food was fine my 2 girls didn;t want to come home, a big that to Amer on the bar, and the general manager Amr who made our stay an excellant experience.
The hotel is great value for money we paid £300 for 2 weeks all inclusive for the hotel, lets face it guy's you get what you pay for in this day & age!!
As for the weather well 2 weeks of not a cloud in the sky!!!.

I disagree totally with last reviewer

from debbiegjones
I can only describe our experience at Panorama Naama (Naema) Heights as 100% positive. I have travelled the world staying in the only 7* star hotel in the world amongst others. My 15 year old daughter and I paid the equivalent of £17.50 per night each for a fully inclusive break, having booked last minute and being our first time to Egypt. The hotel is stated as a 4* which it obviously is not in UK terms but we were in Egypt! For example the lobby bar was a little dated!! The hotel staff from cleaners to restaurant manager were 1st class. Our room was cleaned daily with sheets and towels changed, the pool staff placed the complimentary towels on our sunbeds each morning and the restaurant staff carried our food to the tables once we had selected. There is a complimentary minibus to the private beach in Naama Bay (10 mns away). We were treated like vip's (there were only 12 British in the hotel) and the staff really appreciated the British (Welsh) manners. The pool bar staff were first class bringing cocktails to our table with heart shaped straws and looking after the children that were there with unendless patience. There were minimal flies/mosquitos I think the last reviewer was in a totally different place. We did the desert quad biking (which was fab) and although there was minimal information for British in the hotel our Wings representative was extremely helpful. We will definitely be back!

stay away at all costs

from padman2463
Flies,flies, flies, says it all about the PANORAMA NAAMA (NAEMA) HEIGHTS, located besides the municipal rubbish tip, we were plagued by flies everywhere, not just your average flies, but more aggressive and persistant than AL-QEDA!!!! Hotel about a 20 min downhill walk to sea and 30 up-hill back, but if you walk expect aggressive taxis to constantly hassle you, all around hotel are unfinished developments, now abandonded, roads not finished and no lighting. Hotel has no worthwhile facilities or entertainment, if you like continuous taped repetitive music, you're ok, the 'DJ' was a stiff, no daytime animation at all, this is proberbly explained by the fact that if you go all-inc they do not like you to drink, hence the polstyrene, re-used miniture plastic cups, the food was so bad even the flies complained, we had [--] everyday. Reception and internal bar was grubby, staff just useless beyond belief, very rude, complaints ignored by them and the rep (WINGS TRAVEL/YOURHOLIDAY.COM). Toilets reeked, one was used as a staff room, where feet washing in the sinks was a regular occurrance. Pool and pool area not cleaned or chemicals added in the 2 weeks, mould visible in grout, film on floors etc. Gym dirty and dangerous(no water,towels,air-con,supervision, exposed 440volt box, 100+temp, only open10-4.00pm). We encountered the filth of all night parties by our east european' friends' every morning and no attempt to clean up was made till about 10am, not very nice. Regularly ran out of beers, vodka, soft drinks.If you go on trips, expect to get fleeced for videos/photos etc, ditto prices at bars/restaurants do not include a near 25% hit in taxes/service charge. If you shop or use taxis, assume you are being ripped off and offer no more than 30-50%, rep prices £32, using locals price in dollars and euro and generally 40% cheaper, take euros/dollars/pounds and pay in advertised currency and you will not be scammed on exchange rate( anything from7-9 le to £). Best things are the sun/sea and of course you can pose as a scuba diver, but sinse every man and his dog ponses around as a diver, you will look a pratt as well !!!!

Amazin Vacation

from Mirozzzz
me and my cousines went to this amazin hotel last month, we had a blast, the animation guy Jamica is awsome we were very lucky cause the hotel has just opened a new aqua park, i recommend this hotel to everyone who wants to have fun, BTW the hotel is full of pretty girls :-P

Never again - dirty and still non stop loud music

from keithwalt
Certainly not a place to come to relax. The constant loud music seems to be enjoyed by drunk Russians which sets the scene for the complex. The whole complex and surrounding area is just a rubbish tip.

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  • panorama sharm el sheikh
  • Address: Naama Bay Heights - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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