Ocean Club Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Ocean Club Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh

Rooms: 70

City Council St - Sharm El Sheikh - PO 312 - Egypt | 0020693664302
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Back to basics

from amie_p
If you just need a reasonably priced place to crash, this fits the bill. So if you are out on a boat all day diving and just need breakfast plus a good sized room, with good sized comfortable beds, with good air conditioning and a hot shower this place will do for you. But the food was not too varied. The floor in our room was swept but not mopped clean. The shelves in the wardrobe were really dusty. The towel man could never be found to change towels before having to leave for the day's diving. Reception staff have a good understanding of English but were rude when resolving problems. It was not made clear that the charge for the safety deposit box was a fee and not a returnable deposit. There is a pleasant roof terrace bar and a decent bar / pub called T2 plus a handy shop for water etc just next door. If you are not sure about diving with Ocean College, stay here and dive with Pirates Dive Club just down the road. Ask for Moody. He's anything but moody and will make sure that you have a safe, personal, thoroughly enjoyable diving experience.

This is an excellent little hotel.

from Humbug86
Me and my mum book this hotel in June last Year, i had never been to Egypt before so i was abit wary. We paid £149 each, so we thought we might get a bit of a dump, BUT NO! this hotel is lovely! its a diving hotel, with Padi diving school next door. There are 2 pools, 1 used for the divers and 1 used for residents, and it was so nice and relaxing, there was hardly anyone their, so no fighting for loungers, food was great and brought straight out 2 you.
Rooms were comfotable and look over the pool.
The people there were so nice, staff would do anything for you and other holiday ppl were all chatting 2gether.
I went to Egypt again this yr and the hotel i stayed in was nothing comparied to this hotel.

Loved the Ocean club

from sonnie5
Booked through last minute the hotel was very basic but was a good center point for all the things we wanted to do. The rooms were clean never had any issue's with staff the food was great although took forever to come on a evening once you ordered.
Gotta admit we tend to go for the 5 star hotels but can't say we were disappointed with this hotel found the staff friendly and helpful didn't have any problems with insects. The kids loved the towel arrangments got some great tips from Mido at the shop next door to the hotel. he told us about the best beaches how much you should be paying to go anywhere in the taxi's
Always plenty of sun loungers round the pool Ok they weren't brand new but throw a towel over them and that sorted out any concerns if you had any.
There was some refurbishment being done whilst there but nothing to give any concern as we weren't there most of the time but you could only hear some of the work being done not see it how can people complain about the conditions so when they try to improve the facility's they still complain lol if you want a 5 star hotel yet stay at a 2 star hotel and do nothing but complain pay for a 5 star hotel
Overall nice hotel would recommend this hotel and would stay again as we had a fantastic time.
Found most of the people staying there had been before and keep coming back so must be doing something right

Ocean Club - adding my thoughts

from becauseivebeen
My second visit to Sharm El Sheikh. My first visit i stayed at The Hilton Sharm Waterfalls which is outstanding luxury and I reccomend it to anyone and everyone!
Spotting a really good deal to this hotel in June 2007 (£179 for the week on lastminute.com,single traveller with NO single supplement) and having visited the area before, i decided to GO for this hotel/deal.

First impression upon arriving in Sharm, at the airport, was THE HEAT! You know when you go into a dry sauna and you start to dry out and boil, you manage 10 minutes, because you think it is doing you good, then you open the door to the sauna and leave and jump into the cold plunge pool? Well, the heat here is like that dry sauna, except, you CANNOT leave or escape it, if you are outdoors. Within minutes of arrival i thought, what have i done ? There is no way i will be able to cope! Infact, that first evening, walking into Old Sharm etc...my body just dried to a cinder, i felt like my blood was boiling, even my eyeballs dried out - never experienced that before.
Fortunately, the air conditioning within the room of the Ocean Club was effective and i had a comfortable, cool sleep. The following day was tough too - experiencing the fierce heat (40degrees) and dryness i was still wondering whether i should just try and get a flight straight back to London!
By the evening of the second day i was getting used to it though and by my third day (which was my second proper day sunbathing etc...as the first day was my evening arrival) my body was completely accustomed. Lesson is , don't panic, you WILL get used to the heat, just realise it is going to take you 24-48hrs and drink LOADS of water and bring eye drops to moisturise your eyeballs!

On to the Ocean Club Hotel. Well, it is VERY BASIC as mentioned in most of these reviews. I would rate it a step above backpackers accomodation and a step below holiday aprtments that you get in Spain etc...
i found the staff pleasant at all times. Make an effort to learn a few basic words of Arabic and everyone in Sharm will treat you differently.
I certainly would NOT reccomend this hotel for a first time visitor or a family as it will give you the wrong impression of Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm is full of exquisite, 4 and 5 star luxury hotels with glorious hotel beaches, this hotel should be considered by someone who is seriously on a low budget. My room was basic, old and a bit tired but it was clean and all the utilities worked fine (air con, taps, shower, electrical sockets etc..). The bed sheets were always fresh and clean. As a single traveller , thats all I want, as long as it is clean and everything works, it is enough for me. I don't spend much time in hotels or hotel rooms therefore i don't care what facilities they have, as long as my room is cool and clean (so that i can sleep) thats all i want.
Breakfast was very basic, VERY, but all i want for breakfast is tea and toast anyway, so anything above this is just an addition.
The pool area was great. The other clients tended to be young people, mostly divers. They were nice and you could always get chatting around the pool if you wanted.Pools were clean, loungers ok and pool towels clean. What more do you want at that price?
Catch the taxis outside on the street to take you to Sharm Old Town or the beach (15LE/ £1.50) OR Naama Bay (20LE/£2)
Rarely will you see the mini van service taxis on the street that this hotel is on, it is not on the main service taxi routes, but i also use service taxis a lot from Naama Bay to Old Town Sharm for 2LE/£0.20 .
i often chose to walk to Old Town Sharm, just because i like walking and it takes 20minutes. You could walk to Naama Bay if you desired, but it would probably take an hour.
Across the road, to the right and 10 minutes walk is the construction of The Market (new market) which is at this time filling up with shops and restaurants. Worth the walk for something to eat , etc....
Use the cool, viby,private beach at El Fnar (15LE in Taxi) and 5 Euro entrance to the beach.

My overall impression - if this is your first visit to Sharm or you are a family or person used to a 3/4 star standard then THIS IS NOT the hotel for you. If you can find the extra £70-100 to stay in one of the 4/5star resorts THEN DO, you will be glad you did.
If you are used to the backpacker, studenty experience and want a basic, cheap, clean base to use to explore Sharm, using the money you saved by choosing this hotel for nights out, good meals in restaurants, shopping etc...then DO CHOOSE this hotel.

One of the Worst Hotels I Have Stayed at!!!!

from Alfascot
I arrived back from a weeks stay at the Ocean Club yesterday, 8th July 2007, and have never been so pleased to be home. Sharm El Sheik is fantastic however this hotel is not.

Lets start with the Good Points:

1. I was only there a week!!!!!

Unfortunately that is the good points. Please note I am not some toff who happened to stay in a 2 star hotel (which it does not deserve) by mistake as I have stayed in 2 star hotels many a time and they have been far superior to this dump.

Initial Impression: This hotel is dirty and staffed primarily with extremelly unfriendly, unhelpful and unapproachable male staff (except for Hazem, Osama, most of the ground staff and the pool man).

The reception area is dirty, uninviting, dull, with broken air con units dripping everywhere (these are also in what was called the restaurant). There is little if any information regarding what the hotel offers and one particular reception staff member is the rudest and least helpful receptionist I have ever come accross who spent most of his time on the internet or his mobile phone.

My room was dirty with furniture that should be burned. Cockroaches frequented my room without invite and room 176 has a workshop behind it where staff trying to rejuvenate the ancient furniture drill, hammer, sand, shout etc from 8am till after midnight all of which can be heard. Wires as well as sockets hung out of the wall and the ceiling where the air con was had massive gaps in it. The room constantly smelled of whatever chemical spray the staff used to attempt to kill the cockroaches which my clothes ended up smelling of. Splattered mosquitoes as well as cockroaches marks were all over the walls and ceiling along with the marks of the shoe which obviously was used to splatter them.

The bathroom was disgusting, shower head hung by one nail, light fittings with major tile damage surrounding them and not even a glass supplied for one to brush ones teeth.

The hotel offers no basics e.g. Iron, kettle to hire, a glass in the bathroom or fridge with staff using the excuse of only being a 2 star hotel for these shortfalls.

Pools were cleaned however pool area, in the whole week I was there, was never cleaned and the sunlounger covers were disgusting and need replacing with new ones as do the main pools umberellas.

Food the first night was lovely however got progressively worse as the week went on and the restaurant looked more like a staff canteen where yet again staff seemed more interested in texting / using thier mobile phones than doing thier job.

Overall, if you are a diver who does'nt mind staying in a dive then stay here as the diving school is excellent, from what I heard from all who were attending it, however if not then stay well clear of this hotel as it is awful with some of the worst hotel staff ever who see you, the guest, as an inconvenience to them preventing them from texting or talking to thier friends when you need assistance or information.

Cheap getaway

from Marrie_7
booked with lastminute, basic facilities mainly for divers, but overall very cheap for 1 weeks accommdation including flights and transfers. we walked to the old town 30mins otherwise use the clubs bus to get to Mana Bay. Too many taxi drivers trying to rip you off, you get beeped non stop along the main roads. Unless you like diving and snorkelling in the area I wouldn't go back, it really annoys me that I have to pay to use public beaches the area.

Great hotel...but dont expect luxury

from ArthurTsang
Stayed for a week 13-20 May 2007 at Ocean Club as a last minute cheap deal from lastminute. The main thing that attracted us was the fact that it was billed a s a quiet hotel which if you just want to lay by the pool and have peace and quiet this is the perfect hotel.

As one of the reviews says, Mido at the shop next door is really friendly and isnt pushy like some other shop owners are. Definately get you water from him rather than the shops over the road though because they wouldnt give us correct change and then made out that we were taking more than we were, which when there are 3 of them and only 1 of you it can be daunting!

The Food - The hotel food is ok, takes AGGGGGES to come though! One of the people we chatted with said her ice cream took 30minutes and was told it was because it wasnt cooked! Get a cab from outside and go down to Old Market and eat at Melodie's the Italian restaurant because the food is amazing and we ate there for about £7 (english) for 2 people.

The Pool - Was always really quiet, with plenty of sun loungers. Say hi to Mohammad the pool boy! There was never anyone splashing about the pool and when the divers were training in the pool it was always really quiet.

The Rooms - Basic but comfortable. You get a nice balcony or seating area which is good because it can get soo hot by the pool.

The Weather - Was amazing, could not have asked for better. No less than 40c every day with the bluest skies. Be careful when you are out though because you burn in seconds.

The hotel doesnt have a beach but for about £2 (english) you can go to Fanar Beach which isnt sandy but you can walk out for ages in the bluest waters with tropicl fish just swimming between your feet and legs. The beaches arent free unless you go to a public one but again its like £3 for 2 people so its worth it and in that you get lounger and shades.

Be careful with Taxi's because they will try charging £100E for what is a £20E journey. Old Market from the hotel and vice versa shouldnt cost more than £20E and haggle. I know its like pence to us but we found they really liked haggling and didnt get offended.

Overall really nice hotel, could do with updating but when we were there they were refurbing some rooms. We will definately go back and have recommended it to loads of people. Possibly not great for young kids or teenagers because there isnt anything to do at night. There are theme night sand a bar but these were always quiet. any questions just send me a message and I will try to get back.

great chilled place

from rjw72
This is a great little divers hotel which thanks to the likes of last minute is becoming popular with non divers.
the hotel is basic but has all you need, clean rooms, nice pools, good bars and good food.
The main thing about this hotel is its very cheap, look for bargins on explorers.com and it is very friendly, i have been here 3 times and every time by the end of the first night there are big groups of friends, its perfect for the single traveller and ccouple and groups a like.
its 2 star hotel but having stayed in 5 star in egypt i still prefer this place big hotels are no where near as friendly.

Ocean Club - Great value

from DaveJonesIsTheMan
Had a week, (20th to 27th May '07), at Ocean Club, booked via explorers through lastminute.com. Me and my mate went on a diving trip. We took the 5 day course for absolute beginners at the adjoining Ocean College. We both thought the hotel was outstanding value. I've read a recent review on here (by Holetruht) and was surprised, as my experience was pretty much totally opposite to that one, which didnt reflect well.

Sure, the hotel is basic. I dont know if the rooms TV worked, we were never in the room to watch it. The sheets were clean, the room was clean. The Air con worked. The shower was hot and the toilet flush worked. The housekeeping staff came every day to change the sheets, leave clean towels and generally tidy up.

The pool area had more than enough sun loungers. Sure, they're not brand new, but they function and I didnt find them dirty or uninviting to sit on. Ahmed, the pool man, is on hand to give you a clean lounging towel to cover it if your fussy.

Me and my mate, and the other members of our diving group all found the hotel food very enjoyable. The pool bar do more or less snacks while the restuarant has a good menu. I ate in both several times and enjoyed every meal. The outside Mongolian barbecue was a smash hit, really good. All meals were hot. As for poor drink refrigeration ?, personally, I think thats laughable. Every drink I had that was supposed to be cold, was. Icy cold. I almost feel that 'Holetruht' must have stayed in a different hotel.

People surely need to remember that this is Egypt and look at the cost of their trip. We paid £249 each for a week b+b and were alot more satisfied than other travellers we met who paid alot more and stayed somewhere with more stars and was supposedly 'swish'.

The staff ?. They are the best part of this hotel. From Hasim on the front desk, to Abdul in the restuarant, to Ibrahim at the pool bar, to Ibrahim on housekeeping, to Ahmed the pool man, to Mohammed and Tuuta the massueses (yes, the poolside massages are good as well). Even Mido and Picasso in the shop next door are great fun and always polite and helpful. I honestly never found any staff member lacking or unfriendly. For any reason. They were great.

There is some building work going on, looks like a room conversion. The site area is fenced (or sheeted off) from the pool area and there wasnt huge amount of noise the 3 days I had by the pool. (Diving the other days).

Hotel is really peaceful, alot of divers at the hotel, (so they're not boozing), they're out mostly all day and leave the pool area empty. There are 3 pools at the hotel, the deeper one gets used by the learning divers with the adjoining Ocean College, a few hours a day, but no massive inconvenience.

Anyhow, I really liked this hotel, if your into fancy, flash, expensive or luxury. Go somewhere else.
If your into quiet, relaxing, genuine and friendly. This is your place.

Was great and I went alone!

from MermaidRach
I stayed at Ocean Club at the beginning of May after spotting a really cheap deal on the explorers website.

It had everything I needed...spending most of the day diving with Ocean College and then chilling by the pool when I arrived back.

As a female, holidaying on my own I found the staff and hotel to be a perfect escape from busy London.. its certainly not a luxurious 5 star all inclusive... but it was perfect for me!

Clean, freindly, hot and with access to a good safe dive school.. couldn't go wrong for £200!

Other names for Ocean Club Hotel

  • ocean sharm el sheikh
  • ocean hotel sharm el sheikh
  • Address: City Council St - Sharm El Sheikh - PO 312 - Egypt
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