Melia Sinai Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Melia Sinai Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
Pob 71 - Montazah/ras Nasrani - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt 69-367-0000
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great apart from food..

from beachesdude
Lovely hotel by the sea - very nice rooms, good service, great view.
Good dive centre in hotel.

Relies too heavily on All-inclusive. One of 2 restaurants (the non-buffet one) was closed during our stay forcing us to eat the buffet meal unless we went into town. Food quality was not great.
Otherewise highly recommended

t do it justice!

from selena01
we just got back last week and had an amazing time there. From the pictures on the hotel website, and the one's left by other reviewers, we weren't too sure. But when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised!

The hotel is located minutes away from the airport, although you never hear or see any planes flying overhead - which is really nice! The security is excellent at the resort and all over area, which puts your mind at ease.

I found the staff to be incredibly helpful (even if I felt sometimes they were more focused on being nice to get tips), the decor and interiors of the hotel and its rooms were immaculate - we had a fantastic room overlooking the pool, which had a huge bed and was extremely clean.

The food was fantastic initially but became a bit long in the tooth towards the end of our stay. If you like seafood, this is the place for you! We found that at breakfast, it was best to go down before the last half hour of service (about 9.30am) as the staff were less helpful and more focused on clearing up. Another important point is that if you are going half board (as we were), all drinks are charged to your room and paid for at the end of your stay, our drinks bill was pretty big as bottled water was £1.20, and a can of coke is £1.50, so stock up on bottled water when you go into naama bay where they were 20p each!

The resort itself was calm and quiet - aimed more at couples than families with screaming kids. So if you're looking for a holiday to just chill out and get away from the hustle and bustle, this is the one for you. However, if you wanted some nightlife, Naama Bay is about 20mins by taxi/shuttle bus away. We found the return taxi's were the best, as they take you out to Naama Bay, you arrange an agreed time of when they will pick you up, and they don't accept any money until they have picked you up.

We found Naama Bay to be the place to go for some life. However, when shopping for souveneirs, just be aware that they will try and rip you off, so just keep in mind how much your prepared to pay for your goods and haggle it right down, if they don't accept, there are plenty more shops that sell the same stuff. Also be careful when engaging with the locals, they will try to start a conversation with you and before you know it you will be dragged into their shop! My boyfriend fell for it everytime!

The sea is within easy reach of the hotel, literally a few steps away from the pool, here, there is a jetty, which if you walk to the end and jump off, you will see the most amazing coral and fish. The only downside is that you can't walk straight off the sand into the sea, as the coral reef starts where the sand ends.

All in all, the hotel really did exceed our expectations, and apart from a little stomach upset, it was a fantastic holiday, I would recommend going to Sharm El Sheikh now, as in a couple of years time I can see it turning into something along the lines of Las Vegas!

Fantastic food + brilliant service

from CrisEd
We booked this hotel as part of a package deal via and were incredibly impressed with what we found. It is located away from the main tourist hub in Na'am bay, and is ideal for romantic couples and those preferring some peace and quiet and sophisticated service. For those who want to party at the Little Buddha and other night clubs there is a bus (2 Euros) each evening into Na'am bay, returning at midnight. The hotel is new and perhaps this is why they are trying so hard. They also have a dedicated service quality manager. Whatever the reason, the service was superb - friendly, courteous and always helpful. No tips allowed or encouraged. The slightest fault or complaint always immediately addressed. Because of the protected coral reefs you cannot wade into the sea from the beach, it has to be accessed from a pier, but if you like snorkeling or diving this hotel has to be your first choice as it is located on top of one the most outstanding coral reefs in the Red Sea. For the cautious, the hotel also has two excellent and well maintained pools (one of them heated in the winter). The rooms are very clean, comfortable and well equipped. The high point of the Melia Sinai hotel though is the restaurant: which despite the many other attractions Sharm and Egypt have to offer, had us eagerly anticipating dinner for most of the day. We were staying on a half board basis so could eat as much as we liked from their evening buffet, which was themed differently each night of the week. The sea food and Egyptian (above all) were the nights I loved most - each of them a feast for the eyes and palate. Temperature-wise a point to remember is that although it can get very hot in July and August (36 degrees or higher) it is also very dry in Sharm (around 5% humidity) and there is always a good breeze coming off the gulf, which makes it quite bearable so long as you drink plenty of fluids and avoid spending too much time in direct sunlight. Around Xmas we were told the average temperature is around 26 degrees (colder of course at night). Apart from snorkelling, you can easily take excursions from Sharm (by plane or boat) to Luxor and Petra in Jordan. Since last year, security around Sharm has been tightened up, yet prices are still low, so now is the time to go and I cannot recommend this hotel in particular too highly.

Great hotel, quiet location, would recommend

from CarmenB
We stayed at the Melia Sinai for a week in July. The hotel itself is very well looked after. It is about 20 mins outside of Naama Bay with its own beach. The hotel is really nicely presented inside and out,I don't remember seeing anything that looked tatty or worn and there always seemed to be someone cleaning something!
The room was modern and well furnished and a good size, huge bed, nice bathroom and cleaned daily with fresh supply of towels and bedding. The shower was the most powerful hotel shower ever, be warned! In terms of the weather, it was around 40 degrees during the day and about 30 at night whilst we were there so the air conditioning in the room was very handy! We spend nearly all of our time by the pool, but they have a beach area just opposite. The 3 pool areas are well kept and the infinity pool has a good view out over the sea. We only actually used this pool as we liked it so much. The only things I didn’t like about the pool area was the Egyptian music they play, and the pushy manager from the massage and sauna spa who pesters new arrivals and tells the girls he can help get rid of their cellulite. Charming!
Also, they have some very loud water aerobic sessions some mornings in the pool which amused us from our sunbeds, but mostly its quiet and relaxing.

We stayed half board and ate at the buffet restaurant most nights. The food can be a little repetitive after a while, but mainly has a good range of pasta, fish, meat, salads, grill and lots of desserts. The breakfast buffet was also good. In terms of entertainment, there is very little available at the hotel. There was a beach bbq and a karaoke night, they mainly seem to cater for the Italian guests. We spend a couple of quiet nights in the main hotel bar which is 24 hour, but headed into Naama Bay for a bit more action on other nights. There are lots of activities available around Sharm, quad biking, diving, etc. We went quad biking across the desert which is hilarious and good value for money, cost us about £20 for a couple of hours and included transport to and from our hotel.

The hotel staff were very efficient and friendly from the moment we arrived, particularly the bar manager. The reception staff and management were also helpful anytime we needed anything, taxi's, room service etc. They are hot on security outside of the hotel and in Naama Bay, probably due to last years terrorist attacks. Naama Bay itself is really busy and has a good atmosphere at night, and probably caters for everything. We went to a couple of bars and also Pacha, which has to be seen to be believed. The only downside of Naama Bay would be the pestering you get as you walk along from the bar / restaurant / shop owners, but we just smiled and carried on walking, they didn't seem to mind.

Unfortunately for us we picked up a bug and spent the last few days feeling really unwell in our hotel room. I've never been ill abroad before but we both had upset tummy's plus I had sickness and flu symptoms as well, so not sure whether this was something we ate at the hotel, or just a bug we picked up! We ate various different things at different times at the hotel during the first four days and we were both fine so I wouldn't doubt the hygiene or quality at the hotel. I usually have a stomach of steel but I guess It can happen anywhere, I think we were just unlucky, and it didn’t or wouldn't put me off the hotel. Fortunately the hotel room was really comfortable with a tv and a variety of random channels to watch so this helped a bit.

Overall, a relaxing holiday and I would recommend this hotel to others. The nice thing about this hotel is that it must be very popular but you never really seem to see the other guests, the pool areas were never crowded and neither were the restaurants.

My only advice would be prepare for the heat if you go in summer, and if you have a delicate tummy, take some medication along with you!

Was everything we expected and more!

from Orchman
Just found the time to sit down and write this after returning from Egypt last Friday. I've just been putting the holiday snaps in the album and thought I'd share a few things with those of you contemplating visiting this hotel.
Our holiday got off to a bad start when we arrived to find that the hotel was overbooked and we had no room to go to. We were taken to the nearby Sol Sharm hotel (will be posting about that one later) where we were to stay for three nights before rejoining the Meli Sinai on the Thursday. The following morning I spoke with our Rep who rang the hotel and managed to get us back there on the Wednesday instead. Once we did check in to the Hotel the management made every effort to ensure that we were made happy and compensated for the inconvenience we had been caused. We were given a bigger room with VIP facilities, a basket of fruit, upgraded to full board from half board and also given a complimentary late check out prior to our departure.
Having unpacked and settled in to the place we quickly saw that this Hotel lived up to all the reviews we'd read on this site.
It is bright and clean, pleasing on the eye, the staff are consistently friendly and the rooms of a good standard.
We were disappointed that we had twin beds as opposed to a double but they were bigger than here at home. The guy who made our room up did these arty towel designs each day and the little guy who looked after the swimming pool would make sure that our sunbeds were ready even before we'd got up!
The layout of the hotel means that it doesn't feel crowded or cluttered although I do suspect that there are more than the 197 rooms that the brochures etc state.
The hotel is predominently Italian in terms of guest numbers. British and other nationalities make up (IMHO) about 10 to 15%. To that end there is a distincly Italian flavour to this place in so far as the range of food in the restaurant concentrates on pastas, rice, chicken and fish. I did find that, as the holiday drew near, it was all getting abit predictable. Saying that, the food was always hot, fresh and well presented and neither my partner nor myself had an upset stomach throughout our stay. One amusing thing about our Italian friends was that evening dinner appearred to be a competition as to who can come dressed in the most designer gear possible. It is a veritable 'Gucci, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabana et al' fest!!!
Our intention was to go scuba diving following our experience of it in the Dominican Republic earlier this year but we decided against it once we had tried snorkelling on the reef in front of the hotel. It was awesome! The Ras Nasrani reef was home to so many varieties of fish that we soon lost count and every day we'd spend at least an hour just floating about watching the life around us.
The beach itself is compact but, unfortunately, you can't go in the sea for a paddle as you would be walking on the coral shelf. I only learned this after a bloke blew his whistle at me as I went off for a wander on our first morning. Everyone has to use the floating jetty to reach the deeper water to swim or snorkel.
The hotel also has a tower that looks like a lighthouse. By simply asking at reception they get a guy to take you up to the top to the balcony where you get a fantastic view of the landscape and sea around the resort.
The bar is open 24 hours but beware! Drinks are not cheap!! A 330ml lager costs £2.50, can of fizzy drink £1.50, spirits £4 and a cocktail averages a fiver! If you can get yourself to Naama Bay or Old Sharm then go to one of the beer shops and stock up there. A 500ml can of lager is about 80p!
In terms of entertainment there is very little. There is a minimal daytime programme, the highlight of which seemed to be italian water polo. Evening entertainment is sparse, amateurish although the Italian karaoke sounded I tried to get some sleep!
A shuttle bus runs only once each morning and evening to Naama Bay and Old Sharm which you have to reserve at reception. If you're lucky it won't have already been block booked by the Italians.
Naama bay is a must if only to get out and see some life. We loved it. Bars with 'cheaper than hotel' drinks, music, shops and people from all over the globe mingling together. On our last night we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. Get there early to avoid a long, long wait to be seated. The food is excellent and cheap! £5.90 for a steak! Be aware that restaurants can charge more for drinks and they also add an additional 12% tax and 10% service charge. Our £11.80 for two steaks finally became a bill of £33 and all we had extra was two lagers each and one pudding!
I could go on but I think you get the general idea. This place is a gem and worth every penny. Would we go back? For sure...but...there is a lot of development going on especially to the rear of the hotel. melia are building a new complex among others. I fear that if we returned in a year or two's time it may not be the same.
In terms of excursions... Quad biking in the desert is fun! We also used our Scuba money to fly to Cairo for the day to see the Egyptian Museum (King Tut's stuff was amazing) and, of course, the Pyramids and the Sphinx.
My advice...go there now!...well maybe not August as it was over 40 degrees every day of our stay and even the Egyptians were moaning it was hot!
I hope this helps.

Excellent stay worth every penny

from NAZ
We stayed 10 days in July 2006. Good size rooms very clean. Bed sheets and towels changed every day. Hotel is very comfortable and nice and cousy. Breakfast and food good. Nice beach and pools with excellent snorkling. All 5 star facilities. I will definately come back.

Relax its Great

from Lymph1
This was our first holiday in Egypt and we were initially torn between booking a hotel in Naama bay itself so that we could be nearer to the main resort. In the end we booked the Melia Sinai which is situated about 20 mins drive from Naama bay. Our decision was based on the excellent reviews that the Melia Sinai had received from people that had stayed there.

Before I tell you about the hotel, a word about the airport and taxis. The airport was so disorganised that it was comical. The luggage handlers simply threw the suitcases onto the conveyor belts so that they were stacked two or three high and consequently fell off. To retrieve siutcases people had to clamber over the conveyor belt carousel. In the end I found my suitcase on another carousel from a different flight that we had not arrived on!

If you need to get a taxis then practice assertion skills. Although friendly, the Egyptian taxis drivers outside of the airport are out to fleece you. They are pushy, want to take your luggage to the taxi (so that you will have to tip them top get it back) even when the taxis is just a few feet away. Tipping is fine but you suddenly find that the man who took your bag to the taxis wants a tip, the man you owns the taxis wants a tip and so does the taxis driver.

Whatever price they ask you to pay refuse, act disgusted and offer 25% of the asking price. Finally agree something near to 30% of what they asked in the first place. They asked us for £25 (about 250 Egyptian pounds) for a journey that we later found should have cost £6.50 (65 Egyptian pounds).

OK, so that's the bad bits. Now the hotel.

It was great. The staff are so friendly and will do nearly anything to make your stay memorable. The hotel rooms are spacious, very clean and air conditioned. They are cleaned every day, linen and towels changed.

There are two main pools with a third smaller pool for scuba diving training. The pools are serviced by 'pool men' who make sure you have clean towels etc. The beach is literally less than a stones throw from the hotel. The sea contains the most wonderful coral and beautiful marine fish. You can rent snorkling equipment for about 7 euros a day (mask and flippers) and amaze yourself at the wonders just a few feet from the beach. Although we didn't, a lot of people took scuba diving courses and the hotel has a diving school on site.

It was a little breezy on one or two days while we were there but this was pleasant as it eased the heat.

There are two main bars and a very well equipped gym that is fully air conditioned so that you have no fear of dying of heat stroke as you run 10K!

The food is plentiful and is served buffet style. We stayed B&B but ate at the hotel most nights. At breakfast there is a chef who will cook omelettes, fried eggs to order as well as cereals, bread, pastries, etc. In the evening they have a selection of core food each night, such as rice, potatoes, chicken dish, beef dish, pasta etc but supplement this with theme foods that the chef cooks to order. Whilst we were there they had a fish night, Italian night and BBQ. You will not go hungry! The food is good, there is a good variety but remember it is a buffet and not a la carte.

We were concerned about ‘Egyptian Belly’ but ate everything, including salads and had ice in our drinks and were fine. The standards in the hotel are extremely high.

We only visited Naama Bay once and didn't like it. It’s great if you want a seaside resort and night life but for us it just contained a lot of tourist shops, friendly but pushy Egyptians and loads of hotels. We just wanted to sit and relax in the sun, read a book or three and enjoy the marine life/coral. In any case as the temperature was 33-36 C our enthusiasm for doing lots was somewhat curtailed.

Kids? We did not take them! However, they would be well catered for. The hotel has an entertainment facilitator who whisks off the kids to play games and entertain them, both during the day and at night.

Ok, so by now you will have gathered that the hotel was a hit with us. We would highly recommend it. One last thing, the hotel operates a 'sign for it' policy so that you do not have to use cash. But remember, the hotel staff earn about 200 Egyptians Pounds (£20) a month. If you tip the staff that look after you 50 EP you will have given them a weeks wages but just spent £5.

Great Hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
Have just returned from 2 weeks at the Melia Sinai. I would recommend this hotel we had a great time there. Staff are great they could not do enough for you. We were upgraded to a junior suite and could not fault it at all. Food is good. Hotel is very clean and comfortable. The only thing i would say is that if you like alot of entertainment at night this hotel does not have it, you have to go into naama bay in the evenings. Expect some confusion at the airport can be a bit caotic.

a satisfyed guest from florence italy

from RSBiro
Stayed at the melia sinai in half board for a week at the end of june and found this to be a truly excellent 5 star hotel. This was our 6th trip to the red sea and we have always stayed in different 5star hotels all along the sharm coast. each previouse hotel had its good and its bad points and most were not up to 5 star standard, but the melia merits no negative in any respect. the hotel is sparkling clean with well kept gardens and pools and a spaciouse long beach that looks over one of the best reefs we have come across in the whole area and we have explored most of them.The staff could not do enough to satisfy our every request and were on the whole the most professional and unobtrusive of any hotel we had stayed in the red sea. The food was fresh and varied and they even had fresh squeezed orange juice at breakfast, not to mention good quality seasonal fruits at every meal, a rarity in this area. the dining room overlooked the sea and had a magnificent terrace extention where most guests dined. They grilled fish out there most evenings as well as other specialities. Our room was on the ground floor with a lovely view over the sea and very close to both the dining area and the beach as we had requested, as I can walk no distance without the aid of crutches. There was even a ramp in front of our room down to the sea level while both the reception and dining area were on our room level, truly a hotel where even people with limited ambulation can feel at home! Even the jetty was solid and short, which made for easy access into the sea. There was always an abundance of loungers and umbrellas on the beach, so no hassle to get your daily "place in the sun" as I have so often seen in other hotels. We will certainly go back to the Melia on our next trip to sharm as this hotel is really worth it!

loved the melia

from walinali
fantastic room with 2 balconies overlooking the sea. food good, but have visited hotels with excellent food in sharm. the only down side is that it isnt AL but HB, but i suppose that must keep the rif-raf out! which maybe meant me
also, the annoying music by the infinity pool, which was spoiled by it, but just went to the other pool instead, oh, and the annoying ITALIANS. but they're everywhere in sharm, at leaat they're not germans

Top Local Tips for Sharm El Sheikh

Times to Snorkel Best to snorkel early am or mid afternoon. Trip boats come in and drop snorkellers off from around 11am to 2pm so a bit busier then

Times to Snorkel Best to snorkel early am or mid afternoon. Trip boats come in and drop snorkellers off from around 11am to 2pm so a bit busier then

Taxi prices Always agree the price before you get in the taxi. Ask at your hotel reception how much you would expect to pay to your destination and then barter with the driver until you get to an acceptable price. Some hotels have their own taxis but I understand that they can be expensive and it's better to use the normal ones.


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  • Address: Pob 71 - Montazah/ras Nasrani - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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