La Perla Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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La Perla Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh

Rooms: 106

Um el Seed Clif - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt Hotel Website | | 002(069)3663110
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La Perla, aint no gem!!!!!!!!!

from solslass
Check in at he hotel was fine a very nice, good English speaking lady., and that is where the nicity stopped. 2wks of hell. All-inclusive was fine in the dinning room( thats when the food was edible) drinks were counted, they were available from 10am-10pm. If you were at the bar at 9.55pm and did'nt get served untill 10 then you were expected to buy your drinks. The rooms were clean, but dated. The pool bar guys were great, but were always given a hard time buy the restaurent manager if they seem to be enjoying themselves with the guests. The same manager tried to con us into paying for a special night of entertainment with english food at the cost of £10 each. If you wanted a snack during the day you had to pay for it. At 4pm it was advertised coffee and cookies which we only got twice and thats because we asked for them. If you do go this hotel do have a massage or reflexology off Mohamed it is brilliant. We've been to Egypt 5times now and are going back end of January but NOT to La Perla

Brilliant Holiday/Hotel

from L4yl4
I stayed at this Hotel with my Mother for a week on the 01-08 November. After reading the reviews written on here I was very worried but as soon as I got to the hotel all my worries went away. The hotel is absolutley fine I think you get exactley what you pay for. The reception area is lovely, the rooms are slightly basic, but really how much time do you spend in your room!!!!
The pool area was the best bit it is quite large with a pool bar to the side of it. All the staff were really really friendly and could not be more helpful. Most of the staff could speak quite good english but a few were quite limited. The hotel is a 5 min walk from a really grand shopping centre if you turn right out of the hotel and then turn right again follow the road down and you will see it on your right. The hotel has its own taxi driver which is good but do agree a price before you get in the taxi the egyptians are very good at haggleing. The hotel is a 10-15 min taxi ride into Namma Bay now i would recommend to stay on the main street and not go down the side streets as you will get hassled and any women be careful of the men as nice as they are they will hassel you the best thing to do is when they ask you if you are english it just to not look or answer.
There is a fab mall in Namma Bay which is really nice and you do not get Hassled.
Also the hotels own beach is fine once again everyone is very friendly and it is great for snokelling. If you are buying food from the beach bar ask how much the food is before you pay.....
All in all me and my mum loved our stay at the hotel and ignore the below reviews about the food at the hotel if you want burger and chips dont go to egypt they do lovely local foods and I am a very picky eater and still really liked it all.
Have a great holiday I know you will and say Hello to Lido in his shop in the hotel for me he is a really nice block and if youi want to buy anything I can promise he will not rip you off.

Very dissapointing

from Bert24
My boyfriend and I have just come back from a weeks holiday in Egypt. We booked very last minute, only a couple of days before travelling. After booking we quickly read a couple of the reviews on Trip Advisor, but we went with an open mind.

Our first impressions of the hotel were OK. It was clean and comfortable. The receptionist was very helpful and explained everything to us, and before we could turn around to pick up our cases, they had already been taken to the room! You are expected to tip in Egypt for EVERYTHING.

The room was spacious and clean, with a mini bar, and a TV. The rooms were made up every day and we were given clean towels every day.

The food was TERRIBLE!!! We didn't eat any of it. The same thing was served for lunch and tea every day. Chicken wings in some kind of gravy, beef stew, pasta and sauce (never much sauce) and rice. Lots of rice. We wern't expecting anything fantastic, but this really was dissapointing. Breakfast was the best meal of the day. They did have a nice selection of bread, which we had with jam. They also served pancakes - these were nice.

The all inclusive only ran from 10am until 10pm. Included local beer, spirits and wine, and fizzy drinks. Fruit juice was not included. All soft drinks were served in small plastic cups and you were only allowed one drink at a time. Beer was served in what could only be described as a small wine glass and the wine was warm!

The service in the hotel (with the exception of the receptionist and the room cleaner) was terrible! Upon arrival we were given a bright orange wrist band to wear - these were so the hotel staff could identify that we were all inclusive. We didn't want to wear these all the time, so we decided to take them off and just carry them with us when we wanted to get a drink (as we were never going to eat in the hotel). This apparently wasn't acceptable. The bar man refused to serve us unless we actually wore them. We wern't allowed to take drinks outside or to our room, if we did we had to pay! We felt the staff were being very awkward and unhelpful.

The follwing afternoon the manager came up to our sunbeds and asked us if we would like a drink. We said thank you and that we would like 2 beers. He then asked if we were half board and we showed him our bands and explained that we were all inclusive, to which he replied "in that case you can get the drinks yourself". We couldn't believe it. The only reason he had offered was because he thought we would be paying. If you were stood at the bar they would always serve half board/bed and breakfast guests before all inclusive guests.

The hotel had 2 pools which were nice and clean. One large one and one smaller one. We stayed around the small one as it was less busy.

A free shuttle bus was provided eveyday to a small beach. The beach wasn't fantastic, but it was OK. The snorkelling was amazing!

Since the food was so terrible in the hotel, we ate out every night. Na'ama Bay is only a 5 minute taxi ride away and taxi's were very easy to get. You should pay no more than £2.50 each way. They all try it on and ask for more, but our advise is to walk away and they soon shout you back. Na'ama Bay is full of restaurants - Hard Rock Cafe and TGI Fridays were our faves. Food is very cheap too. On average we paid about £15 for 2 meals and at least 1 drink each. We did go to a beautiful restaurant called The Little Budda on our last night. This was rather expensive, but well worth it. The food was delicious.

If you are travelling with your girlfriend, hold on to her for dear life. Egyptian men are awful!

We would definitely go back to Egypt and Sharm El Sheikh, but NEVER La Perla hotel. It was not a pleasant experience.

Cheap and cheerful

from Katemate
We have just returned from a one week stay and we pleasantly suprised. we booked a cheap hol online and were a little concerned at the lack of reviews for this hotel! The hotel itself is a little dated but is kepty spotless by the housekeeping guys. Our roomboy Ibrahem was fantastic, kept our room very clean and entertained us daily with his towel arranging skills, one day a crocadile one day a swan! Hi Ibrahem :-) The pool areas are okay, there are two pools, one large and one small one were they play volleyball etc. There appears to be a lack of sunbeds for the amout of guests so you have to be quick in getting a bed each day. Although if you tip the pool boy I am sure he would arrange something for you. The beach is located about a five minute drive from the hotel, you can walk but the road to the beach is awful, we are fit healthy girls and still found this hard! My advice take the shuttle! The beach for the hotel is not so good and is shared. The jetty is half submerged and very slippery. The hotels in the surrounding area are quite happy to allow you to use there beach for 20 egp per day as this is only £2 it is more than worth it as you will find the beach so much nicer. Food... mm this is the only part we were not happy about, the restaurant caters for the russian and italian tourist. Everyday the food is the same, you will have plain rice, vegetables, pasta, potatoes and a meet dish and that is it. So if you are a veggie you have not chance! The food that they is serve is tasty but can be cold if you do not go early. Would say the food lets this place down but due to the price we paid, we cannot complain. The best thing about this hotel is the staff, they are amazing very freindly and attentavie :-) Hi to Alaah and Ahmed ! There is a few restaurants, KFC, Burger King, etc a few minutes away along with Starbucks and Costa coffee! Drinks... all served in plastic cups including water which is weird. Naama bay is worth a visit or two, it costs a maximum of 30 egp in a taxi, do not pay more than this, if you haggle you may get a price of 20-25. Its best to get the taxi from the hotel and not the street as the drivers they use, Ibrihm and Mohamed are very safe drivers, some of the blue and white taxis are very dangerous! They drive like lunatics.. no road rules! Namma is very commercial, Hard rock cafe... TGI's etc along with the authentic egyptian cafes were you can smoke shisha and relax, all good fun. To sum up Sharm, an interesting place with great people but a little too commercial for us. Although, had a fantastic holiday and would definately go back to Egypt. Any questions,please ask :-)

not bad at all

from kamc457
we stayed at La perla for 2 weeks in June 2007. We were a little apprehensive after reading some reviews but it was fine. The rooms were a decent size and clean, the ensuite was also a good size with plenty of hot water no matter what time of day you showered. he staff are very friendly and helpful. You are about a 10 minute drive from Naama bay, I think taxis were about £7 as we never went. Not much night life around the hotel, the hotel entertainment was predictable with the usual fire eaters/belly dancers etc. The food was good and a different choice most days. The rooms were cleaned daily and fresh towles daily, they also supply beach towels daily so no need to cram your case with those. The all inclusive was ok, but finished at 10pm. Anything after that was to pay for ie beer. Not many english in the hotel so not a lot of chance to mingle. Plenty of Italians if you can cope with them. A free bus ran almost hourly everyday to a private beach which is shared with one other hotel. The only problem is your all inclusive doesn't cover you unlike the other hotel. So you have to get the bus back which takes about 5-10 mins. You can but pizza/burgers and drinks for about £7-10 quid. Still worth a visit just to see the fish in the sea.
All in all a pleasant relaxing fortnight.

Enjoyable time at la perla : )

from geordielass61
I was suprised to read some of the other reviews written on the La Perla on my return, I arrived home yesterday (sunday 19th august) having had a thoroughly enjoyable stay at the hotel. I am female and travel alone and as it turned out was the only english person in the hotel that week but still had a very pleasant stay. The hotel was clean and though any persons with a disability would have had difficulties accessing areas of the hotel (this seemed to be the case in a lot of the complexes not just there), the staff did their utmost to try and accomodate to peoples needs. The hotel is geared mainly toward italians but really as the english have only recently begun exploring egypt as a holiday resort this is not so suprising. The chefs explained to me every day what the local dishes where they had on offer and recommended things for me to try ( I was never ill through trying any of it !!!!) I dont drink alcohol and did not have difficulty nor was i charged for drinking copious amounts of nescafe. The rooms where very clean and the bathroom large with a walk in shower area that a family could fit in if they wanted too. I didnt really stay at the hotel for evening entertainment as I was off out exploring most of the time though i did go to PACHA (if your a clubber then this is an experience not to be missed) as a trip organised by the DJ at the hotel, the first time I went. Fantazia is the small market and entertainment area a few minutes walk from the hotel which holds all of the things you need if you dont want to catch taxis etc to namar bay. I didnt feel threatened at all walking around on my own and approaches by stall holders are much less the same as you get when visiting Turkey and their markets. I visited Cairo : saw the pyramids, boated down the nile, egyptian musuem, the old market, visited an egyptian family, ate at two local tavernas on the drive there and back much to the delight of the locals who just came to stare at the burnt blonde woman. Also climbed mount Sinia and watched the sunrise, toured St Catherines, Dahab and so many other places. These trips can be booked with local tour companies and are very cheap though my cairo visit I arranged myself which meant i got to see and do more. Cairo is amazingly manic and busy and driving there is definately not for the faint hearted. Your not watching out for just other mechanical vehicles you also have to contend with donkeys camels horses and people. Still it is definately an experience I wont forget. Word of warning about the egyptian musuem though you need 2 different tickets to see the whole exhibition. The royal mummies and artefacts are in a seperate exhibition which you need a ticket to enter into different from the general entry. The musuem is huge and if you want to do it justice you would need a good few hours to get round it all.
I did go snorkeling and that was also amazing all those fish which we generally only see in aquariums are just swimming around you with out a care in the world. I would definately go back and do a diving qualification.
And yes I would stay at the la perla again : )

a holiday of two parts

from blakefamily
just returned from two week break at la perla. Within two days we had severe food poisoning which wiped out the first week of our holiday. spent the rest of the holiday avoiding all salad, meat and rice products just in case. survived on watery soup and pasta. rooms in need of updating but reasonably clean. beach is tiny and shuttle bus takes you there daily. the snorkelling makes up for everything as it is amazing. The hotel staff are very supportive and attentive and made up for the hotels shortcomings. leaving the hotel can be troublesome as locals appear to want to relieve you of your money in any way possible. Naama Bay takes nerves of steel!! be firm and walk away if necessary. becoming mute helps! we went on some fabulous trips and found other parts of Egypt completely different, Cairo is a must. Our youtravel rep was excellent and we would definately use them again. We met some lovely people either holiday makers and staff who made our holiday a positive memory. However, we will not be going to sharm el sheikh again and certainly not la perla as not being able to eat properly for two weeks is debilitaing to say the least.

A Bit of a dissapointment

from Channy27
I have just returned from an 8 day stay at La Perla in Sharm el sheikh. We had a lovely time, however I think any longer would have been too much.
La Perla is quite a small resort. It was very clean the whole time we were there, apart from the shower in our room. This was horrible!! It was so dirty and slimy, I actually felt worse getting out of the shower than before!! There is also hardly any water pressure, so I had to stand in the shower for ages to wash the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair. The drainage isn't very good either, so the bottom of the shower filled up with water as you were in it!!
The pool area is really nice at the resort, and because it was fairly quiet while we were there, we had no problem gtting a sunbed each day. The pool is quite clean and nice, however the sides are a bit slimy and could do with a good clean!!
The food................. well what can I say..............I don't want to see meat, rice or chicken for the next 12mths!!!! It was eatable, but so so so so so repetive. It was always the same each day, but with a little something extra thrown in to make it look different!! The food was ok though, and it was always hot, its just that when you eat the same thing for lunch and tea for 8 days, you feel sick looking at it!! We were able to buy other main meals which were really cheap at £2 for calamari and £2 for pizzas. These meals were nice and good for a change.
We were all inclusive, so that ran from 10am to 10pm, and it included your 3 main meals, and spirits, beer, wine, softdrink, etc. We thought it was well worth the money that we paid to stay here.
The staff were really lovely and very helpful. The entertainment staff were a different story!! The entertainment lady really favoured the Italian and Russian customers, and paid little attention to the few English people staying there. In the 8 days we saw 2 different entertainments at night and during the day most of the activities were cancelled!! Just make sure that if you organise a wake up call, that you have a back up plan!! As we had to be up at 3.30am to catch our plane to Cairo for our day trip, we had organised a wake up call, and DIDN'T receive it!! Lucky I had set my mobil alarm as a backup. The other couple travelling with us, hadn't though and woke up at 4 and we were being picked up at 4.10!!
The private beach is Lovely!! There is a pier that goes out into the ocean so that you can walk among the fish and snorkle!! There are also sunbeds. It isn't ideal for children to swim as there is no sandy place for them to go out on.
Naama Bay is about a 10min taxi ride. We went here many times and it is a really lovely place. If I go back to Sharm again, I would only stay in Naama Bay as it is so nice and it would cut out the costs of taxi fares.
We had A2B as our Travel Reps and they provide heaps of day tours for a resonable price. We went Quad Biking in the Desert which was AMAZING!! We were in the desert for sun set and it was so so so much fun. Well worth the £20 we paid.
We also did a day trip to Cairo to see the Pyramids, Spinx, Museum, etc and this was really good, but very tiring. We went by plane rather than going for the 12hr bus trip!!
I must say that the only downside to this holiday was the Arab Men. I'm not a racist person by any means and I love to experience different cultures, however I found the men extrememly sleezy and they hassled us all the time. They really do not have any respect for the women and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. The men working at La Perla resort were fine though. They did give a bit of a look, but they didn't hassle us. We didn't have a male with us, so I would defnately take a male with me if I went back.
Overall it was a fairly enjoyable holiday, however I don't think I would go back!! If I did decide to go back I probably wouldn't stay at La Perla. It deffinately isn't a 4 star resort as advertised. I think it would be pushing a 3 star. But then again, I can't complain because it was only a cheap holiday and we defffinatly got our moneys worth!!

A week in Egypt

from diiii
We stayed at La Perla for a week in April to chill out in the sun. the sun arrived but the Hotel didn't live up to expectations. It was clean the staff were very attentive. the Hotel needs updating but it was comfortable even the beds.

We were disappointed with the food, the veg raw, the choices very limited. Dinner 6.30pm until 9.00pm the food was kept hot on what looked like 2 candles which were discreetly changed at intervals, the gas burner hidden under the tin foil stand was not burning. We ate early just incase.

The hot breakfast choice could include mashed potato, rice and hard boiled eggs. We stuck to toast and their lovely breads as well as omelete or pancakes cooked fresh as you waited.

We have been AI before and this Hotel is not truly AI, if you eat early evening and don't drink alcohol, your snookered until 7.00am the next day.

Whilst you can't compare Egypt to Spain, I will with regards to star rating, this is not a 4 star Hotel it wouldn't make a 3 star in Spain and I have never stayed in a 2 star, so who knows.

Tummy bugs are not exclusive to this Hotel, so take your Imodium with you.

Questionable Rating - Questionable All Inclusive

from trevp1
We have just arrived back from Hotel La Perla in Sharm El Sheikh and have very mixed views about it. It is a typical 3* hotel and definitely not the 4* as advertised in so many places. There are no lifts in this Hotel so if you have walking difficulties or are in a wheel chair beware. The Hotel is on 3 levels, Entering Hotel at Front takes you to level one where you have Lobby with check in desk and bar, Ground Level is where the restaurant and pools and pool bar is and level 2 is just rooms. There is no play area for children as mentioned on La Perlas own website and the beaches apart from Naema Bay are unsuitable for children because of the Coral Reef. Rooms are clean and fairly comfortable but could do with a lick of paint. Plumbing is a bit questionable, if a lot of people in hotel are showering at same time i.e. before evening meal water pressure can be very low or non-existent. Staff are very helpful, friendly and immaculately dressed everyday. They tend to favour the people that are paying for everything like people on B&B so if you are All Inclusive don’t expect the same service. The All Inclusive package is terrible it’s more like Full Board with a few alcoholic drinks thrown in for good measure. All Inclusive is from 10am till 10pm and includes the following: - Small 33cl cans of Stella Lager, Glasses of Red, White or Rose Wine, Soft Drinks and your 3 meals a day. You also get soft drinks with your meals and Tea and Coffee with your Breakfast and Tea, Coffee and Biscuits at 1600. You could only get 1 drink at a time even if you were sat at a table with friends who were also All Inclusive; the exception to this rule was getting a drink for your wife/partner. All Inclusive here does not include: - Snacks, Tea and Coffee apart for the times mentioned, any spirits, any drinks at beach or drinks to take to beach. Food is very much geared towards the Italians and is very repetitive. During our 2-week stay every dinner and evening we had 2 meats, Chicken and beef in different guises, there was always Pasta and Spaghetti every day and a lot of pizzas. We had chips once in 2 weeks. The burger and Chips from the snack bar were excellent but you had to buy them but they were cheap at 20LE. The Hotel seems to know what the English like to eat but does not put it on for main meals so if you want it you have to pay. You could also have Kebabs and Fish for meals in the main Restaurant but there was an extra charge for these. Breakfast was very repetitive Boiled eggs, Cut up European Sausage, Mashed Potato and a few other warm things that we never did find out what they were and also cereals and pastries. The second week of our stay a toaster appeared after the Italian guests complained. Outside you could get an omelette freshly made which were very good. The food most of the time was luke warm due to people leaving the covers off when they had served themselves. Entertainment was non-existent during the first week and then every other day during the second week, this was probably due to going up a price bracket. Beware playing pool there is a £3 English charge per hour that they forget to mention when you get the balls, you find out afterwards. The 3 pools are good but very cold, the sea is far warmer. The hotel is ideally situated for the Old Market and Naema Bay and seems to be centrally located in Hadaba. Taxi prices from Hotel to Naema Bay 20 LE, Hotel to Old Market 10LE these may sound cheap but a gallon of petrol is only 5LE. You get approx 10LE to the English Pound so very easy to work out. To sum up a typical well located 3* Hotel with an All Inclusive package that is Questionable. Everything is available at a price and remember if you are a non-drinker you will be paying the whole time for tea and coffee. I have been totally honest with this review and none of it is my opinion it is all facts. I would give this Hotel 6/10 and if the all-inclusive had been all inclusive and there had been a few more choices of food for the British it would have come close to getting 10/10.

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  • Address: Um el Seed Clif - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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