Jaz Mirabel Park Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Jaz Mirabel Park Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh

Rooms: 196

Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt Hotel Website | | 20 69 371 03 71
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Pleasantly Surprised!

from blondebomb_1
Went from the 1st to 8th May on our own and have just booked to go back with our kids in sept. We loved this hotel and i must say we thought the staff had alot to do with it! The bar staff were always happy and joking (keep it up salam and rady). The pool staff always attentive and the hotel itself deserved the star rating.
This hotel definately exceeded our expectations, as having been to north africa before we expected basic everything. After the 20 min coach transfer and ours being the last drop off, we agreed that we chose the best hotel we had seen in that area. The pool areas and dining facilities were all excellent and i can't give enough praise to the hotel and staff! A fantastic, value for money, relaxing break. Can't wait til September!!!!

Fantastic Holiday

from PurpleMonkey001
My Husband and I have just come back and we would go back again, We can not fault anything, The hotel is very clean and well worth its star rating, Staff are so friendly they can not do enough for you, The food was excellent my husband is very fussy and he found something to eat everyday, The bread is the best I have ever had and cakes are to die for, We did not have a problem at all with waiting for drinks (like previous reviews) at the restaurant as soon as we sat down someone would take our order, We ate at the pool side snack bar at lunch times and the staff there were brilliant you do not get any hassle at all, They like to have a joke with you and they really make your stay enjoyable, The water slides helped break up the day as it was very warm to just lie and sunbathe, The staff there again were very friendly and we had a real laugh with them they are excellent with children, We had a nice towel display in our room all week see photo’s attached,Do not buy a paper from the guy walking around the pool area he does try and rip you off especially if you do not know there currency, There is not much evening entertainment but we were quite happy just sitting in the bar area, The staff there again could not do enough for you, As soon as my drink was half empty I would have another one waiting, You can get bottle water from there too so no need to go out and but any, We also got packets of crisps from there as well, The only down point about our holiday was the beach as its not sand its more like grit and does hurt your feet we only went down there once but was more than happy to stay around the hotel complex, We went to the Lebanese restaurant and the food was fantastic we had a very enjoyable time, We was not ill all week on our stay but we did drink allot of water throughout the day, I think if people were ill it has nothing to do with the food as I tried everything and I was fine its very hot in May so I think allot of people were just dehydrated from not drinking enough fluids, We went on a evening tour to the desert stars at night this was very good the sunset is breath taking and when its dark the stars are amazing I have never seen anything like it again the people were very friendly and you do not get hassled, Reading some previous reviews I can not understand why people have complained. We will be defiantly going back but not with Thomson as we did experience a few problems i.e. Tickets not arriving until 2 days before leaving, Plane was very dirty I even had to clean up my seat myself there was jam spread everywhere and when asking the air hostess I was told it was not her problem, The lights above seating area I don’t think have ever been cleaned, Also if you pre book in-flight meals at £7.00 it’s a rip off as you can buy them for £2.50 on flight, Overall good holiday you will have a brilliant time i wish i was there now.

You get what you pay for..

from saffy_k
Just back from a week at the Jaz Mirabel Park. We got a cheap deal for the 3 of us, all-inclusive and its true, you get what you pay for. We knew it wasnt going to be a real 5-star , its probably a good 3-star, but what we paid was 3-star rates so no real complaints as we managed our own expectations.

Room was big and clean, a little tired but certainly comfortable. The grounds were well-kept and clean and the staff couldnt do enough. if anything a little too enthusiastic... We took our 1 yr old daughter and she was coo'd and touched and pawed at like a celebrity. At first it was sweet, but it became way too much and I couldnt relax as I was too worried about what waiter was picking up my daughter, sticking their fingers in her mouth or just walking off with her playing hide and seek with me, like it was a cute game. Im uncomfortable with that. Room Service would walk into our room multiple times during the day for little to no reason. This put me on edge as my daughter would be sleeping in the room near the door and I became paranoid they were sneaking in to kidnap her! I would ask 'can I help you'..after the 3rd time of just letting themselves in and would be met with 'oh, everything ok?'..umm it was , but youre creeping me out now..I ended up bolting the doors! I am NOT a suspicious or overly paranoid person..just for the record! Besdes this the overall customer service was excellent. I know its a cultural thing, but to not see ANY female staff is weird. I booked in for a massage in the spa and no females there either. I was a little uncomfortable with that and regretted booking the massage.

Food is fine. The buffet can get tiring but they do a good job keeping multiple nationalities happy.
The whole you can only eat and drink in your part of the resort (not the Beach or Club) was annoying. Night entertainment could have been better. There was someonthing most nights, but it lasted for all of an hour.
Both my husband and I got the stomach bug. We were extra careful. be careful the tiles are extra slippery and people are constantly sliding over!
The 24hr shopping centre in the resort was good and we ate at the italian and it was lovely.

Everyone we spoke to enjoyed the resort and had good things to say. Overall it was a nice hotel and I cant find much fault but for us it just didnt do it for us. It just missed some x-factor. I would recommend people go as everyone else liked it, but for us we wouldnt return

Beautiful Hotel BUT!

from m_breddy
Beautiful Hotel but be very careful going down and up the marble stairs, very, very slippery, saw a few people falling down the stairs. Also the tiles around the complex are very slippery when wet, so take extra care. The staff at the pool bar is very helpful but ladies be careful going on your own, the men is like flies and can be a bit too friendly. There is also no kids club running at this hotel at the moment. After complaining we were told they are working on it but at the moment there is no kids club. If you were looking for that facility or child care, like we were, so we could go diving, this is not the hotel for you. We had to take our girls aged 10 and 6 with us on the diving boat and cost us 100 Euros a day for the two. We booked at this hotel because of the kids club. When we went to Cuba last year (07) you could leave your kids at the kids club for the day. Even if the kids club was running this would not have been possible. The kids club run from 10 - 12pm and again from 3 - 7pm and you had to supervise your child yourself. Food was amazing and there was a lot of choice. Even my daughters that are very fussy eaters had no problem finding something to eat. Puddings were out of this world. Must say a pitting about the service at dinner time. There is just not enough staff on at night to service at the tables. So if I can give you good advice, drink cool drink or beer that you can get yourself and forget about asking for wine because you might just get it after your meal. Please do not leave home without Imodium, trust me you will need it. If you don't, someone in your party will. Not sure what causes this but everyone in our party of 4 got it except for one. We had 6 of our friends at another Hotel and they all got it. It might be the oil they cook with....not sure. If you are looking for a good dive centre, we can truly recommend Ocean College and their prices are very reasonable. They are also very organized, well that was our experience with them and we did 7 days (16 dives) with them. You can also use the other Hotel facilities but don't be fooled, that does not mean you can eat and drink at the other Hotels, it means you can use the pools and that’s it. You can have a drink at the beach bar though. You don't have to go and buy water at the shops when your water runs out in the mini bar in your room, just go and ask for water at the cocktail bar - it’s free. Please don't forget to drink lots of water every day, you will get dehydrated very easily and you will feel very sick. Overall please take the above as hints and tips and not a negative at all, this is a wonderful hotel and comes highly recommended. Enjoy!!!!

Could do better

from Mia0407
We've been to Sharm twice before, so we knew roughly what to expect, as most of the Hotels are of a pretty high standard. However, this Hotel did not quite live up to our expectations. It's not an awful Hotel, in fact it's really nice, but I struggle to see it being more than 3 star, in fairness. The Hotel itself is clean and in attractive grounds with a lovely pool. Most of the staff are very friendly and helpful, and really keen to look after you. The rooms are adequate, albeit a little tired looking, but all have nice pool views, and who spends loads of time in their room on holiday anyway. I have to agree with the previous reviewer who commented on how long it took to get a drink in the restaurant. We were there for a fortnight, and after the first few days we realised it was pointless going to get your food until AFTER you'd managed to attract the attention of a waiter (which could take around 20 minutes or more) or else your food would either be stone cold or eaten before the wine arrived. By the way, tipping made absolutely no difference. I have to say that the restaurant is the only place where we found this incredibly slow service. Elsewhere, the standard was as you'd expect, and in some cases even better. The food in the restaurant is very good, with loads of variety.
Again, I would agree with the previous reviewer about the tummy bugs. I caught it 3 times within a fortnight, and spent 2 whole days of my holiday in bed, and a further 3 days feeling out of sorts. My husband suffered with it for 12 days of the fortnight, but being a strong willed sort of guy it didn't stop him pursuing diving and the other things he wanted to do. Everybody we met at the Hotel had suffered with it to. About half had been ill enough to take to their beds, where others had just stayed in their rooms for a day or so. In fact, I was ill at the airport on the way home whilst somebody else was vomitting in the loo next door ..... ugh! a bit off putting for the people in the queue ..... I left with a bit of a sheepish glance towards them, as I quickly washed my hands and sloped away.
Like the previous reviewer, if I had known then what I know now, I would definitely have paid the small difference to upgrade to the Beach Hotel within the resort which was very much more impressive and comfortable looking. We did try to do this on our 2nd day, but unfortunately, they were full, so if this is an option for you, I would recommend it.
Also, there was no entertainment at this Hotel although I'm not sure if we were allowed to go to the Beach Hotel to watch theirs. There is a party on the beach itself every Tuesday and Friday night, but we didn't actually go.
Snorkelling off the beach is good when the tide is high, as in places it then comes up to your thighs, but there are loads of beuatiful fish to see even in those shallow waters. You can walk out for about half a mile, then you meet the reef, after this the waters are very much deeper, but not recommended as the waters are very rough with undercurrents apparently. However, if you walk onto the beach, and turn left, after about 10 minutes walk you arrive at a beautiful bay which is fabulous for snorkelling, and the fish are in abundance, and stunning.
Overall, this is a NICE Hotel, and I'm sure you'll have a lovely holiday here.


from MrsDon1
I booked this resort after extensive reserch on trip advisor. All the reviews seemed excellent and got a good deal with Thompson, approx £435 pp AI for a week. Unfortunately, the experience was not as I'd hoped after reading all the other reviews.
The hotel itself is quite pleseant but the rooms could be better. The problem for us was the appauling service, which may surprise you following other good write ups!! On our first evening meal in the hotel, we had to ask 3 times for drinks with our meals, which then arrived once we had finished eating!!! We also rang reception to ask for things such as an ironing board, however after 3 calls over the duration of 2 hours, it never arrived as had been arranged on the phone.
By our 3rd night, we gave up on asking for assistance or requesting drinks etc as more often than not, they would never materialise.....
Food was average but it became evident that the majority of guests had suffered D & V throughout their stay (including ourselves!) On the journey home, it was obvious most guests had been ill during their stay.
If you are going to Egypt for the diving (as we were), I would not suggest this hotel, as it is too far too Namma Bay where the good dive centres are situated (Hotel centre very expensive).
Therefore, it goes without saying, we would not return........

Not bad but wish we booked the Beach hotel

from SparkyDevon_UK
Have just returned from a week at the Mirabel Park hotel. Overall the hotel was good but on reflection we wish we had booked the sister hotel Mirabel Beach. The overall standard of the hotel was very good and what we would have expected, we have been to Sharm el Sheikh before so knew what to expect. The hotel was spotless and the staff we very attentive. The sister hotel the Mirabel Beach is huge and we were able to use their facilities - what this means in reality is that you can use the pools!! Apart from the bar on the beach you can not get a drink anywhere other than your own hotel - considering all three hotels on the complex - which are all in the same grounds - are owned by the same company I cannot understand the logic behind this. The big let down on this holiday was the choice in the evenings, apart from having dinner and a drink in the only bar we were a bit disappointed. All we wanted was the option to use a different bar, the pool bar could have easily stayed open longer into the evening and the addition of music would have made this is ideal place to have an evening drink.
A few tips for any potential visitor - take Immodium, most people we spoke to had been ill, us included. On arrival insist that someone escorts you to your room, it was nearly midnight when we arrived and we were just pointed in the right direction and it took us about half an hour to locate our room. Go to the Lebanese restaurant it was fab. On your departure you are expexted to leave your room at midday, we were not being picked up until 7.15pm!!! You can ask the reception for a late check out, speak to other guests to find out how much they paid, we paid £30 to keep our room until 6pm and other guests paid £21.
Overall - weather fantastic - hotel clean and staff very good - facilities could have been better, check out the Mirabel Beach before booking as the cost is not that much more and you get much more for your money.

Would go to Egypt again for the weather but probably go back to Sharks Bay where we have been before.

If you are looking to relax for a week - go for it - but there are other better hotels for the same price.

Lovely hotel but BEWARE!

from whiteyNewcastle
First time in Egypt and what an experience! Arrived at roughly 5pm to the chaos of sharm airport. Managed to cope with that and then tried to make our way to the coach, i was accosted by a man telling me he worked for thomson and snatching my case! 100 yards on he then asked me for 'tips' and i realised he was not staff. Not a very nice introduction to the resort. However after a speedy transfer we arrived at the very impresive Mirabel Park. Staff were wonderful and gave us a lift to our room and refused to allow us to carry our luggage. The room was lovely with fantastic towel sculptures on the beds, surrounded with rose petals! Nice touch. From then on things got better and better. staff are wonderful and cannot do enough for you. Weather fab other than one episode of rain. staff thought it was amazing! Now the WARNING... Do not go to the shopping mall. We were lured into a false sense of security by staff who offered hospitality and then became abusive and would not let us leave the 'oils' shop without a purchase. I was very shaken up by the sudden change and my husband had to practically force his way past staff to leave. Also when leaving the complex i felt totally intimidated by groups of local men hanging around. Sadly this has totally put me off returning to what seems to be a beautiful resort. Please be careful.

Loved this hotel

from Boffin8
Have just come back from the Jaz Mirabel Park in Nabq Bay - only a 20 minute transfer from the airport.
On approaching the hotel through the opening security gate we were greeted by a very welcome sight.
The hotel has 3 parts to it, the Park, Beach and Club, our reception was next to the Beach part, we never did find the reception for the Club part?
The hotel is very nice, it is modern, clean and all the staff are very helpful. We checked in swiftly and were given room 5235, the only disadvantage we found to this room was it was next to the access road for the new hotel being built next door, our friends stayed in room 5340 and it was a lot quieter.
The room was immaculate, huge walk in shower, good amenities including a mini fridge, hairdrier, TV and a lovely balony overlooking the pool (all rooms overlook the pool in the Park.)
Our cases were bought to our room by a golf buggy and we tipped the man $1.
We were advised to take $1 bills as the staff find it difficult to change pound coins into notes so they can exchange it. The staff here only earn £60 per month so they rely on tips but are not pushy or forceful about it - just grateful.
The food in the buffet restaurant was varied and really good quality, nice soups, mains courses and delicious desserts and the bread was to die for!
The bar in the Park is also good, the waiters remember your drink and tipping does go a long way as you seem to get extra good service, look out for Rady (Randy as we called him) a really lovely fella, who will keep you topped up all week.
Don't forget you CANNOT buy alcohol in the supermarket and the Vodka is like rocket fuel, they also don't do Bacardi (white rum) only dark.
There is a good array of shops on the Beach complex (next door) but the shop keepers are very pushy - come into my shop, sign my visitors books etc etc, nothing is priced you have to haggle - one wanted us to pay £20 for a fake Lacoste t-shirt and got quite annoyed when we said no and walked out!! This is the same with all the shops in Egypt and especially in Naama Bay we caught a taxi organised by the hotel £20 there and back but couldn't stand the hassle, also drinks are very expensive (£20 for 4 drinks) food is cheap though.
If you get an upset stomache (and you probably will) this is not through bad food, drink or anything else we saw just bad luck I suppose, don't take Immodium, go to the chemist at the shopping centre in the Beach and ask him for some tablets, he will give you 2 packs and they cost about £10 but work immediately.
We really enjoyed the holiday, the hotel was absolutely fab, the pools were sparkling clean, the rooms really good, but the hassle is not worth it to me, I won't be going back - the building work is going to make this resort into another Benidorm I'm afraid.
If you would like any info please email me and I will try and help.
Go snorkelling off the beach to the ship wreck - only waist high water and see the wonderful fish, take your beach shoes with you, you will need them not to cut your feet, really worth the effort to see Parrot, Angel and many other fish.

certainly for me

from patie47
we have just returned from the hotel jaz mirabel park it was fantastic, the staff can not do enough for you, they smile and have fun with you everyday they love the british sence of humour so give as much banter as you can they will love you. the complex is huge and there are five swimming pools make sure you use the slides they are fun. There is an excursion with thomsons £35 that takes you on a fab boat right out in the red sea where snorkeling takes place its a wonderful day out the lunch is good and the lads on the boat are alot of fun it is a full day and the boat is very luxious so make sure you book.food is 8/10 cakes for desert are very good cleanlyness in bedrooms are 7/10 decor in the main reception are to die for 20/10. weather is very hot 23/4/08 was 46. dec. enjoy your time at this resort.

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  • Address: Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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