Inter Plaza Beach Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Inter Plaza Beach Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
El Pasha Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt Hotel Website | | +2 069 360 44 50
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Very grand hotel, amazing coral reef!

from WumpUk
We (my partner, his brother and his brother's girlfriend - all mid-late 20s) stayed at this hotel for ten days. The rooms were large, airy and cool (well, there was a major power outage on our first night, and the air conditioning didn't work - that was one hot night!), the pools were beautiful and numerous - we didn't even manage to take a dip in all of them before we left - but the star of the whole holiday was the coral reef which was right in front of the hotel.

Every day huge diving boats would come out of Naama Bay and moor up and let off divers and snorkellers to get a glimpse of what we had for free :) My partner and I are also divers, and dived with the hotel dive club (Sprindiving). Despite the fact that English wasn't the instructor's first language (it was Italian), we both felt that the scuba review which we did was exceedingly well done, and we were 100% safe with these guys. The diving was really great too - we chose to dive just off the beach to get a better look at that coral, but we could have chosen to do boat dives in a number of places.

Other stuff - the food was fine - nothing special, but certainly not unpleasant. My top tip would be to eat the Egyptian specialities whenever you can, they were absolutely the best food I had while I was there.

Finally - this hotel is definitely an Italian hotel, by the end of the holiday I was talking a little Italian, not a little Egyptian, but this isn't a bad thing, it's just something you have to get used to.

Loved the Plaza!!

from LnR2008
I fully appreciate that many holiday makers have different opinions and views, but this has been one of the best holdays I have ever been on.

Okay, please remember that you are travelling to Egypt, the culture is so so different to our English culture, they import most of their food and they dont really have many set standards to follow unlike the Spanish and Greeks.

Myself and my boyfriend had visited this website a few times before leaving for Sharm. Admittedly we were slightly worried and was expecting the worst but we couldnt have been more wrong.

We arrived at the hotel in the early hours of the morning, feeling VERY exhausted however we checked in and were offered a drink (belvedere bar stays open until 3am) and were then shown to our room by a porter. Brilliant service!!

Unfortunately our aircon wasnt working properly so for the first night it was rather uncomfortable as the room was much hotter than outside. The next day this was sorted and from then on the aircon was brilliant. If we ever had a problem it would be sorted straight away and the service we recieved from everyone working at the hotel was fantastic. The Egyptains love the English (cannot stand the Russians or Italians)

Plus points to our holiday were:
The weather was fantastic, 38degrees plus!!! The pools were brilliant, especially the top pool where we spent most of the time. The bar there also offers burgers, pizza and chips so make sure if you are getting bored of the restaurant food, that you go there. The beach was amazing, always a sunbed free and the most amazing array of tropical fish in the shallow as you walked down the jetty. My boyfriend loved the snorkling so was in his element. Another plus was the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness of the hotel and the general atmosphere. Our room was large and clean with a beautiful bathroom and a huge bed (which you wouldnt expect to be comfy as you are abroad, but it was the best yet!!!).

The only downsides to the holiday was that the food was a bit samey and sometimes very cold. Im afraid to say that we both were poorly as a result of the food, no sickness, but awful stomach cramps which lasted for days, however this is only a result of their different ways of cooking. There is hardly any nightime entertainment, however we were told that this was because we didnt go in peak season (July-Oct). The animation team are waiting for you peak season travellers!!! Although the evening entertainment wasnt brill, we went into naama bay twice and ate at the Hardrock Cafe and TGI Fridays, a sight for sore eyes when you just fancy a nice burger!!! Naama bay is brilliant and also try to visit Old Sharm if you can.

There are many excursion trips available, and we went through Cataract travel and booked a double Quad bike to drive across the desert at sunset and have tea with the locals. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and you get the opportunity to see how the poor live in the desert and get to see wild camels....It's a real eye opener and definately an opportunity not to be missed.

For those who are open minded and just looking to relax in the sun, swim in the sea and get some of the best and friendly service then this is definately the holiday for you. We are a young couple and stayed for two weeks and did not want to come home. If you can tolerate the rudeness and boulshiness of the Italians and aren't too fussy with food then you will be well suited to the Interplaza. We made some great friends whilst there and have fantastic memories.

Have a wonderful time x

p.s only about 2000 Egyptian women work, once married they cover up from head to toe to protect them from being looked at by other men and to respect their husband/religion. Hense why there are not many women seen. The men (outside of the hotel) do like to look at the English women and can sometimes make you feel quite uncomfortable, but generaly seem okay. I would recommened that any women travellers going on their own or with girlfriends to keep to the busy areas and try not to make eye contact with the men.


from Lols100
Having read some bad reviews I was expecting alot worse. Considering the amount I had paid the hotel was ok, clean, friendly staff and air con with a nice beach. Major problem was the food - it was AWFUL and everyone I had spoken to agreed. After 3 days of eating gross food, my friend and I went in to Na'ama Bay and ate at some of the local fish restaurants which were fantastic! Beware female travellers - you will get alot of male attention especially if your travelling without a male! Mostly it’s harmless but can be tiresome!
If you are considering the Interplaza it is in a good location (approx £3 for taxi to Na'ama Bay) with a nice beach and clean but be prepared to eat and drink elsewhere!

Okay, but some problems

from nicolag1982
The hotel was very clean, our rooms were cleaned daily with fresh sheets and towels. The cleaner always left us a 'gift' - towels and rose petals made into swans, flowers and boats!

The food was nice but became a bit boring, only so much rice, potatoes, beef and chicken you can take!

The only problem with this hotel is it was predominately Italians and Russians. There was a team of reps for only the Italian guests which was quite annoying when they were the only ones asked to participate in daytime activities.

The evening entertainment was quite poor, not much going on other than a bit of music and on 2 of the weeks stay there was a lady singing.

This hotel is good if you are Russian or Italian but not recomended for English guests.

Relax in sharm!!!!!

from sruss1098
Whenever you read these type of reports you often wonder if you have been to the same hotel

A beautiful complex with stunning views and exceptionally well kept grounds.

The Staff were very pleasant and helpful. Rooms were spacious and clean with clean towels etc daily.

Yes there was a large contingent of Russian and Italian guests but we found no problem in eating in any of the resteraunts.

The food on occasions was disapointing - very often quite cold, but with the variey there was always something to eat !!!!

Namma bay was a 10 minute taxi ride away for £5/£6 - always ask the price before you start your journey.
A hotel bus was also available at a reasonable charge

There is a taxi office situated at the hotel and no problem getting one.

Entertainment poor and a huge outdoor theatre which was never used during our 2 week stay.

Alcolic drinks were plentiful once you chose the combination to suit your palate.

Evenings were quite, so a few trips to Naama bay recomended.

The children club was run by the italian entertainment staff

A very relaxing holiday in a very friendly atmosphere.

Value for money

from HOBKent
We were originally due to stay at the Hilton Sharks Bay Resort but got told the day before our departure that they had overbooked and we were being moved to the Inter Plaza (after chatting to a few other english travellers we found we were not the only ones to be moved at such short notice). After reading other reviews on Trip Advisor we did have some concerns about the hotel.

However we both overall had a fantastic holiday. The rooms are extremely spacious, very clean with a well stocked mini bar (soft drinks only unfortunately). Plenty of english tv channels including good sports for you men out there! The room is cleaned daily and the attendants make a great effort with the towel displays which is a little bonus.

We found all the staff went out of their way to be friendly and helpful, we found they appreciated our small attempt and speaking a little arabic , ie thankyou!

The hotel has at least 4 pools, all of which are lovely, the sunbeds are extemely comfortable and we had no problems in getting one at a sensible time. Towels are provided, as many as you wish and you return them on a daily basis.

The hotel extends onto its own private beach complete with jetty and amazing coral reefs. For us the highlight of the holiday was snorkling from our own jetty.

For us the food was a big let down, Whilst plentiful it was in our minds very repetative and aimed more towards the Russian and Italians palette. Having spoken to the management at a meet and greet, they did confirm that their aim is to increase the amount of english holiday makers that visit their hotel and seemed to welcome our comments - good and bad.

The other let down was the enterainment or lack of it. The only entertainment we could find was laid on by Italians for Italians, A great waste of a stunning openair ampitheatre. Naama Bay is only 10 mins away in a taxi and hotel does also provide a mini bus service at a cheap price.

We had no problems getting drinks from any of the bars on the complex, including the beach.

So to sum up, we would recommend this hotel, it was great value for money and the plus's totalling outweighed the negatives.

Michael and Helen (1/5/08 - 8/5/08

Nice hotel and staff shame about the food!

from markoSouthYorkshire
Me and my partner stopped at the Inter plaza hotel sharm el sheikh for 2 weeks from the 13/04/08 to 27/04/08.The gardens,pools,rooms,and beach are very nice and kept very clean and tidy the staff who work for the hotel are very nice and cant do enough for you and we had some good laughs with them especially (sam,gozeif,ramy,medhat,and abdel hmeed our cleaner) these five really made our holiday with both the laughs and service.

The bad points to the hotel was the food it got very repetitive and left quite alot to be desired, and they also dont really cater for english tastes as the hotel when we visited was populated by i would say 48% russian guests, 48% italian guests and 4% british guests.My tip would be to eat in the italian restuarant on the 1st floor as some of the russians can be very ignorant and rude and will push and barge people out of their way(thats if you can get in the 1st floor restaurant!) as both me my partner and other british geusts was turned away (because we was english and not italian!)the italian sprintour club agents would stand at the entrances turning away any other nationalities other than italian - very rude, this was not disclosed in the brochure or any write ups when we booked the hotel.

overall we enjoyed our 2 weeks holiday and met some amazing people. This hotel is worth considering as it is just a short taxi journey away from the popular resort naama bay were we dined in some nice restaurants, just be aware of the issues with regards to the food in the hotel.

Good Holuday!

from catherine86
Just returned from this hotel on the 27th April,after seeing a couple of bad reviews i was concerned but i didnt think it was a bad hotel at all.Got to the hotel and checked in and got shown to our room.Was a spacious room with a huge bed,TV,good power shower,3 good sized mirrors,a safe,free minibar which is filled up weekly,lots of drawers,wardrobe and shelves.also a balcony with chairs and table.Hotel looks lovely,nice and big and very clean.

Breakfast was from 7-10,there was pancakes and omlettes made for you,eggs,selection of bread,meats,croissants etc.For dinner and tea 1-3 and 7-10 there was rice,fish,chicken,pasta,vegetables,salad,something on the bbq everytime too like fish,burgers or chicken.It is true that one of the 3 restaurants are for italians only but we didnt mind anyway because it was basically the same food.all the food is covered,however when people use them then there not always closed which isnt the hotels fault really,i can imagine this happening everywhere.It is near enough the same thing everyday with a few changes but with it putting on quite a selection i can understand it.

There isnt really entertainment at night but people tended to go to Naama bay where all the bars were and nightlife.A shuttlebus runs to and from the hotel or you can get a taxi for a little bit extra money.The hotel was basically full of Russians and Italians,we met 4 other english couples while we were there for a week.Theyde been to Sharm several times before but their only complaint was the food as it wasnt really catered for us Brits as much as everyone else.The staff are very friendly,they were always saying how the English were very nice unlike the Russians and were therefore very helpful to us.There are about6 pools around the hotel,some with swim up pool bars.the pools were kept clean and even though they were quite cold,theyre lovely on a hot day,we went in them a few times every single day.This hotel is still quite new and so i dont think its advertised many places for the English to know about,however i did have overall a very relaxing time!


from Persaud
On arrival to the Inter Plaza Beach hotel we were warmly greeted by the hotel staff and escorted to our room. Our luggage was brought to our room 10 minutes later.
The room we stay in consisted of twin beds mini bar, safe, sat TV an ensuite, and balcony directly overlooking the pool and the red sea.
We found the room quite spacious with quality looking furniture to store our clothes.
The room was very clean and the cleaning staff were friendly and helpful
Down side
Before getting under the shower, or washing in the sink we had to run the water for a couple of minutes to clear this yellowy water coming from the taps, it was also difficult to regulate the hot and cold water to a consistent temperature.
We also had a jointing door to someone else’s room which was annoying because you could hear them talking.

The hotel has four restaurants two are situated in the main building and two opposite the pools which are open aired.
The second floor restaurant situated in the main building caters mainly for Russians and the ground floor restaurant caters mainly for the Italians We preferred the Italian restaurant because it was more organised and cleaner than the second floor restaurant. But we were also told by spring tours entertainment staff who mainly cater for the Italians if we want to eat we had to sit outside on the terrace or on the second floor or at a certain time between 9 .pm and 10.00pm
The Italian restaurant evening times are from 7.30pm to 10.00pm
The second floor restaurant evening time are from 7.00pm to 10.00pm
We went all inclusive just like the rest of the Italians but we were not permitted to sit between7.30pm and 9.00 pm. This also applied to breakfast and lunch.
It was quite clear that spring tours were running the show and not the Hotel Egyptian staff.
The food and presentation was a complete let down and we resorted eating out.
If you want bottled water during the day you have to pay, you only are allowed free bottled water at dinner time.
All inclusive
On arrival you are handed a pink risk ban or blue risk ban
Pink risk ban if you are Russian or any other nationality
Blue risk ban if you are Italian
The hotel mainly consisted of Russians and Italians
We noticed a very small number of English people during our stay
Night Entertainment only one show during the week which you had to understand Italian to follow
If you want to gain a Padi licence for driving you have to travel 15minutes outside the resort
The dive centre at interPlaza is a waste of time unless you speak Italian or Russian
The beach is ok but the sand is quite gritty

Stunning Resort but not geared for English market

from NappyMan
Was slightly worried after booking this hotel to find we could not locate any reviews but once there we realised why that might have been.
1. The name of hotel was slightly different.
2. We were amongst the first English residents since the resort opened a year ago.
A stunning resort, ideally placed for snorkeling. Many of the organised trips stopped outside our hotel. You could not fault the resort, it was spotless, cleaners everywhere. Plenty of pools, lovely beach, weather brilliant - if not chilly in the evenings and tended to be breezy during the day.
Only down sides :-
1. No information in rooms (not even room service menu)
2. No info displayed about entertainment
3. Not much going on in evenings, one bar open, little entertainment
4. Catered mainly for Italiens and Russians(Italiens had own restaurant, as many tour reps as customers, more entertainement (in Italien), ie plays in ampitheatre, kids club, aqua aerobics.
5. Drinks watered down or of such poor quality they seemed watered down.
6. Food in restaurant on buffet was cold as lids to bain maries were broken ( Great soup and fresh pasta bar)
7. Afew of us had errors on our bills on departure.
We booked through Medhotels, would not recommend their services. Arrivals meeting - Rep was late, answered his mobile many times, English was hard to understand, we were not happy with one tour booked so met him to complain ( brochure said no hidden extras, but charged extra for wetsuits, weather too rough for snorkeling and too cold , second snorkeling stop was outside our hotel??) and cancel another tour as ill, he never bothered to inform tour operator as they still came to pick us up. He said he would try and get refund, never saw or heard from him again.
The employees of hotel were wonderful and very friendly ( beach bar tenders always asked for present when ordering drinks??) and we were pleased to see a Manager on departure (even at 6am) who went out of his way to ask for feedback on our stay, which we happily gave.

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  • hotel inter plaza beach
  • Address: El Pasha Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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