Hauza Beach Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Hauza Beach Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
5 star

Rooms: 506

43 Nabp Bay, sharm el sheikh - southe sina-egypt - Sharm El Sheikh - 002 - Egypt Hotel Website | | 00202 0106278157
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Dodgy Hotel, Worse Food
Submitted by: Kerrin in 11/04/10
  • Age Group: 2630
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
We booked our 5 night stay with travel republic & due to them messing up our booking we were transfered to the Hauza. Whilst the website says five stars it was in reality a 2.5 star resort. Staff were friendly & helpful but the food was absoltuely woefull. Definitely would not reccommend to anyone except my worst enemy. Enjoy the fantastic places in Egypt & Sharm in a different hotel.
wou'dnt recommend
Submitted by: tom in 09/02/10
  • Age Group: 5160
  • From: Egypt
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
had been to two other hotels in sharm but was let down by the hauza the hotel layout was good the food while always something to eat was not of 5 star,the wine was undrinkable as was the vodka and the other spirits,my wife used up her duty free most of the bar staff were unintrested the animation team and towel guys were always good when we arrived lot of brits had been down with stomach cramps and dia----.i got it the last day this place is all wright for the russ---s but not brits
good and bad points!
Submitted by: Lauren.C in 15/07/09
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
i have been back in the uk for 6 days and wish i was back there!!!!! the animation team by the pool were brillant they were so friendly and always welcomed you they were BRILLANT!!! I will admit the food was not great most nights i would have some cucumber on plus side lost 6lbs haha!
the hotel was clean and the cleaners were good its very child friendly! I cant wait to go back next year!!! mind u the entertainment at night was good but got a lil boring but i would reccomend doing snorkling on own private beach and at turan island i did camel riding snorkling quad biking!! one of the best holidays i have ever have!!! i would reccomend it too anyone :) x
2 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
loved the hauza beach resort
Submitted by: tracy in 09/07/09
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
i went 2 the hauza with my friend and her mum i was if i admit nervous 2 travel to this country
as id heard alot of poor things... how wrong could i have been i loved the country people and hotel.. the staff were fantastic and helpfull the hotel was great with alot of fab pools 2 please the adults and kids..... the food was poor was more or less the same thing everynite but was always something you could have i wud recommend this hotel 2 any1 whos not a fussy eater
Great Weather Poor Hotel
Submitted by: Alan in 16/04/09
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
This Hotel is listed as 5 star but is really only 2 or 3 star. The food is of poor quality and the organisation is terrible. The staff tried hard to provide a good service but what it really wanted was better quality food, more food counters and self service drink dispensers rather than being frustrated by having to wait for a waiter to ask what you wanted to drink. The speciality restaurants are in name only. The Aljezera restaurant was supposed to serve Indian food which should be full of spice and exotic tastes but in truth was bland and just like any other poorly cooked food from anywhere on the planet except India! We complained about the poor quality of the food and were promised a complimentary meal in the Aljezera restaurant which luckily for us, we did not receive. The air-conditioning did not work, the sink did not retain water and the refridgerator froze anything that was put in it even when set to its highest temperature. On the last day we were told we could not eat in the main restaurant even though we had paid for a meal because that was the system! Well we did eat in the main restaurant even though the staff tried to stop us! We have been to Egypt three times and this was the worst so far!
Submitted by: Amy in 01/02/09
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
This is the best hotel ever and the staff are great. I went with my family and it was fabulous. The food is delicious!!
It's not that bad!
Submitted by: Debbie in 19/08/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I was dreading our holiday to Hauza Beach after I had read the various reviews, but I must say that I was very pleased with the hotel. The location was fantastic. Our room overlooked the sea even though we had not requested upgrade. The beach and pool areas were spotless. Our rooms were cleaned thoroughly everyday and I did not spot one creeply crawly or mosquito the whole time. The staff were great and yes they did try to get you to have a massage etc but they were only trying to do their jobs and took no for answer straight away. Overall, they were friendly, polite and extremely hard workers. My only complaint would be about the entertainment it was dire! The food was fine for one week's all inclusive we only ate out twice once on an excusion and once when we went into Nama bay. I can't see why everyone complains about the food, if you want english breakfast and fish and chips then stay in England! Overall, I thought it was great value for money and will never allow hotel reviews to cloud my opinion in future.
Diabolical Food!
Submitted by: Roberta in 10/12/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
In over 30 years of foreign travel I have never experienced such a disappointing holiday. The accommodation was acceptable apart from discoloured water from the taps which my partner described as 'like having a shave in tomato soup'! Any minor problems were quickly resolved by willing and friendly staff although this was not the experience of some fellow British guests. Unfortunately the holiday was ruined by the quality of food in the two restaurants we tried. It was at worst cold and inedible and at best not suited to the British palate. For the first few days we lived on cornflakes for breakfast and bread and occasionally soup for the rest of the day. Upset stomachs were common including myself which may have been caused by a lack of basic food hygiene. By the restaurant staffs own admission the amount of food wastage was enormous which should have told someone something. One evening we ordered a snack from room service at extra cost which was far and away of better quality and presentation than in the restaurants. That surely tells its own story. In desperation for the rest of our stay we ate in Na'ama Bay at considerable extra cost.The last straw for us was on the last morning - even cornflakes were out because the milk was off! On an all inclusive basis the food is fundamental to the holiday and for that reason alone this hotel rates no more than 3 or even 2 stars. The saving grace for us was meeting some nice people but we have never before been so desperate to get home for some decent food. Even Burger King at the airport was like haute cuisine!
If you want to lose weight this hotel may be for you - otherwise avoid it like the plague!
Worst Holiday Ever
Submitted by: Alan in 04/12/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
My wife and I stayed at the Hauza from 18th Nov - 2nd Dec 2007.
During the first four days we managed to have a bath once, owing to a number of factors, including a disgusting dis-colouration of water from the hot supply, no hot water supply and then no hot or cold supply.
After making in excess of twenty complaints to reception and finally demanding to be moved to another room or hotel the duty manager moved us to a different room on the fourth day of our stay. (I was informed by reception staff this problem affected many rooms, as we was to later discover from other guests).
The food in the main resturaunt was very repetitive and usually cold with a very limited variety of meats,some of which were not entirely cooked. My wife and I both suffered upset stomachs on several occasions as did many other guests.
The so called Indian resturaunt was no better.We booked a rerservation and had to wait four days. Much to our dissapointment the nan breads were cold as was the rice. The menu was very limited indeed and judging by the meals we ordered it certainly does not compare with the traditional indian menus. We never experienced the sea-food resturaunt as we were told by other guests the menu was extremely limited and quality of food very poor. During our second week we decided as did many other british guests to dine out in Naama Bay. This was of course an additional expense as we were all inclusive.
A couple we met at the resort had a meal delivered to their room at an additional cost but the quality,we are told was far better.(Why can't the quality be equalled in the resturaunts or is the food is provided as cheaply as possible?)
On the 30th Nov one of our towels was removed from the sun lounger at the poolside. We were told that we would have to pay 50 Egyptian pounds as it was the rules and that this was printed on the towel cards. It clearly was not and when I asked reception staff to identify where this rule was evident in print they were unable to do so.I was then told that this rule should have been explained upon our arrival at check-in. This clearly did not happen and I refused to pay. I was then threatened with the police and that our departure would be delayed until payment was made. After considerable discussion the the threats were removed but yet again it was another upset during our stay.
We found most of the reception staff very unsympathetic and at times very rude during our stay.
I would point out that the Food and Beverage manager was both helpful and sympathetic within his limitations.
This was certainly our worst holiday experience in many years and would never recommend the Hauza Resort to anyone.
Great location, but rooms and food were terrible
Submitted by: susan in 11/10/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
We stayed at this hotel three years ago and haven't been able to find it in any brochures until now. We are surprised to find it rated a 5*. It was the worst hotel we have ever stayed in. There are ants in bedroom, food the worst we have ever experienced, violently ill for 1 week. Maggots in salt and pepper in dining room. We asked to move hotels. This one is not recommended!!

Historical Traveller Reviews of Hauza Beach Resort Hotel

t Go There !!!

from Taffy73
Not as expected. This hotel is certainly not five star. The admin staff speak little English and are not very interested in answering queries. The rest of the staff are pleasant enough, but they expect a tip for everything from bringing you a towel, to moving a sunbed three metres up the beach (even when you haven't asked them to). Prices of taxis, camel rides and any souvenirs bought from Naama Bay are highly inflated - even after bartering.

The hotel has the potential to be a very good one, the pools, beautiful scenery and beach are worth visiting; but the lack of sun beds (of which you have to get up at 4am to secure), the basic rooms, the uneven paving, and the smell of sewerage water that watered the plants twice daily put us off a second visit.

Everyone we spoke to was ill - and the on site Doctor charges £40 just to write you a prescription (despite this service supposedly being part of the all inclusive concept). The hotel write up lists facilities that include a gym and a health club - these are yet to be constructed and the childrens club is less than secure. Entertainment was dire - a kids mini disco was the highlight of our evening.

Sharm airport is the most dismal place ever - you have to pay for toilet paper and a chunky kitkat costs £3:60!! There is very limited duty free and it is more like a market than a departure lounge.

Our advice - stay in another hotel. People we met had good things to say about the real 4 and 5 star hotels of Sharm.

My week at Hauza, far from a 5* spot.

from Senal
I went to Hauza for a week to relax and enjoy the sun. Relax I did not as all of us endured severe stomach upsets and ended up staying in the shade for two continous days. We all followed all advice given to us (no salad or fruit and drink only bottled water). Most of the english groups we spoke to had also had the same complaints but hotel staff told us that it was the change in climate, although I have travelled to other hotter spots and never had any compliants. The food was terrible and not enough of a variety and not fun when you have to dish out of an open pan where previous guests had been breathing/coughing over. I would recommend having your pasta made for you, as you get to see this being made and can chose what goes in your sauce (although I did stick to vegetarian as the meat looked about funny). i also have to agree that the bakery is a safe option.

Trying to get a sunbed was a painful task as you would have to either put it out before you went to bed or get up at 5am to get spot on either one of the pools. The pools were not cleaned enough, on several occassions waste was seen floating around the edge of the pool.

Rooms were very clean but you had to tip your cleaner to ensure that this was done properly.

The disco was more like a high school dance, everyone sitting around the edge, the DJ playing the same music over and over again. You had to buy drinks in here, maybe the hotel staff should serve free drinks in there too and it would attract more people.

Dont buy anything from the stalls in Hauza very overpriced, travel to the Old Market where you can grab a few bargins. Walk out of the resort to get a cab, we paid 40 egyptian pounds for 9 of us to go to Naam Bay when the hotel were charging 30 each.

Make a trip into Naam Bay if only you want to see some tack - trying to be like the West to much. Make sure you visit Pacha for a night out, 9 of us went and had a brilliant time especially as there is a pool in there. And you can leave the club go buy drinks and then come back in (bottles of beer £1!!).

One positive note about Hauza are the staff, although the men got a little over friendly and had there eyes on you when you walked around in a bikini, they were very very helpful and would pull all out to help you if they could.

I will visit Sharm again but not stay at Hauza.

Excellent Hotel but very bad stomach

from A TripAdvisor Member
What can i say, well the hotel i found to be spotlessly clean, i'd say it's more a 4* hotel though and 3* for the food, lack of english food wasn't good. Started with stomach cramps 2 days after arriving even though i'd been so careful not eating salads, brushing teeth in bottled water and having no ice. I'm still ill 2 weeks later which is really bad. It is a family hotel, not for young 20 somethings like ourselves, nothing to do on a night and the nightclub seemed to only have under 16's in extremely drunk! The germans are a nightmare and put the towels down on the pool beds and beach ones at midnight!!! Totally rude and ignorant and barge past you wherever you are. Could have planted a few!!

I would visit here again but i'll be even more cautious about what i eat and drink. If you go snorkelling to Tirana Island, PLEASE BE CAREFUL, health and safety doesn't exist and ya just told to jump in the water, if ya not a good swimmer then PLEASE DON'T GO! Quad bking is excellent, perhaps not for young children though.

What a hotel

from jonroberts
We have just returned from a weeks stay at the Hauza Beach Resort. The hotel has excellent facilities for families with young children and older ones.The room was very clean on arrival and this continued on a daily basis throughout our stay. The service given by all members of staff was excellent, especially the guest relations manager Mohamed Farreg (Mido). Mido made my family feel like royalty and often spent time joking laughing and having a drink at the bar. He also organised taxis, restaurants and checked that we had no problems with our stay. The beach at the resort is excellent as it enables children to snorkel in the little inlets by the coral. The main area for the childrens entertainment all week was either the pool with the slides or the zoo during feeding time. This was our secound time in sharm and will be returning at xmas to the hauza.


from A TripAdvisor Member
My partner and I returned from a week holiday at the is resort on the 31st May. A week on and we are both still suffering from dodgy tummies!

Having read other reviews we were quite prepared to expect a 3* hotel which still would have been good value for money.

And to be fair when we arrived the hotel did look very nice and clean.

However, 100% of the groups we spoke to had one, or more often than not all, of their members suffering with bad stomachs. My partner and I had only eaten in the hotel before we got ill, had cleaned our teeth in bottled water and not eaten ice or salad. We hadn't even drunk alcohol at the point we fell ill.

On several occasions we spotted sick and excrement in and around the pool which was not cleared up at all quickly, and you could not see the bottom of the pools as they were so dirty.

As for the food, it was pretty poor. The salads looked lovely, but as we were trying to take precautions against illness we didn't bother. The hot food consisted of boiled vegetables - very often cauliflower - and as a variation, deep fried vegetables - again often cauliflower. There was always rice, but never a sauce to go with it. The freshly baked bread and croissants were good though, as were the desserts.

As so many people have said the snorkelling is amazing and should not be missed.

There were definately people enjoying themselves, and the place did have potential. But our experiences left an awful lot to be desired.

I won't be going back.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Having not long returned from the Hauza I would just like to say it was one of the best 10 days holidays that we have ever been on. Being a chef myself i was worried about some of the reviews before we went but was very happy and surprised with the choice at the main restaurant but if we were not happy with this the food in the indian restaurant and the seafood restaurant were outstanding.Whilst i was there i had the privilege to be shown around the kitchens by the executive chef and the standards were excellent.
The jungle pool is brilliant for children and a bit of fun but the main pool is where all the day games go on and i must say that we got on very well with all other nationalities there if you make a effort with them they will treble it for you.The rooms were a good standard but we upgraded to a suite which was fantastic and i would recommend this.All the staff were amazingly helpful and could never do enough,my wife and i travel a lot and very rarely go back to the same place but are already looking forward to our next visit.

Is this really the same hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
I am not sure I stayed in the same place. It is directly on the flight path and the planes go very low overhead - it is not just the odd flight but a constant din throughout the day. The food is terrible, boiled everything and the drinks were just as bad, syrup with fizzy water. Why no fresh juice or typical local food. Some of the bar staff were friendly but the hotel management were not interested. The area where the kids disco takes place was like a building site, piles of nails, loose floorboards (one of the friends we went with cut his foot very badly) and the instruction to the kids to run and jump off the stage at the end is slightly foolish. We went with another family (we have three kids and they have two) - there were no kids beds in the family rooms when we arrived and the beds didn't arrive for two days in our friends room! One day there was sick in the pool and it took over an hour to get someone to come and clean it up. The manager told me it was totally safe to swim in but the scum floating on the top led me to believe otherwise. The tales are endless but this should give a flavour It was a Fawlty Towers experience from start to finish and I can only advise anyone going to proceed with extreme caution and expect the worse.

The staff make the holiday

from keltonshae
We have just returned from 2 weeks at the Hauza and had a fantastic time. My 8 & 7 year old were both crying on the last day, not wanting to leave. The staff absolutely make this holiday. Like others I agree this is a 3* plus. The weather great in the 80's but in the very high 80's when we were leaving. The pools were freezing as it was not hot enough to heat them. Slides great fun. This holiday was great value for money. Everything in the hotel was priced in Euros, but you can pay in any currency you choose. The exchange rate is far better at the Hauza reception than in the UK. We tipped our waiter 50 egyptian pounds (about £5) on the second day and another 50 e.pounds a week later and the service was second to none. Each time we visited the dining hall our table was ready, complete with highchair and he immediatley brought our drinks. We also tipped the cleaner the same amount and he would leave us loads of extra fruit juices, bottled water and hot towels when we came back from the beach. When my husband was ill he ventured off and came back with tablets! It was my daughers seventh birthday and the cleaner made six swans out of towels with flowers in their beaks, a hugh heart and a present for her. The waiters decorated our table with flowers, spelt her name in petals, gave her a birthday cake, the whole of the staff sang and two of the waiters bought her presents. A birthday to remember for her. If you are going during busy periods I would suggest tipping the pool staff or the beach staff and they will look after you. No need to take beach towels all supplied. On the downside, health and safety is not great. We did not use the kids club but noticed that it had broken toys and nails sticking out of the rocking horse. The tiles around the pool were broken and loose and even adults fell down them. BE WARNED hotel shops and the chemist is very expensive. Nothing is priced. Take everything you need with you from the UK. 8 pamper nappied £5.50. 40 wet wipes £5.50, small tin of baby milk powder £7.50, box of 10 sanitary items £7.50. The sun newspaper was being sold for £3.50-£4.50. The gift shops at the hotel you will have great fun haggling, but are still quite expensive. Trying to get baby food warmed was near impossible if the resturant was shut. Milk was warmed at the pool bar but very hot, so the bottle was cooled in the pool. Would have helped if there were kettles in the rooms. Although we stayed off the salads (although they looked great) and brushed our teeth in bottled water, four out of the six of us had holiday tummies. When we arrived hotel was half full which was great, the following week was full as it was the start of the UK easter holidays which meant by 8:30am all the beds had been reserved and the resturant was packed. Food was plentiful and catered for everyones taste. We were upgraded to the bungalow on the beach which was absolutely fantastic - would definately recommend. Would love to return - but would go out of the school holidays.

Fantastic Value for Money!

from Pinkerfield
After reading the reviews I went hoping for the best but expecting the worse! I needn't have worried. The hotel is 4 star and, so long as that is what you expect, you will not be disappointed. The rooms are basic and sparsely furnished but clean and comfortable. The food was as one would expect from an "all inclusive" holiday and not one of us had an upset stomach. Everything you could wish for is at this hotel; friendly and polite staff, dive centre, 24 hour doctor, chemist, shop, internet cafe, plenty of sunbeds... the list is endless. My one concern is the hygiene implications (never mind the smell) at watering the plants and grass directly from the sewer! However, it would not stop me going back.

best vacation for years

from A TripAdvisor Member
i stayed a hauza beach in feb of this year with my wife, my four children and a friend and his two children. we initially booked a family room for ourselves and our two youngest children, we also booked a seperate apartment for our two teenage sons. upon arrival there seemed to be a mix up with our booking, we were all tired a little short tempered, and the last thing i needed was a problem with our reservation, whether it was a fault with the travel agent or the hotel, it was resolved very quickly and efficiently. i wasnt looking forward to our holiday at all after reading some of the dreadful reviews placed by others who had visited hauza beach, in fact i was going to cancel but was persuaded not to by my family. i can only give my honest opinion on the hotel, every one has different ideas of what they expect when they are on vacation....... we had a really great time, the staff were brilliant, the accomodation was quality,and the hotel was immaculate, i felt the food was 4 star but you never struggled to find something enjoyable to eat.the entertainment was dire, (the kids loved it) but not for anyone over the age of 12. there wasnt a great deal happening in the evenings but if its a quiet drink (or even a loud one), the pool bar was great fun with the bar staff bending over backwards to please you, to be honest i tipped a few of the staff the odd five pounds, every now and again, it was well worth it trust me!(bearing in mind the best paid staff earn around five pounds a week)
yes! some of us had a dodgy belly... but! we were eating non stop, drinking far more than we ever would at home and we were sitting in the sun for 10 hours every day, so rather than place blame on hygiene etc etc i take full resposibility for my upset stomach. i wasnt impressed when we ventured out to naabe bay the people were pushy and the shops all had the same tat once you had been in one you had been in them all, hard rock cafe was really good, but after dodging every shopkeeper and his mate we went back to the hotel and enjoyed the whole all enclusive concept. we travel as a family three or four times a year to a variety of destinations and hauza beach was for us as a family an excellent holiday...we vary rarely return to a resort but have re booked hauza this obtober.

Top Local Tips for Sharm El Sheikh

Baraka water- Egypt sharm I noticed that baraka water has a sodium content that is much higher than bottled water at home, and other bottled waters in egypt- beware as I think this can contribute to stomach upset (if you drink a lot of it) if you are not used to adding a lot of salt to your diet normally.

Stunning town Beautiful, clean place. HarD Rock Cafe excellent value and great staff.

The Airport It is a bit Chaotic at the Airport, But have patience you get through eventually. Do not buy a Visa unless you want to travel to Cairo, not neccessary. Barter with Taxi as they will try and Rip you Off!


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  • hotel hauza beach
  • hauza beach resort
  • hauza beach hotel
  • hauza beach
  • Address: 43 Nabp Bay, sharm el sheikh - southe sina-egypt - Sharm El Sheikh - 002 - Egypt
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