Ghazala Gardens Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Ghazala Gardens Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
3 star
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Reviews - Ghazala Gardens Hotel

Superb service, great staff
Submitted by: Bernard in 24/12/07
  • Age Group: 60 +
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Retired
The staff are the most friendly I have met. They aree attentive, helpful and extremely polite. I cannot praise enough.
Paradise! You can't find better !!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Jane in 19/11/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
we have just returned fron the Ghazala Gardens Nov 2007 and I must say I have been all over the world and this is my idea of paradise
The service is fantastic,immaculate all around the hotel and the guys are constantly cleaning, it's beautiful,the food as long as you don't pile your plates with everything on the first few days is absolutly fine. We had plenty of choice and couldn't fault it,but you can always find people that can! There are enough resturaunts plenty of choices. We did travel with out our children, but checked out the kids areas as we hope to return with them in 2009. They have a childrens pool as well as 4 other pools, a man made beach area, a small play ground with slide, trampoline etc. Enough to keep them happy
the beach is across a busy road,if any thing thats the down side,the road but if that's the only thing, I feel it's nothing it's worth putting up with to get to this fabulous hotel.
We found if we walked a few yards from the hotel there are humps which the cars have to slow down and thats where we crossed,you do get used to it.
The room we stayed in was great. We stayed in block 16 very large rooms with lounge area and steps leading into pool was so romantic.
Staff I haven't found better very friendly & helpful.
We went on couple of trips - red sea and quads all worth every penny and worth doing
the beach as said before across the road and through ghazala beach hotel the beach has lovely beds and snorkling is great.
Do remember to take your snorkle set - don't leave home with out one!!
All in all don't let any thing put you off. I thought this was worth every penny I for one would pay more to stop here
all inclusive -no complaints.
Hotel-best we've ever stayed in
Views etc -breath taking
Beauty salon at ghazala beach - well worth every penny Massage,scrub, sauna package 350 egyp pounds Bargain.
Money- we took trav cheques next time I'd take just eng money the bank next door had good rate
telephoning home 15 eng pounds for 10 mins found expensive !take mobile much cheaper
please go and experience Paradise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful building
Submitted by: Lianne in 29/06/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
Hotel main building is absolutely gorgeous, clean and welcoming. Rooms were absolutely average; not as good as I expected, but not too bad.
Staff were very freindly and most helpful.
Food was very varied and nicely cooked, if a bit repetative.
Pool is lovely and the sun loungers are plentiful (just ask the Germans!!)
Really nice restfull holiday. Would return.
Ripped Off
Submitted by: Carol in 07/05/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
We stayed at the Ghazala Gardens for one week in April and found that the hotel was spotlessly clean and the security was good but apart from that we could nt wait to come home if only to get a decent meal. The food was very repetitive and what there was did not taste very nice. At lunch time you could get lasagne or pasta or an awful tasting burger and these were the same every day. In the main restaurant the food was the same day in day out and you could not even get a nice salad and we both had a stomach upset. The rooms were clean but a lot of people had problems with their air conditioning which was a matter of luck if it worked or did nt. Also the beds are nearly on the floor and the pillows are very hard and we found we had a backache every morning. We also found mosquito's in the room which most people seemed to have as almost everyone seemed to have numerous bites on them, we bought a can of fly spray which was good providing you used it every day after the cleaner had been. I would recommend taking a plug in or two to combat the mosquito's. The final straw was on my husbands birthday we got a knock on the door by someone from the main restaurant who insisted on doing him a "party" and was offering him champagne or wine, my husband told him, thank you but we were going out to celebrate but in the end the man was so insistent that my husband did not like to offend him or the hotel. Big mistake, we ended up getting a bill for the wine ( I was thankful we didn't opt for the champagne) We argued with several people about this and reported the waiter and also complained to our my travel rep Richard who told us he would sort it as he had a good relationship with the manager but we still had to pay the bill.
The staff all seem like your best friend especially if you tip them which we always do when on holiday but they then expected to get tipped for every little thing and even the toilet cleaners would follow you in to the toilet to offer you a paper towel and expect a tip. You could also use the beach to the sister hotel but we found that the food there was just as disgusting and you were treated like second class citizens because you were all inclusive and were made to sit outside their restaurant to eat your lunch under a canvas where it was very hot.
All in all the weather was fantastic and the hotel grounds were great for sunbathing or a dip in the pool but we would never go back there due to the fact that you don't expect people in your hotel to rip you off.
Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Ian in 11/03/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We stayed in this great hotel at the end of Jan 07. Everything there is great the hotel staff trip over themselves to help you, the food was very good but often the same and the pools are very clean the pleasant although extremely COLD. I'd recommend anyone visit the hotel, as I will certainly be returning. An all round fantastic relaxing holiday.
Ghazel Gardens is a really good hotel and very out standing!!!
Submitted by: Lauren in 02/03/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
There are lots are things to do and the food is very nice, but what puts the hotel down is that there's no entertainment on a night part from a singer who is on every night and sings the same songs. There not much kids and teenagers. When you go shopping, you always have to be with some one because they really hassle you and the taxi drivers also do. But the hotel is wonderful the people can't do enough for you and are also very friendly. I recommend this holiday to people that haven't got children and who are going for relaxing holiday.
Great location
Submitted by: Garry in 12/02/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
I wondered why the premises had been renovated within the last 18 months. Had I known that this hotel had been blown up by Al Quaida terrorists I probably wouldn't have stayed there! Which is just as well as I would have missed a most enjoyable time. With its sister hotel across the road giving direct access to a private beach this is an ideal location. The rooms were very good, the food was good although I think for longer than a week you would probably get a little bored. My wife and I do not crave 'entertainment' which is just as well as it was minimal with basically a singer belting out some songs, but that suited us just fine. The premises is scrupulously clean as are the pools.
The shinning point was the staff who went out of their way to make you feel welcome.

Yes you will get hassled by shopkeepers and taxi drivers but that applies to a lot of holiday locations! As always, learn a few words of Arabic - try 'in-shall-ah', it means 'maybe' or 'I'll think about it' it really takes the wind out of the hasslers.
Superb Service
Submitted by: A Travel Library User in 27/01/07
  • Age Group:
  • From:
  • Traveller type:
Went to Ghazala Gardens for two weeks from 8th Jan 07 just back. Hotel and staff were fantastic could not do enough for their guests. They haven't quite mastered serving alcohol on A/I basis and need to adjust and change (Large in a wine glass or a cup is not really acceptable but happened or tried to happen often until you refused. Music the same every night often popular with other european guests though in english but not as good as typical act in liverpool bars and clubs. Room staff are excellent. Rooms are really good (we had a huge double bed)Location in the heart of Naama Bay was perfect. Dont believe other comments regarding crossing the road as the Egyptians always stop to let you cross at appropriate crossing not a problem. Ghazala gardens will have my presence again. Food very good but not excellent. Safety is paramount dont let the past bother you it is highly unlikely to recur in my opinion and i always felt more than safe in and out of the hotel. Highly recommend this beautiful hotel to anyone.
Great staff
Submitted by: Bob Smith in 05/09/06
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
We were there a month or two before it was bombed. The hotel felt very secure and the staff were very friendly the food was ok but nothing special but what do you expect for going to Africa. All in all a very enjoyable holiday such a shame it was bombed.
Submitted by: A Travel Library User in 17/10/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Went with Panorama on All Inclusive to Ghazala Beach from 2nd Oct - 16th Oct 2005. We were told that it was a 4* hotel and we'd have a choice of 5 different restaurants- from researching it/looking at photos on the internet we were very excited!
Once there we were very disappointed! We received a tacky photocopied list of the restaurants we could eat in and there was only 3. Breakfast - main restaurant, Lunch Choice of 2, Dinner-Main restaurant. Now I'm not very fussy when it comes to food but I do expect that when you travel that far you should at least expect some nice fish, local food - no. Breakfast was nice and there was quite allot of choice, Lunch was just horrible fried food like burger & chips, fish & chips -if I wanted that I'd have booked my hotel next to McDonalds. Dinner was again very poor with nothing to excite the taste buds! 'Clear Soup' as a starter?? and chewy meat. The same dishes day in-day out with the exception of 2 main dishes a night the changed. Me & My hubby both got stomach upsets whilst there too!
I work in customer service and this is the one thing this hotel has no clue on, if fact we found them quite rude. Not even a hello or goodbye when going into dinner, We sometimes waited 5min at the bar for some one to bother coming to serve you and when they did it was like it was a big chore for them and didn't make you feel welcome. You don't get seated for dinner and we found once you go up & get your starter, you come back only to find someone else at your table!
Don't go by the pictures! You get a 80's style room in need of a desperate upgrade. Our dodgy air con unit leaked all over the floor. We hardly go any cold water so showering (if that's what you want to call it) was an event in itself. We had separate beds, cracked tiles on the floor, no tea & coffee making facilities etc etc
There are 2 pools, the main pool & relax pool. We spent most of our time at the relax pool which we really enjoyed and the weather was outstanding!
The hotel is in a great position with the main street only 5min walk but we didn't like all the hassle you get- even though we are both used to the hassle you get in Spain / Greece. We found we couldn't even look in a single shop without being hassled to death about what we were looking for, how much we wanted to spend, where we are from when all we wanted to do was take in the culture and blooming window shop!
We eat out a couple of nights and one place we both loved was the Little Buddha bar & restaurant - the food was out of this world & the drinks too.
Holiday Company
We went with panorama that rates this hotel as 4*. The welcome meeting etc were good and they said 'we love to solve your problems' Urr NO. We approached our rep about what we were unhappy with and explained that we didn't feel it was up to 4* standard, she instantly got very offensive and said it was a 3* and did we have proof that it was a 4*? The fact that behind reception there are 4 massive stars obviously wasn't enough! We gave up trying in the end and just got on with it, and she avoided us and never asked us how our holiday was.. funnily enough!
We also wrote the above comments out to the General Manager who's German I think - she couldn't have care less either! Says allot eh?

Anyway I sorry but the attitude of the staff, facilities etc really put a downer on our overall experience.

We peeped at the Hilton next door and it looks really nice and we met a couple staying at the Hyatt and the said it was suburb - so I would really recommend that you pay the little bit extra & stay with a well known chain so you know what to expect.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Ghazala Gardens Hotel

Great Holiday

from LewisJames.
This hotel was great we had lots of fun, the location was super, however the food was a bit dogey.i recemend this hotel to older residence.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Great Location

from hobsonschoice21
My wife and I have just returned from a 1 week all inclusive stay at this hotel. Weather was superb all week. The rep for Airtours etc was a guy called John who was excellent from pick up at the airport to dropping off to fly home. The hotel has an excellent position, minutes from the main streets of Naama Bay, but as soon as you step out of the hotel you will be pestered for taxis, when it is obvious that you are only walking 100 yards into town. The main things that let us down on this holiday in the hotel was the pool is absolutley freezing, no matter which one you went in, and the food was too monotonous, (all inclusive). This aside, location is everything, and the sister hotel (Ghazala Beach) is a better option, but does not do all inclusive. Had a couple of nights out in Naama Bay, once you learn to walk past cries of "please come in my shop and sign my visitors book" ther are plenty of shops and plenty of places to eat and drink, the promanade is less aggressive and carries cheaper drinks and food. To make an ideal 1 week sunshine break I would choose the sister hotel (Ghazala Beach), choose a chalet around the pool, go B & B or half board, and eat in and around Naama Bay.

Great holiday!!!

from nccannon
Returned on the 8th of march. The hotel and pool area is lovely, plenty of beds in the sun and shade. The main pool was a little chilly but they do have a smaller heated pool. Our room was very clean and mondern, the bathroom is average with quite a little bath but no real faults!
Location of hotel is brilliant! About a 2 minute walk into naama bay. Across the road is Ghazala Beach (sister hotel) which has a private beach for both hotel guests to use.
We will definatley be goin back! Too much to do and see while you are there. Couldnt fit everything in!
Overall the hotel and holiday was brilliant. Excellent value for money and the weather was amazing!

Gr8 holiday! luxury hotel!

from Lois-xx
got back from the ghazala gardens a few days ago! i've been to sharm twice before firstly staying at the pyramisa(beautiful beach nice hotel but typical all inclusive) and another time stayin at nubian island (gorgeous hotel beach not as good as pyramisa. the food was excellent here even had bacon shock!! but downside was the location not much going on really but perfect for relaxing holiday) we wanted to stay nearer to naama bay as we had never been before. when ariving at the hotel it was amazing you could tell it had recently been done up. we were given our room numbers and told to go start to the resteraunt so we didn't miss tea. the food was nice no complaints exept lack of choice but you get that everywhere in sharm. i'm 16 year old girl and i did find that there was a certain waiterthat could be rather a pest askin if he could take photos of me on his mobile but he soon got the message he wasnt welcome off my dad. the bar outside was good except they could do with few more staff but it wasnt much problem at all. the rooms were very new very clean and modern! no complaints at all about it he room was kept very very clean. the pool was lovely but we always went to the beach over at ghazala beach it was only a nice short stroll across the road and was a laugh each day rossing the road they do make out that they are not going to stop but they do really. the security at both hotels is very tight which makes ou feel alot safer. the food at ghazala beach for your dinner was rather poor! i often found myself eating somewhere else as it was cheap and it was only a 5 minuite walk to macdonalds!! the nghtlife at naama bay is great the do get hassle but they are all very polite and say the same things over and over again where you from?england. where abous? manchester. oo manchester united or city? same everytime. and soo many camels offered for me but never felt threatened by them. it is reeli easy to get bags etc cheap i loved haggling with them they wil always try to rip you off!! just laugh and go to walk out hey always let you make an offer. we went to the hard rock cafe one night for our tea! it was excellent would recomend to all!great tasty food and reasonable price! we would deffinately return to tis hotel again anytime! but the jolie ville did look great aswell! superb location no faults at all with our hotel! recomend to all!

We Loved it!!

from funkibudda
We Have just come back after an excellent week in the Ghazala Gardens.Where do you start??
On arrival we were blown away with the lay out off the hotel,the wow factor is the grounds with all the linked pools and bridges,it seems never ending.Then your room is everything and more,from the queen size bed to the egyptian layout of arks and colours.We arrived late in the early hours due to a delay.As we sat on the sofa in our room recovering the door knocked.In came a member of staff with a tray of food and drinks,we didnt ask for this ..This is the service you get here and they expect just a thank you and smile back. You have 4 places to eat with a Itailian walk up bar by the pool offering pizza and pastas.This is open 12-5pm.Burgers and alike are on offer from another pool side bar.All standard and fills a hole in the daytime.You Have 4 bars around the huge never ending pool!
Some things never have sun beds everywhere and lots of them,yet our friends from you know where still get up at dawn to put there towels have to laugh!!
Ok sounds like you hit the jackpot!..Then our only complaint as such.For such a great hotel and a service way and beyond,why was the food average??The breakfast was ok and eggs and sausage can be found along side the salads,rolls,juices and cereals.Evening meals were at best average.Chicken,beef and fish every evening and you could be mistaken for being in a butlins canteen.For such a great hotel with every detail covered the evening food was a let down.
If you love snorkling then you are in the right place.The beach has reefs just a few steps into the water.Fish in every colour are here so by a underwater camera,its £5 well spent.We did a boat trip for £14 each for the day and you get to stop at 3 reefs for snorking..great day out!
Summary: Fantastic resort,fantastic hotel,gold star service,get a new chef and we would be back every year!!

Wonderful Holiday

from SoulsurferCornwall
We have just returned from an 11 night stay at the Ghazala Gardens hotels and could not fault the hotel on any of the important issues of cleanliness, food, security and friendliness. We are a couple in our early thirties and this was our first visit to Egypt and our first all-inclusive holiday anywhere. We had a few reservations regarding the resort and the hotel after reading a few reviews on this site but now realise these were totally unfounded and our experience was one of total pleasure. From the moment you pull up at the hotel where the bell boys take your bags off the coach and deliver them dirct to your room for you, the staff cannot do enough for you. The rooms are clean and the pool and garden areas are constantly being maintained to their immaculate standard. We found the food to be of a fantastic quality in both of the main buffet restaurants. Some people were complaining about the lack of choice, but most of them were unadventurous and stuck mainly with what they knew. We were wary for the first couple of days after reports suggesting that the salads and fruit which may have been washed in local water were best steered clear of. However, after speaking to others who had experienced no ill effect from either we decided to tuck into all dishes on offer and were so pleased that we did. The salad bar is amazing and the stews in the Egyptain clay pots are mouthwatering. The meat and fish is cooked fresh in front of you and the selection of breads, soups and cake deserts are more than satisfactory. We took ample supply of immodium to Egypt with us and returned back with it all still in our cases. If you are not adventurous with your food at this hotel then you will miss out. Admittedly, you don't get sausages and bacon for breakfast, and chicken nuggets and chips for every meal but for us that was a real positive having never experienced an all-inclusive holiday before and hearing some dreadful reports from friends' experiences. However, there are the pool restaurants serving pizza, pasta, burgers and chips during the day for those who require a fast food fix.
As for the location of the hotel it really is ideally placed for the centre of Naama Bay. Just across the road is the main pedestrianised street heading down to the Hard Rock Cafe, TGI Friday, Little Buddha and all the other main restaurants, bars and clubs. No taxi's required from this hotel, a real bonus. The beach is a five minute stroll through the Ghazala Beach sister hotel which looks very dated in comparison but the private beach is a big plus point and the snorkeling only 20metres offshore offered a good glimpse of coral and colourful fish.
The staff at the Ghazala Gardens are all very friendly. We took the trouble to learn a few words in Arabic, just the basics like good morning, hello, please, thank you, goodbye etc......and their appreciation was so evident to see. We also noticed that we received much better service than some of the more arrogant tourists. We read much about tipping and where, when and how much etc...before we left for this holiday and it was a concern of ours having not been to Egypt before. However, we soon realised that a small amount often really did improve the service both in the restaurant and in the bar. By tipping the waiters in the bar it mean't you were constantly served at your table without having to queue. During our stay we tipped our maid a total of 6 english pounds ( 60 egyptian pounds ) in three instalments. Most nights we give the barman and waiter 1 pound each ( 10 egyptian pounds ) and the restaurant staff as and when they deserved it, but only 1 pound again. In the whole 11 night holiday we spent about 40pounds on tips but can honestly say that we had enjoyed a much better quality of service than those that had not tipped.
As far as Naama Bay was concerned and we presume it is the same in all tourist destinations where your money stretches such a long way with the local people, the hassle in the streets is constant and quite intense. At first this was a bit daunting but after a couple of days we were taught to say LaShokran ( no thank-you in arabic ) and nearly all the pestering stopped. By the end of the holiday we found it most amusing offering silly money for souvenirs and then walking away empty handed.
The entertainment in the hotel is pretty limited with a club style singer most nights and a couple of dance and belly dancing exhibitions. However we found sitting on the terrace having a few drinks and chatting to other holidaymakers, sharing experiences and laughs more than ample for the relaxing kind of holiday that we required. The days are quite short at the moment with daylight between 6am and 5pm. The hottest part of the day was between 10am and 1pm and by the evening long sleeves or a light jumper were required if venturing outside.
All in all the holiday for us was the perfect mix of relaxation in a very good clean friendly hotel with excellent food and the ideal location to experience a few of Sharm's other delights. We will definitely be back as we can't imagine a better place for a guaranteed quality sun holiday so close to home at this time of year.

Ghazala Gardens

from holidayzWestMidlands
We have just come back from a week at Ghazala Gardens, had a lovely relaxing holiday. the hotel so clean and the staff are all really helpfull and friendly.

the food isn't one of the best all inclusives i have been to in egypt and there is not much choice, we ate out a couple of times as the town is so close, we also went out to bars some evening as the entertainment is poor. and you get a bit fedup with drinking out of small glasses, or beer out of wine glassess. i really wouldn't fancy going in a busy period, as theyran out of glassess and there was only one behind the bar.

the group we were in all had a really good time, and we had no problems, but i wouldn't go back to this hotel as there are alot better in sharm.

wow! what luxury

from letter36
Wow !that`s what we said when we pulled up in the coach and it just got better not quite a 5 star but definatly 4plus as advertised.
You will get even better service if you tip now and again. . The entertainment is quite poor so don`t forget the playing cards but its good to be able to walk into the town and along the promenade just avoid the Bazzars unless you like the hassle and the haggle.There is quite a bit of hassle with the local shop owners avoid the perfume shops one poor couple we met ended up spending £65 under pressure. Have already reccomended this hotel to friends its so luxurious for the money you pay the food is tasty lots of choice especially the Egyption food.

Great place to stay

from EidersFans
After booking this holiday I then read some really bad reviews about this hotel which made me think I'd made a mistake but I am very happy to report those reviews must have been talking about another hotel - or at least the Ghazala Gardens prior to the refurb.

It was amazing value for money, the service was excellent, food was really tasty and the hotel itself was very smart with very comfortable lounge areas and poolside/outdoor bar seating. I liked the touch of providing each room with two beach towels and a beach bag for use during your stay. We were also left bottles of mineral water every other day - again part of the all-inclusive package.

The nearby beach is fantastic with good facilities from the sister hotel Ghazala Beach, although this hotel does look a little tired in comparison. However, the beachside food and drinks were good and sunbeds comfortable - and free! I know the Red Sea is there for all, but the snorkelling opportunities a short walk into the sea is unbelievable. Cant wait to go back!

ghazza gardens winter hol

from tinkerbell34
Hi also visted this hotel in jan, there is a small heated pool which is ok in the winter, but the private beach which is shared with the sister hotel is fab. the snorkeling off the beach is brill, the only way the hotel can improve is by sorting out the evening entertainment which is terrible, the same singer each night who repeated the same song but beside that a fab hotel in a fantastic position

Top Local Tips for Sharm El Sheikh

give a pound get the service take pound coins as tips 2pound every other day is fine for waiters

Tipping Try to get hold of some small notes as it is policy in Egypt to tip for every service. We tipped the hotel bar staff and restaurant staff the first day and throughout the holiday and the service was exceptional.You only need to give 10 or 20 egyptian pounds. Make sure you arrange a price with taxi drivers before you get in as they try to rip you off

booking days out do not book with your rep!! example: we paid £28 for a day out on a boat from the beach.The same trip and same company the rep wanted £56!!


Other names for Ghazala Gardens Hotel

  • ghazala gardens sharm el sheikh
  • ghazala gardens hotel
  • ghazala gardens egypt
  • ghazala gardens
  • Address: Naama Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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