Gardenia Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Gardenia Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
4 star
26, Soor Nadi El Zamalek Mohandeseen - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt Hotel Website | | 20 62 60 06 06
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Reviews - Gardenia Resort Hotel

Submitted by: Sana in 30/08/08
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Pleasure Seeker
Sadly the two weeks in the rubbish dirty rooms adn bedding and whole area, was disgusting dirty and infested with ants ... the management was appalling and only if you winked at the manager you would get anything done. The swimming pool was dirty, always full of grime with broken tiles beneath hence everyones feet were cut. The food was the same thing every day and cold and no taste. If you went for the food, the portions were tiny and you were frowned upon if asking for a bit more. There is no entertainment, no lighting at all and I am afraid peopel should be aware of the hotel. It's situated in the middle of no where and no lights. Definitely go back to Shamil Sheikh, but stay in a well known hotel.
Worst Holiday
Submitted by: Carol in 25/02/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We stayed on a all a ultra inclusive food rubbish same thing every nignt rice/chicken had to pay for for bottled water,ice-cream,fruit and snacks through out the day.Rooms not very clean waiters did not appear to have washed their clothes the whole of the week jackets and trousers full of stains, reception staff a waste of time and entertainment very very poor.
Swiming pool is soooo dirty
Submitted by: Ayman in 16/09/07
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: Egypt
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Most of swimming pool were never made any regular maintenance and vacuum cleaner for removing impurity and particles from this pool. Unsafe place, some of their staff is stealing anything from room, like watch, money or mobile or other things. Period of dining is very short, it should be 3 hrs or more.
Poor hygiene
Submitted by: Alison in 27/08/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type:
The staff at reception are cold and unwelcoming, everyone we met agreed with that. The staff everywhere else were helpful and tried to provide a good service. Unfortunately the hotel disposed of rubbish at the side of the hotel which might account for the cockroaches and rats that occupied some of the appartments. The menu which was international themed buffet style hardly changed and we were there for 14 nights. A lot of people had food poisoning.
Best vacation
Submitted by: Mohammad in 19/02/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: Egypt
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
Just I think it's the best in everything.
Good Service and Lovely Staff
Submitted by: Gemma in 23/05/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: Egypt
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
Very nice resort. Staff are very welcoming. Animation will bug you to play along (its only their job). All inclusive was only at one bar (not at the pool bar). Very lovely place to stay.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Gardenia Resort Hotel

Great Holiday

from mcwatt73
I do not understand why people have given this resort such bad reviews.

We travelled to Domina Gradenia on 02 November 2006 for one week. The hotel its self is exactly what you would expect from a 4 star hotel. The reception and grounds are very well maintained and the rooms were lovely. Your room would be cleaned everyday at a time convenient to yourself.

The people in the shops inside the hotel were lovely, they never tried to pressurise you into any sales.

The entertainment team do their best to get you involved in things like water aerobics which was great fund.

The beach is a ten minute drive from the hotel but free buses run every hour to and from the beach. Once on the beach all your towels are provided and you can hire snorkelling equiptment for £2 for the full day. All the drinks are also free at the beach and lunch is provided. In fact it was worth going to the beach just for the food because it was so tasty. The only downside i though to the hotel was that they dont cater for yound children in the restaurant. There were no chicken nuggets, beans and chips etc, although you can have McDonalds, KFC or pizza hut delivered to your hotel room for nect to nothing.

Put it this way i am dying to go back...........

Hated it, Gastrointeritous outbreak with e-coli

from Bolx
Hotel was rated a 4 star, would rate it only a 2+.
At least 8 people in our hotel had Gastrointeritous, with one guy getting e-coli, one of the staff even had it.
Good selection of food, but if you didnt get to the food within the first half hour it went cold very quickly, and other Russian guests would leave the lids of the trays.
Meat would be cooked in front of you, then put on your plate still raw.
The cucumber, tomato and veg we heard was washed in the local water.
My partner may be off work for up to two weeks because of this.

The doctor onsite however is very good, it cost me £90 for two injections and three loads of tablets.
His English is very good, and just lucky he was there really.

There is minimal entertainment to keep you in the hotel at night.
Even though its all inclusive, we had to pay extra to be able to drink in all bars. However you got free laundry service with the upgrade which helps. In the indoor bar, the glasses were rinsed in cold water then dried with the same towel for hands etc, looked like the same towel had been used all day for this.

The rooms were nicely laid out, with a separate seating area to the bedroom, with both rooms having sat tv. Although the finishing touches left a lot to be desired. The patio doors even when locked could see through the space and the door standards moved with the doors on opening !.

All drinks in the outdoor bars and restaurant were provided in plastic cups, not bad, just a shock to the system and takes a while to get used to.

The staff are friendly and very helpful if they can understand you.

Away to write a complaint to the holiday company now, but it may take up to 56 days for a reply !!

Good luck if you book with this hotel.

Claire, Liverpool.

Loved it!

from Dazamondo
Just got back from this hotel and absolutely loved it!
After we booked it we visited trip advisor and to our horror we read some really bad reviews that nearly put us off going all together - however we decided to go with an 'open mind' and loved it. Everything about the hotel was just what we wanted (we even got an up grade to a king size room on arrival at no extra cost!) the food was good (not for fussy eaters mind) but there was a good selection every night.
For the price we paid we couldn't ask for anything better, if there is one negative view we would agree with on trip advisor is that their own beach isn't very good, we went once and didn't stay that long - we thought they were having a laugh with the jetty - you will know what we mean if you have been there! We recommend Sharks Bay beach and diving club which is only down the road.
Overall we enjoyed our holiday and would return again to this hotel very soon.

Darren and Jenny

absolutely fine

from annette2
Stayed at this hotel in October half term 2006, as a family with 3 children, aged from 9 - 15. Overall, we found the hotel fine, and could not see the problems that other people on this site have complained about.

On arrival, the staff were courteous and efficient, we were taken to our room quickly, and two porters brought our luggage. The reception staff upgraded our room for no extra cost - we had booked a twin room with a living room & sofa bed - we were upgraded to an apartment with two bedrooms and a living room. There was a small kitchen area with a fridge, and a clean shower room. As there were 5 of us, we were given a camp bed, which did arrive much later, but it was not a problem.

We did not have a mini bar, iron, or tea and coffee making facilities. The hairdryer was hopeless - would advise you to bring your own. However, there was a bowl of fruit and some drinks in the fridge on our arrival.

The 'maid' for our room was the same guy every day - 'Said'. He was charming and each day made towel figures for us, decorated with flower petals.

We found the pools clean and the pool staff friendly. There are two pools - the one described by others on this site with the rough bottom was the pool with the swim up bar. This pool is where the main activities take place -music is played loudly and non stop, and the animation team are always providing entertainment. However, the other pool was peaceful and the one we preferred.

We went to the Gardenia Plaza beach once, and although there was the all-inclusive lunch there, it was not enough for us to make a return trip - we found the Shark's Bay beach much nicer - and only 20 Egyptian pounds in a taxi. The snorkling from Shark's bay was fantastic - much better than the hotel beach.

Despite the other comments on this site, we all found the food to be excellent at this hotel. The hotel aims to provide food for everyone's taste - and the majority of the clients here are Egyptian and Russian. My whole family enjoyed the vast selection available and particularly liked watching what other people ate - especially at breakfast.

All the staff at the Gardenia Plaza were lovely and so helpful and friendly. The waiting staff and the room maids work exceptionally long hours - 14 hour days, 7 days a week for 3 weeks and they never stopped smiling. They will appreciate a tip at the end of your stay - their wages are not high. We also found the guys in the shops to be friendly and not pushy - and their prices were better than some shops in Narma Bay.

Went on two trips - the quad biking was okay, but it was disappointing that there were just so many quads out at the same time - we reckon around 200 tourists on different quad tours in the same area. We also went on a 'snorkling boat trip' which turned out to be a scuba diving boat - we thought the snorkling was better at Sharks Bay - the boat trip was a bit of a waste of time. Also, booked Scuba from Sharks Bay - the people were more professional and safety concious than the ones on the boat trip.

A last word on the taxis. If you would prefer a safe car ride, then book a 'limousine' taxi from the hotel - 450 egyptian pounds into Narma Bay compared to the 350 egyptian pounds charged by the blue and white taxis. We only had one really frightening ride in a 'blue and white' - the other drivers were fine.

Overall we found the Egyptians to be lovely people, very friendly and although a bit pushy in the restaurant/shopping areas - they were still polite and friendly and appreciated us being polite to them. They really do not seem to like the Russians 'very rude people - no please or thank you' was the comment we heard frequently about the Russians. The Egyptians really do prefer the English because we are friendly and polite!

To sum up, we had a great time at this hotel, and although it is definately more 3* than 4*, it was a lovely place to stay. The close proximity to the airport was not a problem as the aircraft were not directly overhead.

Lastly, we too got stung for our taxi to the hotel - ended up paying 120 egyptian pounds, they would not let us haggle any lower. However, the return journey was 50 egyptian pounds!!

not what you expect

from emmap15
Before I went I read loads of reviews on here and thought it cant be that bad. How wrong I was. all inclusive resort is not the right wrords. 2 star crappy hotel may be. the all inclusive is restrictive to bars by one pool where you only get small plastic cups, these cups are all you get in the resurant too. the 5 resurants I was promised did not exist we are only entiled to use 1 buffet resurant and the other is egyptian only!!!! you feel second rated the staff including reception speak ver poor english and if a russian or italian there they will stop talking to you and serve them. they have no customer service skills. the free shuttle bus is not free for the first 2 times you have to pay but the egyptians get it free. the hotel has 5 pools but noone tells you where they are. you do not get shown around the resort. the food does not cater for the english we try anything but this was appauling. in a 2 weeks stay we found many dishes repeated what you have for lunch is usually the same as the night before or even that night. the poolside snacks that are AI are cheese sandwiches and pastries that sit uncovered for hours. the pool bar which you see on the website is not part of the AI not even for a glass of water. you have to pay if you want to order from the pool menu, the bar inside the hotel you not made to feel welcome they do not want to know even when you willing to pay for drinks.
the main pool that everyone uses where the animation team is, is dirty we cut our feet playing water polo. you get endless hassle around the pool from massage people henna tattoo, hair braiding and the sand bottle people. this soon drives you mad. we recieved annonymous phone calls throughout the 2 weeks from the massage people, we found out from guest relations we had not been the only ones.
the private beach is that bad the hotel staff even advised us not to go. we went and it is dirty the jetti to the see is run down ripped sand bags nothing like the website.
the house keeping went through our wardrobe. we never had the correct amount of towels when we rang reception to inform them of things going wrong in the room broken shower and more they took days to come and fix it. we had a single sheet to cover us in a kingsize bed for 2 days and noone seemed to care. well my list could go on but sure you sick of reading this and finding it hard to believe. I was the same before we went i now learnt my lesson and will take note of things on this website.

hated hated hated

from Deb38e
Its dirty, the pool has never been cleaned it had black slime all the way round the sides. Its rated 4* it most certainly is not even a 3*. Sleeping on a sofa bed is not my idea of a top hotel. Its not set up for the English Tourist, its a eygtion time share and geared up around this. Its so close to the airport you can wave to the passengers that are landing!!!! I booked with On The Beach Holidays and they were awful too, told me it was a brand new hotel directly onthe beach it was neither of these. The All Inclusive package is a joke and they should learn what All Inclusive means. The hotel has a swimup bar not included in the AI package so therefore no one use's it!!! You are given small papercups and its so windy with the airport so close they blowover, there is no waiterservice wot so ever, even during your meal you have to go and get your own drinks. Food is just not eadable and everyone had bad bellys with the runs!!!! All I can say is JUST DON NOT VISIT THIS HOTEL AT ANY COST. If you would like to contact me regarding this hotel my email addy is below: I will be happy to talk to you.

Good Hotel, would return!

from debs65
Just returned from Sharm. Stayed here from 2/8 - 16/8/06 AI 2 adults, 1 child. Lovely Hotel, just as website shows! Was aprehensive at first as read a few bad reviews but we had no complaints!!

Upon arrival at reception they suggested we go and eat before sorting out our AI bands as it was almost closing. Changed room no problem, original had one room with twin beds & sofa bed, changed to better location right on poolside with two rooms, one kingsize bed and 1 single camp bed plus sofa bed and kitchen area. Kettle and safe included. Need to request hairdryer, iron etc. Fridge also supplied and was very cold!

Room service good, cleaned rooms with fresh sheets and towels every day. Only had fancy towels left for us on first two days in spite of tipping but probably would have done it if we asked.

Staff were very friendly and helpful especially Mohammad and Syed who worked in the bar and also the Animation team.

Food ok but repetitive, as are most AI hotels. Food was hot, not cold as other reviews have pointed out. Had no stomach upsets but make sure you use antibacterial gel to keep hands clean after handling their money!

Drink served in small plastic cups - local alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and water included - no cocktails! Opened second AI Bar in the second week we were there.

Pools are great! one pool reserved for the locals! someone was always going round with a net to make sure the pool was clean of debris/insects.

Entertainment for tourists was poor! what we saw of it for the first week there was just a disco on stage in the theatre style area. The locals had their own private party by the pool on a couple of occasions where the entertainment looked ok!

Beach is good. 5 mins away by free shuttle bus. AI food and drink here too! lots of coral, good snorkelling for beginners!
Aqua Park not for young children, very large and difficult to get onto.

Naama Bay is easy to get to, just a taxi ride away! Hotel taxi with a/c cost 45 egyptian pounds, blue & white taxis would not take less than 35-40 egyptian pounds. The hotel also ran a bus there but didn't start 'til 9pm! We ate out some nights here and it is very cheap! Try the Hard Rock Cafe, the Mexican, Thai Restaurants which I thoroughly recommend. If you fancy a pizza, Pizza Hut is very cheap, you can get a large pizza for approx £4. There is a lot of hassle to get you into their shops/restaurants as previous reviews have said which is the only downside!

Excursions - went quad biking in the desert which was great. beware of extras to pay though, bandanas, drinks, photos etc.
Also went to the water park - Cleo Park, previously called Aqualand, nr Naama Bay which we all enjoyed.

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and would stay there again. It was our first time to Sharm and for the price we paid we weren't disappointed!!

Went for 2 weeks in Aug 2006!

from kdi1983
Went to Gardenia Plaza 3rd Aug for two weeks All Inclusive with my boyfriend (22 & 23). I will try and include as much info as possible. Firstly, when you come out of the airport you will be met by a rather intimidating amount of taxi drivers. Now please trust what I am saying on this, because even after reading reviews, I fell for it... it costs £3 English (30 Egyptian pounds) to get to airport from Gardenia Plaza. They know that you do not know the prices and we spoke to people who had been charged up to £25 English (250 Egyptian). They will try to tell you that they have to pay a charge to wait in airport...this is rubbish. Tell them that you are a frequent visitor to Sharm and have stayed in Gardenia before and you should DEFO not pay more than £4-£5 english. Also, the taxis there are awful. It truly is a frightening experience being in one. They are called Bedouin taxi drivers with blue and white very old peugeots. They have no concept of driving in lanes or over-taking and you will be lucky to find one with a seatbelt! They totally rely on their horns. You wont find a taxi at the airport with a seatbelt but throughout your hols always try to find a limousine taxi (really just a normal car). They may charge an extra £1 English but will drive better and you will have a seat belt.
Once we got to reception to check in, it was about 10 mins before their restaurant closes from dinner. We were offered dinner, howewer refused as we wanted to get to our room. We were given wrist straps and had shuttle buses and meal times explained to us fully- nice guy! The shuttle bus apparantly charges for the first two times you use it, however if you go to reception they will take your money. Everyone whilst we were there just got straight on the bus. They dont supply you with a ticket so it's really free. Thats the one to the beach and Naama Bay. A porter will take your bags to your room for you.
We found all staff (apart from one guy on reception) to be amazingly polite and friendly with us. Especially Mohammed, Islam and Siaed by the pool bar.
Our room didnt have a stocked mini bar, tea & coffee making facilites or iron and board, as previously informed. We had a hairdryer and a fridge. You could pay more to have these facilites once you were there and to have your mini bar stocked everyday, but we didnt really think it was worth it. The room was lovely and was cleaned completely thoroughly everyday. We had a different cleaner for each week and the first one was more thorough, but the standard was still very high. The cleaners will leave amazing swans made out of towels on your bed for you if you give them a little tip. Remember that workers here earn approx £30-£40 English a month, so something small will be ample.
The All Inclusive was actually at two of the poolside bars. Al local spirits, beers, wines and soft drinks are supplied. Snacks vary slightly by the pool but are generally small rolls/chicken wings etc. Ice creams and snacks at the swim up bar are not included- you are charged extra.
I am not a fussy eater, but I found the food at the hotal very disappointing. Breakfast was the only meal we ate their, and that was only thanks to the croissants and pancaked. Not much english food provided. Lunch and dinner is pretty much the same thing. They have a variety (rice, meat, veg, pasta, desserts etc) but it really does taste nasty and is not worth eating. The food in all restaurants in Naama Bay is so cheap and nice, just go out for dinner. I would recommend Onions, Hard Rock Cafe and Marahaja. The alcohol in town is not particularaly cheap but the food def is- 2 steak dinners and bottle of wine and a couple of beers for £20-£25 English.
The animation team were great, all of them made an effort to get people involved with Water polo, Aqua Gym etc. They play quite loud music by the pool 10am-1pm then turn it off until 3pm til 6pm. The pool is a bit sharp under your fet- the best thing to do is buy beach shoes- which you will need for sharks bay and wear them in the pool- esp if you're playing water polo!
Please haggle for everything... when shopping they start so high...don't feel like you're being cheeky starting really low yourself. This goes for taxi's too. Get a list from Taxi desk at the hotel of what they charge to various places. Remember this is for the limo taxi- take about £1 English if paying for Blue and White cab. It will give you an idea of what you should be paying anyway.
Smoke the shisha whilst you're there- fruit flavoured water pipe- worth a try! My boyfriend loved their local beer- try Sakara.
Defo visit Sharks Bay beach- costs £2 English to get there and is lovely. Nice cafes and restaurants on the beach and the snorkelling is truly amazing.
Went on 3 excursions whilst there- Ras Mohammed by boat- wouldnt recommend it- it sounds lovely having a day out on a boat with lunch and snorkelling stops included but it really is dull. Went quad biking in the desert- this is a must! What an amazing experience riding into the mountains in the desert. Rode on a camel- very uncomfortable! And did Cairo by plane- againg a must! You will love it. We paid £130 English each for Cairo by plane which included flights, Egyptian Museum, Art Gallery, Lunch on the Nile, Pyramids, Sphinx and loadsa useful info from our tour guide.
Anyway I could go on forever, it is a lovely place and well worth a visit. I dont think the hotel is nearly as bad as some of these reviews make out. The only down points were food, no evening entertainment (both of which were great in Naama Bay) and the All Inclusive thing(or lack of it)!
One final note- if you are goin with your girlfriend/wife etc do not be put off by what you hear of locals being pervy. They are no different to English builders. I am blond and had no trouble. They will look and will blatantly tell you that they like your gf/wife but will not touch her or anything. It got a bit annoying for my bf by the end of week 2 but all in all they are just friendly.
Anyway have a lovely time, am jealous and wish I was going back! Will add photos soon.

The Good and Bad side.

from Burnleyfolk
My family consists of 2 adults and 2 children. We arrived in Sharm el Sheik, Gardenia Plaza in the late evening on 27th July 2006, for 14 nights 'all inclusive'. Upon arrival at the 'hotel', it took around 45 minutes to check in and we were the only family waiting, and the reception staff were not helpful throughout our stay unless you were local, Russian or Italian. It seemed a nice place based on first impressions in reception, but they only had two all inclusive wristbands for four of us, we had to pester them for two more and received them 24 hours later. We got to our two rooms, and things looked ok. There was a slight aroma from the bathroom - but nothing offensive. There was however, NO mini-bar, NO tea / coffee facilities, NO iron or ironing board. The fridge was 'hot' - but soon found how to make it work near normal.
We read the leaflets regarding the bar which closes at midnight so went for a drink. Amazing that ALL drinks were served in plastic vending cups, and not glasses. Understandable during the day - but not in the evening. We also were not provided on arrival with anything to eat, even though we arrived before the evening all inclusive restaurant closed.
First day we had breakfast and there was lots of choice unless you were English, so we settled for toast, cereals and pancakes most days. In the lunchtime restaurant, food was ok - but stick to pasta and fruit as again it doesnt really cater for the English. Evening meals were simply a variation of breakfast and lunch.
The pool looked inviting, but to our amazment - you were NOT allowed to swim with a t-shirt on to protect you from the sun. Other people were allowed - like the locals - but not the westerners. We did notice that the pool was requiring some form of makeover as the floor hurt your feet - the steps edges were sharp and the poolside bar step not noticable until you banged your feet on it. The reception informed us the hotel buses were 'free'. This only applies to the beach bus. The Naarma Bay bus is charged at 6 Egyptian pounds each (60p), again unless you are 'local' and prepare for the 'mad rush' for the first bus. A taxi to Sharks Bay costs about 20 Egyptian pounds (£2) dont pay each or more. By the end of the first week - changes were taking place. The 'hotel' introduced a'private area' policy for the pool, no locals or time share members allowed, this after many complaints that locals were swimming fully clothed. The entertainment was poor in the evening - unless you were a child. They opened a 2nd pool bar also at this time to cater for 'all inclusive'. The second week we had to visit the on site medical room as my son had burnt his shoulders playing water polo even though we smothered him in cream, ( no t-shirt policy? )
This ended up costing US$181 (£95) for two injections - cream and tablets.
Three of our party suffered stomach upsets which we attributed to the heat / food but soon realised it was the pool. We found on at least two occassions faeces floating in the pool and the attendant scooped it out with a net and emptied in the poolside bar bin then washed in the sink where the chef was preparing food. The snorkelling and glass bottom boat trip at Sharks Bay was excellent but be aware of the 'rock fish' in the sea when it is shallow as reportedly they bite and can poison you and they look like small snail shells but walk. Recommend you wear beach shoes for this and the hot shingle beach. Back at the hotel the bar staff (Mohamed and Siaed ) and towelman (Mohamed ) very polite and hard working. BEWARE of the henna. They use black henna and PPD ( banned in Europe ) and this has now scarred me ( for life? ) but is freely offered at a cost around the pool to adults and children alike. The animation team at the hotel ( Vicky in particular ) tried very hard on limited resources and equipment to entertain and provide water polo, aqua aerobics and dance during the day and disco etc in the evening.
All in all despite the problems highlighted - we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and would go again.
A trip into Naarma Bay and a visit to Onions restaurant and the Hard Rock Cafe a must.
Final point......take Egyptian currency as dollars are not exchanged fairly in reception and the exchange rate is poor.
The problems with the hotel were insignificant due to the friendliness of the bar staff and animation team, plus friendly English families who made us all feel very welcome.

Loved the hotel and the heat

from HolidayEnjoyer
It was a brilleant hotel.

The food wasnt that good. breakfast was very averge and the toaster wasnt that good. Lunch wernt bad but there was too many hot meals. Dinner i just coudnt stand espesaly the pasta. And the food at the beach was a BBQ that i didnt enjoy.

I loved the pools. but one pool had a very rough floor and anouther had warm water. but the sloping one was enjoying

The room servise was great they went into your room and tideyed it all up!

The rooms didnt come with much. they didnt even have hairdryers!

when you first get there the staff take your bags into your rooms.

And the staff were very nice to children so if you ever go why not take your children

Top Local Tips for Sharm El Sheikh

Booking trips We booked our excursions thorough a company in Naama bay and as we booked three together got a really good price. Be careful of the children who get taxis for you in Naama bay, they make the taxi drivers pay them. We used a taxi driver from the hotel (Ahmed) and had his phone number and he came and collected us each night.

getting from the airport don't book a transfer just get a local Taxi after agreeing the price you should only pay about £10 max

Greate -Greate Great places to enjoyed with your family


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  • domina gardenia plaza
  • Address: 26, Soor Nadi El Zamalek Mohandeseen - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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