Falcon Naama Star Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Falcon Naama Star Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh

Rooms: 186

King Abdallah Street - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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Be warned this is not a 4 star hotel

from KLW24
I booked to stay at this hotel through Low Cost Holidays who completely lied about what this hotel provided for its guests, when i arrived i was very upset about this false adverstisement as i soon realised that the hotel wasnt even finished and should not be open for guests yet.
There was no al le carte resturant. Later on in the holiday due to complaints a menu was drawn up and left at the pool side bar. Everything on the menu was not part of all inclusive but was basic and not an al le carte menu.
Entertainment....there wasnt any. There was no oriental show and no dj 5 nights a week like adverstised. Again after many complaints a dancer and magician was hired but it was awful and looked like people they had pulled of the street.
No hard rock cafe tickets were provided untill we argued with the rep Tareq and he supplied us with one which ended up being fake! The rep was also rude and insulting and was only interested in selling you excursions rather than helping you with problems.
The food was ok to begin with but very basic and not very much choice at all. After a couple of days we realised the wasnt going to be any choice as the food morning noon and night seemed to be the same every day and like other guest we were also very ill even tho we were careful and did not eat salad fruit or have ice in our drinks.
The pool wasnt very big and was quite dirty sometimes due to the building work going on behind the hotel. They were also still doing work on the hotel and around the pool but i think the people who were there a week before us had it worse.
I seem to be repeating what every body else has written and i do not think there will be any goodreviews on this hotel for a long time.
The only good thing was the price, the location and the rooms were clean. Also if you make the effort to get on with the staff they made the effort with you in return. I could go on for ever about this hotel and its problems but the main thing is it did not spoil our holiday as we did so many great excursions and loved egypt, just a shame about the false advertisement of the Falcon Naama Star.

Worst hotel i have ever stayed in!

from Kay2188
Where to start....
When we arrived we went and sat around the pool which had a building site behind it which, obviously was not shown on their pictures. The "childrens pool" wasn't even half full and had clearly not been cleaned as the water was green!
The list of facilities at the hotel was a lie as there was no A la-carte Restaurant, we didnt get a drink on arrival, it said they have a disco 5nts a week which didnt happen and said they have a variety of entertainment - all this was, was a few dancers on thurs night doing the same acts each time. So 1 night a week of entertainment!
The rooms are small and basic and for a 4* it should have been a higher standard - this hotel should be down-graded!
We paid for all inclusive for the full duration of our stay, it was the same food each day and not a lot of choice, we also had to argue with the staff as on our last day we were not picked up from the hotel till 9pm and the hotel said we could not have any food passed 1pm unless we paid which was rediculous as we have already paid for all inclusive! We didnt get anything on arrival as we did not arrive until about 11:30pm so we wernt expecting anything but you should have food and drink on your last day when you are there till 9pm! They just try to con you and get as much money out of you as possible!
The next BIG problem we had was being harassed by the male staff! We are 2 young girls on holiday and they kept asking to take us out for drinks which we said no to. We are always polite as they can get agressive if you are rude to them. We were not the only girls at the hotel that had this problem. The next thing we knew the staff were constantly phoning our room wanting to take us out and saying "we come up to your room and want to sleep with you!" We didnt feel safe in this hotel at all and even when we complained to the managers about this they said it would be sorted and nothing was done! When we continued to complain they just acted dumb or pretended they couldnt understand us! I was more worried about how far this had to go until they do something about it so if you are a group of girls looking to go to Sharm, DO NOT GO TO THIS HOTEL! ITS NOT SAFE! This was supposed to be a relaxing break for us and it was the most stressfull holiday i have ever had!

I have never been so happy to be home! I wanted to go home after a couple of days into our holiday :-(

Building Site

from p_wakeham
I returned from the Falcon Naama Star on 28 June 2009.

This hotel is in the middle of a MAJOR construction site with work being carried out both inside and outside this hotel.

Please refer to the attached photo's which I think are self explanatory !

The Falcon especially the restaurant and the poolside is very dirty due to the dust from all the construction.

I was very ill for 3 days with stomach related problems; all guests became ill at some stage.

The resort rep is called Tarek he was rude, arrogant and very aggressive and he is simply not interested in you and has no intention of resolving any problems you may have.

Activities NOT included at this hotel as advertised:

A la Carte Restaurant
Indoor Bar
Midnight Snacks
No entertainment
No oriental show
No DJ or disco
No tickets at reception for the Hard Rock Cafe.

The beach is also a lot more than 2 minutes away more like 12 mins. Believe me the extra 10 minutes makes a big difference in the heat.

I have never posted anything like this before but just hope people reading this learn from my mistakes.


Very misleading!!!!

from jenjen11essex
We returned from naama star this morning and felt the need to write on here. This hotel should not be a 4 star, and the discription it gives is not true, there is no Dj or evening music, there is no shuttle bus to the beach which is a very long walk from the hotel, no a la carte resurant, and yes there are mini fridges in your room but they dont fill them with anything they a left empty. when I asked at reception they said they dont provide mini bars. All this is stated in there listing. There is also a building site right next to the pool with lorrys and diggers running up and down all day making loads of noise. They are still finishing the hotel off with building work going on around you most days. The food is very basic and the same each day. There was a couple of groups of young girls that were having problems with the men staff, ringing there room and asking if they could come into there rooms, some of the girls were very scared and did complain but not much was done about it. Also on the last day of your holiday you were told that they would only give you food and drink til 1 pm most of the guest didnt leave til very late in the evening including ourselfs and when asked if we could still have soft drinks and water were told no. We also paid extra to keep our room but after 1 pm we were locked out of our room and keeped having to go to reception so we could get back into it. On the whole most of the staff were nice but there were too many that were very rude and wouldnt help you at all. One of the young girls was reduced to tears because they were so rude to her.
Location wise its an excellent place just 5 minutes from the main town and the young lad that cleaned our room was great, the displays on the bed each day with the towels was lovely. and the room was clean with fresh towels every day.
They are going to have to go a long way to improve this hotel it should not be a 4 star, we have stayed in sharm before and this hotel was not a pache on the others. Nearly every guest we spoke to felt the same as we did, it was a shame because it cost a lot to take our family out there and we didnt get what we paid for. Will not be going back to this hotel and will not be recomending it to anyone.

Changed our booking

from kinghomer
Like most people, we booked this holiday before any reviews came out. Having read the reviews, we were mortified at what we'd done ! To make things worse, our party of 4 contains 2 pregnant women. Having a hotel that runs out of bottled water and everyone gets stomach pains is very worrying.

Anyway - we travel in 3 days ... and i rung LowCost up this morning. Spent 1 hour on hold, but in the end it was worth it. They tried to tell me that there were no problems at the hotel, but there were reports of building works just outside of the complex. I told them of the reviews on here and that we wanted to change hotels. Despite being only 3 days away from departure, they have changed our booking. We are now stopping in the Three Corners Palmyra Resort which [fingers crossed] should be much better. It's cost us all £40 each [for 2 weeks] to book the new hotel, which i don't mind in the slightest.

Feeling much better now ......

Take a minute to read my review

from erm15
I read a lot of reviews about the Falcon Naama Star and they we not fair to the hotel.
The hotel opened on 1/6/2009 3 weeks ago and there is no building works inside the hotel they serve 3 buffet Breakfast Lunch and dinner and not chicken and pasta only.
For the oriental show it is twice a week Monday and Thursday at 8:30 (do not miss it)
The ala carte menu is available but not included in the All Inclusive.

I am not defending the hotel but trying to give a fair review.

One big lie!

from ladybphysio
The only thing that made this hotel bearable was some of the lovely guests that were staying there! I went with 2 of my friends. We booked this hotel cause it looked nice and sounded nice and even though there were no reviews at this time we decided to go for it as we thought its new so it must be lovely! How wrong were we! As all the other reviews say its false advitisment! No entertainment, no al a carte restaurant! The food choice is very limited, there were no snacks apart from a bit of cake in the afternoon which they didin't do untill everyone complained and when you do complain they dont like it and become quite hostile! We also got the impression that they wanted us to consume as little drink and food as possibe. I always had to ask for 2 glasses of wine at a time because the glasses were so tiny! The 3 of us got bad tummy's plus nearly all of the other guests. The one good thing was our room was big with clean sheets and towels daily and the lovely guy the cleaned it for us used to make us a different animals out of towels each day. This hotel isn't finished! There is a building site right by the pool. Alot of the staff need to go on a customer service course! They have no idea how to run a hotel.

Falcon Naama Star - be warned, its not finished yet!

from H0nest-Lee
Hi all

Well, well, well - we've just arrived back this morning and felt it necessary jump on here straight away to advise any of you that have booked a stay at this particular hotel, that you may seriously want to revise your options!
Myself and my girlfriend have just had a 10 day stint at this hotel and I can guarantee the negative reviews will start pouring in over the next few weeks!
Simply put this hotel is no where near finished; there is a building site adjacent to the swimming pool at the back of the hotel and, believe it or not, during the first few days of our stay, we had to endure a small dump-truck dumping piles of dirt at the side of our pool and a welder putting the poolside shower together - we just couldn't believe what we were seeing!
Now although we didn't have as bad a time as a lot of people that were there when we were, we still feel that the hotel is being totally mis-represented on the internet and mis-sold by the various telesales staff and travel operators.
Just to clarify that what it says is on the internet is totally untrue; the internet spiel states "The hotel has a main restaurant, an a la carte restaurant, a lobby bar, an indoor bar and a pool bar that also serves snacks" -hmmmmm, half right; there is no al la carte restaurant or menu for that matter, there is no seperate indoor bar the lobby bar is a complete joke, how it can be referred to as a "bar" is beyond me, its more like a serving hatch and the only reason they began serving snacks half way through the holiday was because everyone was complaining so much! There wasn't any entertainment until our very last evening and apparently those that did attend described it as "laughable". The internet also states "DJ and disco five nights a week between 9pm and 12.30am" which is a an outright lie- this does not exist!
Everyone we met at the hotel was or had been ill at some point and it was too much of a coincidence to blame it on anything other than the food and drink being served at the hotel!
Like I said, we didn't have as bad a time as some people (so imagine what some of the future reviews are going to sound like), we quite enjoyed the restaurant food - but it was very similar on a daily basis (particluarly breakfast)! The staff were really good to us (particularly Marco, although I know not everyone will say the same), but I think the only reason that they were so good with us is because we hardly complained, we just bit our lip and got on with it - we were never going to let the state of the hotel ruin our holiday! When we asked for a room change within the first few days to one with a balcony and a better shower, we got it instantly, but for those that did speak their mind - well they just seemed to get the cold shoulder from a lot of the staff and that's just poor customer service in my opinion!
I too could go on and on, but I think I've written enough, so I'll leave it up to other people to give you the low down on their "bad experiences"!
Given time I'm sure this will be a really nice hotel - but that could be a few years down the line when its eventually finished!

Falcon Naama star

from tulip10
This hotel is not ready for guests.The all inclusive was chicken and pasta every night .There was cake in the afternoon,I had tummy upsets as did most people staying there.They run out of bottled water on a couple of occasions.There was no entertainment at all in the week I stayed 15/06/09 to 22/06/09..Marco the barman tries to make your holiday .But the basics being supplied is not a lot to ask .I would not want to go back.

The Falcon Naama no star

from LondonTaff
I've never done this before but having just returned from a week at the naama star, I felt I should warn anyone who is thinking of going there. The first thing you notice is the adjacent building site which doesn't look like it is going to be finished anytime soon and blocks out any views of the mountains. The rooms were really nice if you are lucky enough to get one of the 30 with a balcony or terrace; some have windows looking onto the street but many have windows leading to the corridor (quite bizarre). There is no a la carte restaurant and the buffet meals were absolutely disgusting - the same thing was served every day and everybody was ill at some point.The choice of local drink was very sparse but that too was the cheapest they could find and guaranteed an upset stomach. No snacks to speak of were served although, on a few occasions they did serve some pizza and cakes at the pool bar about 5pm but these were leftovers from lunch. Leftover vegetables from lunch and dinner were also used to make up the next days salad. There was no entertainment of any kind and when the pool bar closed at 7pm the only other bar was in the corner of the lobby which is where you had to sit and consume your drinks - no midnight snacks or drinks available. There were no tickets fo Hard Rock cafe as advertised on Internet. A few of the staff went out of their way to make the holiday bearable in particular the barman, Marco but most were downright rude particularly if you disagreed with anything. The jacuzzi didn't work for 5 days, neither did the poolside shower. The beach was about 20mins walk away. I could go on and on but I think I've written enough for you to decide if you really want to stay at the naama no star!

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  • falcon naama star hotel
  • Address: King Abdallah Street - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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