Falcon Hills Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Falcon Hills Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
3 star

Rooms: 132

Um El Sid - Sharm El Sheikh - BP 310 - Egypt | 2069 3663080
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Great Staff
Submitted by: Fiona in 18/10/11
  • Age Group: 4150
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
we just spent 2 weeks in falcon hills with friends on all inclusive basis. The room was basic but cleaned and fresh towels every day. The restaurant manager is a great guy and always willing to help. Zico (one of the waiters) was always on hand to help carry plates etc and always with a smile on his face! The food was ok, we always found something that we liked, and my husband loved the soup! but did get a bit repetitive over the two weeks. The bar staff were excellent especially mohammed, karim, ibrahim, youseif and osama. those guys were great and couldnt do enough to help us. Dodo the entertainment fella was always on the go trying to get people involved. entertainment in the evening wasnt really to our liking although it was always quite busy with other holidaymakers. Moustafa (pool guy) was brilliant, and always on hand during the day to make sure we were happy. The two pools were excellent and very clean. We stayed at the smaller pool as most of the water games were played in the large pool and was very noisy! We had a few massages in the vip spa which were very relaxing and staff were excellent. All in all, as a 3 star hotel, we felt it was worth the money and would return.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Falcon Hills Hotel

Satisfies your main needs

from CandN1
We booked our holiday with Thomsons and were staying for 14 nights on a B&B basis.

The hotel is very clean and tidy with standards of cleanliness surprisingly high. We had family room with a view of the main pool. The room was of substantial size with a double bed, fridge, satellite tv with various english speaking channels, fantastic air con and the bathroom had both a bath and shower. Again, the room was kept spotless.

The main pool was of good size and was cool and we always got a bed round it (providing you are up early enough. If not there is a smaller pool through the back with plenty of available beds although we never once spent time there).

If you get ill and are not getting any better, do not hesitate to get the doctor as he is really good and sorts you right out.

If you are AI you will be disappointed as the food is crap. Alcohol is served in shot size glasses (apart from beer).

A word of warning, when you buy a drink etc at the hotel if you are B&B, you have to sign for it and then pay at the cash desk (you can do this at anytime you want i.e the next day, the end of your stay etc). Once you have paid, ask for a print out of the balance for your room as you dont get reciepts and we were double charged.

The staff are ok, but the cleaners are brilliant and put in a shift all day and the pool cleaners work all night.

Entertainment at night at the hotel was ok too i suppose depending on what you are looking for, there was some belly dancers and the karaoke guy does his best. Quite funny when he sings "Daddy Cool".

There is no gym in this hotel incase you have been advised otherwise and the closest you will find is across the road in the sister hotel the Falcon Inn. There is only an excerise bike, a flimsy chest press machine and about 7 or 8 dumbells so dont expect too much.

Im not going to rattle on about Egypt, but make sure you go snorkeling at Ras Mohaamad National Park and defo go to Cario if you are at all interested in the pyramids and King Tut etc. The stars and dinner in the desert is also amazing. Personally i would book trips like these with your tour operator as we did, as well....you get what you pay for.

The Last resort.

from scruffygwent
Hello. I have just returned from shamel Sheilk spending 14 days
all inclusive at the Falcon Hill hotel.
My wife and i thought that it would be a nice silver wedding treat.
On arriving at the hotel we found the rooms spotless and the pools very nice indeed.
But now we come to the reallity of staying at this Hotel.
1. The staff behind the bar were making up milk by adding powderd milk to water directly out of the tap.(Hotel advises guests not to drink water from the taps)Do not have fresh milk.
2. Staff at the bar were washing glasses in cold water under the same tap above and not using the glass cleaning machine.
3, I found some staff very arragant insultive and would not serve you because you had gone all inclusive .Bar drinks were very short in supply.
4. Some food was not cooked (sliced pork in cream sauce blood seaping from the meat and congealing in the sauce).
5. 1 in 5 guests were contracting bacterial diarrhoea.
I know because i was one of the less lucky ones,three days in bed with violent stomache pains and screaming abdabs.
What a way to spend your silver anerversary.
I work for the government as a meat inspector,and part of my job is monitoring food hygiene ect .Also i was a Para Medic for 12 yrs
in the forces so when i said it was bacterial gut infection caused by bad or poor hygiene preperation of food or equipment this was the case, and not put it down to the heat and dehydration which the hotel would make you believe.
Also i had to go to the pharmisist to purchase antbiotics and tablets to counteract the gut ache and diarrohea.
Please, please be carfull of this hotel.

Had a great holidy at Falcon Hills

from Kate17_7
We stayed at the Falcon Hills hotel for 1 week at the beginning of June 07. I had read several of the reviews on here and worried myself about the place we were going to, however there was absolutely no need.

The rooms were big and clean, you get about 4/5 english channels on the tv and a fridge. The pools are nice, clean and cool and although the big pool gets full quite quickly there were always available beds at the 2nd smaller pool.

The food is a bit plain and is the same on most days but nice none the less. As a vegetarian I was worried about what to eat but there are plenty of options. We loved being all inclusive, if just for the bottles of water and coke alone and we always found the staff freindly and attentive.

The hotel runs buses to 3 near by beaches as well as a bus to Naama bay at night, all free of charge and there are always taxis outside which have set reasonable prices.

We never had any bites from mosquitos the entire time we were there.

had a fantastic time staff were great especially abrahim and tariq all inclusive

from watercroc
had a fantastic time. staff were great especially abrahim and tariq the manager. dont listen to all the grumblers who didnt like this hotel they obviously dont enjoy havin fun. there was 9 of us and we loved it.....no smell, good drinks and real nice rooms thanx for a great stay.

Good value for money, relaxing hotel

from KylaDublin
We stayed in Falcon Hills for 10 days and had a lovely relaxing time there. I cannot see why it has gotten such a bad review here. There were not many people staying so it was a bit too quiet, and so the nightly entertainment was not that great, but that wasn’t really the hotel’s fault. The food is somewhat repetitive, but Naama bay was only 10 minutes in a taxi away whenever we wanted a different meal and a good night out. The hotel buffet is 70 LE (about €9) for all you can eat, but we found the restaurants in Naama a bit cheaper. It is a small hotel, 3 stars, no airs and graces like the other big resorts we saw nearby, it is very like the type of apartments you would find on the Costa’s in spain but without being a high-rise (I think it only goes to 3 storys high). I would imagine there is very little space in or around the pool in high season but we had no problem. It did get very hot in the last few days so I wouldn’t recommend going to Egypt any later that April- and I LOVE the sun! But it got too hot.. Everyone was trying to stay in the shade. The one main downside was there are 2 guys going round the pool everyday asking if you want a henna tattoo. We met a couple who got one each and that night it smudged off slightly onto the sheets. The hotel charged them 300LE on checkout to replace that 1 sheet!! Then the henna tattoo guy did a rubbish job touching up the tattoo’s the day they went home and when our friends didn’t tip them they got really annoyed, it all put such a downer on their last day.. It is a complete scam on the hotels part- I mean, where in the world would you pay €40 for 1 single sheet??!!
I went diving with the hotel diving club, I would recommend them and I had a great day with 2 dives off Tiran Island.

Hotel was not up to a 4* rating

from Johnny-The-Duke
The Hotel was not up to a 4* rating in my book.

The rooms were adequate but spartan, two single beds with enough bedding for a trip to the Arctic! A small bath in the bathroom, 1 meter in length but it did have a shower fitted and plenty of scalding hot water, a wash basin and a toilet pan, no bidet to wash your feet in!

The towels were changed if you chucked them into the bath daily and the sheets were changed every two days.

The room did have a security box in the wardrobe, a working A/C unit, Family size fridge plus a TV that had several English films and news channels, subtitled in Arabic, none of these items were charged as extras.

The biggest complaint was the constant sewage smell, our room was adjacent to the hotel septic tank (or whatever it was) the smell was atrocious 24/7.

Second smaller complaint was in the restaurant (which strangely was combined with the Hotel Reception & Lounge, Bar and Hotel Shop).

The food was bland but on the plus side if you were all inclusive you wouldn't go hungr.

There were Bain Marie’s with items that you had to identify yourself as they were marked with only the type and not the content.

Rice, Eggs, Pasta, Fish, Meat, Poultry (Chicken wings and legs only) Pizza, Sauté Vegetables and of course Salad items.

The desert table was full of lovely things that are bad for you, Gateau's, Sweet sticky things, Sponge, Cheese cake, Cream Cake etc... Figs (fresh) Orange, Apple & Melon. Tea & Coffee.

The All Inclusive option is a distinct advantage, even if it’s only for copious bottles of water. The benefits of AI are not obvious and you have to ask for everything several times, the snack bar on the 600 pool doesn’t serve food (just as well as it’s next to the sewage plant!) only drinks from 11am to 4pm, not a minute later!

The snacks at 4pm to 5pm I never found as with the 11pm to 12pm ones.

The complementary Diving Instruction, Massage, Facial Scrub were also elusive. Because I didn’t find them doesn’t mean they are not there, I think one has to be a little more inquisitive and persistent to take full advantage.

I didn't find the Gym either, there is one in the sister hotel across the road, The Falcon Villa but you have to pay for it and everything else in there too.

Tuesday & Friday are listed as oriental entertainment evenings, this consisted of a BBQ (Chicken only again) and dancing troupe’s, which I must admit considering that there was not an animation area or stage, only the pool terrace, the performances were quite spectacular.

All the other evenings consisted of an in-house ‘Caruso’ who for the first night seemed OK but not every night. If I never hear another Bony-M song it will be too soon!

The hotel, it was only 40% full and being that way, there were plenty of sun beds and also plenty of staff to cater for our needs. If it were full I would imagine it would be a different story. In our instance the food was bland, repetitive but plentiful.

Staff courteous and efficient, (one incident with an over amorous cleaner with several of the girls we spoke to).

Not four star as far as the UK or Europe is concerned, maybe 2*+ at best.

For a quiet day at the beach, go to Fawanees Beach, its run by (Rambo) Mohamed. The free hotel bus goes there and back several times a day, if you miss the direct bus departure time then take the bus to Sharm Bay Beach and walk along the shore line to Fawanees Beach, it will take you only five minutes, you will get far less hassle and noise at Fawanees Beach than Sharm Bay Beach.

Don't use the holiday reps for your trips; we saved £31 each just on one trip (£15 (170LE) instead of £48 (525LE)) on a snorkelling day out to Ras Mohamed Reef by booking it direct.

An evening trip to Naama Bay Market (again use the hotel free bus) is a must. Be prepared to be hassled by shopkeepers and taxi touts every few feet of your journey through the many brightly lit streets. Remember to offer half the asking price for everything and barter from there, it’s expected by the sellers.

I may sound like a complete moaner but I tell it how it was, so saying we had a restful week and returned with a full sun tan.

Would I use this hotel again, NO! I doubt if I’d go to the Sinai again either.


from caizley
After reading some of the reviews before leaving we were dreading what we were going to find..... We found our rooms to be clean, comfortable and spacious. The staff were friendly even though we were 'all inclusive' and chose not to tip until the end.
As we went at the end of the Easter holidays there were plenty of sun beds none of which were reserved before we went down for breakfast. Drinks were served promptly and frequently. There was a slight smell around the second pool, however this did not discourage people from using it even though there was space around the main pool. The food we found to be a little disappointing in the evening, but breakfast, lunch and the snacks were all fine. The hotel Taxi service was EXCELLENT with a trip to Naama Bay costing only 700 Egyptian pounds (£7.00) return with them picking us up at our chosen time. The taxis used were a much better standard than the 'Blue and White'
ones. Overall no complaints.

Hated Falcon Hills, would never return

from Mike
Where to start? Falcon Hills was the worst hotel we've ever experienced and this is no understatement.

Room: large enough, though furnishings looked a bit tatty and dated. The bathroom was a disgrace with permanent tide marks and scratch markings in the bath. Shower ran scalding hot then freezing cold no matter how long you waited for the temperature to regulate. Beds are brick hard. Television reception was poor. Security door chain came off in our hands when using it on the first day (fixed right away though). Fridge was warm and did not work (though replacement came the day we asked for it to be fixed). Floor mats looked manky and they were. The floor was always manky, proof of this was after we showered and our feet were clean, our feet were black a few minutes later after walking from the bathroom to the bedroom. Mosquitos get in through the air con vents and are a real problem. Every night we killed them and every day the cleaners let more in or they came in through the vents.

Noise: evening "entertainment" noise, which was loud arab or oriental music, flooded into our room in stereo (7-9pm) even with all the doors and windows closed, it honestly felt like they were in our room. Noisy guests at terrace, including karaoke singers could be clearly heard in our room until midnight. One morning we heard blaring pop music from the speakers by the pool which woke us up at 8.20am. Music is played all day and all night with no breaks, very tiresome. Cleaners woke us up most mornings around 8-ish with their loud chatting, chanting and scraping of balcony chairs and tables outside our room. Asked them to keep the noise down as we were sleeping every day, but it made no difference. Plant machinery for spraying mosquitos woke us up one morning at 6.15am! A loud droning noise right outside our doors, thought a tank was passing by it was that loud. This also occurs regularly at 6pm-ish.

Pool: Clean enough but a bit on the cold side. The stench of sewage made us feel sick at times, really disgusting. Waiters serving at the pool could not understand or communicate in english, with the result that orders were often wrong (even though several waiters repeated orders back to us correctly, the food was not what we ordered). They didn't care. There's no point in telling them what's wrong because they don't understand!

Sunbeds: Comfortable but not enough of them, they could do with another 20 beds. We saw guests having to sunbathe on towels on the grass. Pool signs clearly state no reserving of sunbeds, however by 7am every morning just about all of the sunbeds at both pools were all claimed with towels. No-one seemed to care to enforce this rule.

Hassle: The young boy who wants to sell you a henna tattoo is a pest. I noticed some guests liked to chat to him but we didn't come on holiday to be hassled by folk whose only reason for talking to you is to make money out of you. These people never tell you why they're chatting to you, you just get "where are you from?" and "what is your name?" repeated over and over, even after you've asked several times what they're selling, you don't get a straight answer, just "why you no tell me your name?".

Service: Atrocious! At best the staff looked fed up, at worst they were down right rude. Barmen saw you but then ignored you and busied themselves doing some menial task rather than serve you. Staff at the buffet looked bored and uninterested. The strawberry jam ran out one breakfast and I asked a waiter for some more, he took the pot and then disappeared for 10 minutes! I saw him back on the floor later clearing plates, he never did come back to us with the jam. Very unhelpful. Beware the hotel gift shop, he tried to charge us more than double the face value for 8 stamps, when we queried it he did reluctantly drop the price.

All inclusive (AI):
As a previous reviewer stated, you cannot get anything before 11am or after 11pm, not by 1 minute. I was ordered to stand outside in the baking sun one morning at 10.55am until 5 minutes had passed before I could get a cup of tea! Milk is not fresh, it's long life stuff which taints the taste of tea or coffee. We bought fresh milk, kept it in our fridge and took hot drinks back to our room. Alcoholic drinks were slung across the bar at you. Wine was pretty rough and came in thimbles. Beer is Luxor and is pretty good, though if you're AI you only get a half pint glass never a bottle. The spirits are local and inferior, only have Volga brand of whisky, vodka, gin, dark rum and brandy! No other spirits and no liqueurs at all They don't bother to put fruit in your drinks unless you ask. I assumed there was no lemon or lime for a G&T until the last day when I saw someone beg for it. The food is awful, bland, tastes of nothing and is very repetative. Everyone went for the rather dry pizza slices which ran out quickly. Only ever cheap cuts of meat such as chicken thighs. Desserts looked great but tasted bland. The snack menu from 4.30-5.30pm was a joke. No-one tells you what you can and can't have - we once ordered a chicken burger and a pizza and chips .... The chicken burger consisted of 2 x tiny kids chicken nuggets, cremated, on a chewy bun with a handful of chips; the pizza came deep fried! and consisted only of tasteless cheese and bread, no tomatoes or tomato sauce? also with a handful of chips. By the way there is one particularly cheeky waiter who will roll his eyes behind guest's backs which we noticed several times.

Beware, all inclusives are tagged with a red plastic band. If you perhaps take it off because you're away on a trip for the day and don't want to wear it away from the hotel (like us) and happen to ask for something liike a cup of tea at the bar on returning to the hotel, they will give you an invoice to sign and try to charge you .... now we stayed there for a fortnight and all the staff knew we were AI (most definitely) and this particular evening when we came back from Luxor we got shouted at by 3 waiters for not wearing the red band. When I say shouted at I mean shouted at, all 3 of them at the same time. We apologised for our oversight and left. We've never experienced anything like it. We were treated like disobedient children.

Bar staff don't know how to make cocktials: I asked for a Pina Colada on the first night (I knew this was chargeable), the barman put vodka instead of rum in it, when I told him it was made with white rum he shrugged and put in dark rum (with the vodka), when I said that was wrong he shrugged again and his expression was "do you want it or not?" accompanied by the words "no white rum!".

Mosquitos everywhere! My husband never gets bitten on holiday and he was plagued with them this year. Also I got bitten 8 times on my face, this has never happened. The spraying may kill some of them but the rest must take refuge in the air con vents. We spent countless nights trying to kill them until 3am which ruined our sleep. We told staff that the spraying was useless but they just treated us like idiots and told us to get some repellent. I have used the same repellent for 15 years with not one bite but here at Falcon Hills you can be sure you'll get bitten.

We were never offered an apology at any stage, not once. We kept ourselves to ourselves the whole holiday and chose to stay away from the hotel at night, as we didn't want the awful entertainment, the karaoke or to partake in the drunkiness that was guaranteed when people go all out to get value for money at the bar!

Naama Bay was good to spend time in the evenings. We recommend Pomodoro restaurant in Naama, excellent food and staff were attentive and they really cared! Lots of shops, beware lots of hassle to buy.

We recommend Cataract Travel for excursions to Cairo and Luxor, and snorkelling at Ras Mohammed - really excellent and good prices.

Would return to Egypt, stay at the Hilton in Naama or stay in Luxor.


Great staff and very clean hotel

from lc1970
I have just returned from a two week stay at this hotel with one of my friends (two females) and can truly say that we had a great time. It's disappointing to see some negative reviews - these reviews were certainly not our experience!

I have visited Sharm once before and stayed in a 5 star hotel - whilst this hotel was not of that standard, I had no issue with the cleanliness, staff or all inclusive option. The staff work extremely hard and are very friendly and approachable. I would say that they made our trip memorable, and we were actually sad to be leaving to come home.

It's a small hotel, but is spotless, with cleaning ongoing morning, noon and night. There are two swimming pools, and we chose to sunbathe at the smaller pool, as the water was warmer in the pool. I would agree with others that you can smell the sewage from time to time, but I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as others have said it was. I would also agree that the food could become repetitive, but I would say that would be the same for any all inclusive option. On the buffet at lunch and dinner there was always one meat option, one poultry, one fish, potatoes, vegetables, rice and pasta. There was also soup, salad and fresh bread, and the choice of desserts was wonderful. Yes, with the all inclusive the drinks are served in small glasses, but I don't really see a problem with this, as you can get as much as you want anyway. I found no difference from being an all inclusive customer as opposed to a bed and breakfast customer in relation to service from the staff - without exception, they were great. As long as you know the rules of the all inclusive option before you go, you will not be disappointed. The staff are under a lot of pressure at 11pm when it finishes, as cashing up is done at the bar at that time - it's not their fault that they can't serve you after the time, it's obviously the rules of the management.

The bedroom was cleaned every day, with fresh towels daily and clean bedding every other day. The air conditioning was fabulous, and the beds and pillows were comfortable.The shower was also very powerful. However, I would agree that the cleaner (as mentioned by girls in a previous review) was extremely annoying, and given the opportunity, I do believe that he may take advantage where female holiday makers are concerned. If you have your wits about you, though, there is no problem - just tell him where to go!

The hotel is ideally situated in between Nama Bay and Old Sharm - a taxi to Nama Bay will cost you 25 Egyptian Pounds (£2.50) and a taxi to Old Sharm will cost you 20 Egyptian Pounds (£2). I can't believe that a person in a previous entry found this to be expensive! The trick is to set the price before you get into the taxi, and always use the blue and white ones. Their driving is an experience to say the least, but if you can cope with that there are no problems!

As with my previous trip to Sharm, if you tip the waiters little and often the service gets even better. You only need to tip them 10 Egyptian pounds (£1) and they are so grateful to you. They deserve it as they work really hard, often for 40 days in a row, so if they are grumpy occasionally I don't really blame them. Yousef and Ahmed behind the bar are great, and Haney, Hosam, Mustafa, Aly and Saad are great. The head bar man - Mohammed - looks like Danny De Vito and even answers to the name Danny!

In summary, I would agree that the hotel is not of the same standard as the 5 star hotels in this resort, but although it is small, its clean, tidy with friendly staff and a great location. We are planning on returning in November this year. It was great value for money and we had a great time, so if you are considering booking it read all reviews carefully and weigh up what you are actually looking for from a holiday. We paid under £500 each for two weeks all inclusive, and I can honestly say for that price I wouldn't have expected anything more.

t come here

from MWestYorkshire
I agree with what has been said before. This hotel has been refurbished to a supposedly 4 star, but worth nothing more that 3 and that is pushing it. They built extra rooms and another pool but forgot to supply more sunbeds to go with the pool, and nowhere enough seats in the bar/reception area? We had a few cool nights and couldn't sit in the bar area, so people sat outside in their fleeces. The stench by the small pool was terrible but every time we mentioned it the manager said " we will get our engineers on the job" The food was the same every other day and poor (apart from the desserts) The entertainment was boring

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