Creative Mexicana Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Creative Mexicana Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
4 star

Rooms: 194

Om El-Seid Hill - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt | (069) 366 14 90
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Great staff, good hotel, poor food.
Submitted by: Penny in 02/10/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
This hotel was great apart from the food. We stayed all inclusive and was a waste of money as we had to eat out every night. The sight of the food was lovely but the taste was horrible. Mash and hot dog sausages for breakfast with cabbage??? They served fresh bread every day so you could eat toast and jams for breaky. The dinner and evening meals were the same over and over and we had bad stomachs after the first night. There is plenty of places to eat in Narma Bay Mcdonalds KFC Pizza hut etc. Would recommend Hard Rock cafe, the food was great and only £30 for a three course for two with a bottle of wine.
The hotel staff are great (all men, even the cleaners). Everyone very friendly. The taxi service is good from the hotel and would recomend you use as it is only £2 to narma bay.The room was basic but comfortable the bed was ok. The linen changed everyday and clean towels.
Wouldnt recommend this hotel for children though, there is nothing going on. If you are a footie fan like us they show all the big matches on a huge screen but at the bar where you have to pay for drinks. The pool bar is only all inclusive 10-6 and the reception bar is not all inc.
We went on a few excursions booked from the hotel, a man comes to you at the pool so you can book from him. Would deffinatly recommend the boat trip to Raj Mohammed the fish are amazing for snorkling and diving. We paid £50 for the whole day on the boat and both had an introductionary dive which was amazing. If you haggle you can get everything cheaper. The Mexicana beach is a bus ride away which is a free service from the hotel about every hour. We thought the hotel is actually on the beach but it isnt. Be careful if you are female walking around the beach near the rocks though, I was walking alone and got flashed at by some man who was hid by the rocks.
My partner went on the quad bike trip which was worth the money (£20) and i went horse riding which was £15 and was worth the money too.
If you have never been to sharm before be careful of the back streets in Narma bay if they ask you to go into the shop DONT. We were conned into buying perfume, once in the shop they lock the doors and make you tea and it is unpolite to refuse so we couldnt leave and the man was selling us perfume for £2 per gram which we thought was ok so we said we would buy it. We bought four bottles and they were neatly packed and put in a box. When we asked how much they told us £65 as the bottles held 20 gramms we were had!!!!
Over all though we had a fantastic time in egypt and would go back to that hotel but wouldnt call it 4* as there were a lot better hotels there. If you do go to this hotel would recommend bed and breakfast.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Creative Mexicana Hotel

Fantastic stay recommend it to everyone

from A TripAdvisor Member
Having stayed at this hotel for 2 weeks with my family we were more than satisfied with the standard of this establishment, the staff were courtious and polite at all times and as i had taken ill on the flight going to sharm el sheikh, my first night was spent in hospital. When i arrived at the hotel the next day i was greeted with good wishes for my health and the hotel even organised someone to go to the cheapest pharmacy to collect a prescription for me.
Not once did we ever encounter rude staff if anything it was the opposite and i am planning on returning there this coming October with my 2 daughters and a friend.
We made many good friends at the hotel and my children just loved the tricks that some of the employees did with the napkins.
We could not say anything bad about the food as we ate there quite often throughout our 2 week stay, the food was beautiful, very fresh and very tasty.....
There may only be a disco upstairs everynight and that is your choice to go to it, again very friendly staff who will dance with you if they see you looking bored, so beware, hahahaa.
For anyone with complaints about the waiting time in Egypt it is a common factor that things are done in "Egyptian Time" in other words yes it may be a bit slow but you do get it eventually, and only the impatient "complain".
I loved this resort and the staff and will return again and again to see my good friends that i made, keep up the good work Mexicana Sharm......


from A TripAdvisor Member
The creative mexicana is a very clean and nice looking hotel, the rooms are very spacious and are fully air conditioned. The pool areas are spotless and in general everything looks fantastic.

However good the place looks i would not recommend the Creative Mexicana Hotel to anyone especially going All Inclusive, this is for two reasons, The Food and The Staff!!

All Inclusive is completely pointless, the food in the main restaurant is disgusting, the only thing that didn't look and taste awful was the pasta which was cooked in the corner by a chef and you were abale to choose what to have with it. At breakfast was the same story but instead of Pasta the chef was cooking ommlettes which were also pretty rough, a tip for breakfast, ask the egg chef to do a fried egg rather than an omlette, its the only way you can get something half decent for brekkie! The food was dreadful, there is a very small selection of drinks available whilst you are having your "meal" and you have to pour these yourself!

The bar at the pool starts serving at 10 am, all inclusive people are only allowed a glass of drink whether this be beer, water or coke. If you go and ask for a bottle you are pretty much told to F off, however if you pay for it then you can take a bottle! The swim up bar is completely pointless, the barman actually said to us "you get out of the pool and come round the otherside for a drink" it takes ages to get served and when you do get your order in it's like you are asking for the earth and that you are bothering them, very lazy and ignorant staff! The pool also has 3 or 4 "business men" in one corner who offer services, Chico the massous (very good) then there is a henna tattoo guy who was rubbish and din't have a clue what he was doing, there is a guy who has glass bottles filled with different coloured sand and makes the sand into camels and birds etc, we thought he was good until we went to naama bay and saw the professionals at it!! Then there is a guy who does plaiting and rasta hair styles, he is a nice guy and does a pretty good job on your hair!

The swim up bar closes at 6pm and then the bar upstairs of reception opens, this bar stops serving drinks to all inclusive people at 11pm, after that you have to pay which is a complete con! The barman at the upstairs bar was a complete idiot, we would go up to the bar to order a round of drinks and he wouldn't give us a round until all of us had finished our other drinks and we had bought the glasses back to him! Not the kind of service you would expect from a 4* hotel!

I would highly recommend eating at the Steak House and the italian restaurants in the reception area, its a break from the crap they serve in the main restauraunt and is top notch grub, the steak house do a great steak and include starter salad, any main dish and desert all for 4 quid! It was one of the best steaks i have ever had!! There was 6 of us for the meal and it came to 10 quid per couple including drinks!

In conclusion if you are looking for a hotel to stay in and are planning to be out all day and eat out at night then this is the hotel for you, if you want an all inclusive holiday then stay well away.

Fantastic Holiday, lovely hotel

from LynseyLondon
Having returned from Sharm El Sheikh just two days ago, I am already anticipating a second visit. I travelled with my boyfriend and stayed for a week at the Creative Mexicana - we were given the option of the Grand Creative/Falcon Hills/Cleopatra and Mexicana and upon arrival were very pleased with our choice. One tip - avoid the Cleopatra, we read some poor reviews on this site before we travelled and from the outside at least it appears very run down.
The Mexicana was a lovely hotel! Extremely clean, well maintained, beautiful gardens, nice clean pool and the staff were incredible. The room was cleaned thoroughly every day - they do arrive fairly early though so be warned! The breakfast was nice - same every day but there is a wide selection so suit most tastes. We ate at the hotel restaurant three times which is unusual for us but the food was nice, prices excellent and the waiting staff very efficient and pleasant. There is a Steak House and an Italian and you can choose from either menu in each restaurant. Prices are about 3.00 for a main meal and 2.00 for a starter. When we travelled to Naama Bay we used the tax service recomended by the Hotel - Golden Limousines. 25 Egyptian Pounds to get there - £2.50 and the same back. The blue and white tourists taxis are the same - never pay more than that, however the one time we did use these taxis it was the most frightening journey of my life! It is not hard to see why Egypt has the highest road deaths in the world! Nevertheless the driver was lovely again! Avoid using taxis offered to you by young men in the streets of Naama Bay - not unsafe but they claim not to have change when you arrive at your destination.
At the hotel we found the reception staff to be quite useless and disinterested and this was really our only complaint about the place.
Plenty of excursions are available and I would recommend getting a visa at the airport when you arrive, it's only £10 but it does allow you to go to Ras Mohammed which apparently was amazing. We were a bit sceptical when we arrived at the airport and fet we were being fleeced so chose not to, which was a regret. Despite this we went on the Coral Garden snorkling trip which was very good - three stops, lunch and all drinks provided (nice boat too!) £26 which we thought was a good deal. Don't forget to take your snorkel the fish are outstanding and are not afraid at all!
We had no problems with dodgy tummies really but I would suggest taking a pack of Immodium just in case.
As you can tell form my ramblings I had a superb time and would highly recommend!

Very nice hotel

from hugechap
My wife and I are just home ( well yesterday ) from the Mexicana , and we found it to be very clean , comfy and enjoyable . We were on a b&b basis , and would recommend this to all . From what we heard the "all inclusives"etc. were not too excited by the meals . We ate inhouse three times at the Italian & steak house , and found them to be excellent , ( top tip..the beef medalions mmmmmmm ).
One sour note , try to avoid changing your money at the hotel , for one thing there exchange rate is lower than available from the banks ( @ Naama bay ) and both myself and my friend were short changed by the counter staff ( top tip.........count everything )
p.s. would recommend Mohamad's taxi............he sits outside the hotel ( in a clapped out Pug 406 ) he will come and get you again from Naama etc.

**Dont bother going all inclusive!!**

from deejay4237
First of all please don't book all inclusive what ever you do!...

accommodation- the bedrooms were ample big enough with a tv, walk in shower, but no bath. which was okay for me as the shower was very powerful. we had a room with twin beds and they were double beds so loads of room. air conditioning was spot on.

FOOD- dreadful at breakfast there were a selection of pastries, no much cereal if any,some bread for toast and fruit juice. i had a couple of omlettes which were nice,

lunch time- the food wasn't labelled so didn't know what you were eating, and very repetative, so every day there were potatoes, salad, pasta, selection of meat but don't know what. bread and rice and that was about it.

Teatime- Pretty much the same as lunchtime
sometimes had lasagne which was okay, but my friend and i got ill on the 3rd day and we've never felt so ill. alot of stomache ache and going to the loo every 5minutes not what i expect of a so called 4star!
been to Egypt 3times now and first time i've been unwell. so went and had meals out after that.

MAIN POOL BAR served alcoholic drinks and soft drinks but no fruit juices which was bizare!! had to pay extra for it.
the food was nice there but you had to pay for it as All inclusive food was served in the main restaurant.

ICECREAM- were nice but again had to pay extra?!!

SMALL POOL BAR- didnt serve any drinks unless you paid AGAIN BIZARE?!

BEACH BAR- served only soft drinks no alcoholic drinks, fruit juices or food unless you paid for it again -- me off abit.
the mexicana beach was abit gruby where the mexicana hotel had the section of beach but if you walked around near the jetty and pain 2quid for a sunbed then you had a lovely spot, highly recommended.

DONT LOSE YOUR POOL CARD- as i lost mine and had to pay 5 english pounds which was my own fault.

THE POOLS were lovely, but beware by 9am all the sunbeds have gone as there's more guests than beds!!

Overall this place would be great if you do a self catering option. And dont eat the food at the hotel!

amazing holiday!

from stella82
Myself and my partner have just returned from two weeks at the Creative Mexicana hotel on a bed and breakfast basis. The food wasn't brilliant but was good enough for the breakfast, just wounldn't be entirely happy if i was A/I. Two other restaurants (Italian and steak house) on site provide amazing food and service. It was just the right distance from the main centre (Namma Bay) and Old Sharm. Had plenty of facillities nearby i.e. supermarket, ATM, tourist souvenier shops etc. Two beeches associated with the Mexicana which are about 20 minutes walk away (nice walk though), but there is also a free shuttle bus to each beech at various times througout the day, diamond beech is great for snorkelling etc and the mexicana beech better for the sunbathers. A taxi to the beech would cost around £1-2 English. Talking about the taxi situation, beware they have their own rules for driving out there and can go very fast, not for the faint hearted. Back to the hotel, it was very, very clean, with a massive bed, T.V, spacious bathroom, walk in shower, fridge, and great balcony with amazing view of the sunset. The only down fall i would have said was that the rooms did not have tea making facillities, but to be fair that just got me out of the room and into the sun quicker. overall a very good holiday and the hotel topped it off.

Nice hotel, but food not good!

from KellyPasqua
My partner and I have just returned from the Mexicana from a weeks stay there. The hotel was nice and very clean. We were all inclusive and my experience with other all inclusive hotels food has been fine, but unfortunately the Mexicana did not have much choice. So be aware unless you like living on just pasta, anything else you had to guess what it was. Most of the staff were very friendly but a few of the waiters needed to learn to keep comments to themselves about female guests. Apart from that we have a lovely time.

Great Friendly and Clean Resort - Recommend

from daz_axe
My partner and I just got back from a week (26th Jan - 2nd Feb) at the Mexicana Sharm Resort. The resort was great. The staff were extremely friendly (but not 'annoyingly friendly' as you will find in Egypt). Our room was very spacious, clean and bright. The room came with a fridge, cable tv (with a selection of English music and movie chanels), balcony over-looking the big pool and a spacious bathroom with walk-in shower. Our room was cleaned top to bottom every day and we'd often be left with a gesture such as towels folded into swans and that kind of thing. A buffet breakfast was included in our package but unfortunately wasn't much to write home about. You could get a selection of pastries, coffee, tea, juice, meats and cheeses, but it wasn't all that exciting and got awfully boring after about the 4th morning. There was a guy making omlettes which was the best thing about the breakfast. We ate at the Italian which was really good and cheap. The garlic bread was fantastic. We also had a Sunday dinner at the steak restaurant which was lovely. The pool-side bbq was good as well. I recommend the pizza and burgers. The Mexicana has two private beaches about 10 minutes away with a free shuttle going to and from hourly. The Mexicana beach is good for swimming but has no reef. To go snorkling or diving, Diamond Beach is better. Both are nice with toilet and eating facilities. Sharm is a very touristy resort so don't go expecting a 'Lawrence of Arabia' type of experience. Na'ama Bay reminded me a bit of Las Vegas with its glitsy lights and fancy hotels. Try Tam Tam Oriental Cafe if you want to get away from fish and chips and the tourist trap restaurants. When we went the place was filled with Egyptian families and couples. From the Mexicana you should pay no more than LE 20 to and back from Na'ama Bay and the same to and from Old Sharm. All and all, if you are looking for some winter sun and a relaxing holiday, Sharm is a relatively cheap and very pleasant experience. Compared to some of the other resorts the location of the Mexicana was ideal as it was right between Old Sharm and Na'ama Bay with an ATM and grocery store at arms length.

Clean first class accommodation

from adrianvillafan
Stayed B&B for one week 19th - 26th Jan 2006.
Went with an open mind after reading some differing reviews and can thoroughly recommend this accommodation.
Although a taxi ride to old Sharm(or 30 minute walk)and Naama Bay this is a quiet and relaxed complex that suits couples or couples with toddlers. There is nothing going on for children and teenagers, which didn't bother us as we were children free on this break. Our bedroom was large and spacious with a balcony that housed two chairs and a table. The bed was the biggest I had seen and very comfortable with a good quality matress. Extra pillows and blankets are available on request. There is a TV with a 24 hour movie channel and a few other english speaking channels. Ther is a comfortable sofa, dressing table and plenty of wardrobe and drawer space. The bathroom was clean with full width mirror above the basin and a large walk in shower area. There was always hot water and the room boasted air conditioning and heating (which was needed in January as the evening were a bit chilly). The staff were always friendly and very polite. Rooms are cleaned every day with new bedding and towels. The hotel has now got a Guest relations manager 'Pasquele' from Sweden who has rattled a few cages and some of the previous gripes from other reviewers have been dealt with (entertainment now on every night in the bar on the roof of the hotel) . Pasquele has many years experience in the hotel industry and is ensuring the quality standards remain high and tweaking little things here and there. Naama bay by taxi should cost no more than £20 egyptian pounds and agree before you get in the taxi. Taxi rides are not for the faint hearted, but you could take the free shuttle bus which starts at 9.00 p.m. Naama Bay is lovely but you just have to get used to the Egyptian selling methods. A swift no thanks or no I have already eaten tonight usely suffices. Bartering is the name of the game if you want to buy anything, you should always aim to pay no more than half what they ask for initially. Hard rock Cafe, Dragonera(Chinese), the restaurant above McDonalds (forgot the name) all are excellent value. Not too impressed with Old Sharm very dirty. Snorkelling and diving is a must, recommend any of the boat trips, cheaper when booked in Naama Bay.

Loved the area

from Auldtimer
Just returned from 1 week at the Mexicano: Tremendous good accomodation, was bed & breakfast from previous experiences in similar hotels.Had one meal in hotel in the Italian restaurant,all other nights eat out in various restaurants, Never had a poor meal never mind a bad meal. Recomend a visit to Fantasia for a meal two shows only a £20 Egyptian on taxi from hotel (appx £2 UK pounds)
Will return again. Excellent value

Top Local Tips for Sharm El Sheikh

Taxis Don’t book trips with your rep, you can get them a lot cheaper in Naama Bay and they are perfectly safe. Unless you are particularly keen on diving, snorkelling is just as good. If you want to dive there are quite a few wrecks to explore. Only pay 20 Egyptian Pounds in a taxi to get into Naama Bay from the Mexicana. Pay no more than 80 EP to airport. Don’t be tricked by them saying they need an extra 20 to get past security when you arrive at the gates to the airport, this is rubbish. When haggling start off by going way below half of what they say, then meet in the middle if they are not budging but don't go over half of what they say.

Blue and Whites These cabs are always buzzing up and down the road and it is an experience getting into one,but a good experience. A must try when ur in Sharm

try everything Get talking to the Egyptians - they are not trying to rip you off (tho' those in Naama Bay seem most like they are) and definately try a pipe and tea!


Other names for Creative Mexicana Hotel

  • mexicana sharm hotel
  • mexicana sharm el sheikh
  • creative mexicana sharm resort
  • creative mexicana sharm
  • creative mexicana resort
  • creative mexicana egypt
  • creative mexicana
  • Address: Om El-Seid Hill - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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