Creative Grand Sharm Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Creative Grand Sharm Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
4 star

Rooms: 182

Om El Seid Hill - Sharm El Sheikh - 11341 - Egypt Hotel Website | | +2 (069)366 3830
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theiveing cleaners
Submitted by: shaun in 24/11/10
  • Age Group: 4150
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
run down dump,looks nice but very poor standard waiters very helpfull,bar staff ignorant specially ayman at pool bar,cleaners steal out of room keep clear of this place
staff try but after tips
Submitted by: John in 22/06/09
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Worst place I have ever stayed rooms were dirty the toilet had not even been flushed when we arrived.The whole place needs refurbishing stay at your own risk.We were on b & b and it was disgusting food left uncovered for the flys to get on and the same every day.Stay away and pay for something better.
Shocking Disappointment
Submitted by: Mark in 16/08/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
After having driven past some fantastic looking hotels with grand pillars and stonework beautifully floodlit, what a disappointment to arrive at a dark & dingy archway made of scaffold poles with a plywood sign. Things did not improve, our rooms were not cleaned and not as described, the staff were friendly and helped us to change rooms but problems with the shower and getting toilet paper and towels took the enjoyment away. The restaurant looks nothing like the pictures, in fact the whole place looks like a dilapidated holiday camp from the 70's. Alas a walk down the road only lead us into being pestered non stop by the local shopkeepers, you really do have to be careful. Ask the price and haggle, they will take every penny they can wherever you go. Most of them will accept "La Shukran" (no thanks) with a smile, if you can manage one.
Submitted by: anita in 02/03/08
  • Age Group:
  • From:
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We arrived to find our room with a balcony overlooking the sea consisted of a tiny piece of concrete with just enough room for 2 chairs to fit only one way overlooking the sea if you cricked your neck and turned to the left! The chairs would not fit side by side to take advantage of the very distant sea view other view was a wall and no sun on the so called balcony. The room was vey basic and the sheets not changed all week. Electrics slightly worrying as when you plugged in hair straightners in the bathroom the 2 wall lights went out. Food was very basic, distugsting and served lukewarm. DO NOT GO ALL INCLUSIVE IT IS A RIP OFF. All inclusive guests have drinks served warm in plastic cups whether wine, beer or soft drinks. There is no Tea & Biscuits at 4.00 pm nor ice cream for the children, they use the ice cream fridge to store the plastic glasses in for the guests who are not all inclusive. The lunch and evening meals are just different variations of very tough beef in gravy and chicken which is pink close to the bone (undercooked and salmonella waiting to happen) in gravy. there is a very basic salad and then " combination salad "in the evening which consists of everything not eaten at lunchtime being mixed together in some colourfull dressing ! The deserts were a variation of sponge cake or pink custard. Any other food required during the day apart from set mealtimes, contrary to what it says in the brochure, has to be paid for. The kitchen staff have very dirty and stained clothes. The bar is very off putting and although suposed to stay open till 1.00 am closed at 10.30 to 11.00 . There is no disco and the entertainment consisted of one 15 minute performance by a belly dancer and one 30 minute performance, if you could call it that by a couple singing so out tune it was painfull to listen to in the 7 days we were there . The hotel outsources its laundry and they managed to loose ours and when we spoke to the management they suddenly did not undestand English. The management staff in reception were mostly very unhelpful except when you wanted a taxi or the hotel limousine " as they call it. DO NOT TRAVEL WITH THIS DRIVER HE RIPS YOU OFF ON PRICE AND AS A LAST RESORT SAYS HE DOES NOT HAVE ANY CHANGE . The pools are unheated and too cold to swim in. If you need to use the toilet you have to go back to your room as the only other one is in reception and you are not encouraged to use it wearing swimwear. Every night they de-bug the gardens and this gets into rooms in the vicinty which then smell revolting for about half an hour. The staff on the whole are quite friendly and I must say honest as when I left my camera on the bar by the pool the guy who runs the bar and then has to wait at tables did come up to me at dinner to return it. There is nothing to reccomend this hotel it is very, very basic and should not even have one star. One other cautionary note if you are thinking of taking the trip to Petra ignore what the Bluesky rep tells you about timing etc. you are picked up from your hotel at 3.00am and get back to it just before 2.00 am the following morning the organisation is shambolic to say the least and you only have just about 3 hours in total in Petra. Take into account it takes a good half an hour to walk down to the city you only get 2 hours to wander round and it is a rip off . Also take warm jackets . we were told to take sunscreen and a sunhat .. not much use to us as there was snow on the nountains and it was freezing, freezing cold.. However, it's good for all the hawkers selling waterproof and windproof jackets before you enter the city ! Would I go back, No !
Don't stay here unless you take your own bleach!
Submitted by: Pat in 21/10/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Retired
Bathrooms needed a good clean wouldn't have let a pet stay in them. Don't believe the photos of the hotel, if we'd have had rooms like this we would have been happy, we had a self catering room that needed to be condemmed.
What A Surprise
Submitted by: Sue in 03/04/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We were pleasantly surprised at this resort considering how cheap the holiday was. The complex is clean and tidy. Our room was cleaned daily and the entire staff could not have been friendlier. Although at this time of the year the pool and sea temperature is quite cool my husband was thrilled at the variety of fish he saw when he snorkelled over the reef. One tip, look out for the eastern Europeans at meal times, they do not believe in queuing like every other guest and the amount of food they leave on their plates would feed a small army. It was quite disgusting to see fellow humans behaving that way. I applaud the restaurant staff in the way that they treated the matter, very diplomatic.
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Creative Grand Sharm Resort Hotel

Shut this Hotel Now

from wherestheloo
Sadly i have recently returned from a 2 week holiday at this hell-hole, my 2 children and i stayed here the first 2 weeks of july.
Firstly this hotel is not 4 star, Thomson's only rate it 3 star, all the reps from the other companies know all about this hotel and the problems guests encounter. The other reviewers have covered most of the ills of this place, however here are a few more.
Pool Area : half the sunbeds were broken, and the other half were infested with Ants, the free towels were threadbare and looked unwashed, the white drain cover guard which runs around the pool was broken and in places missing, and i saw 2 people fall through it, and the best of all, there was a length of electric cable hanging out the wall from one of the pool lights, it only needed one dozy worker to switch it on, several people took photos.
Restaurant : It's funny that someone else should mention Butlins, because i too have seen better "Dining Halls", 35 years ago. People had diarrhoea probably because the chicken was cooked outside in the dark on a small building site, and yes i have the pictures, the food on offer really is dire, but one night i tried the chicken, it was uncooked in the middle, hardly surprising. I lived on omellette in the morning and my children tried to eat the Pancakes, cold rubbery fare that we were meant to warm up with chocolate sauce. Toast was restricted to 2 pieces each, and dont try to ask for fresh toast, 'cause you wont get any. Breakfast always included the Salad items from the night before.
The Pool Bar : So unhygienic that were it in England the owners would be facing a prison sentence and a big fine. The "Chef" possessed 2 Knives, he would use one to open cans of Tuna, then cut RAW chicken up, and other bits, then wipe the one and only chopping board and the knife with a serviette, he kept his surgical latex gloves in the fridge overnight, and reused them next day. The fridges were broken, and the "chips" were kept in the ice making compartment, despite the fact it had no door. As for the "free ice creams", i had to argue to get my 2 children an ice cream, they only tried it once, they never asked again, the ice cream cabinet is an old sliding glass top "Walls" style, and yes it is out in the sun, well over 45 degrees, and your allowance is one each per child per day.
I myself was struck down on the third day by a stomach bug, which has continued on and off for the last week, since coming home, if this hotel is 4 star then i have stayed in an awful lot of 5 star b&b's here in England. Please do not book this hotel, you will be very disapointed.


from fantom
the night we arrived at the "hmp" creative grand sharm (4 star is what we were sold it as it is more a 2 star.) we were shown to a hovel with blood stains on the linen and the bath had cigarette burns that had gone right through it, the room was not at all clean and we asked to move to another room which was a little cleaner but the same problems with the bath and the linen. For breakfast my girlfriend placed 4 slices of bread on the toaster whilst I went for a croissant and she was questioned by one of the restraint staff why had she placed 4 slices on and proceeded to handle the toast and her plate for no apparent reason. on the way back to our hovel that morning we noticed frozen meat and eggs left outside the kitchen (which had the plaster knocked off it and was awaiting a fresh skim.) rear entrance. I went to use the internet two hours later to find another hotel in the area and the eggs and meat were still outside no wonder that most of the guest that had a meal (classed as a gourmet restaurant but only had 4 choices i.e. 1 fish,1 meat and 2 veg.) were badly. The swimming pool was very badly maintained by a guy in a t-shirt with a weeks worth of dinner medals and sweat stains of probably the same age who told children off for wearing a t shirt to protect them in the afternoon sun but said nothing to the locals that crashed the pool in the afternoon in there local attire, in the pool was two electrical wires out of a light that had not been replaced, with a little insulation tape round them that is why the pool lights weren’t on of a night and I wouldn’t put it past some of there staff to switch it on and give the people in the pool the biggest shock of their holiday. The pool was full of don’ts with little does and the drink you were served was in disposable kiddies party cups. the pool bar was filthy with the chef placing his fag on the chopping board then wiping it down with his grubby apron. To add insult to injury all inclusive doesn’t mean that you can get the concoctions that he made but you had to pay for the couple had there complained about certain aspects of the hotel there bands were cut off and were told to pack then turffed out of the hotel. When I complained to imperial travel who I booked through they did not want to know and I had to use the net again to find the company who the rooms were booked through to sort out a move ( the 2 girls from etrust were great Katrina and Tracy.) and we moved to the albatross calamera 5 star (lovely hotel.). please note if you go to Egypt which we will not be doing again please pay the extra for a 5 star it will worth it in the long run especially if you want to see the sights not the lavvy wall.

Creative Grand Shambles

from A TripAdvisor Member
My family and I were booked into the Creative Grand for the first fortnight in July. Our rooms were clean and comfortable, however we expected all inclusive and were very disappointed with this board basis.

Meals are only served in the restaurant and these were of a very limited choice. I had concerns about the lack of health and safety - the hot food was cold and the cold food was hot. The drinks were never chilled although they were stored in a fridge which made us think the fridges were turned off outside of meal times. Snacks were available at the poolside bar however these were not included in the all inclusive package and had to be purchased. After a couple of days 4 out of 5 of us were suffering from diarrhea.

Drinks were available at the poolside bar served in disposable cups however there were no bins in which to put these, and I heard staff collect them for re-use. When the poolside bar closed at 6pm the only other place to get a drink was the Upstairs bar which was dark, not very pleasant, loud music blaring, and not a place where you could sit and enjoy the evenings.
There is Whispers bar which is open air- ideal for those hot nights and it even had a wide screen tv showing the world cup football but you've guessed it the drinks here had to be purchased and were not included in the all inclusive package. Even although it is attached to the hotel reception and the hotel staff work in it apparantly its not part of the hotel.
Anyway what is included in the all inclusive package? Not a lot! No ice-cream, no snacks, hot drinks that should be cold and very little choice in meals.
There was no entertainment provided although they advertise this.
There was no play park fit for use although they advertise this. In actual fact it's outside of the hotel grounds and is strewn with litter and building materials.
I couldn't find the amphitheatre and courts that are advertised because apparently they too are under a pile of builders rubble.
We spent our evenings eating and drinking outside of the hotel which wasn't budgeted for but luckily for us our Odyssey rep Amro arranged a transfer to the Holiday Inn for our second week which was fab!
My advice to you is to avoid this hotel!

Same as other 2 starred ratings

from A TripAdvisor Member
Basically, i'm never going to that hotel again. Every thing that Gary (below) said is 100% true and I completely agree with what he says.

Nice room, Nice enough people, bad hotel, bad entertainment,

don't go there unless you want a shoddy hoilday

What a dissapointment

from A TripAdvisor Member
The resort was classed as a 4* which it clearly was not, I would have classed it as a 2/3* at best, how do you determine it to be a 4*. We trusted judgement and therefore proceeded with the holiday and we were greatly disappointed.
We were totally disappointed with the food as there was no variety and the quality was certainly not a 4* class. The buffet style food was out at room temperature for 2 hours or more, thus resulting in incorrect temperature controls. Most of the dishes served were not labelled so we did not feel confident with what we were eating. With the mundane variety we were forced to eat else where after the 4th day at an extra expense that was not budgeted for considering we were on an all inclusive holiday.
We paid for a 10 day holiday which started with no food available on arrival at 11pm and once we had checked out of our room at mid-day on our final day we were left to pay for food and drinks which we had considered that we had already paid for within our 10 days, this again forced us to eat else where at extra cost. So we calculate that we actually received 8 days worth of all inclusive food and drink (at most).
Considering that this was classed as an all inclusive resort we found it totally unacceptable to pay for drinks in certain areas, such as the only cafe bar which had a TV showing the World Cup. Drinks were chargeable where as 20 feet away all drinks were free, this is clearly exploiting tourists.
Also in the pool and beach area food was to be paid for, this is not normal in an all inclusive deal.
At the pool side and the beach there were a serious lack of sunbeds thus making us get up extremely early to reserve them which is not ideal on a relaxing holiday.
The so called children's play area was not suitable for children to play in and it resembled a building site.
Service levels in the restaurant was not up to 4* standards, we had finished our meal before we received our tea or coffee.
The staff within the hotel were lecherous/smarmy towards all women, which is unacceptable within a business of that standard, especially to my girlfriend who had to eat alone on 2 occasions due to my severe stomach upset, this made her feel uneasy and very uncomfortable and put her off eating in the hotel for the remainder of the holiday.
People harassing us all the time was so tiresome all we wanted was to go into the restaurant and didn't need to be harassed on the way by people that should not have been allowed into the hotel. If i wanted to go into a shop, have a tattoo, book a day trip, a massage, etc I would have been able to have decided myself without it being rammed down my throat when all I wanted was to relax.
We have estimated that all the extra food and drinks have cost around an extra £150 which we did not budget for therefore we could not afford to visit the pyramids which was one of the main reasons we chose Egypt.

Give the hotel Creative Grand Sharm a miss

from true/account
Stayed at the Creative Grand Sharm from the 22/06/2006 - 06/07/2006 on a AI basis and what a joke/nightmare. Believe me folks this is not a 4* Hotel maybe pushing a 2* a lot of the accomodation is time-share or ex time-share I do have the proof as a waiter gave myself a scrap piece of paper to use and I noted on the rear the computerised billing system identifying room number and accomondation type timeshare or tour operator. The so called hotel is a complex of individual buildings each comprising of approximately 4 apartments. The hotel reception looks like it use to be either a supermarket or jewellers converted at the front of the complex and the very dodgy restaurant is a seperate building attached to a supermarket and a few shops with a seperate disco above for hotel quests.

I thought it quite suspicious when arriving late at night at the hotel and the desk manager greeted myself with a huge smile stating " I treat you special I give you a nice upgrade with apartment with extra room" I didn't really see the point as I was only with my fiancee but the alarm bells started to tingel. On arrival at my room in the 300's block I was met with a temporary builders yard beside the gabel wall. It wasn't until later in the week speaking to other quests that everyone that had been put in the block arriving before myself had been moved due to the noise starting at 0430am when the workmen arrived. This facility was not afforded to myself when I requested to be moved out of the entire complex after my third day.

"My room" :- Cleaned every day - Sky/TV didn't work - Safe deposit box wasn't attached to anything and could be removed out of the wardrobe. The so called mini-bar was a one legged fridge that leaked. Don't be fooled by your towels being made into swans by the cleaner. He is looking a hansom tip along with his sad stories about his family and that he is going on holidays and management has cancelled them. Everyone is told that so it must work.

"Facilities" :- AIl inclusive a joke - Pool side bar 10-00 - 1800 - Beer/water/soft drinks served in small plastic disposable cups which I noted collect around and from within the pool washed under the tap and re-used, if you tip you get a small wine galss - NO FOOD ! available unless purchased. Please if you have a family dont go to this hotel :- Kids club -nil - kids playground - tennis court being used as building site/yard - ampithretre demolished, absolutely no entertainment available - no lifeguard in pool my fiancee save a young boys life on the second day from drowning and management laughed about it. The pool was not cleaned in 2 weeks and a large black fungus was growing around the edge-kids pool had to be closed and drained over health issues to be repaired - tiles in the main pool where loose under foot and could easily be removed. Whispers bar which comprises of a lento attached to hotel reception all drinks have to be purchase at £2.50 a beer and quess what the only TV showing the football in the complex at this location. When all AI quests went to watch the football and refused to purchase drink they tried to charge us to watch the England game a few choice comments where exchanged by the England fans. Management identified this as a private bar but guess what the hotel staff worked in it. The upstairs disco where you could only get a drink between 1800-2300 the music was that loud nobody went so it saved the hotel money on the warm beer and wine in small glasses. The small pool table was also located here at a cost which varied from 80 eygptain to the actual price of 30 eygptain per hour if you queried it. No alcohol is allowed to be removed from this location.

"The Restaurant" :- This place should be covered by a health warning or a good cleaning would help. The decor would be butlins 30yrs ago old steel chairs with cushions old tile / concrete floor - dirt / grime / dead bugs on skirting the toilets absolutely disgusting.
"Food" :- please do not eat only if you like RICE / BEEF / CHICKEN / POTATOES every day and night that was continually re-used no chips etc for children. 98% of hotel guest I spoke to had severe vomiting / diaorreha or both and management said there wasn't a problem and go to the pharmacy. The only people that were not ill where ones that ate outside the hotel. I also tested the food with a food thermometer and it was cold even though I was second customer through the door.

After my third day I met with the hotel manager and my rep Trust Accommodation I pointed out numerous problems to which none where addressed and they refused point blank to let myself veiw the kitchen I wonder why. I requested to be moved to a proper 4* to which they offered the sister hotel the Mexicana I paid the hotel a visit and spoke with a few tourists who hadnt had running water for 4 days and the exact same food being served and same restrictions on AI basis. I myself have had severe sickness for going on 16 days I am now home and still cannot shake the stomach cramps etc etc.

This hasn't put myself of Egypt but folks please take in all that I have stated about this hotel its an abosolute Sharm El Scam. ABTA will be infromed about the misrepresentation companies like BOOKABLE are listing this company as a 4* and deceiving the British tourists who will be disappointed if they frequent this complex. I do have photos of the extensive bbuilding working going on next door Bulldozers - Jack hammers banging all day security actually tried to remove my camera to stop me taking any photos and followed myself about the complex the phone lines where hot to management and staff totally ignore myself after this encounter.

awful hotel

from brummiematt
i recently stayed all inclusive at the creative grand sharm resort with my girlfriend and 2 children aged 11 and 7.the first day we arrived we were shown to our room which was a room for 2 people, the balcony was to small for 1 person to sit on and the bathroom was falling to bits, the ceiling was hanging down and the shower had no power. we decided to ask to be moved to a bigger room which was located around the pool but had no joy, at the same time we had to ask for our all inclusive wristbands and times of dinner serving times, we got the feeling that they only expected 2 adults on self catering.
the hotels website had advertised a childrens menu, evening entertainment,organised sports and activities,childrens playground,daytime entertainment,tennis courts,an amphitheatre and shisha pipes in the bar all of these things were not available.the childrens playground,amphitheatre and tennis courts were half built as was most of the roads and paths around the hotel,the man who done the shisha pipes was on holiday and the entertainment and childrens menu were non existant.
the pool bar served food but all inclusive residents had to pay they served the drinks in childrens party cups and it closed at 6:00pm, the whispers cafe bar only served drinks and this was also not available to all inclusive,the upstairs bar stopped serving drinks to all inclusive at 11:00pm from then on you had to pay and the beach bar you also had to pay for food.
then to top this terrible weeks holiday the safe broke which we were keeping our money in,this happened at 7:15pm, we were told we would have to wait until the morning for it to be fixed, this i found unexceptable so i said i wanted it fixed now,the manager then said 5 mins,we waited 1 hour only for 3 people to come round asking what was wrong with the cleaning.i went back to the manager and he said 5 mins 30 mins later 2 men with the key to the safe came round and still couldnt open it,finally 2 hours later the safe had been fixed,with this i asked the manager to pay for a taxi to naama bay for us for the inconvenience he said no and accused us of breaking the safe ourselves. the manager of this hotel was the rudest i have ever met, the hotel is the worst i have ever been to, as for 4* its more like a 1* and would strongly advise anyone planning on staying here to think again or be very disappointed

Not What You Would Expect!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed @ this hotel last week of June and 1st week of July 2006. highest temp was 41 degrees and lowest was 32 degrees.

My partner and I were really excited to go on another one of our All Inclusive holidays and was looking forward to being pampered as with several other places we have been around the world-but we were very disappointed with this hotel. The hotel is advetised at 4*, unfortunatley this was the ranking it had last year when an italian company used to own it, it has now been run down to 2/3* quality and rumour has it that its owned by timeshare tycoons!-Not a good start.

All inclusive only includes 3 meals a day at the 1 and only hotel restaurant and always consists of a rice dish, a chicken or meat dish, vegetables and potato, which wasn't gourmet but just about edible. Food at the pool and beach bars had to be paid for on top of your all inclusive package-although not expensive (nothing more than £5 a dish) its not what i expected under all inclusive. To escape the hotels poor cuisine we ate at columbus restaraunt in Fantasia the milkshakes and food was absolutley wonderful at extremley cheap prices, I had a starter and main course as did my partner with a milkshake each it came to £14!!!.

The drinks at the pool and beach bars are served in tiny plastic cups and the liquids are very seldomly cold so either way your not going to quench your thirst ever! In the restaurant and upstairs bar (the only other place you can get an all inclusie drink) all drinks including the beer is served in wine glasses so its treble the trips to bar to even get your monies worth! Also you cannot drink the water in eygpt but the hotel will not supply you with any (only in the little plastic cups!) so be prepared to but bottles of water for your room and to take out on trips or to the beach.

The pool looks nice and inviting from afar but up close the water is cloudy and dirty. Beside the pool you will find lists of do' and don'ts of which every rule was broken at least 2-3 times (cats and dogs swiming in the pool, proper attire was not worn etc etc) so we headed to the sanctuary of the beach everday. The beach for me was the best place to be, after you pass the 3-4 building sites and dirt roads to get there-not the safest, most appealing or clean place to walk through-stick to the bus please!

But as I always say your holiday is what you make it, and the staff and local business workers try their upmost to help with this and where they can sometimes be a little annoying and persistant they will break their backs to try and do anything for you-which is quite endearing, I found most egyptian people to be this way which is an admirable quality.

We were moved rooms during our stay and both were not great but were comfortable. The air conditioning and the free safety deposit box was a god send, the standard of cleaning was quite poor and stuff like curtains, tables were slightly broken, we also killed a few resident cockroaches. The rooms was liveable but again 2/3* quality.

The ampitheatre has been knocked down, there is no entertainment for adults or children (childrens playground is on a building site). We were staying there during the world cup, the room tv channels for this were scrambled pushing you to go to the 'pay only bar' to be able to watch it. So any activity or entertainment needs to be sought off the hotels complex.

I prefered Fantasia shopping area which is 2 minutes from the hotel as opposed to Naama Bay where there is a lot more hussle and bussle-but thats up to each individuals preference

We went on 2 excursions through the tour rep, the jeep safari and a visit to Ras Mohamed national park and both my partner and I really enjoyed both and would recommend. We also went scuba diving with the coral beach club at the beach which was fantastic and would recommend this too. The highlight of the whole holiday was the ocean and its snorkling, its absolutley unbeatable, buy a snorkle before you go its well worth it!

I would return to Eygpt again because the country has a lot to offer and the people are really nice too, but I would avoid the Grand Sharm resort and its sister complex the Mexicana as you will not get what's advertised and the hotel's lack of facilities is the only thing about eygpt that left the bitter taste in my mouth.

My overall opinion is not to choose this hotel for your stay, especially as all inclusive, its not worth it, you will be dissapointed as were my partner and I. I could go into alot more depth about other faults but I have just given you a synopsis of the main issues that you should look for in your hotel, I know that there were many people during our stay that let it ruin their whole holiday and are raising it with their tour operators on their return. So please be warned.

when is a all inclusive not an all inclusive

from A TripAdvisor Member
here is my review

On arriving to Egypt found taxi service, you put your life in peril, the blue and white taxis`s they are glued together and very expensive
an all inclusive hol in the above hotel is a laugh (i dont think so)
you can eat at the main restuarnt only, the pool bar you can get drinks only no food if you want food you pay for it.
No food at beach only drinks till 5 oclock pool bar shuts at 6 oclock
to drink at night you go to a bar called Upstairs, you can only drink from 7-11 oclock then you have to pay for your drinks which believe me get expensive.
i also found no entertainment in the resort if you wanted this guess what, Yes you go out, more money.
Overall the weather hot place was clean but have to decide alinclusive or self catering, cannot mix one or the other. if they say to you its 4 **** it is more likely 2 **

Very Relaxing at the Creative Grand Sharm

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Creative Grand Sharm is a lovely hotel. It was smaller than some of the huge resorts in Sharm which made is friendly and more personal - and a shorter walk to the pool! The pool area was clean and pleasant - you could get a massage or a henna tattoo poolside. The pool bar was good for drinks and snack/lunch food, my recommendation is the roast beef sandwich and chips! We did not eat in the hotel restaurant - we went on bed and breakfast basis and there were plenty of restaurants - in the main Naama bay area (about a 10-15 min taxi ride) and opposite the hotel, where there was a pedestrian area with shops, cafe-bars and some restaurants. This was very handy and calmer than in Naama bay. There is an area called Fantasia, there you can see belly dancers and whirling dervlishis - worth a look!! Admittedlty this hotel is much more modest than some, but for those with not so much cash to splash it offers a clean, comfortable, friendly place to base your holiday.
p.s We **highly** recommend snorkelling (diving) in Sharm, the water is amazing!

Top Local Tips for Sharm El Sheikh

Barter, travel, watch for the old tummy bugs Barter barter barter......... start really low and work up to what YOU are prepared to pay. If they dont come down to your price walk away, 90% will come after you and agree!!!...... try and visit Cairo if possible. Swim with the dolphins, as soon as you arrive go to the pharmacy on site and get some tummy stuff.... dunno what it is but it works..... UK stuff doesnt touch it!

take a coat! no matter how hot the day has been it does get chilly in the evening and a slight cool wind to go with it

Haggling in Namma bay the shop keepers can be very intense with their haggling, if you are not out to shop and you just want to have a meal or hit a club, my advice is to stay away from the side streets when in Namma bay, we found this out the hard way when we ventured into a side street to find a phone and quickly became surrounded by shopkeepers and almost taken hostage into a shop ha! ha! We had a quick look about and politely left, they are only out to try and earn a living so no harm done, but can be time consuming.


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  • creative grand sharm
  • Address: Om El Seid Hill - Sharm El Sheikh - 11341 - Egypt
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