Concorde El Salam Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Concorde El Salam Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
5 star

Rooms: 725

91 White Knight Beach - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt | +20-69-3601460
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July 2005

from A TripAdvisor Member
My partner and I have just returned from a week at the Concorde El Salaam hotel in Sharm El Sheikh. The hotel was magnificent and we have never experienced such incredible service and facilities before. The hotel was kept spotless all the time and the staff were very friendly and helpful. In my opinion this hotel is situated in the ideal location if you like the quieter resort. The airport is just a short bus trip away and therefore no long transfer times after the flight. The hotel has its own beach and the snorkelling is just wonderful.
The food was very tasty and varied every night, we had no tummy troubles nor did anyone we spoke too.
Overall I would say that this hotel is of a high standard all round and I am extremely fussy. We will defiantly return to this hotel in the future.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Don't be put off by the airport it really is a culture shock just have plenty of english pounds and you will be ok. The locals there want a tip for a luggage trolley and getting bags off the carousel, and onto the coach, just realise this is their way not ours and don't be annoyed with them..

Once you get to the hotel it is up to you if you tip the waiters etc, they really are wonderful without a tip but a little goes a long way..Your bags are left outside whilst you check in or eat first (depending on the flight) then they take you to the room, which has air conditioning - lovely..when you walk into the foyer of the hotel and look ahead the view is fantastic of the pool and the sea

We had a fantastic 2 weeks holiday at this hotel. The food was superb and the waiters couldn't do enough for you.. made to order pizza, omletes,crepes and the cake table was massive. You can also eat at the Sports complex and a complimentary bus takes you from reception. There is a pool bar there and much more room as the pool is huge...

The shops in the hotel were great and had a lot of selection so if you don't want to have to barter you can get some things there..

TIP: if you are taking travellers cheques take a couple of photocopies of your reciept and passport as you need this to cash the cheques. (obviously keep them seperate from the cheques). You get a safe to use in the room free of charge. Our room was on the ground floor and had a view of the Aqua gym pool. We had no problem at all with security and felt very safe..

The maid (mohamed) who did our room left different designs on the bed with towels very clever....

We went to the beach regularly and had a fantastic time, there are two bars a beach bar and a hut where you can get drinks. I don't like swimming in the sea but decided I could not go to the Red Sea without looking, you can stand on the beach and see fantastic fish swimming on top of the coral, but I bought a life jacket from the supermarket across the road for £12 and my husband (who is a competant swimmer and snorkeller) literally dragged me around. I would not have missed it for the world. It is like putting your head in a marine fishtank and that clear too fantastic.....have a go. there is a lifeguard on the jetty just in case..

The only problem as it is very hot (it reached 43degrees one day) is the walk back up to the hotel take it in stages and have a break as it is quite a hill, and it takes it out of you..

We went on a trip to the aquascope which was very good but not if you are claustrophobic as I found out...ok if you are last one down and can see the way out.

Alaadin was the restaurant manager for the 1st week we were there and then he moved to the La Italiano restaurant by the beach (you can eat there as well on All Inclusive except for evenings) he was the best person in the hotel and really made our holiday special, if you see him tell him he is famous as we did, it will make his day...

There are no rules about driving over there they drive with or without lights, on the right or left of the road overtake undertake.. leave them to it they know what they are doing but it can be a bit hair raising to say the least....if you want a taxi let the guy at the front of the hotel with the fez get you one, you know it's ok then.

We would definately go here again as my husband wants to do the diving course, but it was so relaxing and you don't have to worry about the weather only 2 tiny clouds in 2 weeks, and a lovely breeze. the heat is not the same as over hear it is very dry but the breeze was lovely. Miss it already....


from sarah_03uk
My mom and I have just returned from our first holiday to egypt where we stayed for one week at the Concorde. It was that great we have already booked to go back again next year for two weeks!

Once you get off the plane, the heat really does hit you, and its lovely! There was a bit of a strong breeze for most of our stay which was appreciated but even that was warm. The heat was not unbearable though as it is very dry and not at all humid so you do not feel sticky. We did not see a cloud in the sky all throughout our holiday and I believe the temp when we were there was late 30's maybe even early 40's.

After hearing that the airport is a bit of a shambles, i dont really think it was that bad as long as you just follow everyone else.
TIP: If you do not want to travel out of Sharm on any excursions, so therefore do not require a visa, make sure you write on the back of your travel card which is issued on the flight, SINAI ONLY and sign it...if not, they become quite annoyed as they expect you to know this! Us and a few others were told off for holding up the queue to do this, but he made us hold up the queue even longer by not letting us borrow his pen leaving us to scramble around in our bags for one!
The luggage carousel frequently stopped, and when it was up and running again, some cases were stacked four high making it difficult to grab your case if it was at the botom of a pile! All in all, despite a little confusion and a lack of organisation, the airport turned out to be quite a quick process, and we were at the hotel in no time. Do not let the airport put you off!!

When you arrive at the hotel, the luggage is left outside where it is looked after whilst you go to reception to check-in which was very quick, easy and organised. We went back to our luggage where we were told to hop on a golf buggy type thing and were driven by the porter to our hotel room. As we booked a cancellation holiday, the first room we got to had a double bed, and although we wouldnt have minded, the porter insisted we would get a different room and we were promptly driven back to reception for a key to a room which had twin beds (even though the double bed was probably what was booked in the first place!). We were shown around the room and how everything worked before we were left and were even told that if we locked ourselves in the bathroom, we could call reception from the bathroom phone and they would come and let us out!

The hotel was immaculate, I have never seen such a clean hotel. Every path you walked along you came across a member of staff, whether it was a gardener, a cleaner, a maintenance worker, or a member of security, there were loads and they were all very friendly considering the hours they have to work. They definatley appreciate a smile, a wave or a hello when you walk past.

We spent all week at the aqua gym pool, as it was the pool our room overlooked and we found there were more english people around for us to natter to and loungers with a parasol were easier to get. The main pool looked beautiful but we noticed loungers were reserved quite early on a morning which I know happens almost anywhere you go. The pool was cold but like any pool, once your in its fine and its lovely and refreshing. I would recommend a high factor sun lotion as i was using 30 all week and started to burn a little towards the end. Ayman at the pool bar was a star!...He constantly walked round the pool asking everybody for their orders (ours he remembered without us telling him) and came back round with the drinks, we hardly had to budge from our loungers!

We ate in the main buffet restaurant all week so that we could pick and choose. The table service was great and the food was lovely; plenty of choice, and some foods cooked to order infront of you such as omlettes, pizzas, etc. I even had a few chip butties one lunchtime..very english!!

Being a young blonde and not having a male with us on holiday, I was given quite a bit of attention, but it wasn't for one minute sleazy or pressurising. It just came across as them being very friendly and to be quite honest the staff really made our holiday! They were constantly making us laugh, talking to us and devoting time to us. I had a few offers from a few of them to take me to Na'ama Bay but a simple no and a smile and they got the message without getting the (camel) hump! Sorry!

The beach looked very nice for the camera but some of it didn't look very practical, although we're not huge beach fans anyway as they tend to be too hot. It was built in stages down the cliff side which did look beautiful. We did not spend a day on the beach but i would imagine that being on the top platform would be very hot, as to take a dip you would have to walk down the steps to the bottom level and then walk to the end of the jetty. I much prefer being by the side of a pool to dip in and out when i get a little hot! Although we didn't go snorkling (my mom has poor eyesight and wears glasses), we heard everwhere that its fantastic and we will definatley do it when we go back next year and my mom has contact lenses!

One thing we did not get the hang of until the latter part of our holiday and only after watching others was tipping the staff! There's more than one waiter waiting your table, each doing a different thing to provide a good quick service but we didn't know which one to tip, whether it should have been left on the table or given to just one or all of them, we knew how to tip the room cleaner, that was easy, just left it on the pillow along with a few sweets, but we also felt a bit silly being women tipping men!...I will have to work on my subtleness to slip a note in a bloke's palm for next year as I know their tips are greatly appreciated!

We would seriously recommend this hotel to anyone. We had an amazing time; service, staff, rooms, food, views, all wonderfully incredible! We didn't want to leave and we cannot wait to go back again next year!

advice for parents and everyone else

from A TripAdvisor Member
1st note for parents- at both the main pool and the sports pool we were told that t-shirts are not permitted in the pool. My daughter is fair skinned and despite wearing factor 30, was starting to burn so I said she needed to wear a t-shirt to protect her skin. They gave us 4 different reasons, 1) it blocks the filters, 2) its unhygienic 3) Other guests had complained and 4) its a rule from the ministry of health.... which is strange because we spoke to people from other hotels and they said they had no problems. They said you are allowed to wear the proper swimwear t-shirts made of lycra which we could purchase from a shop in namma bay, which is a taxi ride away (This was an extra cost that we had not accounted for) However we discovered that football shirts were 100% polyester, the same as our friends 100% polyester bikini and when we showed the manager the labels on the bikini and the football shirt he could not really say anything. This sounds really petty but it was really annoying because we felt they were just being awkward. So just be prepared and then you wont have to worry. Either take a football shirt or something 100% polyester/lycra or smother the children in factor 50 or total sun block to they don’t get burnt in the first place!

2nd note for parents. My daughter aged 8 and her friend aged 7 went to the kids playground and actually escaped out of the security gate and were asked if they wanted a taxi!! I did not let her out of my sight after that except with the kids club lady who was very nice.

Notes for everyone

1) We were on the ground floor right on the sea front and 3 times we came back to the room and the patio door had been opened, there are safety chains which stopped anyone getting in but it was still a worry. The security manager was very good and arranged for extra security and door was wedged with a piece of wood. They did offer us another room on the second floor but my boyfriend demonstrated from the balcony how the door could be shaken open from the outside and the lock even fell out! We stayed with the room we had because at least it had a safety chain. Just be warned…don’t take your best jewellery and keep everything locked in the safe.

2) If you are bartering in the shops keep your wits about you and check that you have got everything in the carrier bag when you leave. We were upset when we got back to the hotel and found out that we had paid for 3 t-shirts and only got 2 in the bag. Somehow the shop assistant had taken one of them out right in front of our eyes. It may have been an error but we felt conned. To add insult to injury he even had the cheek to ask for a tip as well so I’m glad I only gave him a pound!

Apart from all the above moans the Hotel is lovely and clean, the staff are FANTASTIC, all the guys in the restaurant and pool bar were brilliant and really looked after us. They always did their best to get us a table outside for the entertainment. I think they like the English as we are nice and polite to them. The animation team are all stunning and their washboard stomachs are an inspiration during “water gym”. The snorkelling is out of this world and really made the holiday memorable. If you want to do a trip, there is a company based at the hotel that does boat trips, quad bikes etc and they gave better value for money than the holiday companies trips.

I hope you find this useful and have a great holiday!


from Lisa-m
My husband and I have just returned from 2 weeks at the Concorde. The hotel is great with 4 outdoor pools and one indoor pool. One pool has a slide (in the sports complex), one with swim up bar, one with aqua-gym and one quiet pool with pool bar.

The rooms are bright and large with good sized bathroom with free shampoo etc., big balcony, TV, air-con, fridge (mini bar is extra). There was no tea and coffee in the rooms which surprised me as it is advertised as a 5*. In my opinion the hotel is only 4*.

Good beach on split levels with free towels. Nice beach bar where we were thoroughly looked after by Samir with drinks flowing all day long. Great snorkelling if you like looking at the fish.

We didnt get to see the evening entertainment as this is held outside and we could never get a table. Piano bar is nice with background music and one night we had a pianist. Please note that after 11pm you have to pay for all your drinks in the hote. We went to the nightclub one night and 2 beers cost us just under £6 english pounds, so its quite expensive. In Naama Bay we paid £3.60 for 2 beers in the Camal Bar.

All the indoor parts of the hotel are air conditioned which is nice as it gets very hot.

In the sports complex there is a games room, horse riding, dolphins, ice rink & restaurant. This can be found just across the road from the main part of the hotel.

By the beach you also have an italian restaurant which is great serving pizza & pasta and is free at lunchtimes but in the evenings you have to pay for drinks.

The main buffet restaurant was ok but was the same type of food most evenings with pizza cooked to order, pasta, casseroles, chicken, rice, chips etc. Lots of nice cakes and desserts. Breakfast consisted of eggs boiled or fried or scrambled, omlettes made to order, sausages, hash browns, fruit and danish pastries. In the evenings we did have a problem getting a table as it was extremely busy and had to hang around sometimes to wait for someone to finish their meal.

There is nothing to do in Sharks bay as there are no bars or restaurants nearby. Next door you have the Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel and the Maxime Plaza Hotel but thats about it. You cannot buy any alcohol in the shops so if you like a drink in your room either take some with you or get a bus/taxi into Naama Bay and visit the duty free shop.

We had a great time at this hotel and would definately go back again - maybe earlier in the year as it was extremely hot.

Fantastic staff

from Marynern
The Concorde is one of the cleanest friendliest Hotels we have stayed in and we go on at least 2 foreogn holidays a year. Food well prepared and varied I defy anyone to say they couldnt find anything to their liking. Rooms large with a great big double bed. First class air conditioning which was greatly needed. the friendliest of staff and we didnt tip until the end but our glass was never empty as soon as about an inch was left in them it was a V&T for me and a Beer for my husband. Walid our cleaner was excellent Mamoud who was at the small pool was so friendly and clean towels were given out as we left the pool ready for the next day Hatem one of the waiters in the big Restaurant tried to teach us Arabic (its very difficult but we tried) was so friendly. We would like to go back again so who knows maybe next year.

Relaxing Break

from Scott003
We have just returned from 1 weeks stay at the Concorde Hotel. We have to say that we were not disappointed with our holiday and would recommend it to anyone who was after some sun (all year round) and just wanted to relax.

We thought that the staff were very friendly and the odd tip here and there definatley mean't that you would get a little extra care & attention from the staff accordingly (this was very good in the piano/pool bar etc) especially at the 11pm curfew after which the All Inclusive option is no longer active until the following day.

Food again was good with no complaints although it was all buffet style which is of course the norm for this type of hotel. We did try the Italian Restuarant but found out after our meal that we had to pay 40% of the bill, although this was not very much it was still a little annoying considering we were staying on an all inclusive basis and this information was not readily available to us before we started the meal. However we must say that the dinner was very pleasent.

Rooms were kept very clean & tidy with the cleaners keeping us entertained with an aray of animals made from towels being left for us upon our return at the end of each day.

The snorkling was very good at the hotel beach to the point that we would not recommend taking a seperate boat trip to any of the other sites that may be offered to you upon your arrival.

All in all we would go back especially if we were after some winter sun without having a major long haul flight at affordable prices.

Fabulous Holiday

from Hannah2005
I stayed at concorde last november and it was great. It was very cheap compared to some of the other hotels we were offered at the travel agents so I wasn't expecting the amount of facilities that this hotel has. It's got everything and has beautiful surroundings. We went on quite a few trips whilst we were there including Cairo and a camel trek across the dessert. We also went out on a boat snorkelling and although it was a good day out the snorkelling is just as good off the jetty of the hotel. The temperature was just about right in november and i def wouldn't go in the Summer. It was around 35 for the whole trip. The only downer is that it gets dark at around five o'clock in the evening. i would love to go back to Egypt but would like to go cruising on the nile and see more of the country before spending a week on the red sea and relaxing. i would definitly go back to the Concorde.

A great place to be!!

from Tescotog
Have just returned from 6 nights here and 6 nights in Hilton Sharks Bay (next door) and had a brilliant time. Had read previous reviews and we were not disappointed - just a pity we couldn't get all 12 nights here. Restaurant manager was a star and all his staff worked very hard for him. food was terrific although I had to stick to the beer as the red wine didn't agree with me. Rooms were kept spotless and we were delighted with our towel "sculptures". Lots of Russians there, many of them quite unnecessarily rude to staff, but staff kept smiling. Barman at small pool, Youssef, kept us well supplied with drinks throughout the day - indeed after receiving a small tip brought larger beers!! A little girl was found at the bottom of this pool on our first afternoon but was soon revived by some british visitors. Staff were on hand immediately and her family were summoned as they had left her unattended (she was 6!!) didn't see much of them after that... would love to go again sometime but be warned - it gets very hot from now on!! Tiny criticism only - all inclusive really should be just that. Drinks have to be paid for after 11pm which is a shame as it means a bit of a rush for last orders. Nevertheless, highly recommend a visit for just chilling out, and would like to try snorkelling on a future visit. anyone know how to do this with glasses (very short sighted!!)

Lovely Hotel and Fantastic Snorkling in the Red Sea!

from VMJ
My husband and I rececently returned from a 7 night break at the Concorde El Salam.

When we arrived we found the reception staff really well organised and although we had travelled 6 hours they made it really stress free. Porters helped with luggage into the rooms. We had paid for a delux room up-grade and the rooms were over spacious with a super king size bed and large shower/bathroom which were all really clean! In fact, the whole complex was spotless! Our room also had a balcony and views over looking the sea.

EATING; One main large restaurant serving all types of lovely food which vary everyday, we are now both 3 stone heavier!! The hotel has two other restaurants, but we found the main one great. We were served everyday by Alaaeldin, he couldn't do enough for us and also great at magic tricks!

DRINK; All the drink were inclusive, however they haven't quite got the knack of cocktails like the tropics yet! All spirits are local and if you want bacardi or smirnoff it costs approx £5 per shot and mixer, but the beer is lovely.

BUGS; Didn't use bug spray at all. We didn't get bitten once, flies weren't a problem and I was disappointed that I didn't see any weird creepy crawlies!

The hotel has some great facilities which include private beach, sauna, steam, spa, three swimming pools, para-sailing, Gym, Nightclub, massage rooms, kids club, banana boats, horse-riding, dolphins, Aqua Gym for the really energetic people and in temperatures of 35oC an ICERINK!!! No Really.. Honest!

I've only ever been snorkling once in Mexico, but wow this was even better.. the tropical fish blew me away, you dont have to go far out to see them. Dont be affraid if you're not a strong swimmer, the water is so salty you easily float. Coral is very close to the beaches and it is protected, you are not allowed to walk on it. There are short jetties over the top until its clear so as not to damage the coral. I hate Jelly Fish (sorry if you're a lover) the life guards promise me that they do not sting in the red sea only in the white sea! Great Diving..

Egypt is very cheap, you have to barter. Na amma Bay is great for shopping and close bye. The hotel run a free shuttle bus which is really easy & takes approx 15 mins. The shop keepers can be very pushy, but be tough and just walk away.

Although I did not take my 7 year old son on holiday, I did notice the children having a great time at the disco on the beach. The evening entertainment children are often involved.

Out and About; We flew to Cairo for the day which takes 45mins. This was two days after the bombing, but their were armed guards on every street corner and high security. We are glad we went because the museum is fantastic and to see close up King Tuts mask is amazing. We also visited the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza. You have to visit them in real life and not just look at them in a history book!

The Airports; Staff hand out toilet tissue, then want a tip and can be quite pushy, be prepared and take your own. If you are buying duty free goods make sure you watch what change they give and rate that are charged. We watched a few times where they tried to over charge customers!

I only had two real grumps with the hotel. There was no mini-bar and although we had a kettle and cups in the room, if we wanted a cuppa we had to buy teabags to take up. Rooms have to be vacated by 12pm otherwise you are charged £50, our flight was at 6pm. At 12pm they cut off the all inclusive band this means that they give you lunch and a couple of drinks and then after you either have to buy another band for £8 each or pay for drinks and snacks. Apparently that is widespread in Egypt.

We had a fantastic holiday and I hope my review helps, just take care in the heat!!

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  • Address: 91 White Knight Beach - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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